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Hi everyone need genuine advice i have 330 wl at kashipur 747 at raipur 673 at udaipur( dynamic in each case) I need to resign as well from office and server the notice period so if anybody knows about the previous years movement nd can guide me accordingly though 10% of me wants to write cat again but somehow cant trust cat suggestions of all sort are welcome

5.3k CAT

(Declared) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results have been declared Check your result at -

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What's better among these ? 

59 people answered this question.
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

1k CAT FMS New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

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Can we expect the first WL on monday :D?

  • @jayshaops Dude m still waitlisted there at C :stuck out.... 50m.
  • @abfinney Be rest assured, you'll get at least one of the.... 9m.
Abraham Finney @abfinney 26

@jayshaops Dude m still waitlisted there at C and m waitlisted here as well  and my next best convert so far IIM Trichy so very anxious to get something at hand

@jayshaops 4

@abfinney Be rest assured, you'll get at least one of them

448 CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Which colleges can he be hopeful of/for/about ?

  • Of ?. 48m.
  • @guitar_geek Then complete it ? Wanna add "joining" in th.... 25m.
Huey :-) @Huey 1,903

@guitar_geek Then complete it ? Wanna add "joining" in the end ? But still I feel it can stay like this.

125 CAT IIM Trichy

IIM Trichy Official Admissions Thread 2015-17

Dear Aspirants, A very happy new year to you all and a warm welcome to this year's admission process. Please pos...

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IIMT converts and WL.. Comment ur no. here to join IIMT WhatsApp group.. 

  • 9860694681. 1h.
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Converts have been asked to report at Ranchi on June 11 - but term starts on 29th. Are we required to be there until start of the term? Just to book tickets in advance! 


  • You need to make arrangements for your parents. There are.... 7d.
  • @IIMRanchi So From 13th the classes start? Is there some .... 1h.
IIM Ranchi @IIMRanchi 984

You need to make arrangements for your parents. There are many hotels in Ranchi and it won't be an issue at all.

El roy @pravindotroy 10

@IIMRanchi So From 13th the classes start? Is there some days gap between end of preparatory classes and the normal 29th June Start of Session?

1.3k CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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Hence here it is..

Converted L,S,all new iims and for K(original wl 49)..Leaving it for civil services prep..hope somebody makes good use of them..:)

  • 8 Likes   15 Comments
  • @abhishek711 bhai mood toh every 15-20 me swing ho raha h.... 35m.
  • Babaji ki booti zaroor Lena.. :yum:. 27m.
Vicky d @vikky97799 998

@abhishek711 bhai mood toh every 15-20 me swing ho raha hai yaar.... abhi eis decision ke liye BABAJI ko consult karne ki soch raha hu

abhishek 07 @abhishek711 108

Babaji ki booti zaroor Lena..

73 CAT



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Five Cricketers- Stephen, Shaun, Sachin, Shane and Sanath represent five different countries- India, England, New Zealand, Australia and Sri lanka not necessarily in that order. Each team is playing against a different country among West Indies, Pakistan, South Africa, India and England not necessarily in that order. It is known than 1) Stephen is playing against South Africa 2)Shane and Shaun are playing the same match and they represent two different teams 3) Sachin represents New Zealand 4) Sanath is playing against West Indies 5) Stephen does not represent Sri Lanka and Shaun does not represent India


1. Who represents India?

2.Who is playing against Pakistan?

3. Which country does Sanath represent?

  • @rever08 You are right. Can you please explain. 55m.
  • Name-Country for- Against Step-Aus-S.A; Shane-India-eng;.... 38m.
There is a thin line between thoughts and dreams. 
Devika Arumugam @devikaA 6

@rever08 You are right. Can you please explain

Agnes Laurel @rever08 172

Name-Country for- Against

Step-Aus-S.A; Shane-India-eng; Shaun-Eng-India; Sana-S.L-W.I; Sachin-N.W-Pak

The imp part is "

Shane and Shaun are playing the same match and they represent two different teams ". 

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I have converted IMT Ghaziabad PGDM Marketing, & I am waitlisted in IIM Ranchi PGDHRM. I have 31 months work ex in TCS. So which option will be better among these two? Kindly provide your valuable opinions.

