MHT-CET 2022

MHT-CET Engineering 2022 Exam Information

The Maharashtra Directorate of Technical Education administers the MHT-CET test. Students will be accepted into various engineering degrees at various colleges throughout the state as a result of this examination. Both private and public institutions must apply for admittance. Originally, students took this test in order to gain entrance to medical schools. With the introduction of NEET, however, this provision was deleted. It is now used to get entrance to engineering and pharmacy programmes. DTE is also in charge of administering entrance tests for post-graduate programmes.

Despite having a higher secondary syllabus, the exam’s level is similar to that of NEET and IIT JEE. As a result, students must pay close attention to their preparation method.

Students frequently begin their preparation only after their higher secondary exam is completed. However, in the instance of MHT-CET, this may not yield the intended results. It is recommended that students combine their preparation for this exam with their preparation for higher secondary public exams. It is critical for pupils to grasp things thoroughly while studying.

Because the syllabus is based on 11th grade, students are advised to begin their preparation in 11th grade. The competition is fierce, since the number of students taking this exam grows year after year.

The exam is delivered entirely online. The best part about this exam is that it gives students who do not speak English as a first language a fantastic opportunity. The question papers are offered in three languages: English, Urdu, and Marathi. The Mathematics question paper, however, is only available in English. As a result, the exam can be deemed more inclusive.

MHT-CET Engineering 2022 Exam Date

When students are focused on exam preparation, it is usual for them to skip deadlines. This causes undue tension towards the end of the process. The best method to avoid these errors is to register with the website and receive the most recent updates. Rather than wasting time looking for any changes to the exam dates, you will receive notifications by text message or email.

This will also assist you in properly channelling your preparation. You can plan your schedule based on how many days left till the exam. Important dates are frequently announced on the official website.

The dates which can be introduced previous to the examination are broadly speaking tentative. Those dates would possibly get modified withinside the destiny because of unavoidable situations. Some of the crucial dates associated with the examination are given withinside the following table:

MHT CET 2022 Exam Dates



Commencement of MHT CET 2022 registration

February 10, 2022

MHT CET application form 2022 last date

April 15, 2022

Online registration and confirmation of application form with a late fee of Rs. 500

April 16 to May 11, 2022

MHT CET correction 2022 dates

To be notified

MHTT CET admit card release date

To be notified

MHT CET exam date 2022

PCM: August 5 to 11, 2022

PCB: August 12 to 20, 2022

Announcement of MHT CET Result

To be notified

MHT-CET Engineering 2022 Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must meet the necessary eligibility requirements in order to take the exam. The Directorate of Technical Education determines these eligibility requirements.


Only Indian citizens are allowed to write this exam.

Special Provisions 

  1. People other than Indian citizens are given the direct admission on the basis of their marks secured in a qualifying exam
  2. People who are eligible for this provision include the children of
  1. Non-Residential Indians
  2. Overseas Citizens of India
  3. Persons of Indian Origin
  4. Indian workers in Gulf countries
  5. Foreign citizens

Age limit 

As the students belonging to any age can appear in this exam, it presents a wonderful opportunity to get into the engineering courses.

Educational qualification for the Students from Maharashtra (Those who have completed higher secondary education

  • Mathematics and Physics should have been the compulsory subjects in their higher secondary.
  • The third subject could be any of the following:
  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Technical subjects
  • Biology
  • Vocational subjects

  • The minimum marks in aggregate should be around 50% for general category and 45% for the people belonging to the categories like backward/reserved/ persons with disability

Educational qualifications for the students from Maharashtra (other categories)

  • Applicants who have completed Diploma in Engineering and Technology should have got in aggregate at least 50% marks for general category and 45% marks for those who belong to categories like backward/reserved/persons with disability.

  • Applicants who have completed B.Sc. degree from a recognized University should have got at least 50% marks for general category and 45% marks for those who belong to categories like backward/reserved/persons with disability.

Educational qualification for the students other than Indian Citizens

Mathematics and Physics should have been the compulsory subjects in their higher secondary other equivalent exams.

