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If we are doing PGDM -IB in a specialization like finance, will we still be eligible for financial firms/companies in placement which hire from candidates from PGDM-core?

  • yes you will be !!. 1m.
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If I fill application form today (hrlp) can I submit the 3 essays after the last submission date which is 11th?

  • you can submit the essays within 7 days of your application. 9m.
Sachin Serigar @sachinserigar 106

you can submit the essays within 7 days of your application 


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Dear MICAspirants,

With the second MICAT just round the corner, here are a few tips:

. The MICAT has been designed as a comprehensive test to assess those abilities, namely, analytical ability, verbal ability, logical reasoning, divergent thinking, written communication skills, creativity potential and general awareness about contemporary social and industry related issues including areas covering media, marketing, advertising and business.

. Prospective candidates should be well-read, innovative & intelligent with an analytical bent of mind. They are also expected to be aware of contemporary social and industry issues including general awareness covering media, marketing, advertising and business.

. A regular habit of reading newspapers and practice in analytical and creative writing would be useful.

. Please note that the following tips are guidelines based on our own experience as well as the sample paper. The actual paper structure may or may not differ from this.

. There will be 2 parts to the MICAT:

1. Section1

a. Part 1: This has four sections A (Logical Reasoning), B (General Awareness),C (Quant/Analytics) & D (Verbal). All questions in the section will have only one appropriate answer. Each wrong answer will get ΒΌ negative marks. Un-attempted questions do not carry negative marking.

b. Part 2: This is the creative writing section and has two questions. Answers to part 2 are to be typed out in the space provided.

2. Section 2 (psychometric test) has three sections: E, F & G. 
There isn't any right or wrong answer to the questions posed here. Your answer sheet will not be evaluated if you fail to answer all the questions. This section is a qualifier.

. An essential tip is to manage your time in advance. Come prepared with an approximate assumption of the time you will spent on each section and sub-section.

Logical Reasoning
The mix of question types can include word association, statement/assumption, data sufficiency, cause-effect, and problem/answer figures. These are purely based on common sense.

General Awareness
Go through websites such as Afaqs, CampaignIndia/Asia, Nielsen, Newswire, Thinking Aloud, Reuters, etc. Know brand logos and taglines well. Read up on latest mergers, joint ventures, and other business news besides general information about the Indian economy, UN-related news, names of prominent industry people in the fields of media, marketing, advertising & business. Besides this, read the news regularly to be up-to-speed with general social issues.

Quantitative/Analytical section
Brush up on basic concepts of geometry, profit & loss, simple & compound interest, relations & functions, probability, data interpretation, linear equations, work/time, permutation/combination, speed/time, mixtures, basic calculus (integration/differentiation) and the likes . The questions should be tackled with an analytical outlook. They will test your logic, common sense & approach in terms of application word problems, more so than your memory of extremely complicated formulae.

Verbal section
You can be given a couple of essays/passages and asked MCQs based on your reading. There is no set way to prepare for this, except brush up on your language & reading comprehension skills.

Descriptive section
Build your writing and creativity skills. You may be given story writing exercises based on a series of pictures, justification of issue related essays, and the likes. Ensure your arguments are clearly thought out, logical and make use of relevant examples from your personal knowledge repertoire & general awareness.

Psychometric section
As previously stated on this group, there is again no set way to prepare for the psychometric section. The test will assess how good a fit you are for MICA and whether you possess the qualities it aspires for its students to have. The questions will be designed to analyze you in terms of personality, attitude, beliefs, abilities, skills, etc.

Hope this helps you prepare a little better!
Good luck! :)

Team Interface 
The Media and PR wing of MICA

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  • @MICAstudents when will the admit cards come out ?. 1d.
  • Admit cards are out.. 29m.
Team Interface - The Media and PR Wing of MICA

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I have filled up the form but it won't submit! It shows fill up Bachelor's degree details. I have already filled it up for the 5th year I filled up NA. Please help.

  • check if the date of completion is not the future date. 5h.
  • #. 1h.

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I haven't given any cat mat exam yet can I also get admission in good college...

