Indira Institute of Management FAQs

Q. Does IIMP provide an Education loan facility?

Ans. No, Indira does not provide any education loan facility. Students need to apply directly to a bank for a loan process.

Q. What about Summer Internship Project (SIP)?

Ans. Indira does provide assistance to students for their Summer Internship Program (Two months). Students need to follow the process and apply to various companies who visit the campus for a summer Internships.

Q. What are the rules for refund of fee in case of cancellation of admission?

Ans. As per the AICTE norms cancellation process will be applicable. However, in this regard, a decision is subject to AICTE policy guidelines.

Q. Is the hostel inside the campus or outside the campus?

Ans. For Girls Hostel is within the campus and for Boys Hostel outside the campus at walkable distance.

Q. Do companies coming for placements consider work experience if any?

Ans. Yes provided the experience is more than one year and it is from a reputed organization.  

Q. Besides regular academics, what extra inputs does Indira provide to students to get them ready for Placement?

Ans. The extra inputs provided to Indira Students to get them ready for placements include Marketing/ Finance/ HR Club initiatives, Career Development Program, Discovery Interviews conducted by professionals, Industry Sector Analysis, Aptitude Test Practice, Project-based learning, Chance to attend Seminars & Conferences in Mumbai and Pune such as Brand Slam, Innovation Forum, World HR Congress, Alumni Talk, Placement Grading and many more.