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There are three equal containers that are completely filled with different water-alcohol mixtures with water and alcohol in the ratio 2 : 3, 3 : 4 and 4 : 5 respectively. They are emptied into a bigger container. What fraction of the mixture in the bigger container should be replaced by water so that the resulting mixture has equal quantities of water and alcohol?

A. 43/945

B. 143/945

C. 43/544

D. 143/1088

  • Data inadequate.. assumption that 3 equal container is eq.... 1h.
  • @Highway66 bigger container >= (3 equal containers) as it.... 34s.
Cold Play @Highway66 5,338

Data inadequate.. assumption that 3 equal container is equal to big container is wrong.. nowhere dis mentions nything on big container ! 

Raub @raub 5

@Highway66 bigger container >= (3 equal containers) as it is mentioned that they are emptied into a bigger container. And fraction of mixture is being asked not fraction of bigger container. So i guess question is correct with adequate data. Isn't it?

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IIML Interview Date : 4th March

Place : IIML ,Noida Campus

Wat/GD Topic : Is it society or an individual which is responsible for corruption? Plenty of options to speak in the topic and luckily our panel didn't have fish market. Everyone pitched in and put some good points. I started the GD, explained corruption problem, its effect in various sections of society and how society and individual are responsible for it. Quoted e.g. of how anna hazare movement and how delhi police feared AK when he came into power, etc. Pitched in 3-4 times.

Performance: Fair enough.

Interview: Sorry but it was long.

There were two professors, one young(Y) and one old one (O). Young prof called me in.

Me: Good Morning Sir.

O: Good Morning. So Aayush, tell me something special about yourself.

Me: Sir, I have diploma in Japanese and Italian as foreign languages but for Italian, I have not been in touch for five years.

O: Oh really. Then, translate this " Sorry, I am not fully prepared for the interview" .

Me. I can do it in Japanese Sir. Sumimasen, Mensetsu ga chotto....(then was not able to do it, I don't know the young prof was keep telling Sir he will not be able to do that. Was able to do that when I got out of the room, it will be mensetsu no juunbi ga dekinakatta..  could have done that). I told that sir I am not remembering the correct word for preparation and the verb to be used in Italian will be preparare.

He said yeah okay.

O: Which place do you belong to?

Me: Indore.

O: Indore is also known as Mini Bombay. Why is it so?

Me: Told convincingly and he was satisfied.

Y: you did your graduation from?

Me: IIT-BHU Sir.

O: Allright. What did you studied in Pharmacy. Tell me what is a patent. What is the patent term in India? What is product patent and process patent? Which kind of patents India provide?

Me: Told.

Y: Since you have done your graduation in pharmacy and now you are a financial advisor/mutual fund advisor, you have wasted your whole graduation degree.

Me: no Sir, I have not. In fact, this has given me the chance to learn about Finance. Moreover, Finance is a holistic thing and now even R&D department of pharma companies have a separate finance section as there are huge funds involved. It is a value addition to me. Y seemed convinced.

Y: okay. Tell me two things that you would ask from the ministry of finance to uplift the mutual fund industry as mutual fund industry don't have much investors now.

Me: (I was again perplexed as I don't deal much in mutual fund and compete it by ULIPs) tried to tell that 80CC limit should be extended to debt market also. Also, reduce the charges that are imposed. I told him the same that I am right now managing funds through a very unique way and generating 20-30% annualized returns.

Y: Then a long discussion on ULIPs. How do you do that? How are ULIPs better than mutual funds? How are you generating returns? What are loading charges on ULIPs? What are entry/exit loads? Don't you think it is stupidity to buy ULIPs as the insurance is very less?Also, what are direct and indirect taxes? How can one avoid indirect tax? Is increasing the service tax justified?

Me: Answered everything and they were just seeing me with a nod.

Y: Okay. So for sensex to go from 30k to 40k, what steps the government should take?

Me: Sir, the govn is already taking steps and on the right way like boosting the manufacturing sector.

