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778 CAT FORE New Delhi

[2015-2017] FORE School of Management Admission Help Desk

Hi All, Applications are now open for the 2-year full time programs, PGDM & PGDM-IB, at FORE School of Management,...

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what is the neft link for fees transfer?

  • @prateekm28 there seems to be some problem. It is not acc.... 8h.
  • @joshi.keshav call up the admissions office today around .... 50s.
keshav joshi @joshi.keshav 2

@prateekm28 there seems to be some problem. It is not accepting the details . You may pls check for confirmation . My CAT ID is 4237697.

Prateek Malhotra @prateekm28 88

@joshi.keshav call up the admissions office today around 11:30. They will sort the issue

1.9k CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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Probably it's late for this post but better late than never. People have maintained the tracker this year beautifully for ops. Let's do it for finance.Let's form a group(I know one exists but quite active) and maintain tracker.Contribution of selected guys will be highly appreciated.So selected and wait listed people in Finance spec ping me your number so that I can add you to group and let's discuss over there.

PS: Guys who have withdrawn already and do not want to join group please comment below and help others.

Inspiration :Ops guys

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  • Get into the finance group that is already formed. Talk t.... 11m.
  • link please sam... 4m.
Long wait for SP Jain (Finance) Starts............ 
Clark Kent @serious.sam.119 13

Get into the finance group that is already formed. Talk to people there. You'll get all the info you need. It's not about being late, you'll find helpful people everywhere.   I'm not in fin but let me know if you need any help.

@knighthood 30

link please sam..

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Dr.Mukesh Kumar is an Assistant Professor, Business Comminucation at Indian Institute of Management,Raipur. As an Ex-Google Employee, he brings corporate experience to his classroom. He has published National & International papers related to education field & has won accolades in his career path.

Read more at:

Sneak into Business Communication Curriculum at IIM-R with Dr.Mukesh Kumar
Sneak into Business Communication Curriculum at IIM-R with Dr.Mukesh Kumar
Dr.Mukesh Kumar is an Assistant Professor, Business Comminucation at Indian Institute of Management,Raipur. As an Ex-Google Employee, he brings corporate experience to his classroom. He has published National & International papers related to education field & has won accolades in his career path.


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Admissions Committee | IIM Raipur 
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My humble to all those who haven't  filled the tracker please fill it to help anxious wait listed candidates and please ignore this post if you have already filled it .

Link for  tracker :

  • He did that 2 years ago. Not this season !. 11h.
  • @mads.iitkgp as Nuke deal said it was back in 2012 when.... 11m.
Nuke` Deal @nuke_deal 504

He did that 2 years ago. Not this season ! 

Vicky d @vikky97799 597

@mads.iitkgp  as  Nuke deal said it was back in 2012 when i had 88.31  with no old IIM call and  converts I had  were NITIE and all IIT s except bombay ...then taught of gathering some more exp and another try for one more time but CAT -2013 was a disaster for me so I had no option but to wait for one more year   and yes as you said NITIE is really a good college definitely worth doing and better than all new IIMs infact even better than K  and I (IMO )....One of my friend of ST category and below average acads got package of 17.5 in NITIE and such things can happen only in NITIE ..  

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FMS people, has any of you converted SP Jain Finance?

  • @sahavishek have you withdrawn from SP Jain?. 22m.
  • can you make an entry in this please? 11m.
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Are there any chances of getting PGPM? My preferences - pgpm, pgpim, pgphrm. I got selected for pgphrm. If there's no chance of getting my first preference, then I would like to know now... Arranging 2.5 lakhs and making the payment, only to find out a high waitlist number is heartbreaking. 

  • True man. Arranging the money for different colleges simu.... 15m.
Anshul Gupta @IIMkePAR 184

True man. Arranging the money for different colleges simultaneously is actually heartbreaking. I liked the system of MICA. It asked just 50,000 Rs. to stay in the waitlist. A person is interested would anyway pay the complete fees once selected and a person not interested would not leave those 50,000 with MICA and move on. So 50,000 is a pretty reasonable amount. 

It was problematic for me to explain it to my father why I need 2.5 lakhs. Everyone gets confused when I explain the system of upgradation .

1.8k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Sorry for posting my query on this thread but I need as many pair of eyes on this as possible. I'm a 2014 jobless (got placed in two big mnc's but had to drop their job offers due to some reason) GEM pass out with average acads all throughout. Gave cat 14 and converted pgdm finance at lal bahadur shastri instt of management. Now I'm in a dicey situation here. I had my interview at HCL yesterday for a pkg of 2.75 lpa and the result is awaited. 25 April is the last date to submit the first installment for the fees at the college. My query is whether I should submit the fees or not?

  • @jay3421 you will. If nothing else, you can go for a job .... 23m.
  • @jay3421 ye mehnat bekaar nahi jayegi :smiley:. 21m.
Engineering-the best 4 years of my life 
Abir Nandi @abir217nandi 279

@jay3421 you will. If nothing else, you can go for a job in TIME, CL or IMS. Or you can start your own.

