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If anyone has a senior of acquaintance in IRMA, can you please inquire if Freshers are given higher enough packages (considering the packages mentioned on the website)  at IRMA or is it only experienced people getting higher packages in PRM?

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No RETEST. Revaluation can be considered.


and his self proclaimed team of leaders of 60K candidates of CET-2015 first went to DTE and got all wrong questions eliminated from evaluation. Then the team came back here and posted numerous posts on how good and fare the Equi-percentile method is. In spite of opposition from many here all these days the team supported the so called Equi-percentile method. Now these people who are behaving much in a way naxalites do is not happy with the score they got after equi-percentile method (which was approved and supported by them only) so they are out again playing with carriers of 60k odd CET-2015 candidates this year. Now in retest if any one of these face technical glitches again then they will be out again. This is a group of people who have either secured a good college already or have no plan to do MBA at all (at least this year). 

Itz time to raise your voice. Send emails to below given Ids citing your reason why you don't want retest. The one I am having with me is "PGDM courses in good colleges are applied by candidates from all exams like CAT , XAT , CET , etc. Candidates from other exams don't have any reason to wait for poor candidates of CET like us. So I will either loose a good course or I will loose a good college. In either of them there is only one looser - CET Candidate. With this I dont have thousands of bucks to travel again to my test center just to witness same technical glitches and then same crying from handful of candidates here. With this I consider the method applied to calculate marks fare enough."  Ids are :-, ,, ,,,, , ,,,,,,,

Enough is enough. This team of handful of people have no rights to play with carriers of 60K students here. And even after all this if you want retest then morons please get retest only for YOURSELF and please don't get 60k candidates involved in your this non-sense. 

Achieving Since 1991. 
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I have filled PGDM -Finance as first preference by mistake. I mentioned this to the interview panel. They said you can change your preference but I was admitted to finance in my final result. I wish to change it to PGDM, Please guide . 

  • future? u aint got shortlisted man :(. 2h.
  • I am shortlisted... Just waiting for a few more results. 2m.
the darknight @divij.kumar.92 6

future? u aint got shortlisted man :( 

Saquib Hasan @saquib.hasan 44

I am shortlisted... Just waiting for a few more results

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X’ is the largest sum of rupees which can never be paid using any number of coins of denominations Rs.4, Rs.8, Rs.13 and Rs.18. What is the sum of the digits of ‘X’?

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[2015-2017] IIM Shillong PI Shortlist Discussions - Official Page

Greetings from Public Relations Cell, IIM Shillong! IIM Shillong PI Shortlist has been declared and can be accessed ...

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When is the final list expected to be out by?

  • May hopefully :stuck out tongue:. 1h.
  • Last year it was May 1 I think, gonna be similar. 6m.
CA Finalist, CFA-L2 candidate, CAT'14:- 92.71 
Ideator 51 @scorpio07 83

Last year it was May 1 I think, gonna be similar

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[2015-2017] Official MBA(Business Economics) , Deptt. of Business Economics [DBE], DU Admissions

Hi All, Department of Business Economics, Delhi University announces Admission to its Management Program. *Official...

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BYJU's classes

hey guys..If someone has prior experience or knowledge of byju's online sessions, please guide me. Is 25k really wort...

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Hi, I have recently brought cat tab, i want to know, how to extract videos to pc or how can i bypass 3 times viewing limit. thank you and contact me on this forum as well as

Model T111 samsung galaxy tab 3 neo.

Tab brought from their site. plz help me.

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  • hi yeah thatz right there is a times limit so that you d.... 1h.
  • kuch nahi hota 4 times maine dekhi hai .... 7m.
Mukesh Semalti @Mukeshsemalti

hi yeah thatz right there is a  times limit so that you don't waste your time in watching the same video again n again. If you want to watch a video more than three times all you have to do is stop the video just when only 1 or 2 mins of video is left or reverse it. and then you can play it as many times as you want just make sure you don't watch it completely just leave few seconds or 1 min of video to be watched otherwise it will be counted as 1 time watch or 2 or 3 finally. I hope it will help you guys.

PRATIK DEWAN @dewan.udct 109

kuch nahi hota 4 times maine dekhi hai ...

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SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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guys what are the chances of getting selected IIM C at 90 percentile 8 years work ex.

WAT and interview held on 14th march 

  • statement of purpose like why mba... they must have asked.... 24m.
  • no. 9m.
Do What you love 
Leo Messi @leo_messi 98

statement of purpose like why mba... they must have asked you... have you posted your interview anywhere?

