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SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

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so,to cancel our admission of SCMHRD, we're supposed to send them the cancellation application alongwith hardcopies of the offer letter and the fee receipt. Where can we find the fee receipt?? 

  • congrats man... 14h.
  • Congratulations on converting IIFT delhi .. :smiley:. 5m.
Vicky d @vikky97799 193

Congratulations on converting IIFT delhi ..

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Why I prepared for CAT to have fun, and rejected joining the IIMs...


Hello puys ,

Note : this is a long post . very long .

Background :

My name is Sarfaraz and I am from Chennai .  I am an above average Hindi speaking guy who did not give much importance to studies especially during school , and for early couple of years of my engineering college .

10th :  84% (CBSE)

12th : 82% (CBSE)

B.E Electronics & Instrumentation (Anna univ ):  70%

My falling in love with CAT exam :

It was the winter of 2009 when my girlfriend had just broken up with me . I was pretty devasted  and was in a stage where I felt completely numb.  It was such a difficult time that my only priority was to survive and take each day as it comes. However , with support of close friends (a big thank you to them ) I managed to normalise myself and atleast take an interest in doing something.  I started exploring , asking questions and just trying to do the right things . Feels pretty pleasant when one starts to consciously do the right things .  It was during these times that I got fascinated by world of MBA,CAT and IIM's.  I also started visiting Pagalguy frequently . Slowly , as I got to know more , I came to realise and fall in love with the fact that management education is something I am passionate about and would like to know . 

Along with this , I did two mistakes. I fell in love with CAT as a way of getting back at my ex as she had called me a loser, good-for-nothing , no self-respect guy etc  . I was stupid enough to think that if I crack CAT then my Ex would be filled with regrets  and I would like it :-p. LOL.  Also , I had'nt cracked JEE nor AIEEE after my 12th so I was often tagged as a kind of loser by elders and CAT seemed a perfect opportunity to prove myself to them . Also , It would help me Move on . My brain and heart seemed convince to take the plunge in the world of CAT and MBA.

 Lesson learnt : Once I cracked CAT I came to realise that elders love you unconditionally and just because you don't crack some stupid exam doesn't have to affect relationship . They have just one concern , i.e whether you are delivering value to the world . ofcourse, its your responsibility to make them understand that . most of the time its not difficult.  And your ex-gf is an ex for a reason because no matter what you do it doesn't matter to her . The only thing you can do is respect her decision to choose someone else and enjoy the fact that you would be getting a better one, sooner than later. And since you are the one who has been wronged, God provides you from sources you couldn't imagine .  

CAT Preparation Phase (Feb 2010 - Nov 2010 approx 10 months ) :

I along with my best friend joined BYJU's classes since we attended a few trial classes and found the classes to be useful .I wasn't impressed with TIME or IMS classes.   However , we did join TIME's AIMCAT series and IMHO I think they are the best out there.

BYJU's classes happened on weekend mostly and the classes focussed on teaching shortcuts , planning and techniques to crack the CAT . I also started taking my college coursework more seriously and strangely I felt interested in doing it.  I also joined AIESEC , which really helped me in developing my leadership and social abilities.   It was an interesting and fulfilling time filled with learning.  I was quite surprised by way things turned out as 6 months back I was numbed out guy and now I was loving the way things turned out and clarity which came with it.

AIMCAT's started and despite my best efforts I couldn't score well. I did not give up , gave all the 16-20 aimcats and successfully never crossed 65%ile except once.  But one good thing I did was to analyse every aimcat like an addict  and only attend byju's classes.   By mid sept I had become obsessed with AIMCATs . Despite not crossing 65%ile , I did not lose hope (afterall I handled a breakup so I can handle this Aimcat failure) and kept analysing , improving myself and taking AIMCAT after AIMCAT. 

And puys this  cycle is crucial (practice->analyse-> practice->analyse ) . Its in these cycle's that you come realise your strengths , you as a person improve , connect on a deeper level to CAT exam and  I think this is what differentiates the winner's . Also you come to face some emotions which probably you wouldn't have encountered before.

CAT 2010 season:

So I was writing CAT , JMET(for iit mba) and IIFT . In terms of preparation I had byju's classes and about 20 AIMCAT's to show.

Result : Flunked all . Scored badly . Couldn't get any interviews.

I felt pretty stupid because I thought I had put in so much hard work and the result showed opposite.

But a little voice inside me said that my journey is not over and I actually felt emotionless about the whole result issue. Instead I just felt calm bliss that  I can move on . Atleast I gave my best and that's what matters. 

However , I was more interested in getting a quality business education and I did not care whether I get it from IIM's or someplace else.  Afterall , its more important to be well educated.  So I started researching B-school's and came across HULT . I did some more research and I was pretty impressed with what they were offering and how it was being offered . It was a one year course, world class faculty and they had a campus in dubai (one of my fav place) . I decided to apply and got admitted based on my acads and AIESEC experience.  Meanwhile , I also took an interest in my final year project and the result was pretty interesting .  So , I am done with my engineering course and have a few months before I head to Dubai for my master's course in International business (MIB) .

