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1.2k GMAT

GMAT aspirants at Hyderabad - Study Group

All GMATters at Hyderabad are invited to participate in this thread - An attempt to collectively pin the beast. This ...

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Hi guys, could someone please send me the soft copy of og2/3 and Aristotle sg ? And if you have any other study material for gmat that you could send across, I'd really be grateful.

Thanks :) 

- Krish

  • Thanks Omer. It would be great if you have any other usef.... 16 Feb.
  • @omer339 can you forward to me too please ? compiling30@.... 3h.
Krishna Kanth @KrishnaKanthKK 3

Thanks Omer. It would be great if you have any other useful material u could send across. 

Thirsty Lad @thirstylad 9

@omer339  can you forward to me too please ?

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Schools and Programs in India that accept GMAT scores

GMAT exam now opens new doors for management aspirants. Your GMAT scores can help you earn a degree from top tier sch...

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GUys please suggest what are my option in India or abroad.

Gmat -610

Class 10 - 54%

Class 12 -75.5%

Graduating in honrs) - 53%

5 fives of work experience.

  • Thanks you...after your view. 5h.

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NUS Intake 2015

Discussion thread for NUS admission for 2015 intake. More Info : Admission committee mail id : ...

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Part of the dreaded waitlist now. Waitlisted Had my interview on 10th Feb. Received the decision on 3rd March. Anyone else who received their decision recently?

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  • @suchi1247 : Do you mind sharing your profile please! Tha.... 5h.
  • And good luck for the waitlist.. 5h.
If you never try, then you'll never know! 
Lakshay Arora @lakshayarora.1990 7

@suchi1247 : Do you mind sharing your profile please! Thank you.

Lakshay Arora @lakshayarora.1990 7

And good luck for the waitlist.

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The official Thread for the NANYANG MBA Aspirants 2014 Intake

Hello Aspirants,This thread is for all who wish to apply to the Nanyang MBA for the upcoming intake (2014). We are pa...

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Hi guys, I just got an email from Nanyang requesting me for a second interview over Skype for 15 mins. Any idea what that's about? I thought there was only one Skype interview...

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  • hi.. even i got a call and mail for second interview. 5h.
  • mine is scheduled 12 30 pm singapore time 8th march. 5h.
gautam sharma @gautam9047

hi.. even i got a call and mail for second interview

gautam sharma @gautam9047

mine is scheduled 12 30 pm singapore time 8th march


Pagalguy Prep. Team for GMAT

Is there a team of people on PG preparing for the GMAT? Something similar to the CAT dream team? It seems that GMAT i...

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hey guys any information for good gmat coaching institutes in pune.......???? 

  • Hi Prerit. 6h.
  • u can just mail to my mail ID as i am also preparing for .... 6h.
 Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to do and die 

u can just mail to my mail ID as i am also preparing for GMAT. 


GMAT 2014 PUNE : coaching classes, study groups etc.

Hi, I am a s/w engg. and I live in Pune.I urgently need to start prep for GMAT. If any one can share any info about c...

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I live in Pune and planning to give GMAT around July 2015. Can anyone let me know which coaching centre will be good for GMAT classes?? I have heard about Jamboree F.C.Road. Can anyone provide the feedback for it.??

Please respond at the earliest.



  • Hi , Prashant. 8h.
  • I want to know whether you join any classes.Have you join.... 8h.

I want to know whether you join any classes.Have you joined jamboree ? you can message me on 8149720629

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Hi Guys ,

I work in Automobile field with 4.5 yrs experience . Doing EMBA in Business Analytics @ Great Lakes,Chennai will be useful for my career ? Presently my job is related to management of after sales service dealer operations .

Thanks in Advance


  • But as of now I'm only looking for a Top B school in Indi.... 20h.
  • So I understand that you have unique requirements & expec.... 8h.
Sri Giriraj V @sri.swmech2010

But as of now I'm only looking for a Top B school in India with part time course.That's y wanted to pursue EMBA rather than full time MBA .As of now my job role does not require in depth knowledge of analytics .I'm looking for role change within automobile field .So ,wanted to give a go for BA .

