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Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it...

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Ive decided to apply to Nanyang, NUS and ISB Hyd this year for Fall '16 MBA.

My profile :

Pretty Decent Acads, Btech and 2.5 months work ex at present in May :

1> Vistaar Communications : 1 year (Sales & Marketing)

2> IBM : Apps Developer (1 years 6 months)

Need help in building up profile and writing the essays.

  • do u have 1 year specialized mba progs for.... 49m.
  • Yes. Will depend on your overall profile. Please mail us .... 2m.
*killin tym*  
samurai jack @rishabh1991 112 do u have 1 year specialized mba progs for ppl who have already cmpleted their mba?
ISB mantra 1,616

Yes. Will depend on your overall profile. Please mail us with the details. 

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If x, y, and z are integers and xy + z is an odd integer, is x an even integer?

(1) xy + xz is an even integer

(2) y + xz is an odd integer

  • 1.... 24 Apr.
  • The Answer is A or statement 1 is sufficient to answer th.... 23m. The secret of Life ,though,is to fall seven times and to get up eight times. 
Veritas Gurgaon @VeritasGurgaon 251

The Answer is A or statement 1 is sufficient to answer the question.

Given, x*y + z = odd. This means, x*y = even, and z = odd. Also, in another case, x*y= odd, and z= even. This implies that, when x*y= even, either x is odd, and y is even; and when x*y= odd, both x and y are odd.

Now, from statement 1, x*y + x*z = even, can only imply that x is even, and z is odd. The other condition gives x is odd, but implies that z= even, which negates the condition that is given in the question. Hence, this statement 1 is individually sufficient to answer the question.

Again, from statement 2,  y + x*z = odd and from the question, we get if y = even, then x = odd. And, if y = odd, x is even. Hence, no definite answer can be found from the statements. Hence, statement 2 is not sufficient.

Hence, only statement 1 is not sufficient to answer the question. Or Option A. 

10.7k GMAT

GMAT Sentence Correction Discussions

The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. ...

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Emily Dickinson’s letters to Susan Huntington Dickinson were written over a period beginning a few years before Susan’s marriage to Emily’s brother and ending shortly before Emily’s death in 1886, outnumbering her letters to anyone else.

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Well, like the rest of us here, I have intentions of perusing a graduate course (MS in Computer Science) from the US.   Kindly check my profile below and provide inputs on the same.

Graduation - BE in Computer Science with 64% (Nothing Exceptional :P)

Work Ex - 4 years (3 Years in Dell as a QA Engineer, 1 Year in Tyco Retail Solutions as an Automation Engineer) - Keen Interest in Analytics and Programming

GRE Score - 307 (Quant - 159, Verbal - 148)

(Nothing Exceptional again :P)

Intentions of getting Admits from - Arizona State University,

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

, University of Florida (UFL) or Indiana University

TOEFL - Due in the last week of May





Hoping to hear from the experts ..


GMAT 2014 PUNE : coaching classes, study groups etc.

Hi, I am a s/w engg. and I live in Pune.I urgently need to start prep for GMAT. If any one can share any info about c...

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Hi all,

I got 770(IR7, QA50, VA45) in my second GMAT attempt on 27/4/15. 

I joined Jamboree Regular classes only.

So My GMAT prep involved mostly the following material.

1. Official questions (Everything under the sun).

2. Jamboree material.

3. MGMAT (SC guide and test series only).

4. CR Powerscore Bible 

5. Explanations of only Official questions on online forums.

For my score,I'll give most of the credit only to Jamboree.

I think a good regular coaching class should be judged on following parameters.

1. Instructor :- I still remember the first day of my visit to the centre and after meeting the instructor my first statement to the counsellor was that I'll join Jamboree only if this guy teaches me. Though I had already done most of my research,it was one of the best decisions I ever made in such a short span of time ;). 

2. Study Material :- I firmly believe that GMAT can be cracked by practising only official questions or their replica. As a matter of fact, I found Jamboree material designed keeping only this philosophy in mind.

