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4.2k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Choose 1

if the question can be answered by using one of the statements alone, but cannot be answered using the other statement alone.

Choose 2

if the question can be answered by using either statement alone.

Choose 3

if the question can be answered by using both statements together, but cannot be answered using either statement alone.

Choose 4

if the question cannot be answered even by using both statements together.

A two-digit number is mistakenly written in the reversed order of the digits. The difference between original number and reversed number is divisible by 9. What is the original two-digit number? 
I. The digits of the number are odd.
II. The sum of the digits of the number is divisible by 16.

  • 4?. Can't the original number can be 79 as well as 97.?. 15h.
  • 4\. Number can be either 79 or 97.. 1h.
  "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."  ― Eleanor RooseveltThis is My Story  
eshaan awasthi @mohansushant27 8

4?. Can't the original number can be 79 as well as 97.?

Piyush Parihar @piyushcoool4321 39

4. Number can be either 79 or 97.

759 CAT

All I wanted to Speak about CAT

*Download the FREE 'The Best of All I Wanted to speak about CAT' ebook*, a compendium of the best posts on this threa...

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6 years - 5 CATs, 4 XATs, 2 FMS, 3 IIFTs, 3 GMATs, 2 JMETs and over 500 Mocks, 1 failed start up  and 

Finally got 760 in GMAT and joining Tepper school of Business - Carnegie Mellon University.

I loved the journey, in fact I loved it too much for my liking. Met remarkable person and saw stories which will inspire the dead from the grave to rise up and write CAT, XAT, GMAT etc.

Guys, never give up because it is not worth it, just not worth it. Just one score and admit and rest can be history.

Pain of hardwork is temporary but glory of achievement is permanent.

Let me not rant about my boring story. 

Lowest points:

1) CAT 2010 - got 17.XX %tile in verbal and same year I got 99.XX%tile in verbal in XAT.

2) CAT 2010 and CAT 2011 got 69.XX%tile and 64.XX%. Missed XAT cut off by 5%tile in one section. 

Met some remarkable people and cherished their dedication and got inspired by them

@r11gupta  , @the_hate   , @Samurai-X   , @shashank3012   , @Poluka_Praveen  , @Roger.Federer   ,@seba_catrpillar  , @seshendra   , @ThEbmr  , @sarcastix   , @TnT  , @Medhavin   , @prem_ravi , @ravi.tejapalla  , @GIXX3R 

Each one of them have a story and each story is enough to pick you up from slumber of mediocrity, so if you have time do go through the struggle for them. Very privileged to have studied with them. 

One regret !!

1) Identify what can work for you and adapt. I should have taken GMAT long time because that is the way to go for 4+ years of experience.

2) Go where your experience is valued but not taken as a burden.

3) Don't limit your options. You don't know what can work for you and what doesn't. 

4) US schools are not that expensive if you plan it well and target the schools which suit you. 

I have 9 years of work experience and I am going for 2 year program with a scholarship

A huge thanks for @pagalguy and @grondmaster   for entrusting with Mod role. has been an addiction to me for last 6 years and I loved every bit of it. 

Thanks to all the Puys for your support and help. And awesome PG meets in Bangalore. Those meets were always close to my heart. 

Flying off in exactly 5 days to start another rollar-coaster ride and I have waited for this for loooooooooooong time patiently but not anymore. 

So puys and pirls, never give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel, just one more bent in the tunnel and you will be there. Don't give up ever !!  

Signing off !

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  • "Just one score and admit and rest can be history." -- wo.... 2h.
  • all the best da....machaate rhna aap !! :smiley: :thum.... 1h.
GMAT : 760 (49/44) Class of Tepper 2017 
C & H @Deablo 56

"Just one score and admit and rest can be history." -- words to live by.. _/\_

Popeye @tourist07 8,441

all the best da....machaate rhna aap !!  

1k CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Guys, need inputs regarding preparation for VA RC section (now that it will be an independent section). Any guideline, strategy, preprn tip, other suggestion pertaining to any specific topic namely RC, CR, PJ, PC will do. The thing is contribute something, anything, be it your own experiences of trial and error, proven step-to-improve guidelines, etc. Help 'us' (I am certain there are many with the same ailment) out.

  • Practice RC's using materials from past year mocks/ this .... 9h.
  • Seeing ur cat14 percentile, u need a bit of luck for a be.... 2h.
X 89.4, XII 87.2, B.Tech. 7.4, CAT'14 99.36, XAT'15 98.5 
Arindom Chakraborty @BranStark 77

Practice RC's using materials from past year mocks/ this year mocks and past papers. This is wat experts say, not me. And practice PnC and ParaCompletion from past papers and mocks , do not waste unnecessary time on Vocab, that wont help. be more comfortable with Reading Comprehension, varied topics.

