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IIM Lucknow Interview Experience -

12th Feb, 2016

Mumbai , 1:30 pm slot

CAT 15:99.81

WAT : The Road less travelled makes a difference

Wrote a decent essay covering innovation, politics, history where being a maverick helps.

Had heard from previous guys in panel that they were having Stress Interviews in my panel.

Prof had seen the interviewee before me sharing her interview experience while calling me in.

Q- Is the KT(knowledge transfer) over from the previous interviewees?

A- (laughing) Yes

Q- Do you want to go out and ask her in case you feel you missed out anything?

A- No

Q- What have the previous interviewees said?

A- Told about how they have been asking about graduation and the previous one was asked Maths and Hobbies . It depends on each candidate

Q- So which all calls do you have?


Q- No B?

A- Yes.

Q- (Takes my Personal Data form and looks at it) Ok you can leave

A- (astonished) Excuse me?

Q- What is there to ask. (showing the other prof my form) He is a CFA L3 and works at Credit Suisse . Too good for L. Idhar 15 lakhs lagage ke bhi itna hi milega

A- Told that MBA is needed for me as I wish to work in the Strategy/Private Equity space.

Q- Why is MBA for needed that? You already know more about Finance than we will teach

A- Finance is just one part of business. In these areas one needs to understand a business holistically and that knowledge a MBA will provide

Q- Tell us how exactly MBA will help in career progression? Leave all this knowledge etc part out

A- Many roles which I am interested in require MBA. For example after CFA L3 I was looking to shift into Equity Research which values CFA highly but I did not get shortlisted as the feedback was that CFA just provides financial toolbox while we need to evaluate business which is why they prefer only MBAs. (side waala prof says Good )

Q-Ok you can leave then

A-(cursing inwardly) Please do ask me some more questions

Q- No you are CFA L3 you should ask us questions

A-Nothing like that

Q- Ok tell us about your IIMA Interview experience

A- (kya mazaak hain) Told

Q- So they asked you technical questions there

A- Yes

Q- You told you need MBA to get sectoral exposure so tell us about the Teaching Sector in India

A- Dont know about the sector as a whole but can make an attempt .

Q- (cutting in middle) No speak about IITs and IIMs. Do you think IIM Lucknow is a good institute?

A-  Yes as per friends who have been alumni and current students it is a very good institute plus any institute which places 400+ students in 3 days in roles which are desired by students certainly deserves to be called a very good institute

Q- Tell us about your hobbies

A- Told about reading history and fantasy.

Q- Recent book you read on History?

A- India after Gandhi

Q- How did you find it?

A- Very comprehensive

Q- You told me you read Lord of the Rings? So was not including the character of Tom Bombadil in the movies a wise decision?

A- Spoke how it was right as his character is not very central to the plot and how it tied more into the history of Arda and his role as Iarwain or the first one.

Q-It seems you have read Silmarillion as most of that info is not present in LOTR but in it

A- Yes

Q- (Panelists being served Tea) See you know even that. No point is asking you questions. You can leave

A- No do ask me if you have anything

Q- No both of us are done with questions. Please leave now and let us have our Tea in peace

A- Okay. Thank you

Overall one of the weirdest interviews I will face. Trying to have a stress interview by telling I am too good for them :P. Somehow stretched the interview to 15 minutes. Feel that I handled myself well enough to get a convert. Rest anyways will be known in April.

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  • @kittuboy Lets see yaar. A ki level kaafi high hain so no.... 6m.
  • @roy26 Bhai utna patience hain nahi ki MIT Sloan, LBS ty.... 3m.
Praveen Shreenivas @fisherking 1,151

@kittuboy Lets see yaar. A ki level kaafi high hain so nowhere near sure of a convert with my PI. And L3 aur Credit Suisse toh A ke interview main bhi poocha tha. 

