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Mandar travelled first 1/3 rd distance of his journey at a speed of 40 km/hr, 1/3 rd of the remaining distance at 50 km/hr and the remaining distance at 90 km/hr. Find his average speed over the entire journey.

PGs please help me with this problem conceptually. i.e., instead of taking LCM of 40, 50 & 90 and then doing total distance / total time, is there a conceptual way so that this can be solved just orally. A better enlightened method.

781 CAT GLIM Chennai

[Official] 2015-16 Great Lakes Chennai PGPM Admission queries

Admissions (Second cycle) open for the prestigious PGPM program at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. Visi...

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XAT 2014: 92

XAT 2015: 86

CAT 2014: 86

Will this year's cat or xat score be given more preference??

If yes then what are my chances?

  • @rashasvi please answer.. 11m.

23.6k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Among the Presidents of India, Who was also the Secretary general of non-Aligned movement for some period?

21 people answered this question.
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.
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Is there any thread where people share their past cnpi experiences at imt?

  • Till last year IMT used to conduct GDPI so u won t b able.... 3h.
  • atleast we can find past past experiences. 32m.
Natasha Lobo @NatashaLobo 20

Till last year IMT used to conduct GDPI so u won t b able to find past CnPI expweriences

Aditya Mitra @energeticadi 1

atleast we can find past past experiences

286 CAT

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

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What is the last date for filling the application form?

  • It hasn't even started. Wait for the Notification & the w.... 14h.
  • okay.. thank you. 32m.
Parag Gadge @Parag2611 10

It hasn't even started. Wait for the Notification & the website to get live.

614 CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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Hey, those of you who applied to SJMSOM IITB, any idea about the location of GD/PI?? . Will it be Mumbai only or will it take place according to choice like IIMs ?? 

  • only in iit b as per last yr. 35m.
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CAT books

Can anyone suggest me the books i should refer to for CAT for self study ? Thanks in Advance

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IIM Kozhikode,

Please release the exact cutoff of index score along with the procedure used to calculate, specially parameters to calculate the CAT component. 

There is a lot of confusion like people at 90%le getting a call but 94%le did not. 

It would really help people who were expecting a call but dint get it. I believe we deserve to know at least that. This simple gesture on your part would leave a lot of people(specially me) at peace.

Thanks in advance.


Disappointed Aspirant

  • P.S. : OBC Category.. 1h.
  • I know this might sound harsh, but you have to come to te.... 53m.
Koustav Pal @allan89 6,046

I know this might sound harsh, but you have to come to terms with the fact that you will not get the official reply from the institute regarding cut-offs, unless you go for an RTI query. Even we dont have access to such information.

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What effect will grad percentage of <60 will have on placements at FORE?

What is the range of package people in this range can get?

Ive heard that most of the recruiting companies have the cut off of 60%...thats why being a bit skeptical about it

  • @Gaurav-K Yes some companies do shortlist on the basis .... 3h.
  • @prateekm28 thnx man...ur wrds were really motivating... .... 1h.
Prateek Malhotra @prateekm28 33


Yes some companies do shortlist on the basis of percentage of marks scored in grad but that is not the only criteria of shortlisting. Don't worry scoring below 60 is not a crime and thankfully most organizations understand this, so relax! 

I am sorry I don't have the specific data of placements for such students but be assured if you are good and score good grades here you are likely to be placed in a good company. After all, marks are not the only thing that matter in life. ;)  Skill set is much more cherished by the companies rather than marks.

Hope it Helps ! 

@Gaurav-K 6

@prateekm28 thnx man...ur wrds were really motivating... see if u can tell me about the avg package the companies wid no grad cut off can offer it would really help ...

267 CAT IIM Bangalore

Second Stage (GD/GE/PI/WAT) Shortlist Announcement for IIM-B (Announced)

The shortlist for IIM-B has been announced. Please participate in the discussions below

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any1 can provide sample SOPs for iim b 4m prev years??

  • #. 3h.
  • #. 1h.
CAT'14 :99.45, XAT: 99.41(76 in DM) , shortlists: SPJIMR, IIM B,L,I,S, All New 

329 CAT GMAT BITS Pilani

[2015-2017] BITS Pilani, Official MBA Admission Helpdesk

The Department Of Management, BITS Pilani is calling for admissions to MBA program for 2015-17 batch. The last date f...

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how are the placements for the current batch??can u name some companies that visited??

  • Average 8.5 , Median 8.3 , Highest 12.25. Currently still.... 5h.
  • can i know the number of students placed??. 1h.
Krishna Kanth @KrishnaKLU 52

Average 8.5 , Median 8.3 , Highest 12.25. Currently still not complete. All students are in their 2-2 semester doing Internship called Practice School Program. Profiles offered: Analyst, Research, Analytics. Some Companies: Cognizant, Future Group etc. We are bound by NDA- full information will be made available at the right time. 

sai chand @chandu993 3

can i know the number of students placed??

