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Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology Test (SMIT) 2024

SMIT 2024 Exam Information

The Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT) conducts an annual admission examination that enables candidates to be considered for admission to Sikkim Manipal University. The exam, named SMIT, is officially recognized by the AICTE and NBA. Once candidates successfully pass the entrance exams, they have the opportunity to pursue various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. Engineering, management, fundamental science, and computer applications are among the fields of study available for students who perform well and are selected through the SMIT entrance examination. This national-level exam is challenging and requires students to possess extensive knowledge and proficiency in their respective disciplines. Those who excel in the SMIT entrance examination are eligible for admission to all undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The SMIT, or Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, was founded in 1997 as a joint venture between the Sikkim Government and the Manipal Group, with the purpose of establishing the first public-private educational institution in India’s northeast. They currently have over 3200 students enrolled in their program, and a faculty of more than 260 professionals has been developed. The facility and infrastructure of the institute are state-of-the-art, covering 33 acres. Students who apply for admission to SMIT and pass the entrance exam are provided with a variety of services to help them achieve their career goals and objectives. Meritorious students can also qualify for a variety of scholarship programs run by the SMIT administration. It is critical that the candidate understands the various types of information that are required in order to properly register for and sit for the SMIT examination.


SMIT 2024 Exam Date

The SMIT administrators have announced the main dates for the SMIT 2024 examination. All candidates should keep a close eye on these dates to ensure that they do not miss any essential procedures or events that could cause issues with the exam. The exam’s significant dates, such as the release of results, the availability of application forms, and registration, are all important elements. The essential dates for SMIT admission are listed below.

So here are the important dates for the SMIT examination that every candidate should be well aware of the cause any kind of mishaps or delay in conducting the following activities can result in a serious problem later on. The dates have been announced by the SMIT authorities and can be subject to change if there is an issue. Any changes in the mentioned dates will be notified beforehand.

SMIT Admission Important Dates 2024

B.Tech Tentative Dates
Admission through JEE score 5 July, 2024
Last date of application 20 April, 2024
Sikkim Manipal Entrance Test (SMET) 22-26 April, 2024
Publication of Result 27 April, 2024
Reserved (Sikkim, Defense, GTA, NE, PMF) 5 July, 2024
Date of reporting at campus for Bridge courses and Induction Program CSE / ECE / EEE / ME / CSE (IoT)/CE / CSE(DS) / CSE (AI&ML) / IT / EE (VLSI&DT) 7-9 July, 2024
B Tech – Lateral Entry
Start of Application 15 November, 2023
Last date of application 10 June, 2024
Counselling & Admission 10 July, 2024
Date of reporting at campus 4-5 August, 2024


SMIT 2024 Eligibility Criteria

The qualifying criteria for the various degree courses offered at Sikkim Manipal University of Technology are critical for students to understand. Students should be quite familiar with the criteria, and only if they meet all of them may they begin to prepare for the future activities indicated above. Students will not be able to take the exam unless they are eligible, and they should have all of the necessary documentation to prove their eligibility. The following are the various eligibility requirements for the various courses provided here.



Bachelor in Technology

Candidates should have passed 10 + 2 Board examinations with a minimum of 50% marks in the compulsory subjects of Physics and Mathematics. They should also have an additional subject from any of these – Chemistry/ Biology /Biotechnology /Computer Science.

Candidates belonging to reserved candidates will need to have 45% of minimum marks in the board examination.

Bachelor in Technology (Lateral Entry)

Candidates should have an appropriate diploma or degree in any of the branch of engineering or B.Sc with Mathematics as the compulsory subject and 60% mark in aggregate. The candidates of reserved categories will need to have 55% aggregate marks.

Bachelor in Computer Applications

Candidates should have passed 10+2 board examination in any stream with a minimum of 50% marks in the overall aggregate.

Bachelor in Business Administration

Candidates should have passed 10+2 board examination in any stream with a minimum of 50% marks in the overall aggregate.

