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PhD/FPM 2015

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2015. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

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People selected in FPM and working in PSUs may join hands to share/help for getting study leave from their company  . I am sharing my effort for benefit of all :

 I am working in Central Govt PSU and applied for study leave citing the govt circular

Planning to file RTI to Department of public enterprises to know the status of implementation of above circular in PSUs.

What the other people are doing who got selected and working in PSUs like NTPC/BHEL/SAIL/BSNL etc.

People working in PSU should try to convince their management for implementation of above circular .

I will request to all that please write letters to

Department of public enterprises/ Concerned Ministry of PSU/Ministry of HRD/PMO for implementation of above circular in PSU.

We have right to equality as per Art 14 of constitution and let the govt servant working in PSU may not suffer and may be treated at par with the others.

To resign from their company may not be best option as per my perception.

People may share their application draft/Note sheet Approval Draft/Experience/effort for study leave with each other for benefit of all.

  • is there any circular for people going for 2 year MBA course. 3m.
  • it's for central gov, employe, PSU is semi central like C.... 41s.
Jai Gupta @jai4ever 37

is there any circular for people going for 2 year MBA course

Jai Gupta @jai4ever 37

it's for central gov, employe, PSU is semi central like CIL 80% govt. 20% public, is that applicable to PSU ?

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will it be worth to go fr the newest iims.... ??  no campus,anything.. tough 1

  • @injustice_mba 20 yrs down the line u will be assessed up.... 5m.
  • "By next 20 years, IIM Raipur will have the same reputati.... 3m.
13 sess :-cat-86.xx,nmat-206,snap-81.. 14sess cat-88.68,snap-86.xx,nmat-209,xat-85.09
Rahul Saxena 14

@injustice_mba 20 yrs down the line u will be assessed upon ur performance in those 20 yrs and not the college u graduated from...

Adit Dewan @shodyp 24

"By next 20 years, IIM Raipur will have the same reputation as IIM-A"

bwahahahahahaha IIM-A waale 20 years tak jhak maarenge kya 

5.1k CAT

(Declared) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results have been declared Check your result at -

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TAPMI or BIM Trichy or FORE IB, which to choose have 1.5 years experience. Thanks !!!

  • i'd say try next year for something better...otherwise TAPMI. 6m.
Adit Dewan @shodyp 24

i'd say try next year for something better...otherwise TAPMI

24.6k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Impeachment process for vice president can be introduced in

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17.8k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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from where i can learn fundamental of quant which are helpful for cat preparation? plz suggest me 

  • cl or time or any coaching institute materials have very .... 7m.
Rohit Gupta @rohcap5 1

cl or time or any coaching institute materials have very good explanation of basic concepts.

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Hi! Does anyone have the answer to this one? Also please explain the answer if possible.. I stillcant wrap my head around why distance covered by only 1man was taken as 3d1.

Two men left simultaneously from two places P and Q. One of them left P for Q and the other Q for P. Both travelled with his own uniform velocity. Having arrived at their destinations, they turned back to their starting points without stopping. First time they met on their onward journey d1 Km from P and the second time ,on their return journey, they met d2 Km from Q.If d is the distance between P and Q ,then find d in terms of d1 and d2.

Ans-3d1 - d2

  • 1) for first time P...................x.................... 1h.
  • @shweta89 the only part missing in your question is that.... 9m.
you just wasted time reading this @guitar_geek 846

1) for first time 


      d1                   d-d1

speed of  p and q are sp and sq 

So,  d1/sp = (d-d1)/sq ...(1)

2) second meeting


   d-d2                d2

eqn is: 

(d1+d-d2)/sq = (d2+d-d1)/sp ...(2)

equate both eqns to get: 

d1/(d-d1) = (d2+d-d1)/(d+d1-d2) 

solve to get d = 3d1-d2

NIPUN SARIN @Nipun008 209
@shweta89  the only part missing in your question is that after their first meeting both persons exchange their speed i.e. 1st person acquired the speed of 2nd one and 2nd person acquired the speed of first one.. because of this we got the equation 

(d1+d-d2)/sq = (d2+d-d1)/sp    for the second time they meet........... must admit even I got confused with the answer but then I Realised what is missing in the question...

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Is anyone planning to file an RTI if yes than how you are filing. Bcuz i am sending my application through speed post by putting a hundred rupees note in it to pay required fees. 

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Wish to withdraw. Someone interested in taking admission. I just wanna make sure seat should be filled. Please reply asap.

  • I dint pay the fees inspite of getting shortlisted. I hav.... 19m.
Ravi Shankar Duggirala @shankar3945 22

I dint pay the fees inspite of getting shortlisted. I have called the college ppl on friday and saturday asking whether they ll let me join if i pay fees asap. they said batch is already finalized and no chance at all

1k CAT FMS New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

*FMS Tracker : *

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Bulls Mock 8

QA-46  VA-52

  • What is considered as a good score in this paper?. 9h.
  • No idea...have to wait for results. 1m.
Kavish Batra @Kavee 8

What is considered as a good score in this paper?

ravi varma @ravi1910 33

No idea...have to wait for results 

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X converted NMIMS Mumbai in March, deposited 7.5 lakh.

X then converted MDI Gurgaon in April and is to submit 2.5 lakh to confirm seat and initiate the process of refund from NMIMS.

May 4: Balance (10 lakh). IIM Shillong comes up with the result and X features in the list.

There is no chance that X gives consideration to IIM-S with 10 lakh at risk. Moreover, with not a single penny left and a loan of 7.5 lakh, even initial confirmation fee (say 90,000) is impossible to arrange.