  • how is future of HRM for GEM( gen-engg-male)?. 9h.
  • #. 43m.
We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.
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BM 12 QA 63 (24C 9W) VA 77(30C 13W ),OA 140

Easy or i would say manageable quant after a long time ,very easy LR and DI sets (sitters). Verbal tricky especially the RC's .Easily a 180+ paper. I miss @shashwatdgr8 

  • 9 Likes   6 Comments
  • I was giving mocks last year too..gave 10-15 of them just.... 1h.
Ingrid Bergman or nothing  
swar grover @swargr 23

I was giving mocks last year too..gave 10-15 of them just for fun...and anyone who has seen him perform at Bulls last year will miss him...good observation though

745 CAT

All I wanted to Speak about CAT

*Download the FREE 'The Best of All I Wanted to speak about CAT' ebook*, a compendium of the best posts on this threa...

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How I fought low scores, low self-esteem, and the world, to get into MBA!


At the outset I would like to warn all those who are going to read this below-average-boring piece of article- this is not about an extra ordinary guy, facing extra ordinary problems and coming out with extra ordinary results. Like the person who is writing it, this will be an average story with average English and average accomplishments.

This all started when I was in my second year of engineering, when that angel came into my life (probably the best part of my life, something I would be proud of till my very last breath).

Academically I've been a very poor performer, flunked a number of exams while barely managed to cross passing marks in others. Studies have never been my cup of tea; although that is something I never regret. Anyways as a result of my extra- ordinary (X/XII- 82/69- yes this you can call extra ordinary achievement) scholar achievements was made to leave Delhi and went Indore for my engineering.

Then in second year I guess God felt like this-is-enough and introduced that special person in my life. Life turned upside down. All of a sudden I started hating my habits, my routines, my way of life, and my ideas. Damn I started hating everything about me and my life. All of a sudden facts that were earlier alien to me started attracting me. I started thinking about those big TERMS like- career goals, life objectives and stuff. I felt like I was dead all these years and now I have got my life back. Somehow I also figured out that if I really want to have this person (a CA, a scholar, always among the top 3 performers) I need to have something substantial in my life.

Finally I was clear about one of those big TERMS I mentioned earlier- career goal. I was sure MBA it has to be; honestly speaking there were many reasons behind this like my hatred towards GK and technical subjects, my good analytical skills. But the biggest factor was- presence of so many MBA colleges in Mumbai, which meant a greater chance of being with her and at the same time doing some big.

Suddenly I started appearing on radars, all of a sudden a good-for-nothing; meant-to-be-neglected-person started flipping those charts. The day I informed my parents about my decision to do MBA--- haha what a day it was. They actually called up my brother asking him to convince me to do something of my level ( my level.. haha.. beta ghar ajao.. koi sarkari exam ki tayari karlo, warna aao koi shop/business dalwa dete hain  ). In all this one thing that kept me going was her trust, just one smile on her face- even today I don't need anything more than that from my life.. every time people laughed at me- she stood there holding my hands.. at times even I felt that I am not doing justice to her by staying together, but she just would not let me go, after all angels are meant for that only 

I gave my first CAT attempt in 2012. My target was to score something respectable. And I thought- "what is there to lose, even if I didn't score it's not something that is unexpected of me. On the night when CAT result was to be announced my dad said "80% ke as pass bhi le aaya to naak bach jayegi". Around 3 AM I opened my result. Let me tell you I just sat there staring the screen (as if I saw the biggest monster of my life) for few minutes, before being able to absorb the shock that was lying in front of me.. BANG !!! 96.25.. BOOM !!!! First time in my life it was me calling others to inform them and not the other way round. My first call went to her- and as I said she just knew it. Right then I knew I proved myself. I proved my whole life in this one moment, no matter what others say I just served the purpose of my life. Then I informed my parents.. haha.. bichare raat bhar soye nhi khushi ke mare :P:)

After that usual MBA routine- calls, interviews and stuff. I received a handful of calls that year and converted many of them. Just when I was about to take my decision a thought came into my mind. Is this the best I have got, can I not target something bigger, can I not make her more proud. Finally I decided to repeat CAT. When I said this to my family what a mess it made. My father, brothers, friends and relatives- everyone was against this. And I don't blame them as well. Owing to my history of failures they were right on their point. But again that hand in my hand told me- you can do it, just fulfill your dreams. Somehow I managed him, well could not manage him but somehow went ahead with my plans of repeating CAT.

I gave CAT 2013. I guess luck decided something else for me. First my leave application got rejected, second just one night before my exam I had my asthma attack; one that took me by surprise. I could not inform my parents otherwise they would have panicked. Fever, breathing problem, cough and cold; scene was so bad that around 4 AM I wasn't even sure that whether I will be able to sit in my exam or not. I woke up around 7 AM. Somehow I managed to go for my exam. Right there I did one of the biggest mistakes they tell you not to do. I went with a fixed number of question attempts in my mind. Due to the increased difficulty level, my health and mental conditions I lost my confidence and after I could not reach my target in section-1 I made some guessing in English. I thought that either way it's going to be a failure so why not guessing.