Y: (Fully on to me) No, I am not convinced with that. Manufacturing cannot do anything.

Me: Infact Sir, manufacturing is the only way with which India can show its strength now. China did it. Industralized nations initially were all mfg nations.

Y: No, Leave China. Tell me a single manufacturing industry in India which is good.

Me: Sir, pharma only. It is doing very good and earns India large number of exports. Take Sun pharma. It had a name but no one thought it would buy Ranbaxy but that buy has taken it to a different level.

Y: I don't think so Sun pharma did a good thing to buy Ranbaxy. Daiichi sold it at a loss and you are buying that.

Me: Sir, I believe that it was a very strategic decision making by Sun. The huge presence of Ranbaxy in the American and Latin American region has opened the market for Sun there+ all the drug portfolio of Ranbaxy it has got in cheap.

(Changed the topic)

Y: Tell me some historical place in North-east.

Me: Sir new Jalpaigudi. It has toy train.

Y: Okay. Tell me one historical place in Southern India.

Me: Sir, Sravanbelagola in Karnataka where there is world's largest statue to bhagwaan Bahubali ji.

Y: And? Me: Sir, Rameshwaram, Madurai.

Y: Do you know Pondicherry.

Me: Yes Sir. It is also. Was under foreign colony for long time.

O: Aayush, what is your view on life?

Me: Sir, I believe that life is like whatever you gain from it you return it back to your society, your people. If you gain knowledge, you have to give it back...etc.etc. (A discussion on scholarships and money)

O: How important is money for you? Do you believe in ethics? What if in the situation where you have to sacrifice your integrity, honesty? Will you do that?

Me: Told.

O: Aayush do you think that today's youth is digressing from its purpose and is indulged into some activities which are not fruitful (something like that).

Me. Yes sir and put forward my views on that. He was carefully listening and I put one point where Indian media is not promoting Indian culture, which I believe is one of the best. I was fully exhausted by then. He told me to give an example. I took a deep breath and told sir, may I take my time. He told sure but within 10 seconds he told time up :P.

O&Y: Thank you.

O: brilliant efforts.

Me: (while leaving) Thank You Sir.

For the last ques also, there were so many points that started rushing in my mind when I came out of interview. Don't know why it happens? 

Performance: Best GD/PI process for me this year as tickled every portion of my grey matter .  I don't know what will happen( hopeful though) but I was satisfied a lot with myself and even more if I had done the translation and finance ministry ques better.

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  • Woah ! ! Aayush , Amazing interview. Congratulations in .... 12m.
  • Start looking at which classes you want to attend in Luck.... 3m.
Ankur Shrivastava @ankur.ur.legend 2

Woah ! !

Aayush , Amazing interview. Congratulations in advance

Aman Bedi @aman_bedi 403

Start looking at which classes you want to attend in Lucknow man I heard its pretty rigorous there

360 CAT TAPMI Manipal

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1.5k CAT SIMSR Mumbai

[2015-17] K J Somaiya aka SIMSR, Mumbai Admission related queries

*Online Application* - *Qualifying Exam -** *CAT 2014...

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my interview is on 7th but i am not able to download the form because the website is not opening only.Can anybody help?

  • This link is also not opening. 3h.
  • Please PM me your login credentials. I'll check and get b.... 9m.
Ayush Agarwal @tony1990

This link is also not opening

Saptarshi Das @sky-aimer 77

Please PM me your login credentials. I'll check and get back to you.

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CAT -60.21%,CMAT-68.45%,10 th-80.4,12 th -93.3,btech-80. 2 years of work exp. what are my chances of getting a call?

  • MAT -88.97%. 2h.
  • Dear Manoj, You are eligible. *Eligibility**:-* .... 10m.
ITM Counselor @ITM.Counselor 63

Dear Manoj, 

You are eligible. 

Eligibility:- ITM welcomes students from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. To be eligible for admission to ITM you need to have a Bachelor's degree in any discipline.

