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24.1k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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K. Balachander was a renowned film director in which language

62 people answered this question.
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853 CAT Quant CAT

Mensuration, Geometry & Co-ordinate Geometry

ABCD is a convex quadrilateral in which <(BAC) = <(CBD) = 30 deg, <(CAD) = 60 deg, <(CDB) = 15 deg. If E is the point...

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Hi, I need help with approach and how to solve this question : How many triangles can be formed such that the sides are natural numbers and the perimeter is equal to 10?

  • Yeah sorry about that. 2, thats right I guess , @asquare0203. 20 Feb.
  • yup.. 2 it is.. can you please share your approach or dir.... 1h.
CAT2011 : 80(no prep); CAT2013: 93.54(gave my best shot QA :97+ ; VA: 78)
Thirsty Lad @thirstylad 9

Yeah sorry about that. 2, thats right I guess , @asquare0203 

aimsuccess2011 @aimsuccess2011 21

yup.. 2 it is.. can you please share your approach or direction ? @asquare0203 , @thirstylad .. thanks in advance

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i have a question that many of us may struggle with and my question is :

does experience of more than 2 years (around 3-4 years) prove to be a hindrance in cat and even in B-school during placement and gives a tough time to fight for the desired job,. If yes, then any suggestion from any of the veterans on what to do (or  is it better to go for GMAT than CAT) ?

P.s. I have the same old story ( I.T. experience in a Fortune 500 company)

Thanks. PG has been great with all these efforts to help us. Thank you for all this

CAT2011 : 80(no prep); CAT2013: 93.54(gave my best shot QA :97+ ; VA: 78)
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which city have the Bangalore interviewers reached now?

  • Bhai abhi delhi pahuchane wala hai.. 10 th se start hai .... 1h.
This moment. . . I own it . 
Optimus Prime @sudhir007 3

Bhai abhi delhi pahuchane wala hai.. 10 th se start hai

575 CAT IIM Lucknow

Second Stage (GD/GE/PI/WAT) Shortlist Announcement for IIM-L (Released)

The shortlist for IIM-L has been released. Visit to find out if you've made it. S...

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IIM Lucknow

Venue: IIM Lucknow (Noida campus)

Time & Date: 01/03/2015, 2pm

GD: "Human - like Artificial Intelligence can be dangerous, self destructive and unethical". Understood it wrong as i heard it HUMANS..  Total fish market. Could one put one or two points forward but they were really relevant ones.

Preparation: 2/5 , WAT Performance: .5/5 GD 3/5

Second person in my panel.

PI: It was like a world cup match with Mccullum and Gayle blasting the hapless bowler.

P1: Oh.. so you are from Kurukshetra?

Me: Yes sir.

P1: Good. Tell me the teachings of Gita ..?

Me: (Surprised). But kept my composure and told what i knew.

P1: No No. You are making it up. Tell me the exact one in Sanskrit?

Me: (Hdd hai yr... acha pagal aadmi hai) tried again.. In the end said sir i think instead of cramming it exactly i feel it is more important how a person pecieves these teachings.. 

P1: (Bch gya tu bete.. :P )  Acha what is anger?

Me: (abe ab jaan lega meri) Said that acc to gita anger has the power to self destruct and bla bla.

P1: Are beta ye thodi likha hai.. Sanskrit mein btao na

Me: ( bhai bs kr..) Sir i am telling what i perceive about it.. i don't know what is written in Sanskrit

P1: (Wicked Smile) Acha is gita relevant in Kurukshetra now?

Me (abe IIM ke interview mein aaya hua.. World Gita Forum mein speech dene nhi aaya hun :P) Sir, gitamahotsava is organized every year.. bla bla

P1: Does it affect you positively?

Me: Yes sir

P1: How?

Me: sir artists from all over India come and show the culture and heritage of the place they come from. Plays are held bla bla

P1: Are, to ab isse tum kaise affect hue positively.. ye relevance hai gita ka ab?

Me: ( bs kro na sir) gave a typical answer and surprised him...

