[OFFICIAL] IIM Ahmedabad Admission Queries 2023-2025

I'm waitlisted at 1 in GEN Category. It's just been 3 days and I'm getting too stressed out.

Have offer letters been issued to converts?

Please fill the following google forms so that we can get rough idea of waitlist movement

IIM B converts:


IIM B waitlisted:


Google Sheet


NC-OBC waitlist 9. Any idea how many buffer calls were made this year. And also the general deferal % according to previous years?

Waitlisted at IIM K. So wanted to know this.

  • Converted both A and K
  • Converted A but not K
  • Converted K but not A

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Would like to request all IIM Ahmedabad converts to please fill out the following form. This is made for the purpose of tracking the waitlist movement. Please spare a minute and fill it out, would really help all the anxious waitlisted candidates. Thanks! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSep58wLxBOZe-UMm2yTEc5XHUK9HFy4AeAW2RW2czI2mKCzdA/viewform

I m waitlist 3 in ST category. What is my chance to convert IIMA

RTI Information of admissions of IIMA for last 3 years .

Second page of RTI

General Category Students' Struggle (ft Reservation) https://youtu.be/PkQXVQwyidE

RTI Information

RTI Information for admission of Last 3 years of IIM A

Anyone knows what is the policy of IIM Ahmedabad for refund of acceptance fees in case one does not join?

Asking in a neutral group..Honest opinions please guys Which would be better in a long run??(considering the fact that L has common placements for pgp and abm)

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Anyone here who has converted both A and FMS (or has a realistic chance of clearing waitlist) and wants to go to FMS instead of A?

Any news on waitlist movement of IIMA ??


I am waitlisted at 9 in obc category. Are there any chances of conversion?

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Poll check for waitlist movement of IIM-A and IIM-B 2023 . Mutual converts, please choose

  • Leaving IIM B for IIM A
  • Leaving IIM A for IIM B
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When will the wait list move and how to check wait list movement