Praveen Shreenivas @fisherking 1,151

@roy26  Bhai utna patience hain nahi ki MIT Sloan, LBS types dekhoon. Plus want to work in India Front Office only seeing the dismal state of affairs in both London and NY (Especially London). India FO main mil gaya kisi bhi bulge bracket ya PE main toh life is much better. And India FO main jaana hain toh A ya C se hi karo. Hence all the fight


[Official] 2016-18 KJ Somaiya (K. J. SIMSR), Mumbai Admission Queries

Online Application - Qualifying Exam - CAT 2015, XAT...

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For the new IIMs, after logging in, it says:

"WAT & PI score will be obtained from the respective older IIMs. Those who have been called by more than one older IIM will have their WAT & PI score averaged for further processing."

Is there no form filling? I couldn't find a link.

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In how many different ways can 8 examination papers be arranged in a row so that the best and the worst papers may never come together. Pls answer WITH explanation. Thanks for the help!

  • 8! - 7!*2! = 7!(8-2) = 6*7!. 14m.
  • thanks pratik . Understood that you did total number of a.... 5m.
Pratik Sahoo @pratiksahoo33 1,134

8! - 7!*2! = 7!(8-2) = 6*7! 


thanks pratik . Understood that you did total number of arrangements minus no of arrangements in which best and worst are not together. But how does no of arrangement when best & worst are not together work out to be 7!*2! ?

2.7k CAT IIM Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIMs and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

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Apart from OBC certificate that is present in IIMcat website, what other obc related documents is required for IIMs, IITs,FMS etc?

Please reply.

  • Notjng dude... 7m.

109 CAT

IMS SimCET 2016

Discussions on Mock CET from IMS.

125 CAT

[Official] 2016-18 IIM Kozhikode GD-WAT-PI Call Getters Discussion

Many congratulations to all who have been shortlisted for the interview stage.You are now just one step away from sec...

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I am from PH category. I have my disability certificate issued by District Civil Surgeon mentioning my disability and passport size photo. But the disability certificate format mentioned on IIM K website is a bit different and asks to have full body photo attached and mentioning whether disability is progressive or non progressive .. and so on . Do I need to get a separate certificate issued as per the proforma or my existing certificate will do?

  • @Rv07 Hello Ravi, did you checked out whether I will need.... 6h.
  • #. 9m.
CAT '15:  79.80% ~~Disastrous sectional score ~~ Category: PH ~~ Target:JBIMS/ SJMSOM/ NITIE/ IIM K/ DMS/VGSoM 
Imran Khan @khan2ims 85

@Rv07 Hello Ravi, did you checked out whether I will need a different certificate?

637 CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2015 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2015, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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Friends, i belong to SC category. You all will be surprised to hear this, but yes it's true. I was shortlisted for IIT-Madras with OA:56.32. I have a decent academics and having very good extra-curricular activities(Holding two world record, two national records and one continental record in the field of mind calculation and memory)...Also I have a diversity(I'm from English literature)...but my questions is how my chance do I have to convert?

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  • @aritrahalder10 Dude do u belong to SC category?. 1h.
  • @Praveen YES. 16m.

75 CAT

Department of Financial Studies(MBA(FM)) and Department of Business Economics(MBA(BE)), DU Admission Discussion(2016-2018)

Graduate (Under 10+2+3) in any discipline, with atleast 50% marks from University of Delhi, any other University reco...

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When can we expect the shortlist for GD PI?

  • Is it out?. 6h.
  • Not yet. 22m.
Color my life with the chaos of trouble. 

26 CAT

IIM S (2016-18) WAT/PI Experiences

Hello Puys, we can share our WAT PI experiences in this thread.

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IIM Shillong Interview experience

Location - Bangalore
Date - 12/02/16
B.Tech. - Pulp and Paper Engineering 
CAT - 97.42%ile

WSAT - It is better to fall down from window than falling from roof.

