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Good CFA coaching institute in delhi or Gurgaon...(preferably weekend batch)..??

  • looks like they are for CFA June exam.. I was looking for.... 09 Sep.
  • Hi Neha, i am Neha from Profit Shastra, a CFA coaching in.... 21h.
Srikant Kumar @Improver 338

looks like they are for CFA June exam.. I was looking for CFA dec L1 exam though... 


Hi Neha, i am Neha from Profit Shastra, a CFA coaching institute based out of Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. Our Delhi institute is in Haus Khas. We have classes on Saturday/sunday. Our success rate has been consistetly 80% wih job assistance. We have been given 5 star rating on Just Dial by students. Please provide your contact number and email ID or you can reach me on 9654317066 or email me at profitshastra@nwscglobal.com. Thanks


FMS - Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur Admission 2012 - Queries

For all those aspirants who are interested to join FMS - Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur. Please ask your queri...

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Is it necessary to have a undergraduate degree in medical fields to study MBA in hospital & healthcare management?

P.S:I am maths hons.So i am in a dillema whether to go for the course or not.Please help!!!


Synonymous/Antonymous+Spell Check

The purpose of this thread is to add new words on daily basis so that ....we can solve painful verbal vocabulary ques...

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asylum meaning

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Quote of the Day! - Albert Einstein 

Timeline Photos - Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development (INLEAD) | Facebook
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Re-takes for nmat??

Do I need to register for all the re-takes before 5th oct(last date of registration for nmat-2016) or I can register...

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"Coming from a small Village of Manipur, an easternmost state of the country I always wanted to go for my higher education to a metro city and I am proud that I made the perfect choice to be at IIBS. From an average student to a proficient professional taking on new challenging assignments almost every day, IIBS has completely transformed my personality during my two years of academic pursuit in IIBS and has given wings to my dreams with infinite courage, infinite zeal and infinite energy to face the music of the so called ruthless corporate world. 


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Please let me know about your academic credentials. I can comment after that about the scholarship you may be eligible for.



IILM Alumni

Nazia IILM Gurgaon, 2009-11


CFA L2 june 2015

Registration for June 2015 level 2 has started, it is a good time to plan for and start studies keeping a target date...

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Hello mates,

Anybody has the PDF version of level 2 CFA curriculum, Vitalsource sucks you know Also I am looikng for Arif videos for level 2, 2015

  • I have the arif videos. 23 Feb.
  • want cfa l2 material ? willing to share ?. 25 Sep.
Kavisha Maheshwary @kavi1989 9

I have the arif videos

Kanishk Jain @kanishk_jn

want cfa l2 material ? willing to share ?

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Want to know about some coaching institutes for GMAT in delhi or Gurgaon. Looking for the ones,which give you personal attention or atleast we can clear our doubts. Usually they just explain the basic concepts and provide you materials. It is not good enough. Please guys,give your feedback. 



how many of you filled form of MPPSC


MICAT : Essay and Creative Writing

*Dear MICAT aspirants as you all are aware of one of the most important section in MICAT ie **Essay and Creative Writ...

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The story of how I cracked MICA paper last year.

Daily I used to receive a lot of messages in inbox of my FB account that how I prepared for MICA last year. MICA was my dream college and I also more people to achieve their dream as well, so in this post I will try to explain how last year I went through it. And one more request please ignore grammar or spell mistakes as I typed very Hastily for this Long Post. But this post will tell you detailing of all sections of MICAT paper.

First tip from my personal side: To cook MICA dish, first you have gulp a chill pill. Keep calm and smooth mind. Forget about sectional cut-off's and all, its like whatever you know just scrap it on OMR. It's that simple. NoBody Knows if there is any sectional in MICA is there or not, but on better note you should attempt at best of your level in each section. Let's go in one by one approach for all sections.

Part 1: Writing. (35 minutes)

First of all DON'T TAKE THIS SECTION FOR GRANTED. I have personally seen many CAT Toppers of around (97-99% zone couldn't got MICA call, I could only surmise may be due to this section, this part is VERY VERY IMPORTANT TO GET MICA CALL)

In this two type of questions are always asked.

