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IP University MBA 2013-15

Hello Guys, When will the ip university will release mba cet forms for 2013-14 session


Nift's MBA ( Fashion Management )

Hey guys , it might sound obnoxious but i ve applied for nift's mba ....i dont need any career guidance or any advice...

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N meed of any coaching centre.buy arihant nift/nid book frm flipkart/any othr online portal. If u got any doubts in maths section,chk youtube,a lot of videos r dr.trust me I cleared ma examnlike dz only. Am not frm any maths background,i left ma maths relation when i left 12th std,in 2005.if I can do it definitely u can.one thg u need to prepare apart frm dt book,GK. Use Google & youtube videos whr sme coachong centres regularly updates gk session

  • Cant compare scores,coz last year negative markings wr dr.... 2d.
  • Whats ur rank?. 4h.
Sam Antony @samantonyishere

Cant compare scores,coz last year negative markings wr dr,dz year no negative markings.


[Official] 2015-17 XLRI GDPI Experiences Thread HRM/BM/Global MBA

Post your experiences here in the following format : Your profile : X XII UG PG(if applicable) Work ex: organi...

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My experience in the Group Discussions and Interview

HRM, YWCA Delhi, 16th February, 8:45 slot

X- 93.67%

XII - 82.2%

UG - 8.1

XAT - 97.97

Work experience: IT/ 31 months

GD topic: Globalization is good for workers and their rights.

GD: Only 9/10 people showed up and the discussion lasted for 20 mins. The focus was majorly on Globalization so I tried to bring the focus back to the core of impact on workers and their rights, a couple of times. Group didn't reach a consensus but were all inclined towards the ill effects of globalization on workers' rights. All three profs, were making notes about the discussion quite diligently.

Professor's description in brief: P1(L): Finance Prof. P2(M): GM Prof P3(R): Marketing prof

Personal Interview experience:

P2 came in the waiting hall, and escorted me to the interview room.

I handed my Certificates file over to P1, and a docket of my recent achievements, including an interview in a newsletter, on the top of the stack.

He starts smiling, and shows to P3- "See he has brought so many nice things to show you!" - All smile. Me contemplating, if it was sarcasm or an appreciation.

P3: So Devansh, Did you have your breakfast?

Me: No, sir. I woke up around 7:30, so quickly got ready and came to the venue by 8:30.

P3: Oh, did u come from far?

Me: No, I'm staying here in a hotel in CP, came to Delhi for the interview.

P3: Okay. Where did you come from?

Me: Mumbai sir. (I had my SP interview the day before, couldn't tell that to the prof.)

P3: So why did you not give your interview in Mumbai?

Me: Sir, I would have but when we first filled the form I gave the preference as Delhi. And when the calls came in, we were not given an option to give the preference again, so I had to come to Delhi to give the interview.

P3: Ohh Okay. So Tell me Devansh, How was the GD?

Me: (I gave it a thought: PAUSE) GD was good sir. There were many opinions and perspectives about the topic. It was a rich experience with everyone chipping in with their points, and it was a learning experience. Although we could have reached a consensus, since the topic demanded us of providing a definite viewpoint.

P3: What according to you could have been better in the GD?

Me: I think that we could have focused more on Rights of the workers. We digressed a few times, which I tried to bring back (all profs nod in unison) and stick to the topic.

P3: You made a point regarding (some point in the GD, which I did not make).

Me: No sir, I didn't make that point. (Prof strikes something out from the GD sheet he had). I made a point regarding Solar Panels and how it is effecting our industry.

P3: okay, tell me how?

Me: Told about the US dumping old technology in India, and Indian indigenous industries are suffering because of that.etc etc. Therefore, globalization is affecting some Indian industries.

P3: Do you think people had better points than you had in the GD?

Me: Yes, sir.

P3: (Amazed at my response!!) They HAD better points???

Me: Yes, sir, a few points were better than mine.

P3 Does something on the sheet again.

Meanwhile P1 had read my documents file and handed it over to P3. P2 still staring.

P1: So Devansh , you had this subject in your Graduation, Mobile Communications.

Me: Yes sir I had.

P1: So tell me how many towers are required to detect the location of a single mobile phone?