Mohit Srivastava @Mohit... 90

Seeing ur cat14 percentile, u need a bit of luck for a better %ile that's it

3.9k CAT IIM Shillong

[2014-16] New IIMs Results

Complete New IIMs discussions thread from WAT-PI to final results. Batch-[2014-16]

522 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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Converted FMS Now the biggest dilemma I have ever been in :( 


  • 9 Likes   13 Comments
  • FMS !!. 14 Jul.
  • @a-jay aaya nai BC FMS saale. 3h.
PGP 2015-2017 IIM Lucknow || DT'14 || CAT'13-99.43 || CAT'14-99.86 

568 CAT

[2015] [OFFICIAL] IMS Mocks Scores & Discussion - SIMCATS Proctored and Unproctored

The official thread for discussion, sharing scores, strategies for SIMCATS (2015-16)

402 CAT



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Qa - 99.7

Va- 94.6

Oa- 99.77  Cat predicted - 99.96   

AIR - 12

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  • _/\\_. 11h.
  • bhai faad doge cat ki is baar :stuck out tongue:. 6h.
f(x) = CAT  has complex solutions  
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hey guys.. in question 78 in this aimcat(1617).. the one about a salesman planning a tour of cities across the country(2 in ecah region) .. shouldn't the answer be option b) i.e only one statement true, as even in the solution they have given an arrangement(ADBFC) which defies statement (i) and they still have considered it to be true and answered accordingly, if its otherwise please explain the solution to me... thanks.

17.9k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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Page and Plant are running on a track AB of length 10 metres. They start running simultaneously from the ends A and B respectively. The moment they reach either of the ends, they turn around and continue running. Page and Plant run with constant speeds of 2m/s and 5m/s respectively. How far from A (in metres) are they, when they meet for the 23rd time?

  • A and B start from opposite ends at a distance of D. They.... 6h.
  • 0.4D from A is their first meet point.. 6h.
Tushar Kathuria @librantushar 2

A and B start from opposite ends at a distance of D. They meet for the first time at a distance of 0.4D. What is their distance from A when they meet for the fourth time?

Tushar Kathuria @librantushar 2

0.4D from A is their first meet point.

322 CAT



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Hello!  I am a fresher and am only aiming for IIM A/C/XLRI/FMS etc. Should I apply for NMAT/SNAP/IIFT exams considering I am not interested in going to those colleges who take these exams scores?


  • Taking mock GDs, PIs and asking seniors/friends to review.... 18h.
  • Thanks a lot @shashank3012 :). 6h. 
Shashank Prabhu @shashank3012 81,361

Taking mock GDs, PIs and asking seniors/friends to review your answers and profile should work. I had taken IIFT and SNAP for the same reason that you have mentioned but dont think it made that big a difference. So, instead of investing time, effort and money into the tests it might be a better idea to do the same exclusively for your gdpi prep.

995 CAT

Books for CAT preparation

Hi, I need to know from which books I shud start my CAT prepartion. Please quote books for various section QA, VA, DI...

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Hello all...I have 2015 IMS full CAT Package photocopy..anybody wanting to buy ? Bought @1k..will be giving away much cheaper...

Location- noida

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Solve this one:

Analogies are the set of questions which ask you determine the relationship between a pair of stem words and find the same relationship in one of the answer pairs: PRESERVE : MORATORIUM ::

1. tyrannize:revolt
2. shade:tree
3. solve:problem
4. accumulate:collection 
5. cover:eclipse

Like our page for more such questions:

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  • is it 5???. 12h.
  • 1?. 6h.
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One month leave from office in November, how to go about it? 

p.s. please don't say that i just need to work harder, since my health is at its worst,i'm new to the place,living alone, just about managing to survive one day at a time,so it is not easy studying in the little time that i have.

341 CAT Verbal CAT

Parajumbles for CAT 2014

Puys, Please carry on all Parajumbles related discussions in this thread. :smiley: This thread is exclusively dedicat...

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A. The recent communal violence in Hyderabad and in Bareilly a month ago has remained on the sidelines of national attention. 

B. In both cities, the present round of violence was preceded by mobilisations and speeches, primarily by Hindu fundamentalist groups. 
C. Fortunately, there was no death in the violence in Bareilly, while in Hyderabad only three people were killed. 
D. Yet, the scale, planning and causes behind the riots indicate a certain change in the morphology of the typical riot, a change which needs to be identified and understood if we want to keep religious sectarianism and violence in check. 
E. Communal violence has become so endemic to the polity of India that it has ceased to attract much attention outside its immediate area of impact, or unless it crosses very high levels of fatality and barbarity.


Can anyone give me the source of this parajumble?
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  • c. 8h.

95 CAT

[2015] Official Cracku Mock Scores &Discussion

Discuss your cracku mock scores and problems from the exam on this forum

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Dashcat 8 (self timed according to new pattern)

QA 46 (17C,5W)

VA 83 (32C,13W)

OA 129 (49C,18W)

Ab samajh aa raha hai ki is format mein kaafi nuksan hone wala hai,speed badhani padegi DI LR mein

  • @swargr va _/\\_. 8h.
Off PG till August 10 , Contact- 

495 CAT

PhD/FPM 2014

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2014. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

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I read this reply at one of the PhD forums and thought I should share it here. Business PhDs abroad are paid a lot (same is the case with ISB). This was a reply to why they are paid a lot compared to PhDs from other fields (engineering, science):

"A better question might be to ask "why are Ph.D.s so over-produced in other disciplines?" The answer is funding:In the physical sciences, humanities, and most other social-sciences the number of professors in a department is determined as a function of the number of students in a department. With a smaller number of masters students needed to justify a professor and an even smaller number of doctoral students needed to justify a professor.