  • you can sit for mhcet exam. 15h.
  • Mhcet when will it contact. 1h.

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Greeting from IIM Kashipur!

In our pursuit to make your journey from the CAT exam to an IIM convert as smooth as possible, We have prepared a WAT/PI Kit which you can use as reference.

We hope this kit would help you in your pursuit of reaching your goal!

WAT PI Kit :

Feel free to download and share! Best Wishes! 

Kindly like IIM Kashipur Page : for any updates.

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  • Not opening. 4m.

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How many Purana were purchased in 1999?? OA is 20.. Can someone please explain..

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  • Tried to explain.... 6h.
  • Thanks... :smiley:. 22m.
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please explain cost ratio or give link for it

cost ratio and inventory turnover ratio are one and the same ?

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  • You won't get a list of cost ratio. Because they are not .... 19m.
le panga, Shuaa of Bsg, Founder of Gma Rocks,G Bouys ,Hr ke Bichaar   
@Edipod 15

You won't get a list of cost ratio. Because they are not a standard ones .As I said before only benefit cost ratio and variable cost ratio are the commonly used ones.

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What kind of PI questions will be asked?

Will it focus more on Engineering background or management skills? As it has 'Industrial' & 'Engineering' in its name. So what they expect?

  • Like something more to add on this? What to prepare.... 37m.
sicha @Sindhunath 2

Like something more to add on this?

What to prepare for GDPI: 1)Keep yourself well read about the current affairs. 2) Be thorough with whatever you have filled up in the form 3) For freshers - know in and out about your final year project 4) For people with work ex - know about your company and everything related to the work that you did. 5) Be prepared with structured answers for questions like - "why MBA?", your strengths and weaknesses etc. More details and domain specific questions will be shared once the shortlist is out

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Hi, could someone help me with interpreting the percentiles and ranks in SimCETs? What is the correlation between the two? My percentile is 99.62 (which doesn't seem so great) whereas my rank is 16. What am I supposed to make of this?

  • which simcet mock ?. 6h.
  • @siddhisp your rank and percentile are extremely good. Of.... 39m.
Lets Rock @Chotabachcha 16

@siddhisp your rank and percentile are extremely good. Of course that doesn't guarantee you the same kind of percentile and rank in the main exam. I think the number of simcet test takers are far less than that of last year. Lets not dwell on this, better try to identify weak areas and filling the gaps to improve our performance next time.

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Which New IIMs will have their own campus ready for 2016-18 batch?

  • u sure?. 7h.
  • trichy only. 39m.
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People who are all done with WAT/PI, please share your experience.

Background - 96.6/ 94.6/ 8.65 (NC-OBC) | CAT 2015 - 92.47. Calls : K, I, B, L ... | CAT 2016 - One serious attempt. 
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Is any normalization process being followed for evaluating grad score cutoff of students from different universities/institutions ? A CGPA 5.5  in my college is worth 70% in some  private colleges which are quite lenient.

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Do we need to send any document (cat score cardcard or anything else) through post after the final payment?? And I heard there is no GD ? Then, what's the procedure like after shortlisting? Please Specify, Thank you

  • @mprachish18 No need to send any document, all would be v.... 3d.
  • @shreyassinha123 Thank you for this info, Can you please.... 4h.
SHREYAS SINHA @shreyassinha123 108

@mprachish18 No need to send any document, all would be verified later. Meanwhile CAT score card would be required to b uploaded at the last page of the application form. And yes there is no GD. There will be WAT (Written assessment test) followed by PI.

Mihir Prachish @mprachish18

@shreyassinha123  Thank you for this info, Can you please specify me the criteria for shortlisting candidates for WAT/PI? Only CAT scores considered for shortlisting or past academic records also add weightage during shortlisting??Also Whats the percentage breakup for final selection? Thank you.

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which new iims will have their campus ready this session (2016-2017)?

  • #. 7h.
  • According to update I have, IIM Kashipur is moving to its.... 5h.
perfect dilemma: "to be or not to be" 
Satish Dabhade @satishynd 19

According to update I have, IIM Kashipur is moving to its new permanent campus this coming term.