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  • Profile Evaluation - MISB Bocconi - Bocconi India
  • Dear Puys, 

    MISB Bocconi is the offshore campus of Bocconi university Milan. We are conducting a detailed profile evaluation for the aspirants wishing to apply for MISB Bocconi, PGPB 2015 Batch. 

    Program, BSchool and Placement details -

    Know your chances of a call for Bocconi India, Europe's premier business school in India. 

    Details to be disclosed by aspirants,

    1. Academics - 10th/12th/grad score

    2. Entrance Exam scores- #CAT/#GMAT/#CMAT/#GRE/ Bocconi Test 

    3. Work Ex

    4. Extra Curricular activities (If any)

    You can also Private message us with your profile details. 

    Best of Luck!

  • In 5 days – Wednesday, 31 Dec
  • GMAT MISB Mumbai

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Hi All,

This is Sounak Sanyal here.I think I'm too late to this thread. But better late than never. I have an admit to join the program this year. Can someone please add me to the WhatsApp group?  My number is +81 80 97149941. 

Regards, Sounak

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  • Done Sounak...:). 35m.
  • Thanks Avinash.... 19m.
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 hello all..i just have a small query..i would like to know wat kind of work ex proof is expctd from us by i just have experience certifct joinung or apointmnt lettr

  • Most organizations provide what is known as a 'Certificat.... 11h.
  • When do we require work ex proof. I thought salary slips .... 39m.
Shalin B @shalincbhatt 1

Most organizations provide what is known as a 'Certificate of Employment', you could directly contact the HR in your organization for this. It states your date of joining and current designation. This should suffice as proof. 

freesurfer this year @freesurfer 21

When do we require work ex proof. I thought salary slips would be required? For the interview we only need to provide academic marksheets. Please correct me if I am wrong

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I got a call for GMP.I have 57 month work experience by 31st Mar although I have completed my B.Tech in year 2010(Session ends in June). Kindly let me know whether I will be eligible for GMP program of XLRI.


Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

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Does anyone have any idea about non-profit organizations looking for volunteers. I am specifically looking to apply for a 6-8 month stint at a leading organization (Clinton Health Access Initiative, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO and the likes etc.) in a developing country (SE Asia/Africa). All views and inputs are appreciated

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  • @MansieDewanConsulting anyone you know of?. 8h.
  • #. 8h.
Mission Fontainebleau-ON! || About me - Strategy Consultant | The Doon School | IIT-Kanpur | LSE | ISB-YLP | GMAT'15-740 | XAT'15-99.92%ile 
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OG'15 CR 121

The spacing of the four holes on a fragment of a bone flute that excavated at a Neanderthal campsite is just what is required to play the third through sixth notes of the diatonic scale-the seven note musical scale used in much of western music since the Renaissance.Musicologists therefore hypothesize that the diatonic musical scale was developed and used thousands of years before it was adopted by western musicians.

Which of the following if true,most strongly supports the hypothesis?

a)Bone flutes were probably the only musical instrument made by Neanderthals.

b)No musical instrument that is known to have a diatonic is of an earlier date than the one found at the Neanderthal campsite.

c)The flute was made from a cave-bear bone and the campsite at which the flute fragment was excavated was in a cave that also contained skeletal remains of cave bears.

d)Flutes are the simplest wind instrument that can be constructed to allow playing a diatomic scale.

e)The cave bear leg-bone used to make the Neanderthal flute would have been long enough to make a flute capable of playing a complete diatonic scale.

The answer is e, which to me makes no sense. Please explain if anyone is able to get the solution. Also, how to go about such ques ? Please help.

  • @lsuarez Yes Saket, because to make it flute , it just ne.... 9h.
  • @lsuarez You are assuming that since a cave bear is menti.... 9h.
its now or never...! 
varun kumar @varun4iim 52

@lsuarez Yes Saket, because to make it flute , it just need to have few holes and bones anyhow will be hollow  ..This also came into my mind.

The GMAT Guy @agrawalp_39 487

@lsuarez You are assuming that since a cave bear is mentioned, the bone is thousands of years old. Think about this - don't we have cave bears today? Unless a way to determine the age of the bone through some method is figured out, we can't say for sure that the bone is not just from the past decade, right?

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MBA Information Sessions
MBA Information Sessions
By attending our MBA information sessions you will have the opportunity to interact with Katz staff, faculty, and our current students and can ask any questions you have about the program. A bonus feature of attending these sessions? We'll waive your application fee when you apply to Katz!



