[Official] IIM Bangalore 2023-25 Admission Queries

Called AO and asked about the PGP NC-OBC category waitlist movement. They said it moved up to 41 and added that the next list will be released on Monday!

Hi!! I'm Divya Jain...I converted iimb PGP in the 3rd list.. I'm having some technical issues in paying the second installment of the fees (balance of payment of term 1). Can anyone from the Admission committee help me out?? Haven't been able to reach the admin office

What should I choose IIM INDORE PGP or IIM Bangalore PGPBA?

  • IIM Indore PGP
  • IIM Bangalore PGPBA

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Is the list out yet?

Those who received offers today, can you please share what is the last date to accept it?

Hey guys need a suggestion. Which one is better?

  • IIFT Kolkata
  • IIM Shillong

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PGP (NC OBC) waitlist moved till 47. The next list (if any) will be out on Friday.

CAn anyone pl advise what is the latest WL-General converted?

Anyone from ews category , who converted in the previous lists, what was your waitlist no?

Anyone has any idea about movement in pgpba in ews category?

 What is last WL-General number converted recently(Latest)? 

General WL any movements?

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I realised while filling the Kozikode form that I have entered incorrect 10th percentage. I did cgpa*10 instead of *9.5. I filled 96% instead of 91.2.
Now I got a call from IIM B and worried it will create issues. Please guide me on who I should connect with?

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Please join the below group on whatsapp if you wish to seek help from Alums, seniors of all the top B-Schools in the country. Also, note all the alums and seniors have volunteered for this group and thus none charge any money !!!

Heyy, I am Meenakshi Sundareswaran I did my PGDM from IIM-Indore ( 2014-16). Firstly, Congratulations on your CAT score. Preparing for interviews may seem difficult. I help people preparing for their interviews ( Mostly commerce graduates because I am one) even otherwise no problem. I have been training students for the last 4 years and they have made it to top B-schools. This is absolutely free. What do I get out of this ? Well, this is my way of giving back to the society. Feel free to drop a direct message. Please drop a text only if you have a call because I am already training a few students.

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Here is the approach I took for Part-I of XAT.

• Round-1 [135 min]

:green_circle: Section-1 Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning [45 min]

  1. Verbal based Qs first

  2. Then go for RC (Reading Comprehension)

  3. Structure the RCs into category

  4. If RCs seem too difficult, leave for Round-2

  5. Mark Qs for R-2

  6. Leave and forget other Qs. Don’t be emotional and get stuck to Qs

  7. Eliminate options for Utilitarian approach

:green_circle: Section-2 Decision Making [45 min]

  1. Utilitarian approach

  2. Max stakeholders, Min harm, Max gain

  3. Elimination of passive options

  4. Textbook ethical

  5. Check LR based Qs; if doable, attempt them 1st

  6. Ascending / Descending orders

:green_circle: Section-3 Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation [45 min]

  1. Try DI sets early

  2. Take time in solving QA

  3. Mark Qs for R-2

  4. Target accurate 10 Qs in R-1, depending on level of difficulty

  5. Attempt known DI types - less calculation intensive, more logical ones

• Round-2 [30 min]

Get back to attempt marked Qs depending on LOD

The most important points to remember -

  1. Relax for the next two days. Calm yourself as much as possible.

  2. Scrap, modify, make adjustments to your attempt strategy based on the LOD of the paper.

  3. Play to your strength

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Poll check for waitlist movement. Mutual converts of IIM-A and IIM-B 2023 , please choose

  • Leaving IIM B for IIM A
  • Leaving IIM A for IIM B
  • Poll check

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Hello! I am a working professional with 4 years of work experience in Media & Entertainment field. I am planning to do MBA in 2023. For that I want to quit my job to prepare for CAT. Will the one year gap lower the chances of cracking the selection criteria of the MBA colleges (IIMs)?

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