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This is a my story and journey of cat. I have not cracked cat in 4 attempts and this post is my way of acknowledging people who helped me in my cat prep say thank you and provide some tips which might help a future aspirant. 

Attempt 1: 'Cat'11 - The best year score wise.

Was about to finish 3rd year and placements were to start late in 7th Sem. TIME folks came to college and offered me a scholarship. Talked to parents and bro , encouraged me to join TIME. The total course was offered to me at 6k. Later understood that is because the faculty were absolute shit. Heard about pagalguy joined the site. Never spent much time in exploring the site. Days went by I studied whatever caught my fancy, Never really knew what was important , what was not. Spent time working on college project and in spare time studying for cat. Wrote a couple of mocks got pathetic scores. Discouraged and with motivation to join a core company. Worked hard on my engg project. Got a award for the project. There were no core company and hence got an offer from one of the mass recruiter. Cat'11 came and went , I knew i had screwed it up.

Results - QA- 88.xx VA- 99.XX OA- 98.4

The results shocked me .unfortunately i never believed in my ability and had not applied to any colleges except IIM's and Nittie.

As expected didn't get a call from any one of the colleges.

Attempt 2: Cat'12

Gave cat again in 12 just for the heck of it. In retrospect should have been more serious as my joining got delayed. Nothing to write much for cat'12 attempt.Had time to prepare but let it go just practiced some VA and DI.

Results - QA- 80, VA - 99.xx OA - don't remember.

Attempt 3:Cat'13

I had finished my training in mysore and was located in bangalore. In Mysore i got into a relationship with one of the girls in my batch. joined bangalore was given an opportunity to work on SAP. Happy  waited to be on boarded  for the project. In meantime gave cat with absolutely no prep for time pass. Thought will work hard in the project and move ahead.

Results : QA-57.xx VA- 99.xx OA - 92-.XX

Was shattered when got on boarded ofr the project. Got to know later this was not as it seemed outside. And the great career i dreamed of looked faded.With no option to leave project and my gf telling me her parents are looking to get her married. I knew i was in no position to get married and a indecisive career and craving for a opportunity to change.I saw guys in my project with 5 year of exp struggling to get a switch,  I decided CAT would best address my problems. I can get engaged and go to a bschool . With a bschool platform could get a opportunity to pursue my career interest. Studied really hard. had loads of work in office but pushed and completed it all with 9 am-6pm. Was not recognized for my efforts and still was least bothered as my heart was set to leave the company. used to get up at 5 and start preparing for cat.

Gave a couple of sectional tests. Was distraught not being able to cross advanced level in careerlauncher sectional test . I thought all my efforts are a waste and thought to ditch cat all together, Spoke to @abhimukh19  during this time. He encouraged me to not give up hope and continue with the prep. With a new vigor again started the prep journey. Preparing for cat in way back to home in the bus. Studying till late night. Gave a couple of mocks and got encouraging scores. QA was still bit of a problem but it was fine.As the season went by , I became really good in VA and DI. QA was doing decent and clearing the cutoffs.By november really felt things would be on my side and finally i can crack cat.

Nov-22'14 : Gave cat . went well in 30 mins blitzed through VA marking 30 Q's. Went to QA and spent reminder of time in QA and came to VA. Also tried some LR and DI but couldn't solve anything. was reasonably happy with the attempt. Thought score would be 98+.

IIFT: screwed. Horrible attempt were things went downhill.

Cat results: QA-= 50.xx VA- 90.xx QA- 80.

Felt gutted couldn't even cry when i saw the result. I wanted to cry to scream and get over it. But i couldn't i couldn't cry nor speak. I was silent. My parents felt disappointed. My GF was gutted too. I didn't know what to do. How can i get so less. I never got QA so less and VA i was so sure . I actually studied for VA this time. I have got 99%tile thrice in Cat for god's sake.

Walked through the rest of days. Was demotivated to go attempt XAT. Gave xat nothing great was disoriented. couldn't  score well. Screwed xat. QA 23 , Va 90'ish i think , DM 92. OA- 89.

Thus end my journey of cat. I have no idea what to do in my relationship and my career. Well we shall see

Tips to aspirants:

1. Analyse mocks and experiment a little in a couple of mocks. It will help you score well.

2. Bad mocks score are okay keep calm and move ahead. Analyse your mistake. The first time i reached 99 in VA that mock season I have never scored above 90 in Mocks VA.

Thank you note:

@abhimukh19 You have been a great inspiration and a motivator sadly I have nothing to show for it. Thank you for if it was not because of you i would not have cat'14.

@the_hate I met you in bangalore PG meet. Thank for the kind words and encouragement. You are an inspiration to generations of aspirants. Happy could meet you in person and talk to the legend himself.

@prem_ravi Pure inspiration at its peak. That's all i can say. Honored to have met you. I know you once said if i can pursue a mab with 10 years of worex. What is your excuse.Sadly i cannot match that up. You have been a constant guide and mentor at my side. Thank you for that. Words cannot express my gratitude for you.

@visionIIM-ACL  Thank you varun for all your guidance.

Thank you all my fellow aspirants for your help and guidance whenever i posted some query in PG . That's all folks bye :) 

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  • @Preeti_L Hey yes i do remember meeting you . I know GMA.... 1m.
  • sir let me know when you are organizing on.... 19s.
raghavendra @rags-at-work 386

@Preeti_L  Hey yes i do remember meeting you . I know GMAT and other options galore. However taking some time to clear  my head. Thanks for the encouragement.

raghavendra @rags-at-work 386  sir let me know when you are organizing one. Would love to come by

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oa 87 %le

qa 82 va 90

10th and 12th 70%

grad - 75%

pg - 53%

work ex 21 months govt job

decent extra cu activities

no spl achievements 

category ST

wat are my chances for older IIMs

  • N what about FMS, IIT B and IIT D ?. 3m.
  • good chances. 1m.
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Hey guys, facing a problem with uploading graduation grade transcript and degree proofs. Maximum file size is 1 MB and I'm unable to reduce it below 2 MB. Anyone else facing a similar problem? Please help...

