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3.4k CAT Verbal CAT

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

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Leonardo da Vinci's painting, the Mona Lisa, it seems fair to say, is more than just a painting - it is a touchstone of Western culture. It has been copied, parodied, praised, mocked, co-opted, analysed and speculated upon more than any other work of art. Its origins have captivated scholars, and its name has leant itself to operas, movies, songs, people, ships - even a crater on Venus. Its current insurance value is estimated at nearly $700 million - far in excess of any painting ever sold - but it is unclear that any price could be meaningfully assigned to it.

Knowing all this, a naïve visitor to the Louvre might be forgiven for experiencing a sense of, well, disappointment upon first laying eyes on the most famous painting in the world. In fact, if someone didn't already know it beforehand, I doubt that they would consider it the obvious contender for most-famous-painting award. While it does look like an amazing accomplishment of artistic talent, it is no more so than any number of the other great works of art on display at the Louvre.

Now, art critics might claim that there are attributes of mastery that are evident only to the trained eye, and that neophytes would do better to simply accept what they're told. But if that's true, you would expect that the same perfection that is obvious to modern art critics would have been obvious to other art experts throughout history. And yet, for centuries, the Mona Lisa was a relatively obscure painting - still a masterpiece, to be sure, but only one among many. And admired as he was, up until the 1850s, da Vinci was considered no match for the true greats of painting, like Titian and Raphael. In fact, it wasn't until the twentieth century that the Mona Lisa began its meteoric rise to global brand name. And even then it wasn't the result of art critics suddenly appreciating the genius that had sat among them for so long. Rather, it was due to the publicity surrounding its theft in 1911.

From that point on, the Mona Lisa never looked back. It is impossible now to imagine the history of Western art without the Mona Lisa, and in that sense it truly is the greatest of paintings. But it is also impossible to attribute its unique status to anything about the painting itself. This presents a problem because when we try to explain the success of the Mona Lisa, it is precisely its attributes on which we focus our attention. According to many art critics, the Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world because it is the best, and although it might have taken us a while to figure this out, it was inevitable that we would. And yet, whatever attributes the experts cite as evidence - the novel painting technique that Leonardo employed to produce so gauzy a finish, the mysterious subject, her enigmatic smile, even da Vinci's own fame - one can always find numerous other works of art that would seem as good, or even better.

Of course, one can always get around this problem by pointing out that it's not any one attribute of the Mona Lisa that makes it so special, but rather the combination of all its attributes. There's actually no way to beat this argument, because the Mona Lisa is of course a unique object. No matter how many similar paintings some pesky sceptic points to, one can always find some difference between them and the one that we all know is the deserving winner. Unfortunately, however, this argument wins only at the cost of eviscerating itself. It sounds as if we're assessing the quality of a work of art in terms of its attributes, but in fact we're doing the opposite - deciding first which painting is the best, and only then inferring from its attributes the metrics of quality. Subsequently, we can invoke these metrics to justify the known outcome in a way that seems rational and objective. But the result is circular reasoning. We claim to be saying that the Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world because it has attributes X, Y, and Z. But really what we're saying is that the Mona Lisa is famous because it's more like the Mona Lisa than anything else.

What is the author's opinion about the Mona Lisa?

1) He feels that it is overrated and does not deserve to be considered the most famous painting in the world.

2) He finds it a disappointing painting, and thinks that modern art critics exaggerate its worth due to circular reasoning.

3) He thinks that though it is a good painting, it is not really a masterpiece and should not be treated as such.

4) He admits it is a masterpiece and an icon of Western culture, but thinks that it is so for reasons other than its intrinsic qualities.

Which of the following is not true regarding the Mona Lisa as per this passage?

1) It was bought for $700 million.

2) Its worldwide fame is little more than a century old.

3) It was painted using a then-new kind of technique.

4) It is currently displayed in the Louvre.

Assume that after writing this passage, the author reads a newly published book about the unique and unparalleled qualities of the Mona Lisa that make it the greatest painting ever. Would this affect his views about the painting, and if so, why?

1) It would not affect his views on the Mona Lisa, as it would be just another example of circular reasoning.

2) It would not affect his views on the Mona Lisa, as it would be just another example of circular reasoning.

