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7.7k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Danny Left for Granny's house between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm and when he returned between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm he noticed that the minute hand and hour hand have interchanged their positions. what time did Danny leave ? 

Share approach Plz. 

  • 5:43pm?. 24m.
  • 5:43?. 2m.
wORk hARd In sILENce...!! LeT your LAmBorghini make all the Noise..!! 

2.1k CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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In no other historical sighting did Halley’s Comet cause such a worldwide sensation as did its return in 1910-1911.

34 people answered this question.
I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.  
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43 CAT

Analysis SIMCAT 9

Discuss the SIMCAT 9 paper over here.

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QA:   99.88 = 74(25/31).. Poor accuracy..:-/ Needed calculator to find out cos36, but wasn't available

DI/LR: 96.97 = 49(17/20), Very low attempts, Need to speed up here

VA:    82.7 = 34(14/28)  Abysmal score, but can't help here..(

OA: 98.88 = 157 (56/79)

  • ohhh.. Atleast sare questions ek baar scan toh hone hi ch.... 2h.
  • U Will do great ! Atb :thumbsup:. 29m.     CAT14: 98.36 CAT15: ?  
Shubham Ranka @shubhamranka92 242

ohhh.. Atleast sare questions ek baar scan toh hone hi chahye yr.. Me bas 20 hi question dekh paya.. Dekhte hai next test se..

Johnny Bravo @msd11 382

U Will do great ! Atb  

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QA : 69

LRDI : 48

VA : 56

OA : 173  Tortuous as well as torturous LRDI.  

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  • @lannister_tyrian Nehi yaar. I only practice from mocks i.... 34m.
  • @hksparadox Ab kya kare dnt u think the sets wer.... 31m.
There will be haters. 
Apurba Adhikari @matrix4ever 330

@lannister_tyrian Nehi yaar. I only practice from mocks itself. Aur time nehi milta!!

Apurba Adhikari @matrix4ever 330

@hksparadox Ab kya kare dnt u think the sets were pretty time-taking. I'm not saying difficult but bit lengthy. Could attempt only 5 sets with 2 wrong.

389 CAT

PhD/FPM 2015

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2015. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

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hey can a student(pgdm) from a very new clg apply to phd..??  i heard that a clg should be atleast 5 yrs old.. pls guide...

  • any idea abt different entrance cut-off for phd in xlri/x.... 1h.
  • No idea.. 1h.
oracle it is.. 
waka waka @MANC-LONDON 630

any idea abt different entrance cut-off for phd in xlri/ximb???

87 CAT

PG CAT Mock Series

Taking Mock CATs are key to cracking CAT! What are you waiting for? :mg: Check the Mock Schedule here.

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where can i see the percentile i scored in pg mock cat the stats, it is showing the score n not percentile

  • @rahul.krishna okay. but why is there no on-screen keyboa.... 1h.
  • ok gr8...thnx :smiley:. 1h.
Gaurav Agarwal @gaurav289018 97

@rahul.krishna okay. but why is there no on-screen keyboard available to type in the answers? 

790 CAT



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Now Thats a Cracker:

Sections Order Changed for CAT 2015:

Section 1: VA/RC

Section 2:DI/LR

Section 3:QA

P.S.: Proof IAvaiable in FAQs>Exam Format on

Comments Invited!!! :(

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  • Qa doesn't require you to read 2000 words in the form of .... 2h.
  • @nitinchan :p. 2h.
Daredevil @sid_5050 255

Qa doesn't require you to read 2000 words in the form of 4 RCS and countless more in va,along with analysing the meaning ,getting the drift and logic etc. In qa if you know it you know it, there is as it is no time for R&D in the paper. 

1.1k CAT

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

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Can someone send me the PDF for SIMCAT(Revised) for 1,2, 3,4 which have the solutions. I want to do only the QA part as I don't have time to sit all the three hours. Moreover IMS has reversed the sections as per CAT Notification today and  now when I am opening the mock-it is starting with the VA section. So I can't sit for 2 hours for QA to start. Please someone email me the four PDFs.

  • Go on the FAQ on the top right side. See exam format. See.... 13h.
  • oh ok. thanks!. 2h.
Karan Singh @karan.singh 23

Go on the FAQ on the top right side. See exam format. See "NEW" Flashing. We got an update from IMS on the dashboard.