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Hello , I have made the payment.

What would be the next step?

Also I have applied through CMAT Feb window as well but since the admit cards haven't been issued yet ,I couldn't fill in details , will we be allowed to update that later?

  • Thank you. Will we receive a confirmation mail as well? .... 1h.
  • You won't receive a confirmation regarding the same from .... 1h.
Stuti Akhaury @ituts.akh 5

Thank you.

Will we receive a confirmation mail as well?

Also just the admit/score card or the filled in form too?

Saptarshi Das @sky-aimer 58

You won't receive a confirmation regarding the same from the institute. However, if you are sending the documents through a reliable courier service, then you can always track the status of the delivery.

Just send the admit/score card, but mention the SIMSR application number on the admit/score card and also on top of the envelope.

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Dude MICA is not going to change the MICAT date? Will they ?

I personally have chosen all interviews in sync with 15th Feb and have also postponed some. Now if MICAT changes its date, the other ones are Never gonna change their dates again.

@MICAstudents @Admissions@MICA 

  • P.S M not from either of them :stuck out tongue:. 1h.
  • Oh ya but you're at least on that side of the door. .i wa.... 1h.
tune in, turn on, drop out 
Rakhi Jha @rakhi0908 8

P.S M not from either of them

peace, etc.. @trippin 718

Oh ya but you're at least on that side of the door. .i was complimenting the whole team of mica ..think it's a really fun and positive college,.. plus creative to it's like bhagwaan soo ..

476 CAT NIBM Pune

NIBM Pune 2014-16 Admission Queries

This thread is for the benefit of candidates aspiring for admission to the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Banki...

223 CAT

[Official] 2015-17 IIM Kozhikode Stage-1 Shortlist

Greetings from the *Media Cell* of* IIM Kozhikode! * *IIM Kozhikode* has declared the Stage-1 shortlist You can chec...

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Shortlisted ! Finally a call from the BLACKI league

  • I have a similar profile CAT 98.57, 93.2/91/75.41 with 31.... 2h.
  • Yea and i jst got thru .... work ex point slabs are ridi.... 1h.
CAT'13: 96.52% CAT'14: 98.47% Calls:IIM-K,S,L(SM), IIFT, SPJAIN,  New IIMs, MDI, NMIMS Mum, SIBMP Converts:GLIM 1YR 
akshay srivastava @akki26 430

I have a similar profile CAT 98.57, 93.2/91/75.41 with 31 months of workex but didnt get a call. I think i just missed it. 

Nikhil Krishnan @krishnan504 27

Yea and i jst got thru .... work ex  point slabs are ridiculous !

1.2k CAT IIM Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIM's and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

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Can someone please calculate my Index score as per IIMK:

CAT: 94.28 (Scaled Score: 150.34) (QA: 93.48, VA 89.80)

X: 83.8

XII: 75.2

Grad: 74.1

Work Ex: 10 Months (Till 31 Mar 2015)



  • @boombaat .bro ur index score is 46.3175 (37.8175 fr CAT.... 1h.
  • Thanks Ajay! @ajaypratapleo Thank you! :grin:. 1h.
CAT 14: OA 94.28, NC-OBC, Calls - New IIMs, MDI, IMT 
Ajay Pratap @ajaypratapleo 111
@boombaat  .bro ur index score is 46.3175 (37.8175 fr CAT + 4.5 fr 12th + 1.5 fr Grad + 2.5 fr work ex).... u can calculate ur score from this link

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So... The worst thing that could've happened!!! IMT Nagpur CnPI date clashes with Symbi( 07th Feb). What to do puys?! Will i request for a change in date to the IMT Admission team!?

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Not shortlisted @ 99.21%ile (scaled score: 197.25) GEM

Grad: 73.8

12th 87.6

Workex: 34 months

Kuch jhol hai kya?

Indexed score 62.81 if CAT score calculated based on 300, 65.77 if calculated based on 283.

  • how are your sectional scores??.. i guess they had some s.... 2h.
  • @yash0906 for me the sectionals were quite balanced 97.96.... 1h.
CAT'14: 99.21; Calls: S,L(SM), SPJAIN, NMIMS 
Greg @yash0906

how are your sectional scores??.. i guess they had some sectional cutoff too..

satyarth sharma @rakshasa 7

@yash0906 for me the sectionals were quite balanced 97.96%ile qa (102.06 scaled) and 97.60%ile va(87.57 scaled) for an oa of 99.09(194.81).. guess what they said about balanced scores in their shortlist criteria didn't make much of a difference in the end.

3.2k CAT IIM Shillong

[2014-16] New IIMs Results

Complete New IIMs discussions thread from WAT-PI to final results. Batch-[2014-16]

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Hi!!!I have got a call from IIM-L for PGP-SM. I will be called separately for WAT/PI for new IIMs, right??

  • yes!. 2h.
  • yes .. there will be seperate call... 1h.