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HI everyone, i am planning to giv gmat in may last, will join jamboree in feb end..

anyone who else is also givin gmat during dat time, plz cntact.. 

  • So, @gauravkr625 , how did you find the Jamboree classes .... 18 Mar.
  • @ chaitlai sura yes it is gud, they are very specific and.... 3h.
Chaitali Sura @chait_sura 1

So, @gauravkr625 , how did you find the Jamboree classes experience yet? Is it any good?

@gauravkr625 6

@ chaitlai sura yes it is gud, they are very specific and concise. But all that matters r your effrts and practice.

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Singapore Management University (SMU)

For those of you who don't know yet - Singapore Management University (SMU) has just launched a 1-year full time MBA ...

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Has anyone been admitted to the august 2015 batch of smu in applied finance??

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  • Hi Himali...I have also got admission to the MAF programm.... 2d.
  • Hi Devika. 3h.
@Devika29 2

Hi Himali...I have also got admission to the MAF programme at SMU 

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Schools and Programs in India that accept GMAT scores

GMAT exam now opens new doors for management aspirants. Your GMAT scores can help you earn a degree from top tier sch...

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Hi. Can you please share a list of programmes that accept GMAT score in India. I'm essentially looking only for programmes offered by top IIMs and other colleges in the country. 

I already know of MBA programme in ISB and SPJain. 

Many thanks for your help! 

  • @Parul66 Greetings from MISB Bocconi - Bocconi India! We.... 3h.
  • Brochure Link - 3h.
MISB Bocconi - Bocconi India @misbpgpb 356

@Parul66 Greetings from MISB Bocconi - Bocconi India!

We also accept GMAT Scores, to know about our program you can download the brochure or check our website.

MISB Bocconi is a first offshore campus of Bocconi Universita Italy with the knowledge capacity of SDA Bocconi School of management, which stands 26th  worldwide as per FT Rankings 2015 (same level as IIMA). Our Faculty comes from SDA Bocconi. If you wish to know more you can ping back or Private message us.

Good Luck 

Bocconi India

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Anyone heard back from UConn for the batch starting in fall 2015 ? I interviewed with them on the 10th of feb but hav'nt heard back yet. 

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  • yes I need to select a date for my interview. BTW how is .... 1d.
  • @iamparas Looking at the information shared on their webs.... 5h.
Paras Jain @iamparas 7

yes I need to select a date for my interview. BTW how is the University and job scope. Any idea?


@iamparas Looking at the information shared on their website, they seem to be doing pretty good. Very solid curriculum structure and past placement records. I would strongly suggest to thoroughly research about the university before going in for the interview. It helps!

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Which of the following most logically completes the argument?

Many managers of mutual funds proclaim that they have been able to generate consistently higher rates of return on their investments than the general stock market by buying shares of undervalued companies. Classical economic theory, however, proposes the "efficient capital markets hypothesis," which indicates that stock prices accurately reflect the value of the underlying investments, incorporating all information available to the public. If the efficient capital markets hypothesis is correct, then it should be expected that_____________ .

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The official Thread for the NANYANG MBA Aspirants 2014 Intake

Hello Aspirants,This thread is for all who wish to apply to the Nanyang MBA for the upcoming intake (2014). We are pa...

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Received the ding mail from NTU just now. Good luck to everyone hoping for an admit!

  • Nyone else reported any email?? Ding or accept? ?. 5h.
If you never try, then you'll never know! 
@sainivicky04 981

Nyone else reported any email?? Ding or accept? ?


Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it...

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X- 64%

XII- 66%

B-Tech -76%

EXPERIENCE- 3 Years (1 year abroad in Middle east) 

IELTS- 6.5

I am planning to write GMAT hopefully will score around 700 what are my chances of planning to get decent B-school in Europe.

