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[Official] SIBM Pune 2015-17 Admissions

Hello Aspirants! SIBM Pune and the Admissions Team bring to you the Official Group for admissions to the Batch of 201...

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How much is the first installment of fees that has to be paid? 

  • Around 5-5.5 lakhs from what I have heard. 11m.

1k IMCU Bangalore

[Official Thread] Christ University Institute of Management (CUIM) admission related querry 2014-2016

Only CUIM related querry will be addressed here and any comment here is purely a personal openion..!!

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Hi Puys!!

Please rank the below colleges:

1) Christ Bangalore (Kengeri)

2) ITM Navi Mumbai

3) IBS Hyderabad/Gurgaon/Pune/Mumbai

4) SIMS Pune

5) Amity University Noida

Please try to rate it on a genuine reason.

  • Christ,sims,IBS,ITM,amity. 1h.


[Official] 2015-17 XLRI GDPI Experiences Thread HRM/BM/Global MBA

Post your experiences here in the following format : Your profile : X XII UG PG(if applicable) Work ex: organi...

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26th Feb, XLRI Jamshedpur, Afternoon session, HRM

General, Engg, Male

X - 72.8

XII - 66.77

UG - 7.58/10

PG(if applicable)

Work ex: RIL /Maintenance Manager / 45

Other major achievements :

Any achievement / USP of yours :

Gd topic: Organizations that prohibit couples working together in same organization are doing the right thing.

Gd description in short: Initial instruction was given for GD to be concluded within 30 mins, with 1 min thought gathering in the beginning. Cue to start the GD was given by senior most panel member by saying that, any one could start the GD. As soon as I heard that, I jumped with biggest gun in my hand. The first point that I forwarded was that the company was violating one of the key practices of modern employer "the equal opportunity" by prohibiting couples working together. People chipped in with their favoritism and frolicking (made panel laugh) counter arguments. I countered later the favoritism with 360 appraisal method. Supported the argument of decreased fringe benefit to employees thereby less overhead spending by employers with example of company owned car, HRA etc. Did some ogling of professor activity in the meantime and prof TS caught me in the act of checking her out. At some point, people started listing pros and cons and started to thrash out the issues with possible suggestions to negate them, as if we were asked to give possible solution to organizations to persuade them to allow couples working in their org (by the way I think we were not). We just had to state the pros and cons, not to put forward a solution. I was looking at the watch before and alerted the team to conclude the GD with ample time to finish. We finished with a minute to spare. GD ended with a lighter note from prof JS, that this problem wouldn't arise at all, if employees never got married in the first place.

Professor's description in brief: (names of the prof, specialisation, the way he conducted/took the process forward)- Three professors sitting in a power setting, middle senior most Prof J Singh, to the right, the henchman from south (M. Srimannarayana), and to the left was lady Tina Stephen gracing the occasion. As expected, Prof Singh started the PI process followed by henchman and then lady prof.

PI experience: JS - So, local boy, eh. Attending a nearby college, then IIT Kharagpur. What all degrees you have?

Me - (Dual Degree) B.Tech - Mechanical Engg. M.Tech - Manufacturing Systems Engg.

JS - You joined RIL afterwards. Why is company in news recently.

Me - Damn you RIL, guess you can leave your job behind but can't leave company reputation behind.

JS - What should be the next logical step to avoid such incidence from happening again?

Me- Government should get its house in order first, and then try the accused as per the law in IPC.

JS- What RIL should do? Do you think that Management is aware of these practices?

Me - (Put your thinking cap on, now is the time) Gave a diplomatic answer that internal enquiry should be initiated with full co-operation to government investigating agency. (Prof JS seemed happy at first, yes crucify'em).

JS- What motivates you to join HRM course?

Me- I was able to get the discussion in the direction that I wanted. Swiftly, we arrived at employee incentive and bell curve. I and Prof JS were having a cordial discussion on employee performance and bell curve. I was against using bell curve, but the discussion ended with prof explaining to me, statistical importance of bell curve and saying that problem with the bell curve starts when every employee starts to think that he is better than anyone else.

(In the meantime, Prof MS, the henchman briefly held my certificates and may not have gone through all of them, as he was quick to put it back down, zipping back the file; as if you are good to go home, not to XLRI)

Prof MS and TS started at the same time after JS, but I guess due to the hierarchy TS retracted herself.

MS- What is the hardest decision that you believe you have taken so far in your life?

Me - I started with generic answer that, I have been taking one hard decision after another in my life, but I guess he did not wanted to extort before going for the final kill shot. I believed he wanted explanation for question #5, but I had already narrated that incident nicely in form, so, I cunningly answered another one of my hardest decision to prove my earlier point. He asked me then why did I narrated the other incident nicely (his words not mine)? I justified with opportunity, risk, degree of uncertainty being a factor and pending final outcome for potential reward. MS - What other calls do you have in your kitty?

