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SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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how can we predict rejection in interview bcs my intervw went on only current affairs and answered 50% thats it?

  • which college?. 2h.
  • iitb. 3m.
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i missed the copy of online submission the documents to be carried to wat/interview online submission form is one of them...can we mail them about this to the admission office?

  • seniors kindly suggest sumthing yaar...really tensed out .... 11m.
  • rather than waiting for someone to answer your ques : "ca.... 4m.
@ravivarma_088 3

seniors kindly suggest sumthing yaar...really tensed out here...they categorically mentioned that people will not allowed for wat/pi incase they fail to submit any of the documents

Kira Yagami @ark02 397

rather than waiting for someone to answer your ques : "can we mail them about this to the admission office?".. mail them ASAP..

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[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!!!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling...

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A car starts for B from A at 8 pm. The car meets a bus that is moving in the same direction at 10 pm and overtakes it. The car reaches B at 12:30 am and it starts on its return journey after an hour of halt. At 2 am, the car meets the bus which is still on its way to B. When will the bus reach B?

A)4 am B) 3 am C)5 am D) 6 am

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  • 3 am. 6m.
  • 3 am. 5m.
सच हम नहीं सच तुम नहीं| सच है सतत संघर्ष ही । 
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can anyone pls share the link from which we can download the profile form

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  • Same here......... i have my interview on 7th and I have .... 5m.
 a Black sheep ..... 
Raktim Choudhury @RaktimChoudhury 2

Same here......... i have my interview on 7th and I have not filled my profile form. And i'm not being able to log in either. Can someone please post the link for the form??

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(Declared) CAT 2014 Results

CAT 2014 Results have been declared Check your result at -

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Hiiiiii puyyys and piiirrrls. Can smebdy plz tel me wat the IIM-S call ltr contains? I did not get ne mail frm dem. Wl be glad of ne help.

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  • @jhootha yup, i make fake ids where i refer to myself for.... 49m.
  • Thx...... 7m.
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any one here willing to join IBS -H with approx 2 years of work experience ?  Guys any laterals over here ? and how do you expect  ROI ? College doesn't seem to fit .. please guide me ..

  • Hey, no doubt the fees is on a higher side given that IBS.... 9m.
@iisha.khurana 2

Hey, no doubt the fees is on a higher side given that IBS is not a huge brand, but all private colleges are charging more or less the same. And regarding roi, no college is going to spoon feed us, its upto oneself to grab the opportunity. I am waiting for Welingkar and GIM, if not these two, then i will surely be joining ibs!

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The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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IIM K WAT+GD+PI Experience

Date: 13/2/2015, 1.30PM

Center: The Janpath Hotel, New Delhi

Profile: X 93.5%, XII 93.2%, IITD CGPA 8.7, CAT 99.99%ile, 6 month work-exp

WAT Topic: There should be a common currency in South Asia as in Europe. Time: 15mins

Ran out of space and time Had a long introduction perhaps, so couldn't address much to the issue at hand. But I think I wrote relatively well, as this wasn't an easy general topic.

(Preparation: 1/5, Performance: 3/5)

GD Topic: Same as WAT. Time: 15mins. People: 9

I was the second to speak and spoke for over half a minute. Contributed regularly in between with a point here and there. Very decent group I must say. In fact there was a 5 second lull when no body was speaking

(Preparation: 0/5, Performance: 3/5)

PI Experience:

No. of panelists: 2 male profs (L & R) aged 50 & 40 yrs

Panel No: 2, S.No: 3

Panel Demeanour: Haha. You'll know soon.

Time: 25mins

R received me at the door and escorted me in. He asked my name cz they were calling in randomly the person who was closest to the interview room door. He took my form and started reading.

R: So tell me about yourself. (L cut him in between)

L: Wait, first tell me something. Did you go to school? (Sir I'm sorry?)

L: Which school did you go to? (DPS RKP)

L: I knew it. (To R) We should just ban these DPS people. (showing me my WAT) Is this how you write an essay? (I don't know what to say... Quiet for 10 seconds)

L: Where is the margin? Where is the topic? (Sorry sir but there was space crunch)

L: Didn't they teach you in school to draw margin? (Yes sir, they did)

L: Why haven't you drawn then? You just cheated your school. There was 8 out of 10 marks for presentation. You lost all 8. (Oh..)

