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29 CAT

GDPI Preparation (Second & Final Stage for MBA Colleges)

We will discuss all about GDPI and WAT, the final and most important stage to get into MBA colleges......!!!

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Hi guys,

I got to hear from a few friends that few of the bigger brands among the mba preparation institutes do not allow students without good scores to attend their GD/PI and other post score sessions! I'm not sure about the credibility of this information. Is this true that the post score support is extended to only those students who have scored well? Any inputs/feedback would be appreciated. Kindly mention the name and the location for the institute you comment about.


  • galat suna h. 1m.

1.9k CAT SIMSR Mumbai

[2015-17] K J Somaiya aka SIMSR, Mumbai Admission related queries

*Online Application* - *Qualifying Exam -** *CAT 2014...

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can anyone tell me the exact process of CAP round, is there any application required or DTE mails the info on its own.

  • @Anmol20 ... Yes .... !!!. 45m.
  • Do we need to fill a form for CAP rounds?. 6m.
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CET score 132.1   percentile 95.455 .. What are chances for Welinkar,

KJ Somaiya ? & which colleges should I target ?

  • I'm a Mumbai university graduate and i got 91.4 in cmat a.... 5h.
  • did you completed your SSC & HSC both in maharashtra? if .... 10m.

I'm a Mumbai university graduate and i got 91.4 in cmat and 93.3 in cet but don't have Maharashtra domicile.. what are my chances and where?

Mehul Patel @mehul7187 8

did you completed your SSC & HSC both in maharashtra? if yes then you are maharashtra candidate, if you have only completed HSC in maharashtra then you must prepare your domicile ASAP, it'll surely help..given your scores it'll be tough for you to get into MMS at any of the top 10 colleges in mumbai..but you should apply to pgdm courses in all those colleges, you'll have good chance. all the colleges except somaiya have their admission process yet to start. All the best!

1k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Detailed Analysis of FMS

For all those facing a dilemma of whether to attend FMS PI process or those wanting to know their chances of convert , I have done a detailed analysis of FMS's last yr PI process and this year's likely trends . Most probably as pointed by student rep of FMS , they will be following same last year's 85-15 criteria . 

Link :

Various publications like biztoday , toi etc bring out their ranking but inclusion of some pvt. schools like IMI , IMT etc in Top 10 often acts like an axe on their own foot as this is the first indicator of their poor credibility .

Posted by bharatdps on roads2excellence

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  • Why the hell they even called us, ppl less than 99 :disa.... 14m.
CAT 14 : 99.7 || XAT 15 : 99.81 |  Targeting ABCL FMS  | X Converts - IIMS MDI IIFT | Calls'14 : ACLK XL FMS 
Kalpesh Sadani @kalpeshsadani 66

Why the hell they even called us, ppl less than 99

265 CAT

PhD/FPM 2015

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2015. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

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To answer some common queries about the admission process at IIMA:

Note: This was the process last year.  

First, there was a area-specific interview where all shortlisted candidates were interviewed by area profs.  This was an elimination round.

Next, some candidates were shortlisted for the next stage based on their performance in the first round of interviews.  Shortlist was released on the evening of first day .

All candidates were required to sit for a RAT on the second day.  RAT was a scaled down version of CAT, but not an elimination round.

All shortlisted candidates would be interviewed on the second day itself by FPM Executive Committee.  List of candidates finally successful in the admission process and those waitlisted were released on the evening of second day.

Hope this clarifies a lot of doubts.  

Prepare well and hope for the best.

Wish you luck.

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  • @kt.ketand @urman It is expected that the interviews woul.... 16 Mar.
  • Thanks :smiley:. 17m.
Sky is NOT the limit, limit is beyond the sky.
Inside IIMA @IIMAscholar 4,188

@kt.ketand @urman It is expected that the interviews would be over before 6pm (though it depends on the number of candidates being interviewed on the second day and some other factors as well).  Though interviewing on the second day takes place in the alphabetical order, FPM EC is flexible about interviewing candid ates as per the candidates' convenience.  So if you have flight/train to catch on second day, you can request to be interviewed earlier and leave early.

