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CAT 2015 Aspirants

I wanted to join TIME institute's super-long term course for CAT '15\\. I want to prepare with a relaxed mind. I'm ba...

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Slot 1

va - attempted 31.. va is my strength ( have performed very good in aimcats and proc cats.. so take atleast 25 questions correct)

di lr attempted 16 (1 is definitely wrong...  take around 10 questions to be correct.)

quant- 25 (1 is definitely wrong.. rest almost all should be correct) consider 90% accuracy

In the 2 definitely wrong questions, both were non mcq so no negative marks..!

Total- 72 questions...

Any comments whether i screwed or average or good??

  • U hv done very good.. 2m.

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CAT 2015 Experiences, Slot 1

*Share you CAT 2015 experiences, reviews and analysis in the following format :* CAT Center: 1) How many questions ...

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CAT Center: Tiwari College, Mira Road

Pre-test: I had planned to sleep by 10 p.m. but no, life is never so simple. People decided to wait till the last minute to ask doubts/panic/broadcast good luck messages/generally lose their heads. I eventually slept at 2 and woke at 4:30, feeling downright grumpy. A bath and a (very strong and sweet) coffee made life look more bearable and I set out. 2 hours of train journey later, I was at the centre feeling surprisingly fresh.

The check-in process was pretty smooth (more so than last year) and I had an hour to kill in the lab. Tedium. Then the fun began, with the instructions (parts of which were copied straight out of last year's manual, I suspect, and were hence not totally appropriate - they mentioned "4-question" RCs and DI/LR sets of "2 to 4 questions" throwing me into confusion for a bit. The instructions for the scientific calculator were downright scary "it will display till 15 decimal places and then round off" indeed

1) How many questions did you attempt(section wise)?

VA-34 DILR-32 QA-34 OA: 100

(Standard disclaimer: Don't read too much into that. I rely on speed and not accuracy. So I pretty much always attempt all the questions if I can. I typically have time left over, so I see no point in leaving a question unless it is highly ambiguous. If accuracy happens to happen, that's a bonus )

2) Range of mock scores?

NA, not taken any mocks.

3) How was your experience of the test?

Very smooth. The interface worked just fine, and the invigilators, at least in my centre, were civilised and helpful (and non-disturbing).

4) What was the surprise element for you?

Despite the mock test and IIMA's insistence that it would be indicative, I had not expected to see 24 RCs. (Mea culpa - I called that one totally wrong :sad: ). Add to that 5 Parajumbles and the rest basically para- and comprehension-based as well, and the Verbal section was extremely one-dimensional. I guess IIMA is looking for people who can handle their case-based methodology?

Having said which, I like RC over VR any day, so I found this a perfectly cromulent state of affairs

Also, 15 TITA questions in QA. And 13 Arithmetic questions. You gotta be kidding me!

5) Your overall analysis of the exam. Toughness, new topics, sections etc.

VA: Similar to last year's level, different in structure. Not too ambiguous (which was a pleasant surprise after the VA sections in the last two IIMA-conducted tests). The TITA parajumbles were unnerving, but really you would sink or swim depending on where you stand w.r.t. RCs.

DILR: Again, similar to last year's level (tough!) but with the added misery of a time limit. TITA questions with large numbers as the answers meant random guessing was never going to be of realistic use. This is the section that would make or break the challenge of most serious test-takers, the game-changer.

QA: Almost as easy as last year's; the key here was really to not panic after that DILR but to start afresh with a clear head - 25 attempts with a good accuracy were perfectly manageable.

The TITA questions meant a lot more of uncertainty, but other than the aforementioned parajumbles they were mostly straightforward. The other major change, the calculator, was a useful tool if used in moderation. One irritation in both of those was the fact that if you clicked twice on the same number on the onscreen keypad in quick succession, only one click was recorded. So when entering a number like 2240 it would appear as 240 and you would have to redo the whole thing (if you spotted the error at all). I had entered two TITAs wrong which I spotted almost at the end of the QA paper (don't know if any more escaped my notice...wondering about one entire DI set now!)

6) Any other query or something you would like to share.

Nothing as such. All the best to everyone! May the scores be with you...