R: So tell me about.. (again L cut him out)

L: Sorry to cut in again but can you just read aloud the first line that you have written in your essay? (shows me the WAT) (There should not be ... cutting me) Wow you just started on a negative note. I'm deducting 1 more mark for this. You've lost 9 now. (No problem sir )

R: (he was grinning all this while) You look uncomfortable. Is everything ok? (Yes sir I'm fine)

R: so tell me about yourself. (I started with the usual.. he cut me out within 15 secs)

R: Explain what do you do at work. (cross-questioned me a lot. but looked ok with what I said)

L: (To R) Where is his sheet? (There was a sheet with some stuff written about me, not the form some other sheet they had) Oh look (To R) He comes from this thing which we always reject. (I don't know what he was pointing at in the sheet, heck I don't even know what was written in the sheet. I guess it was my CAT percentile, just a guess)

L: Asked questions related to my branch. (I answered, he kept asking why. I kept answering but he didn't stop asking why. He was asking in a cyclic manner so my answers always tended to end at the first answer I said)

L: See you don't even know about your branch. You've even cheated your college. Whole life you have cheated. (Oh..)

L: See, you should say if you don't know. Why are you repeating same answers? I'm going to keep asking why until you say you don't know.

L: What is difference between manufacturing and producing? (Took a guess)

L: If your mom is making chapatti, is she manufacturing or producing? (Producing)

L: Why not manufacturing? I think she is manufacturing no? (To R)

R: I think she is cooking (starts laughing)

L: She's cooking! (Hahaha)

R: What are your hobbies? (Sports)

R: Are you good at current events? (Not much)

Asked some questions. I couldn't answer much.

L: Have you got other calls? (Yes)

L: Which places? (All... A,B,C,...)

L: A,B,C,D,E,F,...? (Yes sir all)

R: How did your other interviews go? (I've only had C. It went pretty well.)

L: Oh did it? They didn't catch your cheating I suppose.

R: How do you think this interview is going? (Sir not too well, but it depends on how you're perceiving this to be)

L: (He remarked something about my sister being with a cheater or something I'm not sure. I told him I don't have a sister.)

R: Oh so you are a lone child? (I have a younger brother)

R: What does he do? (He's an undergrad)

R: Which college? (Yale University, USA)

R: Is he on scholarship? (Yes sir, 90%)

R: (Impressed) What about your father? (Sir he is an IAS Officer posted in Bihar. He is Principal Secretary General Administration right now.)

R: And your mother? (Sir she is a doctor. She is Additional Professor at AIIMS)

L asked some more questions about my branch. I answered some but then he again went into why? mode and I couldn't answer after that.

L: See I was happy somebody from production engineering came to the interview so that I can discuss things, but you don't seem to know anything. All your life you have cheated your school, your college. You've only played football your life it seems.

R: (to L) But his grad marks are very impressive.

L: How much has he got? 86%? That's nothing at IIT Delhi. IIT Delhi gives you marks for free. It gives you 69% (yes he said 69) for just attending the exam. People who get less than that means they didn't even attend the exam. (Sir, I'm ranked third in my department) Oh really? That means your batchmates are even worse than you. Facepalm.

L: Well, since you say you play football, I'm going to ask you about football and you better answer these. What is the diameter of the ball? (I'm not sure about the exact dimension) Why aren't you sure? See I knew it you don't even know how to play football. (Sir, I play football but I never looked into the exact dimensions of the ball.) OK what is the distance between the two goal posts? (100-110m) That's ok but why don't you know the size of the ball? Wouldn't you look at the ball before playing? If I give you a 3inch ball, will you play with it? No right, unless you are a toddler. Ok I'm done.

R: You can leave. Do you want to ask anything? (No sir)

L: Atleast you could have asked how do we think how your interview went. (Sir, it's ok. I'd rather not ask that.)

I thanked and left.

(Preparation: 2/5, Performance: 1/5)

Prediction: Reject

(Well, even if I get in, I'm going to reject them. Sweet Revenge.)

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  • Shit happens man! Mine was similar... they had decided to.... 56m.
  • You could have walked out saying to L "Stress Interview a.... 11m.
I come not, friends, to steal away your hearts || CAT2013:79.14 || GMAT:740 || CAT2014:99.99 || Calls:ACBLKISNew || DT'14 
Leo Messi @leo_messi 51

Shit happens man! Mine was similar... they had decided to demean me from the word go... Happy to find your experience though

Srishti Mishra @srishti2854 26

You could have walked out saying to L "Stress Interview aapse na ho paega." Rahul Gandhi ki yaad aa gayi post padhte padhte

1.3k CAT IIM Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIMs and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

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What was the approximate scaled score(out of 450) for 99%ile last year?


17.7k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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compound interest ka ye formula barabar hai ? 


