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What's a good institute in Kolkata to go for GD-PI-WAT prep?

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  • Backspace in salt lake..awesome http://backspace.net.in/. 4h.
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I have 85.22 per in cmat sep'14...I have 4 years exp in one of the leading MNC in operations,can I expect a call if I apply for XIME

  • What kind of topics are discussed on gd pi?. 1d.
  • Topic could any, from any where, No one can predict regar.... 5h.
Anita Tilwani @anitatilwani

What kind of topics are discussed on gd pi?

Udit Mehrotra @uditmehrotra8

Topic could any, from any where, No one can predict regarding it. Eg. "Can women make a better manager", "BJP", "Coca-cola", "India and China" etc. It could from current affairs, case study, Past historic event etc. You can do one thing, search on google for last year IIM gd topics, You may get some hint regarding the same.

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[Official Thread] Christ University Institute of Management (CUIM) admission related querry 2014-2016

Only CUIM related querry will be addressed here and any comment here is purely a personal openion..!!

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@Sunny31  Can you tell me the total intake in MBA PGDM at Christ?

  • @Sunny31 750 including both kengri/main campus?. 5h.
  • yes. 5h.

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[Official] SIBM Pune 2015-17 Admissions

Hello Aspirants! SIBM Pune and the Admissions Team bring to you the Official Group for admissions to the Batch of 201...

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Does any1 know about the weightage given to the different rounds and snap score?

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  • SNAP score - 50 marks, GE - 10 marks, PI - 30 marks, WAT .... 5h.

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[Official][2015-17]NMIMS Bengaluru Admission Queries

Hi Puys, The notification for NMAT 2015 is out and the last date to register is 24th September,2014. The details can ...

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23 feb ..if intrstd fr cd/pi shall we make some whatsapp grp..wht say?? plz mention your no.s below in comment ..we'll discuss cases and other queries reltd with admissions..

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  • 9650040025. 5h.


[2015-2017] NMIMS CD/PI Preparation Thread

This thread is for preparation of *Case Discussion/Personal Interview* starting from 11th February, 2015 to 24th Febr...

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Where is the link to CD/PI Registration Form ?

NMAT- 220, IIFT- 96.27% , CAT- 97.41, SNAP 97.85  
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will XIMB read and judge the essay we have written in XAT? I know they wont judge the GK....but essay??? I hope yes...I wrote really really well with scientific stuff in it :)  

  • No they will not be considering your essay.. 6h.
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Hi, could anyone confirm , if the average package mentioned on the site for laterals is actually the reality because obviously , students who are part of SCIT do get to see the actual placement scenario.  I am having 2.5+ exp in IT MNC and closely working in Management  . I wish to join in ITBM Course since it will enhance the understanding of all aspects of ITBM even more. I seriously wish to know how good is SCIT in terms of placement .  Please donot mention any links to refer as i have seen the stats already  but want to actually know through eg of placed students of last batch/ current scenario  around the same. Thanks.Many of us  would be coming from far places and putting lacs into this course  . It would be indeed helpful if answer would not be diplomatic. 

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  • @mandavi2002 Hi.. I understand your concern. The interim.... 7h.
  • Thx for the confirmation. 7h.
Swati Ahuja @swati_89 11

@mandavi2002  Hi.. I understand your concern. The interim placement statistics, for MBA-ITBM 2013-15 batch, published on the college website are very much true and I am stating the fact, not being diplomatic.


Swati Ahuja

SCIT Admission Team

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This interview is for the course: BM-XLRI

Other calls: XL-HRM, SP JAIN, Narsimonjee Mumbai, MDI, IIM-L,R,I,S

XAT percentile:99.02

GMAT Score(If applicable):

GK score:-0.5

Interview Centre:Hotel Parkland, Delhi

Educational Profile

X:90 (CBSE)

XII:94.6 (CBSE)

Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:74.7 (St.Xavier's College, Kolkata), in my last semester of college

Any other professional certification or course undertaken:CA- IPCC cleared

Work profile (if applicable):NA

Organization : (if you wish to disclose)

Number of months :0

Sector/Industry :NA

Special achievements at work :NA

Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary) : State Topper in 12th CBSE and College Magazine Editor-in-chief (if this counts)rolleyes

Regarding GD/Group Exercise

GD/GE Topic:Our topic was "Political and social deprivation is a rule rather than an exception in the Indian society."

