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The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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IIM Lucknow

Venue: IIM Lucknow (Noida campus)

Time & Date: 02/03/2015, 2pm

GD: "Violence, in any form, can never be justified" Total fish market with a few domineering candidates. Could only put one or two points forward.

Preparation: 2/5 , Performance: 2/5

First person in my panel.

PI: In short a "Levante vs Barcelona match in which I I have parked the bus and weathering attacks after attacks and kicking long balls in the hope somebody would receive them"  

P1 (Old Prof) ; P2 (Young Prof)

P1: You belong from?

Me: Sir, Faridabad.

P1: Your surname...?

Me: Yes sir, its a Bengali surname.

P1: Ah, so have you heard of Ashok Kumar Ganguly?

Me: (First confused it with legendary Bengali singer and even then blurted out wrongly his brother's name Kishore Kumar)  

P1: No no. The judge A.K.Ganguly?

Me: (Had no idea) Not aware, Sir

P1: He stepped down from some post?

Me: Dont know Sir.

P1: So Siddhartha, what are your hobbies?

Me: Sir, Formula 1 and racing cars...(interrupted)

P1: Formula what? (I instantly knew where this was going)

Me: Sir, Formula 1. It's a racing car competition

P1: Oh. So "tumhe dar nahi lagta" ? like (I was like whattt!!...when did I say I am a racing driver??) Is it bikes or cars you like? (:facepalm:)

Me: No Sir. Sir, cars.

P1: Which car do you have at home?

Me: Sir, Alto 

P1: Okay, so do you know much about cars in general?

Me: Sir, not an expert in cars but yeah I would be able to answer about racing cars.

P1: You see Delhi has a lot of area taken away for car parking and poor people are displaced. What solution would you propose?

Me: Sir, Multi-level car parking

I think neither P1 nor P2 expected this looking at their faces  

P2 comes into the discussion

P2: What about the pollution caused by the cars? What are the alternatives?

Me: CNG is being used....(interrupted)

P2: Do you think just CNG is enough?

Me: Many other renewable energy sources such as solar for the future....(interrupted)

P2: Okay, so how to encourage car companies to move away from petrol/diesel?

Me: I thought maybe they were asking me some detailed I went into carbon credits. Obviously they were not satisfied and after 2-3 minutes of some wayward discussion I got that the word they were looking for was just "regulations" 

P1: You know nowadays automatic technology is being used in cars?

Me: Sir, you mean Automatic Gears?

P1: Yes yes. How is it beneficial? It is be there in the new Alto right?

Me: Yes Sir, the new Alto has it. Sir, in the Indian context, it mainly helps during stopping at traffic lights and then finding the bite point correctly....blah blah

P2: What do you think about the rehabilitation of people due to land acquisition in reference to the new F1 track which has been built? Should it be done?

Me: Yes sir, definitely. Gave example of my workplace Tata Steel....(interrupted)

P2: Arey only Tata does that.

Me: Sir the new CSR rules...

P2: What is your opinion about West Bengal not having many factories but Gujarat having much more?

Me: Sir, it was due to the oppressive regime of CPI(M) for 34 long years. Really stopped the progress.

P2: (Not satisfied) You are not getting me. Is there some difference between the land of West Bengal and Gujarat? Gujarat having more fertile land?

Me: Sir WB also has fertile land but in patches.

P2: Yeah. So if we compare the people who are being affected due to industrialization in Rajasthan, Gujarat and WB, should the rules for land acquisition and rehabilitation be the same?

Me: Sir, where there is more fertile land the compensation should definitely be higher as they are losing more. They should be given good jobs.

P1: So, you are from IIT Kharagpur. How is it different from other IITs like Delhi and Kanpur in terms of academics?

Me: (Confirming) Academically? (KGP famous for social culture rather than academics)

P1: Yes

Me: (Totally made-up answer) Sir, not much pressure of assignments and professors allow us freedom....(Interrupted)

P1: Have you heard of IPR? How is it related to your IIT?

