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CAT 2015 – Common Admission Test

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1.6k CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

5.6k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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A man cheats while buying as well as while selling. While buying he takes 10% more than what he pays for and while selling he gives 20% less than what he claims to. Find his profit percent, if he sells at 9.09% below the cost price of the claimed weight.

Kindly explain the approach too.

  • Let CP be 100x..But he takes value worth 110x. So for ev.... 1h.
  • cp = 100 for 110 grams sp = 1000/11 for 80 grams sp = 1.... 36m.
सच हम नहीं सच तुम नहीं| सच है सतत संघर्ष ही । 
Adithya Ram @adi_rulezz 136

Let CP be 100x..But he takes value worth 110x.  So for every material worth 10x he takes 11x worth. Similarly while selling let his SP =100y But he sells only 80y. Claimed SP =100y which is 10/11th of CP = 1000x/11. So he sold material worth 80y . So the net CP of the material he sold is (10/11)*80x= 800x/11.. His net SP for the material he sold is 1000x/11===>So his net profit= (1000x/11-800x/11)/ 800x/11 = 25%

Sagar Gupta @sagarcat 6,285

cp = 100 for 110 grams

sp = 1000/11 for 80 grams

sp = 1000/11 * 110/80 for 110 grams

cp = 100

sp = 125

 profit =25%

816 CAT

[2015] [OFFICIAL] IMS Mocks Scores & Discussion - SIMCATS Proctored and Unproctored

The official thread for discussion, sharing scores, strategies for SIMCATS (2015-16)

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QA - 23A/20C - 58

DILR - 24A/19C - 53

VARC - 34A/24C - 66

OA - 81A/63C - 177

  • _/\\_. 50m.
  • verbal ke liye enlighten kar do..... 19m.

586 CAT



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PM 12

QA    34A/33C  99

DILR  22A/20C 58

VARC 26A/17C 42

OA     82A/70C 199

X 89.4, XII 87.2, B.Tech. 7.4, CAT'14 99.36, XAT'15 98.5 

184 CAT

CAT 2015 Applications & Online Registration

CAT 2015 notification is out. Read -

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hi please could someone tell me what we need to fill in the total marks obtained and max marks field while filling the online application form as i got only letter grades during my cbse 10th examination

  • Multiply CGPA obtained with 9.5. That will give you your .... 1h.
Anish Baliwala @anish_baliwala

Multiply CGPA obtained with 9.5. That will give you your percentage. Hence you can calculate the total marks obtained

25.5k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Which state government has won the Skoch Order-of-Merit national award  for implementing 6 e-Governance and IT initiatives in the state?

27 people answered this question.
  Baba ke seedhe prasaran mein rukavat to hai, Magar rukawat ke liye sala koi khed nahi hai 
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14 CAT

Official Thread For RC Discussion CAT 2015

RC's can be potential game changers for your VA score ! So let's begin with our RC preparation for CAT 2015 !

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Directions for questions 48 to 50: The passage given below is followed by a set of three questions. Choose the most appropriate answer to each question.

The development underlines the great danger we face from the extension of anti-terrorist measures and methods into normal life – the policing of our streets, for example, and the hounding of football fans and climate change protestors. Just as disturbing is the line of questioning by the police of those who made freedom of information requests before the alleged hacking of computers last year. In a letter to the Financial Times, Sebastian Nokes, a climate change sceptic and businessman, said he was interviewed by an officer who “wanted to know what computer I used, my internet service provider, and also to which political parties I have belonged, what I feel about climate change and what my qualifications in climate science are. He questioned me at length about my political and scientific opinions”. The police have a duty to investigate the alleged crime, but this kind of questioning smacks of something far more sinister because a person’s political and scientific views are being weighed to assess his likely criminality in the eyes of the police officer. Now you might ask how else the police are going to establish who is a suspect. After all, you would certainly ask people about their views if you investigating a string of racist attacks. But this is not a violent crime or a terrorist matter: moreover, Nokes had simply sent “an FOI request to the university’s climate unit asking whether scientists had received training in the disclosure rules and asking for copies of any emails in which they suggested ducking their obligations to disclose data”.

On that basis the police felt entitled to examine Nokes on his views. These days it’s surprising that they haven’t found a way to seize his computer and mobile phone, which is what routinely happens to those involved in climate change protests. Limits need to be set in the policing and investigation of people’s legitimate beliefs. Any future government must take a grip on the tendency of the police to watch, search, categorise and retain the personal details of those who express the political, religious or scientific beliefs. We should never forget that under this government the police have used forward intelligence teams to photograph people emerging from a climate change meeting in a cafe in Brighton; have used the ANPR system to track the movement of vehicles belonging to people travelling to demonstrations; have prevented press photographers from carrying out their lawful right to cover news events; and have combed the computers and searched the premises of an MP legitimately engaged in the business of opposition and holding the government to account. What this adds up to is a failure of understanding in the police force that one of its primary duties is to protect the various and sometimes inconvenient manifestations of a democracy, not to suppress them. That is why they have to be ultra-careful deploying specialist terrorist intelligence units and treating people’s opinions as evidence.

