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Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

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Friends post ur  oliveboard mock scores..we can further discuss strategies to improve our scores

  • what about cetking.. how much you all are scoring,,??. 14m.
  • Gave 3 mocks till now..149, 142 , 143... 50s.
anshul @anshul.jyotishi 20

what about cetking.. how much you all are scoring,,??

Ravi Kiran @Kiku.zazz 24

Gave 3 mocks till now..149, 142 , 143..

214 CAT DSM DTU New Delhi

[Official][2015-17] Delhi School of Management (DSM), DTU Admission Desk

Hello Friends, The admission process for 2015-17 batch of Delhi School of Management, Delhi Technological Universit...

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Hi puys,

List is out.

Please check at


Cutoff remains the same.

ie Above 75 percentile for general candidates, above 65 percentile for OBC candidates and 50 percentile for SC and ST candidates.

ATB for GD PI.

Delhi School of Management | Delhi Technological University
Delhi School of Management | Delhi Technological University
Delhi School of Management (DSM), India, is the B-school under the aegis of Delhi Technological University (formerly, Delhi College of Engineering)


  • what is the exact cutoff for general category students???. 1m.
Mohit Dhawan, DSM-DTU, 2014-2016, 
Walterwhite django @MY23 35

what is the exact cutoff for general category students???

1.5k CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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Any idea as to what was the lowest percentile last year who converted in the first merit list? Especially ops.

  • %ile is probably just a criteria for shortlisting. Final .... 2m.
Jaane kya hoga rama re!   
Sreekanth Narayan @n0thing 66

%ile is probably just a criteria for shortlisting. Final merit list might be based on GI2 + essay + Profile 

4.7k CAT

(Declared) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results have been declared Check your result at -

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Lol.. check this out:



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  • seriously man..:P. 8m.
  • lol. 4m.
Dreams aren't something you get while sleeping.. but something that doesn't let you sleep.. 

486 CAT DoMS IITD New Delhi

[2015-2017] Department Of Management Studies, IIT Delhi Admission Queries

Greetings from the Department Of Management Studies IIT-Delhi. "The tradition of imparting management education at I...

454 CAT FMS New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

Kindly discuss your queries about FMS Admissions process on this thread

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Does FMS consider any other score than CAT? and cut off for general candidates??

  • What was the cut off out of 100 last year? The above list.... 18m.
  • I think it was around 65.xx. 11m.
Deeptarka Das @Jewel2013 5

What was the cut off out of 100 last year? The above list is for all applicants.

Ratish Ramachandran @rats91 205

I think it was around 65.xx

168 CAT GLIEMR New Delhi

[Official] 2015-16 Great Lakes Gurgaon PGPM Admission queries

Great Lakes Gurgaon PGPM 2015-16 Admissions are open and application ends on 24th January, 2015. Please post any ques...

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CMAT - 87%ile, MAT - 99%ile, CAT - 68%ile, chances for PGPM Gurgaon campus? Also, how good is it compared to chennai campus?

  • and cut off through CMAT?. 17m.
  • CMAT i heard. 11m.

24.1k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Which company is planning to test internet services through solar powered planes in India as an initiative to connect the unconnected?

16 people answered this question.
Dont quote, be a quote! 
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

164 CAT

PhD/FPM 2015

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2015. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

367 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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Here comes the big one... Sorry for the wait

IIM A AWT+PI Experience

Date: 4/3/2015, 8.30AM

Center: IIFT, New Delhi

Profile: X 93.5%, XII 93.2%, IITD CGPA 8.7, CAT 99.99%ile, 6 month work-exp

AWT Topic: A toy manufacturer invested into Harry Potter-themed lego bricks in 2006. However, its revenues declined by 25% next year. The founding family fired the COO, saying that the company should have stuck with their core traditional legos. Evaluate the argument of the family. Time: 30mins

A very easy case.   Wrote about a couple of assumptions made, how the argument can be weakened and strengthened. Could have elaborated a little more on each but space was limited. Pretty sure everybody did very well, so I'm not sure of my relative performance.

