The Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad has established itself as a leading Business school, striking a balance between pedagogy and placement, making it an ideal choice for aspiring managers. With a strong placement record since its inception in 2001, ISB has garnered the trust of recruiters and students alike, solidifying its reputation as a high-return-on-investment institute.

Despite being relatively young compared to other B-schools in India, ISB Hyderabad has built a global alumni network spanning over 60 countries and across various sectors. The institute attracts top recruiters from around the world, resulting in lucrative salary packages for its graduates. Even with a sizable batch size of over 800 students, ISB Hyderabad consistently maintains an outstanding placement record.

In the placement drive for the PGP batch of 2023, ISB Hyderabad has received 1578 offers, including 36 international offers, with an average package of INR 34.21 LPA. Notably, more than 14% of the offers come from companies offering leadership and general management roles, reflecting the institute’s ability to attract diverse and prestigious job opportunities.

ISB Hyderabad’s impressive placement statistics serve as a testament to its commitment to providing students with excellent career prospects. As the institute continues to prioritize both pedagogy and placement, it remains a top choice for management aspirants seeking a rewarding and successful career in the business world.

Let’s see what kind of careers you can land after completing your PGP program from ISB Hyderabad and answer some questions such as who are the recruiters at ISB, what is the average package offered, etc.

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ISB Placements 2023 – An Overview
ISB Hyderabad Placements in 2022: Overview
ISB Placements 2023 vs 2022 vs 2021
Industry-wise ISB Hyderabad Placement offers for 2022 and 2021
Function-wise ISB Placements for 2022 and 2021 
ISB Placements Salary Trends: 2021 vs 2022
ISB Placements – Job offers by Government and Semi-Government agencies
Sector-Wise Top Recruiting Companies at ISB Hyderabad PGP Program
ISB Placement Trends: YoY 
Roles offered in the placements at ISB
ISB Hyderabad Student Reviews – Why choose ISB Hyderabad
ISB Hyderabad Placement – FAQs 


ISB Placements 2023 – An Overview

  • A total of 222 recruiters participated at ISB Placements 2023 for the PGP batch.

  • A total of 1578 offers being made this year.

  • All 865 students got job offers.

  • There were 30 first-time recruiters at the 2023 placements.

  • More than 14 per cent of the overall offers were made in leadership/general management roles in various functions.

  • The average annual accepted CTC stood at INR 34.21 LPA, which was a 2.5 times increase from the average pre-ISB CTC of INR 13.39 lakhs.

  • 36%  class of 2023 where women, and a total of 40 per cent of the total job offers were made to women students, with top companies that made offers including McKinsey, Bain & Company, BCG, Deloitte India, KMPG, and others.

  • Top industries in terms of offers included Consulting, BFSI, IT/ITES/Technology and FMCG/retail.

  • The leading roles offered to students were in product management, sales and marketing, and general management/leadership programs.

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ISB Hyderabad Placements in 2022: Overview

  • A total of 393 recruiters visited the campus for the 2022 placement drive

  • Top recruiters included Axis Bank, KPMG, Wipro Ltd, CK Birla Group etc

  • The number of offers received was 2072, making the number of offers per student stand at 2.20

  • The highest CTC stood at INR 60 LPA

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ISB Placements 2023 vs 2022 vs 2021


Placements Statistics 2021

Placements Statistics 2022

Placements Statistics 2023

Number of Recruiters




Number of Placement Offers




Batch Size




Offers Per Student




Highest Salary

Rs 72 LPA

Rs 60 LPA

Rs 60 LPA

Average Salary

Rs 27.13 LPA

Rs 34.07 LPA

Rs 34.21 LPA

Top Recruiters

Amazon, Flipkart, Boston Consulting Group, Honeywell

Axis Bank, KPMG, Wipro Ltd, CK Birla Group

McKinsey & Company ICICI Microsoft

Deloitte India, USI Axis Flipkart

  • In 2021, ISB witnessed the participation of 308 recruiters, resulting in 1,195 placement offers for a batch size of 690. The highest salary offered was Rs 72 LPA, with an average salary of Rs 27.13 LPA. Key recruiters included Amazon, Flipkart, Boston Consulting Group, and Honeywell.

  • In 2022, the number of recruiters increased to 393, with 2072 placement offers for a batch size of 929. The highest salary offered remained consistent at Rs 60 LPA, while the average salary saw a significant increase to Rs 34.07 LPA. Prominent recruiters included Axis Bank, KPMG, Wipro Ltd, and CK Birla Group.

