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HeY everyone..... I've done my bca with lesser than 60% aaggregate... 50 % in 12th and 72 % in 10th... I'm looking forward to do mba... In abroad by writing gmat.... i have no work experience and my degree is 3 years... So please guide me much should i score in gmat... And which are the universities that match my criteria and suggest some countries.....please friends..thank you 

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I got an interview call for 27th Dec at HYD, today evening!! Seriously this late for such an early date!!

Anybody else invited on 27th in the evening slots?

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  • applicants are supposed to get calls at least 5-7 days be.... 55m.
neoB @bodhisat 362

applicants are supposed to get calls at least 5-7 days before the interview; but don't know whether they count this 5-7 days on the basis of no. of days or no. of hours!

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Who all received the application fee waiver mail? Did you apply anywhere? Did it happen after you submitted the fee?

  • I also got the waiver when i sent my gmat score to nanyang. 14 Dec.
  • Guys can you please explain me, how do i get the applicat.... 2h.
Nitesh Dubey @nitesh1 4

I also got the waiver when i sent my gmat score to nanyang

Shivanshu Monga @Shiv05

Guys can you please explain me, how do i get the application fee waiver. 

I had sent my scores to Nanyang on the test day itself. 

5.7k GMAT

GMAT Critical Reasoning Discussions

The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. ...

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In parts of South America, vitamin-A deficiency is a serious health problem, especially among children. In one region, agriculturists hope to improve nutrition by encouraging farmers to plant a new variety of sweet potato called SPK004 that is rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A. The plan has good chances of success, since sweet potato is a staple of the region's diet and agriculture, and the varieties currently grown contain little beta-carotene.

Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the prediction that the plan will succeed?

106 people answered this question.
Veritas Gurgaon - 9810801887 
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.
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Should we "Submit" the Scores section on 23rd without any details or should we not submit it? Please help

  • @scorpio07 :U got the mail as a reply to some question or.... 4h.
  • universal i would assume. the text is same as that mentio.... 4h.
ADARSH @Adarsh29

@scorpio07 :U got the mail as a reply to some question or is it a universal mail to everybody? Bcoz I didn't get any such mail,so confused.

scorpio 07 @scorpio07 27

universal i would assume. the text is same as that mentioned now somewhere in the form. (for mail, u might wanna check spam folder) @Adarsh29 

89 GMAT ISB Hyderabad

ISB EEO applicants for 2014

Hello everyone, I am an applicant for the EEO to ISB for 2014. Whoever has applied for the EEO kindly respond to this...

126 GMAT

[Official] Tuck School of Business - Dartmouth Admission Query Thread

Dear Puys I am introducing the Official Admission query thread of The Tuck School Of Business at Dartmouth CollegeYou...

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Going on a Holiday break. Will reconnect next week. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all. Good luck to those of you interviewing for the November round and those of you who are applying in the January round. As always, reach out if you have any questions. Cheers!

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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Have a goo.... 5h.
thebig bang @TheBigBang 25

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Have a good one  :)

87 GMAT IIM Lucknow

IIML IPMX Official Thread for 2015 - 2016 Aspirants

Admissions for 8th Batch are now open till October 31, 2014 for One Year Full Time Management Programme, IPMX (Intern...

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all the best for your upcoming results.

  • Good luck all!!. 6h.
  • when is the result coming. 5h.


Sandeep Gupta IVY GMAT,Bangalore spamming email

HI All,I registered with sandeep gupta for Initial classes,I gave my email ID and started recieving many mails forwar...

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He started in Delhi too.

Making BOLD Promises and all, i was fool to follow in the pit.

It was waste of my 29000/. and content is also not very good.

That person has copied all the content from LSAT and he is so fake.

I wont advise anyone to go for it personally. 

  • Same here! the worst part is he has taken all the materia.... 5h.
  • I guess mona and I have wasted a lot of money. Learn from.... 5h.

Same here! the worst part is he has taken all the materials from GMATCLUB and given it to us. His notes are written by somebody else or copied from other forums. Guys please dont waste your money on all these coaching centers (especially ivy). You can study gmat on your own all you need is the right materials and sufficient number of mocks.


I guess mona and I have wasted a lot of money. Learn from our mistakes please!


Gmat Study Group Bangalore 2014

Hi Friends :mg: ,I am Sid! I have been working as a developer for 3.5 years now and alike many others, now my final b...

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hello Guys,

can we make wassapp grp for GMAT prep ? PM me!!

planning to write in feb'2014

  • Bangalore/Marathalli/whitefeild area.. 7h.

1.2k GMAT

GMAT aspirants at Hyderabad - Study Group

All GMATters at Hyderabad are invited to participate in this thread - An attempt to collectively pin the beast. This ...

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Guys Please do help me. I am looking for GMAT Classes . Please do suggest me which is better e-GMAT or BYJU GMAT. Seriously need help . I am finding very difficult to ghave strength to study. I have decided to attend GMAT but in lot of confusions which one should i join. Can anybody please help.

If any of the guys have used BYJU GMAT tablet please do help and if anybody at all have used e-GMAT experience please help me.

