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398 CAT GMAT BITS Pilani

[2015-2017] BITS Pilani, Official MBA Admission Helpdesk

The Department Of Management, BITS Pilani is calling for admissions to MBA program for 2015-17 batch. The last date f...

643 CAT

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

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How many seats are there in JB in national quota via MAH-CET for general candidates ?

  • ohhhh okay. Thanx for the info! :smiley:. 3m.
  • :smiley:. 58s.
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13 CAT

[Official] 2015 GD-WAT-PI Experiences thread

Guys use this thread for sharing your GD-WAT-PI experiences so that it may be beneficial to all

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IIM Calcutta experience (The one I had been most eager about)

Profile: Decent 10th, Okay 12th, terrible grad. CAT score pulled me through to this stage.

2nd March '15, Monarch Luxur, Bangalore. 12.30 PM. Panel 5.

I reached the place at 12.25 and saw some people lollygagging outside the waiting hall. I saw some people sitting inside as well. Walked in and waited.

Document verification began, but then I realised I needed a photocopy which I had not taken. Kicking myself mentally, I rushed out and ran around the area. I got a copy and came back much after my name had been called. My turn came again and I went up for the DV. Really friendly guy, offered me a toffee (which I declined because I wanted to look like a good boy  ) and went through docs in a trice. WAT rolled by soon enough. 200 word essay in 20 minutes (DA candidates were given 10 minutes extra)

Topic: Parents these days enroll their children in many extra-curriculat activities like language classes, music, horse-riding, sports and so on. Is this bad for the children? Discuss.

Easy topic for me, I sailed through in fifteen minutes and waited for everyone to finish. Then it was time for the interview. I was fourth in sequence, but the person in slot 1 had not turned up. So I was third.

The two people before me were asked calculus questions. Joka has a notoriety for asking calculus and math-related questions in interviews. Basic math I can handle, calculus I can't.

When my turn came, I was on tenterhooks, hoping for no calculus questions. The interviewers were surprisingly friendly. There was one young guy (Y) and two middle-aged men (M1 and M2). Interview lasted some ten minutes I think (forgot to time it )

Y was silent almost all the time.

M1: So, Krishna. Wait, you can hear me clearly right?

Me: *grinning innocently* Yes sir. I can hear most spoken voices, at least in these conditions. With a hearing aid my hearing is almost normal.

M1: Then what kind of sounds can't you hear?

Me: Mostly higher frequencies. Like mobile ringtones, especially if the mobile is in some other room, or in my pocket when I'm in traffic.

M1: What about music?

Me: *rubbing hands inwardly* Subtleties at higher pitches, I can't hear. Percussion-intensive music, however, I can appreciate. That's why I began learning percussion (sneaky yet obvious reference)

M1: I see. So. Krishna, Krishna. (I hate it when people do that) Who is Krishna? *smiled*

Me: *chuckled and gave some tidbits about my namesake god.* The story is so long that I don't even know where to begin. And of course you have this little side story, the Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita...

M1: Ah, you've read the Gita?

Me: Not in its original form. However Amar Chitra Katha version I read as a kid.

M1: So you haven't read the original?

Me: Nope

M1: What interests you?

Me: Music, mainly. Also writing; I've written a lot. I used to read a lot earlier but of late the habit has slowed down greatly

M1: Which book did you read last?

Me: Accidental India by Shankkar Aiyar. About how bad policymaking has caused us to miss many opportunities.

M1: Describe a few

Me: *mental fistpump* Nehru socialism blabla, government wanted full control blabla, then Amul vs Govt unions blablabla, how Amul succeeded blablabla (essentially rattled off examples from the book)

M2: Do you follow budget?

Me: Never used to understand it earlier, but this time I made an effort. Can't give you a lecture about it but I can tell you what I feel about it.

M2: Sure, tell us what you think. (At this stage I noticed M1 scribbling something on the notepad)

Me: I feel it isn't too nice to the middle-class earner. More service tax, not offset by other benefits.

