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7.5k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Ram forms all possible four digit integers using the digits 1,2,3,4. He rings a bell if he finds at least one number is placed in it's original position, i.e., if 1 is in the first position (or) 2 in the second position & so on. After scrutinizing all the numbers, how many times will he ring the bell?.......Explanation also please.

  • @saiket whats the answer ?. 5m.
  • 23..?. 1m.
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SIMCAT 11 started and still no result of SIMCAT 10 ... ?

Are they slower than IRCTC too....??

  • I have been told by an ims faculty that window for test w.... 4m.
Rishiraj Singh @rathorerishi 34

I have been told by an ims faculty that window for test was extendes till yesterday. Did anyone recieve any mail reg this?

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So another dream team is on its way I see. :D. As a member of last year's dream team and from my own experience will suggest one thing: CAT is random, focus on it definitely, but do not get carried away by mock scores or anything. And most of all focus on building your profile,otherwise clearing an interview would be difficult from IIIM ABC at least. If you're in final year focus on improving your GPA, because ultimately even if you manage to get into a b-school if your CV is not that impressive getting a great shortlist for summers becomes a bit difficult. All the best everybody.


P.S.-@pratiksahoo33 ,kaisa haal hain bhai?

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  • @serious-sam I don't have the competence. :stuck out to.... 6h.
  • @christianbale how are the DU hostels for fms , was fms .... 16m.
Member and Vice-Captain of DT-14.CAT 99.79%,FMS-D 
Ramnik Gupta @ramnikgupta 1


how are the DU hostels for fms , was fms not supposed to shift to its own facilities in south campus. do write about fms also with #Personalexperience

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Can anyone tell me how to improve my score in Quant??  In every simcats uptil now, I hardly manage to attempt around 20-23 and I get a score in 40-50 range. (feeling pathetic in Quant). In every analysis, there r only 4-5 Qns. in Quants which I can't solve but in simcats, I can't even reach upto 25-30 attemps?????

  • If majority of the questions are going bouncer, then quic.... 41m.
  • okays....practice^practice.........and thanks 2 u Takls .... 22m.
Takls @I_like_beer 11

If majority of the questions are going bouncer, then quickly get your basics clear(Takshzila Shikshak on YouTube, or your coaching teachers); if it's lack of time/panicking, then get used to the section by giving sectional tests. Either way, practice is going to pull you out of the ditch. Stay strong lol

Deepanshu Raj @100percentiler

okays....practice^practice.........and thanks 2 u Takls  @I_like_beer

47 CAT

AIMCAT1607-N: 3 Oct 15 to 6 Oct 15, INV - OL

Please publish your scores here

2.1k CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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@chinki93  can you please explain where to use 'who ' and where to use 'whom' ..??? if you can give some general rule that would be very helpful...

  • General rule: You use "who" when you are referring to the.... 44m.
  • @chinki93 Grammar is a cake walk if you just remember a .... 41m.
I can crack CAT and I will crack CAT 
Joshua @Apjoshua64 10

General rule: You use "who" when you are referring to the subject of a clause. You use "whom" when you are referring to the object of the clause.                                                                                                                                   I read this somewhere and it really helps me remember the rule. Maybe it will help you too [hopefully]. If I say " I love you", you are the object of my affection and my sentence. I am the subject here. So, Who loves whom? => I love you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Another example: "I stepped on Mr. Snail". Now ask this question to yourself: Who stepped on Mr. Snail? Answer: "I did", I is the subject hence 'Who' is the correct pronoun here. Again, I stepped on what? Mr. Snail... Hence Mr. Snail is the object therefore whom is the correct pronoun. 

Joshua @Apjoshua64 10

@chinki93  Grammar is a cake walk if you just remember a few easy rules. It'll help you score easy points  

3.9k CAT

Requests or Offers to Donate your Old CAT Study Material : Strictly no buying or selling

Hi All, This is the season where lot of you people have completed their MBA preparation journey and are wondering whe...

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Urgently want to dispose off my old TIME material. 

Anyone interested may contact me @ or +91-9987727871

Since I am moving out of Bombay, I wanna give it away within this week. I am located @ Kanjurmarg West, Mumbai. 

  • i am also interested in the material :smiley:. 3h.
  • I am based in Kanjur..let me know at 45m.
Neha @neha.coool 178

i am also interested in the material


I am based in Kanjur..let me know at 

134 CAT


Hey puys n pirls, This forum is meant for detailed discussion of the CL mocks 2014. One can feel free to ask anything...

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While filling the Form it asks for CAT Registration no. But in the CAT Application form only CAT User ID is mentioned. Are they same?

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I've given AIMCAT 1609 as a 'Missed AIMCAT',so I'm not getting the percentile scores for each section and also the overall percentile.Can anybody help me out?These are my scores.





  • i meant QA around 85, DI around 90, VA more than 95 (roug.... 12h.
  • Thanks for the help!. 2h.
Nitesh Kumar @nitesh.kumar 3

i meant QA around 85, DI around 90, VA more than 95 (rough entimates)

@crobertdelta 7

Thanks for the help!

