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In the work-ex form filling one has to consider work ex till 31 st Dec 2015? I saw in the e-brochure that work ex is calculated as on 31st DEC 2015.

Success is absolute.Failure is relative. 

723 CAT XAT GMAT XIMB, XUB Bhubaneswar X - GMAT

[Official] XIMB 2016-18 Admissions Related Queries

Dear All, Xavier Institute of Management *(XIMB, XUB ) *announces admission to its various MBA programmes for the ba...

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nyone for kolkata on 17th and 18th?

  • 7278818731... 16thfeb. 11h.
  • 9561955492 16 feb (mumbai) plz add me guys.. 3h.
i 15 @ishaagarwal15 5

7278818731... 16thfeb


9561955492    16 feb (mumbai)     plz add me guys.

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@manoharswami How was the interview process?? 

I would really appreciate if u can share your experience.

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  • what kind of case studies are put across?. 3h.
Sid Raj @siddharth2909

what kind of case studies are put across?

42 CAT XAT GMAT Bennett University Greater Noida

Info @ Bennett University

Bennett University, backed by _The Times of India Group_, is readying to launch in July 2016, with B.Tech and MBA pro...

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is there any fee waiver system or scholarship?

  • Presently the Times of India Group visits campuses such a.... 14h.
  • ok thnk u. 2h.
Bennett University @BennettUniv 13

Presently the Times of India Group visits campuses such as IIMs, MDI, Symbiosis etc to recruit its management cadre. In lieu of these campuses, they will hire from Bennett University in 2018 when the inaugural batch graduates.

The Bennett Job Guarantee thus assures the graduates of the inaugural batch, opportunities to work across various Times Group companies in the area of Publishing, Radio, Television, Digital, Real Estate & Education in functions ranging from Marketing, Finance, HR, IT and Operations.

Please note that each group company has its own package and policies. Hence it is difficult to give an average number. The package is also dependent on your academic performance, work experience and many other factors.

Do let us know if you need any other clarification. Happy to speak with you to clarify the same.

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I have applied to hyd n nagpur campus nd got my cnpi scheduled but I got mail saying attend the cnpi that I have scheduled to get admitted to the dubai campus. Does that mean dey will call again for another cnpi or that cnpi will be considered for hyd n nagpur. Pls help

  • @nidhiomsai You stand qualified for IMT Dubai so you got .... 4h.
  • OK thnks.. Xime n imt dates clashed. I'm wondering if dey.... 4h.
Ridhima Datta IMT @ridhimadatta 6

@nidhiomsai You stand qualified for IMT Dubai so you got a conformation mail for them.Every institute has their own qualifying criterias and you will get a conformation from them accordingly if you qualify for the same.You will get a notification accordingly.Be well prepared for the the IMT Dubai's Interview process.The CnPI process will only be conducted once.After the process ,your scores will be tabulated and if your profile fits the criteria for IMT Hyderabad, you might get a call.All the Best!!

Nidhi P @nidhiomsai 5

OK thnks.. Xime n imt dates clashed. I'm wondering if dey l allow to switch dates


[Official] 2016-18 Great Lakes Chennai PGDM Admission Queries

Please post any queries you many have related to the admissions process of Great Lakes Chennai PGDM 2016-18. Find Mo...

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Is Blazer compulsory for interview of Great lakes?

  • You will know the answer if you have been to Chennai. 17h.
  • @abhay well said!. 4h.
Abhay@vit vellore . @abhay_023 38

You will know the answer if you have been to Chennai

712 CAT GMAT IMI Delhi New Delhi

[Official] IMI Delhi 2016-18 Admission Query Thread

Hello Puys, It gives us immense pleasure to kick - start another season of admissions at IMI Delhi. All queries wi...


BIMTECH ADMISSIONS 2016-18 [Official]

Hi All, Birla Institute of Management technology, Greater Noida announces the commencement of applications for the ba...

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Anyone having gdpi on 25 Feb in noida?

  • ha bhai, kuch imp pata chala?. 3h.
  • Don't take tension it will be easy. 2h.
Pranav Shukla @pranuji

ha bhai, kuch imp pata chala?

Anirudh Bansal @aniban 2

Don't take tension it will be easy


[Official] 2016-17 Great Lakes Chennai PGPM Admissions Queries

Please post any queries you many have related to the admissions process of Great Lakes Chennai PGPM 2016-17.

808 GMAT IMT-D Dubai

IMT-Dubai, Official Admissions Thread

*The Genesis of this Thread-We all have a Bit of History to talk of..! :: * Let me start with an experience that I ha...

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i have got a call for cnpi process on 21st feburary for imt dubai,nagpur under imt common admission process where imt dubai is  my first preference . do i need to separately apply to imt dubai ??? or the process will be looked after by them only ??? as i am intrested for the dubai programme ....

  • #. 19h.
  • write an email to 3h.
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How long does It takes for the application status to be updated? Also I received a call 2 days ago from the Mumbai branch stating that they will send me an email and I will get a call from their side, I haven't received any. What should I do? @SP Jain School of Global Management

33 CAT CMAT XAT GMAT GRE Woxsen Hyderabad

2016 - Woxsen Official Admissions Query Thread

Hello Puys, You can ask all your Admissions Related Queries here for the 2016 intake for 2yrs PGDM and 1yr PGPXP Prog...

