An engineer turned manager from Jaipur, Harshit Jain started his journey in the realm of management through the grounds of IIM C. After completing his internship stint with PwC, he recently got placed in a top-level position (general management) at Hinduja Group. While speaking with our team at Pagalguy, he gave an insight into different ways to land guaranteed placement through your B-School journey.

After completing his BTech in electronics and communication engineering, Harshit worked with Deloitte as an analyst for two years. Thereon, he aspired for a managerial-level role and bagged a seat in the coveted IIM Calcutta. While building his profile at IIM Calcutta, he took up the charge of placement representative. This led to Harshit diving into the world of management and working in PwC as part of his summer internship. In this stint, he learned varied managerial skills, primarily focusing on building a storyline to present to several clients, partners, and stakeholders. This made a foundation of managerial skills for Harshit. What followed was a whooping offer from the Hinduja group being extended to Harshit in the final placements.

Few insights that Harshit shares from his experience:

  • The final placement at a top company such as Hinduja Group requires particular prerequisites such as relevant work experience, good academic performance, and active involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • The first step of the recruitment process involves shortlisting candidates based on their resumes, followed by a group discussion round and personal interviews.
  • There are multiple rounds of interviews that candidates have to go through in order to be selected for the role.
  • The interviews are individual-centric and may involve questions about the candidate’s background, career aspirations, and reasons for choosing a particular brand (Hinduja Group) over other organisations.
  • Prior experience in handling positions of responsibility can positively impact a candidate’s application for such roles.
  • Actively participating in committees and holding positions of responsibility, such as a POR holder, can provide valuable personal experience and develop essential negotiation skills, ultimately enhancing one’s candidacy for similar roles in the future. Therefore, it is highly recommended for B-School students to engage in such activities to improve their career prospects.


Harshit adds that he is excited to work in the different domains of the organisation as vast as Hinduja, and he would bring multiple learnings from his MBA classes on board.

He says there can be many factors one can look for while selecting a job, “Someone would want high career growth trajectory, someone would want a high paying job- but it might happen so that sometimes you might not go to a place where you would envision yourself. However, making a change is in your hands. The entire trajectory of your career is in your hands- wherever you would want to go, you can pave the way.”

 He concludes by adding, “I always abide by the philosophy of delivering things to the best of my abilities. In order to achieve that, it is necessary that I realise my strengths and work on my weakness. I’ll advise every B-School student to never stop growing and always keep reflecting on their values to make it big in the industry.” 

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