Entries for COVID 19 Hackathon Challenge invited by MIT Management School

In a recent approach to strengthen the capabilities of young professionals, MIT Management School has been organising the “India: Turning the Tide” COVID-19 Hackathon challenge.

The programme will focus on teams from around the world, including teams from diverse organisations like NGOs, private sectors, governmental organisation, etc. among others.

The programme is seventh in the series of previously organised events by MIT for bringing out innovative approaches, designs and solutions for the havoc created by the widespread of coronavirus.

The programme is designed to acknowledge the present needs and requirements of different spheres and sectors and how to bring the best solution to the table. With this approach, MIT has been calling out applicants and teams from different corners of the country to share the platform aiming at polishing the ideation skills and implementation techniques.

The institute has opened the participation portal till Monday. Candidates can fill in the application form till 9:30 pm. Several teams from different sectors of the world have already registered and will aim at creating solutions for the hurdles created during and after the spread of the virus.

As a country with an enormous population and distinct believes and lifestyle practices, India requires utmost attention at the present stage of the virus outbreak.

The unique challenges faced by citizens with different economic and social backgrounds requires exceptional leadership from different communities to come together and adopt distinct approaches and plans.

Small scale communities have already adopted unique strategies to face the hurdles created by the virus in different fields. However, an overall global approach is required to prevent the industries and its people from further moral, economic downfall.

However, with trades-off and closure of multiple industries and workforce, there has been significant destruction in the overall country. Therefore, events like this help strengthen the young minds to bring out the best ideas to the table.  

The “India: Turning the Tide” COVID-19 Hackathon challenge comprises of the following themes.

  • Promotion of practical and effective solutions to support the underprivileged sector of the country
  • The revival of the economy while preventing the further spread of the virus and maintaining the pandemic protocols
  • Strengthening and improving the healthcare system while providing privileges to the front-line health care workers of the country
  • Curbing the spread of hoax news, misinformation, etc. to prevent a misconception among the citizens of the country.

The organisers have already issued a guideline for the registration and participation process while conveying the message that coding is not a necessary requirement for the participation in the event.

The key idea is to bring the best minds and discuss effective strategies and approaches which could be adopted in tough times like these.

Since the event has been allowing students from different corners of the world, therefore, holistic participation with diverse perspectives could help in bringing implementable solutions for the problems. A creative mindset is a key requirement for the event.

As per the guidelines issued by MIT management schools, the registered participants will be allowed to form teams on Friday for further steps. The teams would further do discussions on the given problem statement and prepare themselves with solution pitches.

Post the preparation of pitches; the teams would be provided with an opportunity to develop implementable solutions.

This step also includes the proof of concept along with prototypes, preliminary vision for execution, implementation requirement, outcomes, etc. among other necessary things.  

Post the team formation and discussion round; the teams would be allowed to reconvene on 30th August to present their work in front of the jury panel.

The teams would be allowed to present the work to the jury members with the help of individual mentors. Post the presentation round; the winner would be announced.

The aspirants looking forward to participating must register for “India: Turning the Tide” COVID-19 Hackathon challenge till Monday, 31st August 2020.

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