Me- HRM.BM, and GM from XLRI and IIMA... (cut short ok,ok) (Fine, you don't need to know everything).

That concluded MS interaction.

TS - What specific theory that you intend to learn in HRM here.

Me - Being specific was the call of the hour, so started straight Job evaluation, OD etc.

TS - Don't you think that these things are done in RIL.

Me - Maybe, but it's not visible to employees. HR policies in companies like this are shrouded with mystery at best.

TS - RIL is best place to work.

Me - Strongly objecting to her statement.

TS - Modifying her wording now, to learn these principles in actual setting, don't you agree?

Me - Yes, there is a lot of opportunity to improve, given the vastness of resources and difficulty associated therewith. TS - Then why did you choose to come to us?

Me - You can strive to change something, when you know about it. How can you change something that is intangible?

TS - (Sensing that he has done HRM homework) Have you taken any online course on HR?

Me - No.

TS - Don't you think, you are taking high road to learn HRM, given your current position?

Me - Agree.

Verdict - I think they had already gone through my form and other details and the way interview went, I think they agreed to deny me a chance. Interview was short and sweet, going by the performance in GD, it's a fair chance. But the panel seemed distant, disinterested and cold, going by the perceived panel behavior.

Any other info that you wish to share that might be of importance/relevance: Bring your own writing pad for GD, or else you would have to write on A4 paper to jot down the points.

Any suggestions: If your panel comprises of these three professors, try to enforce your candidature, by dictating the direction of discussion. They would give you ample opportunity to do that.

PS - This effort is dedicated to my friend @nuke_deal. Hope you are happy now. (It took more time to draft than the actual ordeal)

  • Hahahahaha! Not bad, dude. Not bad. You learn pretty fast.... 1d.
  • How much was your percentile bro?. 3h.
Nuke` Deal @nuke_deal 196

Hahahahaha! Not bad, dude. Not bad. You learn pretty fast

@d00Mthepuy 187

How much was your percentile bro?

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[Official][2015-17]NMIMS Bengaluru Admission Queries

Hi Puys, The notification for NMAT 2015 is out and the last date to register is 24th September,2014. The details can ...

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hello. i got 219 in nmat & have 3 years of work exp.. i gave the cd/pi. i could not speak anything in cd & bad pi also. avg academics. how is my chance for nmims bangalore campus????

  • Prince: With a score of 219, y did u come to NMIMS Bangal.... 7h.
  • abhi kahan aa raha hoon bhai????? bangalore convert hone.... 3h.
Urmish Basu @urmishB 14

Prince: With a score of 219, y did u come to NMIMS Bangalore instead of Mumbai, blocking our seats?! :( 


abhi kahan aa raha hoon bhai?????  bangalore convert hone pe bhi doubt hai.

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Why is this counselling procedure so damn tough and irritating..with no one around to help..I have got 99.91 in cmat and want to apply to simsree under oms category...SIMPLE !! Now can some HUMAN help me out With this what do i need to do where to apply whom to contact...I dont want to appear for any other exam MHCET etc etc..Please HELP ME With the complete Procedure in short..!!!

P.S:: I have read dat stupid pdf issued by DTEMAHARASHTA which simply consumed my time and left me clueless..!!

  • ok Thanks a lot Buddy !!. 6h.
  • its not tough. Its more or less same like AIEEE counselli.... 4h.
aflaatoon delhi @saggit 11

ok Thanks a lot Buddy !!

Jaspreet Singh @jassu0107 3

its not tough. Its more or less same like AIEEE counselling process during our engineering years. 


SSBF Symbiosis School of banking and Finance 2015-17 aspirants

Hello Aspirants ! My name is Niel and i am from the student welfare committee from SSBF 2014-16 batch. We shall u...

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Waitlisted at  74

Chances plz? 

  • Okay. I'm shortlisted at simc-p and they are asking for t.... 6h.
  • msg me inbox. 5h.
parul parihar @micaindia 6

Okay. I'm shortlisted at simc-p and they are asking for the fee before 11th.. bt I really want to go for ssbf..wht should I do in that case? 


CETking MockEngineering program - mock discussion board..

Hi guys, Couldnot find any thread for CETking mock no thread for mocks.. so started one... Lets help each other with ...

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MBA in UPES Dehradun

Hi everyone!My MAT score is unfortunately below 70 percentile. I wanted to know if i am eligible for the Aviation Man...

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Hi All,,, I have 90 in snap...not a very good pi...gd was a fish market and extempore and wat were decent...tensed...all the best...

May the best get selected!!