  • Byju's gmat course is the most useless course I have ever.... 05 Dec.
  • Go for E-GMAT. 8h.
Sunil Kumar Sahoo

Byju's gmat course is the most useless course I have ever seen. The quality check of their content is extremely poor, you will be frustrated with the errors across notes, question and answers etc. RC , CR,SC techniques they boast of are absolutely hogwash and marketing jibes. They promise you 10 mock tests but didn't deliver me single one. Even their contents available through tablet is not proper, words are broken, eaten up etc. All they care is to grab the money and mind you it is pretty big money they charge whereas the value they deliver is minuscule. My strong recommendation will be to you all not to squander money for such useless course like that of Byju;s. E-gmat is great, its content, explanation, depth and breadth of its coverage is comprehensive and fantastic.

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I am a newbie. Please help me how to prepare. Suggest some reliable apps and relevant materials for preparation.

  • You could start with basics on quant, verbal from various.... 10h.
Vanessa Clemens @vanessaclemens 3

You could start with basics on quant, verbal from various resources on net.  You could get help from Manhattan or General Education for GMAT Preparation.


GMAT Delhi/NCR Study Group

Hi. I started my GMAT preparation very recently. However, the pace of my preparation is really slow and I realized th...

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Looking for a study partner for GMAT prep in Delhi. Been out of touch since 3 years! Planning to write GMAT in March 15' week 3/4.

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  • Good luck guys!!. 11h.
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The Exam that Takes You Places...India
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GMAT Study Group 2014 - Pune

Hello,I am starting my preps for gmat and planning to give it a shot in feb or march 2014. I havent enrolled for any ...

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Guys...Creating a Whatsapp group for GMAT takers from pune

Will be helpful for sharing study materials and related stuffs..

PM me your nos.


  • Hii everyone.. i am planning to write Gmat in April- 20.... 1d.
  • Hi .Please add me also.. on 7875482040. 12h.
Swaraj Dhar @swaraaz.dhar

Hii everyone..   i am planning to write Gmat in April- 2015 and  Looking to join any group study partners...i live in pimple saudagar..i have just started my preparation..Could you plz contact me on  or contact no is 9527994900.

ashutosh singh @greatashu

Hi .Please add me also.. on 7875482040


[Official] S P Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) - PGPM (One year full time MBA) Admissions 2015

*Greetings from SPJIMR PGPM Admission Committee 2014!***We truly appreciate your decision to take a break from your c...

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hi the sp jain webpage it is written that the last date to update CAT and GMAT scores is 23rd dec 2014. I have filled my gmat scores but cat scores aren't out and am guessing they vn't be out by they will open the portal again later for score updation right?? pls clarify 


  • sorry wrong thread!! :stuck out tongue:. 14h.
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can anyone tell me gmat scores all who got admitted  and one liner profile

  • @anantjit This question of yours was sort of a deja vu- A.... 1d.
  • in case you are from IT, I will advise you to target a hi.... 15h.
S L @mba9999 331

@anantjit This question of yours was sort of a deja vu- Adcom asking 'Tell me about yourself'. Anyways, jokes apart, it's very difficult to answer you in one line but let me try in two lines :

GMAT - Ranging from 650 ish to 750ish - For this year, this might vary each year.

Profile - Exp from 5+ years to 15+ years, work profile/industry: IT to PSU to bankers to doctors to navy to Army...

Good luck!!

shiven kalelkar @Shiven23 45

in case you are from IT, I will advise you to target a high GMAT score - something like 720. It makes easier for you get noticed in the big IT lot.

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Hi, I live in Mayapuri Delhi and am looking for a GMAT coaching institute near my home. Planning to take GMAT in June / July 2015. please advice on the good ones in this area


List of MBA colleges abroad .

Hi puys , Can you list me some good MBA schools abroad or give me link containing list of all abroad MBA colleges ....

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I would suggest you to refer to Financial Times Rankings to get an idea about top 100 Business Schools around the globe.Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further queries and we would be happy to advice.

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  • So nice of you to reply thanks :smiley: helped a lot.. 16h.
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Hi All. I also need suggestions on which GMAT coaching institute to join in Bangalore. I spoke to my seniors in college and they The Princeton Review. Please help. Am planning to write GMAT next year

  • @poojasharma345 : Did you take a mock and saw what is you.... 4d.
  • : Yes, we did have a discussion with you ab.... 17h.
Always keep playing the game
Kinjal Das 27,560

@poojasharma345 : Did you take a mock and saw what is your problematic area. There is no magic potion if you don't put your own effort. Nobody is bad in all the areas. Find out your own pain areas, and then go to the coaching class asking for specific areas. Take my example, I had issue with SC and joined only for SC and after rigorous practice, I could finally score a descent score - 760 (49/44). Let me know if you have any specific queries.

@ManyaAbroad : Please don not post any links to your site. I have already communicated guidelines to all the instructor. if you violate those guidelines, then I have to take action against your user id.

Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 436 : Yes, we did have a discussion with you about the same and we are now posting only those links which are relevant for the discussion. And you did mention that we can post a link to our website in the signature. Do let us know if that is ok