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155 CAT IIM Ahmedabad

Second Stage (GD/GE/PI/WAT) Shortlist Announcement for IIM-A (Released)

The shortlist for IIM-A has been released. Stay tuned to this discussion for more updates. Visit

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Hey I got a call frm IIM A- ABM . Can someone plz tell abt placement scenario of the ABM at IIM A. Is it a good decision to go for it?? 

plz reply!!

  • Is it agood option for marketing?. 2d.
  • If u r from food or agri sector then it is good for u oth.... 49m.
Usha Sai Yeda @dolliee

Is it agood option for marketing?

Abk Inc @career.abkinc 4

If u r from food or agri sector then it is good for u otherwise not

1.3k CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

251 CAT

[2015-2017] IIM Shillong PI Shortlist Discussions - Official Page

Greetings from Public Relations Cell, IIM Shillong! IIM Shillong PI Shortlist has been declared and can be accessed ...

3.7k CAT

Requests or Offers to Donate your Old CAT Study Material : Strictly no buying or selling

Hi All, This is the season where lot of you people have completed their MBA preparation journey and are wondering whe...

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Anyone near Koramangla willing to share Pearson Quant DI by Nishit K Sinha?

The reason for this being, I required to refer to a couple of different practice sets of QA DI.

Against the same, I can share Career Launcher Smart MBA Cracker Correspondence Video Lectures' Portal/ Byju's Classes full portal ID/Password.
PS:The person can attempt the mocks/sectionals without any issue.

Interested aspirants can Inbox.

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  • Answers: 1)Yes it does. 2)Did not count. 300 plus surel.... 2h.
  • Thank you. Check your message box please. 2h.
Pragati Shaukhin @pragati.Infy 2


1)Yes it does.

2)Did not count. 300 plus surely.

3)20-25 mins.

4)Yes I found DM and Essay writing lectures there.

5)Till CAT 2015.

Sampath @R.Sampath

Thank you. Check your message box please

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reservation, academic diversity and gender diversity.. WTF.. saallooo ehsaan kr rhe ho kya GEMs ko admission deke..

PS-No offence but it sucks..

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  • 14 Jan.
  • @man_drake @nervous90 Hey! First of all I am no fan of .... 3h.
Puneet Agrawal @puneet7 44

@man_drake @nervous90 

Hey! First of all I am no fan of egalitarianism (hate Ellsworth Toohey of The Fountainhead book) and detest the pretence of care and responsibility that law and policy makers show towards abject status of our backward class but please follow the following commentary knowing that I am a fellow GEM  We say that we are unlucky to have an engineering degree or to be in the general category or to be a male. I would like to say that what if reservations were removed and you were at 98.xx % in CAT. With all your quant skills, I request you to figure out your chances of clearing cut-offs for IIMs shortlist. Will the added 60-70 seats in your coveted IIM increase your chance of a call when at least more than 500 GEMs are waiting ahead of you? No! So why do we all cry when all we can do is to try.

Being general: I am proud to belong to the caste that is ubiquitous in almost all professions barring few public sector jobs.

Being Engineer: I am proud of my experience at IIT/NIT that shaped my way of living. (Writing this at 4 am)

Being a Man : And most important of all I am proud of my gender and I better not delve too much on it  

So for all GEMs do not forget that we all are gems cut many times by prejudices of having herd mentality because of our degree choice, by being branded rapists when all we can do and think of is CAT(this a classic use of euphemism.) 

590 CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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OA 69 sectionals both above 65 ......10 88 12 66 grad 65 no work ex.. Got calls from all new IIMs .....convert ka chance hai kya?plz be honest guyzzzz......

  • yes..i converted trichy with 67 last year... 5h.
  • no can cmnt about ur chance of conversion just be well pr.... 3h.
abhishek 07 @abhishek711 26

yes..i converted trichy with 67 last year..

neversay die @debu1989 74

no can cmnt about ur chance of conversion just be well prepared & give ur depend on the system

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What is the expected CAT cutoff?

And how much would the CAT score matter in the final admission list?

My OA is 97.92 (CAT)

  • @yotesh : The Qualifying Exam score has 40% weightage in .... 3h.
Jithin George @jithin.g 26
@yotesh : The Qualifying Exam score has 40% weightage in the Selection Process...Page 5 of our FAQ will give the detailed breakup of the selection parameters:

492 CAT IIM Lucknow

Second Stage (GD/GE/PI/WAT) Shortlist Announcement for IIM-L (Released)

The shortlist for IIM-L has been released. Visit to find out if you've made it. S...