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Which coaching institute in Pune i should prefer for CAT 2015 preparation ? # except TIME

  • I am from pune , I found it good. Yes if you have a certa.... 22m.
  • if you are still in IMS please do me a favour go to FC ro.... 20m.
The Count @arpit9 112

I am from pune , I found it good. Yes if you have a certain level of comfort with the syllabus, join IMS to brush up.

Vicky d @vikky97799 307

 if you are still in IMS please do me a favour go to FC road office and Abuse everyone sply that diwakar ...definately he needs mental treatment ...and evryone else , tumhe Jitni gandi galli aati hai woh de do and bolo maine di hai ..

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Shashwat Gangwar

Best %iles and ranks in each institute's mock are in bold

SNo__Test Name__QA %ile__VA %ile__OA %ile__AIR__Cutoffs

0__CAT 2014__99.95__99.90__99.99__ALL CLEARED


1__AIMCAT 1520__99.20__99.46__99.79__AIR 19__All Cleared

2__AIMCAT 1516__99.41__98.04__99.66__AIR 45__All Cleared

3__AIMCAT 1515__98.95__99.95__99.93__AIR 9__All Cleared

4__AIMCAT 1514__99.87__99.82__99.98__AIR 3__All Cleared

New Pattern

5__AIMCAT 1516N__99.79__99.82__99.95__AIR 9__All Cleared

6__AIMCAT 1515N__99.90__99.61__99.97__AIR 4__All Cleared

7__AIMCAT 1514N__99.94__98.97__99.96__AIR 6__All Cleared

8__AIMCAT 1513N__99.18__99.93__99.91__AIR 12__All Cleared

9__AIMCAT 1512N__99.79__98.91__99.90__AIR 15__All Cleared

10__AIMCAT 1511N__98.83__99.13__99.69__AIR 46__All Cleared

11__AIMCAT 1510N__98.35__99.96__99.83__AIR 25__All Cleared

12__AIMCAT 1509N__99.72__97.08__99.76__AIR 26__All Cleared

13__AIMCAT 1508N__99.05__98.63__99.63__AIR 41__All Cleared

14__AIMCAT 1507N__99.34__99.90__99.94__AIR 8__All Cleared

15__AIMCAT 1506N__98.94__99.83__99.78__AIR 21__All Cleared

16__AIMCAT 1505N__99.47__99.96__99.97__AIR 1__All Cleared

17__AIMCAT 1504N__98.98__96.87__99.41__AIR 54__All Cleared

18__AIMCAT 1503N__99.82__99.83__99.96__AIR 3__All Cleared

19__AIMCAT 1502N__99.70__98.55__99.89__AIR 6__All Cleared

20__AIMCAT 1501N__99.50__94.82__99.48__AIR 39__All Cleared


21__Proctored Mock 1__99.72__99.78__99.92__All Cleared

22__Proctored Mock 2__96.65__98.62__98.79__All Cleared

23__Proctored Mock 3__97.20__98.85__99.12__All Cleared

24__Proctored Mock 4__99.27__99.82__99.92__All Cleared

25__Proctored Mock 5__99.91__98.85__99.89__All Cleared

26__Proctored Mock 6__99.51__98.22__99.64__All Cleared

27__Proctored Mock 7__98.63__98.87__99.36__All Cleared

28__Proctored Mock 8__99.40__96.26__99.42__All Cleared

New Pattern