P1: (Again a wicked SmiLe) Ok.. You are from Nit KKR? Tell me what are the 2 best branches of you college?

Me: Civil And CSE

P1: aur tumne li mechanical.. pdhe nhi hoge dhng se, haina?

Me: ( I felt like clapping after hearing his logic) Gave the reason.. had interest in machines bla bla..!!

P1: Acha.. You still carry that passion for mechaical?

Me: Yes sir (thinking isi bhane Gita se toh picha chutega)

P1: Then Why MBA ( His Expression was Beta mein bhi bht smart hun, Mech to nhi puchunga :P )

Me: Started giving that rta rtaya answer.

P1: (Cut in beween) Chodo ye Sb.. ye btao what 5 things you will take from your MBA degree?

Me: Knowledge ( His reaction was.. wo toh bhr sdk pe chlte bche ke paas bhi hoti hai, Is gltfhmi mein mt rhna hm Lucknow min kuch nhi pdhate, he said this in hindi) .. tried explaining it.. decently put

A strong Character ( His reaction was.. are toh jinke paas MBA nhi hota wo kya character less hote hain).. Bla Bla..  

Said three more points.. Was completely fed up

P1: Are yr tum aise hi bol rhe ho.. See we had Ambani, Birla, Tata.. they didnt have Mba degree?

Me: (Abe toh mein bhi na krun ya) Sir..bla bla (rta rtaya gyaan)

P1: Acha teel about your work ex?

Me: (Dhanyavaad sir aapne puch liya) Started telling..

P1: Are tum ye kya krte rhte ho.. ye kya fraud wraud analytics bol rhe ho.. OTP use nhi krte kya america mein?

Me: No Sir.

P1: Kya baat kr rhe ho.. Unko bolo OTP use krein.. Tum bhi isi bhane is kaam ki bjae kuch dhng ka kaam krlloge..

Me: Sir, there is a reason why it is not used.. Technical gyan...

P1: Kuch nhi ho skta america walon ka.

P2: What is top line bottom line?

Me: Told

P2: What is business model?

Me: ( Haan sir aap bhi maarlo aapki hi ksr rh gai thi ) Tried elaborating.. could not

P2: Thank you.

Damn Stress interview.. A hilarious one and experience of a lifetime.

Kept smile on my face all the time. Calm and composed other than an occasional WTH expressions.

A straight reject expected

  • matlab koi bhi panel ho, lagni to hai hi bas :wink:. 2h.
  • hahahha....@leo_messi Bhai tussi Great ho.. and the post.... 1h.
When time comes, i shall be ready to conquer and claim glory..!!  
Nuke` Deal @nuke_deal 201

matlab koi bhi panel ho, lagni to hai hi bas

Optimus Prime @sudhir007 3

hahahha....@leo_messi  Bhai tussi Great ho.. and the poster too..!!

46 CAT

IMS CET[2015] Test Series - Scores and Discussion.

Test schedule: SimCET 1 12th December 2014 SimCET 2 19th December 2014 SimCET 3 9th January 2015 SimCET 4 23rd...

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how much have you people scored in SIMCET 2.  the roll of honour was missing from the report. So just wanted to know the maximum score !!

  • 91....found it too tough. 1h.
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Is any weightage given to CAT score in the final merit list? If yes then can we have an idea about the proportion it shares in the final scores...?

192 CAT

New IIM's GD-PI/WAT preparation thread

Congratulations to all!!! Lets prepare ourselves for a bigger challenge.....Start shoooooting your queries and lets d...

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Hi All




workex-2 years

Female NC OBC

IIMk interview was not great. I have been shortlisted for great lakes PGPM. The fee can be refunded till april only. Do i stand a chance in new iim or should i take up great lakes.

Please reply very confused

  • good chance in new iims..all the best. 3d.
  • You will definitely get through New IIMs ...Need not go f.... 2h.
crazy4iim @crazyforiim 3

good chance in new iims..all the best

Pradeep Choudhary @Pradeep_Choudhary 1

You will definitely get through New IIMs ...Need not go for Great Lakes !! 