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  • Well.. 34/32/34.. Nothing less could be expected from you.... 5h.
  • Partyyyy dijiye :grin:. 6m.
Don't "Sir' me please 
Deadpool @gupt1 693

Well.. 34/32/34.. Nothing less could be expected from you..

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does age and experience in terms of number of years of the candidate play any role during selection process?

What has been the age of the oldest successful candidate so far for PGDM-C?

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SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2015 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2015, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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17 VA 14 correct for sure 7 LR (USMEIN SE B only 4 sure) Quant 15 12 sure correct 3 guess no negative marking though Can I expect 75-85% ile

  • no......di/lr may b the spoil sport. 3h.
  • I wish I touch 75 atleast OA. 1h.
ABIR ROY @Abir1103 300

no......di/lr may b the spoil sport


I wish I touch 75 atleast OA

25.9k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

10.1k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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what was the ans for (76-n)/(n-1) . slot 2ND QA.

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  • jis di waale ka deep answer diya hai cl ne uska Fatek nhi.... 6h.
  • Factors of 77 will be 4. 1, 7, 11, 77. So n can take 2, 8.... 1h.
@codegen123 3

jis di waale ka deep answer diya hai cl ne uska Fatek nhi tha kya?

Patrick Dsouza @PatrickDsouza 2,980

Factors of 77 will be 4. 1, 7, 11, 77. So n can take 2, 8, 12, 78.

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CAT 2015 Experiences, Slot 2

Share you CAT 2015 experiences, reviews and analysis in the following format : CAT Center: 1) How many questions...

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Guys...does anybody remember R&D ques in DI slot2? What was your take on that ques? And if u can recall then please post the ques as well as ans!!

  • @gowthamnachi r1 for me... 4h.
  • I think this question is not included in the cl key, plea.... 2h.
Aman Kaur @amankaur.1612 184

I think this question is not included in the cl key, please confirm? 

10.8k CAT

[2012] Which B-Schools should you apply to?

Hi All With the season 2012 getting closer to the months which are going to be full of applications for different exa...

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does amity is good for mba and its placements.. plzz help me out. I am in gr8 trouble..

  • Depends on for which campus u r applying too. 4h.
  • dnt join amity....try for other good colleges. 3h.
@harneet123 5

Depends on for which campus u r applying too

ABIR ROY @Abir1103 300

dnt join amity....try for other good colleges

525 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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Looks like the entire team is too busy in their MBA lives. But still - What's up ! How's it going fellas :D 

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  • Go to the PG page of the college whose .... 4h.
  • @kittuboy hey man summers where?. 3h.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  
K B @kittuboy 3,193 

Go to the PG page of the college whose tag you want. You'll find the requisite links there.

Tick Tok @pheonix2013 1,020

@kittuboy hey man summers where?

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Hi guys!!! After applying for xgmat do we need to send printout or receipt or anything to ximb office??if so then when is last date to send through post???

  • Thanks a lot...another thing I need to ask.I have already.... 9h.
  • @ankitsimon You need to select the programmes for which y.... 3h.
Ankit Das @ankitsimon

Thanks a lot...another thing I need to ask.I have already applied for cat and xat thru their respective website in xgmat,I need to fill only thru xgmat,right???no more thru cat &xat required???

Dorshi Shah @dorshishah

@ankitsimon You need to select the programmes for which you are applying through different exams .For example while applying for BM, you need to mention if you are applying through CAT ,XAT or both.

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LRDI MORNING SLOT...Was it me or some one else as well?

  • @ambesh1802 i had a bad day in varc..but what i am saying.... 3h.
IIFT'15:49.02 CAT'15:hate you LRDI 
@cl007 9

@ambesh1802 i had a bad day in varc..but what i am saying is that if lrdi paper had a difficulty levl equivalent to varc then i could have probably assured myself a place in the top tier!!!

