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2k CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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Guys Portal has been updated and Ops has moved by 4 !!

Waiting for my luck to change 

2.7k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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A watch which gains uniformly was observed to be 1 minute slow at 8 a.m on one day and at again on 6 p.m it became 1 minute what time did the watch show the correct time?

Explain your answer.

  • 1 pm. 30m.
  • 1 10hrs it gained 2 it will show the co.... 4m.
Adit Dewan @shodyp 127

1 10hrs it gained 2 it will show the correct time after 5hrs

17.8k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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A rectangle ABCD with side AB =p and CD=q , what is the ratio of area of rectangle ABCD and the rectangle formed by its angle bisectors ? Plese solve this question and do post ur solution as well, thanx

  • are you sure question is right?. 1h.
  • 4:1?. 6m.

868 CAT IIM Lucknow

Second Stage (GD/GE/PI/WAT) Shortlist Announcement for IIM-L (Released)

The shortlist for IIM-L has been released. Visit to find out if you've made it. S...

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Just got a call from Lucknow AO asking if I am interested in PGP programme. I said yes, and he said check the website on June 1st or 2nd

PS. I didnt apply for abm and sm

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  • @findingbugs bhai tuje to tab bhi pelke number mil gaye .... 10m.
  • agya na ab.. ab mast enjoy kr.. 7m.
Calls CLIKNEW  Converts: I K   Waitlist: C, L(Hope)   
ayush jain @a-jay 946

@findingbugs bhai tuje to tab bhi pelke number mil gaye L wale bure PI me hi number dete hai.mere ache me itna late call aaya

prashant @findingbugs 438

agya na ab.. ab mast enjoy kr. 

585 CAT

[2015-2017] IIM Shillong Final Converts - Official Page

Greetings from Public Relations Cell, IIM Shillong! IIM Shillong Final Converts list is out. The result could be acc...

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Current WL 43 (original 150) general. what are the chances guys? Your views will be really appreciated. Admins also please.

  • @rohitnaini12 Almst certain.. :smiley:. 9m.
  • haha that almost is what is killing me @Rd721. 7m.

506 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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Finally, I am about to live my dream at JOKA for next two years. To dream something is one thing but it's altogether a different thing when your dream do come true.

A big part of my convert goes to @Ravi534221 . If it wasn't for him and his confidence in me, I would have joined IIM Ranchi last year.

Also really indebted to @scrabbler  who made me and @superkk  believe that we can convert the holy trinity.

And also @next_big_thing for his inquisitive posts and his help in removing my dilemmas.

During the season I was also in awe of scores of @shashwatdgr8 @ferlonso @christianbale and their scores really helped me up my ante.

Also I made many friends during the season at pagalguy which ultimately helped me. @jay3421 , @a-jay, @Harveyspecter , @theutsavostu , @Sabya1590 , @bs729 @Aaty etc etc. It feels really good when your FB timeline is filled with guys having ABC converts.

I wish each and everyone a great future ahead. You all will ultimately rock.

Finally the struggle ends :) 

PS- Sorry if I forgot to mention some names. I am just writing off the top of my head under the influence of   

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  • Thnx a lot @the_hate sirji __/\\__. 9m.
IIM Calcutta PGP 2015-17  

77 CAT



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Hi i am a time classroom student in chennai but now as my college vacations are going on i have moved to my hometown agra, is there any way i can give the invigilated aimcats over here??

  • test??. 18m.
  • Aimcat my bad :stuck out tongue:. 11m.
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Is there anybody who has applied for refund recently and they refused to refund?

  • so that we can take strict action on them as they are not.... 1d.
  • Let's take action against them. 14m.
@vikram92 1

so that we can take strict action on them as they are not following the AICTE norms bcz before commencement of class ( 15th june ) we can get refund fees.

@Crack2015 1

Let's take action against them

531 CAT IMT Hyderabad Hyderabad

IMT Hyderabad Official Admissions Thread

Dear IMT Hyderabad Aspirants, We are starting this thread to answer your queries relating to IMT Hyderabad. Interview...

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Why don't IMT Hyderabad refund the money when a student withdraws admission? Is it at all AICTE accredited or its fake?

  • Let's file a lawsuit,it's really unfair that they do this.. 16m.
@Crack2015 1

Let's file a lawsuit,it's really unfair that they do this.

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guys please help..  june4th last date for kashipur withdrawal..  and am waitlisted at udaipur and raipur at 204 and 297 respectively..  ncobc..  nxt list for both comes out on 3rd june..  any hope for movement in nxt list? 

  • there has been no movement in the wl list of IIMU, and wh.... 17m.
Gaurav Kumar Verma @ondunderneath1 219

there has been no movement in the wl list of IIMU, and when compared IIMU and IIMKashi is almost similar. its better to stick to iimkashi than taking risk and getting no college at all

143 CAT IIM Trichy

IIM Trichy Official Admissions Thread 2015-17

Dear Aspirants, A very happy new year to you all and a warm welcome to this year's admission process. Please pos...

