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499 CAT

The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

2k CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

7.2k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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3a + (1/5a) = 3. Find 25a^2 + (1/9a^2).

Please share your approach.

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QA:    61 (23/31)    

DI/LR 89 (30/31)   

VA:     61 (23/34)  

OA:    211 (76/96)

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  • bhai yar gajab va bhi ni chhod rahe ab :smiley:. 1h.
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Admissions for IIM A are on for FPM... Last date is 15th January... Best of luck everyone... Please start preparing your SOPs...

Life of an IIMA Fellow "FPM course can best be described as a journey hallmarked with rigor, dedication and learning experiences at each step. The high academic standards as a researcher help the students in making best use of their potential". Read more...


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I m not able to increase my quant attempts. My attempts in quant ranges between 12-16. However I never get more than 2 wrong . but these attempts are too less .kindly suugest some ways to increase my attempts

23 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2015

There are many who desire and a few who deserve. There are many who get bogged down under pressure and a few who flou...

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Before the deadline is crossed, let me quickly sneak in with my team!  (Yeah it equally feels like you own an EPL team  or an IPL team for that matter because the team members at either end are equally  worth, if not more!  )

A few thoughts before :

The advent of the DT captain was known to have been jinxed, and that too, very badly, with GOD's like the_hate SAAR  or even our very own mod-doc Shashank Prabhu SAAR  coming under the wrath of it. But it was only an year or two back that Ms Nitwit-Blubber-Oddment-Tweak aka Ankita Ma'am  broke the curse hovering over the DT captain, and that too with an hefty 99.95%ile and a confirmed berth on a   to Ahmedabad to following it. And from then on there has been no looking back. The baton had very deservingly been carried on by Burgundy aka Shashwat SAAR  last year with a 99.99%ile (yeah, FTW ) following on the same   to Vastrapur! (IIM A)

So it should not be surprise this year again, to see the DT captain with a 99.9x%ile (or who knows, may be a perfect score continuing the captain's trend  )

My AVENGERS ki team, my way :  

1) Captain @gursimranahu Way Way Way above the capabilities of the BLACK WIDOW! This lady, in-fact, possesses super-natural powers!  

2) Vice-Captain @pratiksahoo33 Inko pichle saal poocha gaya tha L ki line me lagna chahoge? To inho ne palat kar jawab diya tha ki hum jaha khade hote hain, line wahi se shuru hoti hai!  Naam hai Shahenshah!  

In no particular order now :

3) @gupt1 He is the IRON-MAN of this team! Suits-up and his score just shoots-up!  

4) @Malfurion Ye is team ke HULK hai. Inka sirf ek hi usul hai! #SMASH!  

5) @ricky05 Without any doubt, NICK FURY of the team!  

6) @nitish9693 Hawk of the team. Dimaag se aise tranquilized BAAN (read-arrow  ) chodte hai ki seemingly unconquerable VERBAL bhi inki chapet me aane se nahi rehti!  

7) @jashanjindal Captain America of the team. Just like hi DP, which reads mod-ex, his is way too mod-est!  

8) @anshuji The go-to man, Agent Phil Coulson! Though may sometimes be found behind the curtains, but his assistance to the team at all times is equally worth!  

9) @akki307 Sheer power. THOR ki hatode ki tarah hi har mock ko maar maar ke kaala-peela-neela kar kar ke todke fir hi dum lete hai!   

10) @hksparadox QuickSilver of the unit! Comparably, his mind moves at a super-human speed, especially when it comes to handling QA!

11) @IITB_571 Ek extremely super-duper SAIYAN ki wild-card entry ho rahi hai is AVENGERS ki dhurandhar team me. Inke pride ko hurt nahi karna team, varna ek HULK bhi kam pad jayega in se ladne ke liye!   

Avengers, Loki is waiting for you out there. On 29th Nov 2015, leave no stone unturned!  