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While last year we had people like shashwat^2, ankan(christianbale) and feralonso(sidd)  to name a few the line up looks impressive againagain. Best of luck DT 15

Admissions committee  || Great Lakes PGPM 2015-16 || while there's life there's hope !! Other converts : NMIMS Mumbai 

85 CAT

[2015] Mock Score Repository

Hi All , Kindly post your Mock score here to gauge your performance against the elitist of the lot. Guidelines :...

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Old Pattern:

Test__QADI %ile__VALR %ile__OA %ile__AIR/Topper'sList__Cutoffs

IMS ID (1347317):

SIM1__99.88__99.07__99.93__NA__All Cleared

SIM2__99.39__99.87__99.91__NA__All Cleared

SIM101__95.35__99.03__98.31__NA__All Cleared

SIM102__99.03__99.55__99.83__NA__All Cleared

SIM103__99.37__97.54__99.09__NA__All Cleared

SIM104__99.89__99.53__99.92__NA__All Cleared

SIM107__99.73__97.84__99.76__NA__All Cleared

SIM108__96.54__99.52__99.12__NA__All Cleared

HITBULLSEYE ID (1215015879):

(Took a lot as missed. Mentioning rank according to the topper's list.)

BM1__99.16__98.52__99.37__3__All Cleared

BM2__94.15__98.77__98.77__8__All Cleared

BM3__97.13__ 93.73__97.67__13__All Cleared

BM4__98.68__97.93__99.44__3__All Cleared

BM5__98.04__93.93__98.83__6__All Cleared

BM6__96.95__94.77__98.69__6__All Cleared

BM7__95.89__98.20__99.23__3__All Cleared

BM8__94.26__99.23__98.72__5__All Cleared

BM9__99.48__93.01__99.22__3__All Cleared

BM11__99.71__99.42__99.71__1__All Cleared

BM12__96.93__98.11__98.82__5__All Cleared

BM14__98.54__99.68__99.35__4__All Cleared

BM15__99.03__98.07__99.68__2__All Cleared

BM18__99.66__99.15__99.83__1__All Cleared

BM19__98.90__98.08__99.59__3__All Cleared

BM20__98.80__99.10__99.70__1__All Cleared

BM21__91.03__99.31__99.45__4__All Cleared

BM22__99.87__99.74__99.87__1__All Cleared

BM23__97.87__98.72__98.72__3__All Cleared

BCAT1__97.82__98.08__99.30__8__All Cleared

BCAT2__99.00__99.80__99.80__1__All Cleared


Test__QA %ile__DILR %ile VA %ile__OA %ile__AIR/Topper'sList__Cutoffs


ID CHANGED after 1609N( Upgraded from Basic to Enhanced)


1614N__89.22__99.92__99.46__99.81__43__All Cleared

1613N__97.12__96.36__99.68__99.57__96__All Cleared

1612N__99.56__99.70__99.93__99.98__NA__All Cleared(Outside window!)

1610N__99.37__99.61__99.04__99.87__22__All Cleared

1609N__97.78__98.31__98.38__99.49__97__All Cleared

1608N__99.71__99.37__99.87__99.96__7__All Cleared

1607N__98.45__97.98__99.24__99.67__NA__All Cleared

IMS ID (1347317):

SIMCAT 2.0__99.61__99.23__95.21__99.87__11__All Cleared

SIMCAT 5__ 97.69__92.36__98.61__99.12__117__All Cleared

SIMCAT 6__99.88__99.96__86.69__99.92__12__All Cleared

SIM105__97.51__99.94__99.97__99.98__NA__All Cleared

SIM106__92.48__99.97__99.87__99.92__NA__All Cleared

SIMCAT 7__90.11__99.91__99.99__99.88__17__All Cleared

SIMCAT 8__98.37__99.99__99.93__99.98__3__All Cleared

SIMCAT 9__97.53__97.58__99.89__99.69__42__All Cleared

SIMCAT109__97.10__100__99.87__99.94__NA__All Cleared

SIMCAT112__99.80__100__99.88__99.97__NA__All Cleared

SIMCAT 113__96.07__99.98__96.87__99.94__NA__All Cleared

SIMCAT 114__99.78__100__99.42__99.98__NA__All Cleared

SIMCAT 115__99.97__99.99__95.92__99.99__NA__All Cleared

SIMCAT 10__99.64__100__99.88__100__1__All Cleared

BULLSEYE ID (1215015879):

BM 24__97.38__99.04__98.43__99.65__4__All Cleared

BCAT3__98.83__81.15__99.92__99.75__3__DILR Not Cleared!