76 CAT

[2014] Mock Score Repository

Hi All,With new season about to kick off and coachings rolling out the mock test series for another journey to covete...

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AIMCAT.......QA/DI......VA/LR.......OA...........AIR.......SectionalCutoff not cleared

1514..............86.1..........90.27.......90.8........ 1520 1520N..........99.03......49.71........94.69........483........VA/LR 1519N...........99.25.......70.61.......96.39........226........VA/LR 1518N...........97.19.........74.6.........94.81........288.........VA/LR 1517N...........99.85.......59............98.14........76............VA/LR 1516N...........96.77........74.51........93.4.........1417..........VA/LR 1515N...........95.09.......60.6........88.78........1750.......VA/LR 1514N...........98.65.......51.6..........93.65.......1261........VA/LR 1513N...........95.53.......90.64......97.05........545 1512N...........99.76........75.8........98.69........228........VA/LR 1511N...........87.54.........74.13.......85.13........2383.......VA/LR 1510N..........94.44........95.67......96.98........488

1509N.........95.8..........89.8........96.52........415 1508N........94.89.........26.19.......77.84........2662.......VA/LR 1507N........96.05.........87.36......95.63........575


1505N........99.8..........99.86.......99.97........3 1504N........99.16.........59.24.......96.93.......293........VA/LR 1503N.......98.74.........49.8..........93.48......683........VA/LR 1502N.......71.67...........49.74........63.4........2355......VA/LR & QA/DI 1501N........91.88..........91.15..........94.22......430

  • 3 Likes   9 Comments
  • @STD-minmach did u refer to just time material ??. 3h.
  • yes, i just studied the TIME material and used the PG qua.... 2h.
CAT 2011 -97.51 [99.31,77.53] Calls-New IIMs__CAT 2013-76.23 [62.5,83.28]__CAT 2014- 98.57 [100, 65.55]__IIFT 2014 Shortlisted   
alan shore @alanshore 5

@STD-minmach did u refer to just time material ??

Tarun Moltisanti @STD-minmach 62

yes, i just studied the TIME material and used the PG quant thread for problem solving in the last 15 days or so. I was enrolled in TiME test series

399 CAT GMAT BITS Pilani

[2015-2017] BITS Pilani, Official MBA Admission Helpdesk

The Department Of Management, BITS Pilani is calling for admissions to MBA program for 2015-17 batch. The last date f...

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any1 shortlisted with 85-90%ile in cat(finding only 60s and 70s here)????? or m i amongst the very few in this range  :-(   ...

  • @blithesome No offence Sir. I just wished to be more info.... 3h.
  • @vnsharma what is your profile ?. 2h.
13 sess :-cat-86.xx,nmat-206,cmat-204,snap-81..14sess cat-88.68,snap-86.xx,nmat-209  
Narasimha Sharma @vnsharma 2

@blithesome No offence Sir. I just wished to be more informed and hence sought some explanation. I am quiet happy to know your views and surely I am suprised that I failed to think along those  lines. Now, I have decided to focus all my energies on IIM C. I have got the call for FPM program and that is what I think would be worth working hard for. Thanks a lot.

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@CAVSK  plz guide for preparation of gd and with the pi questions...

Dream BIG to achieve BIGGER.. 
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the roots of x^2+px+q=0 and x^2+qx+p=0 are real. which is the following is the condition or combination of conditions for two equations to have exactly one common root?
3)p not equal to 1/2

  • 1. 5h.
  • let common root is "a". At "a" both equations will be equ.... 2h.
  "Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise." - Frank Ocean.  
Raub @raub 1

let common root is "a". At "a" both equations will be equal - a^2+p*a+q = a^2+q*a+p, (p-q)*a = (p-q), a=1 (p is not equal to q). So 1 is the common root. 1+p+q = 0

251 CAT IBS Pune Pune IBS Hyderabad

IBS Hyderabad 2014-16 Queries

Hi all, For any queries regarding IBS(ICFAI BUSINESS SCHOOL), Hyderabad 2014-16 batch; kindly join the below mentione...