(1) You are provided with a statement, like 'blah blah state of my mind during exam is unethical'. You have to write for to and against and an article with lurking heaving on only one instant (either to or against, not both otherwise be ready for zero marks in it).

Best time limit( 15 - 20 min.)

I would recommend everyone to practice at least 8-9 topics (Chosen randomly by you) before exam. Before rushing directly into writing I rather suggest to collect some thoughts and then weave it into structure. Don't go into BANAL details. Write only TO THE POINT. The main hurdle in this section is to maintain the time limit. So with proper practice of 8-10 topics, gain some momentum and rock the world.

(2) You would be given a picture or a set of visual pictures to draw a story on it. Last year before two weeks of my exam I randomly asked 5-6 things from my few friend and taking 10 - 15 minute to try forming story on it. And get your story rated by them as well. Remember one thing in story telling don't try to drag those pictures in story but actually make use of all visual to get a beautiful message or cover any aspect of life from it. For instance take anything, we say Salmaan Khan, Einstine, Phones, Trees, and Man Booker prize, all I taken these five things random. Now my advice to all of you is to form a story by putting each one in some particular sequence and get them review it by your friends, only in this way you can enhance TIME MANAGEMENT for this section.

Time to beat :10-15 Minute (it is smoothly achievable if practice and exercise your mind before hand). AND REMEMBER AS PER MY EXPERIENCE YOU GO GOOD IN THIS SECTION HALF OF YOUR BATTLE ALREADY WON. Let's move on to

Part 2 : MICAT Objectives:

Due to its length people consider this paper as a monster, but ask whoever gave MICAT paper that this is the most chilled paper they ever saw in life. It's like beer. This paper is further ramified in many sections.

(1) Psychometric test: It is again my personal advice is to attempt it quickly and get rid of this. THIS SECTION CARRIES NO MARKS BUT YOU HAVE TO ATTEMPT ALL QUESTIONS OTHERWISE YOU PAPER WILL NOT BE EVALUATED. Hence it is hardly a matter of 20-25 minutes but everybody has to do it so please don't weep for time into middle of this section and finish. This section is just like Halwa-Puri, why I am calling it by this name you will know once you attempt it.[ PLEASE ENSURE IN IT THAT YOU HAVEN'T LEFT ANY QUESTION].

(2)Quant: Those who have weak heart in QA, please do not afraid, I am also the one among from you. Last time we had around 30 questions in Maths. Some of them (around 5-8) were more tougher than XAT/CAT type questions but 15-20 range were solvable. THESE QUESTIONS MAY LOOK VERY BIG IN THEIR LENGTH BUT ONCE YOU READ IT A SMALL CONCEPT COULD BE ENOUGH TO SOLVE IT. I attempted 15. Try to look for sitters they must be there and don't loose your faith inside you IF IT IS TOUGH THEN TOUGH FOR ALL. Even I was very worried in this last year. But when I easily found 12-14 sitters (MAT or little higher than MAT types) scattered in it. So even you are bad in Math, Just brush up basic concepts of MATH and you will be able to solve it.

Some people tell me that they are full prep to leave this section. ADVICE : Don't do that: Give some time to it and solve as many as you can. [also don't go with notion of attempting 15 question this time, it depends from paper to paper, so you never know, it is just from my previous year experience].

(3) Word Association: I had seen people going irrelevantly on various sites and cursing themselves for wrong attempts. For this I would say: WAIT: TAKE A DEEP BREATH. What I did last year I took 3-4 MICA previous papers and solved all such types. Always I used to get 4-5 correct out of 15. But then try to understand the psychology of these questions from those 45 word associations from 3 papers, I can bet on it that it will work. Give some time for those 45 word associations to identify the hidden underlying patterns. MICA won't ask stupid synonyms or antonyms, like other exams, it seeks relations, for instance : Nail could be related to tooth (Tooth nail), wall, to beat something (Like I nailed the exam), or the relation could be anything like city, person, nickname, usage, or any popular nothing. In final exam Mark only those once where you are sure and shot sure. Don't apply tukka technique on these ones.

