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Hi, I have 5.5 years experience, 2 years in top US IT MNC , then did my MBA from LBSIM Delhi (CAT 93 percentile), post that 3.5 years in Top US MNC in Insurance broking with a profile of Key Account Management....i am planning to give my GMAT now and plan to do a 1 year executive program from a top institute (India or abroad)...i am interested in sustainability but don't see many 1 year programs, moreover as my experience is not related to sustainability will that be a disadvantage?

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Hi, i am a Chartered Accountant. i have 5 years of work experience. i now wish to do Executive MBA in Mumbai. i have some questions:

- I dont want to invest more than 18 months in doing is executive MBA the correct choice?

- Which are the good colleges for exec MBA in Mumbai?

- Which is the exam that i need to give for getting into these colleges?

- Based on the experience of fraternity here, let me know if doing exec MBA along with a pressing job possible? 

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  • @nehachartered The term Executive MBA is fairly loosely u.... 34m.
Llewellyn DeSouza @Llewellyn75 7,524

@nehachartered The term Executive MBA is fairly loosely used in MBA parlance.

If you are talking about the one year full time residential MBA programs then ISB, IIM (A, B, C, L and I), XLRI, SP Jain, Great Lakes, etc... are your options of which only SP Jain is in Bombay. All these colleges accept the GMAT score.  

Besides these in Bombay you have many institutes like NMIMS, and Welingkar that offer management courses that range from 6 months to 3 years.

The key is to understand that all these courses are not in the same league.

It is ideal to cut out time, take a break from your work life and do an MBA, however, it this is not possible then try a part-time option.    

Wish You all the best.

Llewellyn Desouza

Principal Consultant - Hash MBA Consulting

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2.4k GMAT ISB Hyderabad

ISB Class of 2015 aspirants

Hi, With all calls made for ISB class of 2014, and the last few interviews left. It is the perfect time to start look...

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Can I get the number or a rough Idea of  number of applicants who applied for PGP 2015-16 admissions & ISB this year?

CAT'14 :99.57, Calls : B,C,L,I Converts : B,C,L,I  

10.8k GMAT

GMAT Sentence Correction Discussions

The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. ...

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A result of the recent election is realizing that in this increasingly urban area, there is now more worry about crime than health care.

4 people answered this question. am no expert.still preparing for GMAT 
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1.2k GMAT

GMAT aspirants at Hyderabad - Study Group

All GMATters at Hyderabad are invited to participate in this thread - An attempt to collectively pin the beast. This ...


GRE Guide

*Purpose of the Thread:* Many students in college and working professionals face a decision that decides their future...

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I am currently doing btech in Industrial engineering and managment. I want to pursue an mtech in mechanical engineering abroad. I have read not all but a part of the mechanical course. Do I need to read all the remaining unread portion as well. If yes then what is the easiest way to do that? Besides what should be the best choice as book for gre test prep - Kaplan, Barron or Princeton Review. 

  • @ray.anish94 Hi Anish, I would suggest you to network w.... 3d.
  • Thanx.. 2h.
Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 566

Hi Anish,

I would suggest you to network with the universities before applying. In case you get a positive response you can go ahead.

6.1k GMAT

GMAT Critical Reasoning Discussions

The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. ...

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In most businesses, refusing to employ someone with a criminal record violates federal hiring regulations. The LMN Corporation is not exempt from this regulation, yet an analysis of their hiring practices shows that they have not hired anyone with a criminal record for the past five years, even though they have had numerous opportunities to do so. Whether the corporation has actually violated the regulation, however, depends entirely on whether those in a position to hire were aware of the applicants’ criminal records.

Which of the following points out a weakness in the argument above?

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5 Comments am no expert.still preparing for GMAT 
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Hi guys, all of us who are from Kolkata can discuss about our scores and interview preparations here.

GMAT Takers in Kolkata - PaGaLGuY
GMAT Takers in Kolkata - PaGaLGuY
Read 25 posts, connect with 30 users. Hey Puys.. Anyone taking the GMAT from Kolkata? I am taking it at the end of August 2008. Will be good if we did a bit of planned studying and resource sharing.. Cheers! Ankit


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Hi guys, all of us who are from Kolkata can discuss about our scores and interview preparations here.

GMAT Takers in Kolkata - PaGaLGuY
GMAT Takers in Kolkata - PaGaLGuY
Read 25 posts, connect with 30 users. Hey Puys.. Anyone taking the GMAT from Kolkata? I am taking it at the end of August 2008. Will be good if we did a bit of planned studying and resource sharing.. Cheers! Ankit


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Hi Friends,

Please suggest the appropriate universities where i should apply to make most of my profile:-

I am seeking admission in masters in business analytics like courses. I want to work as consultant or business analyst in strategy function.