29__Mock CAT 1__95.94__98.06__98.65__All Cleared

30__Mock CAT 2__99.05__97.46__99.29__All Cleared

31__Mock CAT 3__97.63__97.38__98.98__All Cleared

32__Mock CAT 4__99.67__98.14__99.75__All Cleared

33__Mock CAT 5__98.08__96.05__98.95__All Cleared

34__Mock CAT 6__99.07__97.07__99.45__All Cleared

35__Mock CAT 7__96.80__99.71__99.44__All Cleared

36__Mock CAT 8__99.03__97.39__99.26__All Cleared

37__Mock CAT 9__97.39__97.46__98.73__All Cleared

38__Mock CAT 10__98.61__99.92__99.91__All Cleared

39__Mock CAT 11__94.66__99.04__98.86__All Cleared

40__Mock CAT 12__91.05__99.83__99.24__All Cleared

41__Mock CAT 13__98.99__88.88__98.52__VA Not Cleared

42__Mock CAT 14__84.37__99.25__97.94__QA Not Cleared

43__Mock CAT 15__98.92__95.92__99.06__All Cleared

44__Mock CAT 16__98.23__98.77__99.64__All Cleared

45__Mock CAT 17__99.77__98.93__99.84__All Cleared

46__Mock CAT 18__99.49__97.01__99.58__All Cleared

47__Mock CAT 19__97.18__97.55__98.55__All Cleared

48__Mock CAT 20__97.27__98.23__99.28__All Cleared

IMS (99A62900)

49__SimCAT 1__98.94__99.86__99.89__AIR 8__All Cleared

50__SimCAT 2__99.08__99.99__99.97__AIR 5__All Cleared

51__SimCAT 3__98.83__99.54__99.69__AIR 12__All Cleared

52__SimCAT 4__99.55__99.85__99.94__AIR 7__All Cleared

53__SimCAT 5__99.64__95.58__99.77__AIR 21__All Cleared

54__SimCAT 6__99.22__99.97__99.94__AIR 5__All Cleared

55__SimCAT 7__98.46__93.82__98.67__AIR 111__All Cleared

New Pattern

56__CAT Challenge__98.61__99.54__99.91__All Cleared

57__SimCAT 8__99.91__97.25__99.89__AIR 13__All Cleared

58__SimCAT 9__99.36__98.93__99.84__AIR 14__All Cleared

59__SimCAT 10__98.26__99.33__99.81__AIR 20__All Cleared

60__SimCAT 11__98.67__99.95__99.91__AIR 7__All Cleared

61__SimCAT 12__98.93__92.70__99.06__AIR 92__All Cleared

62__SimCAT 13__99.85__99.97__99.95__AIR 5__All Cleared

63__SimCAT 14__98.02__99.79__99.80__AIR 18__All Cleared

64__SimCAT 15__99.88__82.63__98.86__AIR 103__VA Not Cleared

65__SimCAT 111__97.80__99.75__99.71__All Cleared

66__SimCAT 112__98.93__98.63__99.41__All Cleared

67__SimCAT 113__99.99__99.99__99.99__All Cleared

68__SimCAT 114__99.59__99.99__99.99__All Cleared

69__SimCAT 115__99.72__99.60__99.97__All Cleared

70__SimCAT 116__99.99__99.64__99.99__All Cleared

71__SimCAT 117__99.91__99.44__99.81__All Cleared

72__SimCAT 118__99.40__99.99__99.99__All Cleared

73__SimCAT 119__99.99__99.24__99.99__All Cleared

74__SimCAT 120__99.95__99.89__99.99__All Cleared

75__SimCAT 121__99.99__99.99__99.99__All Cleared

76__SimCAT 122__99.96__99.99__99.99__All Cleared

77__SimCAT 123__99.99__99.97__99.99__All Cleared

Bull's Eye (50145291)