  • @prakashds par no of years mein ko amount se minus kaise .... 18m.
  • no no the first term is p(1+r)^n subtracting the p(princi.... 17m.
danygirl @daniellafonseca 645

@prakashds par no of years mein ko amount se minus kaise kar sakte hai

Bored @prakashds 928

no no the first term is p(1+r)^n subtracting the p(principal) to find out interest, its not n-p

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i have 96.54 in xat and i had a quite good interview. But i have made a collosal mistake of filling PGDM ( full time) as my first choice. Can i somehow change that? Will calling office help?

  • @IMT.Ghaziabad plz help ..... 18m.
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Hi, I took MAT Feb 2015 and scored 98.47 percentile with a composite score of 748.5. 

I wanted to know the cut off to convert GLIM, Chennai. Please help ! 

  • great lakes doesnt accept MAT scores... 30m.
Anirudh Nayak @AnirudhNayak 3

great lakes doesnt accept MAT scores..

Anirudh Nayak @AnirudhNayak 3


  • All applicants are required to appear for GMAT/CAT*/XAT +/CMAT before applying to Great Lakes Institute of Management.\

1k CAT IIM Ranchi

[Official] IIM Ranchi PGDHRM 2014-16 Admission Queries

Hi Everyone, Greetings from _Team Communique, Media PR Cell, IIM Ranchi!_ We are glad to announce another season of a...

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Hello @IIMRanchi , I have been shortlisted for PGDHRM and today I  received a mail stating that the WAT PI date and venue have been mailed to me and has asked me to check my inbox and spam. But I have thoroughly checked my inbox and spam and I have not received any mails for WAT PI dates. Please help in this regard as I would like to have sufficient time to reschedule  interview dates in case they clashes with IIM Ranchi interview dates.

IIM Ranchi (IIMRanchi) on PaGaLGuY
IIM Ranchi (IIMRanchi) on PaGaLGuY
IIM Ranchi (IIMRanchi)'s profile on PaGaLGuY


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  • Still not got the mail!. 2h.
  • Same here .. no mail !! Funny !!. 30m.
Saat khoon maaf 
Soma Rani @Lyrids

Still not got the mail! 

Utsab Biswas @utsabiem 3

Same here .. no mail !! Funny !!

580 CAT IIM Lucknow

Second Stage (GD/GE/PI/WAT) Shortlist Announcement for IIM-L (Released)

The shortlist for IIM-L has been released. Visit to find out if you've made it. S...

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IIML Interview Date : 4th March

Place : IIML ,Noida Campus

Wat/GD Topic : Is it society or an individual which is responsible for corruption? Plenty of options to speak in the topic and luckily our panel didn't have fish market. Everyone pitched in and put some good points. I started the GD, explained corruption problem, its effect in various sections of society and how society and individual are responsible for it. Quoted e.g. of how anna hazare movement and how delhi police feared AK when he came into power, etc. Pitched in 3-4 times.

Performance: Fair enough.

Interview: Sorry but it was long.

There were two professors, one young(Y) and one old one (O). Young prof called me in.

Me: Good Morning Sir.

O: Good Morning. So Aayush, tell me something special about yourself.

Me: Sir, I have diploma in Japanese and Italian as foreign languages but for Italian, I have not been in touch for five years.

O: Oh really. Then, translate this " Sorry, I am not fully prepared for the interview" .

Me. I can do it in Japanese Sir. Sumimasen, Mensetsu ga chotto....(then was not able to do it, I don't know the young prof was keep telling Sir he will not be able to do that. Was able to do that when I got out of the room, it will be mensetsu no juunbi ga dekinakatta..  could have done that). I told that sir I am not remembering the correct word for preparation and the verb to be used in Italian will be preparare.

He said yeah okay.

O: Which place do you belong to?

Me: Indore.

O: Indore is also known as Mini Bombay. Why is it so?

Me: Told convincingly and he was satisfied.

Y: you did your graduation from?

Me: IIT-BHU Sir.

O: Allright. What did you studied in Pharmacy. Tell me what is a patent. What is the patent term in India? What is product patent and process patent? Which kind of patents India provide?

Me: Told.

Y: Since you have done your graduation in pharmacy and now you are a financial advisor/mutual fund advisor, you have wasted your whole graduation degree.

Me: no Sir, I have not. In fact, this has given me the chance to learn about Finance. Moreover, Finance is a holistic thing and now even R&D department of pharma companies have a separate finance section as there are huge funds involved. It is a value addition to me. Y seemed convinced.

Y: okay. Tell me two things that you would ask from the ministry of finance to uplift the mutual fund industry as mutual fund industry don't have much investors now.

