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1k CAT FMS New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

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FMS/XL-BM/JBIMS.....Which one will u prefer guys??

  • XL for HR , JB for Finance ,rest FMS. 23m.
  • FMS any time.. 25s.
FMS.....My only Dream!!!! 
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Hello everyone!Greetings from LBSIM!

The official placement report is out. Please click at the link below.

LBSIM is of the best B schools for placements in all streams of MBA such as human resource, finance, marketing and others. So get into it! B School Placement Reports-Best Management Colleges,Best B school In Delhi


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  • 2013-2015 batch ke liye. 56s.
Media and Communication Cell,LBSIM 

5.1k CAT

(Declared) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results have been declared Check your result at -

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I am thinking of enrolling 2 test series for CAT 2015 - 

1. Does it makes sense to enroll for 2 test series' ?

2. Suggest which one(s) to go for ?


  • IMS test series is must.......Best in the lot i would say. 5m.
Play hard or go home! 
Abhinav Sharma @abhinav14 68

IMS test series is must.......Best in the lot i would say

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I dont have any preference between general management and HRM, which translates to: I won't mind taking up an HR role in a company in the future.. Keeping that in mind, what would be better? NMIMS core MBA or MDI-HR?

I see a lot of discussions on PGPM, but can somebody paint the true picture on the HRM programme too? Is the 2 year experience same for the HR students as the PGPM guys? Or is there any discrimination?

How are the placements/roles offered and the CTC-s in MDI? Where does it stand in comparison to the two prominent other institutes on HR, XL and TISS?

Some honest opinions and brotherly advice would be really appreciated. Thanks puys.

  • The point you make here is excellent.. However I have no .... 13m.
  • On a personal level I get it. I think brand names matters.... 5m.
Yashas Gupta @yashasgupta

The point you make here is excellent.. However I have no idea about the K Fin placements.. My parents are cool with whatever I choose since all three are excellent colleges at the end of the day and undoubtedly will be good platforms.. As I said before the IIM tag of XLRI tag isn't something I am interested in.. I have taken a college at engineering level for the tag and I know it doesnt matter if you don't enjoy what you are doing.. XL does refund, albeit with a deduction.. The FE that you say MDI has is another plus point for me, since my ultimate goal is to get into international markets.. Deutsche bank seems to be the big name at IIMK for fin, but the biggest deal seems to be YES bank for IIMK with many roles.. Also it seems that you think the names that are there in the list may or may not have picked up students, but what you need to realise is that the names given are only those who do take students.. The companies who come and do not pick up students are not mentioned in the report, but that doesnt mean that they don't come.. They may not like the students and that is why they don't take them.. For example I know that HSBC goes to MDI hasn't been listed.. This could be a possible reason.. As for leaving XL BM, again it comes down to the coarse and its value for me.. The brand name will only help you for so long.. After that it comes down to your experience and strength in the field.. So when looking at it in the long run it makes sense to go for a stronger Fin course..

@Soham00 29

On a personal level I get it. I think brand names matters to relatives, neighbours, etc and is good for bragging. Anyone who has worked in a company for some decent time atleast knows that Brand Name has 0 Value after a month in work. There is attrition, changes within a company no-one really cares, you have to perform and shine. When people are fired for their non-performance, no-one really cares which college he is from. But yes A/B/C is something special.  BTW how much is the deduction @ XL? You should research K for Fin as well and consider it too as it is also good in Fin, 

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Why only 17 students in B&FS first batch?? Isn't that worth joining?? I got confirmation to B&FS even with a percentile of 84.63 and an average interview. Is the demand for B&FS too low?? and what does the 1st batch of B&FS students say??

  • yar % to lbsim walo ne bhi kam kia hai to 80% as seats we.... 22m.
  • What was the final waitlist numbr to convert call to B&FS.... 8m.
@CATKiller15 3

yar % to lbsim walo ne bhi kam kia hai to 80% as seats were not filled. You can't generalize that cuttoff 84.63 hai to worth nai.


What was the final waitlist numbr to convert call to B&FS last yr..

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I wish the earthquake should be centred in Lucknow instead of Nepal 

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  • people defending it in name of frustration! Ridiculous!. 9m.
  • Cool bhai log cool !! Result nikalne se pehle he casualti.... 8m.
Struggler Guy @jainscoolravi 66

people defending it in name of frustration! Ridiculous!

Gourav Roy @gouravroy2013 25

Cool bhai log cool !! Result nikalne se pehle he casualties ...... Sab SHANI-WAR ka asar hai !!  :P 

271 CAT

[Official] (2015-2017) IIM Ranchi Admission Queries and Discussion

This thread is for all those who wish to be a part of IIM Ranchi's PGDM and PGDHRM (2015-2017 batch) programs. ...

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When can we expect results of IIM Ranch PGHRDM ?

  • I had called the admission desk, and they informed that r.... 2h.
  • *. 16m.
Ashima @SnapIT90 2

I had called the admission desk, and they informed that result should be out by last week of april...can you figure this out please?

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Converted for Marketing in IMT Nagpur....but I want Operations as a specialization...provisional admission date is 12 may...........I m having GDPI at WE on 16 may.. which operations is better IMT-N or WE ?what should I do ? Please suggest

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what is the difference between ordered solutions and unordered solutions?

  • 2h.
  • What is ordered and unordered pair ? Essentially in a.... 18m.
Shubham Sinha @Shubh.i 3,706

What is ordered and unordered pair ?