78__Bull CAT 1__99.64__96.84__99.64__AIR 4__All Cleared

79__Bull Mock CAT 1__99.62__99.62__99.62__AIR 1__All Cleared

80__Bull Mock CAT 20__95.59__96.75__97.68__AIR 10__All Cleared

81__Bull Mock CAT 21__99.77__99.30__99.77__AIR 1__All Cleared

New Pattern

82__Bull CAT 2__99.08__96.21__99.31__AIR 6__All Cleared

83__Bull CAT 3__99.26__99.45__99.82__AIR 2__All Cleared

84__Bull CAT 4__99.02__97.91__99.86__AIR 1__All Cleared

85__Bull CAT 5__97.76__99.83__99.74__AIR 3__All Cleared

86__Bull CAT 6__98.81__99.49__99.83__AIR 1__All Cleared

87__Bull CAT 7__96.67__99.17__98.93__AIR 9__All Cleared

88__Bull CAT 8__99.26__97.98__99.82__AIR 1__All Cleared

89__Bull CAT 9__99.78__99.67__99.89__AIR 1__All Cleared

90__Bull CAT 10__97.09__99.61__99.61__AIR 2__All Cleared

91__Bull CAT 11__97.77__99.57__99.79__AIR 2__All Cleared

92__Bull CAT 12__99.38__99.18__99.79__AIR 1__All Cleared

93__Bull Mock CAT 22__99.08__99.21__99.87__AIR 1__All Cleared

94__Bull Mock CAT 23__99.81__87.33__98.85__AIR 6__ VA Not Cleared

95__Bull Mock CAT 24__98.26__99.13__99.13__AIR 8__All Cleared

96__Bull Mock CAT 25__98.13__99.53__99.53__AIR 4__All Cleared

97__Bull Mock CAT 26__98.30__98.78__99.76__AIR 1__All Cleared

98__Bull Mock CAT 27__90.75__98.78__98.54__AIR 6__All Cleared

99__Bull Mock CAT 28__99.47__88.47__98.51__AIR 14__VA Not Cleared

100__Bull Mock CAT 29__88.97__99.36__98.39__AIR 15__QA Not Cleared

101__Bull Mock CAT 30__92.13__99.44__99.16__AIR 3__All Cleared

102__Bull Mock CAT 31__98.73__98.86__99.87__AIR 1__All Cleared

103__Bull Mock CAT 33__99.86__98.08__99.73__AIR 2__All Cleared

104__Bull Mock CAT 34__98.72__99.36__99.68__AIR 1__All Cleared

105__Bull Mock CAT 35__99.87__98.95__99.87__AIR 1__All Cleared

106__Bull Mock CAT 36__98.58__99.76__99.88__AIR 1__All Cleared

Oliveboard (shashwat.gangwar)

107__oCAT 1__99.7__97.6__99.5__All Cleared

108__oCAT 2__99.0__98.6__98.6__All Cleared

109__oCAT 3__99.5__99.8__100.0__All Cleared

110__oCAT 4__99.1__97.2__99.1__All Cleared

111__oCAT 5__96.9__98.1__98.5__All Cleared

Test Funda (Free Mock)

112__iCAT 1 (2013 Pattern)__99.42__99.79__99.81__AIR 11__All Cleared

113__iCAT 1 (2014 Pattern)__98.80__98.82__99.44__AIR 58__VA Not Cleared

Cracku (Free Mock)

114__Mock CAT__98.74__100.00__99.79__AIR 2__All Cleared

115__New Pattern Mock CAT__97.08__99.57__99.57__AIR 4__All Cleared

116__Mock CAT 7 Free__96.46__99.30__99.01__AIR 9__All Cleared

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  • @shashwatdgr8 bhai... Itni sari mocks ka time kaise mila .... 6h.
  • @SheerForce IMS surely. I don't have idea about vistamind.... 32m.
I come not, friends, to steal away your hearts || CAT2013:79.14 || GMAT:740 || CAT2014:99.99 || Calls:ACBLKISNew || DT'14 
Jay Majethiya @JayMajethiya 132

@shashwatdgr8 bhai... Itni sari mocks ka time kaise mila ? Weren't u working ?

Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8 2,034

@SheerForce IMS surely. I don't have idea about vistamind. You may join CL or Bulls Eye.

@JayMajethiya I used the weekends for most of my mocks

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do students with less than 60% aggregate in graduation

gets placement in IMT-N?

  • #. 49m.
  • Even I have less than 60 from premier inst.. 36m.

238 CAT

[Official] 2015-17 IIM Kozhikode Stage-1 Shortlist

Greetings from the *Media Cell* of* IIM Kozhikode! * *IIM Kozhikode* has declared the Stage-1 shortlist You can chec...

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Please can someone tell me how to access the call letter page for iim-k interview? The website only seems to show thethepersonal data form now, which does not carry the date and venue of interview.

  • 37m.

4.4k CAT Verbal CAT

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

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Are you still reading the other newspaper in town? Did you know that the Daily Bugle is owned by an out-of-town business syndicate that couldn’t care less about the people of Gotham City? Read the Daily Clarion, the only real voice of the people of Gotham City!

