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XAT-Pack : Verbal, Quant, DM, GK-Essay discussion thread for XAT-2016. 1 month to go.

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Thread ka Subhaarambh karte h first question se.  

Jai shree Ganeshya namah.


Feathers is a skin lotion introduced in the market in 1985. The skin lotion was targeted at women between 15 and 30. Feathers had an attractive pink plastic container and had a stylish image. It became popular in the market overnight. Feathers was at first popular in the metros but soon acquired an all India presence. In a short time the product was able to garner 5% share in the national market. Feathers continued to maintain this share without any trouble from competitors for about 20 years. The product had undergone several changes in its composition and packaging several times over the years. It was made healthier and more user friendly with constant research and development assisted by new technologies. However, the company retained the basic look and feel of the product. The product remained the favourite of all women in the target group in all seasons. After 20 years of enjoying this popularity, in the year 2005 the sales of Feathers started declining. The company noticed a steady decline in the demand for some time and in 2007 decided to address the problem when Ernestina was made the brand manager. 

Ernestina’s first step was to change the packaging which she felt was somewhat out of tune with new self-reliant women. The ad agency for Feathers came out with an attractive new packing and ran a campaign to introduce the new packing. However, there were problems in the marketing set- up because most people were so used to the pink plastic bottles with a picture of a beautiful face with very pronounced features and the highly contrasted black lettering that they found it difficult to identify with the new packing. The new packaging with slightly larger fashionable bottles with the pictures of spring flowers and the red lettering had no effect on the sales. The decline in sales continued. Ernestina wondered whether the campaign was successful at all, whether people had noticed the change. She analysed the competition in the market. They were basically no threat to Feathers. All were newer than Feathers. Some of them had capitalised on the ‘herbal’, “natural’ aspects and sold at murderous prices. Others were cheaper and sold heavily. Feathers was always a premium and high quality product and cost at least 20% more than its nearest competitor and had made no major changes in the marketing strategy for the product over the years. The strategy was clearly not working any more. Ernestina wanted to desperately reverse the trend that Feathers was showing.

Which of the following would you say was the reason for the failure of Ernestina’s new look campaign?

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Hey folks...although there seem to be really few of us in the group...:D

Anyways, could anyone suggest a place to find practice questions on Decision Making for XAT??


what can be expected?

what is in the stores for this years exams


AFCAT- Air Force CAT

Hello everyone, I know AFCAT has nothing to do with MBA but i'm not able find out info about this. I apologize if i h...

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Verification of character and antecedents for Delhi residents ----clause given in call letter .What is meant by this?

  • if and when you clear SSB stage you will need a character.... 1d.
  • thanks mate good luck to you too. 6h.
nil desperandum  
Chandan Sharma @cdan94 9

if and when you clear SSB stage you will need a character check to make sure you haven't been prosecuted for illegal activites in the past or been arrested for the same. Don't worry about it now, just give the ssb your best shot! good luck!

Atticus Finch @ank.ja31 8

thanks mate good luck to you too



how many of you filled form of MPPSC

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any mp civil guy is here in this group.

  • @sarangsmart hello. 9h.
  • @sharmayogesh422 hello. 8h.


IBS mumbai batch (2011-13)

hi puys, this thread is for all those students, who would be joining IBS mumbai (2011-13) batch. It will be platform ...


IP univ MBA 2014-16


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please name the colleges in the order of ranking after USMS...

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Most of the students want to grab MBA degree as this degree holds lot of importance and respect. According to many students, if they complete their MBA degree then they will be getting a respectful job as well as a good position in an organization. Demand for management education is much more in metro cities because the students are much more focus on their careers.


  • i was looking forward to bimtech or iilm which is better. 09 Dec '14.
  • @nuppie : You can consider applying at IILM. They have fo.... 2d.
To apply in Unitedworld School of Business, please visit the website http://www.unitedworld.edu.in/ or you can contact at +91 9163165000 / +91 9033001243 .
nupandata ghosh @nuppie

i was looking forward to bimtech or iilm which is better

nazia @nazia_sabeeh 39

@nuppie : You can consider applying at IILM. They have foreign tour , curriculum from Harvard, Yale Universities, Faculty and Alumni Mentoring, faculty members with industry experience. 

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IILM is organising 'IILM Meetup' - an event to bring together the alumni and fellow batch mates to communicate and network with the current students of IILM. 

Meetup is planned to take place on 13th December from 5-8 pm at the Lodhi Road campus. 

As a B-School, we believe in building lifelong relationships by connecting students with college alumni. Your guidance and professional outlook can bring about a clarity of decision-making skills in students of IILM.

Nazia IILM Gurgaon, 2009-11
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Cheena Sharma (2009-11 Batch), Senior Analyst, KPMG


"IILM has been instrumental in my fundamental quest for the holy grail of management knowledge. It gave me a conducive learning environment and enriched platform to learn the basics, apply the principles and perform well in my professional life."

Nazia IILM Gurgaon, 2009-11
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Hey FolksThere is a new thread for 2016-18 admission queries. Any question related to the same, click on the below:


IILM Graduate School of Management : PGDM 2016-18 Admission Queries - PaGaLGuY
IILM Graduate School of Management : PGDM 2016-18 Admission Queries - PaGaLGuY
Read 15 posts, connect with 9 users. Advantages of study at IILM Graduate School of Management * Centrally located campus. * Safe and secure on-campus residences * Placements and internships with over 300 companies * Network of 7.000 well-placed Alumni * Full time faculty members with rich industry experience * Strong mentoring program by Faculty and Alumni * Merit cum scholarships and educational loans.


Nazia IILM Gurgaon, 2009-11
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PulkiMathur (2007-2009 batch), Manager-Digital SalesPublicitas Digital

"I had a wonderful time at GSM , learnt about various facets of business which has made my foundations strong in this highly competitive corporate jungle and made friends for life. The infrastructure at IGSM ensured that all of us remained updated with the latest in the business world. Miss those days at IGSM where learning was fun and the club activities made sure that other skills are developed in each one of us."

Nazia IILM Gurgaon, 2009-11
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Read 7 posts, connect with 2 users. students of PGDM went to Canada, Germany, Belgium, France For Foreign Study Program.


Nazia IILM Gurgaon, 2009-11



This discussion mainly focuses on the preparation related to CFA LEVEL 1 DECEMBER '15. Wish you all d best :smiley:

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  • Contact at digitalbookscenter@gmail.com. 2d.
@suchighosh02 3

Contact at digitalbookscenter@gmail.com


MBA thru kashmiri quota

hello everyone...am a km and an apiring mba student.....i have created this thread so that i can get an idea about th...

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Lets reunite

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  • JBIMS has a kashmiri quota ? @chippycool2001. 7d.
  • @AnjanRaina Yup, 1 seat.. 3d.
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