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shortlisted for scit.. i have 29 months work ex in IT. I am confused about joining  either SCIT or SITM?Which one to  choose as both colleges provide almost similar  job profiles and roles.

please suggest.. i would really appreciate it

  • @rimi8april1993 - scope in what sense? the thing is th.... 1h.
  • Relax! everyone, First of all it is proper to compare bet.... 4m.
Manoj Ch @ch_manoj 3

@rimi8april1993 -   scope in what sense?  the thing is this program makes you suitable for the managerial roles in specializations related to IT(check scit website for syllabus)Its definitely different from general management but one should not compare. Its about your interest and choice and most importantly  how you develop your skills in IT domain. Its all about IT,IT and IT. 

Anirudh Menon @aniSCITmenon 11

Relax! everyone, First of all it is proper to compare between colleges as we have no knowledge abt SITM's pedagogy. In SCIT students are trained to assume managerial roles in IT firm,CONSULTING firm, BANKS and many more... students here are offered Managerial roles in IT domiain. IT being very integral part of almost all business the scope of this programme is wide. It all comes down to your interest, If you want to pursue a managerial career in IT field and if you feel comfortable then i'd suggest you to go ahead with SCIT

PS : When i say its related to IT field it doesn't mean it includes coding and other technical stuffs pls go through the syllabus and specializations offered at SCIT here 


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[Official] SIBM Pune 2015-17 Admissions

Hello Aspirants! SIBM Pune and the Admissions Team bring to you the Official Group for admissions to the Batch of 201...

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What are my chances at wl 12 in sc category?

  • suppose 27 seats are there for sc .. max to max 15 would .... 4m.
  • and the movement is going to be slow.... 4m.
hell's Calling @noideaok

suppose 27 seats are there for sc .. max to max 15 would leave..

hell's Calling @noideaok

and the movement is going to be slow...

1k XIME Bangalore

[Official] XIME 2014-2016 Admission Queries

Official Facebook Group: :mg: https://www.facebook.com/groups/543635339065470/ Hello Everyone,This is the Official Th...

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In how many days will the gdpi be over? Will everyone get to sit in pi or only the selected students in gd can sit? 

  • Diddnt recd my admit card yet. 7h.
  • . 6m.
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IIFT please 10th march ke pehle result nikal do..plzz

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  • What is this talk of 36k? Payment for something?. 32m.
  • Yes..we need to pay 578k to sibm for securing the seat ou.... 9m.
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Sridhar S @srid91 9

What is this talk of 36k? Payment for something?

The Traveler Tiwary @beteNoire 935

Yes..we need to pay 578k to sibm for securing the seat out of which they wd deduct 36k in case of withdrawls. Let us all draft the letter guys..and send it to mr.GG 2mrw

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[Official][2015-17]NMIMS Bengaluru Admission Queries

Hi Puys, The notification for NMAT 2015 is out and the last date to register is 24th September,2014. The details can ...

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As per the NMIMS website, the final list will be out on 3rd March. I wanted to know what amount do we need to deposit to the college as the first instalment if one gets selected? Also, what is the deadline for submitting this fee? I am asking this regarding the Bengaluru campus. @NMIMS_Bengaluru or anyone?

  • Nm Bangalores hostel fees are? ? Dose it includes food? ?. 1d.
  • @rishibhadla 1.5 lakhs a year...it includes messing. 11m.
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Rushikesh Bhadla @rishibhadla 9

Nm Bangalores hostel fees are? ? Dose it includes food? ?

NMIMS Bengaluru @NMIMS_Bengaluru 354

@rishibhadla 1.5 lakhs a year...it includes messing 

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SIBM Bangalore Final Merit List [2013-2015]

Guys, The merit list for SIBM Bangalore has been declared.Please check this link for your result: http://oamssnap.blu...

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while preparing merit list will they consider snap score or just your performance in GD-PI WAT ?

  • its 50% snap score , 10% GE , 10% WAT , 30% PI according.... 4h.
  • @nikkke , so no weightage for acad scores or work ex?. 26m.
nikita chawla @nikkke

its 50% snap score , 10% GE , 10% WAT , 30% PI

according to the reply i got from the admission team before the admission process began 

John Nash @totallycrazy 27

@nikkke , so no weightage for acad scores or work ex?

