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MAH-CET MBA Entrance Exam 2023

Latest Updates: MAH CET MBA 2023 Re-Exam Dates – 6, May 2023

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MAH-CET MBA Syllabus 2023

Latest Updates:

MAH CET MBA 2023 Re-Exam Dates – 6, May 2023

MAH-CET MBA 2023 Syllabus

The following are the contents of the syllabus: –

A) Logical / Abstract Reasoning

There will be questions to measure your ability to think quickly and accurately in this section. Ones based on figures and diagrams, as well as questions requiring verbal reasoning, may be included in the test.

B) Quantitative Ability

The paper  contains questions concerning your ability to work with numbers quickly and precisely, conduct numerical calculations, and comprehend a variety of arithmetic difficulties such as ratio and proportion, percent, and so on. The test evaluates your numerical reasoning skills as well as your ability to comprehend tables, graphs, and charts.

C) Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

This will feature texts with questions based on their contents to assess your understanding. Your command of the English language would be assessed by questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, passage comprehension, and so on. Questions on (1) comprehension of the passage’s contents and (2) selection of relevant words, phrases, expressions, and similar language abilities would be used to test your English language proficiency.

Result and Counselling

  • In the second week of September, the results will be announced. Applicants can access their findings via the portal and download them.

  • Following the findings of the Centralized Allotment Process, the counseling procedure and seat allotment will begin.

  • For the allotment of seats, candidates would fill out an online form choosing their options based on their grades.

  • The preparation list would be justified based on the candidates’ final grades.

  • Candidates can fill out the online form according to their preferences, after which they will be able to attend the MH CET counseling session.