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Disastrous Sim 15.... 

VA- 54

LRDI- 22 :( 

QA- 27 :( 

Aur mocks nai dena mujhe... LRDI has always been disappointing but QA????

A bad mock is the last thing I needed 3 days before CAT....  

  • LRDI was difficult.. So it was difficult for all ... 5h.
  • QA was not that difficult, but I don't know what happened.... 8m.
Being Optimistic @AasaanHai 101

LRDI was difficult.. So it was difficult for all ..

Cacofonix Mukherjee @chiranjib.lee 30

QA was not that difficult, but I don't know what happened there.. In QA I usually get 50+... Ab to mental preparation le liya hai agle saal ke liye...

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Know 10 important don't for easy writing

1. Grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes- 

These three are the foundation to your essay writing. Any mistake in their usage will not only change the meaning of your sentence but also have disastrous effect - look at the following sentences-

i) My wife, who lives in New York, has just written me a letter. (I have one devoted wife who has sent me a letter)     ii) My wife who lives in New York has just written me a letter. (The one lives in New York, what about others).

 It is suggested to build strong fundamentals before writing any long piece of say, 200-300 words. Errors in use of articles, nouns, verbs, modifiers, conditionals make the paragraph clumsy while wrong use of vocabulary words, especially in confusing/similar sounding words like imminent in place of eminent, birth instead of berth etc. make your piece of writing a laughing stock. So be careful about it.

2. Irrelevant use of vocabulary- 

Vocabulary which is not required must not be used. It might unnecessarily stretch your message, may reflect wrong impression on the reader who incidentally is your examiner. This, instead of elevating your ranking may affect otherwise.

3. Repetition of ideas and sentences- 

How would you react if someone goes on saying or repeating the same idea in different sentences or in similar ones? A feeling of boredom and lack of interest would occur. Similarly, your reader will also not like such repetition. So avoid it since it conveys the message that you know very less on the given/chosen topic.

4. Writing beside the point (Not focusing the crux of the idea) - 

This typical problem and happens when you have not practiced well. You have understood the topic and also have the ideas but don't know how to start with? Please do not beat about the bush and give a few seconds to outline the thoughts prevailing in the vast arena of your mind. Organize them and then begin to write. Questions may have words like -Discuss, Describe, Analyze and Critically Examine - so take a directional tip - all these aspects are to be taken care of, while writing your essay.

5. Ambiguity of thought-

All the paragraphs must have distinct and clear ideas. No confusion in your thought process as depicted in the essay should be present. One paragraph -one idea- must be the strategy, although all the paragraphs are supposed to be interlinked with continuity of thought.

6. Poor formation of sentences and paragraphs- 

To avoid this, practice more, emphasize on more and more writing. Sentences must be presentable so that your reader is tempted to go through the entire essay in one go. You might remember reading a very interesting novel, story; article etc. the reading of which you didn't give-up despite the call of nature. Why? The writer was able to create that much of interest in you, with his/her writing skills. So take note of that.   

7. Work with all the ideas together, better to take up each point one by one- 

Don't mingle your ideas ending up with a poorly written essay. Get a flow of them as a string goes through the pearls. However, you can add humor; give relevant quotes with acknowledgements to emphasize your idea.

8. Explain too much- 

This is a big problem. Sometimes we go on explaining an idea, a point etc. to more than desired length. This happens in cases when the reader is not sure of his writing skills or ability to explain. So avoid this practice.

9. Make the essay too lengthy or verbose. Be simple- 

You do not need to write fat vocabulary words, insert irrelevant figures of speech, proverbs. On the contrary, simple, well worded and concise sentences will have better effect on your reader. You could go for figurative language, use of idioms and use of quotations, if you can use them skillfully otherwise they may do more harm than good to the evaluation process.

10. Poor hand writing with cutting and cancellations- 

This is one of the most important aspects. You may be skilled in writing, you have good vocabulary and know how to use figurative, idiomatic language with quotations but if the handwriting is poor please note that your reader may not attentively read the essay or may not follow the message which you wish to convey in its true sense. Practice more. Purchase a note book of fairly large size; write down the essays on it - at least -one a day. Read it. Try to find out the mistakes like - punctuation; grammar; spelling errors in it. Find out how many cuttings and cancellations are there in one paragraph.  Next time when you write - minimize them. Gradually you will be equipped with fine writing skills with fewer mistakes or no mistakes.