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I had  a discussion with a family friend who is a lawyer

1.Even if someone converts and the college gives admission to a JAT under obc, The college mandates that a fresh NC-OBC certificate issued after 1st of APRIL which is valid for the year 2015-2016 be produced along with other documents ,which the candidate will  not be able to show for as the authorities have stopped issuing OBC certificates for JATS  ,thats why IIFT has considered JATS as general.This rule is followed by all colleges giving OBC reservation .

2.The clause in the CAT form about "no changes after 30th Sept in central list will come into effect" ,is for inclusions in the list.That is  why when JATS were granted OBC status in March,they were not given reservation last year.There is no precedence in the past where a particular community is removed from the OBC list .Besides the lawyer said that the point 1 supersedes point 2 and hence will not be admissible in court.

These are the 2 main reasons for JATS being considered general.

PS:A frustrated JAT.

  • i got a new one in Jan for interviews but I will need on.... 2h.
  • JO decision tuesday ko liya h SC ne ussey meri hopes khat.... 11m.
Manu Kumar @commodoreX

i got a new one in Jan for interviews but I will  need one more in upsc..just for formality.. eventhough income criteria is not applicable on me and i wud have  nc status till my caste is in Obc list

Shubham Choudhary @shubh1602 2

JO decision tuesday ko liya h SC ne ussey meri hopes khatam ho gyi h....jats wont be considered as nc obc for any entrance exams...

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[Official] 2015-17 IIM Kozhikode GD-WAT-PI Call Getters Discussion

Many congratulations to all who have been shortlisted for the interview stage. You are now just one step away from se...

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I have my interview in morning slot reporting time 8:30. How long will the process last (max to max)? Its very important to me as I have to book tickets for fast and furious 7. 

  • A worthy prospect, if any!. 13m.
CAT'13 VA-47.3 || CAT'14 VA-99.9  

2.1k CAT SIMSR Mumbai

[2015-17] K J Somaiya aka SIMSR, Mumbai Admission related queries

*Online Application* - *Qualifying Exam -** *CAT 2014...

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Tried converting PDF to word(the candidate profile form) but not working properly...the table borders are getting messed up..

aur koi juggad hai kya?

  • @Lay_13591 : PM me your email id. I'll send you the Candi.... 57m.
  • @sky-aimer plz send profile form at gauravagrawal552@gmai.... 19m.
Sarcasm. Because beating the shit out of someone is illegal. 
Saptarshi Das @sky-aimer 90

@Lay_13591 : PM me your email id. I'll send you the Candidate Profile form in Word Doc format.


@sky-aimer plz send profile form at

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Which MBA institute is best for IT?


Someone needs to enlighten me. I've converted Glim PGPM and TAPMI and IMT-G so far. Whenever I ask which one should I prefer people say IMT for marketing GLIm for IT and TAPMI for finance. I know that. But marketing and finance are different processes. IT is not a process. What does everyone mean by saying glim for It?? IT firms are multi billion dollar enterprises where all sorts of processes do happen.

And surely you won't go into coding or software after MBA! Is it like everyone is just repeating what others are saying? And is GLIM not comparable with these colleges after all? I'm seeing many posts saying don't even bother to compare GLIM with the likes of higher ones like IMT IMI and all. But can you please substantiate ? Fees is more or less the same as the these colleges at glim and average package of 12 lpa is way higher than IMT IMI GIM (8.5, 9.9 and 8 resp) etc and at par with XIMB and NMIMS Mum and higher than SCMHRD and MICA (11.5).

IT or not, are these corporates stupid enough to throw higher packages for candidates passing out from a "lesser" college? The highest package at glim (PGPM) for the last two years is 34 and 51 lpa!! Way way way higher than any of these colleges and even new IIMs or NMIMS or most colleges above it. In fact more than double!! (Yeah! Highest package is not a factor to be considered as it'll be a one off case, but then why is it that glim is getting such high package but the old biggies still ain't Able to bag something even remotely close after all these years??)

Do you really think these corporates are dumb enough to shell out such insane sums on graduates from glim when they can offer it to candidates at "better" colleges? Logically, these stats tells me 'don't even compare lower colleges like IMT IMI with glim'? Or is it all based on legacy? Glim is a new college, just 10 years old, and the rest are all 30+ years old colleges. So is it like, a new college can never be as good as or be better than the others unless it manages to time travel and make their years of existence the same as the older ones?? But then glim is one among the only seven colleges in India which is Amba recognised and from what I've heard they've top class faculty.

