Starting an MBA journey at a prestigious institution is thrilling, yet the financial responsibility can feel daunting.


Embarking on an MBA journey at a prestigious institution is an exciting prospect, but the financial burden can often loom large. While loans may seem like the default solution, the landscape of scholarships presents a vast pool of opportunities for deserving candidates. At GITAM, we understand the significance of financial support in realising educational aspirations. Hence, we are dedicated to providing a diverse array of scholarships, ensuring that talented individuals can pursue their MBA dreams unencumbered by financial barriers.

Merit Scholarships:

Merit scholarships are designed to reward exceptional academic or athletic performance. Whether you excel in the classroom or on the field, GITAM recognises and rewards your dedication. Eligible candidates with consistently high scores or outstanding achievements can apply for financial aid to support their MBA studies.

Need-Based Scholarships are available to candidates who have been admitted through merit scholarships ranging from 75% to 15%, provided that the combined income of their parents or guardians falls below certain prescribed limits. These scholarships aim to bridge the financial gap for deserving students, ensuring that they have access to quality education regardless of their economic background.

Sports Scholarships:

GITAM not only fosters academic excellence but also encourages a culture of sportsmanship. Our sports scholarships are aimed at athletes who demonstrate exceptional talent and commitment in their chosen sports. By providing financial support, we aim to enable athletes to pursue their academic goals while continuing to excel in their sporting endeavours.

Student Scholarship Framework:

To ensure fairness and transparency, GITAM has established a Unified Student Scholarship Framework. This framework outlines the conditions and criteria for scholarship eligibility, ensuring that deserving candidates receive the necessary financial assistance. Critical aspects of the framework include:

  • Admissions through scholarships are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with limitations on the percentage of scholarships available for each program.
  • Students can apply for scholarships only through GITAM’s own admission tests.
  • Scholarships are renewable based on academic performance, with eligibility criteria outlined for subsequent years of study.
  • Additional loyalty scholarships are available for children of GITAM employees and alumni.

By implementing this comprehensive framework, GITAM demonstrates its commitment to providing equitable access to quality education for all students.

With scholarships covering up to 100% of tuition fees, GITAM empowers students to pursue their MBA aspirations without financial worries. Whether you’re a top academic performer or a talented athlete, GITAM recognises your potential and is dedicated to supporting your journey towards success. Apply today and unlock a brighter future with GITAM MBA scholarships.

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