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Those who opine lose their impunity when the circumstances in which they pontificate are such that generate from their expression a positive instigation of some mischievous act. An opinion that corn dealers are starvers of the poor, or that owning private property is robbery, ought to be unmolested when simply circulated through the press, but may justly incur punishment when delivered orally to an excited mob assembled before the house of a corn dealer, or when handed about among the same mob in the form of a placard. Acts, of whatever kind, which without justifiable cause do harm to others, may be, and in the more important cases are absolutely required to be, controlled by the unfavourable sentiments, and, when needful, by the active interference of mankind. The liberty of the individual must be thus far limited; he must not make himself a nuisance to other people. But if he refrains from molesting others in matters that concern them, and merely acts according to his own inclination and judgment in matters which concern himself he should be allowed, without molestation, to carry his opinions into practice at his own cost. As it is useful that while mankind are imperfect there should be different opinions, so it is that there should be different experiments of living, that free scope should be given to varieties of character, short of injury to others, and that the worth of different modes of life should be proved practically, when anyone thinks fit to try them. Where not the person's own character but the traditions and customs of other people are the rule of conduct, there is wanting one of the principal ingredients of individual and social progress.

It would be absurd to pretend that people ought to live as if nothing whatever had been known in the world before they came into it; as if experience had as yet done nothing toward showing that one mode of existence, or of conduct, is preferable to another. Nobody denies that people should be so taught and trained in youth as to know and benefit by the ascertained results of human experience. But it is the privilege and proper condition of a human being, arrived at the maturity of his faculties, to use and interpret experience in his own way. It is for him to find out what part of recorded experience is properly applicable to his own circumstances and character. The traditions and customs of other people are, to a certain extent, evidence of what their experience has taught them-presumptive evidence, and as such, have a claim to his deference-but, in the first place, their experience may be too narrow, or they may have not interpreted it rightly. Secondly, their interpretation of experience may be correct, but unsuited to him. Customs are made for customary circumstances and customary characters, and his circumstances or his character may be uncustomary. Thirdly, though the customs be both good as customs and suitable to him, yet to conform to custom merely as custom does not educate him or develop in him any of the qualities which are the distinctive endowments of a human being. He gains no practice either in discerning or desiring what is best. The secret of Life ,though,is to fall seven times and to get up eight times. 

454 CAT GMAT BITS Pilani

[2015-2017] BITS Pilani, Official MBA Admission Helpdesk

The Department Of Management, BITS Pilani is calling for admissions to MBA program for 2015-17 batch. The last date f...

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Since no whatsapp group exists for GD/PI call getters for session 2015-2017, I have taken the initiative to create a group of the same. Do post your cell numbers so that I could include you all.

A subtle request for all the seniors and mods of this page to please join the group so that you may revert to the queries of us in a better way...@KrishnaKLU @thomasA @Apex_Predator..

Thanks :) 

  • @dhrbh added. 5h.
  • 8802203390......plz add me. 2h.
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I am Manoj from Bangalore. I have been selected for MiM Sept 2015 (sales and Marketing). i would like to clarify few queries on MiM programs. Can you please help me to get in touch with current student. Is there any fb group for MiM Sept 2015 intake? Please reply as i have to reserve seat before 17th April.

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Hey Guys, 

So i have decided to give the GMAT in the month of July/August. 

How soon should i book my date of exam as in to reserve the date? I am pretty sure that i will give during that time but just in case how much time can i wait to book a slot in July/August? 


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Due to high jet fuel costs, airline carriers are looking for new ways to increase revenues and thereby counteract declining profits. Airline A has proposed increasing the number of passengers that can fit on its airplanes by creating several standing room only “seats” in which passengers would be propped against a padded backboard and held in place with a harness. This proposal, since it relates to passenger safety, cannot be implemented without prior approval by the Federal Aviation Administration. The above statements, if true, indicate that Airline A has made which of the following conclusions?

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259 GMAT

The official Thread for the NANYANG MBA Aspirants 2014 Intake

Hello Aspirants,This thread is for all who wish to apply to the Nanyang MBA for the upcoming intake (2014). We are pa...