Bachelors Degree from any AIU recognized University with minimum 50% marks aggregate. 

Final year students may also apply. ITM accepts the CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, ATMA, GMAT & State CET Tests.

To be a part of radically different ITM PGDM iConnect 2014 submit your filled application soon with all the required documents, available at all the ITM Campuses, ITM Student Counselling Centre or fill your form Online:-

Once you submit your form you would be called for GDPI according to the location you select in the ITM application Form.

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Few Questions w.r.t the Ghaziabad Campus only:

- When will the final list of selected candidates be out?

-Is there any wait-list? Also, how much does the wait-list generally move?

- If Selected, do we need to deposit the fees? If yes, how much and how many days time is allowed for the same? 

  • Sorry..that was meant to be posted for a different query..... 2h.
  • 10m.
Cat 2014 Calls- IIM-Indore(Both Campuses); MDI; IIT-B; XIMB; 6 New IIMs; IIT-KGP; IMI; IMT_____ 
Ravi Kiran @Kiku.zazz 27

Sorry..that was meant to be posted for a different query.My mistake

The Count @arpit9 68

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how will we know what we will be getting pgdm or pgdm ( Ib ) .. is there a separate list ??

  • Hello Sreshtha, What course you are allotted d.... 1h.
  • @sres12512 its *MBA* not *PGDM* offered by fms bhu... 11m.
Aman Singh @amanify 48

Hello Sreshtha,

          What course you are allotted depends on 2 factors :-

1.) Your overall merit (incl. CAT score, academics and GD PI round)

2.) The course-choice of those above you in the overall merit list.

Those who will be above you in the overall merit list will get preference over you in choosing the course (MBA or IB) . So, prepare well for your GD/PI round. Best of Luck  


Aman Singh

PR and Networking Team, FMS BHU

Prasoon Sagar @prasoonsagar 5

@sres12512  its MBA not PGDM offered by fms bhu..

84 CAT SPM Gandhinagar

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Qustion from @amreshsingh.13 

what the placement scene ???

  • SPM website clearly depicts this year placement details o.... 1h.
  • @sidd-ditto Is this average including general mgmt also o.... 18m.
Some birds are not meant to be CAGED their feathers are too bright!!
sidd-ditto siddhartha bhatnagar @sidd-ditto 95

SPM website clearly depicts this year placement details of all the recruiters info and profiles offered .

Average 6.5 lacs till date

saurabh IKnowYou @saurabhl2908 3

@sidd-ditto Is this average including general mgmt also or just for E&I.

1.5k CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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News news news!

SPJ Admissions office says that the results can be announced anytime now. By anytime I mean anytime starting from now until the 10th of Feb. Cheer up guys.

  • 7 Likes   28 Comments
  • I dont think so it will be out this week . as the weekend.... 1h.
  • Yeah..Tomorrow is National Holiday due to Holi, den Satur.... 23m.
Jaane kya hoga rama re!   
Abhishek Harlalka @harlalka2610 852

I dont think so it will be out this week . as the weekend begins from tomm

Mk 21 @Rv07 71

Yeah..Tomorrow is National Holiday due to Holi, den Saturday- Sunday are usually off.. Monday 9th looks probable...

15 CAT

[Official] 2015 GD-WAT-PI Experiences thread

Guys use this thread for sharing your GD-WAT-PI experiences so that it may be beneficial to all

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Has anybody given their iim-b interview??

  • #. 30m.
  • i am unable to find any experience of iimb interveiw?. 23m.
Calls -BLCKI, spjimr(Profile based) . Nmat -99.23%,converts-sibm-p,scmhrd  
kill cat @syedzain 31

i am unable to find any experience of iimb interveiw?

24.1k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Who was the only President elected unopposed in India ?

25 people answered this question.
Preparations can only take you so far.After that you gotta to take a few leaps of faith. 
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.
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We've updated the courses page, thanks to the feedback given by you Puys  .

Keep it coming! Do take more courses, tell your friends and tell us what you think. 