BM25__90.15__98.39__88.14__96.78__32__All Cleared

BCAT4__93.02__95.72__99.77__99.10__4__All Cleared

BM26__92.96__99.56__98.42__99.12__10__All Cleared

BCAT5__94.79__99.27__98.39__99.12__12__All Cleared

BM27__96.81__96.12__99.66__99.22__9__All Cleared

BCAT6__90.34__96.57__98.71__98.02__9__All Cleared

BM28__91.22__99.56__99.11__99.33__3__All Cleared

BCAT7__98.29__94.47__96.34__98.46__19__All Cleared

BCAT8__96.74__99.53__96.74__99.53__3__All Cleared

BM29__98.69__95.65__96.55__99.01__12__All Cleared

CL ID (10971620):

Proc9__94.27__97.02__98.81__98.89__54__All Cleared

Proc10__97.53__99.93__99.78__99.93__6__All Cleared

Proc12__99.82__89.86__99.78__99.86__6__All Cleared

UnProc13_93.28__99.30__99.30__99.13__8__All Cleared

Master#1__98.53__98.77__99.02__99.56__NA__All Cleared

Master#2__98.89__99.24__99.87__99.89__NA__All Cleared

Proc14__99.60__99.56__94.90__99.79__14__All Cleared

Proc16__97.95__99.00__96.07__99.53__26__All Cleared

PG MOCKS(nitish9693):

Mock1__----------____--------____----------__99.75__4__All Cleared

Mock2__----------___---------____-----------__99.42__8__All Cleared

TIME AIMCATS Missed Test Scores: 








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  • @swargr Finally.. :stuck out tongue:. 2h.
  • @akki307 Thank you sir.. :smiley: _/\\_. 2h.
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bull mock 29 . OA 192 . QA ( 30C/1W) 89  , DILR (23C/2W) 67 , VA (16C/12W) 36. poor accuracy . found DI/LR 2 sets to be tough..guys suggest something for Verbal . i have taken a mock after a long break and now such a poor show in verbal.

  • Bhai qa mein kya khaake baithe the bata do... 4d.
  • @mohitac96 how are you able to attempt 30 questions? :co.... 2h.
@saurabh_kokad 1

Bhai qa mein kya khaake baithe the bata do..

Maroon 5 @culsivaji 87

@mohitac96 how are you able to attempt 30 questions?

288 CAT

CAT 2015 Aspirants

I wanted to join TIME institute's super-long term course for CAT '15\\. I want to prepare with a relaxed mind. I'm ba...

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Hi All,

I am appearing for CAT this year. I have 3.5 years of working experience along with 88.4% in my 10th and 75% in 12 standard. I completed my engineering with 75%. Can anyone suggest the kind of colleges I should be looking out for. The ones focusing more on the experience and are a good return on investment. How about SP Jain and MDI Gurgaon? Please suggest in the range of 90-95 %ile.

  • You should focus on SP Jain and New IIMs ... MDI gurgaon .... 3h.
Deepanshu Jaiswal @deepanshudj 342

You should focus on SP Jain and New IIMs ... MDI gurgaon fees is on the higher side..  

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I am interested in Round 1 Chennai. Please let me know whether should I apply or not-

X - 78%, XII - 65%, B.Tech - 67%, GMAT - 610 (Q - 43, V - 31, AWA - 5, IR - 5)

Work Ex - 44 months in March '16.

Also If you've got any idea about the PGDM.

Thank You

  • Hi Ashesh, since you have 44 months of work ex you will h.... 3h.
Great Lakes @GreatLakes.CHN 1,119

Hi Ashesh, since you have 44 months of work ex you will have to consider applying for the PGPM and not PGDM. 

Ours is a profile based selection in which we consider work ex, academics, extra-curricular, achievements, entrance score for shortlisting the candidates. The cut offs would vary every year based on the profile of all the applicants. So, it is difficult to comment on the chances based on the cut off as it varies every year.

1.2k CAT FMS New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

*FMS Tracker : *

25.8k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Quote by Jack Welch- The Internet is the ________ of big business. He said in the context of how big the internet can grow.

57 people answered this question.
The success worth waiting. 
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544 CAT



760 CAT Quant CAT

Time Speed and Distance, Work, Alligations & Mixtures

Katrina walks down an up-escalator and counts 150 steps. Priyanka walks up the same escalator and counts 75 steps. Ka...