48. Which one of these best expresses the author’s attitude towards Sebastian Nokes? (a) The author considers Nokes’ situation as a symptom of a bigger malaise. (b) The author supports Nokes and protests against the treatment meted out to him. (c) The author questions the legality of the actions carried out by the police against Nokes. (d) The author worries about the moral implications of the involvement of the police in such cases.

49. What is the central theme explored by the author in the passage? (a) The role of police in a democracy. (b) The extension of the special powers of the police to questionable territory. (c) The abuse of power by the police. (d) The use of the police to stem opposition to the government’s ideas.

50. The author is least likely to support which of the following? (a) Tracking the movements of a person accused of corporate fraud. (b) Seizing the computer or mobile of an alleged terrorist. (c) Analysing the political beliefs of a person involved in a racist attack. (d) Banning media coverage of an event because it is likely to get violent.

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Will come back stronger . 
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18k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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Original price of an article is lowered by 12% to get the sales price as Rs 31.68. By how much percent the original price be lowered to get the sales price as Rs 27?

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hello guys,

I am a category (SC) female candidate;  my academic and work ex details are as below

10th - 85.33%

12th -78.83%

B.Tech -I.T. - 89.62% (3.58/4 CGPA)

Work Ex - 38 months as of 08/25/2015 (25 Aug 2015)-  Consultant in an MNC

Please answer my queries -

1) In the final selection , how will be my work ex calculated  (I started working on 25 June 2012)?

2) In the CL test series, I score approx 36 in the VRC section- what could be the approx sectional percentile for this score (are there any chances to get any decent call at this sectional score)?

3) Could you please give me the ideal number of attempts for the three sections and the sectional scores for a decent percentile (SC category)?

4) I have submitted the CAT application form with the scanned copy of my original SC caste certificate (but I did not self attest the copy), Should I take any action now and write to the reg.(concerned) dept. ?

Thanks in Advance,


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Bull Cat 4

QA 70 (25c/30a)

DILR 76 (26c/28a)

VA 43 (19c/33a) First time 40+

OA 189

  • 6 Likes   13 Comments
  • Bull 26 nahi iya tha ?. 7h.
  • @shubhamranka92 nhi miss ho gya. 2h.

837 CAT

Para Jumbles

A. A healthy argument can help to clear the air and clarify different points of view. B. Even in the strongest relati...

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A) Observers trying to decide what a man is like look closely at his actions.

B) His behaviour tells him about himself; it is a primary source of information about his beliefs and values and attitudes.

C) What the Chinese have discovered is that the man himself uses this same evidence to decide what he is like.

D) Our best evidence of what people truly feel and believe comes less from their words than from their deeds.}

E) Understanding fully this important principle of self-perception, the Chinese set about arranging the prison-camp experience so that their captives would consistently act in desired ways.

132 people answered this question.
When going gets tough , tough gets going .
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Hi all, I am in desperate need of AIMCAT 2012 questions and their solutions. My login credentials for AIMCAT 2012 has...

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hello i want previous AIMCAT Paper urgently.. plz provide me as soon as possible.

  • Hi, I'm not able to open the link. It says, the file no l.... 3h.
  • Thanks in advance :). 3h.
Krittika Ganguly @krittika23 4

Hi, I'm not able to open the link. It says, the file no longer exists. Please help?

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there are p committees in a class(where p greater than or equal to 5) , each consisting of q members(where q greater than or equal to 6). No two committees are allowed to have more than 1 student in common. What is the minimum and maximum number of students possible?

2 people answered this question.
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What are the two cycles that I read about when I scrolled down the page? Also, what sectional percentiles are desirable (Info on both CAT and XAT please)

126 CAT


Hey puys n pirls, This forum is meant for detailed discussion of the CL mocks 2014. One can feel free to ask anything...

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hey can anyone share his/her CL id and password who is not interested much?

Plzz help.. 

financial condition weak. 

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A, b, C ,D, E are five horses participating in horse-race. What is the probability that C will be ranked higher than B, who in turn will be ranked higher than A ??

can somebody manually explain all the 20 cases???

  • Total cases = 5!/3! = 20 So 20/120 = 1/6. 6h.
Enjoy the game and chase your dreams . dreams do come true.
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Hey guys,what is the serial no of caste/tribe which is required to be filled in the CAT form? If you open the link beside it,a list of states appear.if you click on the state,a list of castes appear for that state.Now beside the caste/community name,on the left there is a entry no.Is this entry no the serial no?or the serial no is something else.Please reply ASAP.

  • are you sure?cause i wont be able to change it afterwards.. 18h.
  • yes I am sure about that.. There are no other numbers u c.... 9h.
komal singh @Komal9

are you sure?cause i wont be able to change it afterwards.

Joy deep @joy161989 410

yes I am sure about that.. There are no other numbers u can use as a "serial no".. we used it during campus placement to Govt PSU companies also..