Essentially in a non-ordered pair it doesn't matter what order the elements are considered in. For instance, with letters, (a, b) and (b, a) are two different ordered pairs, but they are the same unordered pair (because order doesn't matter).

You can make 26*25 = 650 ordered pairs out of letters; for each of the 26 letters you can pick first, there are 25 possibilities for the second choice.

But since this method of picking gets you (g, y) and (y, g) for instance as separate ordered pairs, the true number of unordered pairs is 26*25/2 + 26 = 351.

you must add 26 for the unordered pairs of the form (x, x)


3.8k CAT

Requests or Offers to Donate your Old CAT Study Material : Strictly no buying or selling

Hi All, This is the season where lot of you people have completed their MBA preparation journey and are wondering whe...

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I am having a zip folder consolidating Mocks,aimcats,study material of CL and TIME for past few years along with SOP's,resumes of different institute from which I was having call..material size is closed to 1.5 Gb..if interested do revert back on
PS: 2014 season Calls:FMS,L,K,S,New iim's,XL-BM,HR || Converts:XL-BM,HR other results:awaited

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  • please mail me the material.. 55m.
  • please share with me too,anyone who has got smartbeing@o.... 20m.
Abhishek t @abhishektaw 1  please mail me the material.

don't know @arjazz 1,075

please share with me too,anyone who has got 

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BULLCAT 08 : OA : 86, VA : 54, QA: 32. Somehow BullCATs seem like last year's AIMCATs.

To be or not to be, that is the question. 

2.3k CAT Verbal CAT

Grammar and English Usage

A. At a time when there is so much revulsion towards corruption in all walks of life, Sachin seeking to subvert the l...

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Their achievement in the field of literature is described as_________;sometimes it is even called _________.

a) magnificent,irresponsible b) insignificant,influential c) significant,paltry d) unimportant,trivial

  • d. 1h.
  • d. 22m.
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Hey ppl .. I am waitlist 44 (general) and am oscillating between optimism.. indifference and pessimism each passing day.. ! vicious cycle.. anybody else here suffering from same disease ?

  • Mine is 45. Just giving a fact here- last year they gave .... 26m.
If you want to leave footprints on sands of time..dont drag your feet ! :)
Kushal Singhal @singhalkushal46

Mine is 45. Just giving a fact here- last year they gave 35 buffer calls and wl moved till 61. This time there are no buffer calls. This means wl should move till 70 - 80 worst case

292 CAT IBS Pune Pune IBS Hyderabad

IBS Hyderabad 2014-16 Queries

Hi all, For any queries regarding IBS(ICFAI BUSINESS SCHOOL), Hyderabad 2014-16 batch; kindly join the below mentione...

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Hello All,

A WhatsApp group for those who have converted IBS Hyderabad or are wait listed has been created and running for a while now.

Looking for more participation, more view points, more discussion from you all. Please do post your numbers in the comment section to join

  • Have IBS hyd. Add me - 9052553696.. 5d.
  • 7073636704. 41m.

781 CAT FORE New Delhi

[2015-2017] FORE School of Management Admission Help Desk

Hi All, Applications are now open for the 2-year full time programs, PGDM & PGDM-IB, at FORE School of Management,...

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Hi , can anyone tell me where does most people get placed, meaning mostly near NCR or all over India.

  • @ankitesh this is dependent upon the requirement of the c.... 4h.
  • Thanks !!!. 44m.
Prateek Malhotra @prateekm28 88

@ankitesh this is dependent upon the requirement of the company and any company visiting the campus will post the candidates as per their requirement. There were some companies that gave Delhi NCR location this year but location can be pan India as well.

1.9k CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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                                              ***ATTENTION ALL!!!***

Everyone who visits this page!!! If you're a Fin convert, please update the Fin tracker!!! we have reinitiated the process!!!

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  • Haha. I know. A little social service is good. :thumbsup:. 1h.
Clark Kent @serious.sam.119 16

Haha. I know. A little social service is good.  

362 CAT

[Official] 2015-17 Delhi School of Economics, MBA IB/HRD Admission queries

**Greetings from student Media cell of MBA IB/HRD of Delhi school of Economics** This is to provide assistance to all...

679 CAT

Logical Reasoning

The question is followed by two statements X and Y. Answer using the following instructions: Choose 1 if the question...

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Four players from Barcelona Football Club viz. Fabregas, Messi, Iniesta and Xavi are sitting in a row from left to right. Each of them is of different height and is wearing a different colour t-shirt viz. Red, Yellow, Blue and White but not necessarily in the same order. The player wearing Red colour t-shirt was between players wearing Yellow and White coloured t-shirts respectively. The player wearing White t-shirt is taller than taller than the player wearing Red t-shirt and shorter than the player wearing Yellow t-shirt. There is one player who has a height of 1.79 m. and he is not wearing a blue t-shirt. Iniesta is taller than Fabregas. The difference in the heights of the player wearing Blue t-shirt and the one wearing White t-shirt is 0.04 meters. The player wearing Yellow t-shirt is the only one between players whose heights are 1.68 meters and 1.72 meters. What is Messi's height?

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135 CAT

[2015-2017] Official MBA(Business Economics) , Deptt. of Business Economics [DBE], DU Admissions

Hi All, Department of Business Economics, Delhi University announces Admission to its Management Program. *Official...

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