Pulkit Malik @pulkit_malik 1,849

@jay3421 ye mehnat bekaar nahi jayegi

337 CAT FMS New Delhi

[2013-15] FMS Delhi GD-PI Experiences Thread

Best of luck everyone for the GD/PI process of FMS.Please post your experiences in the following format: PROFILE: CAT...

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I have 88.8% in 10th and 88.6% in 12th class and in Btech my cgpa is 6.9 so how much percentile I should prepare for to get admission in fms delhi? please help

  • Just saw 01 Dec'13! LOL. 26 Mar.
  • @vipul_sharma67 he asked for help without mentioning a d.... 22m.
Vipul Sharma @vipul_sharma67 47

Just saw 01 Dec'13! LOL
Shivam Sharma

@vipul_sharma67  he asked for help without mentioning a deadline

5.1k CAT

(Declared) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results have been declared Check your result at -

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koi toh results declare karo yaar...CAT ke results jaldi aye the is bar...kuch toh sharam karo...pagal kar diya hai wait kara kara ke..bc

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Sharing my interview experience and insights gained from interacting with current students and fellow aspirants at K,I,L. Converted I and L


We had a RAT. General topics covered:

1) Range and domain of a function

2) Know all standard derivative formulas and how to find derivative of x.y or x/y etc

3) Inverse functions

4) Know all standard Integration formulas

5) Sketch the graph of given function

6) Quadratic equation problems, roots

7) Sum of series, AP/GP

8) Matrices. You are given a matrix A. Find A^2, A^3 etc

9) Basic of logarithm, only concept-not in depth

Some areas did not have RAT. Economics had the above RAT paper along with LR/DI + essay.

This was followed by interview. The panel expects you to have done reading or have knowledge in your area so that they can ask questions on it.

Accommodation was not provided. So you have to stay in hotels/ ask them to get accommodated in MDC in IIMK  campus which costs around 2500/day. Canteens are good and provide room service if you ask them.


First round was RA-T had 2 sections of 1 hour each. First section is like CAT. 60 questions in 60 minutes and there are really tough questions and they did not disclose about negative marking. The top 10 Qs were tougher, so its a good idea to skip the start and get on to simpler ones. They had Qs from probability, permutation/combination, DI, and simpler Engish Qs on grammatical errors, RC. The key is to solve a few Qs from each section. Try to cover as many sections as you can.

Second section has a short passage followed by 3 Qs asking your views on the passage, any public figure who reminds u of the passage etc. Then write an essay on any 1 out of 3 topic given--this needs a bit of current affairs knowledge so that you can write effectively. This section was enjoyable.

If selected, second round are interviews in IIM I campus. The current students organised an interaction session the day before the interviews and doled out lot of helpful tips and patiently answered all our questions.

The panel was very cool and chilled out, so things went well. This is the general structure:

1) If you have less that 4-5 years workex, you will be asked your favourite subject in Graduation/Engg and asked 4-5 Qs from it. Maybe asked to draw graphs and explain, they will tweak the equation and ask you to plot the graph.

2) More than 4-5 years workex, they may or  may not ask.And they do understand if you say u cannot recollect. Qs will be centred on workex/ chosen subject area.

Accommodation is provided in hostels and Mess is available.

IIM L--Area OM

Direct interviews if selected. 4 members in the panel. They were quite chilled out. General Qs were:

1) Tell me about urself

2) Why FPM after working for XX years?

3) Coursework is very rigorous, how will you cope? 

(The main thing is to convince the panels that you are aware of what you are getting into, you possess the qualities to excel and justify the funds they invest in you.)

4) About subject area, research area, was grilled on a few concepts.

However, the panel kept asking "How will u cope" after almost every question, even technical ones. I patiently answered it every time.

Accommodation was provided in Guest house (Patanjali) and buffet food at Chankya, interview at Manthan. All there are in a straight line just within 2 minutes walking distance.Room has AC, TV, attached bath. Food is awesome and campus is serene. Arrangements are meticulous and well planned, so you can concentrate on the interview, and not worry about where to stay, what to eat etc. 

The document verification and interview process was managed by current FPM students, so you get to interact with them for some last minute gyan.

General pointers:(Few based on my experience, majority based on interaction with current students)

1) It is very important to be calm and confident, if you get nervous, you cannot perform well.

2) Tell me about urself

(What I followed, you may follow what works for you): 

1) About Grad/Post grad

2) About workex

3) Motivations, career aspiration, goals etc

4) Some quality of urself which justifies your research interest or ur interest in FPM.

5) Ended with a single line about research area.

3) If you have considerable workex, it helps to read up textbooks on the subject matter, research papers by profs, do a part time/full time course etc. This helps you convince yourself and the panel that you are genuinely interested and panel can question you on those topics.

4) The panel does not have a fixed question set, they frame it based on ur replies on Tell me abt urself and Why FPM and subsequent questions. So utter something only if u know it well, else you will be trapped with no escape.