  • In 2023, the number of recruiters decreased, as 222 recruiting companies made 1578  placement offers for a batch size of 865. The highest salary offered remained at Rs 60 LPA, with the average salary stood at Rs 34.21 Lakhs. Notable companies made offers included McKinsey & Company, ICICI, Microsoft, Deloitte India, USI, Axis, and Flipkart.

Industry-wise ISB Hyderabad Placement offers for 2022 and 2021

Industry-wise offer (ISB PGP Class)

2022 placement (in percentage)

2021 placement (in percentage)







Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)












Urban mobility









Real Estate 













Consulting, IT/ITES, BFSI, and E-Commerce are typically the top recruiters at ISB Hyderabad for their PGP Program. The placement statistics for the last two years show that the highest number of offers (37 per cent)  came from companies that offer roles in consulting, closely followed by IT/ITES and BFSI at 12%. BFSI segments, including leading private sector banks, multinational banks, and marquee Investment Management and Private Equity Firms recruit in good numbers from ISB Hyderabad. There have been a significant number of offers (9 per cent) from the E-Commerce industry. 

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Function-wise ISB Placements for 2022 and 2021 

Function wise offer

2022 (in percentage)

2021 (in percentage)




Product management



Sales and marketing



General management



















As is reflected from these statistics, Consulting has been the top recruiter for the last few years. Consulting role offers have increased by 3% in 2022 as compared to 2021. There has been an increase of 2 per cent and 4 percent in offers for financial roles, sales and marketing roles respectively. 

ISB Placements Salary Trends: 2021 vs 2022


Average CTC Offered  (2022)

Average CTC Offered (2021)










General management






Project management



Product management



Sales & Marketing







ISB Placements – Job offers by Government and Semi-Government agencies

Management graduates of the ISB Hyderabad PGP program have received offers from the Andhra Pradesh Government’s Institute of Leadership, Excellence & Governance (ILEG), Invest Punjab, and Sah-ktra Foundation in the last two years.

International Placement Offers

ISB Hyderabad PGP Program Placement drive have seen the participation of companies from Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Indonesia, Nigeria, and other countries across the globe. More than 18 per cent of ISB alumni are currently placed in international companies across different sectors such as FMCG, Finance, and Technology, among others.

Sector-Wise Top Recruiting Companies at ISB Hyderabad PGP Program

Consulting companies





McKinsey & Company




Deloitte India, USI



Procter and Gamble 

Accenture Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Yes Bank



Bain & Company India Pvt.Ltd





Credit Suisse


AB InBev





ZS Associates

Wells Fargo




Capitel Partners

Ola Electric


GEP Solutions

VC firm Matrix Partners



Alvarez and Marsal India Private Limited


Electronic Arts


L.E.K Consulting




Arthur D. Little




Ernst & Young LLP






Dalberg and Intueri Consulting LLP


ISB Placement Trends: YoY 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the progress in ISB placement seasons over the past five years, including industry-specific offers, function-specific offers, and details on CTC figures. This will provide valuable insights into the types of offers made and showcase the growth and development of ISB placement process.


The Image presents the placement statistics for ISB Hyderabad for the years 2019 to 2023, including international offers, total offers, the number of companies, and class sizes.

In 2019, ISB Hyderabad witnessed 24 international offers, indicating the opportunities available for students to pursue global career paths. The total number of offers made to students that year was 1,309, showcasing the institute’s diverse range of employment opportunities. A total of 373 companies participated in the placement process, highlighting the strong industry connections and engagement with corporate partners. The class size in 2019 was 884, reflecting the number of students who graduated that year.

In 2020, the number of international job offers increased to 27, further demonstrating the institute’s growing global reach. The total number of offers also saw a significant rise, reaching 1,504, indicating the strength and reputation of ISB Hyderabad in the job market. The number of companies participating in the placement process increased to 433, showcasing the institute’s expanding network of corporate connections. The class size for that year was 890.

The year 2021 experienced a temporary decline in international offers, with only 2 offers reported. However, the total offers remained substantial at 1,195, indicating a range of opportunities available to the students. The number of participating companies decreased to 308, which may have been influenced by external factors or industry trends. The class size for 2021 decreased to 691.