Me: Don't know Sir.

P1: Some Rajiv Gandhi....?

Me: Yes sir, Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law

P1: What do you know about IPR?

Me: (Gave the example of Novartis, patents....)

P1: (Adding in the end) That is called Compulsory Licensing

Me: Yes Sir

P1: What is corporate governance?

Me: Dont know Sir(so tensed, couldn't even answer this)

P1: What is Green Consumerism?

Me: (blabbered something....obviously wrong :P)

P1, P2 : We are done. P2: Please sign here

P2: Thank you. And all the best.

Cookies, Dry fruits, toffees all kept. Offered nothing  

The real experience was even worse than this with them having interrupted me in almost every answer.

Preparation: 3/5, Performance: 1/5

Reject Reject Reject!

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  • Yes parul.. panel 4. 8h.
  • @findingbugs how was your experience? :stuck out tongue.... 1m.
CAT 2014 : 99.83 %ile , Calls : BLACKIS ; XAT 2015 : 99.88 %ile, Calls : XLRI BM, HRM 
prashant @findingbugs 376

Yes parul.. panel 4

@parul_9325 215

@findingbugs  how was your experience? Lots of ethics related questions? 

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Pathetic PI... (Slot 12.30pm, Kolkata).

It was like giving a TCS/CTS interview. from the first question, till the last, all was related to my domain(IT) and I was lyk *WTF*

I finally ended up saying,"Mam, I dont know nething from my engineering course, if u further ask me, then again you'll be bored with DUNNO."

Happily came the response,"Thank You. We are done."

Ohhh come on, it was lyking I dropped my CV for the post of a Software Engg

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  • @urmishB u r not alone bro! same/worse case here too!!. 1d.
  • I was grilled on GK topics a lot....greece crisis...manga.... 3m.
vikas gautham @Vikasgautham 19

@urmishB  u r not alone bro! same/worse case here too!!

@rainbow54 10

I was grilled on GK topics a lot....greece crisis...mangalyaan....authors of books....nuclear deal of obama....

163 CAT GLIEMR New Delhi

[Official] 2015-16 Great Lakes Gurgaon PGPM Admission queries

Great Lakes Gurgaon PGPM 2015-16 Admissions are open and application ends on 24th January, 2015. Please post any ques...

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Hello there,

10th-- 75.2%

12th-- 83.66%

B.Tech-- 8.25 (DGPA)

Work Ex- 28 months in Production as an Assistant Manager

Left job on nov 2014 for admission and 1 year gap after 12th

CMAT: 77.38%ile (sept 2014)... XAT- 68.32%ile (2014)

Any chances and with which score for Gurgoan campus?


  • Ur scores are very low n with this score I don't think u .... 3m.
pallawi rai @pallawi1803 9

Ur scores are very low n with this score I don't think u can get a call:$ 

163 CAT

PhD/FPM 2015

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2015. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

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As suggested by @IIMAscholar , here is the google doc where u can enter details...

FPM - 2015 Applicants Data
FPM - 2015 Applicants Data
Sheet1 Name, Qualification, Qualification Institute, CGPA/%, Qualifying exam, Percentile/ Score, Work Experience, Program, Stream, Current City, Previous city, Comments, Contact, Applied to, Calls from, Going/ Not Going, Interview Dates P Rishikesan, B. E, BITS Pilani, GATE, 19 months in VLSI,...

Google Docs

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  • Use this link, you can't access the tiny URL above :smil.... 8m.

1.2k CAT GLIM Chennai

[Official] 2015-16 Great Lakes Chennai PGPM Admission queries

Admissions (Second cycle) open for the prestigious PGPM program at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. Ther...

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Is there any update on Great Lakes Chennai PGPM Waitlist. We were told that it would come out by 1st week of March.