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I have started preparing since last 2 weeks with Verbal as the focus. My target is to take GMAT in April'15.

This is a new group where you can join to help and get helped by others.
Thanks, Tanmoy.

155 GMAT

Schools and Programs in India that accept GMAT scores

GMAT exam now opens new doors for management aspirants. Your GMAT scores can help you earn a degree from top tier sch...

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Hi alll..

I am new to Gmat and don't have much infi about it...

Can any1 provide me the list if colleges having 1 yr management program in India via Gmat???

  • Is this thread still live ??. 20h.
  • 1 Year Management Program: ISB. IIMA/B/C/L, XLRI GMP. I .... 12h.
Arpit @arpitjain512 3

Is this thread still live ??
Kinjal Das 27,911

1 Year Management Program:

ISB. IIMA/B/C/L, XLRI GMP. I guess SPJAIN as well. 

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I am a consultant working with a big 4. As of July 2015, I would have had 3 years of work experience in IT consulting. Apart from this I have a good academic record and have also contributed to many co-curriculars. I scored a 720 on the GMAT. What are my chances of an admit to NUS if I apply this year?

  • @NS191290 how is it going? hope you started working on e.... 01 Dec '14.
  • @askrohan Can you evaluate my profile? 710 , will comple.... 13h.
Rohan kumar @askrohan 57

@NS191290  how is it going? hope you started working on essays. Let me know if you need any help...

ishan gupta @ishan1109 39

@askrohan  Can you evaluate my profile? 710 , will complete 3 years of work ex in Power sector fortune 500 company Alstom, average acads, lots of co curriculars during

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I live in Pune and planning to give GMAT around July 2015. Can anyone let me know which coaching centre will be good for GMAT classes?? I have heard about Jamboree F.C.Road. Can anyone provide the feedback for it.??

Please respond at the earliest.



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Hi...I have applied for Asian Institute of Management 2015 MBA batch. Wanted to know whether there is any separate page for the 2015 batch. I have received call from AIM for GD/PI and I had some queries. If anyone active on this page please reply.

  • @sandeepwaghmare Please message me your facebook ID will .... 15h.
Shyam Senthilvel @shyams2611

@sandeepwaghmare Please message me your facebook ID will add you to the group...not sure as to why the link is not working....

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Hi Friends,

I want to pursue my MBA at USA, wanted to know the best Overseas education consultants at Hyderabad. Need as many reviews as possible.

Thanks in advance :)




Please do not limit yourself to consultants in Hyderabad. You may reach out to any good consultant for reviews/guidance on essays/SOPs.Please PM your details to me for evaluation of your profile. We could work together to help u get accepted to a good B-school in the

US. €‹

  • SPiE India is the best overseas education Consultants. Th.... 21h.
Uno Education Advisors

SPiE India is the best overseas education Consultants. They provide free counselling to study in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand Ireland etc. Visit

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hi guyzzplss help,; cat-14 ,64 percentile NC-OBC, 10th-76,1 12th -69, grad-91(btech), what are my chances??

  • you can convert if you do well in the GDPI.. All the best.... 22h.
Beryl Thomas @phate 100

you can convert if you do well in the GDPI.. All the best..!!

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Hi Guys,
I am looking for a 2016 admit to the pgpx program of iima.
Request you to give your kind opinions about the suitability and strength of my profile for the said course.
BE (MECH)-75%
Very active in extracurricular activities both in school and college.

5+ years work ex in Construction management in Oil& Gas Sector with Leading a leading PMC .

Nothing much to show for other activities or hobbies.
Though am into welfare committee of office for last 3 years.

Aim- To move to a Project Management role or a more general consulting role with companies like McKinsey or BCG.

In long term looking to become an expert in public policy or industry vertical.

  • Agree about the extra-curriculars. I don't suggest that y.... 4d.
  • @ninad.bhave & @mba-help Thanks for the feedback.. 22h.
IIM-A PGPX,IIM-B EPGP,ISB Aspirant....2016 entrance "Batch of 2017" 
MBA Decoder @mba-help 1,520

Agree about the extra-curriculars. I don't suggest that you do something completely new- but do get heavily involved in the welfare committee. You have already been involved- I guess with not much  contribution (feels like this from the way you write it) - but upping your gameplay out here will be easier for you and not seem like you are doing something just for the applications.

Prepare to score 700+ on the GMAT.

Namita Garg

avishek prakash @avishekp

@ninad.bhave & @mba-help Thanks for the feedback.

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