3. Environment of Centre -: Guys, We all have those moments during our prep when we are too lazy or distracted to focus on studies. During those moments, my feelings of contentment after self study sessions at the centre is just inexplicable.

Disclaimer :- GMAT is one of the most crucial decision of our career. So guys take whatever i said with a pinch of salt. Pay a visit to some centres in your city and take only an informed decision.

  • Hi, great score Jitin. Please can you share your score of.... 1h.
  • BTW, All the Best for the application process (y). 1h.
Mohit Joshipune @Ace_of_Base 1

Hi, great score Jitin. Please can you share your score of the previous attempt, I am in self study mode (since long time) and yet to take the GMAT for the first time. trying to figure-out how much difference it made in your score. 

Mohit Joshipune @Ace_of_Base 1

BTW, All the Best for the application process (y)

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can anyone please share the interview experience? how has everything worked out ? What was the case study like? PI questions? Please share ... I have my interview on 25th january.

  • @mba-yes: How was your interview? Any idea - Is there any.... 15 Apr.
  • i havent joined the institute. too bad reviews from every.... 1h.
shreya matta @shreya05

@mba-yes: How was your interview? Any idea - Is there any difference (merits/ demerits) in Sptember intake and january intake

mba yes @mba-yes 35

i havent joined the institute. too bad reviews from everyone. did a lot of research after getting the offer. 

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hi guys i am preparing to appear for GMAT to appear in November. i have 6 years of work experience with 1.5 years in manufacturing 3 years as Technical Assistant to Chairman of the company 1.5 years as international coal procurement executive. i have scored 84.14% in X std, 44% in XII std, Diploma in Mech Engg with 83.0% and BE Industrial Engg with 70%. please suggest as to which university in India and Abroad i should look forward to. i need guidance to prepare for GMAT as it becomes difficult to attend physical coaching classes.

  • Hi Siddharth, hope you are well. You are looking at self-.... 4h.
  • Hi @sidkhaddar You might want to consider some programs i.... 2h.
Prep Zone @prepzone 87

Hi Siddharth, hope you are well. You are looking at self-study or online classes hence would recommend GMAC Review and Barrons to study from. Please do take a Diagnostic GMAT first to see where you stand in the beginning and take things from there. Thank you

desert ice @desert_ice 11

Hi @sidkhaddar You might want to consider some programs in EU with good focus on SCM. With good GMAT score and essays you may also want to consider specialised Masters programs in the US. However I dont want to distract you with several options. You seems to have a good profile and interesting experiences. So with a well rounded application, you definitely have chances of getting into top 50 global MBA programs. However you will have to decide whether you are keen to study abroad or in India. I hope you must be advancing well with your GMAT preparations. Stay focussed for next few weeks and once you are done, we can quickly discuss your options. All the best.

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Journalist: Well-known businessman Arnold Bergeron has long been popular in the state, and he has often talked about running for governor, but he has never run. However, we have just learned that Bergeron has fulfilled the financial disclosure requirement for candidacy by submitting a detailed list of his current financial holdings to the election commission. So, it is very likely that Bergeron will be a candidate for governor this year.

The answer to which of the following questions would be most useful in evaluating the journalist's argument?

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Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up
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US vs a non-US MBA

Hi All, I don't know if anyone has posted this before, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone's been ...

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Thanks for the OP for starting this thread, this has been really helpful.
please keep the discussion going. :)

About the US MBAs the cost factor and the current recession has been a demotivating factor for me. This has made MBAs from Canada more impressive.
I would appreciate if somebody could shed more light into MBAs from Canada.
I am a Career switcher, looking towards the marketing domain with 3 years of IT experience and 1 year of Manufacturing exp. (yea i am already a career switcher..:D)

