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A table is in the shape of an isosceles triangle having three seats along each of the 3 sides of the triangle. In how many ways can 9 people sit across the table?

The solution says all seats are different but shouldn't the seats along the equal sides be considered same?

  • @drd07 you're absolutely right bro. But the seats on the .... 37s.
CAT '14 - 98.71 
Rohan Jamwal @rsgs92 14

@drd07 you're absolutely right bro. But the seats on the side aren't exactly the same in the sense that the left seat and right seat on one side are different seats and would thus form different arrangements. The answer to this question would essentially be solved by first splitting all the 9 people into 3 groups which is done in 9!/(3!*3!*3!). Now each of the sides can be arranged in 3! Ways cause there are 3 people per side, so we have [9!/(3!*3!*3!)]x 3!*3!*3! = 9!. 

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QA- 97.78%ile

DI/LR- 98.47%ile

VA- 96.35%ile

OA- 99.50%ile

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  • SIR _/\\_.Aap to IIMA hi ja ke manoge :smiley:. 7h.
  • Hahaha @adi1993, profile hi waisi nhi hai ki IIM-A ka sap.... 1h.
Aditya Sharma @adi1993 101

SIR _/\_.Aap to IIMA hi ja ke manoge

Die-hard Gooner @rikku20 560

Hahaha @adi1993, profile hi waisi nhi hai ki IIM-A ka sapna bhi dekha ja sake. Koi bhi top-15 B-school mil jaaye, usi me apun khush hai.  

waise tumhare iss mock me kitne bane? 

31.1k CAT

Introduce yourself

Hello All, Lets get to know each other well :smiley: Plus we get to know each other's background etc. I'll start & ...

85 CAT

[2015] Mock Score Repository

Hi All , Kindly post your Mock score here to gauge your performance against the elitist of the lot. Guidelines :...

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Story till now : 

CAT 2012 : OA: 75%ile VA: 44%ile QA : 85%ile

CAT 2013 :  OA: 80%ile VA: 40%ile QA : 95%ile

XAT 2013 : OA : 96.7%ile VA : 50%ile LRDI : 60%ile QA : 99.8%ile

CAT 2014 : Center Confusion because of which reached center late and was not able to give the exam. 

CAT 2015 : Totally Geared Up.

tinypic photo
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  • No dude... By the way I did analyze it a long time ago in.... 9h.
  • Why does ur TIME & CL mock %iles vary so much???....are A.... 3h.
Analysis of MBA entrance exams 2011:
Srikant Kumar @Improver 342

No dude... By the way I did analyze it a long time ago in detail and after that stopped doing that..

@cl007 4

Why does ur TIME & CL mock %iles vary so much???....are AIMCATs easier than CL mocks??

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Is the IRMA 2016 application open yet ? The IRMA website says application forms open from 5th Oct, but it seems the application hasn't come up.

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Need help guys.. I have booked my simcat11 slot for tomorrow afternoon .. But I cannot give it as I have some important work at that time .. If I do not give it. Then how can I give it later . As there are no others slots available in nearby centre. i found the link for the exam but will the authentication token that i have  will work if i give the exam later ..Please help 

  • Yes the token will work as long as you have the token. Bt.... 4h.
Billi teri keh k lunga 2015 mein!   
Star Lord @gaurabneo1991 245

Yes the token will work as long as you have the token. Bte, could you please PM the link. I won't be able to go the centre to give the exam this weekend, so was searching for the link. TIA.

2.1k CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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pick the sentence that is not part of that context 

1.Greater wealth in South Asia brings with it a soaring demand for food, especially for water-intensive meat  and other protein; industry and energy-producers also use water, though they return it, eventually, to the rivers.

2.The scarcity of water in South Asia will become harder to manage as demand rises - South Asia's population of  1.5 billion is growing by 1.7% a year, which means an extra 25 million or so mouths to water and feed.

3.In any case the cost of running short of water is already becoming clear - in Bangladesh 77 million people were poisoned by arsenic in a village by pumping up ground water

4.Worse, overall supply will not only fail to keep up with rising demand but is likely to fall as the Himalayan glaciers are melting.

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  • 1-2-4 forms sequence, they talk about water scarcity in s.... 4h.
  • thanx. 4h.
cat 2014 92.% 
Winter iS CominG @salujaritesh 23

1-2-4 forms sequence, they talk about water scarcity in south Asia; 1 introduces topic rising demand n need of water, 2 talks about scarcity and 4 further extend by talkng about how its getting worse because of Himalayans... Sentence 3 is irrelevant as it takes Bangladesh as an example and talks about 'cost of running short of water': arsenic poisoning etc. It doesn't deal with issue of scarcity directly, it might come later in article...

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@ People who're giving take home simcats, how close would you say are these to the proctored simcats? Are they of a similar difficulty level as the proc ones?