(Preparation: 1/5, Performance: 3/5)

PI Experience:

No. of panelists: 2 male profs (L & R) aged 40-50 yrs

Panel No: 5, S.No: 4

Panel Demeanour: Polite

Time: 30min

L took a loo break before my interview. I accompanied him inside when he returned. R was reading my AWT, smiling along. I think it was the Powerpuff girls example I wrote.   (Should have written about Pokemon as well, but that slipped my mind)

L: So Shashwat, you work. Please explain a bit about your work.

(Explained. Had a loooot of cross-questions from both L and R. Pretty simple questions though. I think they were satisfied with my replies, since they were nodding their heads in between. They continued asking questions on work until we reached a point where I said Sir, that part is out of the scope of my current project. They asked a bit on patents but I told them I'm not aware of the intricacies.)

L: Do you read in leisure time? (Sir, I'm more into playing sports in my leisure. I keep my reading limited to academics  , although I do read online articles. I'm very passionate about movies and also go online to read about different reviews by people. I also manage a movie list on that I made using the top 100 romantic movies I've seen. It was so widely appreciated that it's notched up more than one million hits now.  )

L: (Smiling) Oh really? You should consider that as a profession then. Why bother with MBA and IIM A   (Sir, that's just something I enjoy doing in my leisure time)

L: So which types of movies do you like? (Sci-fi, Romance)

R: What do you think about Interstellar? Can you explain the whole plot to me? (I took a few minutes explaining him about it. It's been some time since I saw it, so missed a few details here and there  )

R: What's the difference between a wormhole and a black hole? How are they formed? (Answered, convincing.) What more happens when a star collapses? (Couldn't tell the second thing  )

R: There was another movie The Theory of Everything. Have you seen it? (Yes sir, I loved it! Unfortunately, it couldn't get the Oscar. I was rooting for it.  ) What are the two theories of how the universe originated? (Could only explain the first one properly. Kill me.  )Who gave these theories? I think it was portrayed in the movie. (Couldn't answer this. Blurted out Stephen Hawking as a guess, and they started laughing no no he wasn't the first one.   I said, sir what I loved about the movie was the relationship of Hawking with his lovely wife, and how they battle and conquer his disease together, given the romantic that I am  . I might not have noticed about the scientist.)

L: So, I can see a couple of leadership programs in your profile. Could you perhaps explain them? (Explained in very detail about my Yale Pre-MBA program. He cut me off before I could move onto the ISB program.) How long was the program? When did you go there? What was the best thing you did in New Haven? (Went hiking to East Rock from where you have this beautiful view of the whole campus and the coastline. Also the pizzas at New Haven are world-famous.  ) You didn't go to the Falls? (Sir it was just a 2 week program. We were bombarded with case studies a day before each class, as you might be familiar with the rigor of an MBA curriculum.) Can you name the street on which Yale SOM is located. (Thought for 5 seconds. Prospect St. The prof nods   (I think he's definitely been to Yale.) We chatted a little more. I told him about how fancy the new SOM building was and its stark difference with the other buildings at Yale. And he was like yeah that's the story these days about all B-Schools)

R: So in your graduation in Production and Industrial Engineering, did you like any subjects? (Operations Research) What did you learn in it? (Inquired a bit about the simplex method. Asked me to explain geometrically. I was pretty convincing till the point he asked me to name the property that enables the solution to lie at the boundary to which I said I'm forgetting the name. He said it's fine.)

R: Ok Shashwat, that's it from our side. Please take a toffee. You may leave.

(Preparation: 2/5, Performance: 3/5)

Prediction: WIMWI-calling

Had a very nice time in the PI, owing to the fact that most questions were regarding what I loved doing. Seemed like an age inside the room. I should have answered those theories about the universe questions, considering once I was mad about space and all its mysteries. That was disappointing. I let myself down there.   Else, I think I did just about ok with the other questions, which should jusssst about get me inn. Fingers crossed!