The third subject could be any of the following:



Technical subjects


Vocational subjects

The minimum marks in aggregate should be around 50%

Educational qualification for All India candidates and Jammu and Kashmir Migrants

Candidates should have Mathematics as a subject in their higher secondary

They should have got the required score in JEE Main 2022 Paper 1 exam.

Domicile requirement

Type 1: Applicants who are born in Maharashtra or domiciled in Maharashtra

Place of passing the exam should be within the jurisdiction of that particular university.

Type 2: Applicants who were not born in Maharashtra, but their parents possess the domicile certificate.

Certificate issuing authority should fall within the limits of the respective University area.

Type 3: Candidates who do not belong to any of the above categories but either of their parents should work with the government of India or Government of India Undertaking.

Their posting should be within the limits of the required University

Type 4: Candidates who do not satisfy Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3 but either of his/her parents should be the employees or retires under the government of Maharashtra or under the government undertaking of Maharashtra.

After retirement, their place of settlement should fall within the jurisdiction of University

If either of them is posted outside, their last posting should be within the jurisdiction of the respective University

Type 5: Candidates whose medium of instruction in the higher secondary exam is Marathi but living in the Maharashtra-Karnataka disputed area

They will be allotted the seats under outside home University

Special educational qualification for some courses

Candidates should have biology in their higher secondary for Bio-engineering / Biotechnology courses

Female candidates are not eligible for Mining Engineering courses.

MHT-CET Engineering 2022 Registration

Once the application form is available on the official website, applicants should fill it out. Only the online approach is available for submitting the application form. The application form will not be accepted if it is sent by any other method. Candidates must ensure that the application form is completely filled out; otherwise, it will not be accepted. The correction window is available here, and you can fix any incorrect entries. However, this option will only be available for a limited time.

Candidates should follow the below-mentioned steps for the successful filling of the application form:

Step 1

Go to the exam’s official website and click “Apply Online.” Fill in all of the required details in the new window that appears.

Those details include

  • Name of the Candidate
  • Name of the Father/Husband/Guardian
  • Name of the Mother
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Contact information such as Email ID, Mobile number, address. It is important to give the correct details as this will be used for the future correspondence.
  • Candidate categories are General, Other Backward Class, Scheduled Caste, and Scheduled Tribe. Refer to the National Commission for Backward Classes’ website for further information. This information is required in order to claim the reservation.
  • Details regarding the Disability of the candidates. It is mandatory that the reservation for disabled persons can be availed only by those candidates whose disability is more than 40%.
  • Other information includes information regarding the Religion, total annual family income of the person and the bank details such as Name of the bank, IFSC code, type of account etc.
  • The most important details that should be provided should be regarding your educational background.
  • Subjects of the exam.
  • Medium of instruction of the question paper

MHT-CET Engineering 2022 Exam Pattern

The exam is exclusively available to students in an online format. The exam is divided into three sections, each of which is 90 minutes long. The questions come from the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education’s syllabus. Around 80% of the overall questions are asked of students in class 12, whereas 20% of the questions are asked of students in class 11.

The exam must be taken in one of the three languages: English, Urdu, or Marathi. It should be emphasised, however, that the Mathematics paper will only be given in English. Candidates should therefore prepare their question papers properly. The best feature of this exam for applicants is that there is no negative marking. Detailed knowledge of the pattern. The biggest advantage that  candidates have in this exam is that there are no negative ratings. See the following table for more information on inspection procedures.

All  questions asked in this exam have four options, and candidates must choose the best option from those answers. It should be noted that the questions are primarily related to the application of the concept. This requires a complete understanding of the concept. The criteria for the questionnaire are comparable to those for JEE and NEET.

MHT-CET Engineering 2022 Syllabus

To get good grades, candidates need to have a deep knowledge of various topics in the curriculum. Questions are asked from both the 11th and 12th standard syllabus. Therefore, candidates are already familiar with many of the concepts mentioned in the syllabus. The  following table lists common topics.