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  • @anshuji A good plot indeed for sometime, :wink: some o.... 5h.
  • Made for an extremely interesting read...Thanks!!. 3h.
This,  this man, right up there  is a legend! \\________O//   
Thank You!!! PSA @d-ThAnK-U-MaGiC 1,081

@anshuji A good plot indeed for sometime, some other but sure, time! :mg:

But one thing mentionable would be ki irrespective of AVENGERS ki dhaal-bhaala ya AUSSIES ki peeli jersey, bas aap log isi tarah khelte rahiye! :mg: 

Gursimran Ahuja @gursimranahu 258

Made for an extremely interesting read...Thanks!!

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Guys need ur simcat scores have plateaued near 105 110 since last few....what should i do to improve my scores...please help!!

  • I am i the same ship . But I can suggest you to score goo.... 5h.
  • I am currently facing a similar problem. My problem is I .... 3h.
Sidharth Dash @Sid_0700 20

I am i the same ship . But I can suggest you to score good in QA and DI.

QA- look through every question

DI- Do 24 question with 90 % accuracy.


I am currently facing a similar problem. My problem is I am getting very low scores in quants. Need guidance for this section.

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Hi everyone,

Here is my nomination for UDT 2015.

This will be first attempt  and I shall try my level best to make this one my last attempt.

10th-89.6% (WBBSE)

12th-90% (WBCHSE)

BE- 86.9% (till 6th sem BCE Jadavpur University)

Below is the link to my mock score repository:

*TEST NAME __QA%tile__DILR%tile__VA%t... - @aritra94 on 05 Oct '15 - PaGaLGuY
*TEST NAME __QA%tile__DILR%tile__VA%t... - @aritra94 on 05 Oct '15 - PaGaLGuY
TEST NAME __QA%tile__DILR%tile__VA%tile__OA%tile__AIR* *HIT BULLS EYE (Id 1215004830)* OLD PATTERN : BULL CAT 01__95.12__93.11__96.77__37 BULL MOCK 22 __95.51_93.97_96.9...


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TEST NAME __QA%tile__DILR%tile__VA%tile__OA%tile__AIR

HIT BULLS EYE (Id 1215004830)


BULL CAT 01__95.12__93.11__96.77__37

BULL MOCK 22 __95.51_93.97_96.92_24

BULL MOCK 23__94.04_91.91_94.89_12


BULL MOCK 24_98.95_78.06 _94.67_96.77_37

BULL CAT 03 _97.91_82.57_90.33 _96.33 _44

BULL CAT 04 _ 96.62_90.77_71.85_93.47_29


BULL MOCK 4_98_81_96_21

BULL MOCK 10 _97_92_96_12

BULL MOCK 17_94_97_98_15

BULL MOCK 18_94_94_96_25

BULL MOCK 19_99_85_98_16

BULL CAT 02_96_92_96_17

BULL CAT 06_98_79_84_95_22

IMS SIMCAT (ID: 30A17366)


SIM 1:99.04_74.59_96.32_547


SIM3: 93.83_96.36_97.42_401

SIM4: 99.89_87.5_99.16_109


SIM6 :99.68_89.75_65.88_97.04_445

SIM7: 99.89_97.57_93.62_99.68




1.2k CAT FMS New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

*FMS Tracker : *

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In the FMS form, Work experience should be calculated till what date?


  • It's only available till the date of your filling the form. 2d.
  • As it's an ongoing job, what should we write in the secon.... 4h.
Guy Fawkes @AnjanRaina 921

It's only available till the date of your filling the form

Srishti Agarwal @srishti.agarwal

As it's an ongoing job, what should we write in the second date column? as in, from beginning date to which date?

244 CAT TISS Mumbai

PIT and PI discussion for Social Work Courses in TISS, 2013-15

this thread is open for discussion for the Social Work course call getters batch 2013-15, shoot for queries and quest...

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I would like to know what sort of question are asked to the MSW aspirants in PIT, GD, and PI... 

