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3.5k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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If 5 letters are placed in 5 addressed envelopes, the number of ways placing exactly 3 wrongly is?

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3k CAT

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

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767 CAT

Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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How to achieve accuracy in verbal section?

  • @SS22 :stuck_out_tongue:. 24m.
  • @SS22-Ask them to share their findings asap :stuck out t.... 2m.

273 CAT



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gave CL PM 1 just now. enrolled in CL late hence have given now !! is it only me or does anybody else feels too that CL DI/LR was quite easy !! i  attempted PM 3 some days ago too  and found that LR/DI were not very tough !! why are they doing like that when they know that CAT 14 had difficult LR/DI ??

PS: attempted 15/16 DI Qs & 14/16 LR Qs ,got all  right !!      

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  • hopefully not this season mate. ATB :smiley:. 3m.
  • i hope that too mate. ATB. :smiley:. 2m.
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Back to Back post mein contrast dekhein

OA 133 71A 51C 97.41%le

QADI 28A/24C 

VALR 43A/27C Accuracy like shit !

Salute @kunalsahi 

CAT comes with its own obsession. 
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I'm a working guy in the financial domain and I'll be appearing for CAT 2015 in november. My current job doesnt provide me enough time to study. Hence I'm contemplating a switch in the job. I wanted to ask if this is advisable for the interviews? Its a 6 day working job

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I'm a working guy in the financial domain and I'll be appearing for CAT 2015 in november. My current job doesnt provide me enough time to study. Hence I'm contemplating a switch in the job. I wanted to ask if this is advisable for the interviews? Its a 6 day working job

25.2k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Matti Makkonen, who died recently was known as________? 

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Dept of Financial Studies or Dept of Business Economics? & reasons for the same?


  • if interested in finance..den surely DFS..if not then DBE.... 20m.
Hardik Kaul @Hardik21 7

if interested in finance..den surely DFS..if not then DBE as u can choose different specializations.

1.2k CAT FMS New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

*FMS Tracker : *

1.4k CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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Senior, please share your attempts with accuracy  in the CAT 2014 and the percentage your got. It will be helpful for aspirants like me. Thank you.  

  • Accuracy no one can tell, rest information u can get from.... 1h.
  • 27m.
Snehal K. @SCK_89 29

Accuracy no one can tell, rest information u can get from the tracker....and bro, cat me percentile ati hai...percentage nahi.

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How many RCs do you attempt (in a mock) on an average ? 

Just to get the thread kicking! :P

33 people answered this question.
First learn the rules of the game ; then play it better than anyone! 
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757 CAT

All I wanted to Speak about CAT

*Download the FREE 'The Best of All I Wanted to speak about CAT' ebook*, a compendium of the best posts on this threa...

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Everything that goes around, comes around


            It has been a journey of three years, three long years to be honest. I always wondered whether I would get a chance to pen down my thoughts on this sacred thread, this wonderful page that has motivated countless souls(yours truly included) and has always pushed people further to think "yaar koi na, ek aur attempt to banta hai, I know I can do this!!". I still wonder whether I am worthy of this sacred thread but I am bound by my conscience which tells me that I had promised it I would visit this page when the time would come.

The clichéd beginning

        I was in the final year of my Engineering College. I still remember our teacher had organized a seminar wherein she had called three seniors, three seniors who had aced three separate exams: CAT, GATE and GRE. All three of them told us about what we could do for higher studies. However, by the time I was in fourth year, I was pretty sure that I was not that interested in either Electronics or Computers, and so pursuing an MBA seemed the logical way forward.  I have two friends 'P' and 'G', who had attended that seminar with me. Both of them have, this year, graduated from IIM C. Preparations were set afoot for CAT2012 and I joined the TIME  AIMCAT series as a step in this direction.

