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Guys...i have a mediclaim policy. It expires in feb 2016 though. Plan to get it renewed post that.

Will this do for nm or will I hav to apply for one that is valid till the course ends ?

Kindly help

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Hi guys, im new here and also new to the concept of IPU.

My Rank in CET 2015, CODE-101 MBA was 2283 in SC.

I know its not that good but what colleges can i possibly apply to and I also need help on how to apply and what is the selection criteria. Is the rank enough or they have some kind of GD/PI for selecting a candidate. Please let me know ASAP. 

Thanks in Advance


CFA L2 june 2015

Registration for June 2015 level 2 has started, it is a good time to plan for and start studies keeping a target date...

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Hey guys,

Does anyone have Kaplan Schweser CFA Level 2 2015 fixed income videos, please mail me at pradipsolanke.ps@gmail.com. It will be great help buds. Love and Peace

  • do u want of arif irfanullah.. 15h.
  • no kaplan schweser... 5h.


AFCAT- Air Force CAT

Hello everyone, I know AFCAT has nothing to do with MBA but i'm not able find out info about this. I apologize if i h...

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anyone with AFSB on June 8th at AFSB mysore? 

  • hey ,, i have it on 8th june at mysore ,,, lets get in to.... 5h.
sanchit kumar @sanchit.k.garg

hey ,, i have it on 8th june at mysore ,,, lets get in touch ,,, mail me ur contact details at "sanchit.k.garg@gmail.com

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Hello aspirants,

This is a thread to address your queries related to admissions for the session 2014-15 to Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. I am a part of current batch and would try to address all your queries related to ACJ on this thread.

Admission link is up for 2014-15 @


Jayaa M
ACJ [Batch of 2013-14]
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  • About the scholarship, I think that's enough. Anyway if y.... 11h.
  • The results are out and i am in for the interview. So, I .... 6h.
Narayanan S @narayanan723 2

About the scholarship, I think that's enough. Anyway if you are called for the interview, tell them that you want the scholarship. And about the qualification, I can't see you not getting through if your numbers are correct.

process instance @nishantrangari 29

The results are out and i am in for the interview. So, I should bring out this scholarship issue during interview? I have left my job and have no savings, Also, there are no banks that provide loan for ACJ, being a private institute and not recognized by UGC. Do you know any guy/gal from your batch who received scholarship?  I am quite desperate to get into ACJ this year! 

Thanks in advance!


IPU CET 2011 Results And Counselling

hi i am a dumb ass who gave ip uni cet for mba 2011... got rank 1991 can you tell me if it's a good idea to join? wha...

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how many of you filled form of MPPSC

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what would be the expected cut off for mppsc pre 2014  ?? 

  • Cutoff will be around 275. 10h.
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can any1 tell me .. is TISS is a good option for doing M.A. in DM?

  • You joined the course?. 14h.
  • yes. 13h.
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Do we need to shoe CET scorecard during J&K counselling.?

I have not received that yet

  • For DTE process ?. 15h.
  • I am not sure that I will receive my score card as in my .... 15h.

I am not sure that I will receive my score card as in my admit card communication address was wrongly printed.


IIBS - Banglore / Noida / Kolkatta

hey puys im jus wanting a lil suggestion bout this college.. has anyone heard of it or got a call from here ? the fee...

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can anyone just guide me about iibs noida campus???i have heard that the bangalore campus is good,bt hv no idea about the noida cmpus...can some1 plz tell me about its placements,campus and all

  • Both campus are good, If you wants to know about the plac.... 1d.
abhishek bharati @abhishekbharati

Both campus are good, If you wants to know about the placement I will say that IIBS provide 100


[Official] 2015-17 XLRI GDPI Experiences Thread HRM/BM/Global MBA

Post your experiences here in the following format : Your profile : X XII UG PG(if applicable) Work ex: organi...