11th Standard Syllabus






1.Sets, Relations, and Functions


1.Surface chemistry

1. Plant Growth and Development

1.Human Respiration

2. Sequences and series

2.Magnetic effect of electric current,

2. Basic principles and techniques in organic chemistry

2.Diversity in organisms

2. Organization of Cell

3.Trigonometric functions


3. Alkanes

3. Plant Water Relations and Mineral Nutrition

3.Human Nutrition,

4.Factorization Formulae

4. Scalars, and Vectors

4.States of matter: Gases and liquids

4.Biochemistry of cell



5.Trigonometric functions of Compound

5.Refraction of Light

5.s-Block elements (Alkali and alkaline earth metals)





6.Redox reaction,



7.Angles, Straight Line, Circle, and Conics

7.Friction in solids and liquids

7. Nature of chemical bond




8.Ray optics




12th Standard Syllabus



Magnetic effects of electric current

Chemical Thermodynamics

Magnetism and its related concepts

Isolation of Elements- processes and principles

Electromagnetic Induction

p-Block Elements, d and f Block Elements

Circular motion and its associated concepts

Solid State

Rotational motion and Its related terms


Concepts related to Gravitation


Concepts of Oscillations

Chemical Kinetics

Elasticity and its related terms

Coordination Compounds

Surface tension

Halogen derivatives of alkanes

Wave motion and Stationary waves,


Theories of Kinetics


Theories of Waves





Ketones and Carboxylic Acids,

Electrostatics and its concepts

Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

Current electricity


Atoms, Molecules, and Nuclei


Semiconductors and its concepts

Chemistry in Everyday life.

Electrons and photons


Communication systems and its associated terms.


MHT-CET Engineering 2022 Admit Card

The admission card will be provided by the Maharashtra Department of Technology Education on the official website of the exam. Candidates can only get tickets in online mode. Admission tickets will not be mailed. Therefore, it is recommended that you download your admission ticket immediately after its release to avoid the last minute rush. The information required to download the access card  is  the application number, password, and  security key.

Only  candidates who successfully submit the application  will receive the admission card. After downloading the ticket, make sure the ticket information is correct. If you find the wrong entry, please contact the reviewing office.

Test center  

Centers will be assigned based on the settings entered in the application form. Exams are conducted at various centers, as shown in the table below.

Once you take the exam, you cannot change the center, so think carefully before designating an exam center. It is always advisable to choose a center close to your home location to resolve any issues during the exam.

Mumbai Sub Urban



































MHT-CET Engineering 2022 Result

Results will be announced within one month after the test is completed. Candidates should check their scores on the official website. Results are published in the form of scorecards, and scorecard grades are valid for  one year only. To qualify for the exam, it is imperative that the candidate achieve at least 50% of the points. Even if you do not pass, “ABS” will be listed in the overall grade category.

How to download the results

  • Visit MHCET’s official website
  • Select the link  to download the  results.
  • In the window that appears on your computer screen, enter  details such as application number, password, and  security key.
  • Select “Sign in”. Download the scorecard displayed on the screen.
  • The scorecard consists of the candidate’s name, the candidate’s score achieved in each paper, the total score, rank, and details of the eligibility status.
  • Candidates are encouraged to get a hard copy of the scorecard to use  during the counseling process.

Answer Key

Candidates can get the answer keys from the official website itself. The answer keys are published for all the sets A, B, C and D. You can download the set which you have got in the exam. You can get the carbon copy of the answer sheet. Verify your answer sheets with that. If a discrepancy is found, you can file an objection with the relevant authorities. You need to submit a banker’s check for Rs. 1000 for the purpose of answer verification.

MHT-CET Engineering 2022 Cutoff

After the results are published, the cutoffs for each major and each university will be published. Candidates who meet the required cutoffs will be asked for counseling for that particular course and university. Boundaries are set based on the number of locations, candidate categories, questionnaire difficulty, and the number of candidates attending the exam.

It is important to have high standards for admission to the university you desire. People in the general category  have more cutoffs than people in the booking category. Deliberation is rounded based on the cutoff. More than 360 universities participate every year. This allows candidates to realize their dream of becoming an engineer, even if the average is low.