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X- 66%

XII- 78% 70% 70%

7+ yrs experience in Finance

I am planning to prepare for GMAT. I am good in Maths. Any one please advice if I should go for self preparation or join some coaching ?

  • From my personal experience, I wouldn't recommend going f.... 6h.
admitlane @admitlane 15

From my personal experience, I wouldn't recommend going for Jamboree's total package. (which includes school application). Just go for GMAT preparation if you want.

Besides e-GMAT preparation, these are the books you can go for:

1. OG - 13th Edition

2. Additional books that come with OG (Verbal, Quant)

3. Manhattan's Advanced Quant

4. Manhattan SC

210 GMAT

NUS Intake 2015

Discussion thread for NUS admission for 2015 intake. More Info : Admission committee mail id : ...

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I am planning to give GMAT in last 2015....anyone interested in study group...Also i am very week in verbal and which is the best coaching for verbal and grammar in Pune?

You can contact me on +91-8446000614


darpan jain

73 CAT GMAT NITK Surathkal

NITK MBA [2015-2017] Admissions - Official Thread

Applications are invited to the 9th batch of MBA programme by Dept. of HSSM, National Institute of Technology Karnata...

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Rs.58,825 is the amount for which d.d has to be brought for hosteller(obc,boys) no? And will it be fine if I report in the afternoon any working day before 10th april?? As train reaches mangalore by 2pm.. Hope the admission process can be completed in couple of hours?

  • Yes the email id is right. Hostel fee can be paid before .... 10h.
  • Thanks have mailed them :smiley:. 10h.
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Hemanth N @nhemanth711 16

Yes the email id is right. Hostel fee can be paid before the classes commence. I am not sure if it can be paid before, and you pay the DD as an hostler, i guess a hostel seat would be surely allocated and available to get admitted before the classes commence. That shouldn't be a worry. 

19 GMAT IIM Udaipur

IIM Udaipur - Purdue Global SCM program - Class of 2016 Aspirants

Dear Aspirants, we are very pleased to start this year's thread.This 15 month dual degree programme between IIM Udaip...


Executive MBA in India

Hi, I am planning to do an MBA either India or abroad. I have close to 6 years experience in financial analysis, corp...

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Is anyone joining the one year full time executive mba course at XIMB? 

  • I have been selected for it..Not sure whether I would joi.... 12h.
Yokesh Mahendran @yokesh99 1

I have been selected for it..Not sure whether I would join or not

10.6k GMAT

GMAT Sentence Correction Discussions

The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. ...

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is "broadcast " singular or plural ? 

7. Although it claims to delve into political issues, television can be superficial such as when each of the three major networks broadcast exactly the same statement from a political candidate.

  1. superficial such as when each of the three major networks
  2. superficial, as can sometimes occur if all of the three major networks
  3. superficial if the three major networks all        
  4. superficial, as when the three major networks each 
  5. superficial whenever each of the three major networks
  • Broadcast is Singular.. "Each of the three networks *Broa.... 12h.
  • okk thanks a ton !. 12h.
Rupesh choudhary @rupesh.dsi.86 2

Broadcast is Singular.. "Each of the three networks Broadcasts" whereas "The three network each broadcast".. The use of word "Each" after subject does not make any difference to subject. If put before subject "Each" then makes the subject singular hence singular verb required then.


Pagalguy Prep. Team for GMAT

Is there a team of people on PG preparing for the GMAT? Something similar to the CAT dream team? It seems that GMAT i...

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Any Update abt the placement statistics this yr 

  • @PGDM-GMP can the trend be known compared to last yr plac.... 1d.
  • Any detail will b officially known once the course ends. ATB. 1d.
Krishna Goenka @krishnagoenka

@PGDM-GMP can the trend be known compared to last yr placements


Any detail will b officially known once the course ends. ATB


MBA in USA :)

Guys I am Ronak Chiripal doing my MBA from Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University (New York State). Plea...

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Hi Friends,

I am currently working in a large Utility firm and have 9+ years of exp. I am planning to pursue MBA from USA , Canada or Australia. However,I have few queries and would request folks out there to please help me.