Which of the following most directly refutes the argument raised in the advertisement above?

76 people answered this question.
Prepare as if it's your last race.  
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

1.6k CAT

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

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Any one with any clue could please let me know this:

My dad was an Indian government employee. Also his last transfer was in Maharashtra itself, But he retired a year ago.

Will this make me a Maharashtra State Candidate?

Ps: I am neither domiciled not born here. But have done all my education from Maharashtra.

  • Hmm. I checked dte rules for admission to engineering in .... 40m.
  • Read 2.7. 38m.
citYzen @citYzen 7

Hmm. I checked dte rules for admission to engineering in Maharashtra. It says retired officer's children will get this concession. You can check it  info_brou_2014_15.pdf

604 CAT FORE New Delhi

[2015-2017] FORE School of Management Admission Help Desk

Hi All, Applications are now open for the 2-year full time programs, PGDM & PGDM-IB, at FORE School of Management,...

34 CAT

Plan your CAT-2015 Prep with a PG Mentor

Post your queries with respect to your CAT prep, any problems or issues that you are facing and a PG mentor will help...

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aHello everyone..

I am a non Engineering student with almost no knowledge in Math (as i didnt like it in my school days)

It would be very kind if someone answers my query.

I plan to appear for CAT but at the same time i have a job.

so i just want to ask if it is possible to prepare for CAT while doing JOB (considering i have like no knowledge about Quant)

If it is possible then how much time i need and and how many hours a day i have to study?

Pls help me

  • 1 Like   4 Comments
  • just enjoy ur prep process and it will end better rather .... 46m.
  • best part of cat is unlike IIT,u don't need to be a geniu.... 43m.
alan shore @alanshore 89

just enjoy ur prep process and it will end better rather than if u keep crying continuously over some stupid questions

alan shore @alanshore 89

best part of cat is unlike IIT,u don't need to be a genius to crack it.just some handwork and iq would suffice

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GIM vs TAPMI.. which is better and why?

TAPMI : better brand name countered by huge Batch size..

So which one should I pick?

Please reply. Thanks in advance

403 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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Hey puys!

With the C interviews ending yesterday, I'm pretty sure all the main interviews for most of us have come to an end. Now comes the short (perceivably loooong) and anxious wait before the results.. Wishing everybody here the very best of luck for all the final stage results!

Apart from the CWC going on, any suggestions on what to do to keep the mind away from the results? 

PS: I started watching Modern Family and I love it!  

  • 19 Likes   64 Comments
  • Fernando was much better informed than you and me :wink:.... 1h.
  • Haha. I like your optimism. Hope Fernando gets a chance t.... 47m.
I come not, friends, to steal away your hearts || CAT2013:79.14 || GMAT:740 || CAT2014:99.99 || Calls:ACBLKISNew || DT'14 
Valar Morghulis @ferlonso 964

Fernando was much better informed than you and me  And, his and Jenson's comments after quali have given me every right to be optimistic  So, you are a Vettel supporter I presume? 

srinivasa praveen dasari @chaingang8 210

Haha. I like your optimism. Hope Fernando gets a chance to fight for title soon. And no. I am a kimi and Ferrari fan 

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Hello This is my very first time here.I am in a mess, I am not even sure whether i have put my query in the right section or not but still if anybody can help,i will be thankful, Well i am 21 years of age.I am in my C.A finals .So basically by the mid of 2016 i will become a chartered accountant.Now the question that really baffles me is "What next after C.A".I have a Bachelor degree from D.U.I have some options of pursuing CPA Australia or CPA Canada but to be very honest i always had interest in MBA and i do want to pursue MBA in finances but I don't know where to start from?Well the top colleges will never take a fresher without a good job experience and the same goes for IIM's also So if i want to pursue MBA in India only then which colleges i should be targeting?

824 CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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ek baat ni samajh aa ri ... 

FMs mein 78%ile taak bus 300 people hai ...  

yaar bhagwaan kare 85%ile to 78%ile mein 250 people ho ...  

  • hmmmmm. 1h.
  • @vikky97799 thanks a lot for the help bhai !. 1h.