Lovely Professional University is renowned for providing education tailored to various industries’ needs, and its focus on preparing students for success is unparalleled. Through strong connections with the industry and its developments, LPU’s courses are meticulously crafted to ensure students are equipped with the skills they need to excel in their future careers. Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Rajesh Verma, the Dean at Mittal School of Business, LPU, and gained valuable insights on crucial topics such as the significance of industry connections in contemporary management education, the integration of technology in management curriculum, and key factors to consider while choosing a B-School for your future. Read on to learn more about our conversation with Dr. Verma.

Q1. Drawing from your extensive background in management, what, in your opinion, are the three distinctive factors that differentiate LPU from other B-Schools based on your experience working with them?

Besides the stellar ranks, one of the very factors that set LPU apart is its progressive vision. We have an uncommon dynamism to respond to industry requirements and a commitment to deliver an education of international standards. Our approach is starkly different in terms of industry engagement and industry orientation, and we believe in imparting skills to make students adept at global industry requirements. There are numerous programs and specialisations we offer that are curated and delivered by industry experts. So, if I have to summarise key elements that set LPU apart, they would be progressive vision, strong industry connections, and a clear focus on the all-around personality development of the student.

Q2. As technology has played a significant role in the evolution of the MBA journey, what is your perspective on this development, and do you consider it a favourable or unfavourable influence?

Technology is all around us; it leaves hardly any area unaffected. The impact of technology on a professional program like an MBA is a positive thing as it suits the industry’s demand. Students must get exposure to domains like digital marketing, business analytics, blockchain, and others to improve themselves. Besides this, technology helps us measure the outcome of our business decision, and that helps businesses grow. Therefore, it helps in getting the optimum utilisation of resources. At LPU, technology is a vital part of the curriculum to make the students aware of its positive impact on management decisions.

Q3. Recognising the significance of industry exposure and academic excellence at LPU, could you share your thoughts on the faculty members at LPU who possess exceptional academic qualifications and industry experience?

I always say that for management education, the industry is just like what hospitals are for medical education. Regular interface with the industry is indispensable for any faculty member to ensure they can communicate the concepts better to the students. Regular opportunities are provided for the faculty, like development programs, guest lectures, workshops, and meetings on corporate advisory and live projects to make sure that they are updated on their technical skills. We make sure that even faculty have close connections with the industry.

Q4. It’s common for students to prioritise institutes with a high return on investment when selecting MBA programs. In your opinion, what criteria should students consider when evaluating an institute before enrolling?

Allow me to illustrate this question. At LPU, students are introduced to various specialisations right from the first semester and guided to identify the option that aligns with their interests. Students should prioritise understanding the specialisations available to them and take into consideration industry feedback regarding each course before making a decision. The curriculum’s design and integration of technology are also vital factors to consider. Additionally, students should prioritise their career progression and choose a program with a dedicated approach to placements. LPU has a separate division for placements and career progression, which has a remarkable track record of success.

Q5. As placements are a crucial aspect of the MBA program, could you provide some insights into the recent placements at LPU?

Our placement statistics continue to exhibit a positive trend with each passing year. Recently, our highest package offering reached 30 lakhs from Shobha Realty, indicating the substantial growth of our placement achievements. We have attracted a diverse range of companies across various domains and industries. In the consulting sector, we had top-tier companies such as EY, Deloitte, and KPMG, while Amazon and Flipkart recruited for e-commerce. Financial institutions such as HDFC and IDFC also sought out LPU graduates, and businesses such as ITC and Mamaearth hired them for business development roles. Our placements encompass a broad spectrum of industries, and we are delighted with our students’ outstanding results.

Q6. In what ways does the overall environment at LPU contribute to the holistic development of its students?

It is common at LPU to see students roaming and enjoying facilities like food courts, gardens, and the overall aura of the campus. Students from more than 50 disciplines connect and get into interdisciplinary collaboration. This interdisciplinary collaboration is something we intensely focus on. We have more than 150 student clubs on campus which give much-required relaxation outside the classroom and aid learning beyond the classroom. The entire ecosystem LPU offers develops leadership and other soft skills that prepare the individual for the world.

Q7. What are some fundamental attributes you consider while evaluating an individual about to embark on their B-School journey?

In the case of management aspirants, the hard skills are little to examine. However, we assess multiple soft skills like agility, problem-solving, decision-making capabilities, and practical communication skills. 

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