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[Official] IIM INDORE 2016-18 Admissions Related Queries

Greetings from the Media and Public Relations committee, IIM Indore. This is the official thread for all candidates ...

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In the Interview form, it is specified that we've to bring attested copies of all the certificates during the WAT-PI process. Will self attested copies suffice? Or are we required to get them attested from a gazetted  officer?

  • Self attested. 6m.
It always seems impossible until it's done! 
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Please could you let me know if the university doesnt have a clear guideline about CGPA to percentage conversion, what should be the method adopted for the same?

Also, is it required at this point of time to get the conversion certificate or a statement saying that there aint one?

  • Nothing is reqd. Bhai. If no rule *10 kardo baas. 2m.
Arnab Roy @roy26 48

Nothing is reqd. Bhai. If no rule *10 kardo baas

265 CAT LBSIM New Delhi

Official LBSIM [2016-2018] Admission Queries

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BIMTECH ADMISSIONS 2016-18 [Official]

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Hi all

kindly through some light which should be the priority for all these colleges:

-IIM Raipur, IIM Rohtak, IIM Trichy, U, S, and all new IIMS, 



- IIT Delhi

- IIT Bombay

- IIT Kgp


your point of view will be really helpful, and is really appriciated:)

  • I can speak of the six IIMs established between 2009-11. .... 13h.
  • @pagaIguy looks like... You are misleading the aspirants..... 1m.
nocturne Bisht @frusciantejohn 14

I can speak of the six IIMs established between 2009-11. They all are doing very good. And anyone keeping MDI,IITB or NITIE above them should keep in mind that most of these IIMs are growing at a phenomenal rate. By the time current aspirants will pass i.e in 2018, all these IIMs will have their own functional campuses (better than even old IIMs in terms of infra). Also look at the quality and list of recruiters that are being added each year. Just to quote a personal example, untill last year, I was in the same dilemma when people were saying that most of the top global finance MNC's would never visit these six IIMs and even if they would, they won't offer top profiles. Then I saw the final placements this year at my college- American Express, DE Shaw, Bank of America,General Motors etc were the new additions to the recruiters' list and all of them offering top finance profiles.(Besides JP Morgan, Actuate,HSBC already visiting since previous years). All my apprehensions are now long gone.Lastly many in my batch had left  so called 'better' colleges for IIM brand that will remain with them throughout their life(trust me despite what anyone says, IIM brand matters in the corporate world).

Ishant Shah @shah.ishant09 75

@pagaIguy looks like... You are misleading the is the rank... Iim ranchi, rohtak.. Decent gap raipur.. Marginal gap trichy.... Decent gap twice kashipur= udaipur.. For more details go through my wall

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[OFFICIAL] IIT Kanpur MBA 2016-2018 Admission Queries

MBA IIT KANPUR Welcomes you all. This group is for all general discussions regarding the admission processes .. Feel ...

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Anyone having their interviews on 2nd April and reaching Kanpur early in the morning and interested to share an auto?

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Guys while filling up the New IIMs form, I have a certificated of second position in football match interhouse at school level.

which option should i select in


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SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2015 & other Exams

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726 CAT XAT GMAT XIMB, XUB Bhubaneswar X - GMAT

[Official] XIMB 2016-18 Admissions Related Queries

Dear All, Xavier Institute of Management *(XIMB, XUB ) *announces admission to its various MBA programmes for the ba...

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  • @Minakshi91 what is the gap between the day of the inte.... 2h.
  • Could be 10 days or more!. 14m.
G Ghosh @gourab.ghosh725 24

@Minakshi91   what is the gap between the day of the interview and the day we receive the confirmation letter according to last year statistics?Please reply

Minakshi Sahoo @Minakshi91 110

Could be 10 days or more!

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Guys while filling up the New IIMs form, I have a certificated of second position in football match interhouse at school level.

which option should i select in 


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DoMS IIT Madras [2016-2018] Admission Notifications & Related Discussions

Official Discussion thread for admission related queries of Department of Management Studies (DoMS), IIT Madras - MBA...

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If the work experience is less than a year no need to mention it in the application form , right ? I have only 7 months of experience. Since they have asked as of dec 2014 I left it blank.

3.6k CAT

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

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Hello Puys! All the engineering grads out there, which field did you all select in graduation? Science or Others?

Stubborn about my goals but flexible with my methods. CAT15 73 SNAP15 93 NMAT 1st attempt 201 CMAT16 - 99.66 %ile  CET16 - ?? 


[Official] 2016-18 KJ Somaiya (K. J. SIMSR), Mumbai Admission Queries

Online Application - Qualifying Exam - CAT 2015, XAT...

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My cmat score is 163 and percentile is 90.Any chance of getting call for pgdm from kj somaiya.

Please help asap,last date is feb 15

  • Borderline chances..Lets hope for the best..:). 27m.
Charu Narang @charu.narang 70

Borderline chances..Lets hope for the best..:)

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327 CAT XAT LIBA Chennai

[2016-2018] LIBA Official discussion page

Welcome . This is the official discussions page for the two year PGDM program 2016-18 at the Loyola Institute of Busi...

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are the calls out yet? and any idea about the XAT cutoffs for this year??

