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7.7k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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In how many ways can 8 students sit around two circular tables located in two different rooms such that 4 students sit around each table?

69 people answered this question.
Jo daag maathe pe laga hai usse khoon se mitaana hai jo kashti doob gayi hai usse kinaare lagaana hai 
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2.2k CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Anita: I sold my house through a real estate agent last year and was happy with the price that I received. My house was sold quickly and I did not have to suffer through any advertising hassles. I would advise against selling your house through Internet websites, newspapers or magazine listings.


Babbu: It is in the interest of the Internet websites, newspapers and magazines to get me the best price for my property because they are a relatively new medium wanting to establish themselves. Besides, their fee is dependent on the selling price. Therefore, while selling my house I will certainly use Internet websites, newspapers or magazine listings rather than trying to sell the house through a real estate agent.

All of the following statements are strengthening Babbu’s argument. Which one is the EXCEPTION?

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Please evaluate my profile for Great Lakes PGPM .

GMAT - 640 (Q47,V31)

BE in IT from MIT,Manipal 6.77 CGPA (AICTE Scholarship Student)

2 Years work experience in IT sector in Quality Assurance profile.

Worked with various NGOs.

What chances do I have of getting an admit?


  • #. 1h.
  • Your profile seems to be similar to mine :grin: but wit.... 9m.

Your profile seems to be similar to mine but with CAT 96.8%ile. Got converted

25.8k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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792 CAT



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QA 57


VA 34

OA 152 ..... 

first mock of cl test series ...... what is the number of student attempting the cl mocks in general.....

  • @ayushjain54 bhai 6k se jyada hota h..last mock pe toh di.... 1h.
  • 18k toh time aur ims mein nahi can it be in cl .... 28m.
Let's Crackit @coolrahul1 33

@ayushjain54 bhai 6k se jyada hota h..last mock pe toh dikhaya tha 18K+

JOHN LENNON @john1237ec 205

18k toh time aur ims mein nahi can it be in cl test?

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Hello guys I am very new to be the member of Pagaulguy. But I have been following all the discussions and found useful one. As many of you asked for the solution PDFs does any one have any amcat solution PDF ? If it so kindly mail @ it will be a great help

8.5k CAT

The Art of writing SOP

Hello Junta... :smiley: Hope u all had a great festival & now, its time to get back to those books!!! I have been get...

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Hi Puys, I am planning to apply for an part time MBA at University Of Massachusets. Can I get some help with my SOP. Please provide your thoughts and comments on the structure and content.-

I was born to a humble middle class family in Patna, India. My father had a transferrable job and we had to relocate along with him from one part of the country to another every few years. My revelation to different cultures and languages imbibed in me a sense of respect and understanding towards others and I believe that it definitely had a strong positive impact in developing me as a person. Heraclitus once said, Change is the only constant in life, probably something I learnt from my early childhood.

        My inclination towards computers and electronics led me to take up Electronics and Telecommunication as my major for my bachelors. My undergrad education helped me honing my problem solving abilities and analytical skills. The four years helped me build a strong technical base and at the same time made me learn the importance of teamwork and leadership activities through various assignments and coursework.

        Through campus placement, I got into one of the leading IT services firm in India - Infosys Technologies wherein I worked for around 1.5 years before I moved to Qwest Communications (Now CenturyLink) wherein I spent the next 4 years. My role in both of these organizations was of a Developer /IT Analyst. I learnt to convert complex business requirements into simplified IT use cases and thereby design solution around it. The time was for yet another change. I decided to move to Xchanging (UK based IT Services company) which required me to relocate to US. My role there was of a technical lead/ onsite coordinator for the Dev-Operations (DevOps) team. This role not only helped me strengthen my technical expertise but also immensely helped me improve my communication, my people and time management skills. Here, I was involved in multiple process improvement initiatives and realized the importance of automation in operations. This is when I started developing interest towards Innovation. I was even selected as one of the three innovation champions for the US operations where in my role was to drive and promote innovation in the organization. I worked towards building a practical and effective means for systematic innovation and was successful to good extent. My next and the most recent career move happened early this year. I joined Staples Inc. as a DevOps Manager and my role thus far has been to implement strategies and standardize processes for my (DevOps) team. I am spearheading multiple process improvement initiatives here in order to stabilize the environments and improve its availability.

        I believe that this unique blend of experiences has made me well versed with technical know-how of IT world and would definitely help me achieving my long term goal of leading India towards innovation. Blending the best practices and experience of the West and the great values and ethos of the East, I aspire to join the top management echelons on Indian IT Industry.  India's IT journey began more than two decades back and today it has made a strong presence in Global IT market. No doubt the offshore partners have played an important role in success story of their multi-national counterparts but with stronger focus on process, management and product innovation India would sooner than later march towards great success. India tomorrow will be shaped by entrepreneurs who can creatively leverage knowledge, skill sets, business processes, technology and intellectual capital and that is the skill I would like to take back with me with my MBA.  In order to achieve my career goals, I need to learn a systematic approach for problem solving and decision making. I need to get an in depth understanding of all the pillars of management - HR, Finance, Operations etc. Isenberg's strategic investment in a curriculum that immerses students in the theoretical and the applied and its close ties with a network of business practitioners that foster the career and professional development would definitely act as a key ingredient that is required for brewing my dream career.