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For Finance, IIM Trichy vs IIM Raipur??

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  • Got it, seem's there is a substantial difference from the.... 32m.
  • Thanks all..ur help is appreciated... 17m.
Rajiv Gundi @Samvathsar 59

Got it, seem's there is a substantial difference from the past trend, 14% students going into finance. ICICI, HDFC, SBI, L & T Finance. Mostly for back-end roles. @karan.bajaria, once you are inside either of them, get into placement committee and try to bring more finance companies.

@karan.bajaria 1

Thanks all..ur help is appreciated..

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Hi guys!!!!!! Am sure many of  u r busy packing ur bags and going thru ur checklists, etc as u head for one of the finest institutions in the nation. PRM-35 welcomes u to IRMA :). We sincerely hope u would love this place,learn here, enjoy every moment and graduate not just as rural managers but as responsible citizens making all ur well-wishers' dreams come true. Welcome Board PRM-36                                                       

  • Eagerly looking forward to be a part of the institute.. 32m.
PRM 35, IRMA(2014-16)

Eagerly looking forward to be a part of the institute. 

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Please help..

Got a mail stating my admission for IMT G PGDM (Finance). How good is this course?? I have been waitlisted at VGSoM (but with realistic chance of conversion there). Please help.


Please 'LIKE' me to increase my 'KARMA' (points) !!!!!  

581 CAT DoMS IITD New Delhi

[2015-2017] Department Of Management Studies, IIT Delhi Admission Queries

Greetings from the Department Of Management Studies IIT-Delhi. "The tradition of imparting management education at I...

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196 CAT

[2015-2017] Official MBA(Business Economics) , Deptt. of Business Economics [DBE], DU Admissions

Hi All, Department of Business Economics, Delhi University announces Admission to its Management Program. *Official...

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are mbe and mfc going to be merged???

  • The departments will be merged (most probably from the ne.... 1h.
  • @anant_nh next academic session means from july 2015 onwa.... 49m.
anant hira @anant_nh 297

The departments will be merged (most probably from the next academic session). The cumulative no. of seats will remain the same.

@ankurgupta388 12

@anant_nh next academic session means from july 2015 onwards???

99 CAT

NIFT MFM 2014-16

This is my fourth consecutive year for starting thread for MFM on pagalguy.So anyone having any concern wrt NIFT MFM ...

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5.3k CAT

(Declared) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results have been declared Check your result at -

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Guys, Pls help me out here in selecting between NMIMS & NITIE. When I think about an MBA, i feel a little inclined towards finance, but i guess am ok with operations also. Let me know which college would be a better bet, and merits/demerits of an MBA in Ops.

  • NITIE.. 1d.
  • NITIE. 54m.
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I have convert Welingkar Banglore for PGDM BUSINESS DESIGN. Guide How is it. And placements and Comparision with mumbai campus.Is it worth.

499 CAT GMAT BITS Pilani

[2015-2017] BITS Pilani, Official MBA Admission Helpdesk

The Department Of Management, BITS Pilani is calling for admissions to MBA program for 2015-17 batch. The last date f...

337 CAT

PhD/FPM 2015

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2015. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

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What is the first principle of differentiation

My interview experience at IIM-Bangalore for FPM in Economics and social sciences:

Date: 10-11.02.2015

Venue: Bangalore

My Profile:

Praveen Kumar Gupta

Xth: 96%

XIIth: 85%

B.E.: 8.82 (CGPA), Thapar University, 2010 Batch

Job: Design Engineer, B.H.E.L. (Feb.'11-current) & G.S.Engg. & Const. (July'10-Feb.'11)


Consisted of Verbal, RC, LR-DI, Quant.

Level Equivalent to CAT.

Subject Area Test:

Consisted of 25 questions each on microeconomics and macroeconomics 

Personal Interview:


P1: 30 year assistant professor

P2: 55 year professor

Entered the room and greeted.

P1: You have patent to your name. What was your role in patent?

Me: Explained.

P2: You are good at technicals then why are you trying for FPM in economics?

Me: Told my aspirations and expectations, Told them why FPM and What after FPM.

P1: Asked a question on probability. Told to solve on board.

Me: Solved

P1: What is 1st principle of differentiation?

Me: Apologised. Told that I am not able to recall but will be able to solve questions on differentiation.

P1: Differentiate X!

Me: Explained the methodology.

P2: Questions on again why FPM

Me: Explained again giving some personal experiences.

P2: What do you feel on Make In India campaign. How successful will it be?

Me: Explained about the Modi's (Indian govt.) efforts to build good international relations. Increase in FIIs, improvement in Moody's rating and other factors.

P1: Congratulated me (don't know for what) and told that they are done with interview.

Me: Greeted them back and left.

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  • Thanks for sharing. 1h.
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