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Can someone tell me more about the Personal Interview and Writing Ability Test stages in the admission process?

CMAT 2023 aspirant here, this year it will be considered no?

What was the median package offered in 2023??

Hailing from the vibrant city of Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, I bring 14 years of unwavering dedication to the Security Services industry. In 2021, I took on the role of a Security Guard at NIBM, a place that has become my second home.

The heartbeat of my job is the profound sense of responsibility it bestows upon me. As the first line of defense, I ensure NIBM is not just a college but a haven where every student and staff member can immerse themselves in studies and activities without a shadow of concern for safety.

The joy in my work emanates from the strong bonds forged with the incredible staff and faculty. Together, we create a supportive community, fostering an environment conducive to growth and learning. :handshake:

In this role, the safety and well-being of the college community are paramount. It fills me with immense pride to know that I play a pivotal role in contributing to this sense of security. Every day, I step into the shoes of a guardian, dedicated to upholding the sanctity of this educational institution.

Gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on the rich tapestry of experiences and opportunities that have come my way. Each moment has contributed to my growth, both professionally and personally. I stand here today, not just as a Security Guard, but as a guardian, a friend, and a protector.

Arvind Kumar
Security Guard, NIBM Pune

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What is the average work experience of the students in the current PGDM batch?

Hi Shashank,
Yes, the college does have category based reservation.

Hi Kush,
Yes. The college accepts CMAT score for its PGDM (B&F) course.

Hi Dhiraj,
The college provides an option for online or offline Interview process. One may choose either as per their convenience. In case of latter, the centers/location will only be updated later.

What happens if I am unable to pay the first installment of fees within the specified period at NIBM?

I have a work experience of three years but not in finance core. Will it be considered?

Is it possible for people with 70 percent scores in Xth and XIIth to get through I have 97.4699 percentile on XAT

Hi Gautam,
The chances are good based on all the scores that you have mentioned.

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Hi Parth,
Yes. The college encourages diversity in all aspect, hence, all areas of work experience is considered.

Hi Samar,
It is advisable to make payments during the specified time period. However, you can directly write your reasons/concerns to college email id [email protected] regarding the same.

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The PGDM Banking and Finance is a fully academic 2 year course. Details of which you can find on www.nibmindia.org.
If you are referring to the executive training programme at NIBM, that is not a part of PGDM course.
Last Date to apply to the PGDM course for 2024-26 is 20th March.

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“Thriving at the heart of India’s financial pulse: interning at the Central Bank of India!”
Here’s our student Shivam Sudama from batch 2022-24 shares his internship experience.


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Is there any financal support available for studnts at NIBM? I mean scholarships loans etc.

How is the summer interns placement?

82 percentile in CAT. Chances in NIBM pune?

Wat’s OCT? plz share more info on this