3k CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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xat 2016 !! figure os speech 

1.alliteration: Series of words that begin with the same consonant or sound alike.
e.g. Round the rugged rocks the ragged rascal ran
2.anadiplosis: Repetition of a word at the end of a clause at the beginning of another
e.g.Having power makes isolated; isolation breeds insecurity; insecurity breeds suspicion and fear; suspicion and fear breed violence.
3.anaphora: Repetition of the same word or group of words at the beginning of successive clauses
e.g.In every cry of every man,
In every infant's cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forged manacles I hear:
4.ellipsis: Omission of words
e.g.John can play the guitar, and Mary (can play) the violin
5.homonyms: Words that are identical with each other in pronunciation and spelling, but differing in origin and meaning
6.homophones:Words that are identical with each other in pronunciation but differing in origin and meaning
7.hyperbole: Exaggeration of a statement
8.non sequitur: Statement that bears no relationship to the context preceding
9.onomatopoeia: Word that imitates a real sound (e.g. tick-tock or boom)
10.zoomorphism: Applying animal characteristics to humans or gods
eg-The appearance of the Holy Spirit as a dove in the New Testament.
11.transferred epithet: Placing of an adjective with what appears to be the incorrect noun
e.g."restless night" The night was not restless, but the person who was awake through it was.
12.tautology: Needless repetition of the same sense in different words
e.g.The children gathered in a round circle
13.synecdoche: Form of metonymy, in which a part stands for the whole
e.g."glasses" for spectacles
14.syllepsis: Form of pun, in which a single word is used to modify two other words, with which it normally would have differing meanings
e.g.The foundation of freedome, the fountaine of equitie, the safegard of wealth, and custodie of life, is preserved by lawes.
15.rhetorical question: Asking a question as a way of asserting something. Or asking a question not for the sake of getting an answer but for asserting something (or as in a poem for creating a poetic effect)
e.g.How much longer must our people endure this injustice?
16.pathetic fallacy: Using a word that refers to a human action on something non-human
e.g.The stars will awaken / Though the moon sleep a full hour later
17.euphemism: Substitution of a less offensive or more agreeable term for another
18.dysphemism: Substitution of a harsher, more offensive, or more disagreeable term for another. Opposite of euphemism

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  • .. 4h.
  • #. 3h.


MICA Ahmedabad: Official Discussion Forum (MICAT - 2015)

HelloEveryone, It gives us immense pleasure to kick-startanother season of admissions for the 2 year PGDM (C) program...

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Hi! Guys.

Please share your email ID if you are looking for mock tests solely based on the pattern of MICAT. I will send you a link to one sample mock test and based on that you can think of subscribing for the rest. You may get the link for MICAT sample mock test by Wednesday.

I am doing this for TISSNET as well. Anybody who is interested in TISSNET may also drop his/her ID. For TISSNET you will get the link in next 24hours.

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  • for both. 6h.
  • for both please. 5h.

90 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2015

There are many who desire and a few who deserve. There are many who get bogged down under pressure and a few who flou...

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Dreamers batao apne CAT ki story.

Attempts + take etc. Slot-1 people

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  • @jashanjindal in A=3B ques, answer will be 5 only because.... 4h.
Eat less, sleep more and smash the feline on the floor 
Nishchay Budhiraja @nishchayb 5

@jashanjindal in A=3B ques, answer will be 5 only because the question asked how many years FROM NOW.. i clearly remember this one..

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what was the CAT cut off last year for HR?

  • The cut off last year for CAT was 84 percentile for PGDHR.... 4h.
Shruti Lall @shrutilall 13

The cut off last year for CAT was 84 percentile for PGDHRM. The Cut offs vary from year to year depending on the number of applications received.

Please let me know incase you need help with anything else. 

80 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Underdogs Team 2015

If the taste of victory is sweet, being an underdog makes it sweeter. Hard work, persistence, focus, determination, w...

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According to CL.

VA - 54 (19C/6W) 

DI - 53 (18C/1W) ( I have guessed my answers are right in one whole set which wasn't available as I had tallied them with my friend)

QA - 76 (26C/3W) (showed 70 but I am sure their answer key is wrong)

OA - 183 (63C/10W)

This is almost the upper limit of my marks...It may come down to 160-170 too and go to 190 at max)

Please share your scores too

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  • IIFT diya tha ?. 4h.
  • han..pehle 5 min gk dekha kuch nahi aa raha tha..fir poor.... 4h.
Gaurav Bansal 233

han..pehle 5 min gk dekha kuch nahi aa raha tha..fir poora paper time pass kiya

763 CAT

All I wanted to Speak about CAT

*Download the FREE 'The Best of All I Wanted to speak about CAT' ebook*, a compendium of the best posts on this threa...

