[Official] Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal (IIFM) Admissions 2024-26

Thank you so much @Madhur_Raj_Jain Sir for responding to our queries.
Hopefully the seats are vacant after 3 July and we get the chance to be at IIFM…

It will be great if the WL ranks get updated regularly as soon as there is a vacancy.:slightly_smiling_face::pray:

May Lord bless us all.


I heard there were 14 refunds/cancellations from batch of 214 on saturday, there was surely some more on sunday and till monday 5pm. Kindly pleaseee update the admission status.

Classes starting next monday, and we have to book trains and arrange funds also.

I hope you take this into consideration @Madhur_Raj_Jain @PRExecutive


Dear Admission committee,

I would like to emphasize the importance of immediate new admission list release after the 14 refunds/cancellations made on Saturday last weekend. This new admission list If released quickly will enable successful candidates to make prompt arrangements for transportation to IIFM (Indian Institute of Forest Management) and prepare for the upcoming class that starts next week on Monday July 3, 2023.

(Each passing day without the admission list’s release adds to our anxiety and inhibits our ability to plan effectively. We are eager to commence our academic journey. However, without knowing our admission status, we are left in a state of limbo, unable to make concrete arrangements or adequately prepare for the upcoming class start. )

A swift release of the admission list will help candidates like me to effectively plan our transportation logistics, secure suitable accommodations near the institute, and make any other arrangements necessary to ensure a smooth transition into the academic environment. Additionally, it will provide ample time for us to complete any pre-arrival procedures, gather essential documents, and be fully prepared to commence classes by the scheduled start date.

— I humbly request your kind consideration of this matter. By releasing the admission list promptly, you will not only facilitate our individual travel preparations but also contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the academic process at IIFM.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your attention to this request. I eagerly await the release of the admission list and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to join the esteemed IIFM community.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I look forward to a positive quick response and an early release of the new admission list.

Yours sincerely,
Hoping to be an IIFM student of 2023-2025 Batch.


Sir i also heard that news about the refund candidates that many people have taken refund. So when would we receive the admission mail for next waitlist candidates and want to know when you will send the admission mail.


If there is a specific reason for the delay in response to the student queries, I would be grateful if you could kindly let us know. It would help me and others understand the situation better and manage our expectations accordingly.

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Someone tell me if any list coming out? Then when?

Sir please throw some lights regarding waitlist movement… number of students have withdrawn their seats.

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It is for your information that we are regularly updating list in case of any refund. We do not delay in any case. as and when seats vacant it was offered to next eligible candidates.

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For Future references:

Till June30
Gen WL(PGDFM) 100-110 Converted

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Hello Sir. I am from reserved category. My CMAT 2023 percentile is 72 and CAT 2023 Percentile is 56. Is there any chance of getting IIFM

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Dear Sankalp,
CMAT 2023 score is OK and you can expect call from us for interview.
Fill the form and complete registration activity


Ok Sir. Thankyou

Hello, I am from general category with 79 percentile in CAT 2023. What are the chances of getting PGDSM and when will the first shortlist for PI be released?

we are processing applications by 29th Feb we will annunce date for interview process. Your chances of short listing for PI is very high.

Hello Sir,

  1. How much weightage is given to PI & is WAT & GD is also conducted during this stage.

2.Also i got 64%ile in XAT2024 , NC Obc Category can i expect a Call ?

Thank You

PI-30%, WAT-15 %, qualifying exam like CAT, XAT MAT & CMAT 35 %

why there is a sudden hike of 50% in tution fees from last year? I was about to apply this one, but It just doesn’t make sense now.

completely off

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sir , when shortlisting for PGDFM/PGDSM PI/WAT information will be displayed by the IIFM with date and venue.

Respected sir, is there any chances of shortlisting for PI/WAT (PGDFM/PGDSM) , who have scored CMAT 2023 score as 89.24 percentile. Regards

At 89% you’ll easily convert in first list, if u see cutoff is like 55% for general