Me: (I did not recollect any such thing being taught and so answered honestly) No sir, I can't recall.

Asks one more question, I replied the same.

P1: You don't remember BST, MST, anything?(asks very politely)

Me: No sir can't recall.

P1: okay. No problem( in a comforting tone). Do you remember Standard Deviation?

Me: Yes Sir.

P1: You have this paper and pen in front of you. Take as much time as you need, use the paper and pen, and give us an application of standard deviation as an HR Manager.

Me: (while hovering the pen over the paper) Sir I can tell you an example of SD. I read a case about Dominos in USA, where workers showed deviation from their expected job duties.

On listening to the case, P2 sat back, shook his head in affirmation and relaxed. Seemed he was privy of the case too.

P1: But this is an outlier example, tell us something more specific.

Me: I start hovering again on the paper

P1: okay probably its been long, when u studied this. Do you know what is mean and Median?

ME: Yes sir I do.

P1: use the paper and pen, tell us what is Mean and Median, there definition and one application of each as an HR Manager.

ME: (while writing on the paper) Sir, Mean is a simple average.(P1 Nods).

P3 interjects: Average of what?

Me: Sir, average of the data set at hand. P3 nods. And median is the middle value when this data set is sorted in ascending order.

P1: okay you know what is mean and median. Now one application of each.

Me: (After drawing and writing a few things on paper) Sir mean can be used in Talent Acquisition and median can be used while deciding compensation and benefits.

Suppose we have 20 teams in our organization. We ask each team for their employee requirements, some give 8 some give 3 etc etc. We find a mean of around 4-5. So we would have to hire 80- 100 people. More specifically around 90.

Suppose we hire from different categories of institutes. Cat A, B, C, D. and we have a median salary in mind, say 8 lakhs. So we can decide packages below 8 lakhs in cat C, D and above 8 lakhs in A,B. so that we hire talent within our estimated budget.

Median is a better example of showing how good an institute is doing in terms of placements or how good packages are from a company, but not mean, because median value actually gives the number of people above and below that value, but not mean.

P1: Yeah yeah. Ok Okay!

P3: How Globalization is actually affecting the rights of the workers.

Me: Sir, I read an article a few days ago, it gave an example of a worker in unorganized sector, who was made to work for 12 hours a day. Now a normal working day, is for 8 hours(All nod) and while he should be getting an overtime for 4 hours he is working but he is not. This is happening because, the owner of the establishment is maximizing the use of the machinery and labor, because he has to compete with products from international market, virtue globalization, and consequently the rights of  the workers are being exploited.

P2: Devansh, 31 months in IT, tell us one day, that you would like to remove from your life.

Me: started narrating an incident.

P2: Cuts me short, you have only 30 secs

I replied in short, and (me and my team on stage) were subjected to a lot of jeering.

P2: Just because you were subjected to a lot of jeering you want to remove that from your life.

Me: Umm, sir it was the most embarrassing moment, and nothing else of that sort happened so I would like to remove that.

P2: Okay.(sits back)

P1: So you are a Competent Leader(Toastmasters). Tell one quality a good leader must have, according to you?

Me: Vision. I believe that vision is the most important thing, because if a  leader does not have vision he would not be able to utilize his resources at its best. Be it Human resources or other, he would not be able to do justice until he has vision.(P1 Nodding all through).

P1 passes the baton to others, P3 smiles, we are done.

P2: do you have any question for us?

Me: Yes sir. Since XLRI do not have any club, namely Toastmasters........

P2: (Cuts me short) I am sorry Devansh but a man of your credentials, should not say a thing like that. We do have a club (some name).

Me: Like Toastmasters?

P2: (proudly) a step better than that.

Me: That's great sir. But my question was that XLRI does not have a Toastmasters club, so if I intend to start one, so what kind of support can I expect from the institute.

P2: Okay, if you have ambitions like that, then XLRI provides a great platform for that.

I nodded.

All: that's all Devansh. Don't Forget to collect your Files. It was nice talking to you. Don't send in the next candidate, we 'll call ourselves in a while.

Thanks all around. While leaving the room, I saw P2 pointing a finger towards me and talking to P1.

Verdict: Converted!