Number of participants: 9 (including the one who was absent)

Duration:20 mins, after been given 2 minutes to think...lol

Brief snapshot of discussion: Our group was well-rounded with 6 engineer guys mostly with work-ex and another 2 with commerce backgrounds. The other commerce guy had work-ex plus he was a CA along with having amazing grades. Sadly i was a fresher with not a too-amazing profile and i had no clue about whatever we had studied in IPCC (not to imply that i had studied then). Anyways, the GD started and the Commerce guy was really good throughout speaking distinct good points and not stretching it too much. I feel that i spoke fairly well but tended to get a bit carried away in between since we were on the topic of reservation and i hate if anyone supports it. Anyways the guy from iit-kgp in our group had a below par gd, he was awfully quiet and other few engineers spoke pretty decently. I think i got adequate chances to keep my points forward in the gd and spoke well, as others told me later on. I was pretty satisfied that i hadn't got hyper or too carried away as i usually do.

P.S- I was last in my panel to be interviewed for both HRM and BM. Seems that was a deliberate ploy to freak me out but it actually calmed me. Anyways, i refuse to believe that it was a coincidence (there are evil forces at work here). WATCH OUT

About the panel

Panelists Intro: Some words about the panel and its general behavior/conduct:

P1- very serious but a kind-faced prof, definitely South Indian and maths background

P2- seemed to have lost interest in me even before he uttered the first word, seemed too serious, middle aged, fat and hardly spoke and was quite condescending when he did.

P3- very cheerful South Indian prof, definitely with an economics background, had fun throughout the interview, even helped me at times and said "good" at the end of the interview which is the only ray of hope i have been clinging to since then. He was the one taking notes religiously in our gd.

PI Questions:

P1- You seemed to speak a lot in your gd about scams. Can you tell me the present status of the 2G scam?

Me- (what the hell, i just mugged up the facts and figures...never bothered to find out the present status) Sir, i believe that Mr. A Raja has been imprisoned and awaiting verdict.

P1- Is he on bail?

Me- No, Sir

P1- Then who was the gentleman i saw at the airport the other day?

Me- (confused) Sir, i don't know

P1- He is out on bail. Anyways do you think that is justified

Me- No, sir. I believe if we discuss the facts of the case, we can easily surmise that he was responsible if not wholly then certainly to a very large extent.

P1- What if he is imprisoned? Jailed for 12 years and then finally found innocent?

Me- (stuck to my point) Sir, bail should be granted in ordinary cases but this is an exception. The whole world is watching and we must set a precedent. And the dates for the license auctioning were manipulated and pre-poned. Clearly that required his sanction, so he has to be held responsible. (He did not seem convinced)

P2- So, you participate in drama?

Me- No, sir. More interested in debating

P2- You read?

Me- Yes, sir and my favorite author is Paulo Coelho.

P2- Name 5 Nobel Prize winners for Literature. (I knew none rolleyes)

P2- Give me 3 parameters for development in kolkata.

Me- I explained this quite well.

P3- Asked me economics questions. I could answer 2 out of 3.

P1- Asked me about capital budgeting, IRR, NPV and LIFO reserve

I didnt know LIFO reserve but made it up. He laughed and said that, " It is wrong but you are creative"

P2- Asked me to integrate tan inverse x which i knew but couldn't recall then.

Then we discussed about scams for a bit more and then they asked me why is -gate attached to every scam? And why not door or window?