Viv z @engineeranu 5

So I understand that you have unique requirements & expectations, Also please keep in mind most of my pointers are based on job market & trends in US & EU marketplace as i live & work here. But again I will attempt to address this. Following are my points 1. EMBA or Executive MBA as I understand is a one year program, I have not come across a part-time option for this duration. (though you can enroll into some Online MBA programs) 2. EMBA is almost as expensive as normal MBA & a good school would ask for 9- 10 years of work exp. 3. The key motive behind EMBA was to cater to Executives ( 10-15 years), adding cream & polish to these industry leaders ( Mostly funded by firms ). 4. You will have to choose your MBA Majors at some point (be is analytics, Finance). 5 before choosing MBA or EMBA try identifying what makes you or can make you unique in your sector among peers & then target it 6. Life does not change after spending 10+lakhs INR on eMBA unless you were already a top guy awaiting an in-process progression, Part-time or Online degree just gives you a rub among your co-workers ( but there are other factors  also which play vital role in the progression) 7. Although I am not qualified enough to delivers final verdicts but as I have seen - Part-time or Online MBAs have very limited scope in turning around your immediate future, they come into play after a portion of life. Full-time MBA deserves a chance but again until it is from a top school, mostly people end-up with lower returns like engineering graduates from so many schools in India. 2015 is not 2004 when every B-tech or MBA was looking at promising future so unless your parents can support your extravaganza be careful while spending your money 

10.5k GMAT

GMAT Sentence Correction Discussions

The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. ...

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After July, anyone disposing of or servicing refrigerators must capture the chlorofluorocarbons in the refrigerant chemicals.

(A) anyone disposing of or servicing

(B) those who dispose or service

(C) anyone disposing of or who services

(D) the disposal or repair of

(E) someone who disposes or repairs

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  • The correct idiom is *dispose of. So eliminated b*. 10h.
  • a ?. 8h.

174 GMAT SPJIMR Mumbai

SP Jain Mumbai 2015-2017

Hey ! I wanted to know the admissions process details for the batch of 2015-2017 PGDM (2-year MBA) Programme offered ...

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Hi! Gave CAT few years back and scored quite well in quant. Now, when I look at GMAT quant, it definitely seems doable. Verbal is another story:). It was never my strongest area in CAT and GMAT looks a couple of steps ahead in terms of verbal:).

Any suggestions on how to prepare for verbal portion of GMAT specifically?

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Today is 6th March. Last I heard, the results for GMP was supposed to come out by 10 March. But I have to make my first disbursement to another institute by 11 March. So fact is I will have to start disbursement procedure by 10 March. So even if it comes out 10 march late evening or later, the whole complicated process of reversing disbursement needs to follow (in case I am lucky enough to convert XL of course)....really in a dilemma...B schools results and exams should be regulated I believe

  • this year i heard the entire process is running slow by a.... 16h.
  • According to the adcom, XL results wont be out before 15t.... 15h.
aim iim @aimk 3

this year i heard the entire process is running slow by a week  as compared to last year so may be they are going to come out with the result by 3rd week of march........

Toulick Laskar @titorocks 1

According to the adcom, XL results wont be out before 15th .... wat other institutions do u have a call from ????

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Hi, I am a 25 yr old Computer Engineer and am confused whether to go for an MBA via GMAT or MS via GRE. My major concern is that I am not sure whether I will be able to secure a scholarship if I go for GMAT. From what I hear getting scholarships for GRE is much easier than GMAT but what are my chances of getting a scholarship for GMAT with the below profile

Computer Engineering from Mumbai Univ with 62% aggregate

4 years working experience in IT department of an Investment Bank

Extra-Curriculum includes running half marathons, volunteering for an NGO regularly etc

I also have a few Microsoft certifications

I have not appeared for GMAT yet so don't have a score to share also none of my work has been published. What are the chances of me securing a scholarship if say I score above 650? Also what can I do to boost my resume further?

