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What are the chances of wl st6&7  in ma clinical psy and C&J anyone having a little bit of idea please share 


Nift's MBA ( Fashion Management )

Hey guys , it might sound obnoxious but i ve applied for nift's mba ....i dont need any career guidance or any advice...

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Can anyone please tell me which NIFT centres provide MFM courese?

  • All.... except kangra............... 4h.


[2014-16] Praxis Business School Admissions

The admissions for Praxis Business School, Kolkata have begun. Praxis offers 3 programs: * Post Graduate Program in B...


MBA in UPES Dehradun

Hi everyone!My MAT score is unfortunately below 70 percentile. I wanted to know if i am eligible for the Aviation Man...

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I am having a work exp of 5.7 years in Green Gas limited. its a CGD business project. right now i hv got admission in UPES oil and gas MBA seat. Please update the present status of oil and gas placement. Batch profile of working executives doing oil and gas MBA. Repeated companies coming for recruitment. package offered by MGL?? no. of students recruited??

  • Hi @ggarg87 It is really difficult for us to get package .... 9h.
  • Ps tell me no. Of students recruited by MGL and VE.. 9h.
UPES Admin @UPES_Dehradun 131

Hi @ggarg87 It is really difficult for us to get package stats offered by each and every recruiter. As far as contact details of students is considered, it is against our privacy policy. You can contact them on other social networking channels, if you want. If you have any other query, please feel free to ask.

Gaurav Garg @ggarg87

Ps tell me no. Of students recruited by MGL and VE.


Ihmr pgdpm-pgdhm 2011-2013

_Hi All, I m introducing this thread 4 all those students who have sm query regrding the admissions procedure and oth...

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looking for pgdhm in iihmr bangalore, someone pls suggest smthn. is it a good inst? why is it called PGDHM if its masters degree??

  • Yes it is very good institute. It is called PGDHM because.... 10h.
Iihmr Jaipur @iihmrblog 2

Yes it is very good institute. It is called PGDHM because IIHMR Bangalore is an Institute governed by AICTE

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1) The management is very poor in handling the course and the students . They don't have any resources to run a b- school.

2)They hardly provide 25 hours on each subject , means they keep constant pressure on teacher to complete the course within this time.They even ask teachers to delete the topic if it requires more time.

3) In prospectus they write something else but in class they do something else.Everything is fake in BSE institute.At the time of admission tall promises are made but believe me everything is fake.

4)As far as the placement are concern the avg package is 2.5lac and that to in sales profile  means you have to sell insurance product etc . and that to is not sure that will they be able to provide you with that or not  because they were are not able to provide students for internship so what can you expect for the placement.Not a single student was place by the institute, all the students have got placement by their personal references.

5)The value of BSE institute is very poor in the market and the companies which come for placement ask for NSE certifications in the interview for placement.

6)And by the way all the student have got selected who have fill the application form , in my class many student have not even utter a single word in group discussion but then also they got selected.

7) Even i was very excited to take admission because of the brand value of BSE but seriously now I regret a lot.

8) Earlier the institute was having a tie-up with IGNOU but due to bad quality of teaching they took back their affiliation ,after that they  became autonomous. Now they have come  with new scheme of the Chitkara university to fool the students. 

9) I will suggest you do a 1yr full time program from NSE or go for a normal MBA or PGDM in finance. The best would be CFA.

10) The first batch size was around 140 students and after it decrease to 70 students ..and then 45 student and now the current batch size is around 35 students. This is the scenario of the main  campus (Mumbai Campus).

Plz talk to the students first before taking the admission because BSE institute ltd don't refund the fee at any cost.




how many of you filled form of MPPSC


[2015-2017] NMIMS CD/PI Preparation Thread

This thread is for preparation of *Case Discussion/Personal Interview* starting from 11th February, 2015 to 24th Febr...

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HI friends, Anyone from Chandigarh/Delhi hunting for flat. We are group of 3 boys looking for 1-2 more so that we can approach to seniors/broker for 2BHK. anyone interested ping me

  • which branch..... 1d.
  • m from delhi....n a friend too. 1d.



i am starting this thread for all of the people who are targeting xat 2016 .. so that everyone can come under one roo...

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guys i've got selected to XIME Kochi although my preference was XIME Bangalore.......m confused abt wich 1 to opt for as i've alredy paid d 1st installment to Amrita Coimbatore


SSBF Symbiosis School of banking and Finance 2015-17 aspirants

Hello Aspirants ! My name is Niel and i am from the student welfare committee from SSBF 2014-16 batch. We shall u...

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BM, YWCA Delhi, 5th march, 1:30 PM Slot

X - 91.2%

XII - 94.4%

UG - 70.74%

XAT - 99.92

Work ex: IT/ 10 Months, Consulting at ZS Associates

HRM, YWCA Delhi, 16th February, 8:45 slot

 GD Topic- Wealth Disparity can be overcome by making the rich poor and the poor rich.

Overview of GD- Went very well. Was lucky to be present quite a lively group and almost everyone chipped in with solid points. Discussion lasted well over 25 mins and a conclusion was nicely reached

Was called in into the interview room after about 30 mins. Panel consisted of 3 members P1- A lady probably a former alum in her early thirties, P2- A middle aged professor who was smiling throughout, P3- A slightly younger but stern looking chap

Interview starts and I hand over the lady my folder and documents.