Me: (I was again perplexed as I don't deal much in mutual fund and compete it by ULIPs) tried to tell that 80CC limit should be extended to debt market also. Also, reduce the charges that are imposed. I told him the same that I am right now managing funds through a very unique way and generating 20-30% annualized returns.

Y: Then a long discussion on ULIPs. How do you do that? How are ULIPs better than mutual funds? How are you generating returns? What are loading charges on ULIPs? What are entry/exit loads? Don't you think it is stupidity to buy ULIPs as the insurance is very less?Also, what are direct and indirect taxes? How can one avoid indirect tax? Is increasing the service tax justified?

Me: Answered everything and they were just seeing me with a nod.

Y: Okay. So for sensex to go from 30k to 40k, what steps the government should take?

Me: Sir, the govn is already taking steps and on the right way like boosting the manufacturing sector.

Y: (Fully on to me) No, I am not convinced with that. Manufacturing cannot do anything.

Me: Infact Sir, manufacturing is the only way with which India can show its strength now. China did it. Industralized nations initially were all mfg nations.

Y: No, Leave China. Tell me a single manufacturing industry in India which is good.

Me: Sir, pharma only. It is doing very good and earns India large number of exports. Take Sun pharma. It had a name but no one thought it would buy Ranbaxy but that buy has taken it to a different level.

Y: I don't think so Sun pharma did a good thing to buy Ranbaxy. Daiichi sold it at a loss and you are buying that.

Me: Sir, I believe that it was a very strategic decision making by Sun. The huge presence of Ranbaxy in the American and Latin American region has opened the market for Sun there+ all the drug portfolio of Ranbaxy it has got in cheap.

(Changed the topic)

Y: Tell me some historical place in North-east.

Me: Sir new Jalpaigudi. It has toy train.

Y: Okay. Tell me one historical place in Southern India.

Me: Sir, Sravanbelagola in Karnataka where there is world's largest statue to bhagwaan Bahubali ji.

Y: And? Me: Sir, Rameshwaram, Madurai.

Y: Do you know Pondicherry.

Me: Yes Sir. It is also. Was under foreign colony for long time.

O: Aayush, what is your view on life?

Me: Sir, I believe that life is like whatever you gain from it you return it back to your society, your people. If you gain knowledge, you have to give it back...etc.etc. (A discussion on scholarships and money)

O: How important is money for you? Do you believe in ethics? What if in the situation where you have to sacrifice your integrity, honesty? Will you do that?

Me: Told.

O: Aayush do you think that today's youth is digressing from its purpose and is indulged into some activities which are not fruitful (something like that).

Me. Yes sir and put forward my views on that. He was carefully listening and I put one point where Indian media is not promoting Indian culture, which I believe is one of the best. I was fully exhausted by then. He told me to give an example. I took a deep breath and told sir, may I take my time. He told sure but within 10 seconds he told time up :P.

O&Y: Thank you.

O: brilliant efforts.

Me: (while leaving) Thank You Sir.

For the last ques also, there were so many points that started rushing in my mind when I came out of interview. Don't know why it happens? 

Performance: Best GD/PI process for me this year as tickled every portion of my grey matter .  I don't know what will happen( hopeful though) but I was satisfied a lot with myself and even more if I had done the translation and finance ministry ques better.

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  • Superb interview man. Congrats in advance :smiley:. 4h.
  • Looks like a direct convert :smiley:. 32m.
Tejas H @tejas.h 44

Superb interview man. Congrats in advance

Vivek @busar005 1,613

Looks like a direct convert

170 CAT GLIEMR New Delhi

[Official] 2015-16 Great Lakes Gurgaon PGPM Admission queries

Great Lakes Gurgaon PGPM 2015-16 Admissions are open and application ends on 24th January, 2015. Please post any ques...

1.5k CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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News news news!

SPJ Admissions office says that the results can be announced anytime now. By anytime I mean anytime starting from now until the 10th of Feb. Cheer up guys.

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  • @ajd1793 .. interesting observation bro! :smiley:. 42m.
Jaane kya hoga rama re!   
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Guys.. Whoever is done with their GDPI.. Please share your experience.. dat wud b of great help...

  • R u a fresher?. 1h.
  • My topic was also same.... Pi was completely about acade.... 46m.
mayank gupta @mayank.gupta13 6

My topic was also same....  Pi was completely about academics and questions related to my home state... 

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Hi guys , to facilitate you for GD PI preparation i will be sharing some relevant links in upcoming days. Stay tuned & ATB for GD PI.

Today's link ------>

It contains videos on current affairs like GST etc.Have a look

Mohit Dhawan, DSM-DTU, 2014-2016,