And above all, you'll start earning in 1 year unlike the other 2 year courses. So in which of the above mentioned things does the rest score above GLIM and moreover, a comparison of glim with the other colleges is sounding "absurd"?? Please enlighten me. I'm frustrated and confused and don't want to make a bad decision. Pure reasoning makes it sound like a straightforward choice. But the constant talking down of glim in the forums is making me  hell lot confused. Probably some alumni from different institutes should reply?? I'm sure it will help a lot of others too.

My experience - 1 year automation, 1 n half years IT, 1 and half years business (tech startup and family business too).

I want to get into consulting sector post MBA. Business consulting

Ps: I'm awaiting the results of IMI, XIMB, DSE and IIT-R too. Only DSE seems to have a straight forward edge over any of the above mentioned colleges because of the fee factor. And I'm sure education wise there won't be much of difference in any of these including DSE! 

I have already made half the payment for glim and if I wanna back out I should do it by April 20 or so. And from the other two I went for TAPMI just because I saw more consulting recruiters there compared to IMT. I know IMT is the better one for marketing. Awaiting the remaining results.

Someone please give me a proper insight and help me make a decision. PGPM classes start way before the others. April 29 in fact. So I need to make a decision before that. :| 

  • i would say ximb> imi>tapmi>imt>glim.. for consultancy ro.... 2d.
  • I will answer your question one by one. IT vs Finance/Ma.... 22m.
9009 Karma Points 
kunal sharma @blackbird91 80

 i would say ximb> imi>tapmi>imt>glim.. for consultancy roles ximb is best,,


I will answer your question one by one.

IT vs Finance/Marketing

- In Information technology post MBA your orientation becomes techno functional, hence for the rest of your life you shall always be in IT. Having said that IT gives you a balanced work life and good onsite opportunities. Also, its a dynamic field with ample opportunities in Big Data, Internet of Things etc

- In Finance and Marketing you become an expertise in a product or an Industry, hence, you shall find a fit in Consulting/Analytics or even IT. They shall take you. So a ASM from Loreal can switch to Analytics quotient or a Supply chain manager from cadbury can join supply chain consulting in Accenture but not the vice versa.

Coming to the names mentioned in any B school's placement report.

Don't go by the name , just look at the profiles given at that B school. KPMG, Deloitte , PWC, may offer an IT consulting profile at a particular B school.

For example in Great Lakes placement report , In finance , they have written Scope International . Scope international is definitely not a finance profile. SCOPE stands for Standard Chartered Operations. This is just one example.

I guess great lakes is good for IT. For rest , it is not recommended. 

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Imi delhi vs kj somaiya?any idea?

  • Lol i guess i've told u this earlier as well,don't go by .... 27m.
  • Maybe , it could be misleading but so can be other websit.... 23m.
anjali @anjali.iswaran 23

Lol i guess i've told u this earlier as well,don't go by the websites.they're very misleading.

@daaniyal 34

Maybe , it could be misleading but so can be other websites as well..

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Sir, I am selected for MBA 2015-17 batch and I have been informed to appear in person on 16/04/2015. Can you please tell me what are the necessary things that I have to bring on that date? 

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do the girls hostel have ac rooms?

  • If yes n if no a.c. in boys hostel then project n assignm.... 36m.
  • Nope :stuck_out_tongue:. 30m.
The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.  
Tanmay Jhawar @tanmayjhawar 57

If yes n if no a.c. in boys hostel then project n assignment in a.c. room only... plz don'tt mind as we are not minding the discrimination :-P

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any update regarding the Missent issue? Would request fellow members facing the issue to send a mail to and copy in the mail... I was informed by a friend in FMS to do the same.

  • For me its received on 31/3 and delivered to admin office.... 1h.
  • god knows bhai, i think they know our percentiles and the.... 31m.
Last Name First Name @nitinchan 595

For me its received on 31/3 and delivered to admin office same day.. How can they deliver few letters in one day and not the rest/

Debabrata Mukherjee @deb.mukh002 224

god knows bhai, i think they know our percentiles and their effficiency is directly proportional to that................

192 CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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(a) According to determinism, we can't just decide to disobey the immutable laws that govern the universe.
(b) Many philosophers hold that determinism is at odds with free will.
(c) "Hard determinists", such as D'Holbach, are those incompatibilists who reject free will; "Libertarians", such as Van Inwagen, are those incompatibilists who accept free will and deny determinism. 
(d) Wouldn't our choices just be one more outcome determined by the past? 
(e) So if determinism were true, then we would be trapped by the past and free will would be an illusion. This position is usually called "incompatibilism". 
(f) After all, if everything that happens is completely determined by the past, how can our choices be free?

