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Hello my fellow mates .

Till now you have heard the bright side of IMI K which directly or indirectly wrote by Admission Committe headed by SWAIN AND KORBI Which really doing their task in effective manneer so as to make fool of yours.

Till date More than 80 (out of 180) Students are unplaced and those who get placed somehow had been forced to put the nominations for companies carrying 3-4 lakh packages  that too are those who directly or indirectly reffered by College's students. The Similar incident is with Internship as well 90 percent of internship are unpaid. 

Special Thanks to BC (Pride of IBS Mumbai) and RS (Directly get 10 times promotion than the position he deserved,All thanks to Director ) for playing with the career of students .

PGDM & admission

PGDM is a great opportunity for people who want to make a difference. The hands-on experience that this course provides is amazing. But before you choose to go and take a PGDM degree, you should check the colleges. A PGDM degree from IMI Kolkata is one of the best things that can happen to a student.

What is the last date and time to ask refund from the college and if we ask refund after that date then what is the relative percent of amount that would be deducted?


I made mistake while entering graduation percentage. I scored 7 CGPA. But i wasn't aware about conversion formula. So i mentioned 70% ( 7 * 10 ).

But recently i found there is conversion formula. As per which it becomes 65%. I am also done with my document verification. What should i do ? Will there be any issue. It's genuine mistake.

IMI Kolkata has the facilities and the opportunities that a management student should get. This makes it a popular destination among the students. Not just India, a lot of foreign students come because of the quality of teaching and the opportunities at IMI Kolkata. It is an honour to be a part of such a family. I absolutely recommend it. 


An immersive experience awaits for management students at IMI-K

IMI Kolkata's curriculum is based on an educational model that sharpens skills like critical thinking, creativity, innovation and effective communication. This approach eliminates the need for students to use rote learning. Instead, it helps them better understand the topics in the classroom. The result is an educational environment that promotes heightened focus and full immersion in the subject matter being studied, one class at a time. In the past several years, IMI-K has been consistently placed by NIRF among the top management institutions in India. Today, it is widely recognized by the industry as a knowledge hub for dynamic, young professionals who grab stellar placements.

 Highly recommend MBA aspirants to embrace the IMI-K edge

The faculty at International Management Institute in Kolkata is actually passionate about its students' success and works dedicatedly to make their career dreams come true. As a student, IMI-K is where you really can derive meaning, challenge & opportunity from the business studies you undertake. Every staff member at this institute wants you to become the best version of yourselves in your chosen specialization. You'll be actively encouraged to hone your skills, interact and engage with industry leaders and work hard in its internship training. All in all, this PGDM institute is 100% committed to making a difference with education. And that's the IMI-K edge that I recommend you all to embrace.

 As a business school, IMI Kolkata is way ahead of the curve

IMI-K has a unique academic culture that ignites and fosters high performance. The curriculum is based on an educational model that encourages critical thinking, creativity and effective communication in students. This approach eliminates the need for students to use rote learning. Instead, it helps them better understand the topics in the classroom. You'll gain exposure via multiple case studies, experience fresh approaches and be actively encouraged to progress your career. The result is students' heightened focus and full immersion in the subject matter being studied. No wonder that in the past many years, this B-School has been consistently placed by NIRF among the top management institutions in India.

Best use of technology

I feel that it is very difficult for B Schools to adapt to this new normal. But one college that has done this well is IMI Kolkata. They have made it so fun and reliable. The Institute is really putting its best foot forward!


I feel that I am very blessed to have got an opportunity with IMI Kolkata. They have been guiding me towards the right career since day one. In this placement season, they helped me land my dream job with a very impressive package. I made the right choice with IMI Kolkata. I am glad!


I do not feel overwhelmed when I have to give an important presentation. That is the biggest benefit of studying at a premier institute. They help you move past the fear and achieve your dream career. The faculty at IMI Kolkata is great. Not just in my professional life, they have helped me move past some personal hindrances and see the light ahead. I am forever grateful.

Good for research -

If you ask me, I will say IMI Kolkata prepares students for their Ph.D. Journey. They help students develop an attitude of research which improves the overall learning. I would totally recommend it.

The teachers are the best -

This is the most favourite part of my journey at IMI Kolkata. I love the way the teachers guide the students and involve them to think critically. The pandemic has provided a chance to know ourselves better but I will never forget the time when we used to go to campus and together, learn great things.

Best option for a career in Business Studies

Wow, what an experience it was, the most amazing time I spent & will remember for years to come, from the classroom happenings to the annual fest; I owe a lot to this college. Here I pursued a PGDM course and was able to transform myself from an introvert kid to an outspoke/extrovert management person. And I am so glad that I have been mentored by one of the best faculty at IMI Kolkata. All of them were very cooperative, nurturing & helped me throughout my two years of study. If every Indian school and college has such academic faculty that care for students’ future, India will become a leading nation in the world.

has anyone given IMI kolkata’s PI on 29th Jan ?
If yes, did u receive any update or further communication/result from college since then?

Results are out.

When will the final admission shortlists be out

Hi Adcom, I have applied for IMI Kolkata through XAT (80.76 ) and gave the WAT in february. Haven’t received any communication further. Am I not selected for the further PI round?

Hi, Are the final results out for IMI Kolkata? When will they be declared?


Yeah. Mine was on the same day. No communication. I have called admission team few times. Evrytime they are saying they they will rekease in 1-2 days or by the end of this week.