Btech: NIT kurukshetra

GMAT(expected): 690 to 740

work ex: 4 years, Siemens ltd

profile :civil engineer

Extra curricular: Football, basketball player,

-represented siemens in soccer cup held in germany

- part time worked at NGO for 1 year

And please provide any info on work visa availability after the course

The best way is always through. 
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I was going to post something about Reverse Innovation and then retreated since I wasn't sure if the readers of this forum heard of it before. So before I go on, here's the original article written by Tuck's very own Prof. Vijay Govindarajan (VG) and GE's CEO Jeff Immelt, back in 2009. The beauty of Tuck is that this is not simply something you read about. Since every faculty member at Tuck also teaches in the MBA program, you actually learn from VG about all of his research when you take his course.

This concept of Reverse Innovation has been hailed as a Big Idea by management journals and business leaders from around the world and has cemented VG's position as one of the top management Gurus in the world today. VG is simply an inspirational speaker and I hope you will have the opportunity to hear him speak either at Tuck or when he is in India next. Until then, here's the next best alternative:

How GE Is Disrupting Itself
How GE Is Disrupting Itself
The Idea in Brief * The model that GE and other industrial manufacturers have followed for decades-developing high-end products at home and adapting them for other markets around the world-won't suffice as growth slows in rich nations.

Harvard Business Review

20 GMAT GRE ISB Hyderabad


Hey all! I have a query. Let me first introduce myself first. I am working in the IT industry for 2 1/2 yrs now(yeah ...

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Which one will the best Online GMAT test series to try ?Can some one please post the link to it?There are two tests come free after ou register n else?Kindly suggest !

  • plz move it to appropriate forum if not meant for this.. 1d.
Richa @cherryblu 9

plz move it to appropriate forum if not meant for this.

92 GMAT IIM Indore

Official thread for IIM Indore EPGP 2014-15

*Admissions notification published in IIM I site.*

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Hi, I am a 10 years industry guy with CAD development experience with around 20Lac P.A. Is EPGP right for me and will I get better roles and much higher package on placement?

  • Not at all. 1d.


MBA IN Canada

YouTube - Inspirational journey @ UVic.wmv.... If you are interested in doing MBA in canada...then watch this video o...

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Rotman vs Ivey vs Wharton vs Kellogs?

Can anybody throw any light related to tuition + Living expenses and Employment Opportunities after education?


  • @ishaan44 Hi, tuition fee wise Rotman $99710, Wharton $9.... 2d.
  • Thanks @ThePrincetonReview! And with regards to emplo.... 1d.
Manya-The Princeton Review @ThePrincetonReview 566

@ishaan44  Hi, tuition fee wise Rotman $99710, Wharton $97542 and Kellogg $88807 for an year. Wharton and Rotman are well known for Finance and Kellogg for Consulting and Marketing. All are high ranked schools.

Ishaan Srivastav @ishaan44 6

Thanks @ThePrincetonReview!

And with regards to employment opportunities after education and ease of work visa availability?

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Hi Folks, I've got an acceptance from Queen's with a fairly decent scholarship. I would be joining the program in Jan 2016. 

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Do we need to have a work experience for placement at BITS? I am a 2012 graduate with 6 months work ex. Will it be ok....??

  • Dont candidates with work ex get weightage...??. 2d.
  • Yes it does but depends on comp to compn..sum ask for a l.... 2d.
Ankita Chandra @CHIGGA 1

Dont candidates with work ex get weightage...??

@ankurmnnitalld 2

Yes it does but depends on comp to compn..sum ask for a lot of work ex other ask for even a no work ex wud do

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Hi all,

i have an admit from Queens MBA program. I will be joining in Jan 2017. We have a discussion going on in gmatclub and also have started a what's app group. Please inbox me your number so that I can add you to the group. It will be great to interact and get to know one another.


Queens MBA Class of 2017 (2016 Intake)- Calling all applicants !
Queens MBA Class of 2017 (2016 Intake)- Calling all applicants !
Queens Latest placement statistics - ... report.pdf Hi all, I am creating this thread for all the folks joining Queens MBA - class of ...

GMAT Club Forum

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Essay 1: If we were to admit just one more student, make a compelling argument as to why that student should be you by describing an (only one) achievement in your personal / professional life that you are most proud of. What did you do that sets you apart from others? What did you learn? (400 words max) 
The essay is a good way of asking about many shades of your personality and what makes you unique. What you bring to the table and how would your presence add value to the class at ISB. Our approach to the essay:
o   Describe the most promising achievement and why was this situation unique and what was your role?
o   What strenghts did you display during this initiative 
o   How did you work, motivate, convince and negotiate with others to complete tasks. What impact you have made on the team with your dedication and personal skills
o   What know-how you have about a particular area/industry which you can share with future class at ISB?
o   Challenges you faced working in a team and external stakeholders and how did you overcome? Measure the achievements using key business metrics. Explain the role, project size (in $ and team size), client details, benefits to clients business (in terms of revenue increase, costs decrease, process efficiency increased, effectiveness of a specific tasks)
o   What did you learn from the experience. How did you grow into a better person and professional?