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  • @DevanshRohatgi Mine was 9. I still cant recall your face.... 05 Apr.
  • Its really excellent.. Also Checkout http://www.mbaonemi..... 5h.



heylo guys, I was going through the threads and It clicked , there isnt an active thread for our college, Even last y...

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can any1 tell me .. is TISS is a good option for doing M.A. in DM?

  • Maybe I'm writing this too late, but in case there are st.... 2d.
  • thanxs it really cleared my doubts. 6h.
sriram Ananthanarayanan @sriraman89 128

Maybe I'm writing this too late, but in case there are still those of you here who'd want to know, I'd be happy to provide you with a perspective on employment and salaries after completing this course. Here we go:

First up, at least as of 2012, the placement committee consisted exclusively of students from the course; placement is NOT guaranteed, although not finding any employment at all is highly unlikely. Back in my batch, we made our own efforts to secure employment and most of us found jobs even before we'd left the campus. Some decided to stay on for an M.Phil and a few others chose to prepare for the IAS exam. 

Here's the deal: if you're talented, lucky and patient / persistent, the chances of you finding something good (financially) are quite high. What is 'good'? Good can go up to a starting salary of 50-60k per month. Of course, this is more for people who come into the course with some work experience beforehand, but even freshers stand a chance of beginning their careers at anywhere between 25k - 60k. Don't quote me on this, though; this is only based on my experience so far (just under 3 years after completing the course).

Note: Your internships WILL count, so choose your organisations wisely. Not just on the basis of their brand or reputation OR location, but on the basis of the experience you will be able to gain from them.

Job-wise, pay might be more for those with technical skill-sets, to a certain degree. A specialisation in GIS and Supply Chain Management will likely increase your market worth as compared to say a concentration in psycho-social welfare or conflict. However, a lot of think-tanks will need specialists in niche areas, so you must not discard those latter ones entirely, as viable options.

While I won't disclose details, I can tell you that my first salary as a contractual disaster management professional - no prior work experience - was enough for me to comfortably move to another state, live, eat and travel there and still have some money left over till the next month's payday. After working for over a year, I joined a Fellowship which cut my salary from the previous job in half - lesser, actually. But six months later, I joined another organisation in the social sector which has NOTHING to do with disaster management, and received a salary which was a few thousand above my first salary; in 6 months; time, I got another raise (the advantage of being a contractual employee in the social sector is, if your employers want to renew your contract, you can mostly negotiate a higher salary than before - note the use of the word 'mostly' instead of 'always'). 

The point here is, in the end, it's not just the course; the brand matters a lot too. TISS, fortunately, enjoys a very good reputation in India as well as in many places abroad.

So, even if you choose to diversify and move away from core disaster management in your work, you will always be able to find reasonably decent employment on the basis of your time at TISS. After a few years, though, it becomes less about where you studied, and more about where you've worked.

Hope this helps!


thanxs it really cleared my doubts

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Hi... My MAT May 2015 score is 85.14 with no work experience. I would like to do MBA in Oil and Gas Management. I doubt if there are seats still left in this discipline. Also what is the package and placement in MBA Oil and Gas? 


Cap rounds _ mhcet mms -2012-2014

Hi All, CAP ROUNDS - I have started. Go to your candidate login and you will see status. @Seniors: I got an all India...


CFA L2 june 2015

Registration for June 2015 level 2 has started, it is a good time to plan for and start studies keeping a target date...

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Hey guys,

Does anyone have Kaplan Schweser CFA Level 2 2015 fixed income videos, please mail me at pradipsolanke.ps@gmail.com. It will be great help buds. Love and Peace

  • no kaplan schweser... 2d.
  • Harsh if you arif's Fixed income can you you please mail me. 1d.
Raghav Garg @raghavkgarg

Harsh if you arif's Fixed income can you you please mail me

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(2015-17) Iilm gsm 10lakhs after scholarship is it worth going in terms of return on investment plz suggest (considering the fact that student has to crack the interview)...

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  • @clestial : Hey, I am an alumni from IILM. You will get.... 1d.
nazia @nazia_sabeeh 27

@clestial : Hey, I am an alumni from IILM. 

You will get good global exposure in the foreign tour, also the curriculum at IILM is from Harvard, you will get community experience and also the learning in the career track.