Canadian MBAs are rising in reputation pretty fast. There are great schools like Rotman, Ivey etc that provide you with an excellent educational experience. although if cost factor is your major concern then you would have a very similar problem here.
As statistics show, the best jobs in canada are extremely competitive as the number of excellent opportunities is less in comparison to US (relatively speaking). So you need something other than pure numbers (score) to get a good job - good networks/contact, good recommendations, experience, etc. Also Canadian MBAs are not any less expensive. An MBA from canada could cost your around $60-$70 (US dollars) including living expenses. This is a very conservative estimate. So in sum, you are taking an equally expensive (may be slightly less) option with lesser opportunities than a US B-school.
If cost is a factor a European or Asian MBA would be a better option, due to its better ROI as most of them are less than 2yrs in length. But this is not without its own cons.. If you want to work in the states, then a US MBA would be the better option.

Edit: Oops forgot to mention one more thing.. For a career switcher, in my opinion, from a totally different Industry and Function a 2 year MBA would be a better option.
  • Great... 3h.
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490 CAT GMAT BITS Pilani

[2015-2017] BITS Pilani, Official MBA Admission Helpdesk

The Department Of Management, BITS Pilani is calling for admissions to MBA program for 2015-17 batch. The last date f...

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Have converted BITS ;BIM trichy and NIT trichy;am confused btw BITS and BIM with reg to placements ;ROI..Pls suggest

@deepurocks007  pls add me to whatsapp group:9600128139

  • bim trichy nytime]. 20h.
  • Same options fomme :grin: I am gonna take BIM. 4h.
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Two modes of argumentation have been used on behalf of women’s emancipation in Western societies. Arguments in what could be called the “relational” feminist tradition maintain the doctrine of “equality in difference,” or equity as distinct from equality. They posit that biological distinctions between the sexes result in a necessary sexual division of labor in the family and throughout society and that women’s procreative labor is currently undervalued by society, to the disadvantage of women. By contrast, the individualist feminist tradition emphasizes individual human rights and celebrates women’s quest for personal autonomy, while downplaying the importance of gender roles and minimizing discussion of childbearing and its attendant responsibilities.

Before the late nineteenth century, these views coexisted within the feminist movement, often within the writings of the same individual. Between 1890 and 1920, however, relational feminism, which had been the dominant strain in feminist thought, and which still predominates among European and non-Western feminists, lost ground in England and the United States. Because the concept of individual rights was already well established in the Anglo-Saxon legal and political tradition, individualist feminism came to predominate in English-speaking countries. At the same time, the goals of the two approaches began to seem increasingly irreconcilable. Individualist feminists began to advocate a totally gender-blind system with equal rights for all. Relational feminists, while agreeing that equal educational and economic opportunities outside the home should be available for all women, continued to emphasize women’s special contributions to society as homemakers and mothers; they demanded special treatment for women, including protective legislation for women workers, state-sponsored maternity benefits, and paid compensation for housework.

Relational arguments have a major pitfall: because they underline women’s physiological and psychological distinctiveness, they are often appropriated by political adversaries and used to endorse male privilege. But the individualist approach, by attacking gender roles, denying the significance of physiological difference, and demning existing familial institutions as hopelessly patriarchal, has often simply treated as irrelevant the family roles important to many women. If the individualist framework, with its claim for women’s autonomy, could be harmonized with the family-oriented concerns of relational feminists, a more fruitful model for contemporary feminist politics could emerge.

According to the passage, relational feminists and individualist feminists agree that

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Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up
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This time Rajasthan Royals gonna be the Winner of this IPL season!!

  • Do you think RCB can make it to the top 4 after Gayle sto.... 5h.
UCcricket @ucweb

Do you think RCB can make it to the top 4 after Gayle storm knock!



ALL who is seeking to have GMAT in 2014 and 2015 and are new to GMAT ,can come here together.Share their views and ex...

282 GMAT

SAUDER school of business, UBC - 2013 Application discussions

Hi all, I am a current student in SAUDER school of business (MBA 2014 batch). Our seniors support through Pagalguy wa...

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Hey everyone, I have applied to to UBC in the very last round i.e. 19th April! am just trying my luck!

anyone knows if I can check my application status? Its not mentioned anywhere, when I log into the account!