(4) Visual puzzle : Around 10 questions we had last year on it. I was able to solve 9. Go with flow and if hardliner comes, chuck it and go ahead, 7-9 will be a good attempt and they were not difficult as rocket science.

(5)Verbal: If you mingle your passage reading time with full concentration, this section might prove boon to you. Last year, though passage were little heavy read (not tough read), but with full attention, direct answers could be worked out. (Not like CAT, where all four answers resemble very close). Rest it depends on your reading, I almost attempted all questions in this one. And trust me this won't be a hurdle or I would say most scoring section of entire paper.

(6)GK: People would say here comes devil: No! MICA always asks most refreshing GK from all perspectives of life. Here is the snapshot of what I did for GK last year :

(i)Cover all sort of popular awards (focus on filmy awards like Oscar for most categories, Dada Saheb Phalke, don't start doing time pass on Filmfare and stardust, but on Grammy, Emmy etc.)

(ii) Most popular books and their authors (Like Man Booker Prize, Pulitzer, Indian winners, Recently released books on celebs or popular once, famous authors and their background like once they asked common relation among Amish Tripathy, Bhagat and Sanghi; Answer was all are MBA Graduates, Controversial books like 'The satanic verses', books which are translated into movies etc.).

(iii)Go into your childhood (Or go on you-tube for most popular advertisement: Like Amul, Limca, Cadbury, coke etc.) and find the media agencies for their add campaign. For example, O&M, Low Lintas, Leo-burnette, Dacunha and dig more deeper. Go for popular ads (as very short time is there now).

(iv):Get some info of media houses : Like TV18 network, Viocon, ABP, NDTV ( ?It's full form ?), India TV and associated channels with them.

(v)Some brands info : Like Dettol is by Reckit Benchiser, Nestle products or go for the next two weeks with whatever comes in your hand.

(vi)Some latest happening which in normal MBA language is called current affairs, don't go into boring ones.

(vii)Some logos, like cars, Apple, IBM, Nokia, or anything you could remember.

(viii)Taglines of cars, airlines, and all.

(ix)Noble prize, Ramon Magsaysay,Bharat Ratna etc.

(x) Rest general GK which always depends on you luck but trust MICA will test again very interesting things on this once so don't panic on it.

Last not the least: for MICA, you should a passion like fire inside you. 99% things in MICA for admission are admitted just only of craziness for it. Best of luck to all. Any queries if you have I would love to answer. By the way I am not MICA student, but I converted it last year here you can read little about me:


And I am not giving any exam anymore, so please don't ask any MBA related philosophy

Easy things are easy if crazy for them, but they are not easy of lazy for them. Be Insanely different.

Disclaimer : All above said things were based on my last year experience so don't declare a fatwa again me if MICA put cheese instead of butter in your path just to check to give a twist.

Badaaa waala good luck to all.

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  • Thanks for your effort for giving a clear idea on mica ex.... 27 Aug.
  • thanks. 23 Sep.
guna borra @GUNA17

Thanks for your effort for giving a clear idea on mica exam...

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I got selected for the UPES Program but i am not able to decide between Port and Shipping Or Oil and Gas Mgt. I have done my Mech (BE) and 2 years Exp as Production Supervisor which program would  u suggest ? 

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Guys Just dont trust Fostiima if they ask you to submit the registration fee and tell you that they will refund it if you will not join the college.. they haven't refunded 15k i.e the registration fee of many students and said that it was replenished in taking interview and test of the student. 


institute to do mba

Which are the best Institutes in India to pursue MBA?


AFCAT- Air Force CAT

Hello everyone, I know AFCAT has nothing to do with MBA but i'm not able find out info about this. I apologize if i h...

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i have a doubt... do the marks of afcat have any significance later in the recruitment??? like during ssb??

  • @billipro why sbi po is better than ibps po?. 22 Sep.
Those who have succeeded at anything and don't mention luck are kidding themselves. Bazinga!!  
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I took AIMA mat sep2015. and got 659.5 score. I have opted Christ University as an option among five colleges during form fill up. I want to know that whether i'll get a call from Christ or I need to apply additionally. Also, I want to know about the micro-presentation round. Do I need to prepare for it from the previous topics or they will give us some topics for practice? please reply asap....