3) It might affect his views on the Mona Lisa, inasmuch as it might motivate him to rethink his assumptions in this passage.

4) There is not enough information in the passage to determine what effect such a book would have on the author's views on the Mona Lisa.

The author of this passage can be inferred to be:

1) an art critic.

2) an art historian.

3) an art columnist.

4) cannot be determined

What does the word 'eviscerating' as used in this passage mean?

1) Causing uncertainty regarding

2) Raising multiple questions about

3) Depriving of essential content

4) Destroying completely


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  • 41-34. 21m.
  • _114_. 1m.
Tryst with destiny! 

706 CAT

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

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Simcat 08 unproc

Qa 47/46 137 ..

Va 29/25 71   its been a long time since i got a 70 in va last time.. :) 

Oa 76/71 208 ..

engine's firing up..

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  • i am also bit surprised by that.. normally it hovers aro.... 28m.
  • bhai kya kar ra hai? :stuck out tongue: ek din me kitn.... 3m.
When time comes, i shall be ready to conquer and claim glory..!!  
Siddharth Mathai @sidmathai13 7

Awesome how much time do u allot to each sections..and which do u attempt first?

prashant @findingbugs 230

i am also  bit surprised by that.. normally it hovers around 85 ..!!

ayush jain @a-jay 387

bhai kya kar ra hai?

ek din me kitne mocks dega

14.6k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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A square is drawn by joining the midpoints of the sides of a given square, a third square is drawn inside the second square in the same way and this process continues indefinitely, if the side of the square is 11 cm, what is the sum of the areas of all the squares?

22 people answered this question.
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52 CAT SPJIMR, Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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If one clears a profile call interview, is a 650-GMAT/85-CAT/XAT the cut-off(as mentioned in the website) from the entrance exam point of view? Or will that cut-off of an "entrance exam score" change based on the scores of people applying? 

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  • @SriramT nope it wont... but the better the score, it wi.... 4h.
  • @Messerschmitt Thank you!. 12m.
The Statesman @The_Statesman 13

Those are QUALIFYING scores. Below which you will not be admitted irrespective of the strength of your profile. 

Messerschmitt @Messerschmitt 11

@SriramT  nope it wont... but the better the score, it will marginally improve ur chances in the final selection

264 CAT Quant CAT

[Official] LR-DI Thread for CAT 2014

Hi, Puys CAT 2013 is finally over. Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2014. :grin: Please use this thread for all kin...

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Mr. Mittal runs a small workshop which manufactures units of rolled steel sheets customised to the purchaser's preference. The workshop has the agreements to manufacture 4 units and 5 units per day for Arcelor and Solid Steel Ltd. respectively.

The manufacturing requires three continuous processes: pressing, cutting and punching where there are 2, 4 and 3 machines for pressing, cutting and punching respectively and the manufacturing is done between 9 : 00 am and 2 : 00 pm only, each day.

To balance the production, Mr. Mittal dedicates 1 pressing machine and 2 cutting machines for Arcelor and 1 pressing machine and 1 cutting machine for Solid Steel exclusively.The following table shows the time required by various processes to manufacture a single unit of rolled steel sheet for the two purchasers.

A unit must go through the entire processing of pressing, cutting and then punching in that order; where a process on a unit must be carried out without interruption on a single machine only.

Furthermore, each machine can process at most 1 unit at a time.

If Mr. Mittal is successfully accomplishing the agreements with both the purchasers, it must be true that

a.His workshop can complete the day's production earliest by 12:00 noon.  

b.His workshop can complete the day's production earliest by 1:00 pm.  

c.His workshop can complete the day's production earliest by 1:30 pm.  

d.His workshop can complete the day's production exactly at 2:00 pm.

Which machine could be idle for the maximum time in a day and for how long?

a.Pressing, 150 min  

b.Punching, 180 min  

c.Cutting, 300 min  

d.Punching, 240 min

At which of the following time instances in a day do all the three punching machines necessarily work together?

a.10:35 am  b.11:05 am  c.11:50 am  d.None of these

  • d c d??. 3h.
  • c c d ?. 29m.
Tryst with destiny! 

951 CAT NITIE, Mumbai

[2014- 2016] Official Thread for NITIE Admission Queries

Hi All, NITIE, Mumbai announces Admission to its Management Programs:1\\. PGDIM2\\. PGDISEM _[Edit after GD-PI Shortl...