Interview Panel - One Lady (L) and one Sir (S)

S - What is the meaning of your name?
Me - Answered
L - Why did your parents give you this name?
Me - Answered
L - About schooling.
Me - Answered
L - Question about raw materials in pulp industry (Bamboo, etc.). Where else can bamboo be used?
Me - Answered 
L - Engineering related question.
Me - Could not tell in detail
L - Why from Pulp and Paper to IT? (I am working for past 6 months)
Me - Gave reasons. Panel seemed to agree.
L - Name some paper mills in Assam (as I am from Guwahati)
Me - Answered.
L- Will you work in Pulp and Paper industry after MBA?
Me - Told yes, but in a different role.
L- What is unique about North East India and Meghalaya? 
Me - Told about the scenic beauty and abundant natural resources.
L- What are the natural resources Meghalaya is famous for?
Me - Told few, but couldn't answer properly. 

L - What are the countries neighbouring North East region?
Me - Answered

L - What do you want to do 3/10 years down the line?
Me - Answered
S - What other calls do you have?
Me - Answered
S - What makes you happy?
Me - Answered
S - What makes you sad?
Me - Answered
S - Question on quadratic equation. Asked to draw graphs for different values 'a' in ax^2+bx+c.
Me - Answered.

L - About hobbies.

Me - I answered a bit and then S answered L for me (as he had already read from my application form)
Panel - Thank you and All the best .
Me - Thanked both of them.

Told me to take candies. I took one, thanked them again and left. 

Overall a nice panel, no cross questioning and no stress at all.

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  • Duration given for writing, and word limit, if any?. 3h.
  • @Huss No word limit, time limit was 10 minutes. 23m.
J 53 @Huss 21,358

Duration given for writing, and word limit, if any?

Sasanka Bhagabati @sasankaiitr 3

@Huss  No word limit, time limit was 10 minutes

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Hello ,

I am not able to fill the form and it keeps asking me check the domicile of MH check box.. is it compulsory to be based out of MH? - please advise..

4.2k CAT IIM Shillong

[2014-16] New IIMs Results

Complete New IIMs discussions thread from WAT-PI to final results. Batch-[2014-16]

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Hello guys. Just wanted to ask how the extra curricular and co-curricular section of newer IIMs (PGP academic year 2016-2018) work. I mean should we just click on the radio buttons. They dont seem to make sense.

  • @miteshmohapatra you can fill the form as follows If .... 3d.
  • .. 28m.
Sukhmeet Sikka @Sukh4X4 201
@miteshmohapatra you can fill the form as follows

If you are appearing for the final year Bachelor's degreeExamination-Yes

indicate the time of examination- Expected month and year e.g 05/2016

If you have alreadxxxBachelor's degree Examination- NA

indicate month/year of completion- NA

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I am a Computer Science Grad. I am not in touch with coding and technical concepts.

Currently, in a support project.

Can I expect my Personal Interview to contain questions on my Technical Knowledge like C++ coding and all ? 

What all i should prepare to be in a stronger position ?

  • @dipayan- So how did you handle ? Were you able to clear .... 46m.
  • My badge says it all :stuck_out_tongue: anyway I handle.... 31m.
Up your game.  
Rahul Trivedi @RahulTrivedi 21

@dipayan- So how did you handle ? Were you able to clear that troubling interview ?

Deepayan @dipayan22 1,574

My badge says it all anyway I handled those questions somehow, not particularly a very good interview memory I must say

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I have secured 66.7% and 60% in my 10th and 12th. I am a 2012 b tech pass-out with 59.8%. My CMAT score is 181 with 94.2 percentile and for now I am working with TechMahindra which is an international BPO from June 2014.

Also, will my sports certificate which I have received during my schooling be of any use?

Thank you,


205 CAT SIES Mumbai

SCMS Business School, Cochin

hello all...... i came across an admission notification by the SCMS Business School, Cochin in the Hindu newspaper on...

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scms and rajagiri gd pi dates are clashing..both on 20th jan.. what to do?

  • it was nothing..just self intro. 45m.
  • i got selected but not joining. 45m.
arun m @aruncool_vd

it was nothing..just self intro

arun m @aruncool_vd

i got selected but not joining

321 CAT

[Official] 2016-18 IIM Kozhikode Stage-1 Shortlist

Greetings from the Media Cell of IIM Kozhikode! *IIM Kozhikode* has declared the Stage-1 shortlist You can check ...