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any one here willing to join IBS -H with approx 2 years of work experience ?  Guys any laterals over here ? and how do you expect  ROI ? College doesn't seem to fit .. please guide me ..

  • Thanks Shankar , I already have offers from NDIM , ITM - .... 4h.
  • Exactly the same situation and again a nice dilemma requi.... 2h.
Sai Prashant @saidiffrent 1

Thanks Shankar , I already have offers from NDIM , ITM - navi mumbai  & Balaji ..i think i can do better ..  

Hemang Juneja @juneja.hemang

Exactly the same situation and again a nice dilemma requires my attention...little skeptical about ROI.

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My PI is scheduled by CAT score on 21 March, 2015. I have two questions related to it: 

1. Do we need to fill any form online before the interview ?

2. I have filled the form for both CAT and CMAT 2015. Will there be a separate interview for CMAT for which list will be out on 30th March? 

Thanks in advance !

  • You just had to book your slot. You won't be called again.... 3h.
  • @Mrix: In the place where you book your slot, you will fi.... 2h.
Parag Gadge @Parag2611 15

You just had to book your slot. You won't be called again for the CAPI Process.

Saptarshi Das @sky-aimer 76

@Mrix: In the place where you book your slot, you will find the link for the candidate profile form. You need to convert it into Word Format and then fill it either on the computer or by pen after taking a printout. Finally, you need to bring a hardcopy of the filled in form to the CA-PI centre. 

320 CAT DMS IISC Bangalore

2014-2016 IISc Bangalore,DoMs-Master of Mgmt (Official Thread)

Dear Puys,Here is the new thread about the queries and infos about the admission and selection process/crieteria for ...

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IIM A WAT+PI Experience

Date: 28/2/2015, 1.30PM

Center: IIFT, New Delhi

Profile: X 94.3%, XII 91.6%, IITK CGPA 8.3, CAT 99.99%ile, 6 month work-exp

WAT Topic: Pass rate in UK schools is 98%, the exams are getting easier and one more statement about the increase in no. of people climbing Mt. Everest but the height has remained the same. Had to evaluate the claims, assumptions, strengthen/weaken the argument and evaluate the analogy. Time: 30 mins

I think I wrote relatively well, answered all the questions that were mentioned.

(Preparation: 1/5, Performance: 3/5)

PI Experience:

No. of panelists: 2 male profs aged 45 & 35(could have been an alumnus) yrs

Panel No: 3, S.No: 4

Time: 20 mins

Started with Why MBA?

-Prepared answer(business verticals, holistic perspective, etc.)

Do you usually use such words?

-If I'm having serious intellectual discussions with friends then I do

Assume I'm your friend and then answer the question


Asked about work ex

-Explained what I do. Elaborated on a project I had worked on. Some cross questions. Got a bit nervous in between(don't know why, everything was going fine). They asked me to not be nervous and that I was doing well, offered me a glass of water.

-Continued. The discussion was decent.


-Football, reading.

What do you read?

-Usually fiction, fantasy.

Don't like non-fiction?

-I recently read a book on economics.

What would you like to discuss about from that book?

-RBI's monetary policy. Reserve ratios, rates, etc.

What is repo?


Why isn't it just called interest rate, why repo?

-Knew. Explained.

Ministers were putting pressure on Raghuram Rajan to cut interest rates. Why didn't he cut the rates earlier?

-Told that cutting rates without proper fiscal consolidation and growth opportunities will lead to inflation.

Is it always so? Gave examples of US, EU and Japan where interest rates are negative but inflation is still low.

-Told them that I wasn't aware of it but on the basis of the amount of knowledge I have I can say that it is probably bec. they are developed economies where room for improvement is not much whereas, India being a developing nation has a lot to improve on. Injecting more money into the market in a developed nation wouldn't have as pronounced impact on inflation as in countries like India.

Do you know this or are you taking a guess?

-I don't know this but I'm not taking a guess. I am analyzing the problem and this is what I think can be a reason based on the limited amount of knowledge that I have.

Chemical Engineering. What do you know about crude oil distillation.

- Drew the distillation column and the various fractions. Gas, petrol, diesel, gasoline, wax, tar, etc.