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QA   32A/27C  77

DILR 30A/27C 80

VA    26A/20A 54

OA   88A/74C  211

  • 9 Likes   4 Comments
  • _/\\_. 6h.
  • Bhai itni gandi VA mein aisa tagda score _/\\_. 4h.
X 89.4, XII 87.2, B.Tech. 7.4, CAT'14 99.36, XAT'15 98.5 

18k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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what is the remainder when 35*36*........*67 is divided by 17*17??

options:- a)51 b)0 c)1 d)NOT. Do share the approach pls

  • First take one *17* 35%17 = 1, 36%17 = 2 and so on till .... 5h.
  • share the appraoch... 5h.
prisoner @septvm007 356

First take one 17

35%17 = 1, 36%17 = 2 and so on till 50%17 = 16... 51 is divisible by 17 gives a quotient of 3

Again 52%17 = 1,53%17 = 2 and so on till 67%17 = 16

So this reduces to : 

(1*2*3*...16 * 3 * 1*2*3..16 ) % 17

=> (16!)^2 * 3 % 17

=> use wilsons theorom => remainder = 1*3 = 3

But we cancelled one 17 during smplification. 

The final remainder = 17*3 = 51?

@mayank28  OA?

519 CAT



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QA: 80 (31A/27C)

DILR: 86 (30A/29C)

VA: 71 (34A/25C)

OA: 237 (94A/81C)

First 230+ for me.

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  • @nitish9693 ye Infy wale CAT ki coaching bi dete hain kya.... 5h.
  • :grin: :stuck out tongue:. 5h.
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10) Which of the following was not founded by Dr.B. R. Ambedkar? 


Deccan Education Society

 B.    Samaj Samata Sangh

 C.    Peoples Education Society

 D.    Depressed Classes Institute

16 people answered this question. tiwary , prolix tejas , ab de tejas ,faf du tejasis  employee at BSG. 
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

95 CAT

AIMCAT 1615: Scores and Discussions

Only scores please! Hues and cries later :stuck out tongue:

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How to deal with circular arrangement + Distribution problem  like the one in this aimcat? Too much data @hksparadox  @jashanjindal 

  • itna sahi video solution diya hai dekho wo yhaan samjhane.... 7h.
  • Videos nahi liye hue :disappointed:. 7h.
Pulp Fiction @hksparadox 878

itna sahi video solution diya hai dekho wo yhaan samjhane me fategi

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Qa 90(30A,30C)

DI 0 (0A,0C) :/ 

VA 15 (21A, 9C)

OA 105 (51A,39C) :/

  • 5 Likes   13 Comments
  • @Hulka_Hulk Just work on your VA bro ... You too will be.... 8h.
  • Haha... va Now scares the s**t out of me... :D. 7h.
CAT Hunter @srsrulz 12

@Hulka_Hulk  Just work on your VA bro ... You too will become invincible.

Kharaab Dimaag @Hulka_Hulk 487

Haha...  va Now scares the s**t out of me...  :D 

281 CAT

CAT 2015 Aspirants

I wanted to join TIME institute's super-long term course for CAT '15\\. I want to prepare with a relaxed mind. I'm ba...

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Hi , 

How is TIME's CAT video lectures? Is it worth it?

  • haha,,thanks i should have checked it before asking.... 8h.
  • yeah :stuck out tongue:. 8h.
Analysis of MBA entrance exams 2011:
Arpit Bhardwaj @peehu08 8

haha,,thanks i should have checked it before asking...

933 CAT

[2015] [OFFICIAL] IMS Mocks Scores & Discussion - SIMCATS Proctored and Unproctored

The official thread for discussion, sharing scores, strategies for SIMCATS (2015-16)

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SIMCAT Proc-10

QA : 83

LRDI : 63

VA : 49

OA : 195

Aankhen nikaal kar gotiyan khelunga!!!!!