IIM Ahmedabad MBA fees are a significant consideration for prospective students. The IIM Ahmedabad MBA fees for the 2023-25 batch stand at INR 25 lakhs for the entire program duration. These IIM Ahmedabad MBA fees cover various aspects of the program, including tuition, accommodation, and other expenses. Students planning to pursue an MBA at IIM Ahmedabad should be aware of the IIM Ahmedabad MBA fees and plan their finances accordingly. It’s advisable to check the official IIM Ahmedabad website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the IIM Ahmedabad MBA fees for future batches.

IIM Ahmedabad Fees for Hostel 2024

Payment Mode-1:

Phase Married Student Hostel Fee (MSH) (INR) Single Accommodation Fee (INR)
First Commitment Fee 2 Lakhs 2 Lakhs
Second Commitment Fee 12 Lakhs 12 Lakhs
Balance Program Fee 18 Lakhs 16 Lakhs
Caution Deposit (Refundable) 70 Thousand 35 Thousand

Payment Mode-2:

Phase Married Student Hostel Fee (MSH) (INR) Single Accommodation Fee (INR)
First Commitment Fee 2 Lakhs 2 Lakhs
First Installment Balance Fee 14.40 Lakhs 12.40 Lakhs
Second Installment Balance Fee 10.66 Lakhs 10.66 Lakhs
Third Installment Balance Fee 5.33 Lakhs 5.33 Lakhs
Caution Deposit (Refundable) 70 Thousand 35 Thousand

Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Ahmedabad Fees & Courses

Q: What is the required CAT score for admission to IIM Ahmedabad?

A: The qualifying CAT score for IIM Ahmedabad is relatively lower compared to other IIMs. For General category candidates, it’s around 80 percentile, while for NC-OBC/EWS, it’s 75 percentile, SC/PWD is 70 percentile, and ST is 60 percentile. However, the final CAT cut-off percentiles are generally higher, around 99-100 for the General category and around 95 percentile for reservation categories.

Q: What is the IIM Ahmedabad fees?

A: The total IIM Ahmedabad fees for the 2023-25 batch is INR 25 lakhs.

Q: What makes IIM Ahmedabad special?

A: IIM Ahmedabad stands out for several reasons. It is one of India’s most prestigious and top-ranked business schools, renowned for its rigorous academic curriculum and excellence in management education. The institution has a rich legacy, having produced numerous successful leaders and entrepreneurs in various domains. Its faculty comprises renowned experts, and the campus fosters a vibrant learning environment.

Q: Is it difficult to secure admission to an IIM?

A: Getting admitted to an IIM is attainable with strong dedication and a determination to succeed. The entrance exam covers concepts learned up to class 10, so dedicating time to preparation, taking mock tests, and addressing weak areas can make the process more manageable.

Q: Is it feasible for me to secure admission at IIM – Ahmedabad? My academic scores are as follows: 10th grade – 79%, 12th grade – 70%, and B.Sc – 55%.

A: Attaining admission to IIM Ahmedabad remains a possibility, even with a B.Sc score of 55%. According to one source, applicants are required to possess a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate or an equivalent CGPA. Furthermore, another source outlines the IIM shortlisting criteria, which includes a CAT percentile of 95 or above and a graduation score of 70% and above. However, it’s important to note that the final selection process at IIM Ahmedabad incorporates a Personal Interview (PI) round, accounting for 50% weightage, and an Academic Writing Test (AWT) with 10% weightage. Consequently, prospective candidates are advised to consult the official IIM Ahmedabad website or reach out to the institute’s admission cell for comprehensive information regarding the admission procedure, eligibility criteria, available courses, fees, cutoff scores, and other pertinent details.

Q: Are IIMs government or private institutions?

A: Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are autonomous public management institutes established by the Government of India. They are not private institutions but rather public institutions established by an Act of Parliament. Each IIM operates as an autonomous entity under the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Q: Do all IIM graduates earn seven-figure salaries?

A: While not all IIMs have recorded such high packages, many IIMs have achieved record-breaking highest packages in crores for a significant number of students this year. Most IIMs maintain an impressive 100% placement record with an average package exceeding 10+ LPA.

Q: Which course is IIM Ahmedabad most renowned for?

A: IIM Ahmedabad is famous for its flagship program, the Post Graduation Program in Management (PGPM). Admission to this program is based on a valid CAT (Common Admission Test) score.

Q: Are the hostels at IIMs air-conditioned?

A: Yes, most IIMs provide well-equipped hostels with air conditioning facilities for students.

Q: Are IIMs safe for female students?

A: IIMs are generally considered safe for female students, and they offer various specialisations to choose from based on personality and interests.

Q. What are the courses offered by IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. With IIM Ahmedabad courses, student can enhance their skills and knowledge across various disciplines. Take advantage of the diverse offerings in the IIM Ahmedabad courses catalog to tailor the learning journey according to preferences and aspirations. IIM Ahmedabad offers PGP in Management (now MBA), MBA in Food and Agri-Business Management (MBA-FABM), Armed Forces Program, Faculty Development Program and Executive PGP in Management.

Q. Will I be getting a Master’s Degree or Diploma upon successful completion of the IIM Ahmedabad Executive PGP program?

Ans. e-Mode Post Graduate Programme (ePGP) in Management is a two-year post graduate programme with added flexibility of completion in 3 years, leading to awarding “Master of Management Studies (eLearning Mode)”, offered on Virtual Interactive Learning Platform (VILP) platform. Upon successful completion of ePGP Programme at IIM Ahmedabad, the institute provides a Master’s Degree to its students instead of a diploma degree.

Q. Is there any programme offered by IIM Ahmedabad which I can do without leaving my job?

Ans. Yes, The ePGD-ABA is a 16 months’ diploma programme offered by Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. delivered through a blend of online and on-campus class room sessions. Given that this programme is meant for working professionals, the classes will be held on Weekends and public holidays. This format is to help you advance your career while working. 

Q. Is CAT score compulsory for IIM Ahmedabad EPGP?

Ans. CAT score is compulsory screening process of IIM PGP admission. For candidates without a CAT score, they must have either a valid GRE score. After screening, candidates are called for a written test and personal Interview.

Q. What is the pedagogy at PGPX in IIM Ahmedabad? 

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad encourages all its students to indulge in rigorous case study analyses in the classrooms. They take into account all sorts of issues to held them be equipped with vigorous tasks at hand and otherwise. Games and role plays, meditation, field trips, international exposure, and various exercises are also incorporated in the programme so that learning is not limited to books. The IIM Ahmedabad courses consists of 700 hours of classroom sessions and requires another 1500 hours of group and self study sessions. The groups are created such that students are able to cooperate and work with other students from diverse educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds.