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1.4k CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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Please share the criteria for selection based on XAT score

MY registration id is


MY XAT percentile is 99.66

MY Academic scores are as follow

xth 87.8

xII th 79.6

Graduation -78.6

Workex - 30 months

Relevance of work ex with respect to the options is applicable

Currently working as Assistant Manager- Marketing & Buisness development

Acheivments- Applicable (Awarded Best Employee of the quarter for organization)

Sports (Football)

National level Quizzer

Please share the reason why I am not shortlisted , so that I can improve upon in Future

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  • dont worry mate !! XL doesnt know what they hv lost. 1d.
  • Could be because of your 12th and graduation being less t.... 1m.
madhu garg @madhugrg 4

dont worry mate !! XL doesnt know what they hv lost

Roger Federer @french_open 93

Could be because of your 12th and graduation being less than 80.

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Hey, I like your tone and confidence of reply. Also I Know in details about IIsc bangalore. In fact I got selected for the course u might be pursuing now. But I really suspect IIsc really follows AICTE and UGC rules and regulation. This I can say from my last year's admission experience. Firstly they gave me only 1 week time to pay the full 1 year fee and told that if we do not withdraw in 5 days all my money will be confiscated(Except the deposite ie-Rs.10500).That too in more than 2 months advance of the commencement of the classes which is a clear violation of the AICTE and UGC regulation. Apart from this the most pathetic thing about the institute is that in spite of sending 20 reminders mails(looping registrar,chairman,dean mgmt) till date they are not responding to my mail. Dude, I really used to respect this institute like anything but my experience  really destroyed this respect. They first forced me(as per offer letter) to take a decision by reducing the time of fee payment and then confiscated the whole 1 year fee. All the IITs and IIMs follow the rules of AICTE and UGC, and refunded money even after the date of withdrawal but IIsc even after 20 reminders does not even care to tell me the reason why they do not follow AICTE and UGC refund policy.

However, I feel at least you guys can help me with this.

Plz reply what should I do in such situation.

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  • Ohh ok I though u were asking about the course ,I think t.... 7m.
  • And reg iims at one stage they operate offer acceptanc.... 2m.
Dheeraj Kapula @Dheeraj_92

Ohh ok I though u were asking about the course ,I think they might have kept two weeks time to operate waiting list asap bcoz we get offer letter in last week of april  and by the time wait-list is operated it will be end of may-mid june which is quite late I believe.As far as refund is considered u should have come to clg and took  the issue to the chairman or registrar when there is no response.

Dheeraj Kapula @Dheeraj_92

And reg  iims  at one stage they operate  offer acceptance in a 3 -4 days window u have to make a decision in 3 days !!!!   

905 CAT SIMSR Mumbai

[2015-17] K J Somaiya aka SIMSR, Mumbai Admission related queries

*Online Application* - *Qualifying Exam -** *CAT 2014...

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what  will be the selection process this year? Will it be same like last year, consisting of case,SOP and PI?

  • @venkat89 SOP?We are required to submit it at the time of.... 10m.
  • What is SOP?. 3m.
Nainika @nainika15 3

@venkat89 SOP?We are required to submit it at the time of PI?

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Just tried to ccalculate my composite score for Lucknow. I get around 20 considering 0 for grad and 12th. The people who got through or might have missed. What are your scores? This is exclusively for pgpm. 

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Suppose I convert my call, will I get my preferred specialization or it also depends on my overall score ?
IMT G interview call on 6th

101 CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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A researcher discovered that people who have low levels of immune-system activity tend to score much lower on tests of mental health than do people with normal or high immune-system activity. The researcher concluded from this experiment that the immune system protects against mental illness as well as against physical disease.

The researcher's conclusion depends on which of the following assumptions?

A. High immune-system activity protects against mental illness better than normal immune system activity does.

B. Mental illness is similar to physical disease in its effects on body systems.

C. People with high immune-system activity cannot develop mental illness.

D. Mental illness does not cause people's immune-system activity to decrease

E. Psychological treatment of mental illness is not as effective as is medical treatment.

  • :thumbsup:. 12m.
  • Easy tha... but a nice one ... 11m.
The feline needs to be tamed!!  

294 CAT MBE DU New Delhi

[2014-2016] MBE, Deptt. of Business Economics [DBE], DU Admissions

*About MBE:** *In 1973, the Department of Business Economics under University of Delhi,pioneered the Masters Program ...

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Hello Puys. I have a career related decision to make and I am sure I will get valuable suggestions in here.

I am currently a B.Tech student in VNIT, Nagpur about to get bachelors in Civil Engineering. I got a job at a MNC. The profile is excellent too, Structural engineer. It's the most coveted profile for any Civil Engineer. Package is 4.1 LPA but the company is asking for a 4 year service bond with 5 lac as bond amount.