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what was the size of the batch for which the placement details are given?

  • Students from both the PGPXP and the PGDM programmes are .... 18h.
  • and how many students are there in the current pgdm progr.... 4h.
Woxsen School of Business @WoxsenSchoolofBiz 63

Students from both the PGPXP and the PGDM programmes are sitting for placement interviews currently which will go on till the end of March. As soon as we have a confirmed student with an offer letter and the date of joining, we will upload it on the website. You may call us on +91 (0) 9959907132 to know more. Thank you

vikarm singhal @kooldr

and how many students are there in the current pgdm programme?

499 CAT XAT GMAT FSM New Delhi

[2016-2018] FORE School of Management Admission Help Desk

Greeting everyone, Applications are now open for the 2-year full time programs, PGDM & PGDM-IB, at FORE School of...


Profile Evaluation - MISB Bocconi - Bocconi India

Dear Puys, MISB Bocconi is the offshore campus of Bocconi university Milan. We are conducting a detailed profile ev...

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CMAT - 165 score 90.48 percentile

GMAT - 540/800

10 - 84.14%

12 - 74.80% Mech engg - 71.67%

Chances of getting a call ?

  • You can expect a PI call. http://apply-misbbocconi..... 5h.


MICA Ahmedabad Official Discussion Forum 2016

The official forum of MICA: The School of Ideas (Ahmedabad) for all queries and admissions-related discussions. A to...

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Is there only one slot for MICAT 2? My test clashes with another interview. Is there some person I can talk to in this regard? There is a disclaimer that due to unforeseen  circumstances,MICA has the right to call the students for the test till 6:00pm on sunday. Does this mean that they will entertain my request for another slot on the same day? Please help

  • or you can run an undercover operation to cause a technic.... 6h.
Appu S @Appuchin 61

or you can run an undercover operation to cause a technical glitch...

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The thing which I like the most about SOIL is application based learning. As a part of Social Innovation program every student has to work with an NGO one day per week. I am working with an NGO named Esha-People for the blind. For them we have organized the fund raising cycling event Tour de vision on February 7, 2016. The event was grand success, we have raised funds around Rs.2,40,000 from the event. We could able to achieve this in a short span of 3 months. I felt that this success is possible because of applying the concepts taught in class, especially the framework we learnt in selling and Negotiation skills course which helps us reach out to right sponsors and pitch in about the event. I could remember one line from the faculty which impacted us "It's not about me and my smartness; it's about the customer and their greatness".


Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it...

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Hi Sir/Maam,

I need your guidance on how to build my profile for ISB class of 2018. I am aiming scholarships as well and hence would apply in the first round this year itself.

10th: 83.9% , 12th: 80.2% (ICSE board), B.Tech(CSE): 74.4%

Work Ex: will complete 2 years as a Systems engineer in IT this year in July. (Planning to quit the current job and taking up something related to marketing and sales, something non-technical). By march 2017 I should have 2 years 9 months of work experience

Co-curricular activities: 1. Very active in school. Represented the school in inter-school debates.

2. Part of the editorial board and thereby became the student editor in 12th standard.

3. Part of the prefect body, organized events.

4. Participated in a few quiz, dance and essay competitions as well. Won most of them

5. Partcipated and won a few essay writing competitions in college.

6. Organized a few events as well as hosted them in school as well as college.

I was aiming CAT since the past 3 years and upon failure have recently shifted my focus to a 1 year MBA. I had dropped a year after 12th to prepare for engineering exams and hence it has become all the more imperative for me to not waste anymore time and pursue an MBA ASAP. I hadn't thought about preparing for GMAT until a while back and hence would really appreciate your guidance on the same.

How should I begin preparing for GMAT? What score should I target? How should I build my profile further? Please help.

  • @Anshulmba thank you for the advice Sir. Will plan accor.... 11h.
  • @smriti07 Sure. feel free to IM if you find yourself stuc.... 8h.
@smriti07 4

@Anshulmba  thank you for the advice Sir. Will plan accordingly.

Anshul Sharma @Anshulmba 19

@smriti07 Sure. feel free to IM if you find yourself stuck along the way. I go by 'Anshul' and dop 'sir' thanks 

298 GMAT

The official Thread for the NANYANG MBA Aspirants 2014 Intake

Hello Aspirants,This thread is for all who wish to apply to the Nanyang MBA for the upcoming intake (2014). We are pa...

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Guys, who have already got the offer from Nanyang, lets connect over a group. If there is no such group, then lets make one. 

  • @deep619...the deadline is until 15 Feb for interview cal.... 10h.
  • @deep619 : i applied on 14th Jan.. 10h.
CA Abhijit Karandikar @abhijitk 17

@deep619...the deadline is until 15 Feb for interview calls. So until then u can be hopeful

Akshay Khandelwal @akshay.nitw 16

@deep619 : i applied on 14th Jan. 


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