  • I feel unproctored SIMCATs are slightly easier than proct.... 4h.
Redemption time.  CAT 14 - 93.82, CAT 13 - 94.71 
@Never_settle 416

I feel unproctored SIMCATs are slightly easier than proctored ones with one or two exceptions. And yeah, don't take %ile shown for unproctored ones seriously. Ignore it and focus only on the test taking experience. 

781 CAT



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why does the overall percentile of any mock keeps on decreasing day by day......i know people are taking it as unproc...but seriously ??

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  • @adi_rulezz Achha really...i didnt knew that :smiley:. 6h.
  • @Shilpi_Cool which mocks are you giving?. 4h.
CAT 14 - 96.1 CAT 15 mocks avg-79.9 
Shilpi Sharma @Shilpi_Cool 34

@adi_rulezz  Achha really...i didnt knew that  

Rohan Jamwal @rsgs92 14

@Shilpi_Cool which mocks are you giving?

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Bull mock 29

Finally something to cheer about:

QA 88 (34A,30C)

DI   85 (32A29C)  

VA 26 (11A, 9C)    

OA 199 (75A,68C) 

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  • Great score!. 5h.
  • Score ____/\\____!!. 5h.
CAT 14 - 96.1 CAT 15 mocks avg-79.9 

534 CAT



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387 CAT

PhD/FPM 2015

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2015. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

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hey can a student(pgdm) from a very new clg apply to phd..??  i heard that a clg should be atleast 5 yrs old.. pls guide...

  • Where is it written?. 21h.
  • Don't go on hearsay. Believe only what is written on the .... 7h.
oracle it is.. 
Shankha Basu @sb29 3,704

Where is it written?

Manu Bansal @manu3047 33

Don't go on hearsay. Believe only what is written on the websites of the institutes.

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If 201 digits were used to number the pages of a book, starting from 1, find the number of pages in the book.

Do pls share your logic friends

13 people answered this question.
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.
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my friend details

10- 64% CBSE

12- 63% CBSE 52% (kanpur university)

additional qualifications- CA-CPT, CLAT 13 

giving first attempt of all b schools exam

extra currilcular activities- worked with N.G.O without any monetary emolument.....

no backlogs... 

poor acads reason: POOR hand writing #similartodoctor but still he's working too hard for improving it... 

any chance of getting good b-school like narsee monjee or symbi's...  will he be rejected on basis of his poor acads... he had cracked objective exam's cz there was no presentation as a matter of paper work... 

reply asap guys

78 CAT

PG CAT Mock Series

Taking Mock CATs are key to cracking CAT! What are you waiting for? :mg: Check the Mock Schedule here.

25.7k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

494 CAT

Averages, Percentages, Profit Loss and Interest

Nbangalorekar bought a 10 kg of water-melon in Bangalore that had 99% water. After the water-melon was left outdoors ...

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The cost of setting up a magazine is Rs 2800.the cost of paper an ink etc is RS 80 per 100 copies and printing cost is Rs 160per 100 copies.In the last month 2000 copies were printed but only 1500 copies could be sold at Rs 5 each.Total 25% profit on the sale price was realized.There is one more resource of income from the magzine.which is advertising.what sum of money was obtained from the advertising in magzine?

A:RS 1750

B:Rs 2350

C:Rs 1150

D:Rs 1975

can somebody please explain me this problem ?

  • 1975. 23 Aug.
  • D. 8h.
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Four persons, Pavan, Tarun, Venky, and Waqar, are standing on the left bank of a river, whereas another four persons, Qureshi, Ramesh, Sanjay, and Uday, are standing on the right bank of the river. A ferry, which can be used to cross the river and go to the other bank, is present initially on the left bank. The ferry can carry a maximum of two people at a time. However, there must be at least one person in the ferry in order to guide it to the other bank. The travel of the ferry from one bank to the other is called a trip. The eight persons have certain preferences regarding how they would like to travel in the ferry. The following information is known about their preferences:

(i) If Pavan is present in the ferry, Tarun must also be present in the ferry.

(ii) If Venky travels to a bank on which Sanjay is already present, Sanjay will immediately travel to the opposite bank.

(iii) Qureshi will travel in the ferry only when Uday is not present in the ferry.

(iv) Venky and Waqar cannot travel together in the ferry.
Q.What is the minimum number of trips the ferry must make so that all the eight people are present on the same bank?
Q.If Tarun and Ramesh are in the ferry during its second trip, what is the minimum number of trips in which all the people on the left bank could go to the right bank and vice versa? 
Q.If Ramesh and Uday are in the ferry during its second trip, who among the following could not have travelled in the ferry during its first trip
Q.After the ferry completed three trips, which of the following pairs of persons cannot be on the left bank?
Sanjay, Uday 
Ramesh, Sanjay 
Pavan, Tarun 
Qureshi, Uday

plz ans???

