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College Selection dilemma: Compare colleges on the basis of specialisation and state the reasons for your choices

Ok Puys now since most of the colleges would be coming out with their set of lists of converts I am sure many of us w...

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Please Please 

someone who's already downloaded the Candidate Profile Form please email it to me at My interview is on the 8th.Or at least share the link please. The candidate login for existing users is disabled in K J SIMSR I guess. 

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IIM K WAT+GD+PI Experience

Date: 13/2/2015, 1.30PM

Center: The Janpath Hotel, New Delhi

Profile: X 93.5%, XII 93.2%, IITD CGPA 8.7, CAT 99.99%ile, 6 month work-exp

WAT Topic: There should be a common currency in South Asia as in Europe. Time: 15mins

Ran out of space and time Had a long introduction perhaps, so couldn't address much to the issue at hand. But I think I wrote relatively well, as this wasn't an easy general topic.

(Preparation: 1/5, Performance: 3/5)

GD Topic: Same as WAT. Time: 15mins. People: 9

I was the second to speak and spoke for over half a minute. Contributed regularly in between with a point here and there. Very decent group I must say. In fact there was a 5 second lull when no body was speaking

(Preparation: 0/5, Performance: 3/5)

PI Experience:

No. of panelists: 2 male profs (L & R) aged 50 & 40 yrs

Panel No: 2, S.No: 3

Panel Demeanour: Haha. You'll know soon.

Time: 25mins

R received me at the door and escorted me in. He asked my name cz they were calling in randomly the person who was closest to the interview room door. He took my form and started reading.

R: So tell me about yourself. (L cut him in between)

L: Wait, first tell me something. Did you go to school? (Sir I'm sorry?)

L: Which school did you go to? (DPS RKP)

L: I knew it. (To R) We should just ban these DPS people. (showing me my WAT) Is this how you write an essay? (I don't know what to say... Quiet for 10 seconds)

L: Where is the margin? Where is the topic? (Sorry sir but there was space crunch)

L: Didn't they teach you in school to draw margin? (Yes sir, they did)

L: Why haven't you drawn then? You just cheated your school. There was 8 out of 10 marks for presentation. You lost all 8. (Oh..)

R: So tell me about.. (again L cut him out)

L: Sorry to cut in again but can you just read aloud the first line that you have written in your essay? (shows me the WAT) (There should not be ... cutting me) Wow you just started on a negative note. I'm deducting 1 more mark for this. You've lost 9 now. (No problem sir )

R: (he was grinning all this while) You look uncomfortable. Is everything ok? (Yes sir I'm fine)

R: so tell me about yourself. (I started with the usual.. he cut me out within 15 secs)

R: Explain what do you do at work. (cross-questioned me a lot. but looked ok with what I said)

L: (To R) Where is his sheet? (There was a sheet with some stuff written about me, not the form some other sheet they had) Oh look (To R) He comes from this thing which we always reject. (I don't know what he was pointing at in the sheet, heck I don't even know what was written in the sheet. I guess it was my CAT percentile, just a guess)

L: Asked questions related to my branch. (I answered, he kept asking why. I kept answering but he didn't stop asking why. He was asking in a cyclic manner so my answers always tended to end at the first answer I said)

L: See you don't even know about your branch. You've even cheated your college. Whole life you have cheated. (Oh..)

L: See, you should say if you don't know. Why are you repeating same answers? I'm going to keep asking why until you say you don't know.

L: What is difference between manufacturing and producing? (Took a guess)

L: If your mom is making chapatti, is she manufacturing or producing? (Producing)

L: Why not manufacturing? I think she is manufacturing no? (To R)

R: I think she is cooking (starts laughing)

L: She's cooking! (Hahaha)

R: What are your hobbies? (Sports)

R: Are you good at current events? (Not much)

Asked some questions. I couldn't answer much.

L: Have you got other calls? (Yes)

L: Which places? (All... A,B,C,...)

L: A,B,C,D,E,F,...? (Yes sir all)

R: How did your other interviews go? (I've only had C. It went pretty well.)

L: Oh did it? They didn't catch your cheating I suppose.

R: How do you think this interview is going? (Sir not too well, but it depends on how you're perceiving this to be)

L: (He remarked something about my sister being with a cheater or something I'm not sure. I told him I don't have a sister.)

R: Oh so you are a lone child? (I have a younger brother)

R: What does he do? (He's an undergrad)

R: Which college? (Yale University, USA)

R: Is he on scholarship? (Yes sir, 90%)

R: (Impressed) What about your father? (Sir he is an IAS Officer posted in Bihar. He is Principal Secretary General Administration right now.)

R: And your mother? (Sir she is a doctor. She is Additional Professor at AIIMS)

L asked some more questions about my branch. I answered some but then he again went into why? mode and I couldn't answer after that.