PS : there is still hope

  • Is the result tmrw ?what time>. 7h.
  • Yes. 6h.
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@RupalSingh @modi99 

I am not clear about the documents to be carried. The call letter says that only the marksheets need to be brought. What about work ex certificates and other things?

Question open to all. 

  • Hello, Apart from a copy of your call letter you must car.... 6h.
Gitanjali Singh @gitanjalisingh 137

Hello, Apart from a copy of your call letter you must carry both original and photocopies of the relevant marksheets and degree certificates, If you have work experience, you would require a copy of your joining letter along with last three months payslips, you may also carry a copy of your CV and 3 passport size photographs along with a valid photo ID card and photocopy of the same. All the Best


[2015-2017] NMIMS CD/PI Preparation Thread

This thread is for preparation of *Case Discussion/Personal Interview* starting from 11th February, 2015 to 24th Febr...

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                    Guest Session on Investment Planning

"You earn your money by hard work, but you grow your money with discipline"

@Jaipuria_Insti, Indore

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore organized a guest session by Dr. Deepali Dixit (Assistant General, Securities and Exchange Board of India) on Investment Planning. Dr. Deepali along with Mr. Ankur Bhandari took this session. The session was started by giving a brief introduction on what is investment, why people should invest their money, what are the various avenues where people can invest their money and factors one must consider before investing their money. Further Mr. Ankur gave some insights about the stock market. He made students aware about what are the benefits of investing money in shares. He also shared that how small investment planning can be done which will benefit the students in long run. He showed a video where the  power of Small Investment planning was shown. Further Dr. Deepali made students aware about what is SEBI all about. What are the roles and responsibilities of SEBI?

It was a very interactive session where students learned how to invest their money in share markets and what are the risks involved with it. They also learned that they should save some amount and should invest money so that they can get high returns in future. They also came to know about the future opportunities they can look forward for in this field.

Know More:-


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Any idea till what point initial waiting list got cleared last year ?

  • I am hearing that last year all the 100 wait listers got .... 11h.
  • Yeah, I guess all waitlisters converted, last to last yea.... 7h.
Vineeta Pal @vineeta_victory 2

I am hearing that last year all the 100 wait listers got a call. But not sure how true this info is!

Paurush Yadav @paur 6

Yeah, I guess all waitlisters converted, last to last year 68 waitlisters converted, seems to be a rising trend, hope for the best.

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Will SIIB declare the result tomorrow?

  • 90. 9h.
  • @SIIB-Pune. 8h.
What I do, I do it to win! Calls: NMIMS Mumbai, IMI-D, IMT, SIIB, FORE , LBSIM, TAPMI 

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[2014-2016] SIMConnect - The official SIMC Pune admission query thread

Hello Guys,SIMConnect, an SIMC Pune Campus Connect initiative, is back to answer your doubts or queries about the adm...

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hi puys..urgent help needed...can you pls confirm whether it is even possible to get confirmed if im waitlisted at 247? Also is there a way to check anyhow the merit list? Kindly share your experiences and pls respond to my query ASAP!


  • thanks best luck fingers cross. 8h.
  • Thanks man...same to you :smiley:. 8h.
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hi puys..urgent help needed...can you pls confirm whether it is even possible to get confirmed if im waitlisted at 247? Also is there a way to check anyhow the merit list? Kindly share your experiences and pls respond to my query ASAP!


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With the 4th of March being just days away, a lot of you aspirants would be a bundle of nerves regarding your chances at NMIMS. Please feel free to post any queries that you'd have regarding NMIMS or regarding your chances post CDPI,Placements,Academics,Fests,Accomodations etc etc..... and we will be happy help you out with the same.

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Aspirants Relations Team, NMIMS Hyderabad[2014-16] 
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Dear Candidate

This is the Official Admissions Thread for IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL,Jaipur for the PGDM / MBA / MCA / BBA / BCA Batches.

All queries related to the admission procedure, placements, internships, scholarships etc can be asked here.

Ms Riya and The Team Admissions from the Institute will be answering your questions here.

With Best Wishes!

Team Admissions


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  • MBA Degree with Work Experience, Best Placements, Interna.... 9h.
ips jaipur @ipsjaipur

MBA Degree with Work Experience, Best Placements, International Trainers/Faculties, Free SAP Training, Paid Trainee ships, International Trainings*, Free Laptop, Affordable Fees of Rs. 149000/- for 2 years. Top Ranked College of India. Limited Seats. IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL JAIPUR www.ipsedu.in 8233970000

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hi puys..urgent help needed...can you pls confirm whether it is even possible to get confirmed if im waitlisted at 247? Also is there a way to check anyhow the merit list? Kindly share your experiences and pls respond to my query ASAP!