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Hi All,

NITIE, Mumbai announces Admission to its Management Programs:



[Edit after GD-PI Shortlist]

Please carry on GD-PI related discussion on this thread :

FB group for GD-PI call getters:

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates should have Engineering/Technology graduation in any branch with aggregate 60% marks (relaxable by 5% in case of SC/ST/PD candidates)

The official admission notification can be found here:

All applicants are expected to write CAT 2013 exam as only CAT Score is accepted for admissions.

Important Dates:

Issue of brochure/ submission of online application begins: October 14, 2013

Last date for submission of online applications: December 17, 2013

Last Date of receiving hard copy of Summary Sheet by Post: January 6, 2014

Last Date for entering CAT score: 10 days after the CAT result is declared

College website:

Link to admission Portal:

No. of seats go as:

PGDIM: 274

PGDISEM - 39 seats (including 15 seats for ISP candidates)

Reservations applicable as per Govt. norms.

Please shoot your admission related queries here and we will be more than happy to answer them to the best of our capabilities.

You can tag @MonkeyBusiness , @swagat.sid or @sim-ba for any query. Tag @megha_pant for all PGDISEM related queries.

Also you can join this FB group: (NITIE 2014-16 Aspirant Helpdesk):

Application Fee: Rs. 1000 only (Rs 500 in case of SC/ST/PD candidates).

Interested candidates should register separately for each programme i.e. PGDIM/ PGDISEM

Get the flavor of Life @ NITIE:

List of documents to be sent by post while applying:

You need to take the print-out of the 'Summary Sheet' that will get generated once you complete filling the form.The sheet duly signed and affixed with a photograph has to be sent by post along with the photocopies of the following documents :

1. Bank Challan (in original) or Transaction Id (for I-collect) receipt whichever is applicable
2. Category Certificate (For SC/ST/OBC-Non Creamy Layer Candidates)
3. Physical Disability Certificate (If Applicable)
4. Three passport size self signed photographs
5. Two self addressed adhesive stickers (size: 3.5 cm x 7.5 cm)
6. Sponsorship Form (For Sponsored Candidates Only)
7. CGPA conversion formula of the University/Institute (If applicable)
Note : Mention your SUMMARY SHEET Number on the front of the bank Challan.

NITIE application fee payment instructions for SBI i-collect

1. Users have to log in by choosing the 'Personal Banking' link on
2. Click the link 'i-collect' under the tab 'Payments/Transfers'.
3. Select 'Make Payment'.
4. Tick Check Box for having agreed to the Disclaimer clause.
5. In “State of Corporate/Institution” select 'Maharashtra' from the dropdown menu.

6. In “Type of Corporate/Institution” select 'Educational Institutions' from the drop-down menu.
7. In the next dropdown menu select 'NITIE fee collection account'.
8. Select the appropriate Payment Category.
9. From here on, enter your appropriate details and follow the on-screen instructions.
10. Save the generated receipt and note the i-collect transaction id. This is to be entered in your application form.

All the best to those who are aiming to get into one of the most coveted B-Schools.


Team IMPACT (2013-2015 Batch)

Branding and Aspirant Relations Committee, NITIE

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  • @lap23591 The cut off for last year was around 96 percent.... 3d.
  • @MonkeyBusiness ..Nostalgia Hits hard :). 32m.
Retired Adcom || Team IMPACT || NITIE 2013-15 || Life At NITIE: 
Rohit Singh @rohitdcet1387 2

@lap23591 The cut off for last year was around 96 percentile and before that 97 percentile and sectional cut off for both years was 90 in each section.

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Shortcuts on ax+by=Constant

1.Two Factors


Here 5 and 3 both are factor of 90



90/15= 6

For positive integral solution (do -1) = 5

For non-negative integral solution(do +1)=7

2.One factor


90/35= 2.xx


Positive Integral solution 2

Non negative solution 2+1=3

3.No Factor



2- Both non negative and positive integral solutions

Tryst with destiny! 

169 CAT FMS, New Delhi

FMS Online Application for 2014

Can anyone tell me how do we apply for FMS for 2014 admissions?