Master in Technology

candidates should have passed Bachelor in Engineering with a minimum of 60% aggregate marks in their degree course. (55% for candidates belonging to reserved categories)

Master in Computer Applications

Bachelor’s degree with the inclusion of Mathematics as a compulsory subject in the 10+2 examination / graduation and 50% minimum aggregate marks. (45% for the candidates of reserved categories)

Master in Computer Applications (lateral entry)

BCA, B Sc (IT/ Computer Science) with Mathematics as a compulsory subject in 10+2/ Graduate level examination and 50% minimum marks (45% in case of a reserved category)

Master in Business Administration

Bachelor’s degree under 10+2+3 pattern with minimum 50% marks (45% for SC/ST/OBC) at the graduation level.

So here are the essential eligibility condition for the students who are interested in appearing for the SMIT 2024 examination. The eligibility criteria for the students are very much important and they must make sure that they are eligible according to the criteria that have been mentioned in the above table. In any case, they have any queries related to the eligibility criteria the candidates can contact SMIT authorities and they will help the students


SMIT 2024 Registration

The registration procedure for the SMIT 2024 assessment is critical. The SMIT authorities conduct it on their official website. To verify that they have successfully enrolled on the website, candidates will need to undertake a few crucial steps.

Candidates will need to know how to register for the SMIT 2024 examination now that they are aware of the crucial dates tree. The following are the crucial measures that the candidates must take.

  • Candidates are required to go to the SMIT 2024 examination’s official website.
  • Candidates should seek for and click on the “SMIT 2024 Registration” tab after the page has loaded.
  • They must create an account by entering their name, phone number, and email address.
  • Then they’ll have to fill in all of the information that the form requires.
  • Candidates must submit a coloured passport-size photo as well as their signature.
  • Before submitting the form, candidates should double-check that all of the information is valid, and then click ‘SUBMIT.’
  • The online payment of the application form is now required, otherwise the process will be aborted.
  • Payments can be done using a credit card, a debit card, or through net banking.
  • The application form is now available for download on the website, and you can photocopy it for future reference.

Application Form Fee – so here are the important details about the registration / application form fee which the candidates should know of and pay.

B.Tech / M.Tech / Lateral Entry Rs. 1600/- [INR 600 for Prospectus + INR 1000 for entrance exam fee]
BCA / MCA / MBA Rs. 1350/- [INR 600 for Prospectus + INR 750 for entrance exam fee]
BBA Rs. 600/- [for Prospectus]

The candidates are required to pay the exact fee that has been declared by the Institute. In case the candidates face any trouble while paying the application fee, they can contact the SMIT authorities and clear it out. The whole process of registration and payment of fees will be done via online process without any delay.


SMIT 2024 Exam Pattern

Information about the entrance examination is accessible through the SMIT exam pattern 2024. Candidates can review details such as the mode, duration, question types, marking scheme, and other relevant aspects through the SMIT 2024 exam pattern.

SMIT Exam Pattern Details:

Particulars Details
Mode Online remote proctored
Duration  90 Minutes
Medium English
Sections Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English
Type of Questions Multiple-Choice Questions
Total Number of Questions  60
Marking Scheme 1 mark will be allotted for every correct answer. No negative marking will be done.

Below is the distribution of questions for the SMIT online entrance test 2024:

Subjects Number of questions Marks
Maths 20 20
Physics 20 20
Chemistry 10 10
English 10 10

SMIT 2024 Syllabus

The SMIT 2024 Syllabus includes concepts and theories from the three major science disciplines of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Candidates must thoroughly prepare for these subjects and ensure that they score well in all areas. The complete syllabus for the SMIT 2024 exam may be found here.