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I would like to nominate myself to one of the positions which I think very much tells my story as  an underdog.

You can go through the link to find an underdog in me who doesn't have the word "QUIT" in his dictionary; working hard to get counted among the elite from being a mediocre.

Struggling and giving everything to try to get that inch ahead, the name summarizes it all. The story continues, this time against a new furious warrior named CAT. Till now the journey has been really a tough one which you can see below as I have failed miserably many a times but the fire within to get into those coveted IIMs has never been extinguished.

Which is why I can see myself here in the Underdog Team who can contribute much to the team with my hardcore experiences motivating everyone to give everything in them to hit the bulls eye.

Story till now : 

10th : 90.3%

12th : 73.4%

Grad : 6.2/10 (IITK, Mechanical)

Work ex : 2 years till now 

CAT 2012 : OA: 75%ile VA: 44%ile QA : 85%ile (Just gave without any motivation)

CAT 2013 :  OA: 80%ile VA: 40%ile QA : 95%ile (prepared heavily for 2 months, attempted more than usual which may be the reason for the result being shocking)

XAT 2013 : OA : 96.7%ile VA : 50%ile LRDI : 60%ile QA : 99.8%ile (little confidence booster)

CAT 2014 : Center Confusion because of which reached center late and was not able to give the exam

 CAT 2015 : Totally Geared Up. Consistently working to Improve my Mock scores(started from 67 to 182 being highest till now) 

Mock Repository 2015 :

Story till now : CAT 2012 : OA: 75%... - @Improver on 09 Oct '15 - PaGaLGuY
Story till now : CAT 2012 : OA: 75%... - @Improver on 09 Oct '15 - PaGaLGuY
Story till now : CAT 2012 : OA: 75%ile VA: 44%ile QA : 85%ile CAT 2013 : OA: 80%ile VA: 40%ile QA : 95%ile XAT 2013 : OA : 96.7%ile VA : 50%ile LRDI : 60%ile QA : 99.8%ile ... /krakrubble/oimages/1444405116.8772ddaef8b44a0f9b50221d206d96fa.jpg


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Analysis of MBA entrance exams 2011:

16 CAT

Official Thread For RC Discussion CAT 2015

RC's can be potential game changers for your VA score ! So let's begin with our RC preparation for CAT 2015 !

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It has become something of a literary cliche to bash the thesaurus, or at the very least, to warn fellow writers that it is a book best left alone. Some admonitions might be blunt, others wistful, as with Billy Collins musing on his rarely opened thesaurus. But beyond the romantic anthropomorphizing of words needing to break free from 'the warehouse of Roget', what of Collins' more pointed criticism, that 'there is no/such thing as a synonym'? That would suggest that the whole enterprise of constructing a thesaurus is predicated on a fiction.

It is only a fiction if one holds fast to the notion that synonyms must be exactly equivalent in their meaning, usage and connotation. Of course, under this strict view, there will never be any 'perfect' synonyms. No word does exactly the job of another. In the words of the linguist Roy Harris, 'If we believe there are instances where two expressions cannot be differentiated in respect of meaning, we must be deceiving ourselves.'

But the synonyms that we find gathered together in a thesaurus are typically more like siblings that share a striking resemblance. 'Brotherly' and 'fraternal,' for instance. Or 'sisterly' and 'sororal.' They may correspond well enough in meaning, but that should not imply that one can always be substituted for another. Consulting a thesaurus to find these closely related sets of words is only the first step for a writer looking for le mot juste: the peculiar individuality of each would-be synonym must then be carefully judged. Mark Twain knew the perils of relying on the family resemblance of words: 'Use the right word,' he wrote, 'not its second cousin.'

No matter how tempting the metaphor, though, words are not people. We cannot run genetic tests on them to determine their degrees of kinship, and a thesaurus is not a pedigree chart. We can, nonetheless, look to it as a guidebook to help us travel around the semantic space of our shared lexicon, grasping both the similarities that bond words together and the nuances that differentiate them.

(1) Which of the following is the primary purpose of the passage?

A.To outline and examine the validity of the criticisms levied against the thesaurus.

 B.To demonstrate that the thesaurus is not a collection of synonyms but a collection of related words.                                                  

 C.To argue that despite the criticism against it the thesaurus can still be a useful tool to understand the relationship between words.

 D. To highlight the futility of trying to find the perfect synonym.

(2) Which of the following is synonymous with 'predicated' as it is used in the last sentence of the first paragraph?

A. compromised

B. grounded

C. tethered 

D. balanced

  • 1 c 2 b. 23h.
  • OA?. 12h.
CAT 2015 :(:(:(