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Do bimtech take admission on cmat or mat score,cmat feb-88.12%ile,mat-83%ile and wat is d tuition fee plz reply..?

  • what is real ? aaj kal sabhi CTC ki hi bat karte hai. usm.... 1h.
  • wahi toh. 35m.
manish kumar @manish_kp 12

what is real ? aaj kal sabhi CTC ki hi bat karte hai. usme 20% ka locha to hota hi hoga

275 CAT

PhD/FPM 2015

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2015. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

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iima, those who survived the second day of shortlists please post here about the overall process, success rate.

Busy in a IIML FPM in Finance Area , Algorithmic Trading and Volatility. 

738 CAT

All I wanted to Speak about CAT

*Download the FREE 'The Best of All I Wanted to speak about CAT' ebook*, a compendium of the best posts on this threa...

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How a clueless girl stepped up and made it to an IIM


I'm a General, non-engineer, female. I'm skeptical whether my story can inspire anyone, but it surely has been one hell of a ride (that ended up in helL ) for me, so thought of penning it down just for records.


I did not score a great percentile in CAT, getting into an IIM may be a wish but was never a realistic dream for me.

I had below average academic record, no formal work experience, absolutely no extracurricular activity after school, in fact, I had no idea what am I going to do with my life after college gets over! I was studying (was I?) Biotechnology and was enjoying my life to the fullest. Every one of my class had made plans of career in final year but I was still clueless. There were two prominent choices, Msc or MBA. I wrote competitive exams of both, the CBEE (Combined Biotech Entrance Exam) and CAT. I was not much concerned about why should I go for either of them. I didn't qualify the CBEE and scored 55 percentile in CAT '11.

My friends started advising me; CAT is not for people like us to crack. It's cracked by engineers, IITians and all big shots who have excellent mathematical skills and extraordinary brain. I found some weight in this and gave up the thought for a while and continued having fun during final days of college. In every small or big exam I have done last minute study, by borrowing notes from here and there and somehow scored average marks.

After packing my bags from college, on my way to home, my brother asked me €œWhat's the plan? €? and I was silent. He continued, either you can go for Msc or you can go to IIM for MBA. (Are you kidding me?!). I reached home and found CAT study material waiting for me!

Anyhow, I started focusing on CAT as it seemed the only choice. I studied diligently, day and night, for coming 4-5 months. Finished syllabus in 2 months, then took a CL mock only to realize that I could hardly solve 4-5 questions in maths and hit 15-16 wrong in verbal. That was a sinking feeling. I started getting depressed and sleepless nights. It was September and I stood nowhere. With just 1 mock, everything seemed to have ended. Words of my friends were echoing in my ears and expectations of family flashing in eyes. I deactivated fb, blocked my boyfriend's no. from phone without telling him (he was a big distraction in my path, I'm yet to meet a guy who can encourage a girl for higher studies rather than putting easy choices in front of her), cut-off from all sorts of friends and focused only and only on CAT'12. It was no less than a battle of life for me where almost everything was on stake including my life. (I had no plan B if I could not crack CAT).

Results: 68%ile in CAT, 48%ile in XAT and similar performance in other exams too.

With each failure I was getting more and more triggered. Surprisingly, the results could no longer depress me or falter my determination to make it to a top B school. Instead I evolved more and more with each failure and faced them all with a tough smile on my face. By then, I knew why I needed MBA to fulfill my dreams and nothing could change my direction now. I was getting crazy and passionate for this MBA and IIM dream now!

This change in attitude toward my goals in life, in 1 year, was itself an accomplishment. I felt proud on myself that I'm able to- at least- think about my life and take my own decisions.

I started working for a startup- which later on induced the entrepreneurship keeda inside me too- and prepared parallel for CAT '13. I forcefully made reading as my habit and apart from news (which I already used to read), I made myself read good novels and editorials of Hindu and ET on a daily basis. Among online sources, livemint is my favorite. I have come to know so many diverse and awesome things about life through Philosophy passages in RC. Gradually, reading became my hobby.

Mostly, I used to read Hindu with my dictionary on and a notebook beside to write down new words. In my initial days I didn't even know words like 'haste' and 'conviction' (now I laugh at myself). My big fat notebook was slowly getting filled and my vocab stronger (at least for CAT level). For quant, I tried a lot focusing on my weak areas but as exams approached, I focused only on my strong areas, practiced them and forgot about everything else. I knew basics about every topic but never cared to know what a 'chinese remainder theorem' or a 'wilson's theorem' is. (Though, heard these names in quant thread a lot). I emphasized on DI, TnD, Profit and Loss, percentage, average and only basics of PnC, probability and other dirty maths.