If you can't stop thinking about, don't stop working for it.  

886 CAT IRMA Anand

[OFFICIAL] Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) - Discussions/Admission Queries [2016-2018]

Did you miss CAT? Don't worry. Now, you can apply to IRMA through XAT as well. Hurry up then

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CAT 83.36 & XAT - 88 percentiles.. what should be my preference.?

  • cat anyday!!. 11h.
  • Thanks:). 46m.


[Official] 2016-17 Great Lakes Chennai PGPM Admissions Queries

Please post any queries you many have related to the admissions process of Great Lakes Chennai PGPM 2016-17.

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when will the glim team send mails to the referees?

  • @admin @sunnyda59 : none of my referees have received th.... 1h.
  • #. 59m.
Sourav Digant @koolsd88

@admin  @sunnyda59 : none of my referees have received the mail. Please look into it and tell me by when can they expect the mail.  tia


[Official] 2016-18 Great Lakes Chennai PGDM Admission Queries

Please post any queries you many have related to the admissions process of Great Lakes Chennai PGDM 2016-18. Find Mo...

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Guys this year GD has been scrapped from the selection process, by the management, for both PGDM and PGPM....

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  • What will be the new process, any guess?. 5h.
  • So there is WAT?. 1h.
Aspirans of GLIM, allow me to help you in any way 
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IIM Lucknow Interview Experience -

12th Feb, 2016

Mumbai , 1:30 pm slot

CAT 15:99.81

WAT : The Road less travelled makes a difference

Wrote a decent essay covering innovation, politics, history where being a maverick helps.

Had heard from previous guys in panel that they were having Stress Interviews in my panel.

Prof had seen the interviewee before me sharing her interview experience while calling me in.

Q- Is the KT(knowledge transfer) over from the previous interviewees?

A- (laughing) Yes

Q- Do you want to go out and ask her in case you feel you missed out anything?

A- No

Q- What have the previous interviewees said?

A- Told about how they have been asking about graduation and the previous one was asked Maths and Hobbies . It depends on each candidate

Q- So which all calls do you have?


Q- No B?

A- Yes.

Q- (Takes my Personal Data form and looks at it) Ok you can leave

A- (astonished) Excuse me?

Q- What is there to ask. (showing the other prof my form) He is a CFA L3 and works at Credit Suisse . Too good for L. Idhar 15 lakhs lagage ke bhi itna hi milega

A- Told that MBA is needed for me as I wish to work in the Strategy/Private Equity space.

Q- Why is MBA for needed that? You already know more about Finance than we will teach

A- Finance is just one part of business. In these areas one needs to understand a business holistically and that knowledge a MBA will provide

Q- Tell us how exactly MBA will help in career progression? Leave all this knowledge etc part out

A- Many roles which I am interested in require MBA. For example after CFA L3 I was looking to shift into Equity Research which values CFA highly but I did not get shortlisted as the feedback was that CFA just provides financial toolbox while we need to evaluate business which is why they prefer only MBAs. (side waala prof says Good  )

Q-Ok you can leave then

A-(cursing inwardly) Please do ask me some more questions

Q- No you are CFA L3 you should ask us questions

A-Nothing like that

Q- Ok tell us about your IIMA Interview experience

A- (kya mazaak hain) Told

Q- So they asked you technical questions there

A- Yes

Q- You told you need MBA to get sectoral exposure so tell us about the Teaching Sector in India

A- Dont know about the sector as a whole but can make an attempt .

Q- (cutting in middle) No speak about IITs and IIMs. Do you think IIM Lucknow is a good institute?

A-  Yes as per friends who have been alumni and current students it is a very good institute plus any institute which places 400+ students in 3 days in roles which are desired by students certainly deserves to be called a very good institute

Q- Tell us about your hobbies

A- Told about reading history and fantasy.

Q- Recent book you read on History?

A- India after Gandhi

Q- How did you find it?

A- Very comprehensive

Q- You told me you read Lord of the Rings? So was not including the character of Tom Bombadil in the movies a wise decision?

A- Spoke how it was right as his character is not very central to the plot and how it tied more into the history of Arda and his role as Iarwain or the first one.

Q-It seems you have read Silmarillion as most of that info is not present in LOTR but in it

A- Yes 

Q- (Panelists being served Tea) See you know even that. No point is asking you questions. You can leave

A- No do ask me if you have anything

Q- No both of us are done with questions. Please leave now and let us have our Tea in peace

A- Okay. Thank you

Overall one of the weirdest interviews I will face. Trying to have a stress interview by telling I am too good for them :P. Somehow stretched the interview to 15 minutes. Feel that I handled myself well enough to get a convert. Rest anyways will be known in April.

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  • They didn't because you would have obviously answered it .... 10h.
  • Mine was also a weird one. I am a chemical engineer worki.... 1h.
Dhiraj Bedi @dhirajdj123 305

They didn't because you would have obviously answered it

Shriram Kathirvel @KShriram 24

Mine was also a weird one. I am a chemical engineer working in an abrasive industry. They basically told that they dont know anything about chemical engineering or abrasive and asked me to leave. I stretched the interview like you upto 20 minutes.