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Expect the unexpected in a Personal Interview

March 11th, Afternoon slot, BM /GM

XLRI Jamshedpur

XAT:- 97.13 GK:- 7.5

UG:- 7.58 (B.Tech & M.Tech, Mechanical Engg., IITKGP)

GD Topic- Globalization promotes economic group but wipes out cultures. Only 4 out of 9 present. Our GD was ended after 20 min.

PI - Three professors, same power seating arrangement, senior most Prof. Madhukar Shukla in middle, right side Dr. Supriya K D (Phd -IITKGP) and a lady on the left seat, whom I could not recognize in faculty directory.

SKD - You have almost come to your Alma matter.

Me - Yes, sir. That's correct. (My XIIth College is near XLRI).

SKD - What course did you pursue at IIT.

Me - B.Tech in Mechanical engineering and M.Tech in Manufacturing Systems engineering. It was a dual degree course five year duration. 

MS - What did you think about the GD?

Me- It could have been better with a couple of more participants. But the lack of ideas and also a clear direction was persistent during the GD. We discussed a lot on human nature and subsequent effect of globalization on culture, but how the globalization promotes economic groups was an area that we failed to elaborate more.

MS - Give me an example of how globalization affects culture?

Me - As we discussed, the globalization is the process of exchange of world views, ideas and other aspect of culture, it paves way for cultural evolution or transformation. Some salient features are transferred from one individual to another. We can look at example of our IT workforce living in US or Europe and see there is remarkable difference in their habit of complying with public space etiquette, but here in India we fail to maintain same level of etiquette or cleanliness in public places for that matter.

MS - I think you had raised this point during GD, did you feel that this example was not given due recognition and that you had to state it again to make a point.

Me - No its not like that. It is just that it strongly relates to our culture and the recent change that is being sought to bring in Indian Culture.

SKD - Tell me the nature of job you performed at your company.

Me - Told that it was in mechanical maintenance at first then project lead for the rest of period.

MS - Your job location was?

Me - Gujarat and Mumbai respectively.

SKD - Tell me the name of some kind of breaks that automobile use?

Me - Disc and Drum brakes, the only two that I could come up with. Explained Disc brakes origin and initial use and subsequent adoption in bikes and luxury cars.

I was glad he did not ask me the mechanics of it.

SKD - Can you tell me the name of one company that makes any of these kinds of brake?

Me - Sorry, I cannot recollect.

LP - Can you state one instance where you had an argument with?

Me - I fought fiercely with a team of logistics people and the matter was escalated to project site leadership. It took some streamlining in the logistics process and that had actually made everyone's' life much easier.

LP - Can you give me an example wherein you would not like to hire an Indian national?

Me - (Repeating the question), do you want me to answer this?

LP - Yes I do.

Me - Can you give me some pointer as in which area of expertise?

LP - No, That's what I am asking you.

Me - Ok, Let just say that work which demands strict professional conduct from individuals is an area where we lack serious attitude.

LP - I am asking for one particular example.

Me - sorry sir I cannot think of a specific area.

SKD - You know recently there was this ban from government on some kind of broadcasting ... was the ban justified?

Me - No, Sir. The ban was not the right reaction from the government. First of all, it is in the human nature to do the very thing we are asked not to do; so the ban prompted us to watch, share and discuss vigorously. If GoI thought that broadcasting ban would restrict the citizens in this digital era, then they were clearly wrong. Other thing is that GoI has a control in India, but what about other countries? Other countries can broadcast the same at will, maligning image of India as feared by government.

MS - But, you know the instance where an Indian student was denied the opportunity for studying, citing the reason that an Indian male would not respect women colleagues present in his group.

Me - Yes, sir. That is very unfortunate and was based on misguided impression that was created by ignorance of the real issue.

MS - But these things are happening in India, right? That's the reason why they are having such impression of Indian people as a whole.