More ever my budget is Around20 LK

  • @Armaan. ZajakAllah buddy it help me a lot Buddy. 6h.
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Hi Friends,

I am currently working in a large Utility firm and have 9+ years of exp. I am planning to pursue MBA from USA , Canada or Australia. However,I have few queries and would request folks out there to please help me.

My profile is as below:

1. B.Tech ( Electronics) 68%- 2005

2. 12th - CBSE - 85 %

3. 10th CBSE - 83 %

SAP Finance techno functional consultant involved in SAP project management and implementation ( from 2005- 2011)

Shifted my career from SAP project management  to IT risk management due to lack of opportunities . Last 4 years  working in Internal Audit  as Audit Specialist and looking after Project risk management ,SAP internal controls review etc.

I have also completed CMA ( Certified Management Accounting)  from ICMA US . Currently preparing for GMAT and will appear for by the 3rd Quarter 2015.

However, I am not able to decide the following:

1. Shall I pursue 1 year or 2 year? I would prefer mid way that is 15 or 18 months program 

2. Which specialization i shall pursue?

3. What will be my career path in terms of position etc?

Please advise .

Thanks and Best Regards

  • Being in IT and based on my job profile i foresee 3 optio.... 9h.
  • Now you're talking Saif. A much lucid thought process. Wi.... 8h.
Saif Siddiqui @masaif

Being in IT and based on my job profile i foresee 3 options ahead of a post MBA degree . I could join either a good consulting firm like Accenture, Deloitte, Cognizant etc and focus on project delivery and operations. else i could join any IT product based firm like SAP, Google etc  and be in product life cycle management. Lastly i could broaden my current scope of IT risk management and go for Enterprise risk management .However, i would like advise on which specialization basically would help me. I know that UBC, canada as on the college for MBA in product and service management. I can also focus on strategy but not sure about the ROI. may be it might help me in long run.Hope now I am to the point and would appreciate your advise.

Mansie Dewan @MansieDewanConsulting 2,763

Now you're talking Saif. A much lucid thought process. With your kind of experience, I like the first option. Use that as your goals for the MBA applications process. You could go for Consulting/IT specialisations. Now ask yourself whether you want to go for a one year or two year course. Generally, people with your kind of experience do go for a faster track program but its really a personal choice. The biggest advantage of a 2 year course is the internship opportunity. And let's not forget that most US B-schools are 2 years and generous with scholarships ( if your profile attracts them). 

On the other hand, one year courses are much shorter breaks away from work and very focused on particular tracks. And if you've already got strong business acumen and exposure and strong networks, go for a 1 year course. 

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I was just going thru admissions calender of SP Jain PGDM. Last date for submission of forms is 31st July, 2014, interview dates are between April - June and Last date to submit GMAT scores 15th August, 2014.

How come submission of Gmat score is later than form and interview dates?

Isn't the interview call based on GMAT score? 

  • what is the last date for applying 4 pgpm , i am yet to g.... 10h.
Karan Chopra @guy02111983 139

what is the last date for applying 4 pgpm , i am yet to give gmat

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presently studying in jamboree, rajouri garden branch. faculties here are very helpful and cooperative and they provide us with appropriate information regarding any doubt. its a well maintained centre with a great environment for students to study in. faculties are always ready to help students in any possible way they can. i would just like to add that it is the best place to study and gain knowledge.

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A gentle request to all who had their GD-PI today or will be having the same in a couple of days, to please share their GD-PI experiences here or at the Whatsapp Group so that we all can be benefited through it and share our views on the conversion front..


Never give up!!! 


Pagalguy Prep. Team for GMAT

Is there a team of people on PG preparing for the GMAT? Something similar to the CAT dream team? It seems that GMAT i...