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  • Sort of a nice discussion it seems to be :smiley: ATB. 25m.
I come not, friends, to steal away your hearts || CAT2013:79.14 || GMAT:740 || CAT2014:99.99 || Calls:ACBLKISNew || DT'14 
Pure Gold @ishik 29

Sort of a nice discussion it seems to be ATB

1.5k CAT SIMSR Mumbai

[2015-17] K J Somaiya aka SIMSR, Mumbai Admission related queries

*Online Application* - *Qualifying Exam -** *CAT 2014...

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In The last  question in the Candidate Profile ... Would you be interested in opting for self financed?...1. Student Exchange Programme (Approx 6-10 Lakh)..

Can any one please elaborate this ? I am not getting what they actually asked .. Thanks in advance.

  • #. 25m.

606 CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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A clock loses 1/2 % on true time during one week and gains 1/4 % on true time during the next week. If it is set right at 12 o 'clock on Saturday Morning what time will it indicate at the end of the second week

Ans : 11 hrs 34 mins 48 sec

Solution plzzzz

  • 7*24*60*60 = 604800.. 1/2% loss and 1/4% gain ==> 1/4% lo.... 1h.
  • @all puys : __/\\__ Big thanks...!!!. 46m.
CAT '14 - 63.56 SNAP '14 - 92.53 (lull) Life is playing the biggest pranks on me ..MBA laughs at me 
Praneeth Reddy Madhunanthu @Malfurion 68

7*24*60*60 = 604800.. 1/2% loss and 1/4% gain ==> 1/4% loss..

1/4% of 604800 = 1512 sec =25.2 min

11:34:48 PM

Vignesh Sankar @Mediamyblood 38

@all puys : __/\__

Big thanks...!!!

735 CAT

All I wanted to Speak about CAT

*Download the FREE 'The Best of All I Wanted to speak about CAT' ebook*, a compendium of the best posts on this threa...

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Why having someone motivate you is important - My Story...


As I pen this down I cannot describe the feelings, emotions, and adrenaline running down my veins..(Tread with caution .This post is gigantic and might bore you off only when u have enough time..)

Here is how and why it started...Recap..

Always was a top ranker in school since childhood. Had scored 93% in Xth.But somehow lost track in class 12 and could not make it to even a NIT.Secured a mediocre rank is state engg entrance exam and could only make it to a private engg college.

This debacle was too much for not only me but for my entire family and relatives.Even friends were shocked. I went into a depression for the 2 months post results. Did not meet anyone or take up calls. For mom this was an even bigger failure having always stressed the importance of getting into IIT/NIT. Few of friends who went to IIT and NIT started displaying their t shirt logos during vacations..And I severed all childhood contacts. Period.

Went to college but for the first 6 months did not make even a single friend. (Had realised that having too many friends was one major reason why I was here today). Was not that interested in Electronics and lost more hope when I learnt that the only way I could make it big was thorugh GATE or CAT. Neways did not decide upon anything yet. Meanwhile my cousin was also staying in kol and we became very good friends and I started enjoying the life of freedom in kolkata. Left studies completely and even forgot that I was still a student.

1st year over. Below average GPA's made me realise during the summer break that this way I will land up nowhere. Took some time and then decided I would go for CAT. But i was very low in confidence at that time having screwed all entrance exams. Heard about the exam being very competetive and getting into one of the top 5 colleges namely A,B,C,XL,FMS takes a lot of determination...

CAT 2011..(The immature year..)

Nevertheless I started my journey but had no directions. I started off with Norman Lewis and build my vocabulary very rigorously. This initial phase was very interesting and I enjoyed a lot. Joined TIME classroom in june 2010.Went to classes very enthusiastically. But as I soon could realise, it wasnt helping me that much. One year passed, I was in final year.When I went to write my fisrt mock I had no clue of many questions.I got to know about pagalguy from a friend in the month of Oct 2011. Browsed through Quant thread and I was aghast with my level of knowledge. (Except for Pnc and and algebra)I could hardly solve anything. I knew then, that CAT 2011 would become just a formality now.Went to the exam hall half heartedly. My roommate took the seat beside me. I somehow got overexcited with Quant having been able to solve first 5-6 question in quick time and breezed through the paper. Va was tough that year. Attempts: QA26 VA24. I was thinking even though I was out of practice and had not rechecked any question I was sure to get 20 correct atleast.I was very happy untill the day of the results. Jan 11th. QA 65 VA 83 OA 75.xx The result screen brought back those very memories of entrance exams and I for the first time did not show any emotions. I sat with a placid face.I could nto make head and tail out of anything... Did I get 20 incorrect in quant out of 26 was what I was thinking.My roommate called up and said he got 91.xx overall and he was kinda happy as we had gone without preparation..But the result that turned me around was of one of my collegemates. He had suffered a similar trauma like me, unable to get into a top engg college. He secured 98.6 in his first attempt and converted NITIE finally. I checked the results of some of the Pagalguy stalwarts and found that many had scored surprisingly very low in one of the sections.