P.S. You can call me X!

  • 6 Likes   58 Comments
  • @Dante_ftw1, could you elaborate on those rankings? :smi.... 11h.
  • @ankurchachra It's quite simple actually, I assume you wi.... 28m.
SRCC 2013 | 2015-17 Calls: SPJ, MDI, IIMS, NMIMS, IITD, IMI | Converts: MDI, NMIMS, IMI 
Ankur Chachra @ankurchachra 64

@Dante_ftw1, could you elaborate on those rankings?

Saurabh Raina @Dante_ftw1 1,535

@ankurchachra It's quite simple actually, I assume you will be confused with the long term ranking, let me make it simple, IIM tag is preferred by corporate's while job switching or promotions to top management roles in India and Abroad. You can call it herd mentality or just old fashioned perceptions but corporate's prefer IIM tag if you like it or not.

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suppose i converted IM which is my 3rd pref, can i stop further upgrading to HR which is my 2nd preference??

  • ok thanks. 44m.
  • @rtr.mohit You may even get PGPM, which seems a better pr.... 34m.
Vipin Raina @chippycool2001 613

@rtr.mohit You may even get PGPM, which seems a better probable option.

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Dashcat 3: OA:123(Current AIR 9) QA:72(Expected). VA:53(Disappointed. Lousy accuracy ). Paper was reasonably easy. 150-160 gettable. :( 

Calcutta jaana hai, rasgulla khaana hai! 
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LOL , just now i got a mail

short listed for Group Discussion and Personal Interview for Indore Campus of LBSIM, Delhi ... i have 83.57 percentile ... and about two weeks ago , i got a mail that i have been shortlisted for the main campus , lbsim , according to the second set of gdpi call letters handed out , and the interview is scheduled on 30th of april , so MY QUESTION IS  , for which branch am i giving interview, the main campus one or the  new one(INDORE one ) , if its the indore one , i have no intrest in giving it ... when you roll out call letters just double check before doing it .

  • i got two mails too. 52m.

998 CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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Got in!!  . .

  • 2 Likes   19 Comments
  • Congrats @vikki_iitr. 1h.
  • There is a possibility buffered calls .... 1h.
~Darkest hour of night comes just before the dawn~ 
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I have a few queries.

1. Do all six IIM's release seperate list and WL, what was the last WL to be converted? and what is it with calls, if someone gets selected or converts after getting WL, does he get a phone call? what if one doesn't answer the call? Finally when can we expect results?

  • #. 2h.
  • As to answer some of your questions... 1. Yes they have a.... 1h.
Ketav Patel @risingketav20 13

As to answer some of your questions... 1. Yes they have a separate list. All New IIMs come out with their own list. 2. Results 2nd week of May. 3. And am sorry to say but rest of the questions are stupid. What if I say that if you don't pick up the call you are rejected. Did you see in any institute that they phone each and everyone that Congrats, you have converted. Whatever way they tell you, that will mostly be by e-mail or their portal, they will give you ample time for your answer and to deposit the fees. And wait list is never cleared one by one. That set a fixed date and till then whatever no of students cancel, the same no of wait list are cleared. For this and other things, have patience.

136 CAT

[2015-2017] Official MBA(Business Economics) , Deptt. of Business Economics [DBE], DU Admissions

Hi All, Department of Business Economics, Delhi University announces Admission to its Management Program. *Official...

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Hey , I have around 79 percentile in CAT 2014, with 81 in quant and 69 in VA&LR (General Category). Also

3.5 yrs of workex

Class 10- 88

Class 12- 78, with 93 in maths

Grad (BBA)-68

Given my low percentile, would it make sense to apply for MBE ?
  • Thanks Jai, I realise then for MBE and MFC one must be mi.... 9h.
  • No weightage for work ex. 1h.
Best of Luck to All  
Prashant Kundu @prashant.kundu 21

Thanks Jai, I realise then for MBE and MFC one must be minimum 90 percentile to stand a decent chance. Also I would like to know if they give weight-age to experience and are there instances of ppl with 3-4 yrs of workex at MBE , if so does it play out favorably or unfavorably  during placements?

Adonis Cyrillic @adonis_C 42

No weightage for work ex

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Is admit card issued soon/on same day after a candidate is finished with his/her counselling ? Can a candidate submit fee before 8th May once the FMS Office issues him/her the Admit Card and what is the exact date of joining the institute ?

1k CAT IMI Delhi New Delhi

IMI Delhi Admission HelpDesk 2015-17

Hi Puys,You can ask all the queries related to admissions of IMI here.

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Any group for imi pgdm core??? 

  • If there is a group, add me as well.. 6h.
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A: Horrific Interview- Reject

C: More than a decent interview- Reject

L: next to a horrible interview- Convert

Now comes the serious L/FMS dilemma.

Profile: X-91.57, XII-87.5, Cgpa-7.565 (72.xx%). Fresher, engg, JU. Interests: Any specialization other than Consultancy/General Management, haven't zeroed in on anything specific yet. Inputs will be appreciated. Please.

  • 1 Like   13 Comments
  • FMS. 9h.
  • Dude L anyday..FMS doesn't even stand a chance...Its not .... 7h.
CAT 14: 99.93 || Rejects: B (no call) , A, C. Pretty much sums up the year for me. 
Usain Bolt @Aaty 1,137

Dude L anyday..FMS doesn't even stand a chance...Its not just the fees or the final placement that should be considered..thats too naïve....A campus life, the IIM tag, will make you feel that u are in a college and not school...moreover there is a lot of interaction, competitions etc b/w that ways you get to interact with the best...So it has to be L .!!