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IIM KOZKHIKODE interview experience . GD/WAT: Aadhar : Is it panacea for financial inclusion or easier intelligence acquiring. Wrote about the advantage of having a single database , easier governance, curb corruption , illegal immigration etc I mistakenly referred to it as Universal Identification There were Two panelist. P1: Tell me something interesting about yourself? Me: told them about my internship , cricket and table tennis team , my band etc and the dream of becoming an entrepreneur (no body mention it my request :p) P2: You are multi talented why do you need mba for management ? (Grilled for about ten minutes on this. Me: Told them about the holistic view blah blah didn't seem convinced though . P1: Tell me something about kerala! Me: Onam, malabar coast , leftist state , chief minister (said Onam chandyy but actually ommen chanddy was nervous) panelists laughed a bit. P2: Do you follow politics? Me: (BC yeh kahan se aya?...) Told them yes sir but not avidly. P1: Tell me about the leftist parties Me: Told CPI CPM LDF etc. P2: What is head governing body of CPI? Me : Told (politburo) P1: Asked about the GD ( I was a little bit over proactive :p, can go against me ) P2: Who is prakash karat and also sitaram yechurry? Me: Told but fumbled a bit when it comes to constitution of selection. P1: How TMC came to power in Bengal? Me: Told everything but missed Nandigram -_- P1: So you have done electronics . Tell me what is a radar and how does it work? Me: Told (satisfied)! P2: What will happen if we keep two radar in opposite direction? Me: Got stumped explained the interference effects.(not that satisfactory) P1: Does missed call lead to loss for the telecom company? Me: Wtf? Told them about line congestion and traffic overloading. P1: P2 do you have anything to ask him? P2: Nope! P1: Okay CHAKRABORTY ( :D) thank you that's all from us . Best of luck

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  • Are you from Kerala or they are asking about Kerala bcoz .... 1h.
  • I am from West Bengal , Kolkata. 1h.
cat 2015 99.06 CALLS:IIM A,B,L,I,K,S 
Kanika Kanak @querypurry

Are you from Kerala or they are asking about Kerala bcoz IIMK is in Kerala. Silly doubt but need to know:P 

Biswanath Chakraborty @etcebiswa 85

I am from West Bengal , Kolkata

439 CAT

[OFFICIAL] IIT Kanpur MBA 2016-2018 Admission Queries

MBA IIT KANPUR Welcomes you all. This group is for all general discussions regarding the admission processes .. Feel ...

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Hey everybody, congratulations!! Those who got selected, Enter your cat percentile so that we could reach an approximate cutoff.

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  • 94.4. 29m.
  • 92.48. 8m.
apprehensions about future 

598 CAT

DoMS IIT Madras [2016-2018] Admission Notifications & Related Discussions

Official Discussion thread for admission related queries of Department of Management Studies (DoMS), IIT Madras - MBA...

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47 CAT

[Official] Thread for MAH- MBA/ MMS CET 2016

This Thread is for Discussion of Colleges as well as Preparation for MBA/MMS CET 2016 (March). Add your friends and l...

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Wat r d chances of OMS candidates?

  • for which Institute ?. 1h.
  • Lyk in mah cet...watz d quota for maharashtra candiadates.... 14m.
@ohhmygod 50

for which Institute ?

Neeti Patnaik @neeti.patnaik 2

Lyk in mah cet...watz d quota for maharashtra candiadates n outside maharashtra candidates??


[Official] 2016-18 Great Lakes Chennai PGDM Admission Queries

Please post any queries you many have related to the admissions process of Great Lakes Chennai PGDM 2016-18. Find Mo...

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Cmat total we have to mention score or percentile? And sectionals? Score or percentile..please reply fast

  • @tarannumsoni could u please tell if u have idea about it. 1h.