L: See I was happy somebody from production engineering came to the interview so that I can discuss things, but you don't seem to know anything. All your life you have cheated your school, your college. You've only played football your life it seems.

R: (to L) But his grad marks are very impressive.

L: How much has he got? 86%? That's nothing at IIT Delhi. IIT Delhi gives you marks for free. It gives you 69% (yes he said 69) for just attending the exam. People who get less than that means they didn't even attend the exam. (Sir, I'm ranked third in my department) Oh really? That means your batchmates are even worse than you. Facepalm.

L: Well, since you say you play football, I'm going to ask you about football and you better answer these. What is the diameter of the ball? (I'm not sure about the exact dimension) Why aren't you sure? See I knew it you don't even know how to play football. (Sir, I play football but I never looked into the exact dimensions of the ball.) OK what is the distance between the two goal posts? (100-110m) That's ok but why don't you know the size of the ball? Wouldn't you look at the ball before playing? If I give you a 3inch ball, will you play with it? No right, unless you are a toddler. Ok I'm done.

R: You can leave. Do you want to ask anything? (No sir)

L: Atleast you could have asked how do we think how your interview went. (Sir, it's ok. I'd rather not ask that.)

I thanked and left.

(Preparation: 2/5, Performance: 1/5)

Prediction: Reject

(Well, even if I get in, I'm going to reject them. Sweet Revenge.)

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  • @srishti2854 I'm too polite in an interview for that :s.... 8h.
  • his questions were sounding me so insane that I could sen.... 3h.
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Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8 1,971

@srishti2854  I'm too polite in an interview for that Why Rahul Gandhi?

Srishti Mishra @srishti2854 26

his questions were sounding me so insane that I could sense rahul gandhi in him His views on pointers, cheaters were simply senseless. Anyway good luck.

686 CAT

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

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Friends post ur  oliveboard mock scores..we can further discuss strategies to improve our scores

  • Nd yes brand iim does matter to many. 14h.
  • Friends anyone attempted Oliveboard Mock -7 .Post ur scor.... 3h.
Mehul Umdekar @SeVRus 2

Nd yes brand iim does matter to many

Ravi Kiran @Kiku.zazz 27

Friends anyone attempted Oliveboard Mock -7 .Post ur scores.Managed only 131

635 CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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A and B are the two opposite ends of a swimming pool and the distance between them is 420 metres. Ankur and Manu start swimming towards each other at the same time from A and B, with speeds in the ratio 5 : 9 respectively. As soon as any of them reaches an end, he turns back and starts swimming towards the other end. At what distance (in metres) from A will they meet when Manu is in his 13th round? Note: A to B is considered one round and B to A another round.

A. 405

B. 330

C. 240

D. 280

  • M is in 13 round means he has complted 12. 12 ka matlab 6.... 19h.
  • I get 330. but takes me sometime. How do u guys approach .... 4h.
Cold Play @Highway66 5,365

M is in 13 round means he has complted 12. 12 ka matlab 62/3 for the other. 280 metre for the other one.. rest is simple relative velocity.

@sachinganeshan 7

I get 330. but takes me sometime. How do u guys approach this?

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can we get it confirm from anywhere if we have call or not??

cat 96.76    10th- 90  12th-92   grad- 88 still no mail received...... Expected the call... Call from pgdm but not from hrm..... strange..... pls give reviews....

  • Ya no work ex.. Ok thanku i will contact.... 5h.
  • u either needed to have some kickass CAT percentile,,,som.... 4h.
Abhinav Bhatia @bhatiaabhinav

Ya no work ex.. Ok thanku i will contact...

Ashu Goswami @Ash227 156

u either needed to have some kickass CAT percentile,,,something like 99.xx or u needed to have a workex of more than 12 months atleast.....

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Dear FMS,

when will u stop playing the old trick of conducting interviews after the ABC selection. When will u do away with the sarkari babu culture and stick to the shortlisting date ..Please get out of the bureaucratic attitude and behave like a modern B School..

The frustrated aspirant.

  • @heman26 they should have atleast put up the first list b.... 5h.
  • @hims1993 tentative cutoff sab ko pata hai.. toh people e.... 4h.
Francis Underwood @hims1993 109

@heman26 they should have atleast put up the first list based on cat score by now. the interview process can be delayed

Mihir Sangodkar @justmihir 219

@hims1993 tentative cutoff sab ko pata hai.. toh people expecting can still prepare.

149 CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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 A. Central planning has failed the world over.
B. Hope cannot be dropped from helicopters.
C. The people, especially in remote areas, must have the power and resources to script their future.
D. It needs to be built though good governance at the local level.