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Has anyone recvd an interview call from SPJIMR for 2016 PGPM yet?

  • @impetus did u receive an interview call ??. 25 Feb.
  • @impetus Can you please share your GDPI experience? Thanks!. 16h.
ANAND KUMAR @anand.ssukhi 42

@impetus  did u receive an interview call ??

Shubham @shubsamania 23

@impetus Can you please share your GDPI experience? Thanks!

5.8k GMAT

GMAT Critical Reasoning Discussions

The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. ...

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Nearly one in three subscribers to Financial Forecaster is a millionaire, and over half are in top management. Shouldn't you subscribe to Financial Forecaster now? A reader who is neither a millionaire nor in top management would be most likely to act in accordance with the advertisement's suggestion if he or she drew which of the following questionable conclusions invited by the advertisement ?

(A) Among finance-related periodicals. Financial Forecaster provides the most detailed financial information.

(B) Top managers cannot do their jobs properly without reading Financial Forecaster.

(C) The advertisement is placed where those who will be likely to read it are millionaires.

(D) The subscribers mentioned were helped to become millionaires or join top management by reading Financial Forecaster.

(E) Only those who will in fact become millionaires, or at least top managers, will read the advertisement.

  • D. 19h.
  • D. 17h.


INSEAD - Class of July 2016 (September 2015 intake)

This group is for candidates who have applied for INSEAD class of July 2016


U of Calgary - Haskayne MBA Fall 2014 Aspirants

Hello everyone,I think there isn't any thread on Haskayne MBA starting Fall '2014 yet and hence I started this one. I...

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Could someone please share some of the interview questions asked by them?

  • hey guys. did you get selected?. 2d.
  • I got in... fall 2015 :smiley:. 1d.


MBA IN Canada

YouTube - Inspirational journey @ UVic.wmv.... If you are interested in doing MBA in canada...then watch this video o...

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Could anyone please provide me list of some good colleges of canada for doing MBA in finance, where i can apply, i have an experience of 2 years, and going to write GMAT soon.

Thanks In Advance!

  • Thanks a lot for your valuable comments :smiley:. 1d.
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I completed my BTech in 2009, MBA in 2011, both from Tier-2 colleges, with excellent grades. I now have close to 4 years of work-ex in IT product marketing in a big IT firm. I want to move to the US, and am planning to take up a degree that enhances my marketing skills (don't want to change my line of work) and gets me a good job after my course is completed. Can someone suggest me good options other than traditional MBAs?


  • Thanks Partha. I have an IT background all through out, B.... 1d.
  • Unfortunately, I am not at expert on programs in Informat.... 1d.
Aartika @aartika 8

Thanks Partha. I have an IT background all through out, BTech in IT and MBA in Marketing+IT (dual specialization). One of the courses that got me really interested in CMU's MSIM program:

The 12 month program is like a perfect fit, keeping the time & cost factor in mind. This enables me to stick to the management side, continue with my marketing background and lets me apply for Product management/marketing jobs. Are there any other such courses that you can recommend?

Partha Bhattacharjee @parthasparsh 28

Unfortunately, I am not at expert on programs in Information  Systems. However, it is a very popular program among folks from India and I am sure there are several fora that can help you much better than I can.

However, the following approach might be worth your consideration:

1. Identify 5 companies/organizations you would like to work for. Have very specific answers to 'why' you want to work for them.

2. Identify the designations that you seek.

3. Using LinkedIn and other resources, identify people who work at these designations and study their profile.

4. If possible, have conversations with them about their experiences and what you should do and learn to get to your desired point.

5. Shortlist the schools based on your research.

Just knowing what one wants of a program tremendously helps in streamlining the applications and drastically improves the chances of success.