  • Newton’s Laws of Motion: First law of motion – force and inertia with examples -momentum – the second law of motion, mention of spring force F=kx, mention of basic forces in nature – impulse and impulsive forces with examples – second law as applied to the variable mass situation – third law of motion etc.
  • Fluid Dynamics: Explanation of streamline and turbulent motion – statement and explanation of Bernoulli’s Theorem – mention of the equation of continuity – mention of expressions for PE, KE and pressure energy of an element of a liquid flowing through a pipe etc.
  • Work – Power – Energy: Work done by a force – power – units of power – energy – derivation of expression for gravitation potential energy and kinetic energy of a moving body – F.S – unit of work – graphical representation of work done by a constant and variable force – statement of work – energy theorem etc.
  • Gravitation: Statement and explanation of Law of Gravitation – definition of G – definition of orbital velocity and escape velocity – mention of expression for variation of g with altitude – statement and explanation of Kepler’s Laws of planetary motion etc.
  • Gas Laws: absolute zero – Kelvin scale of temperature – mention of the perfect gas equation – Statement and explanation of Boyle’s Law and Charles’ Law – definition of Pressure and Volume Coefficient of a gas – explanation of isothermal and adiabatic changes etc.
  • Mode of heat transfer: Conduction of heat – steady state – temperature gradient – definition of coefficient of thermal conductivity – basic concepts of convection of heat – radiation – properties of thermal radiation – radiant energy etc.
  • Waves: Waves around us – a brief note on light waves, sound waves, radio waves, microwaves, seismic waves – wave as a carrier of energy – classification of waves etc.
  • Sound: Properties of sound – Doppler Effect – derivation of expression for apparent frequency in general case and discussion to special cases – the speed of sound in a gas – explanation of Newton’s Formula for the speed of sound – correction by Laplace etc.
  • Refraction at a plane surface: Refraction through a parallel sided glass slab – deviation produced by a thin prism – dispersive power – derivation of expressions for lateral shift and normal shift etc.
  • Introduction to Theories of Light: A brief explanation of Newton’s corpuscular theory, Huygen’s wave theory and Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory etc.
  • Diffraction: Explanation of the phenomenon – the distinction between Fresnel and Fraunhofer Diffraction -qualitative explanation of diffraction at single slit and analysis of diffraction pattern etc.
  • Stoichiometry: Equivalent mass of elements: definition, principles involved in the determination of equivalent masses of elements by hydrogen displacement method, Expression of the concentration of solutions-ppm, normality, molarity and mole fraction etc.
  • Atomic structure: Introduction: constituents of atoms, their charge and mass. Atomic number and atomic mass, Wave nature of light, Electromagnetic spectrum-emission spectrum of hydrogen-Lyman series, Balmer series, Paschen series, Brackett series and Pfund series etc.
  • Periodic properties: Periodic table with 18 groups to be used, Variation patterns in atomic radius, ionization energy, electron affinity etc.
  • Oxidation number: Oxidation and reduction, rules for computing oxidation number. Calculating the oxidation no. of any particular atom in a specific compound/ion etc.
  • Gaseous state: Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, Avogadro’s Hypothesis, Dalton’s Law of partial pressures, Graham’s Law of diffusion and Gay Lussac’s Law of combining volumes. Combined gas equation. Kinetic molecular theory of gases-postulates, root mean square velocity etc.
  • Chemical bonding: Covalent bonding-molecular orbital theory: linear combination of atomic orbitals (Qualitative approach), energy level diagram, rules for filling molecular orbitals, bonding and antibonding orbitals, bond order, electronic configuration of H2, Li2 and O2 Non-existence of He2 and paramagnetism of O2 etc.
  • Acids and Bases: Arrhenius’ concept, limitations. Bronsted and Lowry’s concept, merits and limitations. Lewis concept, Strengths of Acids and Bases – dissociation constants of weak acids and weak bases etc.
  • Partial Fractions
  • Logarithms
  • Mathematical logic
  • Binomial Theory
  • Theory of Equations
  • Mathematical Induction
  • Summation of finite series
  • Coordinate system
  • Matrices & Determinants
  • Vector
  • Elements of Number Theory
  • Graph Theory
  • Trigonometry and advanced concepts
  • Integrations and equations

So these are the different subjects and topics which are present in the syllabus for the Sikkim Manipal University entrance examination for the year 2024.


