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17.3k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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A contract is to be completed in 50 days and 105 men

were set to work, each working 8 hours a day. After 25

days, 2/5th of the work is finished. How many

additional men be employed so that the work may be

completed on time, each man now working 9 hours a day?

  • 35. 33s.
  • @LEDU_ZEPU soln.... 1s.

527 CAT

(Tentative) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results will declared in the *THIRD or FOURTH WEEK of December*. The announcement will be made at - https:/...

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Diff between CAT and GMAT

1   U get ur score just after exam full transparency in GMAT. U also get to apply to 5 coll of ur choice without any extra fee.

The CAT ensures that colleges tied with them get benefit so they declare their results after the declaration of closing of application deadlines. U cant apply to 5 colleges as in GMAT.

2. Although GMAT has tougher algorithm than CAT its results are displayed just after the exam is over.

3.We Indian students have been made so desperate by whatever reason that we comply with anything and everything.

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  • @gaurav289018...hmmm ryt...I wish you get far better resu.... 1d.
  • @j431 patience has never been my mistress :stuck out ton.... 2m.
Hey_bhagwan_Utha_Le ... @j431 27

@gaurav289018...hmmm ryt...I wish you get far better results in cat'14 if u r waiting patiently...:)


(Declared) IIFT 2014 Results

IIFT 2014 Results have been declared. This is the shortlist - and this...

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3 years...1st call for GDPI..... B-)
Missed d QA cutoff by 0.5 marks in the last attmpt.....

  • mujhe bhi samjh ni aya aj tak but :stuck out tongue:. 3m.
  • mera bhi ni hua and score dekhne k himmat bhi ni hai :d.... 2m.

125 CAT SIMSR Mumbai

[2015-17] K J Somaiya aka SIMSR, Mumbai Admission related queries

*Online Application* - *Qualifying Exam -** *CAT 2014...

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Is 31st Jan 2014 the final date and not tentative date???....Last year KJ did accepted Feb Cmat 2014, so is der a change this year and only Sept Cmat 2014 score is considered????

  • should i apply for PGDM i have just 39 percentile in cmat ?. 3h.
  • @sumit.hardasani As per last year cutoffs you have very l.... 13m.

should i apply for PGDM i have just 39 percentile in cmat ? 

Venkat Akella @venkat89 2,890

@sumit.hardasani As per last year cutoffs you have very less chances.

21.4k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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The first death anniversary day of Sri Rajiv Gandhi was observed as the

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R=(5*rt5+11)^2n+1 find fractional part of this number . 

 let f is fractional part of this f=R-[R] 

 let a number X=(5*rt5-11)^2n+1

 X will lie in 0 < X< 1

 so R-X=(5*rt5+11)^2n+1-(5*rt5-11)^2n+1

 so R-X=2*(2n+1c1*(5*rt5)^2n*11+2n+1c3*(5rt5)^2n-2* (11)^3......

 so R-X=even number

 so [R]+f-X=even 

 so f-X=even-[R]

 so f-X=an integer (odd or even both possible)

 so f-X=0 

 bcz 0< f < 1

 0 < X < 1

so f-X=0 

so f=X=(5rt5-11)^2n+1

so fractional part is (5rt5-11)^2n+1


2nd question 


let X=(5-2rt6)^n


so R+f+G=2*(nc0*5^n+nc2*5^n-2*(2rt6)^2....

so [R]+f+X=even 

so f+X=integer 

so f+X=1 

so f=1-x so 1-(5-2rt6)^n________________________

Note - 1) in R=(a+b*rtc)^kif k is odd then f=X

fractional part will be f=(a-b*rtc)^n

2) and if k is even then f+X=1


example )find greatest integer less than or equal to (rt2+1)^6 

ANS- here n=6 means even 

so f+X =1 so 

f=1-x =1-(rt2-1)^6

so (rt2+1)^6 =integer+fraction

so integer=(rt2+1)^6-fraction

   = (rt2+1)^6-(1-(rt2-1)^6

  = (rt2+1)^6+(rt2-1)^6-1

Now solve (rt2+1)^6+(rt2-1)^6 by simple binomial expansion 

so integer=198-1


-By hunny malhotra

Tryst with destiny! 

323 CAT GLIM Chennai

[Official] 2015-16 Great Lakes Chennai PGPM Admission queries

Admissions (first cycle) open for the prestigious PGPM program at Great Lakes Institute of Management. Visit the link...