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  • Last year, registrations in GLIM were on 16th and 17th Ap.... 8h.
  • #. 9m.
Tapan Kumar Das @tapankdas 5

Last year, registrations in GLIM were on 16th and 17th April. My friend got his letter on 11th March. So expect a list 35 days before the commencement of the program.

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*****OBC TRACKER FOR NEW IIMs 2014-2016*****

For all the people who are asking for the last year's OBC tracker of new IIMs. Here it is. It will be very interesting to spend ur time with this sheet. ALL THE BEST

NEW IIMS Tracker 2014-16
NEW IIMS Tracker 2014-16
General Name, Category, CAT Percentile, 10/ 12/ UG, Work Ex, IIM Kashipur, IIM Ranchi, IIM Raipur, IIM Rohtak, IIM Trichy, IIM Udaipur, Joining New IIM- Y/ N+ Name of New IIM, Other Converts Chaithanymadhav, Gen, 91. 5/ 93/ 63. 8, wl, no mail, wl 2228, 2nd june, wl( paid), rejectd, Y-if conver...

Google Docs

399 CAT GMAT BITS Pilani

[2015-2017] BITS Pilani, Official MBA Admission Helpdesk

The Department Of Management, BITS Pilani is calling for admissions to MBA program for 2015-17 batch. The last date f...

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any1 shortlisted with 85-90%ile in cat(finding only 60s and 70s here)????? or m i amongst the very few in this range  :-(   ...

  • @vnsharma what is your profile ?. 6h.
  • @anurag0511 I am just a final year student. 36m.
13 sess :-cat-86.xx,nmat-206,cmat-204,snap-81..14sess cat-88.68,snap-86.xx,nmat-209  

192 CAT

New IIM's GD-PI/WAT preparation thread

Congratulations to all!!! Lets prepare ourselves for a bigger challenge.....Start shoooooting your queries and lets d...

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Hi All




workex-2 years

Female NC OBC

IIMk interview was not great. I have been shortlisted for great lakes PGPM. The fee can be refunded till april only. Do i stand a chance in new iim or should i take up great lakes.

Please reply very confused

  • When do the new iims announce the final shortlist. Bcoz i.... 46m.
  • IIMK and IIML also. 46m.
Riya Malik @RiyaMalik

When do the new iims announce the final shortlist. Bcoz i can ask for refund only till april 25

663 CAT

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

1.5k CAT SIMSR Mumbai

[2015-17] K J Somaiya aka SIMSR, Mumbai Admission related queries

*Online Application* - *Qualifying Exam -** *CAT 2014...

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My PI is scheduled by CAT score on 21 March, 2015. I have two questions related to it: 

1. Do we need to fill any form online before the interview ?

2. I have filled the form for both CAT and CMAT 2015. Will there be a separate interview for CMAT for which list will be out on 30th March? 

Thanks in advance !

  • @venkat89 How do you compare CAT & CMAT scores? Do you ju.... 1h.
  • @Parag2611 We normalize all the scores and based on that .... 1h.
Parag Gadge @Parag2611 15

@venkat89 How do you compare CAT & CMAT scores? Do you just consider the percentile or there's some other process that's followed?

Venkat Akella @venkat89 3,058

@Parag2611 We normalize all the scores and based on that weightage for each exam is calculated.

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Top telecommunications carrier Bharti Airtel Ltd said it would collaborate with ................... on growing fourth-generation (4G) mobile data services

6 people answered this question.
Calls' 2014 - ( IIM Rohtak || Udaipur || Ranchi || Raipur || Kashipur || Trichi ), IIT Bombay, SNAP'14 - SCMHRD  CAT'15 ?? 
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.
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i have got 2 letters for gd pi dates.. one is 17th and other is 19th.. what is this..whom to contact

  • haha. :grin: If you have applied in a category then mos.... 12h.
  • @tanyasharma4452 : I too have got two GDPI dates... am co.... 2h.
hard work pays off  
Ashish Verma @Joey1 60

haha. If you have applied in a category then most probably they will be considering the application which was made under a category. 

