FAQs from IIT Roorkee

Q. What is IIT Roorkee well-known for?

Ans. IIT Roorkee, Asia's oldest technical institute, is well-known for its B.Tech programme. NIRF 2021 ranks IIT Roorkee's B.Tech programme sixth best. The institute admits students based on their JEE Advanced cutoff scores. In addition, IIT Roorkee's B.Tech placement offers are in the crores.

Q. Which branch at IIT Roorkee is the best?

Ans. At IIT Roorkee, all branches are excellent. Civil Engineering is regarded as the best branch at IIT Roorkee. The James Thomason Building of the institute is the reason for the institute's fame in civil engineering. Furthermore, the CSE branch at IIT Roorkee is excellent in terms of academic quality, placements, and faculty.

Q. Where does IIT Roorkee stand in the world?

Ans. IIT Roorkee is ranked #400 in the QS World University Rankings 2022 and #383 in the QS World University Rankings 2021. Aside from that, the institute has been ranked #801 by US News Rankings 2021.

Q. What exactly is Cognizance at IIT Roorkee?

Ans. Cognizance is IIT Roorkee's annual technical fest. The fest is organized by the institute's students and brings together renowned experts from various fields of academia and business.

Q. How many hostels does IIT Roorkee have?

Ans. IIT Roorkee currently has a total of 20 hostels. There are ten male hostels, three female hostels, six married hostels, and one co-ed hostel. Each hostel is well-appointed with modern amenities and facilities.

Q. How difficult is it to get into IIT Roorkee?

Ans. IITs are well-known for holding highly competitive examinations, such as JEE Main and GATE, for admission to B.Tech, M.Sc, and Integrated B.Sc programs. These exams are taken by over 400,000 students, and only 2% to 4% of those who take them are admitted to IITs. IIT Roorkee is home to some of the best young minds in the country.

Q. What is the reservation policy for admission to IIT Roorkee?

Ans. In each course, IIT Roorkee reserves 15% of the seats for Scheduled Caste (SC), 7.5 percent for Scheduled Tribe (ST), and 3 percent for Persons with Disability (PwD).

Q. What integrated courses are available at IIT Roorkee?

Ans. IIT Roorkee's integrated courses include 5-year Dual Degree Programmes, Integrated Masters of Technology (IMT), and Integrated Masters of Science (IMS) (IMS). The Joint Entrance Examination is used to determine admission to B.Tech+M.Tech programs (JEE).

Q. How do I apply for admission to IIT Roorkee in 2022?

The application process for IIT Roorkee is entirely online. All qualifying examination forms, as well as the IIT Roorkee admission form for the specific course, must be completed on the respective official websites. In addition to the application fee, candidates must submit the required documents online.

Q. Is IIT Kanpur or IIT Roorkee better?

Ans. It was recently reported that IIT Kanpur scored higher in three areas: work-life balance, percent recommend to a friend, and Positive Business Outlook, whereas IIT Roorkee scored higher in six: overall rating, career opportunities, compensation and benefits, senior management, culture and values, and CEO approval.

Q. What distinguishes the IIT Roorkee campus?

Ans. The main campus of IIT Roorkee is in Roorkee City, Haridwar District, Uttarakhand, India. The Institute was originally built to train people for the construction of the city's famous Ganga Canal and Aqueducts.