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1k CAT

[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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Just got over with morning slot, Verbal easy, Quants easy JUST BEWARE OF LRDI!!!!Found it pretty hard nut..

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  • chetna u got evening slot??. 17s.
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531 CAT

CAT 2015 Aspirants

I wanted to join TIME institute's super-long term course for CAT '15\\. I want to prepare with a relaxed mind. I'm ba...

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LR screwed me!

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  • How was the overall difficulty level?. 2m.
  • hw much did u attempt in the LR di secition. 30s.
Deepanshu Jaiswal @deepanshudj 836

How was the overall difficulty level?

@rahul002 9

hw much did u attempt in the LR di secition

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Hi Guys. What's the procedure to apply for private colleges?? I am giving CAT this year, Is it okay if I apply for colleges after my results based on the cut off they announce? or is there any last dates for applying?? If so what colleges should I apply? PS:my AIMCATs marks are in 80-120 range..#confused 

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  • AIMCAT score means you are related with TIME, so ask your.... 21h.
  • @anand.ram every college have its admission and selection.... 1m.
Luck is no excuse! 
Siddharth Kashyap @kashyap2988 11

AIMCAT score means you are related with TIME, so ask your center faculty or just refer to TIME B school ranking that's enough. 

@harneet123 2

@anand.ram every college have its admission and selection dates. More so over first short lists the colleges which you want to target and apply accordingly. Many colleges have announced their admission plan accordingly

20 CAT GMAT IMI Delhi New Delhi

[Official] IMI Delhi 2016-18 Admission Query Thread

Hello Puys, It gives us immense pleasure to kick - start another season of admissions at IMI Delhi. All queries wi...

25.9k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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To which country does the retail chain Falabella belong ?

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And the placement begins with a Bang

Around 25% of the batch have already been placed by first day of placement from both the cohorts BLP and HRLP

Various companies visited campus like Axis Bank, Trident technologies, Cognizant Technology solutions, Genpact, HCL for the placement drive...!! 

Wish all the remaining students for future placements ....

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  • Adding to the above, the placement details will be update.... 1h.
  • @sachinserigar Hi Sachin, Hope you are doing great!! Coul.... 50m.
Srinidhi Sridhar @Srinidhi_S 35

Adding to the above, the placement details will be updated in the website once the entire batch gets placed  

phalguni panda @rosciky 1

@sachinserigar Hi Sachin, Hope you are doing great!! Could you please let us know the background of those two placed with 21 lpa!! 

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I have already applied at GLIM - Chennai, but while selecting the colleges to which my scores would be sent, i didn't select GLIM-Chennai back then. What is the next needful step ?

  • not required if u have not sent the scores . i hope u hav.... 2h.
  • @sunnyda59 yes I have submitted the form with the GMAT sc.... 58m.
Siddhartha Dhar @sunnyda59 856

not required if u have not sent the scores . i hope u have submitted the form and filled ur scores which is more than enuf.!

The Nincompoop @The.Nincompoop 24

@sunnyda59 yes I have submitted the form with the GMAT scores.....thanks


IIM Sirmaur :Official Admission Discussion Forum [2016-2018]

Official Discussion forum run by the SMC of IIM Sirmaur. Feel free to post your admission related queries.

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Can we apply in Cycle with a June 2015 GMAT score? The reason is that i won't be able to make it interviews if I apply in Cycle 1 because of prior work commitments which will be hard to cancel now. The below link suggests for Cycle 2 GMAT score should be between 1 Dec 2015 and 31 Jan 2015.

  • forwarded this query to admissions dept. will intimate u .... 2h.
Siddhartha Dhar @sunnyda59 856

forwarded this query to admissions dept. will intimate u as soon as i ahve an answer

33 CAT XAT GMAT XIMB, XUB Bhubaneswar X - GMAT

[Official] XIMB 2016-18 Admissions Related Queries

Dear All, Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB, XUB ) announces admission to its various MBA programmes for the batc...