Me - Quite right, Sir. But you remember the recent incident in Australia where Indian woman was followed and stabbed. Situation is bad everywhere, it is just that we got the more negative publicity, subsequent to documentary broadcasting ban.

SKD - Yeah but there would be no documentary on the woman that was stabbed, but the real issue that we are facing now is of bad publicity. How do you think that government should have acted?

Me - Firstly, the knee jerk reaction of banning the broadcasting could have been avoided, and collective public demonstrations the kind of which are organized during election campaigning....or candle light march ...

MS - Candle light march had already been done sometime after the incident. This would not solve the negativity that has recently spread all over?

Me - Let me finish this, suppose we organize a candle light march at India gate, publicly condemning the statements of accused and show our solidarity with strength, against the people who harbor such mentality. Let the world know that we do not conform to that mentality and certainly not approve of anyone with such backwardness in thought. People who are gripped with such crude mentality would come to know that they are against a mighty majority that does not approve of their concept of society; and that would send a strong signal to everyone that we are not some intellectually backward mass.

MS - Ok, Thank you.

Everyone nodded, greeted.

Again a short and sweet XLRI interview, I could not make much from their attitude and the kind of question that was asked. it was surprising that not a single MBA rhetoric question was asked. So its best to be prepared that you will be asked anything and even the most unexpected questions.

Also carry a note pad to the GD, it helps in giving a psychological boost that you are prepared and for the practical purpose that you can note down anything which you might want to counter later on.

Final Verdict - Not converted.  ( I guess, I was right in questioning the short and sweet part originally, as both XL interviews turned out to be dud. If I would have known it during the second time, I would have stormed out of interview.)

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  • wow ~! :grin:. 1d.
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This year's placement record seems to be good about ADMIS. the details are also available on website. I think institute is taking lots of endeavour for students corporate exposure. faculty seems to be very cooperative and enthusiastic. I think the growth is there.


JBIMS GA PA WAT experiences 2015-2017

Please share your GA WAT PI experiences here

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Had a Really vague PI . All the best to all the hopefuls :) 

May the most deserving get a seat :) 

  • What did they ask?. 1d.
UDT captain 2014  


IILM Gurgaon & Lodhi Road 2011 batch

Hi, This thread is for students who are joining IILM Gurgaon or Lodhi Road Campuses for session 2011 - 13. I also inv...


MBA thru kashmiri quota

hello everyone...am a km and an apiring mba student.....i have created this thread so that i can get an idea about th...

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Hi everbody..can anyone tell me abt the institutions offering mba in hospital management or healthcare management and/or administration under the migrant quota...thanks in advance !

  • Yes it does have..but for tiss it would be now for next y.... 2d.
  • Ab to I guess sab next year hi hoga. This year admissions.... 2d.

Yes it does have..but for tiss it would be now for next year's session...apart from tiss anyother?  Heard gndu has the quota..but I'm skeptical regarding its placements...

Vipin Raina @chippycool2001 655

Ab to I guess sab next year hi hoga. This year admissions over at most of the places.


[2013-2015] SICSR MBA/MSc Admission Queries

Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR) established in 1985, is a reputed educational institute ...

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i belong to general category .I have got set score 82 and 80 percent in 12th what are the chances for BCA in SICR Pune 

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I am a dentist with 1 yr experience of working in a govt. Set up.do l still hv to take the qualifying exams and sit for the gd and pi.

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Can you please tell me the difference between Ms Ramaiah Institute of Managemnet and Ms Ramaiah Academy of Management

Actually i have taken addmission via skype interview.. Do i am having confusion regarding this matter.. So if you olease help me then it will be very good for me!

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Asia pacific institute of management,delhi is a worthless institute .......don't join the institute.

Suprovo. :grab:

  • pls tell me why its worthless because it is shoeing 40th .... 5d.

pls tell me why its worthless because it is shoeing 40th rank in INDIA today survey with 100% placement record.Please suggest me because i am planning to take admission in this.......