[OFFICIAL] DoMS IIT Madras 2023-25

Is waiting list number declared with the results?

The results didn’t mention any waiting list number does that mean I didn’t make into waiting list?

Waitlist number 77. What are the chances to convert for DOMS IIT MADRAS

The wait is over! The results for MBA admissions have been announced.

Congratulations to all the converts. Check your mailboxes for the results or visit MBA Admission 2022

Check this space for further information about waitlists.


Hi Admin,
When are we required to lock our seats?

Does DOMS IIT MADRAS have any scholarships for EWS students? Also what will be the acceptance fees as the mails are not out yet.

Also I have converted the call, but haven’t received a formal mail, when can I expect that?

Anyone please share the contact number or emailadress of adcom ?

Is there a WhatsApp group for Converts?

Hi Guys!

Since an official group hasn’t been created for the Converts by the Adcom, I was hoping that all converts could join the WhatsApp Group below to get to know each other and get any queries sorted.

Do let me know if there’s any issues with the same!

Hello. What is the composite score required to get a call from DoMS?

Here’s the link to official discussions page for MBA Admission 2023-25, DoMS IIT Madras,


Hello. Under academic details, I did not have CGPA system at school ( ICSE) so how should I mention my Max CGPA & CGPA Obtained as the column is specifically accepting only CGPA instead of marks?

Hii sir, just wanted to know, i did not upload anything in cgpa to percentage conversion as there was no asterisk mark over it. But if shortlisted for interview i can show all original documents related to my cgpa conversion. Now since i did not upload anything in the form under cgpa to percentage conversion is that going to be a problem. Do i have to fill a new form. Please help

General Engineer Male.
CAT percentile: 94.54.
Class 10: 92.2, 12: 95.
Work ex: 28 months, working at present, do you think I have chances of recieving calls from IIT Madras. @doms_iitm adcom

Hi IIT Madras Coordinators, @doms_iitm

I had applied for MBA program, my application no. is MS233278

I haven’t received any mail related to PI ,

My details are as follows:
GEM , 97.57%ile CAT , 77.9/83.8/77.6 , 19months workex.

I think there might be some technical error behind not shortlisting me for interviews.
Could you please check and let me know


Here’s the link to official discussions page for MBA Admission 2023-25, DoMS IIT Madras,

when wait list updates available.

Hi, when is the next update in waiting list movement expected?

What is the last date to apply for batch 2024-26 batch?