In this few months I came to realise that I was still a CAT addict. And I used to write AIMCAT as sort of timepass , cope with any bad situations , happy situation . In about 3 months I would have practiced and analysed  around 10 AIMCAT's and the results were surprising . I was scoring minimum 80%le.  One important thing I noticed was that I was practising Aimcat for pure joy with no expectations or pressure. Also , this time I was doing Aimcats for pure self-satisfaction and not as a way to get back at ex,or prove myself to anyone . I felt much better after taking aimcats.

MIB Time ( Oct 2011- Nov 2012):

So I head off to HULT dubai and the busy life of a b school takes over. Honestly , I think the US system of education is a lot better than indian system. You study what is needed and in way which makes you learn and educate. HULT curriculum involved a lot of team assignments , quizzes and not to mention the faculty comes from world class b schools like Harvard, Berkeley etc and also from the corporate world.

It was during this time that I came to realise the fruits of CAT my prep. (CAT journey improved my decision making, analysis , number crunching and basically I could just do acad things faster and smarter effortlessly). It felt like the story of bamboo.  When you have classmates from across the globe and diverse cultures , the learning experience takes a whole lot different meaning and its enriching . During this time I made a good set friends , had lots of fun and probably fell In love with a south  girl .(the south girl left the course by term1 and I ended up feeling disappointed but  not sad as there were convincing reasons for that to happen )  .

By the time I completed the course, I also managed to get an internship and I soon realised that employment is not something I would be keen on and following that I got fired from the internship . It was a troubling time for me . Also got  cheated , let down by some people on whom I had put a lot of hope and faith. Somehow managed to not let all this affect my acads. .  However,  the experiences of the past had strengthened me such that I was able to graduate with top score and got an acad award also . It was a really good strong happy moment for me.  By nov 2012 , I decided to return to India and become an entrepreneur.

In the midst of all this I managed to practice aimcats , thanks to pagalguy forum I got acess to many aimcats.

The Entrepreneur writes CAT 2013 :

I came back to india and through a friend of friend got involved in starting and running a startup dealing in mobile apps and augmented reality . It was a tough time and I realised doing a startup is much better than doing an mba and leading a corporate-ish life. Startup will teach you  a lot about business than any number of years at b-school. 

So in the midst of all this startup running, I still found time to take Aimcats and to my surprise I was clearing the cutoffs quite well.  Even then, I wasn't sure if should take CAT 2013 . but then a loved one passed away and out of an impulse I felt determined to take CAT and dedicate the win . (I still don't know what prompted me take this steps)

I fill up the forms, book my exam date and chill.  With a few weeks left for CAT just practiced some aimcats and took it without pressure. The attitude was IDGAF CAT exam.  So I take up the cat exam , answer questions for which I know answers.   However, this time I have more than 80 aimcats (spread over 3 years) to show for as prep but no proper effort before the exams.


So I almost forget about CAT as I got busy with work . Results declared and I did not bother to check . Did not feel its worth it. A few days later an Email pops which basically said "You have been selected for GDPI for the New IIMS (RRTUK)"

So I go for the GDPI with no prep.  Wrote the essay and attended the interview. Answered the usual question but had a tough convincing the interviewers about "y iim mba after doing business and a USA business degree" somehow managed to convince them.

Finally in month of may 2014 , I get an email saying that I had converted for 2 IIM's and waitlisted for other two.  I can't describe how happy this moment made me. It truly made me believe that dreams do come true if pursued with passion and perseverance. I danced with Joy .   But at the same time , I strongly felt that I am not ready to spend 2 years at a b school and spend lot of money . I would rather use that money to develop my business .  

I rejected the admission offers. !

My friends and to an extent my family couldn't believe that I am rejecting IIM's admission but then with a little explanation they understood .  

Some of the takeaway's from CAT journey which I think might be useful to Aspiratnts :

1. CAT is an exam which needs prep but also smartness.

2. CAT is not the end of road . there are awesome things than CAT Exam if you can find it.

3. If your plan is to do MBA , job and then do business because you will have experience then please drop the idea .  You can right away start up a business and learn as you go .  In two years you know much more about making money and business than an MBA.  There are financial benefits to it too.

4. Do CAT because you "want" to and not because you "have" to or "prove" yourself to someone.

5. Hard work never goes waste . It always repays well in some form or the other , sooner or later.

6.  Priortise, plan and focus on what's important.

7. Don't go by what society says or what status quo dictates. Just do what you feel morally  right and good about. 

8. Since you only need to succeed once , it doesn't matter how many times you fail . Learn from your failures and stick to your dreams during your darkest times . the dark times prepare you for your success .

9. Keep visiting pagalguy (or similar CAT sites) for inspiration , preparation and staying in tune with CAT .

10. CAT is an exam which might improve you for the better . So, IMHO its worth the effort.

11. Basics are important .  Some realise it earlier , some later . I realised it after about 40 Mocks.

12. Its OK to fail . Whats important is whether you think its worth trying again and can execute it.

13. Practice , Analyse and learn from mocks . the more the better.

14. Get into the mindset of getting IIM Admission than percentile scores. (Why? because with the different  admission criteria's  and normalisation of score , the probability of successfully predicting a score is unfavourable. And also it's the the reason why I have not mentioned my scores )

15. Take CAT with a chill mind. Its just another exam anyways J

16. As a bonus , GMAT exam looks much easier and smoother  after your CAT prep.

Good Luck to all CAT Aspirants.