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  • Born in humble middle class'. 1h.
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simcat 10 (missed)-

qa- 50 96 percentile

di and lr - 47  86 percentile

va- 47 90 percentile

overall- 144 95 percentile when will i reach 99 mark

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  • yea, i know i have gone through most of his post. salute .... 1h.
 in btwn i won't be able to do it & i can do it lies i want to do it    
aashika bhansali @chinki93 571

yea, i know i have gone through most of his post. salute to this man, the way he explains. ___/\___ everyone has his own definition of nice, for me , i have specific goals .

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Any1 taking nmat testfunda mocks ? My scores: TF1 147 TF2 153 TF3 171 TF4 159 TF5 162 TF6. 129 TF7.186 TF8. 135 TF9. 138 TF10. 162 TF11. 174 TF12. 159


90 CAT

PG CAT Mock Series

Taking Mock CATs are key to cracking CAT! What are you waiting for? :mg: Check the Mock Schedule here.

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MICAT is on 20th December and SNAP is also on the same date. What should i do?

I was preparing for both the exams.

  • Thanks. 6d.
  • Hi @sahildhodi07 The MICAT will now be conducted on the.... 4h.
Team Interface @MICAstudents 3,530

Hi @sahildhodi07 

The MICAT will now be conducted on the 13th of December, 2015. 

Kindly post further queries on the following discussion group:


Team Interface

The Media and PR wing of MICA


TIME NMAT TESTS-AIMNMAT(OMET1001315) scores and discussions!! (Do not open before attemting this test)

:: Hello all, TIME has activated the link for 1st NMAT MOCK. The window for the same is 26th september to 30th septem...

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1.2k CAT FMS New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

*FMS Tracker : *

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Any queries feel free to contact

  • Avdhesh sir is in pg. :grin:. 4h.

35 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Underdogs Team 2015

If the taste of victory is sweet, being an underdog makes it sweeter. Hard work, persistence, focus, determination, w...

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Good to see the UDT thread back this year  

Can't just wait to know the Dawgs of 2015 !!

ATB guys  

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  • @msd11 my bad. 5d.
  • pretty hectic here guys... u ppl tel wassup... all set to.... 4h.
Sabyasachi Mukerji @Sabya1590 1,216

pretty hectic here guys... u ppl tel wassup... all set to nail the feline  

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It wouldn't be a bad idea to write down the reason(s) for your interest in research. Try replying to this post and don't add more than one reply per person (you may keep editing your reply). It would be helpful for you in the future. Keep it simple.

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  • Interest is what it is... A typical corporate job doesn't.... 7h.
  • @nikhil141088 There are many corporate jobs which are cha.... 5h.
Nikhil Vidhani @nikhil141088 3

Interest is what it is... A typical corporate job doesn't come close in offering challenging problems in research and applied science... so FPM it is...

Shankha Basu @sb29 3,704

@nikhil141088 There are many corporate jobs which are challenging and interesting. You need to find the right one. And most people after FPM get into teaching intensive jobs where the scope of research is less (if they decide on academics). So think before you take the plunge.

31.1k CAT

Introduce yourself

Hello All, Lets get to know each other well :smiley: Plus we get to know each other's background etc. I'll start & ...

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hi all,

this is sonal narwani persuing BBM and also doing preparations of CFP.

  • Welcome, nice to virtually meet you!. 5h.

288 CAT

CAT 2015 Aspirants

I wanted to join TIME institute's super-long term course for CAT '15\\. I want to prepare with a relaxed mind. I'm ba...

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Hi All,

I am appearing for CAT this year. I have 3.5 years of working experience along with 88.4% in my 10th and 75% in 12 standard. I completed my engineering with 75%. Can anyone suggest the kind of colleges I should be looking out for. The ones focusing more on the experience and are a good return on investment. How about SP Jain and MDI Gurgaon? Please suggest in the range of 90-95 %ile.

  • You should focus on SP Jain and New IIMs ... MDI gurgaon .... 12h.
  • @deepanshudj : thanks for your reply. Which colleges woul.... 5h.
Deepanshu Jaiswal @deepanshudj 344

You should focus on SP Jain and New IIMs ... MDI gurgaon fees is on the higher side..  


@deepanshudj : thanks for your reply. Which colleges would be good between 95 to 99 %ile?

43 CAT

Analysis SIMCAT 9

Discuss the SIMCAT 9 paper over here.

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QA:   99.88 = 74(25/31).. Poor accuracy..:-/ Needed calculator to find out cos36, but wasn't available

DI/LR: 96.97 = 49(17/20), Very low attempts, Need to speed up here

VA:    82.7 = 34(14/28)  Abysmal score, but can't help here..(

OA: 98.88 = 157 (56/79)

  • ohhh.. Atleast sare questions ek baar scan toh hone hi ch.... 12h.
  • U Will do great ! Atb :thumbsup:. 9h.     CAT14: 98.36 CAT15: ?  
Shubham Ranka @shubhamranka92 242

ohhh.. Atleast sare questions ek baar scan toh hone hi chahye yr.. Me bas 20 hi question dekh paya.. Dekhte hai next test se..

Johnny Bravo @msd11 383

U Will do great ! Atb  

1.1k CAT

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

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Can someone send me the PDF for SIMCAT(Revised) for 1,2, 3,4 which have the solutions. I want to do only the QA part as I don't have time to sit all the three hours. Moreover IMS has reversed the sections as per CAT Notification today and  now when I am opening the mock-it is starting with the VA section. So I can't sit for 2 hours for QA to start. Please someone email me the four PDFs.

  • Go on the FAQ on the top right side. See exam format. See.... 23h.
  • oh ok. thanks!. 11h.
Karan Singh @karan.singh 23

Go on the FAQ on the top right side. See exam format. See "NEW" Flashing. We got an update from IMS on the dashboard.