This again i didn't know but this ended my interview on a cheerful note.

My interview was decent. I couldn't answer 3 questions and the ones i could- i can't recall all. I made it a point to be confident and smile throughout. But i know i have a 50-50 chance and having no work-ex and pathetic gk marks don't help my cause. I needed a flawless interview to seal the deal but still it wasn't too bad comparing it with other interviews in my panel (nobody had a great one)

Any other details that you think are relevant:Just be CONFIDENT and keep your faith. If it is meant to happen it will.

Your advice for future aspirants:Just know your subjects well. And kindly don't settle for any college if you feel that one more attempt would hold you in good stead and you can land up in a place twice as amazing.

ATB to all of you. And please pray for me p

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  • Yes she did.. 7h.
  • How important is it to be brutally honest about your ordi.... 7h.
@amulyamadem 1

How important is it to be brutally honest about your ordinariness? Because, even if my grades tell that I am decent with the subjects, in reality I am not- above average (Engineering not being my cup of tea); I don't have an interesting hobby but I am involved in quite a few activities with peripheral interests in them. 

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Queries regarding XLRI HRM Program

Hi Friends, I am starting this thread for your queries regarding XLRI HRM program. If you have any specific doubts re...


MBA in Banking and Finance

Hello there! I am really interested in the banking sector. My cousin suggested SSBM, Pune. She told me they offer an ...

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Hey I selected for GE/PI/WAT,I hv 4 years exprnce in Leading MNC in opeartions,Is it worth to join this cllg,in terms of ROI

  • considering that you have a four year work-ex, I don't th.... 7h.
sam_ssbm15 @sam_ssbm15 1

considering that you have a four year work-ex, I don't think you'll get good ROI. Check placement reports for better decision.

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Beauty can hide multitude of sins,but underneath it,We all look the same.  
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does anyone knows the cutoff of atma for sies

  • thanks. 18h.
  • Yes... cat/mat/xat/mh-cet/cmat exams are accepted... 7h.
Chandan Maiti @mum14 13

Yes... cat/mat/xat/mh-cet/cmat exams are accepted..


CFA L2 june 2015

Registration for June 2015 level 2 has started, it is a good time to plan for and start studies keeping a target date...


IIFT GDPI Discussion 2015-17

Hi Puys, The results of the IIFT exam 2012 have been declared. Here's the link - http://cc.iift.ac.in/docs/iift/R...

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Delhi 12th Feb 8:50?

  • yep.. but its clashing with NMIMS. Trying hard to get eit.... 10h.
Vikas Mendiratta @Vikas_Rocky 1

yep.. but its clashing with NMIMS. Trying hard to get either of them shifted.

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r u kidding?? xat cuttoff to be 99%ile?? xat cuttoff must be around 85%ile only.. It is not IIM... and what is the point of keeping same cuttoff for all?? Is CMAT/MAT equivalent to XAT?

  • The criteria for admission are laid down by the DTE; the .... 12h.
mann mai hai vishwaas, hum hongey kaamyaab ek din!!  
Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education @SIMSREE_Mumbai 16

The criteria for admission are laid down by the DTE; the Institute does not have a say in the matter.

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[2015-17] SIMS Pune Admission Queries

Greetings Aspirants,Welcome to the official SIMS Admissions query page for the class of 2014-16. We, the IT cell of S...

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Do work experience candidates will have any extra benefits?

Any Extra marks will be added for work experience??

Please clear this issue??

  • Yes Work experience will give some extra marks.. 12h.
Tushar Bhadwal @tushar.bhadwal

Yes Work experience will give some extra marks. 

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Hi all, i would be writing mppsc for the First time this year.

Can somebody help me about how to plan  as i will start my serious prep. from 10th FEB.

Need help specially for paper 1.


  • it changes . .but polity contains atleast 15 questions.. 13h.
nitish pandey @nitishpandey04 89

it changes  . .but polity contains atleast 15 questions.