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Well, I decided to pen down my All I wanted to speak about CAT. It is more of an emotional outing rather than a practical one. Though I did not manage to get into my dream institute, but I got into a reputed one.


I was always a very lousy student during my school days. One event changed my life and turned myself into an average one, and I scored in 80s in my board exams(it was great deal to pull up myself from scoring to 60s even in ninth std.).I got into a private engineering college just to get a job, well I managed that. I was placed in the first company which visited my campus, Cognizant. I developed my liking for a girl, the girl later practically made things clear to me : "if you want me get a good MBA" Being a student from a vernacular medium my English was lousy, my Maths was never good. But I was ready to improve myself for her. And she accepted me, with the condition attached. I have never ever bothered about CAT during the entire college life, but when she asked for I could not avoid.

2008 My first tryst CAT: Enrolled myself in the AIMCAT test series. I had no basics in place, used to flunk in all of them, but I kept on taking them without much improvement. My score used to hover around 50-60%tile (yes, you read that right). Took the exam, scored some odd 70 percentile. In the meantime, I was introduced to Pagalguy. I used to follow those mock threads where Gods (the_hate, catdemon,premravi etal) were acing each of them. I felt inspired.

2009 My Second CAT: I convinced my father and enrolled in CL Kolkata in their full time program. I started attending the classes regularly. I used to be a regular visitor in the famous quant thread. That improved my concepts. I have joined both AIMCAT and CL mock test series. Taking mocks, being disappointed, analyzing and then hitting the next became a regular affair. Though I developed my liking for Quants, DI-LR but my verbal did not improve much. Sometimes even I managed to clear both Quants and DI sections, but verbal was always a nightmare. Took the CAT to find my ability must have really improved. Scores read 98.96%tile (QA 99.1, DI 99.23, but VA showed a paltry 70). By that time I have become a part of the awe inspiring PG gang: rik_12, ronil, Rahul to name a few. I was elated seeing my score, and wanted to get into IIM Calcutta (nowhere else). My score made her happy, I was going through a good phase of my life, though albeit ephemeral.

2010 My third outing: I was posted in Chennai. Boy, I was not able to adapt myself at all during the initial phase. My CAT preparation went downhill, I even stopped a few mocks midway and left the hall (which I never did in almost last 60 odd mocks I took in previous years). I became completely nonchalant, god knows why, with CAT. Though I have taken the rest but as expected I performed pretty badly in most of them. Add to that, my long distance relationship started taking a toll on me, I abhorred my office, I hated almost everything. But I could not let her go, somehow managed to hang on. Opened the books in last month, well as expected I flunked with a 85%tile. I was shattered, confused, dashed to death.

2011 My fourth CAT: Took a break from CAT related activities and thoughts. Just to take my mind away I started spending time at office. Learnt new tools, took up responsibilities. CAT went away from my mind till one fine morning she reminded me about the condition I signed. Well, this time I enrolled with all the mock tests (IMS, TF, TIME, CL). Photocopied past 3 years mock papers and started solving them diligently. Then I met some very good people (who became my very good friends later) here in Pagalguy: Siddharth, Subhakimi, Debjit,Koustav, Shaunak, Somaritta, Naga to name a few. They all were mock maulers, and all of a sudden the long lost vigor was back. I used to wake up around 6 am in the morning, take sectionals till 9 am. During lunch hours either I used read some abstract topics or used to read some nonfiction books to improve my verbal ability. Made some friends in TT court too. Then by 8pm I got to back in my mess and study for another 3-4 odd hours. Mock session took off well. I started doing well in Verbal too. But then CAT has changed its pattern, QA-DI and VA-LR were clubbed together. Still, my performance in mocks was satisfactory. Filled up CAT,XAT,IIFT forms.

I had a good CAT, or so I thought, I attempted 29 QA questions and 27 from VA. Total 56 attempts out of 60. I hoped to break the jinx finally. The night CAT committee declared the result was the worst night of my life. My mother was hospitalized just a day back, and then the report card flashed with 95.xx( QADI:99 VALR 70). I failed again. I literally howled for hours. Called up my girlfriend, she asked me attend whatever college falls under my %tile range. I refused. The only respite of the session was XAT which showed my VA %tile to be 98.xx and that made me to think that I not that bad at VA as the CAT says, hence decided to fight one last battle to make it to my dream. I refused to succumb. I was dinged in IIFT too by marks.