How does quality of coal affect this process.

-(Confused) Told coal is probably used for heat generation in this process and if we use good quality coal like anthracite the amount required would be low. Didn't know the exact answer but handled the question okay.

Is the gas from the top fraction CNG?

-CNG is compressed natural gas. Natural gas is usually found above crude oil deposits but the gas from the top fraction is not natural gas. 

What about petrochemicals?

-(Had missed naptha, etc in my diagram ) Told them can't recall :( 

(If only I'd remembered this. )

That's all. Thank you Shashwat.

- Thanks a lot Sir

(Preparation: 3/5, Performance: 3.25/5)

Kept a smile on my face, the interviewers didn't look angry or unimpressed and were cracking jokes in between.

Overall decent performance.

Verdict - Awaited.

  • 18 Likes   23 Comments
  • @Burgundy US,EU and Japan are examples of liquidity trap,.... 2d.
  • Very strange.I have 4 years of hard core experience in in.... 3h.
|| PG DT'14 Captain || CAT'13 - 99.70%ile || CAT'14 --99.99%ile ||  
Shashank KK @superkk 276

@Burgundy US,EU and Japan are examples of liquidity trap,lekin yeh toh convert hi hain

amardeep singh @amardeep15 92

Very strange.I have 4 years of hard core experience in investment banking and was not asked a single question related to my work  and aaltu faltu saari baatein  puch li.. and they are asking a chemical engineering guy banking questions  ..srange

752 CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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scmhrd waitlisted

  • bhaiyo agar seprate lsit bhi hn toh mera kya scne hn conv.... 3h.
  • wl- 81. 3h.
@ShashaBoy 2

bhaiyo agar seprate lsit bhi hn toh mera kya scne hn convert ka sc category 34.....n i hope ki ek he list ho...but ek list hogi toh woh logicslly kaise kaam karegi....

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I had not received any call letter or acknowledgment mail and could not check the college site in time and today I came to know that I have my interview scheduled tomorrow. So I request you to kindly postpone my appointment to a later date so that I can attend the gd/pi process. Will it be possible now?

  • @prateekm28 Hey prateek.. I got a call 3 weeks back that .... 7h.
  • @KishoreDivakaran First of all, calm down and relax! Do n.... 3h.
Kishore Divakaran @KishoreDivakaran 1

@prateekm28 Hey prateek.. I got a call 3 weeks back that the call letter has reached the local office of the courier service(Overnite express) and them asking me were they should deliver it to(i gave them the option of delivering it to my home or my office which is a pretty famous it park down here) but the service being the poorest of the poor I haven't received it yet..Numerous calls got me nowhere so I actually gave the office a visit today and they tell me it has been moved to another office of theirs..Can you please provide me a workaround for this issue because handling these incompetent idiots has become one big headache..Im least hopeful that it will reach me by the time of my interview on Mar 15..

Prateek Malhotra @prateekm28 54

@KishoreDivakaran First of all, calm down and relax! Do not worry at all. When the website says you're shortlisted, that essentially means you have cleared the first hurdle. You need not carry the call letter with you during your admissions process. I hope you must have received an email of the call letter and the print out of that shall suffice. If you've not received the email as well, even then it is not much of an issue. Just carry all other relevant documents with you at the time of GD-PI. Call letter won't be required. 

Now you may concentrate on your preparations and need not visit the office of the courier service provider at all. Hope it helps. All the best

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Guys...a formal shirt with a black trouser..and shoes? isn't that enough? is tie and blazer necessary at any cause?

I feel comfortable with this attire. 

227 CAT

[Official] 2015-17 Delhi School of Economics, MBA IB/HRD Admission queries

**Greetings from student Media cell of MBA IB/HRD of Delhi school of Economics** This is to provide assistance to all...

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I have not received any official call letter by mail/post though my name is there in the list.

When i expect it to arrive?

  • yeah, same goes for me... I haven't received a call lette.... 3h.
Ashi K @ashi.kumar93

yeah, same goes for me... I haven't received a call letter or mail till now.