In 2022, the number of international offers showed a recovery, reaching 22, indicating the resurgence of global opportunities for ISB Hyderabad students. The total offers surged to 2,072, representing a significant increase in the number of employment opportunities available. The number of participating companies also increased to 393, reflecting the institute’s continuous efforts to strengthen industry relationships. The class size for 2022 rose to 929.

The most recent data for 2023 highlights further growth in international offers, reaching 36, reaffirming ISB Hyderabad’s global appeal and the increasing demand for its graduates in international job markets. The total number of offers for that year was 1,578. However, there was a notable decline in the number of participating companies, with only 22 companies taking part in the placement process. The class size for 2023 was 865.

These placement statistics demonstrate the consistent success of ISB Hyderabad in securing employment opportunities for its students, both domestically and internationally. The increasing trend in international offers, total offers, and class sizes over the years reflects the institute’s strong reputation and the quality of its programs. While the number of participating companies varies yearly, ISB Hyderabad maintains strong industry ties, facilitating valuable career prospects for its graduates.

Let’s look at the roles and careers offered by ISB graduates after the PGP program.

Roles offered in the placements at ISB

Some roles that are commonly offered to ISB graduates after completing the PGP course at ISB are:

  • Vice President – Strategy & CFO Services, Lead Digital Transformation, Delivery Head, Global Operating Leaders

  • Assistant Vice President – Operations, GFO

  • Director, Strategy

  • Head – Commercial Process

  • Strategic Business Change Consultant

  • Deputy General Manager- Sales & Marketing

  • AGM, Design Strategy

  • Senior Manager, Global Growth

  • Client Partner – Sales & Marketing

  • Assisting CEO & Director office in business transformation/ Value driven projects

ISB Hyderabad Student Reviews – Why choose ISB Hyderabad?

ISB Hyderabad Placement – FAQs 

1.What is the average salary of ISB India?

Ans: The average salary offered for placements in 2023 at ISB Hyderabad stood at 34.21 lakhs per annum.

2. What is the median salary for ISB Hyderabad 2023?

Ans: The stats on the median CTC offered at ISB H are currently not made available to PG; kindly visit the official website here –

3. Does ISB have 100% placements?

Ans: Placements of the PGP class have received 100% since 2021, the institute boost of its staller curriculum & 100% placement assurance. 

4. How many offers were made for women students for the PGP program at ISB H for 2023 placements?

Ans. A sum of 40 per cent of the total offers made to women which include top brands like McKinsey, Bain & Company, BCG, Deloitte India, KMPG, and others.

5. How many recruiters participated during ISB Placements 2023?

Ans: 222 recruiters participated during ISB Placements 2023.

6. How many offers were received during ISB Placements 2023?

Ans: 1578 offers were received during ISB Placements 2023.

7. From which industry the highest number of offers came during ISB Placements 2023?

Ans: The entire placement process for ISB students are well ahead of time, with consulting making the maximum job offers made for the PGP class of 2023.

8. What was the highest salary offered during ISB Placements 2023?

Ans: The highest accepted CTC stood at Rs 60 LPA.

9. What is the highest package of ISB in India?

Ans: A woman candidate from the Indian School of Business (ISB) was offered the highest salary package of Rs 2 crore in their campus hiring by HiLabs.

10. Which are the top that made offers at ISB for the placement drive of 2023?

Ans: top companies that made offers include McKinsey, Bain & Company, BCG, Deloitte India, KMPG, and others. 

11. What were the minimum and maximum salaries offered during the ISB 2022 placement?

Ans: In the ISB Hyderabad placement 2022, the minimum salary offered was INR 15 lakhs by the Government, NGO, PSUs, Forces, and Services industry, while the maximum salary offered in the ISB 2021 placement was INR 72 lakhs by the High Technology, Manufacturing, and Services industry.

12.Which were the top sectors from where the most offers came for ISB?

Ans: Overall offers came from companies representing Consulting, BFSI, IT/ITES/Technology and FMCG/retail.

13. How many ISB campuses are there in India?

Ans: The Indian School of Business has two campuses in Mohali and Hyderabad.

14. Is An MBA From ISB Worth it?

Ans: ISB offers several reasons for considering it for an MBA, such as its prestigious reputation, rigorous curriculum, renowned faculty, diverse student body, strong alumni network, and extensive industry connections.

