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  Kozhikode   Public (Autonomous)   ESTD 1996
  Kozhikode   Public (Autonomous)   ESTD 1996


IIM Kozhikode Placement

The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode has, over the years, enjoyed a period of record-breaking placement scenario. The institute is committed to helping its students find their place in the corporate world. For the graduating batch, the final placement negotiations usually begin in the month of February.

The placement process consists of the following stages:

First Contact

The IIM-K Placement Office initiates contact with potential recruiters by sending out feelers in the month of August. By January, the college would have had received responses from them by then.

Pre-placement Talks

The recruiters visit IIM-K for pre-placement talks. The PPTs can be arranged on a mutually agreeable date and time starting in the first week of October, of the current year.

System of Day Rankings

The recruiters are allotted particular dates and time slots, well in advance, in order for them to conduct interviews. The system of the rankings is based on collective student opinion.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process begins in February. The recruiters are free to conduct any procedure that they feel like in order to recruit candidates. The final offers are channelised by the Placement Committee.

Offer Acceptance

The companies are allowed to make a Spot Offer to the students at any point of the interaction period. Alternatively, they can also make a List Offer after the completion of their selection process. The student and the company can then negotiate the finer details among themselves.

Acceptance Intimation

At the completion of the placement season, the companies have to intimate IIM-K regarding the students’ acceptance.

Participation Fee

For every student selected by the recruiter for domestic postings, they are charged INR 20,000. For every recruitment made for an international post, the recruiter is charged USD 1,500.



Year Companies Visited Highest Package Average Package
2022 69.3 LPA 29.06 LPA