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  Kolkata   UGC, Public (Autonomous)   ESTD 1961


IIM Calcutta Placement 2023

The 58th MBA batch of IIM Calcutta concluded its placement session for 2023 on 24th February, 2023. The average package offered was INR 35.07 LPA, and the median package was INR 33.67 LPA, with the top 25% of students receiving an average package of INR 50.86 LPA. The highest number of offers were made in the consulting sector (232), followed by the finance sector (86). A total of 573 offers were made to the students.

The summer internship placement drive for 2024 has also been concluded. Out of 470 students, 540 internship offers were received. The average stipend offered was INR 2.59 Lakhs per month, and the median stipend was INR 2 Lakhs per month. The major functions in which students were placed were Finance and Consulting.

IIM Calcutta Placements 2023 Report

Particulars Placement Statistics 2023
Total Number of offers 573
Average Package INR 35.07 LPA
Median Package INR 33.67 LPA
Top 25% Students Average Package INR 50.86 LPA
Major Sector Consulting and Fiance
Top Recruiters Adobe, Flipkart, Amazon, BCG, Goldman Sachs

IIM Calcutta Placement Report 2022

Particulars Placement Statistics (2019-21) Placement Statistics (2020-22)
Total Number of Students 467 479
Number of Recruiters 172 192
Number of Offers 520 640
Highest CTC (International) INR 87.36 LPA
Highest CTC (Domestic) INR 60 LPA
Average CTC INR 28.75 LPA INR 34.2 LPA
Median CTC INR 27 LPA INR 31 LPA
Major Sectors Consulting, IT & E-Commerce Consulting
Top Recruiters BCG, ITC, P&G, Flipkart Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft

In the placement drive of 2022, 192 companies made 640 offers to 479 students and the average CTC stood at INR 34.2 LPA whereas the median CTC stood at INR 31 LPA and maximum number of offers were made in the consulting domain. Some of the top recruiters including Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft and many others participated in the placement drive.

During the placement drive of 2021, 520 Job offers were offered by the 172 recruiters to 467 students.

In the placement drive of 2021, the highest International CTC stood at 87.36 LPA and the Highest Domestic CTC stood at INR 60 LPA whereas the average and median CTC stood at INR 28.75 LPA and INR 27 LPA respectively.

Jobs were offered in the sectors like Consulting, IT and E-Commerce and the top recruiters like BCG, ITC, P&G, Flipkart and many others participated in the placement drive.

IIM Calcutta Placement 2021 Top Recruiters

The following table represents the top recruiters who participated in the 2021 placement drive:

BCG Bank of America
Amazon Paytm
Flipkart ITC
HUL Vedanta

IIM Calcutta Summer Internship Placements 2023

Particulars Internship Statistics (2020-22) Internship Statistics (2021-23)
Number of Students 473 476
Number of Offers 482 550
Number of Recruiters 141 142
New Recruiters 43
Highest Stipend INR 2 Lakhs
Average Stipend INR 1.16 Lakhs INR 1.4 Lakhs
Median Stipend INR 1.25 Lakhs
Major Function Sales & Marketing and Finance Finance and Consulting
Top Recruiter Accenture, Google, Amazon Bank of America, Accenture Strategy

The institute has concluded its summer internship placements for the passing out batch of 2023 and 476 students received around 550 offers by 142 participating recruiters.

In the summer internship placements of 2023 the average stipend stood at INR 1.4 Lakhs and top 25% students were offered the highest stipend of INR 2 Lakhs per month.

During the summer internship placement drive of 2023, around 50% of the students were offered internships in the Finance and consulting sector and some of the top recruiters like Bank of America, Accenture Strategy, Nestle, Disney, Tata offered internships.


Year Companies Visited Highest Package Average Package
2021-2022 87.36 LPA 34.2 LPA