Essay 2: Answer one of the two questions below: 

A) Describe a (only one) defining moment in your personal / professional life when you had to make a risky decision, and explain what you did, why and the outcome?   
This essay should be selected when you had to make a tough choice with the uncertainties involved. What options you had to choose from and how did you make a tough decision. Please note the outcome of the decision is not important and it need not be positive, what is expected is the process you have followed to arrive at a decision and whether it was the best thing you have taken given the circumstances and what impact it had on you. 
Describe the situation; give the background about the stakeholders, what would have happened if you took decision other wise. What was the risk you were to take? What were the repercussions? If the example is from personal life what impact the decision will have on the relationships? Was the decision involved risking a relationship or tough decision, which could estrange someone you know? If it's a professional situation, did it have financial or career impact
Describe why this was a defining moment, what was dependent on this decision? What decision possibilities were present in front of you? What elements or factors (positives and negatives) you have considered for each option before deciding one of the choices? 
What challenges you had and how did you decide on one option. Were you forced or mandated or required to choose one of the favorites against your will? When you made a decision, how did you feel (were you relieved or stressed or was against your will etc.)?
What did you learn from this experience? How did you grow as a person (another way of asking is if you were to do it again, how different you would tackle the same or advice you would give to others to tackle the situation)?

B) Describe a (only one) situation in your personal / professional life when you had to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. How did it affect you and what did you learn? (300 words max)
This essay gives an opportunity to illustrate situations that you have experienced while meeting or working with people from different backgrounds.
Use this essay if you have interesting experiences while meeting or working with people from diverse backgrounds. Pick up an example, where you demonstrated international outlook, learnt something new, adapted to the situation and were inclusive in nature. This can be from a personal experience while you were pursuing your interests/passions with clubs/organizations you have been involved. At work, this could be interactions with the clients or teams from other countries, vendor/partner/stakeholder where you had to meet, work and take joint decisions.
How do you describe diversity (it could be culture, language, gender etc.) and what it means to you to interact and work with diverse people? In what capacity you have interacted or demonstrated diverse team skills like coordination, leading, initiating, organizing etc. What was your initial reaction and how did you respond to the situation? During this experience what were your learning's. What changes you have observed in you as a result of this experience. What new skills or aspects you learnt which left you enriched. How this helped you as a person or professional.
What are your achievements during this experience? For example while working with diverse people you worked or interacted with them and you left your mark with meaningful contribution which had a lasting impact on you and the people associated with or the project/team/organization?
Essay 3: What are your post ISB career plans and how will your past experiences and the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) contribute to taking you there? (300 words max)
·      Career progression, so far should include the professional skills and soft skills you have gained over the course of professional experience. Mention how these skills were displayed during various projects or assignments you have taken up. What challenges you have overcome, what initiatives you have taken and what impact you had on your team/organization or client's business. List down the skills you don't have, but you need to acquire them for them to achieve your career goals. This gap or delta of skill-sets needs to be listed. This would be the foundation for your argument, why you need an MBA.
·      State why MBA now and why you can't wait for few more years. Why it is a good time and how prepared you are to take on the journey. 
·      What are your career goals, both short-term and long term goals. The emphasis should be on the short term goals: which industry and function are you targeting post your MBA. What kind of organizations you want to target. Please check if these firms recruit at ISB. Do you have a back-up option? In case you are looking at Entrepreneurship, have you worked on a business plan, what support you are looking at ISB etc.
·      How ISB can help you achieve the desired skill-sets. At ISB, what courses, faculty resources, activities and engagements will help you to build on the skill-sets to springboard your career
·      How are better prepared to make the most of the opportunities ISB provides
Essay 4: (Optional) Please use this space to explain any career breaks / provide any other information not covered elsewhere in the application that could significantly impact your candidature at ISB. Note: It is not necessary to write this essay. Please use this space only if there is something really significant that you would like us to know. (200 words max)
You should use this space when you feel there are other interesting points which admissions committee should know. This information should not have been covered in rest of the essays, like:
·      Any interesting personal background or professional experience or Information which could not be addressed in the essays can be stated here.
·      You can use this space to justify low GMAT or GPA. In case you have a weak point mention how will this be compensated. Please mention only if there are genuine reasons, don't make up or write for the reasons. 
·      If there are in your work experiences where you have used productively else where for personal or professional growth elaborate the same with reasoning. 
·      If there are any explanations required like recommendation from immediate manager is not possible or issues with transcripts etc please use this space to clarify.