I told my parents that I won't be able to make it this time. Contrary to what you saw earlier this time they were the ones supporting me telling me I will definitely score it. And she was as usual standing beside me. Just smiling and telling me result does not matter to her; what I did matters most. When results came to my surprise even with those low attempts ( they were high for others) I scored 98.xx in first section, and thanks to my guess work I scored 86.xx in second section. Overall- 94.xx... There I was with everyone I knew on this planet laughing at me, teasing me, saying things I never heard before ( bahaut ud raha tha aagaya aukaud me, humein to pehle se hi pata tha phirse fail hoga. Nd stuffs like this). But these sentences didn't even matter to me because she was there for me . Didn't appear for any interviews, skipped them all. Was forced to go to IMT interview, kept mum in GD (didn't even say a word). PI was all about taking out my anger on those genuine questions. Then came the worst phase of my life, one that never quite got over. Actually the thing is once you raise your respect level, bigger things are expected from you and what hurts most is to see pain/failure in those eyes. They just kill you with those glances. Depression was at its peak.

Flunked in my exam(for me this score was as good as nothing) , went through one of the biggest family crises of my life, lost my best friend... AND lost my ANGEL. It appeared that god was laughing at me, showing me where I actually belonged. Telling me that these dreams are not meant for you, you moron. That you just don't belong here. Go back to your place. It felt like my morning got over and it was all again darkness for me. 4 big blows one by one. One of them that I am yet to come with terms. Well I guess since that day I never actually lived my life. I just started doing things that I was good at. I realized that yeah these things are just not meant for me. I don't deserve this respect, love and care.

I decided that won't appear in CAT or for that matter in any exam, will resign and will go to a place where I won't find even a single familiar face. I put down my papers. Then again she came in my life as a savior. And convinced me to continue living my life the way I did it for past 5 years because she always know I won't do anything that will hurt her. Somehow she convinced me to take back my papers and to appear in CAT one last time..I was doing it all just for her. But I knew I lost myself way back and now it just don't matter to me. I lost the only reason for which I did it all. I never did it for fame, family, money. All I ever cared about was her smile and happiness. With her gone life just feels like a glass of water in which I, as a cube of ice, am getting lost. I know I will do it all, not for me, but to respect her memories.

Not even a single night goes when I don't think about leaving it all and going back to my pathetic dark hell life but then this one voice keeps on whispering in my ears. Something she said right before going... "If you really cared for my happiness, if you really want to see me happy, if you really believed in US, don't destroy the dreams we saw together, just don't let go of me, fulfill our dreams and you will always have a part of me with you. God !!!!! I just hate these words. But I must say there is something about that girl. Even today she inspires me, makes me do things I never did. If not for her, there is nothing in this world that could have made me do things I am doing. It's just I can't see her sad, and I know the least I could do to keep her happy is fulfill her wishes. Thanks to her trust and love, gave a final attempt this year and luckily scored 97.25. I know for many people out there it will be a kid's play to score this much and they must be feeling so what!!! But it means a lot to me due to my history and my personal reasons. It just means a hell lot to me and somehow I know will continue my life like this only. If not for her then for her memories

Before you guys make any assumption let me tell you, except 4 people nobody around me even knows her name, let alone our story or my current situation. I never believe in sharing my problems with others, I believe in keeping mum and fighting alone. Then why the hell am I saying it all here!! Right ? I feel that if this story can motivate even a single person out there I would be more than happy. wo kehte hain na "jinke apne sapne pure nahi hote, wo dusron ke pure karte hain". There would be people out there expecting things from you, putting their blind trust on you, supporting you in your each and every step, standing by your side holding your hands when nobody supports you. Just don't let them down. Just don't break their trust. Prove it to them that you are worth it. That you have got it in you.

I remember this sentence I used to convince my dad- that it's better to try and fail, rather than regretting my whole life. So what if I give it and don't score good, at least I will be happy in my life that finally I stood for something.. for someone.. and i know i want to have that satisfaction.

I just want to say that live your life before you lose all your reasons to do so. Just realize it before it's too late (something I never did). Never let go of your dreams. Hold on to them till eternity, one day you will definitely succeed, and that one day you will be proud of your achievements. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do something, until unless you yourself feel so. Just go out there and prove yourselves, not to this world but to those who believe in you, those who stood beside you when everybody left, those who even after going away wish you well, those who even after so many months can't stop worrying about you.

