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Apply Now for PGDM 2024-26

For more information, visit college page: HERE

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Banks kis basis pe institution loan ?

Unable to sign in for MDI. Is anyone facing the same issue or is there any other link?

Cibil score+ academics and parents cibil score.
Most importantly how financially stable your family is!

Its the same link.
Unable to send the link here but now you can login

can you share the recent placement report?

hi, how is the campus life at mdim, is it suitable for quit person?

can you share programme structure here?

The campus of MDIM is adorned with gardens that offer a peaceful environment. It provides ample opportunities for individuals who prefer solitude, fostering an atmosphere conducive to personal reflection. Additionally, the presence of recreational facilities ensures a well-rounded experience for students. For a more comprehensive insight, I recommend exploring the institution’s official YouTube channel.

Having 68%ile in CAT
CANT TAKE DROP, What are my chances?

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My acads are 81,79,89 , No work ex and 2 years of gap.
Is there really a chance to convert?

While your academic scores are decent, the lack of work experience and a two-year gap might raise concerns. However, admissions decisions consider various factors. Emphasize any relevant skills or personal growth during the gap, and express your eagerness to contribute to and benefit from the college community. Highlighting any extracurricular or self-improvement activities can also strengthen your application.

A median of 11 is to less for MDI M dont you think?

The campus life is great but outside campus you won’t find places to enjoy. You need to visit 5pkm and further to have fun

As only 7 batches are passed out till date.
So I think 11L median is not less.
And as compared to fees its one of the best options

Your chance is high but it totally depends upon your interview performance.

how is mdim placement in north?

Need honest opinion

  • MDI Murshidabad
  • NIRMA university

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Preference -Marketing

can you share selection process here?

how did your interview go, what questions where asked?