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3.5k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Four boys A,B,C,D and their girlfriends E,F,G,H are to be seated around a rectangular table with 4 chairs on 2  sides each such that no couples sit exactly facing each other. The boys want to be seated on the same side, how many seating arrangements are possible?




d)none of these

  • ^..we will have to consider both sides f table i gues... 10h.
  • you guys have assumed the two sides to be identical. why?. 14m.
@DevilRokr 9

^..we will have to consider both sides f table i gues..

@piyushcoool4321 11

you guys have assumed the two sides to be identical. why?

360 CAT

[2015] [OFFICIAL] IMS Mocks Scores & Discussion - SIMCATS Proctored and Unproctored

The official thread for discussion, sharing scores, strategies for SIMCATS (2015-16)

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Giving a mock from 11 to 2 is not a great idea.


QA:  65(98.94) mind was not working at all   

VA:  65(98.24)

OA: 130 (99.04)

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  • I'm thinking of starting one now :grin:. 1h.
  • :grin: that's the spirit.. 1h.
CAT-2015, The journey has begun 

25.2k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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‘China – Confucius in the Shadows’ released by the Vice President of India on 1st May’15.It’s Author is?

5 people answered this question.
And within me I know, I am born to fly  !!  
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769 CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Can anyone tell me a good source of CR? I am not able to devise a strategy for it. I think i need to understand the concept of premise, assumption and conclusion first. 

THANKS in advance.

  • @ricky05 thanks dude. 1h.

597 CAT DoMS IITD New Delhi

[2015-2017] Department Of Management Studies, IIT Delhi Admission Queries

Greetings from the Department Of Management Studies IIT-Delhi. "The tradition of imparting management education at I...

140 CAT

AIMCAT 1518: Scores And Discussion ~ ( Don't Open Unless Attempted )

disaster in VA : got 26 :/ 43 in QA, QA was easier though. still stuck by the surprises in VA section PC/PJ's have be...

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Can someone mail me the Aimcats 1518,1517,1516 papers to my gmail id?

  • @kbsmanikanta please mail at Tha.... 8h.
  • 1h.

@kbsmanikanta please mail at   Thank you

raj sharma @rajsharma1 3 

3.9k CAT

Requests or Offers to Donate your Old CAT Study Material : Strictly no buying or selling

Hi All, This is the season where lot of you people have completed their MBA preparation journey and are wondering whe...

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How good is CL's test gym..??

  • @yash2cul i have ims e-test series with sectional tests. .... 2h.
  • @yash2cul How can I access the complete pack?. 2h.
motibhains_ ouima @chetanchopramba 41

@yash2cul i have ims e-test series with sectional tests. does it make sense to go for test gym alongside?

Shish Shesta @Shish08

@yash2cul How can I access the complete pack?

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NO____Sec1%tile___Sec2 %tile___OVR%Tile____AIR____Cut off


TIME (Roll No - BECC5X528 )


1620____98.61____97.52____99.35____86____ All Cleared

1619____97.64____98.19____99.24____91____ All Cleared

1618____98.95____98.82____99.71____40____ All Cleared

IMS (Roll No - 99A70030)


SimCAT - 2____95.63____98.42____98.83____175____ All Cleared

BULLS EYE (Roll No - 1215012317 )


15____91.14____93.88____95.01____31____All Cleared

16____98.96____93.21____99.09____7____All Cleared

17____93.30____96.58____97.29____19____All Cleared

NIT Trichy fellow, CAT'14 - 99.61; Mission CAT'15 

255 CAT



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I got the mail regarding slot booking for AIMCAT 1616 18 minutes ago. But the slots are all full in Delhi. What can I do to get a slot for the test?

  • can you download them in pdf or any other way? I mean the.... 3h.
  • yes pdf available wuth results! (Y). 3h.
Ashmait Bagga @ashmaitsingh 46

can you download them in pdf or any other way? I mean the ques. paper

Krishna Sharma @sharmakrishna 203

yes pdf available wuth results! (Y)

757 CAT

All I wanted to Speak about CAT

*Download the FREE 'The Best of All I Wanted to speak about CAT' ebook*, a compendium of the best posts on this threa...

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From 9 %ile to 99 %ile... A five year journey...


This story is different in the sense that it belongs to a perfectly average person. No IIT/NIT tag, no academic/gender diversity, general category, no super high academic scores to boast of, no ultimate extracurricular and no extra special talents either. He just had a lot of determination, nothing more than that.


Converts: MDI, New IIMS, IIML(SM), TISS, NITIE, FMS, IIFT(WL-did not proceed with the process)

Joined: FMS

It took me 5 long years, 5 CAT attempts, a lot of other MBA entrance exams, a few failures over past years, 2 waitlists, a lot of Parents' blessings, and even more God's grace to achieve it. Can't be any happier, can't be any more thankful to God. P.S. Dreams do come true, sometimes it just takes a lot longer than usual.