15. Is ISB better than IIM?

Ans: Comparing the two institutions, it is difficult to determine if one is definitively better than the other. But here is a comparison based on various factors;





Prestigious and globally recognized

Prestigious and globally recognized


Rigorous and industry-oriented

Rigorous and industry-oriented


Renowned professors and industry experts

Renowned professors and industry experts

Student Diversity

Diverse student body from various sectors

Diverse student body from various sectors

Alumni Network

Strong and extensive

Strong and extensive

Industry Connections

Extensive network and collaborations

Extensive network and collaborations

Campus Infrastructure

Modern and well-equipped

Modern and well-equipped

Global Exposure

Opportunities for international exposure

Opportunities for international exposure

Specializations Offered

Various specializations available

Various specializations available

Entrepreneurship Support

Strong support for entrepreneurship

Strong support for entrepreneurship

Admission Criteria

GMAT/GRE score, work experience, essays

CAT score, academic performance, interview

Note: The comparison presented in the table is based on general perceptions and may vary depending on individual preferences and specific programs within ISB and IIM.

16. How To Land The Ideal Job After PGP From ISB?

Ans: To land the ideal job after PGP from ISB:

  • Define your career goals.
  • Utilize ISB’s career services and resources.
  • Network extensively with professionals and alumni.
  • Gain relevant experience through internships and projects.
  • Customize your resume to highlight relevant skills.
  • Prepare thoroughly for interviews.
  • Leverage ISB’s alumni network for referrals and mentorship.
  • Stay updated with industry trends.
  • Develop a strong online presence and personal brand.
  • Stay persistent, proactive, and open to opportunities.

17. How to apply to Indian School of Business?

Ans: To apply to the Indian School of Business (ISB), follow these steps:

  • Visit the ISB website: Go to the official website of ISB to access detailed information about the application process, eligibility criteria, and program offerings.
  • Choose the program: Select the program you wish to apply for, such as the Post Graduate Program (PGP) or the Fellow Program in Management (FPM).
  • Review admission requirements: Familiarize yourself with the admission requirements, including academic qualifications, work experience, and standardized test scores (such as GMAT or GRE).
  • Gather necessary documents: Collect the required documents, which may include transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays, and a resume. Ensure that these documents are prepared and organized according to the application guidelines.
  • Start the online application: Create an account on the ISB application portal and begin filling out the online application form. Provide accurate and up-to-date information about your personal, academic, and professional background.
  • Write compelling essays: Craft well-written essays that effectively highlight your achievements, aspirations, and reasons for pursuing a program at ISB. Pay attention to the essay prompts provided and ensure that your responses are thoughtful and reflective.
  • Submit letters of recommendation: Request letters of recommendation from individuals who can speak to your academic abilities, professional accomplishments, and personal qualities. Choose recommenders who know you well and can provide a comprehensive and positive assessment.
  • Prepare for the interview: If shortlisted, you may be invited for an interview. Familiarize yourself with common interview questions and practice articulating your experiences, goals, and motivations effectively.
  • Submit the application fee: Pay the required application fee as specified on the ISB website. This fee is necessary to complete the application process.
  • Review and submit the application: Review your application thoroughly to ensure that all information and documents are accurate and complete. Once you are satisfied, submit your application within the specified deadline.
  • Monitor application status: Keep track of your application status through the applicant portal. Check for any additional documents or information requested by the admissions committee and promptly provide them.
  • Await the admission decision: After the application deadline, the admissions committee will review your application. The decision will be communicated to you via email or through the applicant portal. If admitted, follow the instructions provided to accept the offer and complete the enrollment process.

Remember to carefully follow the instructions provided by ISB and adhere to the specified deadlines throughout the application process. Good luck with your application to the Indian School of Business!

18. What courses are offered at ISB?

Ans: ISB offers various MBA programs and courses to cater to different career goals and levels of experience. The MBA courses offered at ISB include:

  • Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP): This is a flagship full-time residential program designed for professionals with 2-3 years of work experience.
  • Post Graduate Program in Management for Senior Executives (PGPMAX): This is a part-time executive MBA program for experienced professionals with a minimum of 10 years of work experience.
  • Fellow Program in Management (FPM): This is a doctoral-level program for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in academia or research.
  • Advanced Management Program (AMP): This is an executive education program designed for senior-level executives to enhance their leadership and strategic management skills.

Additionally, ISB offers a range of elective courses and specializations within these programs, allowing students to customize their learning based on their interests and career objectives.

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