M2: Service tax went up by?

Me: (had forgotten original value) It's now 14%. I don't remember old value but I think it was 13.xx.

M2: Not that high. It was 12.6%.

Me: Guess so. I had never bothered to observe, sorry (sheepish grin)

M2: Name three cases where service tax is paid

Me: Mobile bill, travel fare and restaurant charges

M2: Give me an estimate. How much would a middle class earner spend on these three?

Me: (worked out the numbers with his help. After some back and forth we settled on 20k per month for these expenses, upper estimate for family of four)

M2: See, now the service tax went up by 1.5% means new expenditure is just up by 300 rupees. Consider the lowered tax rate and al the rebates everywhere. It isn't hitting them hard no?

Me: (mentally going OHCRAPYOUIDIOT) Agreed sir. I was only telling you what I had read everywhere, since I don't understand this well.

M2: Yeah, those are opinions. Don't get carried away with them. So any two other things you feel are good about budget?

Me: There was some talk about making black money harder to hoard. And some stuff about GST which is a good thing (and here I faltered) because my uncle in the finance sector was saying so (that is the truth, but I have no idea about GST beyond this. Luckily, M2 left me there)

M1: (handed me the aforesaid notepad) Have a look at this problem

30 kph ->                                    


A                     30 km                               B

Every five minutes, a car leaves from A towards B and from B towards A at the specified speed. You are in one of the cars moving from A to B. How many cars will you pass on the way to B?

Me: (Was flummoxed at first. Slowly worked out aloud, arrived at 6 cars. Explained my reasoning)

M1: And if I replace 60 with 120?

Me: Number of cars will be halved. (Explained why I felt so)

M1 seemed satisfied. Him and M2 looked at Y.

Y: So you play mridangam?

Me: Yep (I can talk about classical music all day I tell you)

Y: You follow both Carnatic and Hindustani I presume. What's the difference between tabla and mridangam?

Me: (explained physical aspect, tonal differences)

Y: How about from the music perspective?

Me: Explained

Y: And what about these other percussion instruments? Ghatam, khanjira and all?

Me: Told

Y: Okay, fair enough.

All three: We're done. Nice talking to you.

Me: Likewise sir.

*dances on the way down*

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  • This is the life. Beer, paneer, foosball with the manager.... 1h.
  • Bhai party.. 1m.
DA-E-M || CAT '14 - 97.21 || Calls from all except B, K || A, C, L interviews finished || I, S, FMS awaited.  
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This is the life. Beer, paneer, foosball with the manager... 

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How good is Cat score of 130 and ISC score of 30?

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  • at least photo hi dekh le @sameeshrockstar. 27m.
  • rofl..sorry behena..:P. 4m.

484 CAT DoMS IITD New Delhi

[2015-2017] Department Of Management Studies, IIT Delhi Admission Queries

Greetings from the Department Of Management Studies IIT-Delhi. "The tradition of imparting management education at I...

585 CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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If m^3 - n^3 = 9^k + 123. Find the number of non negative integral triplet(s) (m,n,k) satisfying the given equation

  • 5 1 0.. 1... 1h.
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i applied as EWS category. and now i saw in website that only 4 seats are there for EWS. will i be considered as general if not shortlisted for EWS

  • please clarify me. 2h.
  • yes if u meet general cutoff then u'll b able to get adms.... 5m.
yash kalyani @yashkalyani 2

yes if u meet general cutoff then u'll b able to get admssn....btw wht is ur cat percentile or any other xam

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I GOT SELECTED FOR THE HR-LP PROGRAM 2015-2016. can i have the real picture of placements? i am a fresher from engineering background. 

  • even i got selected for the same program :smiley:. 39m.
  • yeah even i got selected for HRLP. But i want to know abo.... 6m.
Aashika Aggarwal @Aashika_aggarwal 357

even i got selected for the same program

bhavishya @rykha

yeah even i got selected for HRLP. But i want to know about the actual placement scenario ?