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Has anyone come across some good SOPs written by former FMS students? If yes, please do share. I want to see what a strong SOP reads like. 

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  • #. 52m.

And if you weren't so goddamn chaste, you'd be free. 

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My first CL better then any AIMCAT ever....124 OA.....what percentile to expect????

@shashwatdgr8 any idea???

  • 8Comments
  • @shashwatdgr8 Yes CL is surely manipulating some variabl.... 6h.
  • @shashwatdgr8 thanx.....will act as confidence boost thou.... 54m.
Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8 860

I seriously doubt CL %iles, I got 160 in the last one and barely made it to 99. Since it is dynamic, all my percentiles have decreased after taking the mocks. Looking at all this, I'm not sure, maybe 92

Nikhar Mattu @Dark_Passenger 1.2 k

Yes CL is surely manipulating some variables, I refuse to believe that 600+ students got 85+ in verbal, whereas till last mock only around 300 crossed that mark even though there were 4000 more test takers last time, surely something's amiss.

ARPIT MOHAPATRA @awesomearpit 43

@shashwatdgr8 thanx.....will act as confidence boost though...getting 140+....

939 CAT Quant CAT

Permutations & Combinations - Questions & Discussions

.Can someone help me out with the following problems with some clear and simple approcah to these qustions 4 balls ar...

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Five balls of different colors are to be placed in three different boxes such that each box gets at least 1 ball. What is maximum number of ways in which this can be done ?

ans 150 or 180

Arun Sharma Worked out example he has given it has 150 .. shouldn't it be 180 ?!!

  • 150 hi aayega answer.. 1h.
  • karthik post your method, we can help you out or vice versa.. 1h.


Official Thread For MBA Admission 2015-2017 @ Amrita School Of Business, Coimbatore.

We are happy to introduce the Official thread for MBA Admission 2015-2017 AMRITA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (ASB), Coimbatore...

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Bull cat 08 as missed test

Qa 47/44 129 ..

va 31/22 57 .. 10 15 more would have been great..

oa 78/66 186 ..

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When time comes, i shall be ready to conquer and claim glory..!!  

96 CAT

[2014] CL New Unproctored Mocks Scores & Discussion

Use this thread to post scores as well as discuss questions and strategies for all New Unproctored Mocks. Please don'...

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waise what is the qa cutoff of IIMABC ??? the cutoff at which it shortlists people for gdpi ?? what was it last year ??

Member DT 2014. 

19k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Which of the following is not true about the Indian Constitution?

73 people answered this question.
Haaye Current Maarti Hai! 
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After completing our application form do we need to send a copy to MDI? I remember sending it last year I guess, but this year I dont see anything like it. TIA.

117 CAT

TIPS for CAT 14 aspirants.

Hey guys this is my first post here.I joined this forum to connect with other CAT aspirants and also use it as a plat...

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Hey guys!! What should we focus on apart from the mock test  in the last few days ??

  • You should focus only on giving mocks,analysing them and .... 1h.
Debolina Bhattacharya @d_bh 21

You should focus only on giving mocks,analysing them and revising the concepts.

330 CAT Verbal CAT

Parajumbles for CAT 2014

Puys, Please carry on all Parajumbles related discussions in this thread. :smiley: This thread is exclusively dedicat...

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A. Wonder is marvellous, but it is also cruel, cruel, cruel.
B. We have paid a terrible price for our education, such as it is.
C. Of course, wonder is costly because it is the antithesis of anxiously worshipped security.
D. The Magian World View forms the core of our contemporary education system.
E. We have educated ourselves into a world view from which wonder has been banished.

Source- CL, Please explain?

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599 CAT IIM S, Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIM's and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

52 CAT

Testfunda Mocks 2014

Hey everyone! The 2014-15 season unfolds with the TF mocks. iCAT01 and 02 are out now! Please post your TF mock score...

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Hello guys.... got 98.5 in icat 8 but didnt clear the cut offs. attempted 24 in quant but got 6 questions wrong. Now I m worried because those 6 questions were solved correctly but i did silly mistakes. Pls suggest me how to reduce these silly mistakes?? I have been doing these mistakes from my first icat... pls suggest

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  • score?. 3h.
  • 48 in quant 45 in VA OA 93. 2h.