CAT 2012...The year of slogging ..

I knew that I had my task cut out, if I were to even continue with my dream of getting into a reputed B-school. Neways, this was one of the turning points in my preparation. I started solving quant like hell form that very day. PaGalguY Quant thread became my home. Started solving questions from there and within 2 motnhs I was a certified Pagal(only with the help of quant thread, not bakar). Meanwhile I made some very good friends in pagalguy, and preparation went on with full pace. I and my roommate started solving mocks of previous years. We somewhat abandoned the outer world and concentrated only on preparation.Then came the mock season. Enrolled for CL and TIME basic.1st proc I was in toppers list with 95%ile and to be honest that was my 1st ever serious mock and I was happy. Then the wrong move.. I over pressurised myself. Set daunting targets without working out strategies. Thought I need to get 50+ in quant having practised so much in quant thread.Took the mocks as if they were real CAT and as a result Scores started dipping from 2nd mock onwards. I was getting extremely frustrated. On seeing a familiar question I was pushing myself too hard to get that question correct within 30 sec. As a result I ended up with mediocre scores in 80's

Meanwhile I got placed into 2 IT companies.. Accenture and TCS. Chose TCS even though it would put a Aam Admi stamp as I thought of long term gains in choosing a company with relatively less stricter rules.Went to hyderabad just 1 month prior to cat. New place, new environment, etc took a toll on my prep. 3 days prior to cat I wrote PM 10. Scored 108.

Went to the exam hall a little tensed as I knew that I was much better prepared than last time. Memories of Quant thread gave me confidence. But QA was very tough and VA was okayish. Attempted 20 and 24 resp. Did not write XAT or IIFT as I knew preparing amidst all the new brouhaha in a new city wont be possible.(A big mistake..I later realised...). Results came...And once again I was devastated.. QA 91, VA 89 OA 91.5. I was beginning to feel I would never be able to crack any entrance exam. Its better if I switch job and take refuge in PSU bank etc.

CAT 2013 ... The year when all the dots joined....

Post results till march/april I was completely clueless as to how I would shape my career. Images of living a genteel life were fast vanishing...and then came the big turnaround...

I became very good friends with the girl who sat beside me in office. She is a telugu and 2 years senior to me. But unlike others in the office something was very different in her. I loved talking to her. And she reciprocated the same. She was pretty reserved in the office with her other colleagues but she enjoyed my company very much.

I narrated my dream to her and all about taking CAT that year.(as I had decided that this is going to be my last attempt at the feline)..She somehow empathized with my dreams completely..She took up my dream as her own and treated me like a 5 year old kid, promising me gifts after every mock. I started studying from mid may...revising old mocks etc..But something inside was bugging both me and her...It had been only 2 months we had met... But it seemed like we knew each other for more than 5 years...One day she was telling me about her the then ongoing marriage proposals and I instantly said can u wait for 2 more years for me..? She was surprised but very happy with fact that finally I had come up with the thing..And her answer....YES..

Both were happy but we knew instantly that our families wont accept.

Reason 1. Girl elder.

Reason 2 Girl telegu brahmin , boy bengali.

If anyhting I knew I had to get into a top college, as that would be my only saviour. I would then proudly be able to stand up to face the world.

With this I went into my 1st mock... Excited, but I did not pressurise myself. I knew a lot had been happening in life lately and it was diffcult to get things going right from day 1. I planned that whatever I knew I would attempt, rest I would simply skip and check at the last even if that meant I was skipping questions from my favourite areas. Result:99.36%ile.Both of us were ecstatic. She promised me that she would take me to a new place or restaurant after every mock.