The year of our CAT, 2012

         I still remember my first AIMCAT experience. I went to the exam hall thinking that a few Math and English questions couldn't possibly trouble me, and add to this the fact that 'P' had told me, the day before, that the paper was extremely easy, especially the quant part.  Next week Monday, the results were out and I scored a 78%ile, 'P' scored a 99+%ile and 'G' scored in excess of 98.5%ile. As it turned out, I was in the presence of not one, but two Gods.  'P' was a quant God and 'G' was a verbal God.  Many friends had attended this AIMCAT and all of them had scored in excess of 90%ile. I was devastated. I thought that the debacle had occurred because it was my first AIMCAT and that I would gradually get better at it. I religiously solved all TIME books over and over and I also solved, in parts and pieces,  Arun Sharma and Quantum Cat. But no matter how much I studied, I never crossed the 90%ile mark in those damned little vexatious papers. I kept losing my confidence as the days rolled by, inasmuch that I remember asking 'P' once after an AIMCAT whether I should just give up on the entire thing and do an MS instead. It seemed to be the easy way out. However, I knew that I would never be happy with what would follow after I did an MS. I kept solving quant problems. I had faith that hard work wouldn't go unrewarded. The only thing that I never really did in that year was, I remember, read books. Yes, I thought that verbal was based solely on luck and that I couldn't really quantify my improvements as I could with quant and so I kept solving quant day in and day out, entirely ignoring verbal.       

         Soon D-day arrived. I was nervous but I was hoping for a miracle to happen. Both 'P' and 'G' had given their papers on days before mine and had attempted a lot of questions. I thought if I was to get a score anywhere near them, I must make attempts similar to what they had made. I distinctly remember I attempted 24-25 in quant and 25 in verbal out of a max possible 30 in each. The result day of CAT 2012 was one of the worst days of my life. Not only had I failed to reach the 95%ile mark, let alone the 99, but the success of all my friends contrasted so viciously with my utter failure that I had a complete breakdown. I failed to comprehend what I had done to deserve such punishment. At 4 in the morning, 'P' called. He scored 99.32. Others friends called at regular intervals of 1 hour each. 'S' called at 5. He scored 99.16. 'Pr' called at 6. She scored 99.03. 'Bh' called at 7. She scored 99.38. Finally, at 8 I got to know that 'G' had scored a whopping 99.94. Yours truly had scored a pathetic 93.9 OA with a 95.91 in quant and 84.04 in verbal. The year had been a resounding failure. The only silver lining was the lone IIM Shillong call. Back in 2012, Shillong used to shortlist candidates based on profile and the call was a reassurance that I had the profile, and I only needed the percentile. I skipped the Shillong interview. (I don't know what prompted me to take that decision then. Shillong will always be special as it was my first call.)

The year of our CAT, 2013

           After the setback, I remember having discussions with a close friend. Both of us were determined to improve our profile. We decided to give the CFA level 1 exam as a step towards achieving this result. After months of preparation, I sat in the exam hall, and told myself, just as the exam was about to begin, that I could not fail in two consecutive exams. Fortunately, the exam went well. After a period of one month, I got to know I had cleared the exam. My joy was unbound.

         Now, all my efforts were directed towards cracking CAT 2013. I came to realize that getting into a good institute was going to be no mean feat. Regardless of what these coaching classes claimed in all their facts and myths, I would have to give my 200% this time round to make it through. Luckily, the date of my joining was postponed by two months and I was ready to study for more than 8 hrs in this period to make up for the time deficit that would occur afterwards, once my job started. To be honest, I was not at all keen about working and getting into a good MBA institute was all I dreamed of. Meanwhile, 'P' and 'G' got admitted to IIM C, 'Bh' to IIM L. I studied like a dog in that period of two months.

         Come September, I started my job. However, all I could think about was cracking CAT. It would not be an understatement to say that it had become an obsession. Within a couple of months, I would be face to face with the feline again, this time doubly motivated to kill it. As it turned out, CAT 2013 was one the hardest papers I ever came across. I could attempt only 15 in quant and 16 in verbal. I walked out of the exam hall feeling dejected and defeated. The feline had got the better of me, again! Damn her!  Afterwards, at work, I also got to know that I would have to shift base to Bangalore. I had never stayed outside my hometown and I was extremely depressed about the whole thing.

       It was in this period of depression that, in January 2014, CAT results were out.  I had scored an unbelievable 98.52 percentile. I know that it is no big deal, but the result, while expecting less than 90 percentile, came as a pleasant surprise. XAT'14 results were also out in two weeks and again, I got a 98.59 percentile. I saw this as an opportunity to cut short my stay at Bangalore and started the interview preparations in full swing. I was shortlisted for SPJIMR-Fin, XL BM, IIM Indore, FMS and the new IIMS. I kept telling myself that I would be out of Bangalore in 5-6 months max.

