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IIFT GDPI Discussion 2015-17

Hi Puys, The results of the IIFT exam 2012 have been declared. Here's the link - http://cc.iift.ac.in/docs/i...

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Hi , anyone from Mumbai shortlisted for the GD WAT PI Stage ? 

  • National park wud b good. Morning time, say what?. 26m.
  • Saturday mrg 7.30 to 9?. 11m.

National park wud b good. Morning time, say what?

rijal kadakia @rijalk 1

Saturday mrg 7.30 to 9?

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how to start revising for XAT, folks? feel like having lost the touch after CAT which topics to specifically focus on? would CAT prep suffice?

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  • @harshcat91 can we expect lr sets in DM?. 14m.
  • @abd7 I can say ignore but at least do the past types li.... 12m.
15 months of slog ends sadly. Maybe it takes more than just sleepless nights. Batameez dil maanena  
Bunny . @abd7 1,026

@harshcat91 can we expect lr sets in DM? 

HV S @harshcat91 3,828

I can say ignore but at least do the past types like coin, basic

josephus circle, and few others wont take more than 1-2 hour to understand the concept which used to appear in past .

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Black n white confirmation page is okay right?

  • haan bhai ... bhej do jaldi .... marksheets (grad + 10/12.... 13h.
  • k. 16m.
Frank Abegnale @avatar27 590

haan bhai ... bhej do jaldi .... marksheets (grad + 10/12) + confirmation page

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I dont know if this is the right forum to ask this but still will go ahead.

I had incorrectly marked one bubble while filing up my roll no.. Upon instructions of the invigilator, i struck off the incorrectly marked bubble and marked the correct bubble again. Will this cause a problem in assessing my OMR sheet?

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Hi there i want to can a mechanical engineer apply for this program?currently I am working as sales engineer with 6 months experience  

  • *i want to know :sweat smile:. 29m.
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I used sbi debit card as a payment option and i didn't save the transaction confirmation proof...I don't use net banking how do i get this transaction confirmation proof?is it the journal number or something ?Someone plz help

  • Yes Pranjal, that would do.. 52m.
  • thanks a lot :smiley:. 50m.


xat 2015 verbal and essay discussion

Puys and pirls. Let's not stop our prep only at DM and Quant's. Let's take it forward for verbal and essay too!! Cheers

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where can i get fact, reason, conclusion and proposition type of questions?

  • @atshy21saraf ... and a bunch of people all waiting for a.... 4d.
  • Someone pls answer it ...desperately in need of such ques.... 1h.
Dr Acula @kittuboy 1,655

@atshy21saraf ... and a bunch of people all waiting for an answer to the question. Yes.

Itachi Uchiha @D.Uchiha 26

Someone pls answer it ...desperately in need of such ques to practice;recently gave one XAT mock, all such Qs wrong, devastated!!!


XAT DM Thread

Hi Puys & Pirls!! With approximately a month left for XAT 2014-15 its time to get cracking with XAT DM about which mo...

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Ethical -a person is called unethical, when he deviates from principles. The principles and their use is often guided by two definitions: Moral: society's code for individual survival Ethics: An individual's code for society survival Naresh was a small time civil contractor in a small city. His major clients were the residents who wanted adhoc work like painting, building extensions to be done. His just prices had made him a preferred contractor for most of the clients who preferred him over other civil contractors. Always he followed the principle that client had to be kept happy-only by doing so it would be a win-win situation for both. However due to the unpredictability of such orders from residents, Naresh used to be idle for substantial part of the year. As a consequence, he could not expand his business. His two children were growing up and his existing business could not support their expenses. The medical expense of his elderly parents was another drain on his resources. The constant rise of prices in medical care and medicines was another issue. For Naresh, family's concern was predominant. Naresh was, therefore, under pressure to expand his business. He was the sole earning member of his family, and he had to ensure their well being. He thought that by expanding his business, not only would he be able to care for his family in a better way, as well as offer employment to more number of masons and labourers. That would benefit their families as well. Naresh drew the boundary of his society to include himself, his family members, his employees and their family members. For expansion, the only option in the city was to enlist as a contractor for government work. Before deciding, he sought advice from another contractor, Srikumar, who had been working on government projects for a long period of time. Srikumar followed the principle of always helping others, because he believed that he would be helped back in return some day. Srikumar had just one advice "The work is given to those who will win the bidding process and at the same time will give the maximum bribe. Prices quoted for work have to include bribes, else the bills will not get cleared and the supervisors will find multiple faults with the execution of work. This ensures survival and prosperity for contractors".When asked about other contractors, Srikumar said "The government contractors are like a microsociety in themselves, almost like a brotherhood. Within that, they are highly competitive; however towards any external threat they are united to ensure no harm happens to any of their members".