My profile is as below:

1. B.Tech ( Electronics) 68%- 2005

2. 12th - CBSE - 85 %

3. 10th CBSE - 83 %

SAP Finance techno functional consultant involved in SAP project management and implementation ( from 2005- 2011)

Shifted my career from SAP project management  to IT risk management due to lack of opportunities . Last 4 years  working in Internal Audit  as Audit Specialist and looking after Project risk management ,SAP internal controls review etc.

I have also completed CMA ( Certified Management Accounting)  from ICMA US . Currently preparing for GMAT and will appear for by the 3rd Quarter 2015.

However, I am not able to decide the following:

1. Shall I pursue 1 year or 2 year? I would prefer mid way that is 15 or 18 months program 

2. Which specialization i shall pursue?

3. What will be my career path in terms of position etc?

Please advise .

Thanks and Best Regards

  • If settlement is your ultimate goal, then you should limi.... 14h.
  • have you researched well on the job placements in Canada?.... 14h.
Mansie Dewan @MansieDewanConsulting 2,766

If settlement is your ultimate goal, then you should limit yourself to Canada. In addition to UBC and Schulich, look up Rotman, Richard Ivey and Queens. 

Mansie Dewan @MansieDewanConsulting 2,766

have you researched well on the job placements in Canada? I'v got mixed reviews.

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I need some advice regarding my profile. Also, please suggest possible colleges which I should be aiming at considering my profile and Work Experience. I just want to add that I plan to prepare for GMAT this year and write the exam sometime after 6-8 months. 

My profile is as follows:

Work Exp: 50+ months in IT

Currently Working in Cognizant as an Associate for the past 4 years. Received star performer of the month reward. Have worked for a couple of years in challenging client side environments (in India itself).

BTech: Did it from an average college in Tamil Nadu

CGPA: 7.6

12th: 60

10th: 66

Extracurricular activities: Music (won best bassist award in a national competition held by Yamaha), Writing (have written lyrics for a music CD which we released as part of a project in College), Was the class representative in College, Won first prize in a national level paper presentation competition, Plus some certificates in sports events held in school.

What kind of a GMAT score should I be looking at? Also, as i am preparing for CAT already will my CAT preparation be enough for GMAT (planning to take up some online course for GMAT as well buy couple of books)? Will this preparation be enough? 

Looking for an honest feedback about  my chances in good colleges in India as well as abroad. Considering colleges abroad which are not so expensive and which provide a chance of settling abroad. 

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I can't do anything about where I have been. But I can surely do a lot about where I am going!

2.7k GMAT ISB Hyderabad

ISB Class of 2016 Aspirants

*R2 Applicants : Please go through below Important links :* (The list of the links will get updated as and when I ge...

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Hi Pagalguy,

i am  working with a US based MNC (located in India), as a Sales and Marketing professional. i have an experience of 3 years in total and my academic background is as below:

10th (State Board) : 88%

12th (State Board) : 93.33%

Production Engg from VJTI Mumbai: CGPA 7.8 / 10

All the while, I have been dealing with the export customers (US and Latin Americans for the 1st year and European customers for the next two years) and want to pursue my MBA in International Marketing. Could you kindly guide me as to what will be the ideal time for me to appear for GMATand what would be the ideal score, so that i can apply for ISB PGPM course for the year 2016-17?

also, i am right now at a zero level in terms of GMAT prep, please also suggest how should i start with it.

  • A score above 700 should be good. Namita Garg .... 17h.
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,597

A score above 700 should be good.

Namita Garg

559 GMAT

GMAT study group in Mumbai

Hi puys This is the study corner for the people in Mumbai.Mumbai being the financial capital of the country and the b...

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Hi...Anyone planning to give GMAT around April/May 2015 from Mumbai and wants to study together in a group?

  • Lets all Mumbaikars planning to give GMAT meet at a place.... 13 Mar.
  • Hey, I'm on the same schedule. I live in Bandra West and .... 1d.
jigar gogri @jigarhg 13

Lets all Mumbaikars planning to give GMAT meet at a place for our 1st session???let me know ur suggestions guys..!!1


Hey, I'm on the same schedule. I live in Bandra West and would love to join a study group. Let me know! Thanks