P1: So you are from Ryan International School. Why is it called Ryan

Me: It was named after the son of our chairman, it's a  Christian name.

P1: (Going through my assessment question sheet) What kind of books you like to read.

Me: Not resricted to any genre but lately have been reading a lot of autobiographies. Named a few of them (Tendulkar, Agassi, Feynman etc)

P1: So what do you think is a good time for someone to come up with a autobiography.

Me: I think ideally it should be after someone retires/finishes1his career. I don't really like the fact that many sportsman come out with their stories mid career.

P1: Do you think Sachin was right to release his autobiography at that time? What should be the criteria for someone to release it.

Me: I believe that it should generally come after a person is done with a significant period of his life. In case of Sachin it was the right time as it's highly unlikely he will accomplish anything more significant than receiving the Bharat Ratna.

P1: What about Malala Yousafzai? When do you think she should have released it.

Me: Ideally after 10 years from the incident when we can perhaps appreciate the full impact of her work.

P1: Do you think she would garner the same publicity after 10 years.

Me:(quickly realising my faux pas). Yes yes, the market should also be a consideration while publishing it. (P1  just smiles and doesn't say anything.)

Enter P2: So you are a football fan? Tell me some differences between the last 2 world cups.

Me: Gave some facts about how there were more attacking play,more goals and absence of Vuvuzela noise

P2: What was the reason for the lower amount of goals scored in 2010?

Me: (Trying to scratch my brains) Sir, probably because they used a different ball -the Jabulani which swerved a lot and hence difficult to control.

P2: But one team did manage to score quite a few goals. Why?

Me: (No idea about which team was he talking about) Sir was it a South American team?

P2: No no, they introduced the ball in their league first. Have you heard of the bundesliga?

Me: Germany of course!

P2: Can you recall an incident in college where you overcome an obstacle?(Or something along these lines)

Me: Gave a story about how I once organised an event outside college with great difficulty which proved quite a success. He seemed satisfied.

Enter P3: So you work as a Business Analyst. What does ZS actually do?

Me: Sir we do consulting for primarily Pharma companies. Told him about my work in the area of forecasting.

P3: What sort of tools you use?

Me: Sir VBA, Excel mostly. Very rarely SAS.

P3 asked me about some algorithms and techniques we use. Managed to answer convincingly.

P3: Some innovative work you have done on a project.


P3: You say you like solving problems. What's the difference between a Problem and an issue.

Me: Sir a problem has a tangible solution?

P3: And an issue doesn't?

Me: (Now contemplating) Fortunately he comes to my rescue

P3: Ever heard of the Kashmir issue?

Me: Yes Sir. An issue is more long term than a problem

P3: So what do you think you'll be handling as a manager - a problem or a solution?

Me: Sir right now I don't have to deal with major issues but moving forward I would be needed to tackle it. Blah,Blah Blah...

P3: (Smiling) Good, you can leave now.

Overall a decent enough interview and I had a good feeling coming out of the interview room.

Verdict: Straight Convert!

CAT 2014: 99.93, XAT 2015: 99.92.  Calls-LACKIS, XL-BM/HR. Converts-IIM-C, XLRI-BM,XLRI-HR 


NIFT M.F.Tech(Management)

*Hi Guys n Gals......I m Ayan.If any one of u is preparing for the entrance test of the Fashion Management Program of...

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hi.........can anyone tell me how to prepare for gd/pi for m.f.tech.

Also please tell what kind of topics can be prepared for case studies.

  • please suggest topics........ 15 Apr.
  • pls let me know if u get something. 2d.
Kashima Khanna @kashima4

please suggest topics.......


pls let me know if u get something


CFA L2 june 2015

Registration for June 2015 level 2 has started, it is a good time to plan for and start studies keeping a target date...

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1. ARIF VIDEOS(2015)



ALL AT RS 500.


  • Hey Chandu..hv done that :smiley:. 2d.
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Hey all

Come and experience.

Apply at IILM, Greater Noida.

Ask if you have any query related to admission, placements or residences.

Nazia IILM Gurgaon, 2009-11
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admission for 15-17 batch in IILM-GSM is going on.......come and explore a new campuslife where you can find the utmost chance to touch the peek of your carrier..................hurry up

  • @nuppie : Hi The average package at IILM , Greater Noida.... 30 Mar.
  • @nuppie : Hey, what have u thought of applying at IILM, G.... 2d.
nazia @nazia_sabeeh 24

@nuppie : Hi

The average package at IILM , Greater Noida is Rs. 4.5 lakhs.

You may come and visit the campus or may contact us at 0120-6670673 for more information.


nazia @nazia_sabeeh 24

@nuppie : Hey, what have u thought of applying at IILM, Greater Noida.

All the students will go for foreign study tour to  Canada, Germany and France.

Apply or call them at 0120-6670673.

I am an alumni from IILM.

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I have some queries:

1. what are the specializations in pgdm provided by iilm-gsm

2. what is the fee-structure

3.what was the avg placement of last batch i.e. 2013-15

4.what MAT scores do you accept?

5. what is the last date for applying to pgdm?

plz rly asap

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Yes, Surana college conduct inter college management and cultural Fest named SUR SUANGRAM and also provided students with opportunities to participate in other college Fest.

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Surana College's Value added Courses:

 Basic and advanced Excel courses  KWEC  Certification program on EDP  Certification program on Digital marketing etc