  • Yes the clarity will reduce. I think that's okay. You can.... 1h.
  • yeah..I guess its fine! Anyway we have to produce the ori.... 1m.

Yes the clarity will reduce. I think that's okay. You cant have those many images in a 1 MB file otherwise.

Kusum Nanden @knd7491 55

yeah..I guess its fine! Anyway we have to produce the originals on the d-day!!

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Can someone explain the relation between inflation and sensex? I am unable to understand it clearly.. Kindly help

  • Suppose for a financial year there is some EPS say x, whe.... 3m.
Dreams aren't something you get while sleeping.. but something that doesn't let you sleep.. 
ankit singhal @anks2412 13

Suppose for a financial year there is some EPS say x, where x = Profit/number of shares and Market price of share will be k.x, where k is the k-ratio.When a company generates profit in its financial years and pump back the money back into the organisation or promoters sells their share to public and pumps back the money in organisation. So, next year company will have more money to invest then revenue will increases and profit will increase. EPS will increase so Market price of share will increase. If this company is in top 30 and comes under sensex then overall market capitalization of top 30 companies will increase so sensex will go up. 

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Do I stand a chance with 66 percentile in CAT ? X-87%.  XII  81%   Grad   71% 2 years experince

  • Ys last date is 30 march 2015 so apply fast prepare hard ATB. 10m.
  • Do u also accept cmat feb scores?. 4m.
Amit Goyal @Amit4688 32

Ys last date is 30 march 2015 so apply fast prepare hard ATB

PRATIK DEWAN @dewan.udct 82

Do u also accept cmat feb scores?

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in the work exp section the form asks duration of work ex.What date should we mention if we are still working with the company??

Below,it asks number of months till August 31st,2014.. Can anyone please clarify. Thanks

  • Mention your work ex till the date mentioned in the form. 20h.
  • @IIMRanchi Its asks the company's name you work for and t.... 6m.
IIM Ranchi @IIMRanchi 831

Mention your work ex till the date mentioned in the form

PTR @ptanayrusheel 22

@IIMRanchi Its asks the company's name you work for and then the From and To date.I can mention the From Date , but what about the To date? and there is a different question which asks what is your work ex till 31st August? there I can mention my experience in months till then.But can you answer my first question please 

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Has any got a call for the gdpi? Some centers have it in the coming sunday. when will the calls come out?

  • same question.... 22m.
  • #. 10m.

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will  you accept CMAT 2015 scores  for admission in 2015 - 2017 batch?

  • Hi, Akash it being the weekend I'm currently unaware of t.... 30m.
  • at least the likely range? and FORE accepts only CAT 2014.... 10m.
Komal Parashar @Ko-mal 4

Hi, Akash it being the weekend I'm currently unaware of the exact cut off, I shall let you know as soon as possible. Result of the shortlisted candidates is out, and if you face any difficulty in checking your result please let me know

Akash R @rAkash 78

at least the likely range? and FORE accepts only CAT 2014 right? @Ko-mal ?

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A student wrote 6 three-digit numbers on the board. If he had written the reverses of two of the numbers A and B instead of the actual numbers, the average of the numbers would have been 115.5 less. The sum of the averages of the hundreds and the units digits of A and the hundreds and the units digits that of B is 9.5. Find the sum of the hundreds digits of A and B. 

  • 6. 17m.
  • Sorry...the answer will be 13. 12m.

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Is there any word limit for NMIMS SOP ?? mine is around 550 words.. is it too long ??

  • There's no specified word limit. If you feel you can cut .... 18m.
Swati Gugnani @swatigugnani 49

There's no specified word limit. If you feel you can cut down on some points to make it straight-forward then do so, otherwise it's not necessary. But do make sure it does not go over a page.

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what was the last date of filling part B form ? 

  • ???. 20m.
CAT'13 98.52....CAT'14 99.19....hope CAT'15 wont b required ! 

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All Possible pairs are formed from the divisors of many such pairs have H.C.F of 45?

7 people answered this question.
Cat 2013:95.32 Cleared IMI ,Cat 2014(gave it for fun):96.8 (99.24 in english) 
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

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I have forgotten my user id and password... I actually lost the book in which i had recorded everything... my reference no. is IITK/2015-2016/MBA/ do i check out my status n everything else...please guide

  • Name: Faiz Ahmed. 29m.
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Anybody attending Hyderabad Time gdpi classes?

  • i'm a regular student of time so i'm not sure of the fee..... 35m.
  • As for GD, there are a lot of candidates with IIM calls p.... 34m.
Vvb Satyanarayana @satya.vvb

i'm a regular student of time so i'm not sure of the fee. but the sessions are quite good. In PI they grill you like anything that you wont feel like going in again. But this will help in the actual PI. 

Vvb Satyanarayana @satya.vvb

As for GD, there are a lot of candidates with IIM calls participating with you so you can guess how it will be. This is only my opinion.

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Statement-Assumption question

statement: You know that your suit is excellent when people ask about your tailor who tailored your suit.

A1: People donot ask about your tailor if your suit is not good.

A2: the people want to know the criterion of an excellent suit.

Which is implicit? A1, A2, both A1 A2, or none.

Please explain.

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