Total CAT attempts: 5 (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

CAT 10 VA score: 9 percentile (probably a negative score)

CAT 13: 65.53 percentile

CAT 14: 99.37 percentile

CAT 14 VA score: 99.49 percentile

Finally joining: FMS Delhi

Total work ex before joining FMS: 47 months(at the time of CAT, it was 40 months)

Xth: 82%

XIIth: 80% 68.44%

The Journey

2010 - The beginning

It was the time when there used to be 3 sections in CAT namely QA, LRDI, VA. After finishing QA and LRDI, I looked at the timer. I just had 22 minutes left and VA yet to be started. And then I further made a strategy error! Decided to go through all questions) including RCs. Attempted some 11-12 questions out of 20. On outer, I felt satisfied having attempted atleast a decent number of questions, but deep inside I knew I had screwed it.

Result day: QA: 99.5 LRDI: 99.2 VA: 9 (Yes! just 9 - probably a negative absolute score)

CAT was my dream after all, which now lay broken on the floor. It was heartbreaking. I was still a college kid, and looking at that score card broke my heart. That night I cried like hell, till I felt asleep on my own. I had put all my hopes on CAT only, did not even sit for college placements. But after the debacle, found a job and took it. Life goes on afterall.

2011 & 2012 - The wasted years

The job was decent, salary was coming. The thought of CAT almost left my mind. Though I did attempt both of these CATs, but just for the namesake, without any preparation whatsoever. The thinking that it is better to write CAT after some workex further pushed me to ignore CAT. Result: Scores of early 80s in both attempts. Though I bettered my VA performance, probably because now there were just 2 sections: QADI and VALR(was fairly good in LR). Also, there was fixed time per section so I could spend more time on section 2.

2013-The dream resurrects

It was already July when I again decided to take CAT seriously. I already had 2 years of workex and at the time of CAT, it was to become 2.5 years. Now I was feeling bad to have wasted 2 previous attempts.

Nonetheless, I took a test series and started preparing again. Since the time was less, so I did the mistake of skipping basics and directly jump to tests and questions. The job took a lot of my time so I did not get a lot of time to practice, yet I tried to do my best. Days passed and I started giving mocks. In some of them, I did very good, but in some of them I did very bad, but I kept attempting them. On CAT day, I did fairly ok, not good, not bad.

Result: 65.53 percentile. I was taken aback. This was my worst OA score ever. Pathetic thoughts started coming to my mind. Was I not smart enough for it? Is it all over forever? Should I finally move on after 4 attempts? I took suggestions from a lot of people, but many of them suggested me to move on and put my efforts in the job. That I was already overage for CAT and seeing my past record, it is not wise to carry on.

2014 - The dream finally comes true

After thinking a lot, I decided to give it another strong attempt. By now, all my friends at job had switched to other companies for career growth, but I decided to stay so that I can concentrate on CAT.

I decided that coaching would bring me routine so joined classes in late January. My job demanded more than 12 hours a day and usually I came back home after 7:30-8:00 PM. After having some rest and dinner, the thought of picking up those books after such a tiring day felt like hell. But nevertheless, I almost everyday picked up those books at around 9:00 PM and studied till late night around 1:00 AM till eyes could take no more. Woke up again at 7 Am to go to office and routine continued. On weekends, I went to classes and studied whole day. The mocks started getting better and consistent this time, though VA was still a bit dicey but was improving.

All was going well, when suddenly the pattern of CAT changed. It was now a 170 minute, 100 question test. What was worse was that there was no time boundation for sections, which brought back my first attempt nightmares. I was so tensed that I flunked my next few mocks, before my teacher counseled me. Again, it started getting better. I did a lot of practice. Infinite number of questions, topic tests, sectional tests to improve my VA, and the results were promising.

CAT day - The nightmares of first attempt were still on my mind. The exam seemed easier than usual. Attempted around 42 questions of Section one in just 70 minutes. Now I had 100 minutes for section 2. Being extra cautious attempted 40 questions in section 2. OA 82 attempts, it certainly was a satisfactory performance.


Section 1: 97.62( was a bit disappointed)

Section 2: 99.49 (After scoring 9 in 1st attempt, this surely was unbelievable)

I almost cried when I saw that result. That satisfaction was to be felt. It really felt divine.


As expected, did not get any BLACKI call given my poor academic scores. Only AC were possible with that profile, for which my score was not enough.

For rest of interviews, some went good, some went bad. There was this one question which was asked in each of my interviews:

Q - Why so late for an MBA?

Ans- It has been my dream for 5 years, and it is never too late to wake up to your dreams.

FMS: 99.37 was a low score if we talk about FMS. I needed an extra ordinary performance in the PI given heavy weightage to CAT score at FMS, and considering that FMS PI is usually only 5-7 min process, it was even more difficult. But fortunately, the interview was based majorly on Philosophy, which is my forte, and I did perform very well there. I scored 5/5 in extempore and 9/10 in interview. On the result day, I had a WL of 88, which seemed comfortable, and I converted in the second wait list.