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What is the procedure to apply for X-GMATE.
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MICA Ahmedabad Official Discussion Forum 2016

The official forum of MICA: The School of Ideas (Ahmedabad) for all queries and admissions-related discussions. A to...

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MICAT preparation group on whatsapp. Let's join the bandwagon with more channelized and inclusive preparation efforts. Send in your numbers. Serious MICA aspirants only. :) 

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  • 7567868903 add me. 4d.
  • 9020224558. 4h.

88 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2015

There are many who desire and a few who deserve. There are many who get bogged down under pressure and a few who flou...

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Best of luck guys

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PhD/FPM 2015

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2015. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

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Some changes in IIM B admission process as compared to past years:-

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  • @ieirodove Will get back to you on this in next week. Hav.... 8h.
  • Ok no problem. All the best.. 3h.
Manu Bansal @manu3047 60

@ieirodove Will get back to you on this in next week. Have exams coming up from Monday.

Umesh Chandra @ieirodove 9

Ok no problem. All the best.

1.1k CAT



699 CAT



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Guys, how to save the AIMCAT solutions from time website? Pls help...

Miles to go before I sleep...

75 CAT MDI Gurgaon

[2016-2018] MDI Gurgaon PGP Admission Notification and related discussion

Greetings dear aspirants. Follow this discussion thread to stay updated with the admissions process and for raising q...

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On behalf of entire MDI,Gurgaon fraternity, we would like to wish all the candidates All the very Best for CAT tomorrow. We do hope that you will successfully bell the CAT and come out with flying colours. We also hope that all your hard work in the last few months pays of well and that you make it to the college of your dreams (y)

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  • Hope to welcome you to the other side.... ;). 6h.
MDI PGP-HRM Class of 2017 
Kartikeya Kumar @d00Mthepuy 300

Hope to welcome you to the other side....  ;)

75 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Underdogs Team 2015

If the taste of victory is sweet, being an underdog makes it sweeter. Hard work, persistence, focus, determination, w...

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Dawgs !! Bus Phod ke aana. Its time to perform !!

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375 CAT

[Official] LR-DI Thread for CAT 2015

Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2015.Please use this thread for all kind of Data Interpretation and Logical Reason...

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A quick clarification. Either A or B should be selected. This means that both can be selected too right?

Also what if the statement is "Either A or B can be selected". Any difference whatsoever 

  • This this implies both can be selected too.. 11h.
Utha le re baba! 
Agnes Laurel @rever08 221

This this implies both can be selected too.

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Gave the AIMCAT outside the test window and got the scores as : VA - 52, DI - 44, QA - 63, OA- 159. What sectional and overall percentile plus rank can I expect? Also, is it just me or does anyone feel the exam was too easy to be the actual level of CAT? Thanks!

  • It was easy! You'll get a percentile around 97 with this.... 11h.
Anand Nayak @anandnayak 25

It was easy!

You'll get a percentile around 97 with this score! 

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Hello Guys!

I hope you are prepared to take the CAT examination tomorrow.

Some points to keep in mind for the D-day:

1) Sleep properly today. Dont spend the entire night wondering about how the exam will be and how much you'll score. Whatever you are going to score, you've worked for it till this day. Treat yourself with a good night's sleep to remain fresh and focussed tomorrow.
Also remember that how much ever you prepare at last moment will not drastically change your percentile. The strategies and preparation will pay off tomorrow.

2) Dont go empty stomach. Have some coffee, tea, breakfast, juice. Whatever works for you. But have something. You dont want to be thinking about food while youre solving the paper.

3) Be as relaxed as you can before the examination. Talk to your best friend, parents, etc and take it easy. You've prepared enough and taking extra stress might not help you during the crucial 3 hrs of the exam.

4) Lastly, Remember that while you'll give your 100% towards the exam tomorrow, somethings might not go your way. CAT is not the end. I know people ending in best colleges around the world after failing at CAT. So keep calm and take the test without anxiety of not doing well. At the same time, dont take it too casually smile emoticon

Good luck guys!

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