        A day before shifting base to Bangalore, I had my SPJIMR group Interview at Mumbai. GI 1 was my first interview and it was a complete disaster. The interviewer called me to his side and asked me to interview the candidates for him. Afterwards, he asked the others to ask questions to me. If all this wasn't preposterous enough, in the end, he told me to choose two candidates to go to the next round! I thought, what in the name of God is going on??!! The interviewer didn't ask me any question apart from TMAY! I knew I was not going to the second round, but afterwards, I was aghast to know that all six of us were rejected!!  I always thought I would get SPJIMR due to my profile (CFA et al). All that ended in 15 minutes and I was indignant at the whole process. Next day, I caught my flight to Bangalore, depressed. Such is life.

         My next interview was for XLRI BM. Work was hectic and I could find little time for interview preparation. My Business Division head was a very fickle minded person and used to change release dates for my project at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately for me, his latest whim had pinned the date of our next release on a day that was 3 days before my XL BM interview. I was underprepared and I knew it. XL professors know when a candidate is underprepared, and they make sure that the candidate too finds out how underprepared he really is, in a span of 10 minutes. I started out well but the interview soon turned into a disaster. I always knew that at 98.59, XL BM was going to be a tough nut to crack but after the interview I kept fooling myself to believe that there was a chance.

          I was never really interested in the new IIMs, but thought, oh what the hell! I might as well get some interview experience. Also, as the interview was in Mumbai, I saw it as an excuse to visit my hometown, Pune, which I had longed to visit for many months now. There was absolutely no pressure for this interview and it went exceedingly well. In a period of four days, I was back in Bangalore, carrying out the drudgery of life.

        It was around this time that I had started getting bored of my job. Frequent releases, coupled with interview preparation had completely exhausted me for days without end, and as I was not that into coding, doing something which I didn't like for eight hours a day resulted in a decent amount  of frustration. IIM Indore was up next but it was after a period of two months. I was extremely determined to not screw up this interview. Luckily, there was no release during that period and I was going to leave no stone unturned in my interview prep. The interview went well and I was able to answer all questions the interviewers asked save one. I was desperately hoping for a convert. I don't know why but I had always thought I would end up at Planet I.

        I always knew that getting shortlisted for FMS at my percentile was a big deal. FMS had some administrative problems that year and the interview dates had been postponed, inasmuch as all of them were after my IIM Indore interview. I knew that at 98.52, I would have to pull off a miracle to get a chance to study at the red building of dreams, but I was desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures, and so I studied, yet again,  like a dog, but threw it all out of the window when,  in the interview I could not speak on the extempore topic "Capital Markets" as, much to my chagrin, I didn't recollect the term in spite of studying about BSE, NSE, SEBI,NYSE, Nikkei etc. and being a candidate who had cleared the CFA level1 exam. The topic was changed to "The effect of the 2008 financial crisis on India" and I spoke about the entire crisis, its origin, its mechanics, its effect on the US economy, everything in that one minute save its effect on India. I was outside the room in 8 minutes. Bye-bye FMS.

           When the interview results started coming out, I felt much dejected when I learned about my rejects at XL BM and FMS but I knew they were always going to difficult to convert. All my hopes were pinned on that single IIM Indore result. I had converted a few new IIMs but I knew those converts were inconsequential, as I had never intended to study at the new IIMs. The day IIM Indore result was out I was working for a release. At around six o'clock, I read on PG that the results were out. I prayed to God and opened the Page. I was waitlist 140. I knew a waitlist 140 would never convert. That day I cried. I know men don't cry, but I didn't care. I cried because what I had waited for hadn't come in two years, I cried because I had let down my mom and dad and everyone who had stood by me, and last but not the least, I cried because I was a complete failure, yet again.

The year of our CAT, 2014

           A new season led to a new start and I had a feeling this year would be the year. I had failed once at the written exam step and once at the interview step, but this time I felt I would get them both right. However, after having failed twice, I had started to become skeptical about the entire MBA process. The uncertainties even after getting a decent score, and the uncertainties even after having a good interview made me look at what I was doing from a practical perspective. Most of my friends had already moved up in the world by either completing their post graduate studies or getting admitted to various post graduate programs. I had always wanted to do an MBA but somewhere I knew that I was running out of time. I decided I would write the GRE exam after CAT.