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[2015-17] SIMS Pune Admission Queries

Greetings Aspirants,Welcome to the official SIMS Admissions query page for the class of 2014-16. We, the IT cell of S...

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For all those who r in waitlist..2 yrs back 68 waitlisters converted..last yr all 100 waitlisters converted..ds yr sims seems to increase the wl no. upto 150...so chill maro boss...upto 100 wl no.,dr r high chances for conversion.. atb  waitlisters!!

  • @nitinsaini0007 Sir if one doesn't want to join college a.... 22h.
  • @greesh291990 35k will b deducted n rest will be refunded.. 34m.

@nitinsaini0007 Sir if one doesn't want to join college after paying first instalment of 2.32 lakhs, how much money will be refunded?

NITIN SAINI @nitinsaini0007 488

@greesh291990 35k will b deducted n rest will be refunded.

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All you wanted to know about KJ somaiya institute of management studies(SIMSR)

Hi I am a second Year MMS student of KJ Somaiya Institute of management studies and research. I along with few of my ...



This is an official thread of IBS PUNE on pagalguy. If you have any query related to the admission process, feel free...

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AFCAT- Air Force CAT

Hello everyone, I know AFCAT has nothing to do with MBA but i'm not able find out info about this. I apologize if i h...

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Anyone for 16th March Dehradun..!!!

  • Nope.!!!. 20h.
  • Yep I have .. 41m.
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Is total fee and other expenses at XIMB-BM is around 17lakhs ??? (15 lakhs fee +2 lakhs other expenses for two years). Also what are placement scenario after the batch strength is doubled to 360...??

P.S Basically ROI kaa scene kya hai??

  • Disclaimer: Everything I mention here is just an (inform.... 47m.
Raj Malhotra @greatheights123 58

Disclaimer: Everything I mention here is just an  (informed) opinion. XIMB is used just for reference.Story hold true for sibm, nmims, imt etc etc. It's a fact that ximb is good college. But in the game of ROI, Lots seems to be desired.

Guys, I hope by now u must all be aware of the fact 12lpa CTC does not means 1 lakh per month salary...It mean 55k-70k in hand + incentives+ taxes+ random stuff....Also the number shown by crisil report is for batch of 180 people...Now it's 360..!!!! Talk to seniors (personally), u'll realise the picture is not all that rosy....@serious-sam Yaar agar koi 65k kama raha hai...toh usko iims, fms, spjain, xlri se hi mba karna chahiye...i guess...

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IBS PUNE 2014-2016

This group is dedicated to all the IBS PUNE students who are joining the campus this year (2014-2016).

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hey guys..i too selected for IBS pune.. got a selection confirmation also ..


there is strictly written over there, u have to pay ur registration fees by 24 march 15'

so,is der any provision to pay the registraion fees after 24 of march.. as i m waiting for my CMAT results which will be decleared on 25th March..

help !

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  • http://www.pagalguy.com/.../admission-ibs-pune-batch-2015.... 1h.
  • Congratulations!. 1h.
Ankit Akash @ankit_00akash 20



These 2 are the official links of IBS PUNE on pagalguy and Facebook respectively for the upcoming batch of 2015-2017.All the queries related to the admission process at IBS PUNE are resolved here. All of you are requested to kindly follow the link and join the group.You can pass on the msg too..Thank you.

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last year what was the last waiting list number that got converted?@SCMHRD-Pune 

  • #. 3h.
  • as far as I remember, the initial waitlist was exhausted .... 1h.
Transient Name @LeoM89 162

as far as I remember, the initial waitlist was exhausted and more people were called for admission by mail(2013 when there was no common admission process)

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how are the placements for Operation Management in IBS mumbai ?i heard they have a huge intake,  they claim 90%+ placement assurance..is this true ?

254 SRCC GBO New Delhi

Global Business Operations, SRCC (DU) 2014-16 Discussions

SRCC is a premier institute in the field of business education in India. The college has a rich heritage of academic ...

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2014 category wise cutoff ?

  • Gen 250+ ObC 200+ SC 45+ ST 30+ or even lower. 23h.
  • What??? ST SC ko form bharne ki bhi kya zaroorat h !!! Bu.... 2h.
Ayush @blithesome 31

Gen 250+ ObC 200+ SC 45+ ST 30+ or even lower

Priyanka Gaur @Xena2014 55

What??? ST SC ko form bharne ki bhi kya zaroorat h !!! Bullshit is this