P.S : I saw this article saved somewhere and i don't have any clue from where and which site have i got this.

9.9k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Find the number of zeros in 15! (defined in base 10) in base 12.

Pls post the approach as well.

44 people answered this question.
Careful what you wish for !! 
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.
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Can anyone suggest the best b-school for power management?

  • Hi Rasika With technological revolutions, the world is go.... 6m.
Kanishk Kumar @punjabkumar 2

Hi Rasika With technological revolutions, the world is going power hungry, this field has seen a lot of growth in few years and has more opportunities these days. It is a nice selection of field that you want to go for. I would recommend you few good B.Schools that offers this programme and they are UPES , National Power Training Institute , MDI School of Energy Management, Power Management Institute ; Noida,UP. But if you are looking the best among these, then I would surely recommend you UPES. SO take your pick. All the best

691 CAT



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I had attempted the aimcat1601 yesterday as a missed aimcat. How many days after attempting the paper is the result available on the SHP?

  • Ok so now the website is only down !. 20h.
  • Website says, After 12 noon of the next day... 16m.
Time erodes Gratitude more quickly than it does Beauty!  
Prakhar Maheshwari @prakhar8 1

Ok so now the website is only down !

Ahsan @amazindr 2

Website says, After 12 noon of the next day..

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QA: 47



OA = 142

Ab kya karun?

  • Dont worry now... Abhi result ana bacha hai :grin:. 19m.
2013 was PRACTICE !   2014 was WARM UP !   2015 is GAME-TIME
Shubham Ranka @shubhamranka92 320

Dont worry now... Abhi result ana bacha hai

1k CAT



1.1k CAT

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

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any one has given take home  simcat  specially after 118 onwards .... how is quant...... i find it pretty apsurd ....... ek bhi direct question nahi hain......

  • Gave 108 today, got 131....Any comments about the difficu.... 4d.
  • 124 ka Quant's was hard and VARC to ridiculously hard laga.. 24m.

Gave 108 today, got 131....Any comments about the difficulty level of that?

Prakhar Maheshwari @prakhar8 1

124 ka Quant's was hard and VARC to ridiculously hard laga.

2.9k CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Each of the following questions has a paragraph from which the last sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way. 

The intra-Palestinian reconciliation accord signed in Cairo on May 4, 2011, is a significant achievement and therefore a cause for measured celebration. This ends four years of estrangement between the two main rival groups. With the signing of the accord, the foundation of Palestinian unity has been re-laid. _____________

a)A road-map envisaging the formation of a national unity government, which will comprise mainly technocrats, to lead the Palestinian people towards fresh elections, now awaits implementation.

b)The accord is bound to lift the spirits of all those, whose loyalties have been torn between the Islamist Hamas and the secular, but increasingly pro-western Fatah.

c)The unity accord also signals the arrival of the 'Arab Spring' at the doorstep of Palestine.

d)The world needs to persuade Israel to work with a united Palestinian leadership.

  • :grin:. 3h.
  • a. 39m.
CAT'14 -96.31 %ile, XAT'15-98.51%ile 

55 CAT MDI Gurgaon

[2016-2018] MDI Gurgaon PGP Admission Notification and related discussion

Greetings dear aspirants. Follow this discussion thread to stay updated with the admissions process and for raising q...

458 CAT

CAT 2015 Aspirants

I wanted to join TIME institute's super-long term course for CAT '15\\. I want to prepare with a relaxed mind. I'm ba...

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CAT Center: Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology, Tumkur, Karnataka. Evening slot, anyone? 

  • Hi I got the morning slot! :/. 7d.
  • @kanvgarg123 \- Hey, i too got the same centre, morning s.... 47m.

Hi I got the morning slot! :/

Alishan Mustafa @alishanmustafa 4

@kanvgarg123 - Hey, i too got the same centre, morning slot. call me on 8861994694.


IIM Sirmaur :Official Admission Discussion Forum [2016-2018]

Official Discussion forum run by the SMC of IIM Sirmaur. Feel free to post your admission related queries.