Have a nice life ahead.

PS: Any grammatical errors are to be forgiven. This is straight from the heart without any edits and that too from a below-average-looser.

PPS: This is my first ever article, so definitely it will be very poorly written and managed. But then I didn't write it for English or for my expertise

PPPS: Any sort of feedback would be more than welcome.

========= Update as on 05/24/2015 ============

So finally I would be joining IMT-Ghaziabad this year. I know for many this won't be a great convert, but for me I am more than happy to join it and will try to gain maximum out of it. And as they always say "Picture abhi baki hai mere dost. Party to abhi shuru hui hai". Long way to go, but at least now I know which direction to head towards.


Pushkar Malik

IMT Ghaziabad, Class of 2017

  • 167 Likes   198 Comments
  • @prominence thanks and ATB for your future endeavours :s.... 1h.
  • @chaingang8 thanks for the nice words bro, all the best t.... 1h.
and in this unprecedented dusk you came as an astonishing ray of hope AIWTSAC-
Fanatical Dreamer @pushkar_m 5,805

@prominence thanks and ATB for your future endeavours

Fanatical Dreamer @pushkar_m 5,805

@chaingang8 thanks for the nice words bro, all the best to you too bud

42 CAT

[2015] Official Cracku Mock Scores &Discussion

Discuss your cracku mock scores and problems from the exam on this forum

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Qa- 119(42 C 7 I)

Va-65 (25 C 10 1)

Oa:184 va again disappointed

  • Respect to your QA man!! _/\\_. 2h.
The black cat in the dark room  


CAT 2015 Study Group Mumbai

Lets start discussing for CAT 2015.Lets start religiously so as to bell the CAT this time.

4k CAT Quant CAT

Number System - Questions & Discussions

Hello people, As the earlier number system thread had more than 10k replies,we have closed the old one and presenting...

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If a and b are positive numbers such that (a^2+b^2) is divisible by 7, then the largest number by which (a^2+b^2) is divisible is

a) 7

b) 49

c) 21

d) 14

  • Both a and be have to be multiples of 7...and the largest.... 5h.
  • @nutsbanda Whatever the 2 numbers are, because they are .... 2h.

Both a and be have to be multiples of 7...and the largest no can be any largest no that you can think of.

vikram singh @vikron

@nutsbanda  Whatever the 2 numbers are, because they are multiples of 7, they will always be divisible by 49.

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Hey guys plzz help ... what all documents do i have to carry for arc verification ?? and do they need to be attested ??

  • NO we dont need attested document. I submitted my documen.... 2h.
  • one particular arc center asked dte. dte said they want t.... 2h.
neeraj kapkoti @neeraj_k 1

NO we dont need attested document. I submitted my documents yesterday. Take xerox with original documents

devansh kotak @devanshkotak 6

one particular arc center asked dte. dte said they want the attested ones by gazetted officer. so doesnt harm in getting them attested

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That sad moment when you realize that the 'AIWTSAC' for which you have been waiting for eternity would never turn up. Since the person concerned would never give up on his feline-craze. EVER. And so would never end, his journey with her. EVER. :mg: 


With you. Till the last breath. I promise.



  • 1 Like   6 Comments
  • Not an attempt to flattering or something. I am anyways, .... 2h.
Placing my bets this year on Ankita14, nits2811, ashishpai2001(not seen yet) and sid222000.True Maulers!!! These guys just rock!!! Oh yes,and how did i forget estallar12 the GOD :woot: :thumbs up:
Thank You!!! PSA @d-ThAnK-U-MaGiC 918

Not an attempt to flattering or something. I am anyways, a nobody indeed, to do so. But your(the) work speaks for itself, truly. cat100percentile[dot]com, the (classroom) teaching with comparisons being made such as 'scrabbler' quality teachers and en number of ventures like these providing great help to aspirants, year after year. _/\_ \\_____O// Is this not a testimony enough to justify what could otherwise be an(your) AIWTSAC?   

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Placement report suggest 16.8 lpa as avg salary for PGPM. Is it really this much as FMS, XL, IIM-L, spjain also falls in this range 16-18 ? And can someone temme how much in hand salary will be if package is 15 lpa ?

  • $. 3h.
  • It would surpass the average of ISB as well :wink: ...I.... 3h.
When your credibility is on the stake CAT/SNAP'14-96.xx/99.xx  CAT'15 : ? 
Abhisek Nayak @UltraInsanity 11

It would surpass the average of ISB as well ...In hand for a 15 lpa would be around 80k around.

24.9k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...