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what is the percentage weightage of cat score in final selection??

what other factors are considered in selection other than cat score ,gd/pi?

m cat score is 92.34%ile.
  • 20% weightage is given to your gd-pi. Only your CAT score.... 20h.
  • Its 20% to GD & 20% to PI. in total 40% weight-age is giv.... 11s.
Ashish Verma @Joey1 35

20% weightage is given to your gd-pi. Only your CAT score & gd-pi performance is considered. Nothing else.

Ashish Verma @Joey1 35

Its 20% to GD & 20% to PI. in total 40% weight-age is given to your GD-PI. Apologies for not mentioning it clearly above.

506 CAT IIM Lucknow

Second Stage (GD/GE/PI/WAT) Shortlist Announcement for IIM-L (Released)

The shortlist for IIM-L has been released. Visit to find out if you've made it. S...

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hi, when is the Delhi leg of IIML interviews? Just got a call today from Lucknow saying I've been shortlisted for PGPM. Wasn't shortlisted earlier.

  • same here got call today from iim l earlier rejected. 18s.
pranav kapoor @cool789 3

same here got call today from iim l earlier rejected

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278 CAT FORE New Delhi

[2015-2017] FORE School of Management Admission Help Desk

Hi All, Applications are now open for the 2-year full time programs, PGDM & PGDM-IB, at FORE School of Management,...

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How many 5 digit numbers exist having exactly two 4's in them.

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  • @UTTAM_NARAYAN yes ... 1h.
  • I initially solved with method in #6 , but while solving .... 7m.
you just wasted time reading this @guitar_geek 784

I initially solved with method in #6 , but while solving this way, 

1) 4 _ _ _ _

    4,   4,x,y,z   = 9C3 * 4! = 2016

    4,   4 ,x,x,y  = 9C2 * (4!/2) = 432

     4,   4,x,x,x  =9 * 4!/3!   =36

2) _ _ _ _ _

   _ x y 4 4 

   _ x x 4 4 

                 =8( 9C2*4!/2 + 9C1 *( 4!/ (2*2) ) ) = 3888

I'm getting 6372. where am i going wrong this way ? @UTTAM_NARAYAN    

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Any idea where"Communication&Personal Interview Scheduleform

is found??I mean on the IMT website?

  • Plz view d below link 4h.
  • thanks natasha. 9m.

39 CAT

[Official] 2015-17 IIM Kozhikode GD-WAT-PI Call Getters Discussion

Many congratulations to all who have been shortlisted for the interview stage. You are now just one step away from se...

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Has anyone got the reply of mail (change of interview date) ????

  • Same here. . no reply yet. Hope getting diminished day by.... 11m.
  • may be on monday u ll get reply.. do msg me wen u get.. w.... 10m.
pagal Noob @vikki_iitr 40

Same here. . no reply yet. Hope getting diminished day by day  :(

tanya sharma @tanyasharma4452 214

may be on monday u ll get reply.. do msg me wen u get.. we earned the call ,they cant take away like this

280 CAT

[2015-2017] IIM Shillong PI Shortlist Discussions - Official Page

Greetings from Public Relations Cell, IIM Shillong! IIM Shillong PI Shortlist has been declared and can be accessed ...

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100 CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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The incidence of malaria, carried by contaminated water, has decreased in the last five years. Government officials claim that credit is due to a national program of vaccination begun 5 years ago.

Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the government official's explanation for the decrease in the incidence of the disease?

a. The vaccination program has not yet successfully reached the majority of the country's people.
b. Doctors believe that a new and more widespread outbreak of the disease is imminent. 
c. Advances in medical science mean that within a few years the disease will be entirely eliminated.
d. In the last five years local governments within the country have improved the water supply in many areas, making it safe to drink.
e. Other countries facing the same problem have established public information campaigns in order to help eradicate the disease.

  • A. 1h.
  • D ?. 11m.
Tryst with destiny! 

80 CAT MDIM Murshidabad

[2015-2017] MDI MURSHIDABAD PGPM Admission Notification and related discussion

Admissions open for the 2015-17 BATCH for MDI MURSHIDABAD. Visit here for all the information related queries. http...

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Do I stand a chance with 66 percentile in CAT ? X-87%.  XII  81%   Grad   71% 2 years experince

  • @MDI murshidabad : kindly guide. 18m.

4.6k CAT

(Declared) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results have been declared Check your result at -

50.8k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant thread for CAT 2013

Hello all, As the CAT 2K12 come to a close, starting this thread for all the discussions of quant for CAT 2013. Here ...

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The price of singer reduce by25% but inspite of decrease, karun ends up increaseing his expenditure on sugar by 20% . What is percent change in his monthly consumption of sugar?

Plz help me in this problem.

  • @UTTAM_NARAYAN thanks a lot bro. 2d.
  • 100->25% decrease->75->how much percent increase->120? an.... 35m.
K K @Kokaine 281

100->25% decrease->75->how much percent increase->120? ans=(120-75/75)*100=60% @deependra.sen 

1.4k CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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@Messerschmitt : what is the venue in delhi? where can i see the qualifying scores in website?

  • @Messerschmitt The Mumbai venue is in SP Jain Campus ??. 35m.
XAT'15-98.51%ile, Calls: XLRI HR, NMIMS, New IIMs, SPJAIN 

406 CAT IMI Delhi New Delhi

IMI Delhi Admission HelpDesk 2015-17

Hi Puys,You can ask all the queries related to admissions of IMI here.

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what's the link for CnPI ?

  • #. 54m.
Sometimes you need to get hit in the head to realize that you're in a fight.  .... 
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do we have to send any docs to the college after we submit the application online? @BIMTECHAdmin??

  • when can we expect the shortlists?. 15h.
  • @rAkash By the first week of February!. 56m.
Akash R @rAkash 78

when can we expect the shortlists?

Gunjan Kapoor @Gunjan29 9

@rAkash By the first week of February!

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42 CAT GMAT NITK Surathkal

NITK MBA [2015-2017] Admissions - Official Thread

Applications are invited to the 9th batch of MBA programme by Dept. of HSSM, National Institute of Technology Karnata...

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My CAT percentile : 59

X 93

XII 80

Engg 73

Work ex 2 + years in IT: TCS

Can I expect a call for GDPI at NITK?

Please help

  • Hi @bruce19990wayne unless u haveany quota it might be to.... 1h.
Beryl Thomas @phate 100

Hi @bruce19990wayne unless u haveany quota it might be tough to make the cut.. All the best!!

73 CAT

New IIM's GD-PI/WAT preparation thread

Congratulations to all!!! Lets prepare ourselves for a bigger challenge.....Start shoooooting your queries and lets d...

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puys, my new iims interview date is clashing with nmims and sibm pune's dates, I have already booked the tickets for pune and mumbai.

What should i do? is there any way to change the dates for new IIMs?

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  • #. 21h.
  • they r saying, we can change but no links yet !. 1h.
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Is it better to attempt all questions knowing that there are no negatives or just answering those which u can solve? I Have heard that some institutes shortlist candidates on the basis of number of wrong and right answers?

CAT:Doomed / XAT: 86.46 SNAP :81.05 , NMAT  : 195,  MAT Dec: 99.54