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  Mumbai   AICTE   ESTD 1958


Placements at IIT Bombay

On December 18, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay completed phase one of its 2022 placement drive. The batch received 1723 placement offers in total. 45 international bids from various countries were received. So far, 1382 selections have been secured. The first phase of the placement process involved 315 recruiters. There were 248 pre-placement offers made, with 202 of them accepted.

This year, the highest international package was over INR 2.1 CPA, and the highest domestic package was over INR 1 CPA. Among all offers, there were 7 international packages with more than one CPA and 5 domestic packages with more than one CPA. The average wage was INR 25 LPA.

IIT Bombay has released its final 2021 placement report. According to the report, 83.58 percent of students were placed. A total of 1207 students were assigned. A CTC of INR 17.91 LPA was offered on average. During the IIT Bombay Placements 2021, engineering and technology were dominant.

Report on IIT Bombay Placements 2022

Particulars Placements Statistics (2020-21) Placements Statistics (2021-22)
No. of Companies Participated 315
Total No. of Offers 1207 1723
Total No. of Offers accepted 1207 1382 (Phase-1)
No. of Students participated 1444
No. of Students placed 1207 1382
Percentage of Placements 83.58%
No. of PPOs accepted 113 202
No. of International Offers 58 45
Highest CTC INR 2.1 CPA
Average CTC INR 20.08 LPA INR 25 LPA
Top Recruiting Sector Engineering & Technology
Top Recruiters Honeywell, ISRO, Airbus Uber, Ruberik, Millennium, Black Stone

A total of 1388 selections were made at the end of phase 1 of the 2022 placement drive. Students received 248 pre-placement offers, with 202 of them accepting. 45 international placement offers were made from countries such as the United States, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The highest international salary increased to over INR 2.1 CPA, while the highest domestic salary increased to over 1 CPA. The average annual salary was INR 25 LPA.

During the 2021 placement drive, a total of 1261 offers were made, with 1207 of these accepted. A total of 1150 students were placed, with an 83.58 percent placement rate. There were 113 pre-placement offers made in total. There were also 58 international offers. The average and median CTC were INR 17.91 LPA. During the placement drive, the top recruiting sector was Engineering & Technology.

Uber, Ruberik, Millennium, and Black Stone were among the recruiters who took part in the 2022 placement drive.

Sector-wise IIT Bombay Placements 2022

The following table shows the average CTC of various sectors:

Sectors Average Salary
Finance INR 28.40 LPA
IT/Software INR 27.05 LPA
Research & Development INR 25.12 LPA
Engineering & Technology INR 21.54 LPA
Consulting INR 18.02 LPA

The Finance sector offered an average of INR 28.40 LPA, the IT/Software sector offered INR 27.05 LPA, the Research & Development sector offered INR 25.12 LPA, and the Engineering & Technology sector offered INR 21.54 LPA, and the Consulting sector offered INR 18.02 LPA.

Company-wise IIT Bombay Placements 2022

The following table summarises IIT Bombay’s salary statistics by company:

Name of the Company Salary Offered
Uber INR 2.05 CPA
Ruberik INR 90.55 LPA
Millennium INR 62 LPA
WorldQuant INR 51.71 LPA
Black Stone INR 46.62 LPA


Year Companies Visited Highest Package Average Package
2021 - 2022 2.1 CPA 25 LPA