I enrolled for TIME and IMS as well. Wrote the 1st Ims mock again a 99 plus %ile.1st Time mock and Iwas the city topper in VA..Everything was going in a way I couldnt have imagined better. Mid august, and my scores averaged to about 97.5... I nominated myself for UDT and surprisingly was selected as the Captain... I was very sceptical in the beginning to be a member of such a coveted family leave aside being the captain.. But my gf always reposed faith in me..She always said that she believed I can do it at a time when even my parents had lost much hope after my continued failure since class12...

If ever I was wee bit sad after a mock, her presence and words comforted me and I started focussing on startegies.Ther were weekends when she had made many plans of us hanging out after my mock but only to find out that I was in no mood to talk about anyhting else having experienced a bad mock. But she never pegged me or got frstrated herself. She sat down beside me and constantly encouraged to concentrate for the next mock.

I struck a perfect strategy in Va becuase of which my scores consistently crossed 60 in every mock i took. She cooked and brought food for me to my flat,and drove me to every mock center (as distant as 20 km from wehre I stay.)so that I could save time for my studies.....I applied for XAT and IIFT as well and booked CAT on 1st nov...The day before CAT I was completely chilled and relaxed. We were roaming the streets of Hyd like free birds at 12 am in the night.

Then came the moment.. She dropped me at the center and wished me good luck....While I was waiting for my exam to start looking at the computer screen, I was cursing the bloody exam. (To ease my nerves... )'So what if I am not able to beat the hell out of u.. My life would not end..I have a lovely girl and I would be happy...'

Neways.. Started the paper. Qa was tough as was already the rumours...Neways I proceeded with a cool mind. Went through all the questions... Few were very tough and I did not even waste a second on them.. Rest I rechecked.. Attempted 22.

When I switched to VA.. i felt very confident as I had the backing of consistent 60+ scores in the last 2 months prior to cat. Rc's were tough. Still attmepted 9/10. One Lr set was easy. Second set I left 1q. When I came to the 3rd set I could not solve it due to contradictory clues.Rechecked it thrice only to find out that it wasworng. I wasnt nervous .. but only cursed and abused the paper setter...(i was expecting a wrong question having experienced the same the previous year...).. Neways... did not even bother to attmept the grammar and phrasal verbs. Proceeded with PJ, PC's and FIB's. Attmepted 22.. I knew I had attempted decent numbers in both.. Only worry was accuracy. I had a long history of screwing up exams with poor accuracy. In the mocks leading upto cat, my accuracy had dropped in QA. So, in effect I wanst that hopefull ....or rather I did not want to pin any hopes, having suffered the pain of failure many times by now.. I was so hopeless that I did not apply to FMS..:(

Next came IIFT .. I screwed it up due to one wrong strategy and calculated my score...a measly 43.xx. Suddenly, I started feeling nervous again about the future.. This time it was not only about me alone.. it was about both of us..I started feeling tense as to how I wouls stand up and face my parents leave aside her. Time was running out and we knew that we had to tell our parents soon as it was getting difficult for her to ignore all the marriage proposals she was getting. I was thinking if it isnt this year, I will not get another year.. Besides i had run out of steam, after so many failures.. one more and it would permanently hamper out future..With all this in mind I started preparing seriously for Xat. Solved mocks of IMS. Compared scores with other DT and UDT members. Devised a strategy.. This was going to be my first well prepared XAT( having skipped it the previous year)

Alas.! The paper was extemely tough. All 3 sections were tough. I was scoring somewhere in the mid 40's in the mocks.. Here I was 10 min remaining, attempted 17 in VA, 6-7 in DM, 9-11 in QA..

I knew XAT was gone, even if I consider that the paper would be very tough.. I was sure DM would play the spoil sport. I was very sad that day.. Cat was as always very unpredicatble, coupled with my accuracy issues..IIFT screwed.. And now XAT...Did not care to check the solutions...