P.S - We all have that dream and we should keep hanging to it. It is never too late. All the best to everyone.

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  • Congrats :smiley: and thanks for sharing. It's really a.... 16h.
  • Determination, hats off! Specially the 2013 to 2014 was v.... 3h.
CAT '13-65.53 | CAT '14-99.37 | VA '10-09.11 | VA '14-99.49 | AIWTSAC
Sudipta Dey @GoldenEagle01

Congrats and thanks for sharing. It's really a motivating story.

Valar Morghulis @ferlonso 1,326

Determination, hats off! Specially the 2013 to 2014 was very inspiring....congrats!!  

331 CAT

[2015-2017] MFC, Deptt. of Financial Studies [DFS], DU Admission discussions

Hi Puys, The Admission Notification for Department of Financial Studies, University of Delhi for 2015-17 batch is out...

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Hey puys...need ur help....apart from arithmetics my quant sucks...need ur advice on how to improve..

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  • oh damn.. I am relatively new to pg so didn't know.. ende.... 3h.
  • i didn't get initially as well :stuck out tongue: puys .... 3h.
CAT14-96.82 NMAT-217 SNAP-97.59 Calls: SCMHRD, New IIMs, IMT, NMIMS, IIT kgp converts: IMT 
Ashmait Bagga @ashmaitsingh 46

oh damn.. I am relatively new to pg so didn't know.. ended up disclosing my poor reasoning skills

Stupid is as stupid does @nitk12 258

i didn't get initially as well puys is another thing i didn't understand, i mean how can so many people misspell guys! *facepalm*

1.1k CAT

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

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are you appearing for the cl open mock on  5th?

3 people answered this question.
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H & G H Mansukhani Institute of Management,ulhasnagar how is these inst?

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  • My dear friend ! Experience counts and you really don't n.... 4h.
  • @colephelps114 Bhai, MBA is not just about studying from .... 3h.
Swaps Bhoite @SWAPNEEEL 96

My dear friend ! Experience counts and you really don't need an MBA from BAD COLLEGE. BECAUSE THEY REALLY DONT TEACH THERE

Sagar Mission-2015 @TSagar 4

@colephelps114 Bhai, MBA is not just about studying from books(in that case you wont even need to attend a college). It is more about the application of knowledge and the experience you get with a mix breed of people around you. (this is what makes IIMs best, they try to mix people from all backgrounds)

a sub par college, means sub par students and sub par skills.

It is OK to have a different opinion, to each his own.

All the best.

17.9k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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greatest no which will divide 4003, 4126 and 4249





  • D. Answer choices _/\\_. 4h.

425 CAT

[Official] 2015-17 Delhi School of Economics, MBA IB/HRD Admission queries

**Greetings from student Media cell of MBA IB/HRD of Delhi school of Economics** This is to provide assistance to all...

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Hi, there is an active whatsapp group for converts... for those who are not part of it and want to join please pm me your contact no.. I'll add you there...Thanks

  • 9654392060 sumit bansal. 4h.


Official Thread For RC Discussion CAT 2015

RC's can be potential game changers for your VA score ! So let's begin with our RC preparation for CAT 2015 !

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puys and pirls, this thread is exclusively for the purpose of posting RC questions for practice and doubts. 

So start using this thread for RC prep from now on.

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  • Well u have Cech now nd we have this page now :wink:. 4h.
  • hahaha yes we have Cech now though we need a top forward .... 4h.
Waiting Waiting @good_enough 169

Well u have Cech now nd we have this page now  

Die-hard Gooner @rikku20 108

hahaha yes we have Cech now though we need a top forward too. btw, you a Chelsea fan? 

1.2k CAT FMS New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

*FMS Tracker : *

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Guys I have a question. I have got same marks as WL 189 but I am waitlisted at 190. Any idea about this ?

  • dude..u ll anyway make it in the next list :smiley: i k.... 6h.
  • I am at 192...what's the scene for accommodation?. 4h.
ayush jain @a-jay 1,024

dude..u ll anyway make it in the next list i know atleast 7 who are nt joining.

Sunny Goel @Sun0102 54

I am at 192...what's the scene for accommodation?

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4.4k CAT Verbal CAT

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

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Fun way to learn words..

1)pedantic..              virus(3 idiot) pedals while he thinks..thinking every minute details..

2)celerity                 celebrity sign with celerity.....with great speed

3)vicious dog....       vice..bad

4)perilous task.......  got pee ..faught with danger..

5)compunction....... come,punch at me..feeling of deep regret

  • Those are 5 words whose meanings i'm never forgetting eve.... 6h.
  • @harvendra that is some novelty! :thumbsup:. 5h.
you just wasted time reading this @guitar_geek 949

Those are 5 words whose meanings i'm never forgetting ever again