SMIT 2024 Admit Card

The Admit Card for the SMIT admission exam in 2024 is extremely important for all candidates to download and print. No candidate will be allowed to take the exam unless they have this vital document.

Some significant information can be found on the exam admit card, such as –

  • Candidate’s name
  • Candidate’s photo and signature
  • Candidate’s address
  • The location of the examination center
  • Date and time of the entrance exam
  • The following is a list of acceptable identity evidence.
  • Additional information on the SMIT exam

Therefore every student should follow these mentioned steps to view and download their respective admit cards in the right manner.

  • Students must first go to the SMIT 2024 examination’s official website and click on the “Admit Card/Hall Ticket 2024” option.
  • Students must log into their accounts generated during the exam registration process on this website.
  • The candidate’s log in information, such as the official name and password created during registration, must be entered.
  • The respective candidate’s admit card or hall ticket will now be displayed on the screen. The students will then be able to download and print their admit cards for future reference and usage during the exam.

All candidates should double-check the information on their admit cards to ensure that everything is correct. If students discover any errors, they should contact the SMIT authorities to get them corrected. So the first thing to do when looking at an admit card is to make sure that all of the information is proper. The SMIT 2024 IMPORTANT DATES tab contains information on when the admit card will be available.


SMIT 2024 Result

Students will excitedly await the results after they have successfully completed their examination. The entrance examination results will determine which candidates have been chosen and will be offered seats at Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology for various degree programs.

The following are the critical stages to viewing and downloading the findings.

  • Students should go to the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology’s official website.
  • They must search for and click on the ‘RESULT 2024’ link on the home page.
  • On the next page, students must choose their examination name and enter the ROLL NO. as well as other relevant information.
  • Once they’ve input all of the information, they’ll need to click the ‘SEARCH’ button, and their results will appear on the screen.
  • They can now download the results and print them for use in further steps.

So, here are some crucial actions that will assist applicants in viewing and downloading their SMIT 2024 exam results. After the candidates have been chosen based on the results, the counseling procedure will begin.

The following are some crucial documents that students will need to bring to SMIT 2024 Counseling.

  • SMIT Hall Ticket / Admit Card 2024 Original JEE scorecard Birth proof document / Class X Pass Certificate Marks sheet of class 10 board exam SMIT Hall Ticket / Admit Card 2024 (if applicable)
  • From the former institution, a transfer certificate is required.
  • From the prior institution, a certificate of good conduct/character is required.
  • a copy of your former institution’s migration certificate
  • Certificates of residence for candidates in the reserved category
  • Four similar passport-size coloured photographs that are no older than a month.

As a result, there are two key details and documents that candidates should bring with them when attending the counselling session. It is important to remember that if a candidate does not show up for the counselling procedure, their seats will be cancelled and given to other candidates on the waiting list.


SMIT Cutoff

Although the cutoff points for the SMIT 2024 annual entrance exam have not yet been revealed, students can review previous criteria that have influenced cutoff marks for the SMIT annual entrance exam.

  • The number of candidates who will take the SMIT 2024 exam is unknown.
  • The institute’s total number of seats offered
  • The exam’s reservation policies
  • The prior year’s admissions trends
  • The SMIT 2024 exam’s difficulty level
  • The SMIT 2024 exam’s marking scheme

So, here are the major elements that influence the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology entrance examination cut off marks each year. It is advised that students study hard and achieve a high score on the entrance exam in order to clear the cutoff marks and be assigned to their degree programmes.

Final Thoughts – This post has covered all of the necessary knowledge for the SMIT 2024 examination. As a result, all students are encouraged to read it carefully and become familiar with the SMIT exam rules and regulations. Wishing all of the candidates the best of luck!

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