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Greetings from the first batch of IIM Sirmaur. For any kind of queries, feel free to contact us anytime of the day. We understand the trouble and mental trauma a student goes through before and after CAT. All the best for the exam. Go kill it. Hope to see a bright new fresh batch at Sirmaur. 

PM or call at 8802618683 , 9630971727

  • @shriram93 I can speak for IIM Sirmaur. We have an amazin.... 1h.
  • Thank you :). 1h.
Suprateek Gulia @suprateekgulia 13

@shriram93 I can speak for IIM Sirmaur. We have an amazing campus with top notch hostel facilities inside the campus. We are taught by the faculty of IIM Lucknow and the whole process of Lucknow is replicated here. It's an extra ordinary experience here. With the hills in the background and the river Yamuna flowing just 200 metre away from our campus. We have fully functional sports facilites like tennis, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, cricket. I do not see any bad conditions here ! We are loving it.

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where is the iOS app??

  • The iOS app will take a while. It is in the works, but we.... 1h.
  • @pranjal.kumar ok...continue the great work guys (y) :grin:. 1h.
Pranjal Singh @pranjal.kumar 488

The iOS app will take a while. It is in the works, but we don't have an official release date. It could be 2-3 months. 

naksh 1992 @naksh290192 609

@pranjal.kumar ok...continue the great work guys (y)

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Ques 17 of VARC Sm1 plz explain figures of speech- Casual inference Inductive generalisation Deductive generalisation Hyperbole Sarcasm Metaphor Pun Paradox (Others also whatever u knw)

3.9k CAT IIM Shillong

[2014-16] New IIMs Results

Complete New IIMs discussions thread from WAT-PI to final results. Batch-[2014-16]

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hey upto how much cat 2014 percentile were called by the new  iims bihar, sambalpur, amritsar,nagpur,vizag,sirmaur

  • @sanchitgulati90 you can probably just get a call from Sa.... 4h.
  • Thanks. 2h.
Suprateek Gulia @suprateekgulia 13

@sanchitgulati90 you can probably just get a call from Sambhalpur. The rest will have a higher cut off. Sambhalpur might too increase it this time. Aim for more than 96. For any specific queries regarding my IIM I.e IIM Sirmaur you can PM me or call our team anytime. Thank you


NMAT cut offs.

I got my score for NMAT. I got 172. Any chances?

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I m an prospective candidate and have applied for Integrated PHD,pertianing to which I have some below queries:

1. Is Fees structure same for BM /RM and BM/RM ( Integrated PHD).

2.How does the Institute Assess as Partially Sponsored Candidate ( what's the Criteria).

3. What's the career path / prospects of MBA- RM.What are major concentration one can choose in MBA-RM.

4. If I want to apply for MBA-RM and Integrated PHD both simultaneously , do I need to apply separately or only one application will suffice.

5. What was the Cutt Off for X-GMAT last year ( for MBA- RM/BM and Integrated PHD).

6. Does XUB has AICTE Approval for academic year 2016 for running MBA- BM/RM.

  • Hi,Batch Profile of MBA-RM for the Academic Year 2014-201.... 5h.
  • @partha.mjl Hello Partha, you can refer to this website .... 3h.
Partha Patim Giri @partha.mjl

Hi,Batch Profile of MBA-RM for the Academic Year 2014-2016 & 2015-2017 is not available on XUB website. Could u kindly help me in getting it from any other sources. 

Dorshi Shah @dorshishah

Hello Partha, you can refer to this website for the batch profile:

2k CAT IIM Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIMs and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

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Hey Puys! I'm a member of an earlier dream team (2010). I had the honor of being a part of the same DT as Dr. Shahank Prabhu. Now I'm getting a PhD in Marketing from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. I just wanted to wish everyone who is taking the CAT this year the best of luck. I'm sure you guys will crack it. For tips on what to do at the last minute, this is a good resource:

All the best! 

Countdown to CAT 2010: What to study in the last one month - PaGaLGuY
Countdown to CAT 2010: What to study in the last one month - PaGaLGuY
Countdown to CAT 2010: What to study in the last one month - The Common Admissions Test (CAT) starts less than a month from now. The good news is, that you can still start your preparation now and crack the exam to get a percentile you can use for the top b-schools.

Posted by Shashank Prabhu on Pagalguy

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