146 CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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SC category guys lets form a whatsapp group. Wassay ? 

  • 8588820483 bhai add me also. 1h.
CAT '13 : Khatarnaak  SNAP '13 Converts : SIBM Bengaluru ,SIIB, SITM Joined : None  Target : CAT 2014 " IIM > Nothing " 
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hi... I had sent the application through speed post which shows delivery on 1st december although I poted on 25th nov from mumbai.

I havent received any confirmation from FMS. How do I find out if it is accepted or not? Please help.

  • anybody got any confirmation?? i dont think we wl be gett.... 10h.
  • I don't think they send any confirmation mail. I didn't g.... 1h.
dhananjay bairagi @dj_2711 82

anybody got any confirmation?? i dont think we wl be getting any confirmation mail or something.

Armageddon @ppriyanshuu.17 46

I don't think they send any confirmation mail. I didn't get any at least...

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Any upcoming announcements of extensions for applications ?

  • None as of now.. 11h.
  • Do not worry @Dev Mitra , FORE will reopen applications f.... 1h.
Ours is not to reason why, but to toil and die  
Ayush @blithesome 13

Do not worry @Dev Mitra , FORE will reopen applications for sure...typical private B school....last year it was extended till 20th January.

634 CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

722 CAT

All I wanted to Speak about CAT

*Download the FREE 'The Best of All I Wanted to speak about CAT' ebook*, a compendium of the best posts on this threa...

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-continued from last page-

I knew A and C would not work out. Had still done a night out hoping for a miracle.
A came and as expected it was a ding. I absolutely was in awe of A and despite having XL and FMS and knowing I had messed up my interview, I wished I could get a convert.

Then came C. I thought of not even looking at the result as I had been kicked out of interview room unceremoniously.

And it was a straight convert for both PGDM and PGDCM :drinking:

It was a miracle happening right infront of me. Now in retrospect, I realized it was a really big stress interview and I maintained my calm at all point in time.

Finally Joka dream came true for me. It's like a big bollywood movie- things get screwed up and then comes the happy ending.
I would like to thank my parents- for being with me at every point in times- even at times when they had no clue about why i'm doing what i'm doing in life.
I would like to thank prem_ravi, R@J,harshadk, neha.visionary, naga,marijuana and many others for their constant motivation and help.
I would like to thank DT-10,SBT,BDT,BBBT for giving a place to hopeless loser like me in the team. DT-10(doc,bmr and everyone) deserves a special mention for it's awesome members- all 10 of them.
I would like to thank my gang in bangalore- rsriram84, shabadp, yogsconnect, apatchofsnow and cat_demon and all the puys in b'lore- kinji,mechie,PP, khatana and everyone with whom I had a great time here.
I would like to thank PG for giving me a great platform to connect to all this wonderful people and the whole PG fraternity .
I would like to thank SuX,snits,VV ,afc and utsi. SuX and Snits- you had more belief in me than maybe I had on myself \_____________0/

Edit: I think some of the last lines got deleted...don;t know updating them again->

Thanks to birbal bhai and prem bhai for all their motivation
(Sorry if I missed out somebody's name. )
(Lots of thanks eh? But then the fight has been little long too)

And finally thanks to the special person in my life..without her it would not have been possible.

Also, I have talked to her parents and they've no it's all settled

It's like a big bollywood movie where things get really nasty in interval and then comes the good old "Happy Ending".

Final result-
Converts- IIM C,L, FMS,IIFT-k
W/L- IIM-I (WL-51),XL (BM WL-29), NITIE(WL-89) (All 3 finally converted)

Finally joining Joka

Edit (Dec '14): I get this question asked lot of times in thought of updating it here itself:

Yeah I did end up marrying her. How could have I let her go after all this?

Continued from-> http://www.... - @the_hate on 19 Apr '11 - PaGaLGuY
Continued from-> http://www.... - @the_hate on 19 Apr '11 - PaGaLGuY
Continued from-> (Never thought in my wildest dreams that I'll get a chance to update this.) CAT-08 season continued - So here I was sitting with all rejects. No job. I went completely blank about my future. Further that was the recession year.


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  • True fighter.. 3h.
  • I am just grateful I knew him when he was still struggling.. 1h.
You'll never walk alone

184 CAT MBE DU New Delhi

[2014-2016] MBE, Deptt. of Business Economics [DBE], DU Admissions

*About MBE:** *In 1973, the Department of Business Economics under University of Delhi,pioneered the Masters Program ...