2012 My fifth CAT : This is the year when I learnt the most from life. I have seen extreme highs, faced extreme lows. This description is going to be a little longer. Kindly bear with me.

I decided to live it the way I want, I was ready to take the risk, I decided to indulge in a lot of activities. I let my manager know about my aspiration. I started maintaining bare minimum responsibility and was bombed in appraisal. Well it does not matter how you have fared earlier, once they know you want to get out of the place, they will make sure you are. I took the risk to spoil my career in IT, not that it matters I told to myself. I gradually became a laughing stock in my fraternity, they all advised me to make a career in IT and leaving what I have aspired for or might compromise, I was not agreed. My relationship turned sore, she started avoiding me. My father, rightly, left hope and asked me to consider Bank PO as a career. I refused to listen, but I started feeling lonely. In all those pensive moods I kept on writing my blog.

I wrote once, " When I look back I realize life had pumped away the extra dose of emotion from my heart and made me a bit inert. It was important to go through those stages, a few(may be more) dull days and lone nights when nobody but you need to care of yourself, have to pat on your back and need to say this too shall pass."

Well, I was in search of inspiration. I joined an NGO to feel good. I started playing TT madly, and did well in corporate tournament. I won the national blogging contest competition in Cognizant. All of them diverted my mind a bit. Came April, I took up those old mocks again and started practising madly day in and day out. I stopped sleeping during night. I felt fire inside, to prove myself. My mess was refilled with young joinees, hence it was making a lot of nuisance in my preparation. I found another guy (Sid) in my office who was preparing seriously for CAT and wanted to get out of the place. We moved in a flat which was dusty as hell, (well we two together did not have any good savings or salary to get a good flat in Chennai for us) but it did not matter much.

As God wanted, in one of those PG meets in Chennai I met Neelkanth(azure09). I along with Sid moved to his flat, where there were other four living in the same place(and one of them joined IIFT as my junior). There was a common thread among us, we hated our job and we failed multiple times but wanted to go for one last shot. That was a life changer, I never had any CAT group in Chennai, for the first time I got one. I started enjoying my outing again. Here, I would like to mention about my best friend Angshuman (lovlu). We are friend for more than two decades, and everything in our life happened in tandem, I can't decipher the reason though. As you can imagine, his state was almost similar to me barring he was good at coding and all. We enrolled with CL and IMS test packages. The mock session began. I started faring well, my average percentile used to be around 97-98 with occasional low 99s to even higher 99s a few times. Made entry in the topper list for multiple times. As I developed my habit of studying overnight, unlike my other counterparts, sometimes I used to go to office late and spend whole night in my cubicle alone. There was no one to disturb, I regained my focus. Boy, those mock days were the awesome. In most of the cases, I along with one of my friends used to travel by bike to reach the center. We made a point to remain aloof with the occasional bloopers. In case we hit low, we made a point to celebrate over lunch or dinner in Zytoon and all other good restaurants in Chennai, or made a visit to a movie. I never enjoyed so much in Chennai before, a good friend circle can do awesome to your life, and I can vouch for that. I was chosen to be the Vice Captain of the KDT too.

Twist in the tale

I took my CAT center in Kolkata. I and Neelkanth took the same slot, which turned out to be one of the most difficult one. I started struggling with Quants, for the first time in the whole season. In the midway I knew I lost it completely. Came back, called up Neelkanth. His outing was not well too, but was better than me. Verbal used to be his strongest section, while even though the first section used to be my forte I was completely r***d there. Called up her, let her know about my crappy tryst. She cut the phone short saying the only point in my life is to take CAT and fail. Hence, the ending was evident, and I was completely devastated. I could not show my face to my parents anymore. Life became a full circle, I did not know how to overcome it. I was heading nowhere. It was the lowest point of my life.

Further twist and the game changer

I decided to come back to Chennai, much earlier than I planned. I changed my mind, gathered all anger and hatred, and channelized them to motivate myself. It could not be the end, anyway. IIFT was in the offing. We made a game plan to crack this beast. Went through last few years' papers. Attempted over 10 mocks. We did pretty well in the mocks, but mocks might tell you a different story hence I did not believe in them. We covered last one year business affairs in detail. We three took charge to complete them and shared across. My brother helped me during this time, he kept on sharing motivational stuffs with me, and kept on reassuring myself.