I appeared for CAT this year and got 96.76 %ile without any coaching and serious prep. I have calls from new IIMs. However, this ignited a will to reappear for CAT and ace the next time. I still haven't realized my ambition and so, cannot make a clear decision. Please guide me. Should I look for a job in IT related company, which I can get if I try and reappear for CAT a little later or should I take up the job and appear for CAT with 4 year work-ex if I stand uninterested in core job at that point.

  • Personally, I would be suspicious if somebody asks me for.... 8h.
  • 4 years ke baad it's pointless to do CAT, as you will be .... 18m.
It's only after we have lost everything, we are free to do anything
Artemis 01 @soumyadeep123 3

Personally, I would be suspicious if somebody asks me for such a long bond at such an amount (> 1 years salary) at an entry level position with not such a high salary. I can't comment on the job type or anything but it may seem that the company is unable to attract or retain talent. Which may further point to work culture issues within the company. If the work culture is not sustainable, it may have an adverse impact on your preparations as well. Four years is a very long time and lot of things can change in that period.

you just wasted time reading this @guitar_geek 784

4 years ke baad it's pointless to do CAT, as you will be too old. ideal time to enter is with 2 years work ex. Max limit can be 4 years work ex , then it is no point to do 2 years MBA . 

300 CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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A, B, C, D have some amount with them . Firstly, D doubles the amount with the others. Then C doubles the amount with the others. After that B doubles the amount with the others and lastly A doubles the amount with the others. At the last stage each of  the four have Rs.80. Then what will be the amount with which C started?

9 people answered this question.
लहरों को खामोश देखकर, ये न समझना के समंदर में रवानी नहीं है।जब भी उठेंगे तूफान उठेगा, बस उठने की अभी ठानी नहीं है।। 
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42 CAT

[Official] 2015-17 IIM Kozhikode GD-WAT-PI Call Getters Discussion

Many congratulations to all who have been shortlisted for the interview stage. You are now just one step away from se...

410 CAT

Maharashtra-CET (MH-CET) for MBA/MMS 2014 is back!! The Maharashtra government has brought back its Co...

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NEW IIMS Tracker 2014-16 - Google Sheets
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Calls' 2014 - IIM Rohtak || Udaipur || Ranchi || Raipur || Kashipur ||Trichi || SCMHRD. CAT'15 ?? 
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cat2014 oa- 76.93 percentile , work ex -31 months in L&T constructions , gen category...what r my chances to convert?....can anyone from the current mba batch in HCU respond to our queries as currently no such forums are available for 2015-2017 will be of great help....

  • yes you can convert, if u do ur gd and pi well. 14h.
  • @VIDHYANAND thanks a lot the gd/pi list out for H.... 50m.

yes you can convert, if u do ur gd and pi well



thanks a lot the gd/pi list out for HCU MBA....tentative date was 31st of jan....but yet couldn't find any mail or any notification in the official page...can u please help in this?

53 CAT SPM Gandhinagar

SPM Gandhinagar: Official Discussion Thread for Admissions 2015

For admissions related queries for *SPM PDPU Gandhinagar*, feel free to post on this thread and we will take utmost c...

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Anyone here who was able to clear RBI Grade B Officer Phase I objective exam..?

Please share your overall as well as sectional attempts and scores.. so that I can get an idea as to how many questions should be attempted for a safe score..

I will be really thankful to you if u could help me out .. Also share ur strategy..

81 CAT MDIM Murshidabad

[2015-2017] MDI MURSHIDABAD PGPM Admission Notification and related discussion

Admissions open for the 2015-17 BATCH for MDI MURSHIDABAD. Visit here for all the information related queries. http...

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If the deadline is extended plz let me know cause i have not filled the form till yet & tom is the last day deadline is tomorrow (I even have not made the DD, will fill if it extends)

  • Check this link. 1h.
  • 1h.

4.6k CAT

(Declared) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results have been declared Check your result at -

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Has anyone been following Takshzila shikshak's Quant Material(hardcopies)???could u please give a review of it?

  • @zippysoul is that line from the smith's?. 2h.
  • @sikes_rags Google_shwar_ suggests that it is!. 1h.
setting the Viking longships on fire and watching them drift off into the dark night..
@sikes_rags 46

@zippysoul is that line from the smith's?

Phase 1 - On hold ! @sachinjha 1,282

@sikes_rags Googleshwar suggests that it is!

78 CAT

New IIM's GD-PI/WAT preparation thread

Congratulations to all!!! Lets prepare ourselves for a bigger challenge.....Start shoooooting your queries and lets d...

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Hello Puys,

Got a mail from Admission Office Udaipur, stating the date and venue. It also says that there is a provision to change the date and venue, mail reads "You may also request a change in the center and date, subject to avalibality of slot, on or before Feb 5, 2015." can someone help me find the link to do so, please.

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  • mail to which id ??. 13h.
  • 1h.