Saleha Khan @pink2122 2

@tanyasharma4452 : I too have got two GDPI dates... am confused what does that mean. Have you already talked to them about it?

4.7k CAT

(Declared) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results have been declared Check your result at -

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What exactly is the second law of thermodynamics.  I see different definitions claussis and kelvin etc. How do you define it ?

PS- Yes, at times even i cant believe i passed engineering :\

  • same here :grin:. 4h.

853 CAT Quant CAT

Mensuration, Geometry & Co-ordinate Geometry

ABCD is a convex quadrilateral in which <(BAC) = <(CBD) = 30 deg, <(CAD) = 60 deg, <(CDB) = 15 deg. If E is the point...

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Hi, I need help with approach and how to solve this question : How many triangles can be formed such that the sides are natural numbers and the perimeter is equal to 10?

  • Yeah sorry about that. 2, thats right I guess , @asquare0203. 20 Feb.
  • yup.. 2 it is.. can you please share your approach or dir.... 5h.
CAT2011 : 80(no prep); CAT2013: 93.54(gave my best shot QA :97+ ; VA: 78)
Thirsty Lad @thirstylad 9

Yeah sorry about that. 2, thats right I guess , @asquare0203 

aimsuccess2011 @aimsuccess2011 21

yup.. 2 it is.. can you please share your approach or direction ? @asquare0203 , @thirstylad .. thanks in advance

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i have a question that many of us may struggle with and my question is :

does experience of more than 2 years (around 3-4 years) prove to be a hindrance in cat and even in B-school during placement and gives a tough time to fight for the desired job,. If yes, then any suggestion from any of the veterans on what to do (or  is it better to go for GMAT than CAT) ?

P.s. I have the same old story ( I.T. experience in a Fortune 500 company)

Thanks. PG has been great with all these efforts to help us. Thank you for all this

CAT2011 : 80(no prep); CAT2013: 93.54(gave my best shot QA :97+ ; VA: 78)
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which city have the Bangalore interviewers reached now?

  • Bhai abhi delhi pahuchane wala hai.. 10 th se start hai .... 5h.
This moment. . . I own it . 
Optimus Prime @sudhir007 3

Bhai abhi delhi pahuchane wala hai.. 10 th se start hai

575 CAT IIM Lucknow

Second Stage (GD/GE/PI/WAT) Shortlist Announcement for IIM-L (Released)

The shortlist for IIM-L has been released. Visit to find out if you've made it. S...

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IIM Lucknow

Venue: IIM Lucknow (Noida campus)

Time & Date: 01/03/2015, 2pm

GD: "Human - like Artificial Intelligence can be dangerous, self destructive and unethical". Understood it wrong as i heard it HUMANS..  Total fish market. Could one put one or two points forward but they were really relevant ones.

Preparation: 2/5 , WAT Performance: .5/5 GD 3/5

Second person in my panel.

PI: It was like a world cup match with Mccullum and Gayle blasting the hapless bowler.

P1: Oh.. so you are from Kurukshetra?

Me: Yes sir.

P1: Good. Tell me the teachings of Gita ..?

Me: (Surprised). But kept my composure and told what i knew.

P1: No No. You are making it up. Tell me the exact one in Sanskrit?

Me: (Hdd hai yr... acha pagal aadmi hai) tried again.. In the end said sir i think instead of cramming it exactly i feel it is more important how a person pecieves these teachings.. 

P1: (Bch gya tu bete.. :P )  Acha what is anger?

Me: (abe ab jaan lega meri) Said that acc to gita anger has the power to self destruct and bla bla.

P1: Are beta ye thodi likha hai.. Sanskrit mein btao na

Me: ( bhai bs kr..) Sir i am telling what i perceive about it.. i don't know what is written in Sanskrit

P1: (Wicked Smile) Acha is gita relevant in Kurukshetra now?