Even this much was very difficult for me. I could never get my name in CL's toppers' list. But I kept on practicing, analyzing and practicing.

Exam season:


93.28 %ile in CAT, 50.66 marks in IIFT, 96.78%ile in XAT(Couldn't clear Quant cut-off)

Calls from IIFT, IMT-Ghaziabad, IMI delhi, IIM Lucknow ABM

GD/PI season:

I considered IIFT as my best call; IIM L seemed too good to be true. How could I convert at such a low percentile with nothing special in my profile? I focused on IIFT, it became my dream college. I read all business news, made notes, learnt facts and figures related with Indian Economy, practiced answering all probable questions I could think of. I used to visit Zzeke's post daily to see whether I'm anywhere near to his interview prep.

Something was wrong on IIFT day, I got really very nervous after reaching there. Essay went ok, but I could hardly speak in GD and was given a chance in the end to conclude. PI was even more terrible. I knew I was not getting in there.

I had IIFT reject (I didn't even make it to waiting list) when I went for IIM L WAT/PI. My mind was abnormally relaxed and pretty chilled out as if I had nothing to fear. I was reading Geeta sitting outside the PI room waiting for my call. (I have it in my phone and I was on 'karmayog' chapter). I went inside. I was unable to answer most of the acad based questions thoroughly, but maintained my composure. Rest of the questions was politics and elections based and I answered all of them. I was explaining how presidential elections happen; they stopped me in middle and said ok, we're done.

Meanwhile, I got IMT Ghaziabad DCP which was the lone offer I got this season. My parents were not ready to send me to Dubai, but my brother was, and I was eagerly waiting for IMI result so that all this tension can be sorted out.

Result came, and it was a straight reject.

I cried, cried and cried for hours. Was it IMI that made me cry? No. It was disbelief, a loss of faith in my own capability. I had toiled for days and nights not taking care of my own health, and got nothing in return. I lost faith in my own hard work. After this, I promised myself I will never cry for these results. Every time I felt low, there was a voice coming from inside 'I will not let you cry'. I felt tougher and stronger.

One result was yet to go and odds were all against me. I couldn't convert college like IMI, how could I even think of IIM L?

One day (27th April, Sunday) I was strolling on pagalguy and read 'ABM results out'. A result is a result. Heartbeats gone up, hoping for a miracle. I became the most optimistic person on this earth. Entered my CAT ID and email, pressed enter.

It was a 'Congratulation!' message. I didn't know how to react, I was silent . Told everyone in family, all were enthralled and excited. I had just one feeling in mind; finally, I got something. I just converted my best call and it came in a totally filmy way. Like 'Chak de..', last ball and one goal to win!

The girl who was clueless about her career after graduation, has just made it to one of the finest B schools in country. It's not IIM that makes me happy, it's the transformation in these 2 years that I feel good about. The state of mind and the emotions that I had that time would be belittled if I could arrange them in words. There is no way I can tell what it was like seeing the proud face of my Brother, Mom and Dad.

All's well that ends well. But if only this was the end. This is the beginning of something far more crazy and trying. I hope I make the best of this opportunity offered to me and come out as a bigger, better and brighter person in life.

For those who don't want to go through the whole story, the crux is-( actually the gyaan from my side )

-Never take the judgments by other people about you seriously. No one can know you and your ambitions in life, better than yourself. Dream high, but also, keep judging yourself very seriously.

-Hard work can make any damn thing on this earth possible. I have always heard this, but now I truly got the meaning. A hard worker can never be a loser.

-The moment you stop thinking about results, the moment you become far more efficient in efforts. Keeping one eye on result leaves only one eye for the real work.

-Last and the most important, never ever put everything on stake for this CAT, MBA or anything. Always have a plan B ready. This again makes you steady and more efficient. (Though I took a big risk by not doing so, I don't advice this to anyone).

Thanks a lot for spending your time reading this. Have a great life.

[Note: This is a post on the user's CAT journey that has been captured in her own words. We have not edited it in any way when publishing it as an article. Cover image is from]

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  • Inspiring and motivational. 08 Mar.
  • Truly inspiring story...Best of luck fr future. :smiley:. 52m.
IIM-L PGPABM, 2014-16
Monali Dey @monali_dey 3,386

Inspiring and motivational

Brahmananda Sahoo @Brahma081

Truly inspiring story...Best of luck fr future.