  • BDAC
  • ACBD
  • BCDA
  • DABC
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  • BDAC. 5h.
Hope is a good thing. Perhaps the best of things and "NO GOOD THING EVER DIES "  

488 CAT DoMS IITD New Delhi

[2015-2017] Department Of Management Studies, IIT Delhi Admission Queries

Greetings from the Department Of Management Studies IIT-Delhi. "The tradition of imparting management education at I...

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It is told to bring original CAT admit card and score card.. But only computer version is available. Printouts of them would suffice ?

  • yes. 1d.
  • Yes, a self attested copy will suffice.. 5h.

485 CAT FORE New Delhi

[2015-2017] FORE School of Management Admission Help Desk

Hi All, Applications are now open for the 2-year full time programs, PGDM & PGDM-IB, at FORE School of Management,...

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hey what docs do we have during the interview? please reply tia

  • @shailja1990 yes the call letter is not required :smiley:. 8h.
  • For work ex only the certificate of work experience shoul.... 6h.
part of the herd that does not follow the herd mentality  
Prateek Malhotra @prateekm28 54

@shailja1990 yes the call letter is not required

first name last name @jai91 8

For work ex only the certificate of work experience should suffice ? @prateekm28 

196 CAT

New IIM's GD-PI/WAT preparation thread

Congratulations to all!!! Lets prepare ourselves for a bigger challenge.....Start shoooooting your queries and lets d...

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My WAT PI process got finished on 19 Feb. I had a good interview and was able to answer all of the questions asked by the panel members. I felt satisfied with my performance. The WAT part was also OK.

My Profile is as follows:

X Marks : 86 %

XI Marks : 88.67 %

Graduation : 78.81 %

Work Ex : 2.6 Years

Category : NC OBC

CAT Score : 82.93 %

Can you please provide me some input what are my chances of getting selected and uptill when the final result would be out?

The thing here is that I have a notice period of 3 months in my company and I do need to raise an exit request prior 3 months of joining the institute. So based upon your experience it would be very helpful for me to take the decision as should I or should not raise the request for exit?  I know I am sounding very impatient but I am really in a confused state :P.

  • can someone shed some light? esp on the exit iissue?. 15h.
  • how long was the interview can you just brief ............ 6h.
IBADAT @ibadat89 7

can someone shed some light? esp on the exit iissue?

saurabh @Empathy 55

how long was the interview can you just brief ...........

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any one here willing to join IBS -H with approx 2 years of work experience ?  Guys any laterals over here ? and how do you expect  ROI ? College doesn't seem to fit .. please guide me ..

  • Hey, no doubt the fees is on a higher side given that IBS.... 10h.
  • Best of luck with We & GIM iisha :smiley: .I got an em.... 6h.
@iisha.khurana 2

Hey, no doubt the fees is on a higher side given that IBS is not a huge brand, but all private colleges are charging more or less the same. And regarding roi, no college is going to spoon feed us, its upto oneself to grab the opportunity. I am waiting for Welingkar and GIM, if not these two, then i will surely be joining ibs!

Sai Prashant @saidiffrent 1

Best of luck with  We & GIM iisha .I got an email from GIM Team .. they are inviting people for GDPI based on IBSAT scores  ..for International business and few other courses .. 

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I got Interview call but I never applied for Gurgaon..I applied for chennai but not gurgaon..whats going on here?? I though that admissions are full

Calls from SITM, SCIT, NM Bengaluru, NM Hyderabad, IMT Nagpur   
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Does IIM K Provide accommodation to aspirants for GD/WAT/PI Process at their campus hostel ?? is there any provision ?? or please provide names of good n decent hotels near the campus.. ??


56 CAT Amrita Coimbatore

(2015-17) Official Queries, Amrita School Of Business, All Campuses

We are happy to introduce the Official thread for MBA Admission 2015-2017 AMRITA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (ASB), Coimbatore...

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How many got interview call for asb? please comment (scores also if possible)..

  • i have cat 74%...please reply call getters.... 9h.
  • shortlisted 82.23 %. 7h.
@rpmel 4

i have cat 74%...please reply call getters...

2.5k CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2013 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2013, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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siib waitlisted at 76 sc category ! Any chances of converting?

  • Navnath Babar 87 sc ka kya chance hai?. 11h.
  • @anav22 you serious?!. 7h.
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Dear All,

Those who want to reschedule the GD-PI, kindly email your request to providing the valid reason along with the proof. The management will try their best to accommodate your requests depending on the availability of the slots.


Neeraj Kumar


  • I have sent a rescheduling request on this ID , kindly lo.... 7h.
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Rohitesh Kumar @rohiteshk 2

I have sent a rescheduling request on this ID , kindly look into it whenever you are free. thanks. 

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