5) You may not know everything, so lead the panel to ask you questions on what you know rather than what you don't know. So its important to frame answers and throw in keywords on which u can withstand grilling.

6) Be honest when asked: Do u have other calls? Which IIM will u choose? And why? So have a one line reply for a unique quality on that particular institute in mind.

7) If you don't know an answer admit it, they get angry if u bluff.

8) A lot of people also turn to FPM as they are frustrated with their present jobs, however it is not a good idea to admit it openly. They could interpret that since you are running away from ur job, u will run away from FPM too.

9) The most important part is to convince yourself about FPM. Once thats in place, you are bound to do well. 

Last but not the least, thanks to @gajamani , @saurabhlumarrai for their guidance and patiently answering my queries.

Thats all, hope it helped. Feel free to PM for any help!

6.8k CAT Quant CAT

Quant by Arun Sharma

The sole purpose of this :: Thread is to bring together the CAT aspirants who are solving the Quant book by Arun Shar...

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There are two qualities of milk amul and sudha having different prices per litre,their volumes being 130 ltrs and 180 ltrs respectively.After equal amounts of milk was removed from both,the milk removed from amul was added to sudha and vice versa.The resulting two types of milk now have the same price.Find the amount of milk drawn out from each type of milk.

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24.6k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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tap-n-pay launched by

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IMI Delhi (HR) or IMI (banking finance),?? the only thing which is stopping me taking admission in b&fs is that its a new course, koi placement report nhi hai , but i know i can do well in both the departments but confused in choosing one out of them, shoot ur advices 

  • @ishi.2811 are IMI and fore on the same level??. 10h.
  • @adityashukla002 : if you compare general pgdm toh imi is.... 2h.
@adityashukla002 3

@ishi.2811 are IMI and fore on the same level??

Ishani Sharma @ishi.2811 24

@adityashukla002 : if you compare general pgdm toh imi is better but going for a course like b&fs whose future prospects are not known and whose current batch has only 17 students..fore surely has an upper hand! One of my senior is in fore and he is pretty satisfied with the curriculum and exposure while the other at general pgdm imi has asked me not to take admission in b&fs. But yes if you are interested in HR then you should surely take imi.

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what is refund policy of IRMA after submitting first semester fee?

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  • #. 22h.
  • If you will withdraw before program starts, you will get .... 3h.
Abhinav Kumar @er.abhi.121 1

If you will withdraw before program starts, you will get refund as per AICTE norms.

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Prepare for CAIIB certification with this handy app containing 1400 questions across two compulsory and four of elective subjects. Review using flash cards, or assess your readiness via mock exams.

Review flash cards or take tests in convenient chunks of 10, 20 or 30 at a time; view correct answers then and there at the tap of a button. Take timed tests at convenient chunks as with flash cards; mark questions for review at the tap of a button to revisit later. Get a different set in each consecutive session till you complete all the available questions in the bank.

361 CAT IIM Calcutta

Second Stage (GD/GE/PI/WAT) Shortlist Announcement for IIM-C (Released)

The shortlist for IIM-C has been released. Visit to check your status. Stay tuned to this...



Hi people... Could you plz help in comparing the below institutes and giving ur opinion on which one is better..... e...

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confused between FORE and lbsim. As in lbsim threads many info is coming of the placements. Can anyone guide me should i go for fore or lbsim ? as few are saying both are same level college while few are saying go to FORE .

  • No I don't have any.. Sorry :/. 7h.
@narangjashan 26

No I don't have any.. Sorry :/

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Hello everyone!Greetings from LBSIM!

The official placement report is out. Please click at the link below.

LBSIM is of the best B schools for placements in all streams of MBA such as human resource, finance, marketing and others. So get into it! B School Placement Reports-Best Management Colleges,Best B school In Delhi


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  • The figures mentioned represent the CTC.. 9h.
  • Hello Everyone 1) I saw previously posted info , Where G.... 7h.
Media and Communication Cell,LBSIM 
Vishal Vohra @Vishal1784 64

The figures mentioned represent the CTC.

@gopal.murali12 3

Hello Everyone 1) I saw previously posted info  , Where Gaurav dora sir has mentioned NSE has not visited and no student is selected taken as NSE was offering low package 3.9 lakh. But in the Recruiter list NSE is mentioned. So sir has NSE really visited at 3.9 lakh ?                                                                                     2) I counted that  from website the number of recruiter are total 96 as click labs and Zomato name is repeated twice , but you have mentioned the number of recruiters are 107 .  Is this the same report of 2012-14 batch. ? only title is changed to 2013-2015. ?  Please clarify ?     

361 CAT

[Official] 2015-17 Delhi School of Economics, MBA IB/HRD Admission queries

**Greetings from student Media cell of MBA IB/HRD of Delhi school of Economics** This is to provide assistance to all...

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Join this link to win an internship opportunity at P&G!!

Some people want it to happen.......Some wish it would happen.....Others MAKE IT HAPPEN..!!! :)