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 OA is 1 . Im not getting this one

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  • Guys i do not understand when to do a= b+c and when to do.... 49m.
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Ankit Gupta @gupanki2 149

Guys i do not understand when to do a= b+c and when to do 1/a= 1/b + 1/c, i understand 1/a represents work done per hour....on this case why it cant be a=b+c?@shawshanks @beteNoire @shojazz  :S

555 CAT

CAT 2014 (Sunday, 16th November 2014 - Day 1) Exam Experience

*Please post your CAT 2014 experience in the following format :* CAT Center, Date and Slot: 1) How many attempts yo...

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Anyone of you used careers360 percentile predictor?

It predicted a percentile of 64 for me at a score of around 148.  :o

So if you haven't used it yet then don't even think of using. Such a waste of time.

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  • Sir, no use telling ... People are just so.... 55m.
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266 CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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The section to fill in GMAT scores, do we have to mention the percentile or score in verbal and quant section. nothing is mentioned there. Also where should I mention my projects and interns done at other Institutes or Organisations. I do have certificates of these project completion. will they come under additional program/certification in academic section.   

  • Winning Maths quiz competition at state level will count .... 1h.
akash keshari @akskshri 18

Winning Maths quiz competition at state level will count in academic achievement or versatility? 

627 CAT IIM S, Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIM's and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

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Guys I gave my CAT on 22th Slot 1 ....82 attempts (QA 49 95%accuracy   VA 33 75% accuracy)

Xth - 87%

XIIth - 80%

B.E., - 59%

Can I expect call from Old IIMs or FMS and any chances of conversion ?

  • Prepare for GDPI. 1h.

2k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Gentle Reminder !

The Link for Admission has been long open. Apply at LAST DATE TO APPLY: 27th January, 2015.

You can like our Admissions Page on Facebook and get all the information regarding Admission Updates , Last Dates , Brochures etc. 

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BITS Pilani MBA Admissions
BITS Pilani MBA Admissions
BITS Pilani MBA Admissions, Pilani. 136 likes · 5 talking about this. Official BITS Pilani MBA Admissions Page for details and updates about the program....


460 CAT MDI, Gurgaon

MDI Gurgaon - One Year MBA PGP Ex (NMP) Discussion Thread

Hi puys This thread will be dedicated to Admissions related queries for the upcoming batch of NMP students at MDI. Ad...

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Guys has anyone received any communication regarding the call letter for MDI Test ? ANy idea

  • no update received yet even the website has no details ab.... 4h.
  • Registration for the exam is still open, till 28th. After.... 2h.

no update received yet even the website has no details about the duration and time of exam.

Gaurav Arora @Ex-M 1

Registration for the exam is still open, till 28th. After that only, they'll send details.

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Dear Aspirants

You will not be receiving any kind of confirmation from FMS regarding the receipt of your post containing your documents. You may keep the receipt of your speed/registered post with you though there have been no issues regarding the same in the past.

Please note: LAST DATE to submit your form is TOMORROW, i.e., 28 NOVEMBER 2014.

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  • Hi Prachi, Just wondering why the applications for MBA w.... 4h.
  • Hi Prachi , Aspirants used to referred coaching classes .... 2h.
Deepti koshy @deeptikoshy

Hi Prachi,

Just wondering why the applications for MBA were closed so early this year. Every year the application window is open till the mid December at least. I realize that the CAT results would be released earlier this year, but closing the applications by Nov 10th came as a shocking surprise to many who least expected it. Maybe the word gets around fast in Delhi, but for many others it has come as a big blow.


@mayurhd12 1

Hi Prachi ,

Aspirants used to referred coaching classes websites to see B School notifications .Many of leading coaching classes didn't show notification of 

FMS on their websites . I know we have to visit FMS website regularly  for notification . But by considering every year's deadline in mind  when we visited , deadline was gone. 

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hi seniors , i have a query . As silly as it may seem, did any 1 from the general category make a cut with written marks around 48-49 last year while the cut off for general was 47.XX. I hear , even if a general candidate manages to just scoop past the cut off , it is nearly impossible to make a final convert unless one has +5 or 6 past the cut off(for general) . Please reply guys

  • There are indeed people who have made it with boundary li.... 7h.
  • @beteNoire Remember one thing, if you manage to get a GD-.... 2h.
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Satyaki Mascharak @Satyaki99 10

There are indeed people who have made it with boundary line score but again they had outperformed a lot of candidates in the GD and PIs.

Vishwajeet Singh @vishu29nov 9

@beteNoire Remember one thing, if you manage to get a GD-PI call from any institute, be it IIM-A, you have got all the reasons and chances to convert it. And yes, in IIFT there are a few who converted the call at a score of 47.XX and also there a lot who could not convert at 55+. So if you get a call, feel motivated and give your best shot.

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Is there any Gujarati quota in PGDM course through CMAT/XAT/CAT scores.. Because i heard about Gujarati quota through MH CET.. ? If there is any gujarati quota then is it for only Maharashtrian candidate or even for OMS in both MHCET n CAT/CMAT scores? 

66 CAT

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

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Can any one suggest how to start the preparation, which material, whose mocks etc, I am (OMS) completely naive for this (MH-CET) paper, would be grateful if anyone could reply asap.

  • #. 15h.
  • thank you @liverpoolfan. 2h.
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Hello, I am looking for a study partner for preparation of my CMAT Exam. If interested, please add me on or text me here. Studypal also provides free mentoring by experts and that too for free. Please respond ASAP as I have to begin my preparations soon

50.9k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant thread for CAT 2013

Hello all, As the CAT 2K12 come to a close, starting this thread for all the discussions of quant for CAT 2013. Here ...

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Ten children are standing in a line .Each child has some chocolate with him.if the first child attempted to double the no. of chocolate with each of the others he would fall short by two chocolates.If the second child took two chocolate from each of the remaining,he would have three chocolate less than what the first child initially had. find the total no. of chocolate from 3rd to 10th child.

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165 CAT

Graph Based Problems

Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below. The following graph depicts the number of seats won...

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can any one please throw light on the placement scenario?? not only the packages offered but the main thing i want is that how many in the batch actually manage to get placed.... please even a brief review ...

  • THanks for looking into my request but can you please let.... 5h.
  • @mukul.shdev thanks as promised ur query will be answere.... 3h.
@mukul.shdev 1

THanks for looking into my request but can you please let me know a tentative date after which i should be worried that you wouldn't be answering this... :):):):)... sorry... just wanted to know when do the exams get over with and... gud luck with them....

Mohit Dhawan @manadhawan 2

@mukul.shdev  thanks as promised ur query will be answered dont worry



trial discussion

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Last year's the cut off for pgdm and pgdm(IB) through CAT?

  • In private clgs there wont be any weightages based on caste. 3h.
  • ok thnks. 3h.
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443 CAT NIBM, Pune

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