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  • Know your PGite – Psmith a.k.a. Sushanth-Class of 2006, IIM-Ahmedabad

    Here’s the d00d from Vizag, Chandoo’s study partner and yet another stud @ A from PaGalGuY.com. Sushanth a.k.a.Tadka (dorm name) a.k.a. psmith on our forums.

    Under-Graduation: Andhra University (B.Tech.- Computer Science) Fresher

    CAT Percentile: 99.95 (what did the poor 0.05 do 😉 )

    Final Calls: BLACK + XLRI + IIFT

    CAT Gyaan:

    —-> Start with section you are most confident in

    —-> Stay cool during the exam

    —-> Don’t try too many new things in last few days before CAT

    —-> Do around 2 tests in 3 days and analyse them thoroughly

    Sushanth, @ A, loves these:

    —-> Enjoys the strange time schedules (now, this one’s a first 😉 )

    —-> The people around ; One can really learn a lot from others

    —-> God-level Professors

    And he isn’t particularly fond of:

    —-> The pressure there; sometimes gets to a person

    —-> One has to run to stay where they are (prolly, a truer word hasn’t been spoken !!)

    —-> One can’t take a break without feeling guilty

    Loves these @ PaGaLGuY forums:

    —-> Tips from all over the country

    —-> The GD/PI experiences helped a lot

    His take on Life @ IIMA:

    —-> Crazy time schedules

    —-> Fun

    And he’s majorly lookin forward to second year where he can take it more easily

    Survivor’s kit @ IIMA:

    —-> Commitment

    —-> Being truthful

    And here’s Sushanth @ his room

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