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Hi Frndzzz,

How is MYRA school of business,Mysore..??

Please give me some info's..**

Judge yourself B4 judging others.

1.4k CAT SIMSR Mumbai

[2015-17] K J Somaiya aka SIMSR, Mumbai Admission related queries

*Online Application* - *Qualifying Exam -** *CAT 2014...

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Will CMAT (Feb) cut off will be same as CMAT (Sept) i.e around 92 %tile.?

  • @sidharthiyengar ... Can't be predicted as of now ... it.... 41m.
  • Thanks a lot Asheesh for your input.. 15m.
Asheesh Singh @Ashish2412 48

@sidharthiyengar  ... Can't be predicted as of now ... it will depend on the application that we receive this year ... wait for the shortlist which will be out on 30th March 2015 (Tentative) !!

@sidharthiyengar 2

Thanks a lot Asheesh for your input.

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There is no official confirmation about the weightage of CAT score, PI and extempore . Please do not waste your time speculating about the same. Once we get the confirmation, we will inform you all. Since interviews are starting in March itself, it is an advice to all of you that focus on your preparations. We will be starting our preparation series of videos highlighting preparation tips and interview experiences of current FMSites. 

All the best!

  • @Vishvesh610 Atleast can you please tell the distribution.... 3h.
  • @CATcracker11 bro last year it was 85%CAT 5%EXTEMPORE 10.... 18m.
Vishvesh Bhardwaj, Media Relations Cell, FMS 2014-16 
@CATcracker11 7

@Vishvesh610 Atleast can you please tell the distribution of last year? 

Walterwhite django @MY23 35

@CATcracker11  bro last year it was 85%CAT 5%EXTEMPORE 10%INTERVIEWS

747 CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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SIBM-P  wl-43 ... SC category...any chance? 

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  • make for sc.candidates. 9h.
  • Last yr I got convert at 36..but it was given when the cl.... 19m.
vaibhav singh @vaibhav3453 67

make for sc.candidates

abhishek 07 @abhishek711 39

Last yr I got convert at 36..but it was given when the classes had started.. so it's a long shot..

245 CAT IBS Pune Pune IBS Hyderabad

IBS Hyderabad 2014-16 Queries

Hi all, For any queries regarding IBS(ICFAI BUSINESS SCHOOL), Hyderabad 2014-16 batch; kindly join the below mentione...

770 CAT MICA Ahmedabad

MICA Ahmedabad: Official Discussion Forum (MICAT - 2015)

HelloEveryone, It gives us immense pleasure to kick-startanother season of admissions for the 2 year PGDM (C) program...

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People having GEPI process on 20th March can inbox me there contact no.

I have created a watsapp group

  • 9930457571. 3h.
  • 9714390519. 24m.

1.3k CAT IIM Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIMs and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

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who has been named as the new Indian Ambassador to US

28 people answered this question.
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

1.5k CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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So march is here!! Where are the results?!!

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  • Was anyone able to reach the admission's office...i could.... 2h.
  • Doesnt connect.. 36m.
@kevin.bothom 15

Was anyone able to reach the admission's office...i couldn't?

139 CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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1). Nonetheless, Tocqueville was only one of the first of a long line of thinkers to worry whether such rough equality could survive in the face of a growing factory system that threatened to create divisions between industrial workers and a new business elite.

2)."The government of democracy brings the nation of political rights to the level of the humblest citizens. He wrote ," Just as the dissemination of wealth brings the notion of property within the reach of all the members of the community".

3). Tocqueville was far too shrewd an observer to be uncritical about the US, but his verdict was fundamentally positive.

4). No visitor to the US left a more enduring record of his travels and observations than the French writer and political theorist Alexis de Tocqueville, whose 'Democracy in America', first published in 1835, remains one of the most trenchant and insightful analyses of American social and political practises.

A.4132 B.2134. C.4321 D.4213

  • C.?. 56m.
  • c. 41m.
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