Slowly results time arrived.. I was feeling very hopeless the night before 14th JAN.. I was telling my gf, dont expect anyhting... i am feeling bad for u.. despite so much effort and sacrifice by u, I will not be able to give u perfect gift..She insisted, 'dekhna tumhara achha hi hoga... I am sure'... But still I had no hope.. We knew results would be out by 9 am..I asked her to check mine as I considered myself cursed..:P She entered the details..The screen flashed...My eyes went straight to the Overall perentile section.. ............................................99.43................................................:)

I shouted at a voice which would make even the dead curse me from their graves...I checked the individual scores.. QA 99.21, VA 97.1 OA 99.43... The next moment I started crying loudly... Called up my mom, and for the first 3 mintues only cried and cried and cried...She started crying as well...Dad later told me the way she started crying, he thought that something must have happened to my grandmother..:P .Posted in FB the result screenshot ... The thing which I wanted to do so badly for such a long time.....

But soon the enjoyment was cut short becuase of the IIM's and their criteria. Did not get a call from A,B,C,L,I. Only calls IIMK, S, SPJAIN,MDI, NITIE, IIT B. Somehow, I was dejected at not having a single call among the top 4 IIM's. That feeling made me regret about XAT all the more... If only i had attempted a little more in DM..

Jan 31st came.. My gf called me up while I was at office and told me that I had got 97.21 with QA 88.69, VA 92.5 and DM....94.5.. :o.. I instantly felt she was my lucky charm.....I got the Coveted XLRI Hrm call. I knew. Now I have 2 colleges to fight for and I would give my everything in this last lap...Joined CL pdp programme.. Was mentored well...

Interview season started...

SPJAIN was a reject in the first round.. I became very nervous.. After all the excitement, expectations has soured from every corner... Evryone already had been saying 'tum to IIM jaoge..' and Here I am with only XL and IIM K to fight for.. XL interview was in Bangalore, and somehow I wanted to take my lucky charm with me... I knew deep inside that if she is with me then I would definitely succeed..

As I hadhoped for, XL interview went exceedinlgy well... I could manipulate the interview towards my preapred areas and answered everything ...Did well in the GD too...

Post XL interview, I did not study much and just went to every interview a confident stance..

Attended IIM K interview and did well in the gd but with a average PI I was not that hopeful.

I decided, If I convert a biggie, I would immediately tell my parents about my relationship. And I even planned to take her to my home.

April 7th 2014 7: 20 PM..

I heard that XL Results have been declared. I immediately called up my gf and asked her to take me home where she would be checking the results. I could have checked it in my mobile almost 1 hour back.But i did not. On my way back to home my heart started beating at the pace of usain bolt. She checked the result and said.......

XL HRM waitlist No 6.

The shout returned. The ecstacy returned. But this time it was relief... It was mission accomplished..Childhood dream to study in a reputed institute finally came alive.. When I look back and reflect it still feels that may be I am in some sort fo dream... It was like answering all those critics with a bang... i cannot describe better of what it was....

One after the other results came..

Nitie, MDI both convert..But then came the next biggie.

IIM K. @ibanez asked me my credentials over phone checked the results.

IIM Kozhikode converted.And I made up my mind..XL would remain close to my heart and I would never forget 7th april 2014 for the happiness it gave me, but it was going to be God's own campus.


In short If I have to write a message for all fellow aspirants who are struggling just like I did from 2008 to 2013.. I would say, 'Hard work never goes unrewarded forever and never ever give up in life..' . I never lost the belief in myself that I deserve the best, during my entire journey.

As for me I still have a long way to go far as career and relationship goes... Have a lot of struggles ahead of me..But today as I write this down, I am feeling very confident of the road ahead of me..I will work hard and I dont fear to compete with the best of the best.

P:S would write a separate post for strategies in interview prep...

Signing off,

Captain UDT13,



[Koustav Pal]

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  • very inspiring sir _/\\_ hum bhi unhi raahon par chal rah.... 4h.
  • Respect__/\\__, all the best for your future. :grin:. 55m.
Media Cell | IIM Kozhikode 2014-16 
Leonard . @vivekhooda 1,154

very inspiring sir _/\_ hum bhi unhi raahon par chal rahe hain jinpe aapne fateh haasil ki hai (ofcourse without lady luck ) All d best 4 ur relationship that should b ur main concern now

Under Achiever @anurag_s 19

Respect__/\__, all the best for your future.