1.1k CAT

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

777 CAT



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DILR-59(90%ile) Iska kuch karna padega




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  • @rsgs92 it depends!!Dont experiment unless u r used to gi.... 4h.
  • Mocks are good to check this one too..!!. 3h.
Jim Morrison @anshuji 349

@rsgs92 it depends!!Dont experiment unless u r used to giving mocks after a hangover

Akash Maan @akashmaan93 169

Mocks are good to check this one too..!!

857 CAT MICA Ahmedabad

MICA Ahmedabad: Official Discussion Forum (MICAT - 2015)

HelloEveryone, It gives us immense pleasure to kick-startanother season of admissions for the 2 year PGDM (C) program...

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2.3k CAT Verbal CAT

Grammar and English Usage

A. At a time when there is so much revulsion towards corruption in all walks of life, Sachin seeking to subvert the l...

387 CAT

PhD/FPM 2015

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2015. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

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hey can a student(pgdm) from a very new clg apply to phd..??  i heard that a clg should be atleast 5 yrs old.. pls guide...

  • Where is it written?. 4h.
oracle it is.. 

2k CAT IIM Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIMs and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

16 CAT

Official Thread For RC Discussion CAT 2015

RC's can be potential game changers for your VA score ! So let's begin with our RC preparation for CAT 2015 !

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It has become something of a literary cliche to bash the thesaurus, or at the very least, to warn fellow writers that it is a book best left alone. Some admonitions might be blunt, others wistful, as with Billy Collins musing on his rarely opened thesaurus. But beyond the romantic anthropomorphizing of words needing to break free from 'the warehouse of Roget', what of Collins' more pointed criticism, that 'there is no/such thing as a synonym'? That would suggest that the whole enterprise of constructing a thesaurus is predicated on a fiction.

It is only a fiction if one holds fast to the notion that synonyms must be exactly equivalent in their meaning, usage and connotation. Of course, under this strict view, there will never be any 'perfect' synonyms. No word does exactly the job of another. In the words of the linguist Roy Harris, 'If we believe there are instances where two expressions cannot be differentiated in respect of meaning, we must be deceiving ourselves.'

But the synonyms that we find gathered together in a thesaurus are typically more like siblings that share a striking resemblance. 'Brotherly' and 'fraternal,' for instance. Or 'sisterly' and 'sororal.' They may correspond well enough in meaning, but that should not imply that one can always be substituted for another. Consulting a thesaurus to find these closely related sets of words is only the first step for a writer looking for le mot juste: the peculiar individuality of each would-be synonym must then be carefully judged. Mark Twain knew the perils of relying on the family resemblance of words: 'Use the right word,' he wrote, 'not its second cousin.'

No matter how tempting the metaphor, though, words are not people. We cannot run genetic tests on them to determine their degrees of kinship, and a thesaurus is not a pedigree chart. We can, nonetheless, look to it as a guidebook to help us travel around the semantic space of our shared lexicon, grasping both the similarities that bond words together and the nuances that differentiate them.

(1) Which of the following is the primary purpose of the passage?

A.To outline and examine the validity of the criticisms levied against the thesaurus.

 B.To demonstrate that the thesaurus is not a collection of synonyms but a collection of related words.                                                  

 C.To argue that despite the criticism against it the thesaurus can still be a useful tool to understand the relationship between words.

 D. To highlight the futility of trying to find the perfect synonym.

(2) Which of the following is synonymous with 'predicated' as it is used in the last sentence of the first paragraph?

A. compromised

B. grounded

C. tethered 

D. balanced

  • 2\. D. 15h.
  • 1 c 2 b. 6h.
CAT 2015 :(:(:( 

8.5k CAT

The Art of writing SOP

Hello Junta... :smiley: Hope u all had a great festival & now, its time to get back to those books!!! I have been get...

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bull mock 29 . OA 192 . QA ( 30C/1W) 89  , DILR (23C/2W) 67 , VA (16C/12W) 36. poor accuracy . found DI/LR 2 sets to be tough..guys suggest something for Verbal . i have taken a mock after a long break and now such a poor show in verbal.

  • nice score in qa :smiley:. 2d.
  • Bhai qa mein kya khaake baithe the bata do... 12h.
@saurabh_kokad 1

Bhai qa mein kya khaake baithe the bata do..

61 CAT

possibility of IIM call despite poor school results

no chance if you are from general category.. and you might get a call from new iims but it will be next to impossible...

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I am female from general category 10th- 84% 12th- 84% BE7.3% No work experience. Is it possible to score decent percentile in 75 days of preparation, and how much I have to score to get into new IIM? Shall I register for CAT 2015 ? Pls reply me asap, -

  • I would suggest you give cat, xat and other related exami.... 1d.
  • thanks :smiley:. 15h.
blue phantom @bluephantom 10

I would suggest you give cat, xat and other related examinations to maximize your chances. XLRI doesn't give a high weightage to past academics. So you have a good chance if you do well in the exam. All this is my personal opinion though.

I am studying in XLRI with a score of 83.xx% in 10th, 79.xx in 12 and 7.37 percentile in graduation. All the best for all your exams  :)