I would love to tell you about the residential campus at IILM has been ranked the best residential award by NDTV, vibrant campus life is like home away from home.

You will experience the difference when you will visit the campus.

Return on Investment is high because you will get 100% placement assistance from the college also good global exposure in terms of knowledge, learning. 

Go and grab it!


An IILM alumni


One year MBA Rankings !

The one year MBA in India has come out of the nascent stage... Now is the time to have a ranking for one year MBA pro...

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Currently i am working in a IT company but had done my BTech in Mechanical Engineering. Have 5 yrs work experience in IT. But now i want to change my career profile into Energy Sector. I am aspiring to do an MBA specific to energy management.

Please suggest if i would be able do the switch after completing MBA.

Will it be a wise choice to do this switch taking career leap into consideration.

12 people answered this question.
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[2015-2017] NMIMS CD/PI Preparation Thread

This thread is for preparation of *Case Discussion/Personal Interview* starting from 11th February, 2015 to 24th Febr...


TamilNadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET) 2014

Hi PuYs.,TANCET registrations have been started and you can either register Online or at Anna university Campus - Che...

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how much score should i need in tancet 2015 to get into MBA in Anna or madras university. and my category is ST. reply asap...

  • Last year for ST category it was 30 to get into DOMS-MU.a.... 2d.

Last year for ST category it was 30 to get into DOMS-MU.all the best.



how many of you filled form of MPPSC

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What is expected date for mppsc 2013 mains result to be declared?

  • Unpredictable. 2d.
  • Ohhh...k...any idea about cutoff?. 2d.


AFCAT- Air Force CAT

Hello everyone, I know AFCAT has nothing to do with MBA but i'm not able find out info about this. I apologize if i h...

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anyone with AFSB on June 8th at AFSB mysore? 

  • hey ,, i have it on 8th june at mysore ,,, lets get in to.... 2d.
sanchit kumar @sanchit.k.garg

hey ,, i have it on 8th june at mysore ,,, lets get in touch ,,, mail me ur contact details at "sanchit.k.garg@gmail.com

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Hello aspirants,

This is a thread to address your queries related to admissions for the session 2014-15 to Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. I am a part of current batch and would try to address all your queries related to ACJ on this thread.

Admission link is up for 2014-15 @


Jayaa M
ACJ [Batch of 2013-14]
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  • About the scholarship, I think that's enough. Anyway if y.... 3d.
  • The results are out and i am in for the interview. So, I .... 2d.
Narayanan S @narayanan723 2

About the scholarship, I think that's enough. Anyway if you are called for the interview, tell them that you want the scholarship. And about the qualification, I can't see you not getting through if your numbers are correct.

process instance @nishantrangari 29

The results are out and i am in for the interview. So, I should bring out this scholarship issue during interview? I have left my job and have no savings, Also, there are no banks that provide loan for ACJ, being a private institute and not recognized by UGC. Do you know any guy/gal from your batch who received scholarship?  I am quite desperate to get into ACJ this year! 

Thanks in advance!


IPU CET 2011 Results And Counselling

hi i am a dumb ass who gave ip uni cet for mba 2011... got rank 1991 can you tell me if it's a good idea to join? wha...

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Do we need to shoe CET scorecard during J&K counselling.?

I have not received that yet

  • For DTE process ?. 3d.
  • I am not sure that I will receive my score card as in my .... 3d.

I am not sure that I will receive my score card as in my admit card communication address was wrongly printed.


IIBS - Banglore / Noida / Kolkatta

hey puys im jus wanting a lil suggestion bout this college.. has anyone heard of it or got a call from here ? the fee...

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can anyone just guide me about iibs noida campus???i have heard that the bangalore campus is good,bt hv no idea about the noida cmpus...can some1 plz tell me about its placements,campus and all

  • Both campus are good, If you wants to know about the plac.... 3d.
abhishek bharati @abhishekbharati

Both campus are good, If you wants to know about the placement I will say that IIBS provide 100

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This year's placement record seems to be good about ADMIS. the details are also available on website. I think institute is taking lots of endeavour for students corporate exposure. faculty seems to be very cooperative and enthusiastic. I think the growth is there.