1.2k CAT GLIM Chennai

[Official] 2015-16 Great Lakes Chennai PGPM Admission queries

Admissions (Second cycle) open for the prestigious PGPM program at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. Ther...

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Anyone joining Great Lakes PGPM Chennai from non - IT background ?

  • 9916509793 - please add me as well!. 2h.
  • 8975122827. 58m.

774 CAT MICA Ahmedabad

MICA Ahmedabad: Official Discussion Forum (MICAT - 2015)

HelloEveryone, It gives us immense pleasure to kick-startanother season of admissions for the 2 year PGDM (C) program...

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17th march interview from delhi anyone?

  • has the grup been created?? Evn i hv my ge-pi round on 17.... 17h.
  • @imsidharth plz add me to the group 9990797831. 1h.

has the grup been created?? Evn i hv my ge-pi round on 17th...

Aashish Jain @simple.nishu 2

@imsidharth plz add me to the group 9990797831

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Interview Date-3/03/2015

Venue-IIM L Campus, Noida

WAT/GD Topic- Internet neutrality can be enforced through government regulation.


Time: 15 mins

The time allotted was a bit les given one had to write 300 words (both sides of an A4 size sheet.) I has a little clue about what it was and recalled reading about initiative of Facebook and Reliance recently, so wrote a decent essay.


The GD was extremely civil and quite a few in my group knew at length about the concept of internet neutrality. Except for the fact that we kept deviating again and again from the core topic and discussed pros and cons of internet neutrality instead it was a good GD.


I was the fourth person in line for the interview. The people before me had a pleasant experience with the proffs, so I was a bit relieved. But I had no clue the panel would be so cool. Such good people, so polite and sensible. The lady was ever smiling and the other prof kept nodding at your answers so you got a sense that you were giving all the correct answers.

They were so warm that instead of making the person who had his interview before me rush back to their room, they called him up and inquired about his marks on the phone instead. Assuring him there was no need to come back or panic.

Let's call them F and M

M-So tell us something about yourself, the things that made you appear for this interview despite being from engineering background.

I replied with the reasons and explanations I had already prepared.

M-But why the shift from engineering?


F-So didn't you waste these four years?

Me-Ma'am if I had not gotten into engineering then I am sure I wouldn't be sitting here today

She smiled warmly at me on hearing this.

F-Don't you think it's a bit unfair to the country which spent its resources training you as an engineer? How will you give back?

Me-Explained how giving back would make more sense if I did something that I now have realized I want to do, instead of simply continuing because I have that degree.

F- What has engineering taught you, how will you use it in management?

Me- Explained, used an example of testing, which led to the next question.

F- So explain the different methods of testing?

Me- Told all about the various methods involved.

F-But this is written in the books, you are a fresher, but don't you think practically applied is different from bookish knowledge?

Me- Yes ma'am definitely (I mean what other option did I have but to agree the lady was right after all.)

M-Which is the biggest IT Company in India?

Me- In haste I said Infosys but corrected myself and mentioned TCS and that it was valued at 5 lakh crore.

M-Why is it the biggest company?

And a discussion ensued, I mentioned that it employs a lot of people, has a lot of projects under its belt. Thank god he didn't ask me to mention the names of those projects. I'd be at a loss then.

M-what all areas according to you can computers be useful in?

Me- Blah blah blah, bakwass

F- What do you do in free time?

Me- I like to read, apart from which I write in my blog, and for another website.

This grabbed her attention and she asked about the topics I have written on recently. I mentioned a few themes of my articles and the recent one I had written about Delhi. She asked me what I felt about Delhi and how did I find the city. I was happy to provide the details and even quoted Gone Girl.

F- (smiling) So you like this?

Me- I like it. I love it. We both smiled then.

Then they looked at each other and told me they were done. Offered no candy though.

I thanked them and came out.

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