  • Hey! UBC is a little slow with its decisions and announce.... 19h.
  • thanks mate! I guess i'll wait a couple of days more and .... 19h.
@Whatisthis- 1

Hey! UBC is a little slow with its decisions and announcements. So I suggest you call them and ask them. But be prepared for a response like "we probably haven't reviewed your application yet, you'll come to know about your decision in a few weeks". Good luck! 

Kshitij C @kshitijchugh

thanks mate! I guess i'll wait a couple of days more and then call them! 

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Official Thread - IIMB EPGP 8 aspirants - Class of 2016-17 - One year full time residential program - PaGaLGuY
Official Thread - IIMB EPGP 8 aspirants - Class of 2016-17 - One year full time residential program - PaGaLGuY
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore - and follow discussions about IIM Bangalore. Hello!! We are the current (2015-16) batch of IIMB EPGP - One year full time residential program. We welcome you to post your queries/discussion topics about this course and we will try our best to help. Thank you.


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GMAT Coaching in Mumbai

Hi all. I am looking for good GMAT coaching classes in Mumbai. Can some one suggest which is the best coaching instit...

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Hello all. I would appreciate any help in evaluating my chances for selection through EEO. I wish to Apply by R1.

1. Academics -

Class X (CBSE) 85.4% ,  

Class XII (AP) 94%,

B.E (Osmania University - 2014) 77%

2. Work Experience -  Total 15 months by the time I apply in October 2015.

i) 8 months as a International Derivatives Analyst at a Prop Trading/Financial Institution  

ii) 7 Months as Director of Finance and Retail Sales at a Retail Startup. 

3. Certifications/Publications - 

i) ASME Certified Practitioner in Mechanical Engineer in Thermal Sciences

ii) NSE Certificate in Investment Research

iii) Appearing for IIQF's Certificate in Quantitative Finance.

iv) Published a paper in IJAMER International Journal with A+ rating.

4. Extra Curriculars - 

i) National Level Cricketer

ii) Won Case Presentations and Business Plan Competitions at National Level

iii) International Level MUNner, Won accolades at all levels both delegating and as a exec board member.

iv) Won trading competitions nation wide.

v) Head of fests and organizations at college level

among others.

I have a GMAT score of 730. 

Pls advise on i) my profile strength and ii) Do I need to take my GMAT again?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi @yaswant.ys! There are several interesting elements to.... 21h.
  • Hi @yaswant.ys , if you were scoring significantly better.... 21h.
ISB mantra 1,616

Hi @yaswant.ys! There are several interesting elements to your profile and a 730 GMAT backs it up well. It may increase your chance if you can score a 750+ , but if you do not feel the urge to retake GMAT, you may as well go ahead with 730. Use this time to take some interesting MOOCs. 

All the Best!


[The only company with former ISB Admissions Officials on board]

ISBeacon Beacon @ISBeacon 12

Hi @yaswant.ys , if you were scoring significantly better than 730 on your GMATPrep, then you might want to consider appearing in GMAT again; else don't bother at all. 730 is a great score. We have had numerous people with score below 700 getting calls from ISB, and your profile seems quite decent.

So, just focus now on getting the essays and the application just top class and out of the world. You have a good profile; let the application truly reflect that.

198 GMAT SPJIMR Mumbai

SP Jain Mumbai 2015-2017

Hey ! I wanted to know the admissions process details for the batch of 2015-2017 PGDM (2-year MBA) Programme offered ...

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Anyone interested for a whatsapp grp for the converts? Please inbox me your phone numbers so that I can create one. Might help in case of trivial queries or just to know each other in advance

  • Its IM convert...initially it was WL5... 2d.
  • Done. 1d.
CAT11: 83.xx, XAT12: 77.xx........CAT12: 93.47,   XAT13: NA..... CAT13: 97.11, XAT14: 99.88..... CAT14:97.68, XAT15: 98.38