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how many PSU companies for placements in DBE? Seeing the trend of increasing PSU participation in IIMs

  • well it don't have any psu :disappointed: also no exact.... 2h.
  • wait, it will get updated in few days.. 2h.

8.1k CAT

[Official] CAT 2013 Aspirants

Hiii guys nd gals ... this thread is for those people who want to know wat sort of prepperation is needed to crack th...

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'career launcher percentile predictor is showin tat I ll get max 89.xy percentile wit 41 attempt n 37 correct...:(...wat the f u c k is tis..?? it a true predictor?? or jus a marketin strategy..

  • ops......D. 27 Nov.
  • Even I was about to reply here... then read #24 and reali.... 27 Nov.
!!..jai bajrangbali..!!
Atishay Saraf @atshy21saraf 1,811

Even I was about to reply here... then read #24 and realized... :banghead:  ( and also the term  "Certified Pagal" is no longer in fashion on PG)

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In a general body election, 3 candidates p, q and r were contesting for a membership of the board. How many votes did each receive?

(I) p received 17 votes more than q and 103 votes more than r.

(II) Total votes cast were 1703

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What are d places in and around bits? any places to chill ? :D 

  • BITS Pilani has an amazing and Vibrant Campus Life. You w.... 3h.
  • College yes its d best in the country :grin: but hows d.... 3h.
Krishna Kanth S @KrishnaKLU 18

BITS Pilani has an amazing and Vibrant Campus Life. You will have great fun I assure you. Oasis- our Cultural Fest is one of the most amazing Cultural Fests in India. We will be posting more photos and Stuff about life at BITS shortly. And Btw- Delhi NCR is only 4-5 hours away from BITS Pilani

aks @akshay2220 7

College yes its d best in the country but hows d city ? good hangouts like what we find in bangalore/bombay ?

386 CAT

The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

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What a pleasant surprise this is. Sitting in my office 9 years ago (Oct, 2005), feeling amused at the creation of the first "Dream Team", I had proposed an Underdogs Team. Such was the emotional response to the proposal that the thread took a life of its own and the first UDT was created. It is odd to call it "first" because I had no idea the practice would get institutionalized (its like calling the First World War "first" before there was actually a "second"). 

Of course, this wasn't my ID then. I existed under another alias, created threads and controversies [and got banned ], cracked CAT & XAT and became a manager only to realize that the journey was better than the destination :) 

You the UDTians must know, you have a proud heritage.

All the best for the results. Most of us in the first UDT had got what we wanted. Hope the same for you. 

I could actually locate the long lost thread I started in the autumn of 2005. Here it is, in case you want to connect with your predecessors. 

CAT:theUNDERDOGSteam!!! (Page 6) - PaGaLGuY
CAT:theUNDERDOGSteam!!! (Page 6) - PaGaLGuY
Read 186 posts, connect with 82 users. hiii.... Since the D day is approaching fast, we have to make sure we dont end up as a bundle of i think it wont be that bad an idea to start a 'non-serious' thread in order to ease the tension!


  • 12 Likes   39 Comments
  • @DrKingSchultz no bhai 2007 10th h mera ... That was a typo. 3h.
  • lo... toh aap to young ho fir.. Boodhe toh hum hai.. :.... 3h.

673 CAT IIM Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIM's and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

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Hi, I Attempted 42 questions on 16th(1st slot) and around 35(min) and 40(max) correct. I have OBC. With work ex of 18 months from a top MNC. 

10th - 92,

12th- 74 - 8.4 cgpa(84%)

also has extra curricular national and state.

what percentile shud I expect and colleges? Please mention and b reply truly...

  • I say hope for something around 91-92.Assuming you attemp.... 3h.
  • it will be 80-90 with this estimate.. 3h.
karan prakash @karan14 31

I say hope for something around 91-92.Assuming you attempted 21 and 21 in each section with 20 correct in quant. 

374 CAT

CAT 2014 (Saturday, 22nd November 2014 - Day 2) Exam Experience.

*Share you CAT 2014 experiences, reviews and analysis in the following format :* CAT Center, Date and Slot: 1) How ...

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so the cat result which we will be getting in some days(i hope), what exactly is information given, just percentile, or it is also told which IIMs have called

  • thank you :smiley:. 3h.
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Does LBSIM provide reservation of seats as per govt norms?

If yes what was the cutoff for SC last year? 

  • sorry Prannoy, there is no reservation on such basis..... 3h.