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Executive MBA in India

Hi, I am planning to do an MBA either India or abroad. I have close to 6 years experience in financial analysis, corp...

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Guys can anyone throw some light upon executive mba in ximb bhubaneshwar ?

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  • or quitting job and joing this course?. 14m.
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I have Work Ex of 59 month of experience by time of admission. Will I be eligible for the course?

I have already mentioned the same at the time of interview but got no response from the Admission Office.

Kindly clarify.

  • Thanks for the information. 1d.
  • @PGDM-GMP A couple of less does not matter then in the .... 24m.

Thanks for the information



A couple of less does not matter then in the selection criteria why you have mentioned requirement of minimum 5 years experience as on 31.03.2015. Hope you are getting the point which I am trying to raise. P.S.In this regard I have written a mail to admission office as well

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Hello Ppl,

Can you please recommend some good Indian colleges accepting GMAT scores.

  • Hi Rishabh, plenty of colleges accept GMAT in India, here.... 22h.
  • @royxxx You can find names of several colleges which acc.... 1h.
*killin tym* Advisors 5

@royxxx  You can find names of several colleges which accept GMAT scores over the internet. However, please do adequate research on schools where you would like to pursue your MBA, please check placement records with alums before u take a plunge. 



SMU MITB course

Hi, I have an experience of 6+ years in IT, a score of 600 in GMAT. I am an Indian female. I want to apply for the co...

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Entrance preparation for study in Canada

hi, i want to study in canada can any buddy tell me how to prepared for GRE to study in canada..


A current MBA student at BYU (Marriott School) taking questions

Dear Puys, I am a current student at BYU's MBA program , its also referred to often as the Marriott School. I am star...

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Hi. I have received an admit from BYU (2011 to 2013). My details are as follows:
GMAT: 700
Work Ex: 3 years (by June 2011) as Senior Systems Engineer @ Infosys Technologies Limited
I am an Indian citizen and I concerned about the number of companies recruiting on campus which hire international students as well (from marketing specialisation).
Actually being an international student I am much concerned about the chances of getting a job in US post MBA. I can work there only if the organisation sponsors my H1B Visa. So any updates on the job scenario for international students would be highly appreciated.

  • Hi Kartik. Thank you for your interest in BYU MBA Program.... 6h.
  • Thanks Vandita . I really appreciate that..... 5h.

Hi Kartik. Thank you for your interest in BYU MBA Program. Please reach out to She is the Admission Director. She can respond to your queries and connect you with a current student. Please feel free to share my name (Vandita Razdan) for reference.

Kartik Aggarwal @kartik03710 7

Thanks Vandita . I really appreciate that....


MBA in USA :)

Guys I am Ronak Chiripal doing my MBA from Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University (New York State). Plea...

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Hey, I am 26 years of age; I completed my graduation in marketing studies. The plan was set, get a job, work for the experience and then go ahead and do an MBA. I was going through various articles online and one of them said that the value of an MBA will decline to around 50%,(is this factual?) over the next 10 years. Currently, with the price hikes and inflation levels, I am a little apprehensive about going ahead. I don't want to go for an executive MBA, if I do pursue an MBA, it would be a fulltime course. I would like to know what you guys think about doing an MBA in today's world.

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  • Sure, here you go. Usa : University of Chicago,Columbia B.... 21h.
  • Thanks a lot! :smiley:. 21h.
@harish.sachi 3

Sure, here you go. Usa : University of Chicago,Columbia Business School, Princeton University and University of Michigan Austrailia : Melbourne University,Sydney Business School, Bond University School of Business and Sp Jain Global.

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Debater: The average amount of overtime per month worked by an employee in the manufacturing division of the Haglut Corporation is 14 hours. Most employees of the Haglut Corporation work in the manufacturing division. Furthermore, the average amount of overtime per month worked by any employee in the company generally does not fluctuate much from month to month. Therefore, each month, most employees of the Haglut Corporation almost certainly work at least some overtime. The debater’s argument is most vulnerable to criticism on which of these grounds?

Please provide explanation.

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472 CAT GMAT BITS Pilani

[2015-2017] BITS Pilani, Official MBA Admission Helpdesk

The Department Of Management, BITS Pilani is calling for admissions to MBA program for 2015-17 batch. The last date f...

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Since no whatsapp group exists for GD/PI call getters for session 2015-2017, I have taken the initiative to create a group of the same. Do post your cell numbers so that I could include you all.

A subtle request for all the seniors and mods of this page to please join the group so that you may revert to the queries of us in a better way...@KrishnaKLU @thomasA @Apex_Predator..

Thanks :) 

  • added. 1d.
  • add me tooo 9940216635. 15h.
Never give up!!! 


Indian School of Business : Young Leaders' Program

ISB has started a 2+1 Program, which is formally called the *Young Leaders' Program*, on the lined of HBS' 2+2 progra...

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Anybody who has been selected for ISB YLP batch of 2017?

  • The results for the 1st round are yet to be declared. 30t.... 17h.
Harsh Vardhan @Freewill2014

The results for the 1st round are yet to be declared. 30th April is the DATE! Fingers crossed.

2.7k GMAT ISB Hyderabad

ISB Class of 2016 Aspirants

*R2 Applicants : Please go through below Important links :* (The list of the links will get updated as and when I ge...

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Can some one suggest links for free access to mock GMATs? Looked at some but not sure how good enough they are.


CAT ho ya WAT, sab moh maaya hai.......  
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Greetings Everyone,

This is Rohit Rajkumar, MYRA PGDM student of the 2015-17 batch. A great privilege to be a part of this prestigious b-school and a pleasure to share my MBA related queries on this thread.

It is known that an MBA degree requires one to choose a specialization in the 2nd year of the program. We are normally told to choose a specialization subject correlated to your prior work field or interest.