          I also realized that I had ignored the other aspects of my life, my hobbies, what I loved most for the past two years in an attempt to completely immerse myself in the preparation process. I sensed all this was wrong and could not go on. I started going to the gym whenever I found the time and started to run every morning. I also started playing football on Fridays. I also went on different treks with my friends. Soon the mock season started again and so did the grind. I made a comprehensive plan of study to make sure that there was no chink in my armor. I could not fail, not this time. I also remember that I started praying around this time, asking God to give me a decent college which I could go to. Now when I look back, the two years in Bangalore have taught me a lot and have made me a better person than what I would have ever become staying in the comfort of my home. I owe a lot to Bangalore and my friends there.

         Different versions of my project kept releasing at office but I knew that nothing could be used as an excuse, not this time. I was lucky enough to have my efforts at work recognized by the senior management and to receive the "Superior Performance Award".  I would work till 7 or 8o'clock in office and then head back straight to the study table. I would have dinner quickly and then sit from 9 o'clock till 12 and sometimes till 1 o'clock everyday just with a dream in my heart and a clear aim in my mind. Somehow, I had developed a liking for CAT over the years and this made the grind bearable. Solving sums and reading books at night actually gave vent to all the anger and frustration that occurred throughout the day. The days kept rolling on and before I knew it, I was face to face with the feline for the third time.

            CAT'14 marked the change of testing agency from Prometric to TCS, of 60 questions to 100 questions and of depth to speed. I could manage to attempt 76 questions, which were more than I had attempted in any mock that season. When I walked out of the exam hall I was full of hope, but after I came back and saw the attempts people had made on PG, I started to get mixed feelings. IIFT was scheduled on the next day and I screwed it up thanks to the difficult quant section and my inability to let go of it. (Later I realized that I had completely skipped the DI section and there were quite a few sitters there). XAT'15 was similar to XAT'14 except for the quant part. Quant was very difficult and after the paper I knew that my chances of getting a XL BM call could be jeopardized due to the quant cut-off. I also gave NMAT before CAT and scored a 220 (98.761 pt.) and gave September CMAT and got a 99.59 percentile. I also got 328/340 in GRE.

          I knew that December '14  would change my life. On the day of the CAT result, I was sitting in my room, as I had during the CAT'12 result, waiting. The results were out at 5o'clock and I kept refreshing the page. Finally when the page opened, I quickly downloaded the result pdf. No sooner had I opened the pdf and viewed the result than my heart sank. I had scored a paltry 96.42 percentile with 91.14 in quant and 97.71 in verbal. I couldn't believe that after serving me well for two years, quant had failed me. I knew my dream of getting into the best MBA colleges was over. I told the result to my dad and even though he didn't show it, I knew he was deeply hurt. I had failed again. F**k! XAT'15 results were released in the 3rd week of Jan and I scored a 98.25 pt with 88.65 pt in quant. I'd applied only to XL BM. My XL dream was over.

         The only calls I managed to get were SPJIMR-Fin, NMIMS, MDI, new IIMs on my CAT/XAT/NMAT score. This time I was not going to screw up SPJIMR, come what may. I made a fat notebook and wrote down answers to everything an interviewer would ask me: myself, my goals, my job, why this, why that, everything. That and reading newspapers of the week before the interview helped me to gain a lot of confidence.

          My SPJIMR GI1 was based solely on Finance questions. After last year's SPJ interview debacle, I was so glad that it was a traditional I ask you and you answer me interview. I answered all (and I mean all) the questions that the interviewers had asked me. After the interview, I sat and prayed. Soon enough, the coordinator arrived and took my name along with the name of a few others and told us that we were through to the next round! I couldn't believe it. I told myself that now nothing could stop me from getting into SPJ. GI2 went by like a breeze. All my other interviews except MDI went well too.

           It was when I was going to pay the fees for the first year of NMIMS that SPJIMR released their results. I got to know that converted people were getting called on their phones and I hadn't received a call till then. I thought that I had somehow failed again. When I opened the portal to check my result, I could not believe my eyes. I was waitlist 2! I knew I was through! This was the moment I had been waiting for since 2012. Years of pain and hard work had finally borne fruit! God had finally listened to my prayers! I immediately told my Mom. She was overjoyed and so was Dad. I had finally not let them down. Life after this result was as smooth as one could wish for. I played football more often, went on many outings with my friends, watched an endless number of movies and resigned from work!