Cheers !

-By Sarfaraz

Got admission to IIM but rejected it and decided to continue my business .

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  • thanks guys :smiley:. 28 Feb.
  • really an inspiring one...i too started my journey... yo.... 18m.
Pavan Teja Desai @pvn_tej 16

really an inspiring  one...i too started my journey... your experiences will guide me ... thank you

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is hostel fees included in the 8 lakhs?/..if not how much is it?

  • No hostel facility available.. 23m.

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can I apply for 2015 admissions with cmat dec 2014 score ?

  • you mean cmat september.. 11h.
  • yes. 26m.
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My actual score is 129 in slot 1 and equated score and percentile are 111.27 and 84.567 respectively.

if compared to other slots then 

Slot 2 - 

Actual marks - 129

Equated score - 141.758

Percentile - 97.867

Slot 3 - 

Actual marks - 129

Equated score - 136.98

Percentile - 136.98

Slot 4 - 

Actual marks - 128

Equated score - 144.59

Percentile - 98.39.

Now how is this fair. I admit that slot 1 was very easy but why did they reduce our marks and increased in all other slots.

If they wanted to equate it then why didn't they reduce slot 1 equated marks only and kept the other slots equated marks same.

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  • TheyJust have every early form filler thethe first slot. 42m.
  • Are you guys retards? Its quite simple others in your slo.... 35m.
VISHAL B @vishal90ster 61

TheyJust have every early form filler thethe first slot

@Thek4056 212

Are you guys retards? Its quite simple others in your slot scored really high... It is a percentile system so marks are only worth in relative to how you performed wwith peers... Slot 1 paper mein ppl scored way more than a measly 129...

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  • Does KJ alot us a wait list number in case we are not sel.... 1h.
  • @pulkitr15 Yes, we provide wait list number. 50m.
CAT 91.39 XAT 85.78 NMAT 197 SNAP 83.56 CMAT 89.04 Converted: IMT-DCP, Bimtech, Nirma, & LSBIM. Waitlisted: MICA  
Pulkit Rastogi @pulkitr15 4

Does KJ alot us a wait list number in case we are not selected in the first list? 

Venkat Akella @venkat89 3,115

@pulkitr15 Yes, we provide wait list number

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Hi chennai puys,

I am done with CAT2014. I have material with me I want to sell.

Time study material for CAT+XAT and mocks for XAT and SNAP

Arun sharma all four books

number system for cat- nishit sinha

most them are as new as you can get.

If you are interested message me we can decide on price later.

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  • How much is the cost ?. 51m.
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I am selected for PGDM in TAPMI and GIM.. 

I am expecting calls from KJ and SIBM Bangalore. 

I have 1.5 years IT experience and XAT score of 86%ile.  

Which will be a better option for me? I am more interested in Finance. 

Pls give reason as well

  • For finance TAPMI would be a better, next would be KJ due.... 9h.
Snoop Dogg @karora4588 45

For finance TAPMI would be a better, next would be KJ due to its location and then GIM.

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I am still in my final semester and m having marksheets upti 6th sem in graduation. So do i need to send anything else aswell or only these marksheets will do? Please reply asap

  • your marksheets till your 6th sem will work. however, dur.... 11h.
  • @rudra13 hi, do we have to send a CGPA to percentage cert.... 1h.
Rudranath Dey @rudra13 127

your marksheets till your 6th sem will work. however, during your PI, you will asked to declare that you will submit the copies of all your marksheets later if you wish to take admission

Neil Merchant @neo_blue_92 6

@rudra13 hi, do we have to send a CGPA to percentage certificate as well? Also, will passport  copy do instead of DOB certificate. Thanks a lot!

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A subtle request for all the seniors and mods of this page to please join the group so that you may revert to the queries of us in a better way...@KrishnaKLU @thomasA @Apex_Predator..

Thanks :) 

  • I have not been added yet. 1h.
Never give up!!! 

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When will the results be out? Are all interviews done? Puys pls help.

  • abhi delhi duur hai :stuck out tongue:. 2d.
  • around or after 20th... 2d.

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  • Indore it should be around 100 to 120 seats. 1h.
PaNa N @LoganathanN 42

Indore it should be around 100 to 120 seats

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Guys we have a GD-PI whatsapp group for discussion. Interested people might join.

  • Hopefully every one is added so far.. 5h.
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Hi chennai puys,

I am done with CAT2014. I have material with me I want to sell.

this includes following

Time study material for CAT+XAT and mocks for XAT and SNAP

Arun sharma all four books

number system for cat- nishit sinha

most them are as new as you can get.

If you are interested message me

we can decide on price later.

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Hi chennai puys,

I am done with CAT2014. I have material with me I want to sell.

Time study material for CAT+XAT and mocks for XAT and SNAP

Arun sharma all four books

number system for cat- nishit sinha

most them are as new as you can get.

If you are interested message me we can decide on price later.