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25s ago 11.8k CAT Quant

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

1m ago 145

The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

Which mocks do u take ?  ( Only for UDT members .. #no offense)

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1m ago 479

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

simcat 115 take home,    qa 82    va 101

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  • Sir 80/87 ke bracket mein hi rehte hain qa mein !! That i.... 1m.
  • In this week fredix gave 4 !!. 1m.
Abhishek Singhal @Darknight123 289

 too many mocks is taking a toll on my accuracy and scores !! would not give one now for atleast 1 week !!

fredix jones @frediey 23

Well, that's quite a good score. How many mocks do you solve per day ?

Abhishek Singhal @Darknight123 289

Sir 80/87 ke bracket mein hi rehte hain qa mein !! That is my weak point !! Plus doing it with college is further aggravating the problem

hi,with 5years experience in infrastructure field as a civil engineer, and academic profile as : 10th - 81.20%, 12th-52% , 7.11 CGPA, do I stand a chance to get selected for PGPM, and what is the Cat cutoff percentile

8m ago 2.4k CAT Verbal

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

A)Indian political life has been dominated by our sentiment of opposition to alien rule.

B)Thus social and moral atmosphere is not suitable for democracy.

C)And the leaders idealized tradition.

D)The constitution was not the product of the urge for freedom.

E)Consequently democratic aspirations were relegated to the background.

Also can anyone explain the sentence links?

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8m ago 32

Testfunda Mocks 2014

Hey everyone! The 2014-15 season unfolds with the TF mocks. iCAT01 and 02 are out now! Please post your TF mock score...

29m ago 64 CAT Quant

Quant Concepts thread for CAT 2014

Hey puys, As we all are geared up to prepare ALL NEW CAT 2014, let us refresh our quant concepts bit by bit. All we n...

How many nos less than 200000 can be formed using the digits... 0,1,2,3,4....(repetition allowed)

One way is to manually find all the single digit, 2 digit... 6 digit nos. and add.

Alternate way is... take 200000 in base 5. Now (200000) base 5 when we convert it back to decimal system.. we get 2*5^5 = 6250 nos

  • Have you take the number in base 5 because it has 5 zeroe.... 1h.
  • hey... u have put .... after four , so it's appearin.... 29m.
Shipra Priyamvada @ShipraP 8

Have you take the number in base 5 because it has 5 zeroes? and also is this applicable for other numbers too?please explain.

richa @richablossoms04 10

hey... u have put .... after four , so it's appearing like all the digits upto nine can be used..!! 

Select 6 balls from 12 balls in which 4 balls are identical of one kind (red), 3balls are identical of other kind(green) and rest are all different....
(guys..i don't have OA..., BASICALLY LOOKING FOR APPROACH)

34m ago 64

[2014] Mock Score Repository

Hi All, With new season about to kick off and coachings rolling out the mock test series for another journey to covet...

10th - 89.00 %

12th- 93.20%

Graduation (B.Tech)- 79.6 %

Previous CAT score- CAT'13 (98.98%ile)

IMS (IMS Roll no - 23A08243)

NO____ QA %ile ____ VA %ile _____ OA %ile

SIMCAT 8__ 90.53 (62) __  98.27 (62) __  97.09 (124)

SIMCAT 9__ 87.21 (63) __ 81.78 (44) __ 87.25 (107)

SIMCAT 10__97.72 (75)___75.61 (39)__94.81 (114)

SIMCAT 111__ 97.16 (84)__87.23 (54)__96.37 (138)

BULLS EYE (BULLS EYE Roll no - 50146228)

NO____ QA %ile ____ VA %ile _____ OA %ile _______AIR

Bull Mock Cat 25__96.38 (99)__76.66 (57)__94.4 (156)__48

Bull Mock Cat 27__92.21 (96)__96.35(74)__96.11 (170)___16

Bull CAT 03__ 94.39 (74) __ 88.59 (55) __ 94.39 (129)__61

Bull CAT 05__ 98.91 (107) __ 67.07 (28) __ 95.18 (135) ___56

Bull CAT 06__  (97) __  (65) __  (162)__

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  • @himanshuk15 agle mock me saare 50 attempt karna, chahe s.... 36m.
  • : bhai 50 questions toh padh bi ni paata.... 34m.
Neeraj Yadav 1

@himanshuk15 agle mock me saare 50 attempt karna, chahe saare galat ho jaye par attempt 50 karke dekhna, woh bhi 1:30 hrs se kam time me. accuracy bhi dheere dheere aa jayegi.

Himanshu Khandelwal @himanshuk15 17 : bhai 50 questions toh padh bi ni paata mai....i give 75 mins to verbal section....bina padhe kaise attempt karu

Bull Mock CAT 29:

QADI: 26C/40A = 64  

VALR: 33C/48A = 84  

Total: 59C/84A = 148  

Lol after AIR 1 in the last mock, the lowest ever score in a bull mock. The paper was very badly set, just 10 DI qs and most QA qs on same concepts. It seems they have just one book to set all RCs in each bull mock. One of the poorest quality mocks that I've attempted this year I must say  

  • could be so, but one thing u get from it is same unpredic.... 40m.
Neeraj Yadav 1

could be so, but one thing u get from it is same unpredictablity as of cat, some bull mocks have 23 rc ques and some have 11 so this is one good thing they r doing even may be cause of thier noobnes ;P

43m ago 3.6k

Requests or Offers to Donate your Old CAT Study Material : Strictly no buying or selling

Hi All, This is the season where lot of you people have completed their MBA preparation journey and are wondering whe...

Hi guys ,I am from Chennai .Do any of you have taken byju's package,I can share with you.

  • Please mail me details to 43m.

Please mail me details to

Found QA tough and lengthy


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  • How were DIs, LRs and verbal ?? and how much did you score ?. 56m.
Huey_00 @Huey 647

How were DIs, LRs and verbal ?? and how much did you score ?

1h ago 6.8k CAT Quant

Quant by Arun Sharma

The sole purpose of this :: Thread is to bring together the CAT aspirants who are solving the Quant book by Arun Shar...

QA/DI: 99.98 VA/LR: 99.93 OA: 99.99


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  • Many Many thanks.:D. 3d.
  • Wow. That's great. Can you please tell me how many ques (.... 1h.
Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8 486

uhmm well I won't say I loved doing btech, but it wasn't so bad either... but yeah after 4 yrs I was like "ok I've had enough, I need to do something else now"

Ankan Sengupta @christianbale 316

Did you say enjoyment?..:P..well,yeah I suppse will miss those incessant episodes of Debauchery..:D.

@2014CAT 29

Wow. That's great. Can you please tell me how many ques (in each section) you attempted and how many of them were correct?