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Guys last date has been extended til 28th Jan right?

  • Where did u got this info from?. 12h.
  • its der on IIML website. 3h.
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All the best to all the aspirants who have applied for FMS BHU.

GD/PI cutoffs and relevant details will be shared soon. It will be held probably in Feb/March. 


PR and Networking Team


Abhishek Khemka : Faculty Of Management Studies - Banaras Hindu University 2014-16  

570 CAT MICA Ahmedabad

MICAT 2014 Prep Thread

Alrighty, puys! MICAT results are out. Congrats to those who got the call; the ones who didn't … jump over. :grin: Di...

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Hi! I am creating a whatsapp group for those who are preparing for MICAT'15 where we can share gk, latest trend and trivia about marketing world and help each other in preparations. All those who are willing to participate please message me. C'mon guys...this is the last exam of this season. Let's do it well!!

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  • 8904164100. 4h.
veni vidi vici 
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5th feb Mumbai. Anyone got a mail ? Are they sending  it slot wise ?

CAT 14 : 96.28, SNAP 14 :99.76, Calls : MDI, SIBM-P, SCMHRD, IMT gzb 

222 CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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TG's great grandfather had many children. His oldest son was a twin. All his children were twins except for 41 of them. All his children were triplets except for 41 of them. And to make matter worse, all his children were quadruplets except for 41 of them. How many children did TG's great grandfather have? (You cannot count quadruplets as triplets etc.)

  • 53?. 5h.
  • ya you are correct ..please explain ... 4h.
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done with BA LLb (Hons) and undergoing LLM from National Law University. can u be more specific on the exam pattern. N areas concerned (For NMET 2015). Also what about the cutoff marks.

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can anyone tell me what are strong and weak arguments?

  • An argument which is strong is Strong Argument. An argume.... 5d.
  • @chinki93 Any argument which has a direct impact on the .... 4h.
Vivek saraswat @vivek7125 24

An argument which is strong is Strong Argument. An argument which is weak is weak argument. Hope it helps

Ravi Kiran @Kiku.zazz 10

@chinki93  Any argument which has a direct impact on the given statement/case is a strong argument.On the other hand,the one which has an indirect or no impact on the given case is a weak argument.


XAT Results (Declared)

XAT results have been declared. You can check you score here - and the a...

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QA: 98.83;EL & LR:99.80;DM:91.11

OVERALL: 99.90

(academic: 10:79%;12:80%;Graduation:70.3%, no work ex)

Got call from XLRI.

What kind of chances do I have to get into the HR program?

  • @jatinaneja12 You can go to 3d.
  • How much marks you scored in quants approx?. 5h.
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XAT - OA 98.25

QA 94.47, VA 92.69, DM 94.54. Chances of shortlist ? Also will we need to login and update score ? or will you take it automatically ?

  • ?? Why mention XAT OA on MDI thread? the last I knew , MD.... 3d.
  • @debmit104 what's your XAT score (expected) in Quants .P.... 5h.
Ours is not to reason why, but to toil and die  
The Traveler Tiwary @beteNoire 875

?? Why mention XAT OA on MDI thread? the last I knew , MDI was only accepting CAT scores

saharsh shekhar @cutesetu25 1

@debmit104  what's your XAT score (expected) in Quants .Please share It will be helpful for me?

532 CAT MDI Gurgaon

MDI Gurgaon - One Year MBA PGP Ex (NMP) Discussion Thread

Hi puys This thread will be dedicated to Admissions related queries for the upcoming batch of NMP students at MDI. Ad...

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We have already said a lot of about placement & other irrelevant things. Please, if any serious guy can shed some light on education loan activity. Has anyone tried for SBI. Can I go for Credila ?  NMP27 & NMP 28 guys , please help!

  • go for SBI will be cheaper than others. 5h.
A D @akkitheone 15

go for SBI will be cheaper than others

93 CAT IIM Ranchi

IIM Ranchi PGDM & PGDHRM Converts [ Official Thread]

Hi Everyone, Greetings from _Team Communique,__Media PR Cell, IIM Ranchi!_ A big congrats to all the final converts :...