So the incentive is toward ever larger grad programs.

Now why doesn't this hold in the school of business? The answer is funding:

MBAs are professionals, they are getting a degree that helps them professionally and which is often payed for by their employer. These are not people that would have done a masters in communications or psychology were the business school to close; they are attending in order to obtain a professional degree. As such MBAs fund schools of business in the same way grants and doctoral students fund other schools. But that's where the similarity ends.

MBAs are in no way trained to do research. The MBA is a practitioner's degree, it is enough to move you up the corporate latter, enough to get a job as a consultant, even enough to get you a lecturer/community college professor position if your interest is teaching. Further, Ph.D. programs cost money instead of making it for the department.

On top of this, the AACSB grants legitimacy to schools of business. Without AACSB accreditation an MBA program often cannot get firms to pay for its students to attend MBA programs. Further, it is nearly clich Š when someone says "while AACSB accreditation doesn't mean your program is good, not having it does mean that your program is bad". The thing about getting AACSB accreditation is that you have to have a significant portion of your faculty come from AACSB accredited universities.

The AACSB has accredited a total of 127 schools in the US to provide doctoral degrees. Of those most fields have 80 or fewer programs that focus on their particular discipline. Each program graduates, on average, shy of three people a year. Further, there more than 400 AACSB accredited MBA programs which need AACSB accredited Ph.D.s to maintain their accreditation and another 300 'member' programs that do not yet have accreditation, but must have doctoral students from accredited programs in order to obtain it.

This means that there are 80 universities producing 240 people a year, per field, to feed 700 universities that need AACSB accredited people. This leaves the other 2,000 universities scrambling to find anyone to teach any level of business.

In comparison there are over 1200 people a year that graduate in non-clinical psychology every year.So with five times less competition in the business school, you can see why pay is high and tenure-track jobs are plentiful."

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  • no i think IIMs keep renewing their commitment to an inte.... 30 May '14.
  • IIM Calcutta is the first IIM and third institute in Indi.... 8h.
PhD in Marketing (2012- ) Nanyang Business School, Singapore      ---> 
anodyne sillipoint @root0090 92

no i think IIMs keep renewing their commitment to an international audience and global rankings. This year all three are in the FT rankings which matters across the seas as well. They even got IIMC accredition and a high ranking just this year( AMBA @sb29


IIM Calcutta is the first IIM and third institute in India after ISB and TAPMI to gain AACSB Accreditation. 

2.8k CAT Verbal CAT

Sentence Correction, Fill in the blanks, Vocabulary

Choose the option in which the usage of the word is incorrect or inappropriate.In each question, the word at the top ...

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Choose out of given options the word/phrase nearest in meaning to the underlined part.

The resilient people of the area underwent military training to fight against militants.

138 people answered this question.
Read more at   &
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.
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Dear All,

Please note that the registration and Orientation for the 2015-17 batch will take place on 1st August 2015 and the classes will start from 3rd August

Mohit Dhawan, DSM-DTU, 2014-2016, 
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Hi All

I am looking for your guidance with regards to Phd/FPM.

I am a chartered accountant with a work experience of 10 years. Currently i am in the O&G sector for a fortune 10 company taking care of their FX & commodity exposures. . I am very very keen on pursuing research & a career in academics (Research, learn & teach). I want to specifically focus on Oil & commodity pricing and its relationship with Foreign currency valuations and derivative pricing. Due to certain personal reasons i want to pursue my research in India only.

Below is my academic back ground:

10th & 12th - 80% and above

Graduation- 70% average

CA- 53%

My questions are as follows:

1) How do i evaluate the university/institution where i can pursue research based on the interests mentioned above?

2) If i am aspiring for the IIM's as an option, what are the key things i need keep in mind as i prepare for the selection.

Looking forward for a response from the group.

Thanks in advance


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  • yaa im in ob hr..we in iim have to study pgp 1st year ..b.... 10h.
  • @rahulmadadi Which IIM are you in? I don't know how it is.... 10h.
Ravi Teja @rahulmadadi 34

yaa im in ob hr..we in iim have to study pgp 1st year ..but interest is more towards ob hr research (which actually starts in second year ),this interest on research  may dampen my pgp score is my worry

Shankha Basu @sb29 3,688

@rahulmadadi Which IIM are you in? I don't know how it is in India but abroad, the coursework scores don't matter at all. I think for areas like marketing and OB, one should start working on projects right from year 1 s that a paper can be sent to some journal by year 3.

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According to the data from the first urban Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC), which among the following state in India has highest per cent of urban BPL households?

55 people answered this question.
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