A twist in the tale

           My notice period started and I was all set to join SPJIMR. My dad however, had always had this thing for JBIMS. I have an elder cousin brother who has graduated from the institute too. This and the fact that my friend needed someone to give MAH MBA CET with him resulted in me giving the CET. It was when I was watching the movie "NH10" that I got to know that I had scored a 99.993 pt in the exam. I think this happened because of the fact that I had absolutely no pressure whatsoever to do well in this exam. The only thing that stood between me and JBIMS now, was the GDPI. Studying for GDPIs was not new. The prep went off like clockwork. A few days before the interview I got to know that I had dengue. I was running high fever but I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get into JB. So, I went to the interview nevertheless. The interview went well and I was satisfied with my performance. I soon became well again a couple of days after the interview.

          On 3rd June I went for a run. When I came back I was completely exhausted. There were a few rumors doing the rounds about the result getting released that day itself. The result had not been out when I came back from my run. Days of fatigue and exhaustion took a toll on me and I slept at 9pm itself that day. I don't know why but at 4.30 am in the morning my eyes just opened up automatically. I remembered that something important was going to happen. Then it hit me! The result! I went to my laptop and as it was booting up I saw my smartphone next to it. I picked it up and turned it on. I saw the word "congratulations" at many places in my notifications. When I opened Whatsapp, there were quite a few messages congratulating me for getting into JBIMS. I couldn't believe it. I checked on the website to make sure. I was through!!

Pardon me for any grammatical mistakes that might have happened, this is the first time I have written anything like this. `

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  • #RESPECT. 3d.
  • Hats off buddy :smiley:. 2h.
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Hi I am an OBC non creamy layer student  , I am writing CAT in 2015. 10th mark - 79.2% 12th mark 59.2% B.Tech CGPA - 6.80 no work experience . How much score i need in CAT to get  NITIE,new IIMs for realistic chances of conversion. Have started my prep late so really need  your help to prepare accordingly..

pls help...

  • Vivek is right though....Getting a mere call is different.... 3h.
  • This year ...if u get 98 plus..your scaled score out of 8.... 2h.
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Couch Potato @insaneniraj666 12

Vivek is right though....Getting a mere call is different and converting a diff, an obc 92%ile can covert whereas an obc 98+ can be rejected depending on his GD/PI.

Rishikesh Gupta @elecrishi1 4

This year ...if u get 98 plus..your scaled score out of 85 is 52.xx. 

the overall cutoff was 55.xx. so you just need t get 3 out of 15 in pi n extempore.... that's why i said .....98 plus is a safe bet.....

yes 92 stands a chance but he/she has t perform exceptionally well in pi n extempore. :-) 

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A genuine help required, X:80, 12:70, Grad:48(Yes,****), SC Cat.

Aims: New IIMs

How much score would be a safe game ?

  • how about 80-85 ? :disappointed:. 3h.
  • u'll get a call at 80-85 but converting it will b very to.... 2h.
Admi 'Karma' Se Sadhu Hota Hai :-} 
ABIR ROY @Abir1103 235

u'll get a call at 80-85 but converting it will b very tough due to ur grad marks....even fms convert will b tough at 80-85


RC: Questions & Discussions for CAT 2014 (plus XAT,IIFT n other Exams).

Hello Puys, Lets get started with the Reading Comprehensions for CAT 2014 n Other Exams. RC: the most important part ...

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Where can I practice RC for CAT online on daily basis?

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  • is the best. 2h.

50.9k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant thread for CAT 2013

Hello all, As the CAT 2K12 come to a close, starting this thread for all the discussions of quant for CAT 2013. Here ...

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No. 1 Latest Govt Jobs, Results, Admit Card, Answer Key, Admissions Portal Across India.
No. 1 Latest Govt Jobs, Results, Admit Card, Answer Key, Admissions Portal Across India. Portal Covers total information regarding latest govt jobs 2015, admit cards, latest results of all competitive exams, admission notifications etc.

252 CAT



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Do we need to have a work experience for placement at BITS? I am a 2012 graduate with 6 months work ex. Will it be ok....??

  • Dont candidates with work ex get weightage...??. 6h.
  • Yes it does but depends on comp to compn..sum ask for a l.... 4h.
Ankita Chandra @CHIGGA 1

Dont candidates with work ex get weightage...??

@ankurmnnitalld 2

Yes it does but depends on comp to compn..sum ask for a lot of work ex other ask for even a no work ex wud do