  • sir ,great work..if possible plz share some tough puzzles.... 2d.
  • Sure @Rex05 more courses are in the pipeline & would be a.... 28m.
rex k @Rex05 162

sir ,great work..if possible plz share some tough puzzles for reasoning..all d books that r available in d market still have d toughness of 2 yrs a days all officer level exams r following a totally different pattern..thanks

R Krishna @rahul.krishna 161

Sure @Rex05 more courses are in the pipeline & would be available soon.

1.3k CAT IIM Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIMs and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

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obc 150 catscore out of 300. please indicate chances of conversion to MBA at FMS

  • U need to score 12.5 around marks to convert fms....tough.... 29m.
Ajay Pratap @ajaypratapleo 120

U need to score 12.5 around marks to convert fms....tough but achievable...btw 12.5 out of 15....gud luck

224 CAT

[Official] (2015-2017) IIM Ranchi Admission Queries and Discussion

This thread is for all those who wish to be a part of IIM Ranchi's PGDM and PGDHRM (2015-2017 batch) programs. ...

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hi.. did anyone receive the mail ?... i received a mail ..but no time venue date is mentioned !!! 



Dear Candidates,

The information regarding date, time and venue for Personal Interview (PI) and Written Ability Test (WAT) process of the PGDHRM Program 2015 - 17 batch of IIM Ranchi has been sent to your email id.

Kindly check your inbox/spam for the same.

Thanks and Regards,

Admission office

IIM Ranchi

  • yeah same here!!. 31m.

49 CAT Amrita Coimbatore

(2015-17) Official Queries, Amrita School Of Business, All Campuses

We are happy to introduce the Official thread for MBA Admission 2015-2017 AMRITA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (ASB), Coimbatore...

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When will be the shortlists for interviews will be out ? do we get a mail if shortlisted?

  • @ASB_Official. 1h.
  • Emailers to the shortlisted candidates will be sent today. 34m.

253 CAT IBS Pune Pune IBS Hyderabad

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 I have my interview on 19th March but I want to get it rescheduled to 16th March. I am working in Chennai and having an interview in the mid of the week means I have to take leave for the entire week as it takes around 32 hours to travel one way. As my project is in a critical phase, I wouldn't be given that long leave as the business would get affected. Who shall I contact?? Please help  .Details as below

S.No----------- App No---------- Name of Candidate----- Father's Name

242-------------168-----------------Saquib Hasan-------------- Mashhoodul Hasan

  • Hey saquib. 44m.
  • I Have my interview on 16th mrng...nd i want it on 19 1 .... 43m.
Akash Jain @akam26 3

I Have my interview  on 16th mrng...nd i want it on 19 1 pm... Lets ask if they can interchange???

684 CAT

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

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Friends post ur  oliveboard mock scores..we can further discuss strategies to improve our scores

  • @choudharisumit as u mentioned 99%iler of cat... They als.... 3h.
  • each 99%ler will not get into iims and if one looks at RO.... 46m.
Mehul Umdekar @SeVRus 2

@choudharisumit as u mentioned 99%iler of cat... They also have iim calls equivalent to chances are there that these people will go for iims after converting both. So we all have a decent chance of making it to shortlist.

Sumit Choudhari @choudharisumit 3

each 99%ler will not get into iims and if one looks at ROI then JBIMS is far better than iims

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Puys, it's a stupid question but what is the dress code for the wat and pi round? Formal with or without the blazer? 

  • just formals....blazer not mandatory I guess. 11 Feb.
  • in the past a farmers son was always a farmer... but now .... 50m.
Converts: Great Lakes Chennai; Calls:IMT-G,H,N; NMIMS-M,B,H; FORE,LBSIM,SibmB,TAPMI,GIM 
srikar chitturi @srikarchitturi 1

just formals....blazer not mandatory I guess

Mr. ZeroH @O_o.

in the past a farmers son was always a farmer... but now with the money he can educate his children... thus move up in society.