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Hey Guys, I was unfortunately away from PG for a while. Sorry to have missed out on all the fun this past month. The good news is that I'm not attending B-school this year, so another year of GMAT discussions ahead

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  • Good to have you back here @agrawalp_39. 15h.
Mission Fontainebleau-ON! || About me - Strategy Consultant | The Doon School | IIT-Kanpur | LSE | ISB-YLP | GMAT'15-740 | XAT'15-99.92%ile 

20 GMAT IIM Lucknow

IIML IPMX (2015-2016) Aspirants

Dear All,We are starting a new thread to discuss about IPMX, the one year residential MBA program at IIM Lucknow. We ...

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Hi Puys,

Can you guys post your feedback on my profile and chances of getting admitted at IIML for next year?

GMAT: 640

Acads: Avg in 60s and B.Sc (G) Computer Sc from Delhi University

MBA: NIILM-CMS(Regular 2 year) - 60 %

Post that Core marketing experience(brand management and Corporate Comm) of 6 years as of now.

Current Industry - Real Estate.

Extra Curr: Best Employee of the Month in last company 

Some of the certificates during college

Please suggest what are the chances or again should I write GMAT again, which the lease I want to do.

Also whats the lowest GMAT that has been accepted this year.


  • @vgurukool Profile looks competitive but you have time so.... 19h.
TGC chotu2593 @TGC1 148

@vgurukool Profile looks competitive but you have time so please improve your gmat score. 

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Hello All..I am preparing for GMAT..I would like to know which institute I should join...Princeton Review or TIME?Please help me choose as classes begin tomorrow..I am from Hyderabad and centres are in Madhapur

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Hello Everyone,

Has anyone applied for full time MBA program?

  • Yes. .I also have an admit for uconn Mba.. 09 Feb.
  • @bargari @gursndeep can you please share what all questio.... 1d.
gursandeep singh @gursndeep 1

Yes. .I also have an admit for uconn Mba.

Paras Jain @iamparas 7

@bargari @gursndeep can you please share what all questions were asked to u in the interview. Also can you please share your profile to get an idea. Thanks in advance

10.6k GMAT

GMAT Sentence Correction Discussions

The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. ...

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Rust can deteriorate a steel pipe to such an extent that it will snap easily, as though it was a twig.

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Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up
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Hi All,

Now that the results are out so most of you would hv made up your mind regarding joining. We have created a FB page for your batch and welcome all the converts to join this page. We will be also creating a bridge group to share connection between the current batch and your batch soon. Till then you can join this page and remain connected.

"This is platform for the current batch of GMP 2015-2016, where all future GMPiians can join and connect with each other.
Procedure to join this group: Provide screenshot of your offer to admins of this page."

  • Great to see a lot of request on the fb page. Please mess.... 3d.
  • Lot of pending request on fb page. Request all to please .... 1d.

Great to see a lot of request on the fb page. Please message your offer letter screenshots to any of the admins to facilitate approval to join. ATB


Lot of pending request on fb page. Request all to please mail the screenshot of your offer letter to any of the admin... Any problem or inspite of that your membership is not approved, please PM me.. ATB

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If you haven't yet got a sense of the numerous paths Tuck students have taken to get to Tuck, how they shaped their individual experiences at Tuck, and the vastly different careers they're pursuing after Tuck, then this post is for you. 

Check out Pathways, which shows how each Tuckie charted their path at and beyond Tuck.

The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Tuck School of Business

207 GMAT

NUS Intake 2015

Discussion thread for NUS admission for 2015 intake. More Info : Admission committee mail id : ...

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NUS essay 4: Tell us something interesting or unique about yourself which you think would be helpful for the Admission Committee to better evaluate your candidacy. (Maximum: 300 words) 

Any idea on how to proceed? Can I write about my entrepreneurial Experience? and how much of this essay should be based only on personality traits and not work


  • I think if your entrepreneurial experience is substantial.... 1d.
  • Thanks @ssatheesh @Aditya1812. 1d.
Aditya Thapar @Aditya1812 33

I think if your entrepreneurial experience is substantial, it would definitely suffice what this essay wants. How you started it, marketed it and took it to where it is tomorrow could be written.