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TAPMI-Marketing Waitlist No. → 256

Can I convert?

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By which date in email they have told to pay admission amount and first installment?

Any chance of conversion?? (Updated wl)
MBA core - 540
Bkfs - 109

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Admission Amount by 17th April (Rs. 1,50,000 and the first year’s full fees of Rs. 7,95,000) by 4th May


Where to find Tapmi official telegram group?

Ya. Doesn’t exist. I searched couldn’t find

You can also search tapmi shortlist which is a group with 1200 members. The link is pinned in that group.

what was last year’s movement in BKFS?

250 around

how many seats are there in BKFS and core this year?

Mba core 523 waitlist (updated)
Any chance of conversion?

Tapmi HRM waitlist no 185 after third list. Any chance

Hello All,
Since the waitlist movement depends on the acceptance rate of candidates, it is difficult to predict chances of conversion.

Hello Anubhav,
The total number of seat for MBA (all programs) is between 500-530.

For 2022-23, TAPMI has AICTE approval for 60 seats for HRM, MKT and BKFS, but the institute is free to decide lesser number of seats. Same story for other programs. Based upon various factors, number of seats may vary slightly for each program every year, within the approved limits.

Waiting No. 273 Core
Any chance?

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Hello everyone,
I scored 231 in NMAT 2023 (Qa-69 Va-88 Lr-74) i am an electrical engineer with 4 years of experience. What are my chances of getting a call from TAPMI ?

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What is the minimum score of NMAT to get a call for freshers with decent profile

Do I have a chance of getting shortlisted with 221 score in nmat?

It’s profile based call I guess, I remember candidates not getting shortlisted with 230 in NMAT last year

When will TAPMI calls be out?