Naresh decided to work as a government contractor. Following Srikumar's advice, he inflated the prices so that he could pay the bribes out of the bills received.

(a)Naresh is now totally unethical.

(b)Naresh cannot be called totally ethical.

(c)Naresh can be called ethical when it suits him. (d)Naresh is ethical to some extent.

(e)Naresh is being totally ethical.

14 people answered this question.
hope is a good thing and a good thing never dies. Is it true....I hope so.2014 ???  
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MAT sep 2014 - 94.8 % .

1 year work ex at a bank. and some internships and lots of cultural certificates and awards .final year of graduation. aggregate till now is 76%. any chance?

  • thanks alot!! :smiley:. 13 Dec.
  • yup u can easily get selected if you do well in grp discu.... 4h.
Prabhat Dhulipudi @pebbby 30

yup u can easily get selected if you do well in grp discussion and micro presentation

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Plz kindly help. Luckily Today i registered for SCMHRD - IM course.

But i paid twice for the same course. First time money got debited and error shown. Second time my payment got succeeded and i submitted the application. Will i get the refund ?? wat to do now ??

  • no. you will get a thank you email. :stuck out tongue: .... 9h.
  • Thanks a lot. 9h.
Kaushik Dutta @serious-sam 141

no. you will get a thank you email.

On a serious note, send them a mail with the transaction note. I found them very helpful. They'll definitely help you out.

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I have registered for siib but was not able to make payment. Is there anyway to do it now ? 

  • Ohh okay !. 10h.

35 NMIMS Bangalore

[Official][2015-17]NMIMS Bengaluru Admission Queries

Hi Puys, The notification for NMAT 2015 is out and the last date to register is 24th September,2014. The details can ...



how many of you filled form of MPPSC

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how r u ppl choosing subjects for mains...

  • sociology and pub ad. 19h.
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Hi Guys,Will MH-CET 2015 be enough for a non Maharashtra applicant for jbims??I am a fresher in this arena...So can some one suggest how many months of preparation would be enough??I have a fairly good academic record and around 18 months of work experience.Any chances if I start my prep now(n m currently working)..Will have to take out time for studying...:-):-P

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  • @mahaasagar how about the cut offs range for the call for.... 1d.
  • Now there is nothing like maharashtrian and non-maharasht.... 23h.
Tejas H @tejas.h 10

@mahaasagar how about the cut offs range for the call for a non-maharashtra candidate?

Sagar Nikam @mahaasagar 339

Now there is nothing like maharashtrian and non-maharashtrian. All of them will considered same. As per my guess, the cut off percentile may be around 99.

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is tcy working fine for u guys?..m not able to review the gk tests i took

  • i am not getting the percentile..and tcy is working for m.... 1d.
  • I didn't complete the last one. An educated guess would b.... 1d.
kanika sharma @kanika10sharma 1,046

i am not getting the percentile..and tcy is working for me abi i dnt know why

Kaushik Dutta @serious-sam 141

I didn't complete the last one. An educated guess would be around 95-97%. I got a 98.8% in the 5th with a score of 94.75. Given the less number of test takers, the percentiles are more or less consistent across all the mocks. 


SNAP 2015

What do I need to study for G.A?

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hey puys..i only applied for SIBM initially but then,i decided(after much dialogue with my friends) that SCHMRD was also a good bet..today's the last date for application i suppose..i've filed in all the details and done successful payment(received an email regarding that as well) but in the personal details section, there's this column where u tick the colleges and courses u wanna apply to....it wont let me select SCMHRD now..should i leave it like that?...any help would be much appreciated .

  • I am still confused about SCMHRD:P. 1d.
  • lol. 1d.


Marking Pattern

What if someone doesn't attempts the question?? Will that be considered as wrong answer and negative marks will be a...

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What if someone doesn't attempt the question in (SNAP/MAT/CMAT)  will that be considered as wrong answer and negative marks will be applied??