Me (abe IIM ke interview mein aaya hua.. World Gita Forum mein speech dene nhi aaya hun :P) Sir, gitamahotsava is organized every year.. bla bla

P1: Does it affect you positively?

Me: Yes sir

P1: How?

Me: sir artists from all over India come and show the culture and heritage of the place they come from. Plays are held bla bla

P1: Are, to ab isse tum kaise affect hue positively.. ye relevance hai gita ka ab?

Me: ( bs kro na sir) gave a typical answer and surprised him...

P1: (Again a wicked SmiLe) Ok.. You are from Nit KKR? Tell me what are the 2 best branches of you college?

Me: Civil And CSE

P1: aur tumne li mechanical.. pdhe nhi hoge dhng se, haina?

Me: ( I felt like clapping after hearing his logic) Gave the reason.. had interest in machines bla bla..!!

P1: Acha.. You still carry that passion for mechaical?

Me: Yes sir (thinking isi bhane Gita se toh picha chutega)

P1: Then Why MBA ( His Expression was Beta mein bhi bht smart hun, Mech to nhi puchunga :P )

Me: Started giving that rta rtaya answer.

P1: (Cut in beween) Chodo ye Sb.. ye btao what 5 things you will take from your MBA degree?

Me: Knowledge ( His reaction was.. wo toh bhr sdk pe chlte bche ke paas bhi hoti hai, Is gltfhmi mein mt rhna hm Lucknow min kuch nhi pdhate, he said this in hindi) .. tried explaining it.. decently put

A strong Character ( His reaction was.. are toh jinke paas MBA nhi hota wo kya character less hote hain).. Bla Bla..  

Said three more points.. Was completely fed up

P1: Are yr tum aise hi bol rhe ho.. See we had Ambani, Birla, Tata.. they didnt have Mba degree?

Me: (Abe toh mein bhi na krun ya) Sir..bla bla (rta rtaya gyaan)

P1: Acha teel about your work ex?

Me: (Dhanyavaad sir aapne puch liya) Started telling..

P1: Are tum ye kya krte rhte ho.. ye kya fraud wraud analytics bol rhe ho.. OTP use nhi krte kya america mein?

Me: No Sir.

P1: Kya baat kr rhe ho.. Unko bolo OTP use krein.. Tum bhi isi bhane is kaam ki bjae kuch dhng ka kaam krlloge..

Me: Sir, there is a reason why it is not used.. Technical gyan...

P1: Kuch nhi ho skta america walon ka.

P2: What is top line bottom line?

Me: Told

P2: What is business model?

Me: ( Haan sir aap bhi maarlo aapki hi ksr rh gai thi ) Tried elaborating.. could not

P2: Thank you.

Damn Stress interview.. A hilarious one and experience of a lifetime.

Kept smile on my face all the time. Calm and composed other than an occasional WTH expressions.

A straight reject expected

  • matlab koi bhi panel ho, lagni to hai hi bas :wink:. 7h.
  • hahahha....@leo_messi Bhai tussi Great ho.. and the post.... 5h.
When time comes, i shall be ready to conquer and claim glory..!!  
Nuke` Deal @nuke_deal 201

matlab koi bhi panel ho, lagni to hai hi bas

Optimus Prime @sudhir007 3

hahahha....@leo_messi  Bhai tussi Great ho.. and the poster too..!!

46 CAT

IMS CET[2015] Test Series - Scores and Discussion.

Test schedule: SimCET 1 12th December 2014 SimCET 2 19th December 2014 SimCET 3 9th January 2015 SimCET 4 23rd...

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how much have you people scored in SIMCET 2.  the roll of honour was missing from the report. So just wanted to know the maximum score !!

  • 91....found it too tough. 5h.
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Is any weightage given to CAT score in the final merit list? If yes then can we have an idea about the proportion it shares in the final scores...?