In a remarkable success story, Yash Sachin Bafna, a student at IIM J, has emerged as an inspiration for aspiring MBA professionals as he secures a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) from Microsoft with an impressive package of 64 LPA. 

Choosing a path to success is never predetermined. It requires determination, fervour, and an unwavering pursuit of your aspirations to reach your objectives. Today, PaGaLGuY alumni success story brings to you an interesting story of Yash Sachin Bafna, who has accomplished his goals and landed a successful role as a product manager at Microsoft with a staggering salary package of 64 LPA, making him the highest package receiver in the IIM Jammu Placement drive 2023.

The Early Days of Dreaming

Yash Sachin Bafna studied Mechanical Engineering at Pune University as an undergraduate. During his studies, he demonstrated great motivation and determination, leading a team of 27 individuals in the development of a race car from start to finish. This project represented his college and his team. While he was initially interested in analytics and mechanics, his experience in team leadership and coordination ignited a passion for management. Consequently, he decided to pursue an MBA, which is widely considered the most competitive course in the country.

“In college, I led a team of 27 members to design, manufacture, and race an offroad vehicle. It was a thrilling experience to build something from scratch, much like working in a startup. We needed to develop strategies, plan the project, and manage the team. I also had to secure sponsorships and manage stakeholders. This experience gave me a glimpse into the world of management. After college, I worked in the industry and realised that I needed to understand all aspects of management to become an effective leader. This realisation motivated me to pursue an MBA”

Days at IIM Jammu

Yash chose to pursue his MBA in General Management from IIM Jammu. Driven by the changing needs of markets and buyer persona, he chose to major in marketing analytics and strategy in his second year.

Yash had several reasons for choosing to pursue management at IIM Jammu, which is one of the newer IIMs. When asked about his decision, he said:

“IIM Jammu being the youngest IIM established in 2016 and yet managing to surpass multiple achievements was the primary factor. The second reason was the credibility of the institution. The IIM tag in itself was the third attracting factor. The fourth and foremost point was the faculty-to-student ratio. It is amongst the best B schools in the country. The last point was a very important factor for me.

We had some of the best faculty. To give an example, one of our professors, Dr. Ram Balak Yadav, is a marketing faculty and he has been recognised in the top two percent of researchers globally by Stanford University. The last point again was the institute’s diversity regarding the brand and the roles offered for the final placement. And even the placement policies were also another considering factor.”

Check out this video where Yash shares his insights into the MBA experience and how IIM Jammu has helped him in his professional journey. It’s an Alumni Review you won’t want to miss!

Road to Microsoft

Yash successfully secured a summer internship at Microsoft, where he played an integral role in product management and worked on a wide range of projects. 

According to him, the selection process was rigorous and lasted for over a month. Initially, the selection was based on the candidate’s profile. Then a case was shared, and the candidates were required to provide a detailed solution. Later, the shortlisted candidates had to participate in a one-hour-long Group Discussion with four participants. It was a challenging round that required excellent communication skills. After this, there were three rounds of interviews. The first round was focused on product management and required the candidate to present a product improvement case. The second round was a CV-based round that aimed to assess the candidate’s skillset and motivation to become a product manager. The final round was to assess the candidate’s behavioural skills and cultural fit for the organisation.

The internship days were full of learning for Yash. As a part of the Product team, Yash undertook several vital projects. In this summer internship, he joined Microsoft as a product management intern and worked with Flipgrid, a startup that Microsoft acquired five years ago. Yash’s previous work experience in management and business operations helped him better understand his role as an intern. 

Yash’s hard work paid off when his internship performance earned him a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) from Microsoft, with an impressive package of 64 Lakhs. Yash describes this experience as surpassing his wildest imagination, and he vividly recalls the overwhelming joy he felt when he received the PPO as if he were on cloud nine.

Pointers for Aspiring MBA Professionals

Paving the road to Microsoft might look tough, but Yash explains several skills that might help aspirants trying to join their dream organisations. He says, There are several qualities that brands like Microsoft look for when hiring candidates.  

  • The primary focus lies in assessing your skillsets’ relevance and the candidate’s potential for growth, especially considering your status as university recruits and typically freshers.
  • Another crucial factor is the evaluation of strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities.
  • The demonstration of leadership potential holds significant importance.
  • A cultural fit is essential to showcase alignment with the company’s values and mission.

Yash credits his curiosity as a defining trait for his achievement. He places a strong emphasis on the value of curiosity in adjusting to and prospering in environments that are rapidly changing. For Yash, the key to success in the business and management world is to be eager to learn new things and be open to new ideas.

According to Yash, aspiring people should keep on questioning, stay creative, and welcome new ideas. He emphasises his thorough preparation, which included numerous product management mock interviews and a significant emphasis on developing a strong conceptual knowledge. Yash also made sure that his resume accurately reflected his abilities and accomplishments, which ultimately helped him land a job at Microsoft.

You can connect with Yash Sachin Bafna through his LinkedIn profile. Feel free to reach out to him by clicking here.

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