I am an Electronics Engineer and have always had a great interest in Finance, and been striving to master my skills regularly, and also that I have worked in the sales/marketing domain of an MNC for over 2 years, has slightly given me a tough time to choose my specialization stream in the 2nd year.

Since my choice of specialization will definitely play a crucial role at the time of job interviews, are there any other important factors basis which I could decide my field of specialization for the 2nd year:

In my case, Finance or Marketing?


  • Dear Rohit, thanks for posting your question here. Le.... 20h.
  • Thank you so much for your reply, @Dr.-Wolfgang-Messner S.... 19h.
With great power comes great responsibility. 
Dr. Wolfgang Messner @Dr.-Wolfgang-Messner 4

Dear Rohit,

thanks for posting your question here. Let me give you two suggestions. First, take your time choosing a specialization. Electives are for the second year, you have plenty and more time (actually, it moves quite fast...) to see what area interests you. Then make your choice. And, second, base your choice on your interests and passion. If you enjoy finance, accounting and the like, go for it. If you feel that marketing is more to your liking, go for it.

Having the right specialization might help a little in the interview for your dream job, but that's not all that recruiters are looking at. They are more looking at your attitude and at your general understanding of business.

And what is more, choosing a specialization in your MBA program does not close career doors. Let me talk from my own experience. My first degree is a Master's in computing science, the hard-core stuff like compilers, theory of algorithms, numerical mathematics. I enjoyed it. My first job was with a bank, being a business analyst in the area of customer data & credit lines. I then moved on (after an MBA) to management consulting in the area of customer service. After a PhD in marketing, I went back for some time into offshore service delivery. For the past few years, I'm focusing on the challenges of international management and collaboration. My IT background has never hurt me in my career, professional and personal development.

Let's talk more in a couple of months when you are on campus, and when you have developed your first (dis-)likes of certain subjects.

Looking forward to seeing you at MYRA!

Dr. Wolfgang Messner

Rohit Rajkumar @matan 5

Thank you so much for your reply, @Dr.-Wolfgang-Messner Sir. It must have been an enriching experience to have gotten amazing opportunities of working in such varied industries and I completely agree with the fact that our past education always adds significance to our CV. Based on my past academics and work experience, I will also be doing a lot of brainstorming beforehand on which specialization to choose.

And Sir, as you rightly pointed out that I have a considerable amount of time to think about my decision, it will also give me an opportunity to discuss my interests with the prestigious faculty members at MYRA, and then decide on the right career choice, basis the valuable feedback shared by them.

 It is indeed a great honour for me to be amongst such great minds at MYRA. Looking forward to learning as much as I can, given the amazing opportunities presented at this wonderful business school.

Warm Regards,

Rohit Rajkumar


Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), January'2014 Intake

*Discuss about what you think of the RSM MBA whether you are an applicant, a current student or an alumni. Talk about...

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199 GMAT SPJIMR Mumbai

SP Jain Mumbai 2015-2017

Hey ! I wanted to know the admissions process details for the batch of 2015-2017 PGDM (2-year MBA) Programme offered ...

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Any idea by what time does SPJAIN waitlist move?.Is it a dynamic tracker or a time based update.I am WL5 for IM specialization but have not seen any movement till date.

Please advise.


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A current Tuckie's take on startups, and how the Tuck MBA program facilitates successful launching of entrepreneurial ventures. All power to students who want to do something on their own!

Building Business from Thin Air: The Start-Up Science of What-To-Do-Tomorrow
Building Business from Thin Air: The Start-Up Science of What-To-Do-Tomorrow
By Pete T'16, Tuck Bridge '09 A first-year student at Tuck, Pete is co-founder of Decade Records and drummer for Filligar, a touring American rock band. He has served as a cultural ambassador for the U.S. State Department and is a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts ...

Tuck School of Business

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if the area of a triangle ABC is 30 and 2 sides AB & AC are 5 & 13. What is the third side?

And can we say its a right angled triangle

  • We can not say it is a right angled triangle, but we can .... 1d.
Som69 @Som_Brainz 2

We can not say it is a right angled triangle, but we can validate it, by assuming the third side to be 12, and checking if the area if it comes out to be 30, which it does by taking 5 as the base and 12 as the height , then 13 would be the hypotenuse.

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Each of the 25 balls in a certain box is either red, blue or white and has a number from 1 to 10 painted on it. If one ball is to be selected at random from the box, what is the probability that the ball selected will either be white or have an even number painted on it?

1) The probability that the ball will both be white and have an even number painted on it is 0.
2) The probability that the ball will be white minus the probability that the ball will have an even number painted on it is 0.2.

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Veritas Gurgaon - 9810801887 
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GMAT 2014 PUNE : coaching classes, study groups etc.

Hi, I am a s/w engg. and I live in Pune.I urgently need to start prep for GMAT. If any one can share any info about c...

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I am planning to give gmat in June 2015. Anybody interested in grp study or knowledge sharing. plz let me know. 

I am also planning to join Jamboree or Time this weekend. 

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  • my no is 9561196455,, plz take me along. 1d.
  • Please add - 9321320351. Gmat in august. 1d.
@jainnivesh 20

my no is 9561196455,, plz take me along

Bhushan Makhija @bhushan.makhija

Please add - 9321320351. Gmat in august

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is it possible to join IIM U pgpx program after PGDM in operations and 3.5 years experience?what is the criteria for PGPX program?   

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Hi.. Anyone who has accepted Krannert and looking for accommodation over summer? Drop in a message here!

Usually all rent agreements start from Aug 1st.. But STEM summer semester starts in Mid May.. Let me know if you are looking for somethign between mid may and July 31st. I have a two bedroom apt that i am planning to sublease.... 5 mins walk to school..