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P and Q can complete a job in 10days and 12days respectively. They worked on it for alternate days with P starting it.Find the number of days that they would take to complete it.(Plz explain the procedure to solve this question)

Options: 10.5,10.33,10.66,10.91

  • Take LCM in these kind of problems :which is 60 Assume .... 29 Oct '14.
  • .. 14h.
karthik gorijavolu @IIMAIM 282

Take LCM in these kind of problems :which is 60 

Assume they have to produce 60 chocolates

P's work rate is (60/10) = 6 Chocolates/Day

Q's work rate is (60/12)= 5 Chocolates/Day

Alternatively Work : P started,Q followed 

after 2 days : 6+5 =11 

for 10 days they will produce = 11*5=55

Now on 11th day P has to work(as they are working alternatively)

Remaining work is 5 chocolates

P's work rate is (60/10) = 6 Chocolates/Day

5 chocolates he can produce in 5/6th of a day

which is 10.83 

P.S : is there any Flaw in this approach?

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In how many ways can 8 students sit around two circular tables located in two different rooms such that 4 students sit around each table?

63 people answered this question.
Jo daag maathe pe laga hai usse khoon se mitaana hai jo kashti doob gayi hai usse kinaare lagaana hai 
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10 CAT

Ratio and proportion arun sharma problem

Please help me out with this problem:A and B are two alloys of argentum and brass prepared by mixing metals in propor...

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The ratio of income of A and B one year ago is 3:2.the ratio of increased income to original income of A is 2:3 and that of B is 3:4.the total present income of A&&b together is 21500.So find the income of B.


29 people answered this question.
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Religious beliefs and practices are found in all human groups and go back to the very beginnings of human culture. Recent findings in psychology, anthropology and neuroscience offer an empirical approach, focused on the mental machinery activated in acquiring and representing religious concepts.

Religion is not a domain where anything goes, where any strange belief could appear and get transmitted from generation to generation. On the contrary, there is only a limited catalogue of possible supernatural beliefs. Even without knowing the details of religious systems in other cultures, we all know that some notions are far more widespread than others. The idea that there are invisible souls of dead people lurking around is a very common one; the notion that people's organs change position during the night is very rare. But both are equally irrefutable. So the problem, surely, is not just to explain how people can accept supernatural claims for which there is no strong evidence but also why they tend to represent and accept these particular supernatural claims rather than other possible ones. We should explain why they are so selective in the claims they adhere to.

Indeed, we should go even further and abandon the credulity-scenario altogether. Here is why:

In this scenario, people relax ordinary standards of evidence for some reason. If you are against religion, you will say that this is because they are naturally credulous, or respectful of received authority, or too lazy to think for themselves, etc. If you are more sympathetic to religious beliefs, you will say that they open up their minds to wondrous truths beyond the reach of reason. But the point is that if you accept this account, you assume that people first open up their minds, as it were; and then let it be filled by whatever religious beliefs are held by the people who influence them at that particular time. This is often the way we think of religious adhesion. There is a gate-keeper in the mind that either allows or rejects visitors, that is, other people's concepts and beliefs. When the gate-keeper allows them in, these concepts and beliefs find a home in the mind and become the person's own beliefs and concepts.

Our present knowledge of mental processes suggests that this scenario is highly misleading. People receive all sorts of information from all sorts of sources. All this information has some effect on the mind. Whatever you hear and whatever you see is perceived, interpreted, explained and recorded by the various inference systems I described above. Every bit of information is fodder for the mental machinery. But then some pieces of information produce the effects that we identify as 'belief'. That is, the person starts to recall them and use them to explain or interpret particular events; they may trigger specific emotions; they may strongly influence the person's behaviour. Note that I said some pieces of information, not all. This is where the selection occurs. In ways that a good psychology of religion should describe, it so happens that only some pieces of information trigger these effects, and not others; it also happens that the same piece of information will have these effects in some people but not others. So people do not have beliefs because they somehow made their minds receptive to belief and then acquired the material for belief. They have some beliefs because, among all the material they acquired, some of it triggered these particular effects.

1)This passage is most likely to be found in a/an:

A. Scientific journal

B. Publication of a religious organization

C. Psychology textbook

D. Encyclopaedic entry on religion

                                                                                                                  2) With which of the following would the author be most likely to agree?

A. Invisible dead people (i.e. ghosts) can be found all around us.

B.Religious beliefs are acquired when people allow themselves to be influenced by other people's beliefs.

C.Religious beliefs are mainly of the kind that cannot be verified, and therefore cannot be refuted either.

D.Not all but pieces of information gathered by us can affect our belief.