IIFT decided to conduct the paper on my birthday, 25th Nov. I was kind of mad that time. I kept my phone switched off so that nobody can wish me and reduce my anger. In the morning, I called up my father. He asked me not be worried about the result rather to focus on giving the best I have. With misty eyes, I left. I and Neelkanth had the same center. I can remember exactly how it went, how the hall was, how the smell of the paper was; well almost everything. I followed a pre decided strategy: GK-VARC-QA-DILR. I knew I was doing well. GK went fine, took 2 RCs and completed the rest of the VA, attempted 18 questions in quants (I was sure all of them were correct, even most of the questions I have already encountered earlier), only DILR did not go that well I should, attempted one more RC in last 3 mins. I counted my attempts, it was 87(out of 120 I guess). When I came out I had the feeling I killed it, and that brought tears to my eyes. Neelkanth did well too with around 85 attempts. Came back home, checked the score. It was hovering around 53.xx-55.xx. Oh!! Boy, the VA which deluded my all through decided to fire in IIFT, with a good 20.xx. Finally it seemed, my hard work did not go waste. I enjoyed my b'day, but decided not to booze. We saved that.

In the meantime XAT came. We prepared well. But all of a sudden, just on the eve of the exam,I started feeling a heavy stomach ache. But decide not to leave the center. Fought till the end. But was not good enough to get the BM call. Neelkanth just nailed it left right center. Result started pouring in. CAT as expected went pathetic, the worst result in last few years including all the mocks. I scored some 73 in Quant, but this time it was a different act from my side altogether. I laughed, we laughed. IIFT declared the result. Siddharth pinged me and congratulated. I called Neelkanth, he also made it. We shouted on the top of our voice. We drank whole night. It was one of the best moments. As expected Neelkanth killed XAT with 99.xx with both XL- BM and HR call, got XIMB too.I made a 96(QA 98, VA 94 and 64 DM ,hence no call) I had a lone call from IIFT, however. I decided to put my best show, and converted it. Neelkanth got into XIMB, lovlu made it to IMT-G.


To me CAT was never just an exam. It was a life changing experience, which helped me during my MBA too. I learnt how to fight even when everything starts looking hazy. I am thankful to the God that I experienced it. As Sebada(Seba_caterpiller) rightly quoted, "When people ridicule you, criticize you, make fun of you; but you have not lost self-belief and you are working hard to achieve it, then just smile at them with two words in mind: F*** O**!!" You gotta dream, you are going to protect it. Period!!

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  • Inspiring Sirjee.... u have been mine inspiration and wil.... 8h.
  • Thank you for sharing. I learned about real character fro.... 5h.
IIFT|| Batch of '13-'15||IMF(Student Council),Joint Media Coordinator
S C @sid2222000 15,535

Inspiring Sirjee.... u have been mine inspiration and will be in the future too

Junaid Saraf @sarafjunaid 16

Thank you for sharing. I learned about real character from this post.

31.1k CAT

Introduce yourself

Hello All, Lets get to know each other well :smiley: Plus we get to know each other's background etc. I'll start & ...

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Hi All , 

This is Jasprit here . I am working as a Team Lead in  IT Sector & willing  to change my profile  from IT to HR . Have around 7 years of experience & interested in pursuing MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur 

Could you please advise ,if I should go ahead for the 15 months Executive MBA program ( GMP ) or the Regular 2 years MBA program (HRM ) .

Would it be feasible to change my profile .

Regards ,


  • pappu pass hogya. 5h.
  • pappu pass hogya. 5h.


[Official] 2016-17 Great Lakes Chennai PGPM Admissions Queries

Please post any queries you many have related to the admissions process of Great Lakes Chennai PGPM 2016-17.

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Quick Question-When filling in the GMAT score in the form, do we mention the percentiles for Quant/Verbal or the actual score? Thanks.

  • I put in the scores... 5h.
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Sir,regarding placements is concerned for the flagship program of KJ-what is the MEDIAN n MODE value of the last batch's placements.It will be helpful if you could tell within the range also,if bot the exact value.@venkat89 Sir

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