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3.4k CAT Verbal CAT

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

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In each question, there are sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) that is/are incorrect in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

A. He was censored by the council for leaking information to the press.

B. It literally took me a million years to find her.

C.Nancy read further into the comment and got angry.

D.I hit a deer on this road a year ago, and I hit another one twenty minutes ago. Isn’t that ironic? 

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14.6k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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DIRECTIONS for the question: Answer the question on the basis of the information given below.

New Age Consultants have three consultants Gyani, Medha and Buddhi. The sum of the number of projects handled by Gyani and Buddhi individually is equal to the number of projects in which Medha is involved. All three consultants are involved together in 6 projects. Gyani works with Medha in 14 projects. Buddhi has 2 projects with Medha but without Gyani, and 3 projects with Gyani but without Medha. The total number of projects for New Age Consultants is one less than twice the number of projects in which more than one consultant is involved.

What is the number of projects in which Medha alone is involved?

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3.2k CAT

Fill In The Blanks For CAT 2012

Please carry on all FIBs related discussions in this thread: Here is the link to the previous year's thread- http://w...

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@themaster said:
SET XExhaustion of natural resources, destruction of individual initiative by governments, control overmen €™s minds by central _______ of education and propaganda are some of the major evils whichappear to be on the increase as a result of the impact of science upon minds suited by __________to an earlier kind of world.(1) tenets; fixation (2) aspects; inhibitions(3) institutions; inhibitions (4) organs; tradition(5) departments; repulsionGive solution with explanation
Will go for 3) institutions, inhibitions...
for the first blank tenets, organs and aspects cannot fill up the first blank... and repulsion in not suited for the second blank...
tag me wen u provide the OA....
  • 2. 18m.
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712 CAT

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

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in simcat 12...ques-35...if a+b+c+d=1 , which of the following can't be the value of abc+bcd+cda+dab ?

ans is given 1/20 ...but if we take a,b,c,d to be 1/10, 2/10 , 3/10 and 4/10 ...we do get 1/ is the ans wrong or i am making some mistake?

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  • ohk..thank u guys.....haha @Darknight123 ..chalo next tim.... 32m.
  • u guys taking pg mock tomorrow..???. 30m.

419 CAT NITIE, Mumbai

[2013-15] NITIE Final Results & Related Discussions

Greetings All from Team IMPACT !! The admission results for the Management Batch of 2013-2015 are out !! The link is ...

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I have Applied For the PGDIM and submitted the application form. Now I also want to apply for PGDISEM. Do I need to apply for new Registration and Fill the complete details?  It might also two application number. If I do in aforesaid manner, will I disqualified for admission?..

  • Dear @dhavalmak , Kindly post your queries in this forum:.... 1d.
  • thanks @ syed zaidie. 31m.
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While filling the application form, I had written the year of my birth in place of matrix year. I had submitted the form and paid the fees. Can u please guide my now how to edit my application form. Please help me. 

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CL Mock Cat 15

QA - 28C/33A = 79 ( Found DS very ambiguous)

VA - 26C/36A = 68 ( Accuracy killed me here)

OA - 54C/69A = 147

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  • nyc score in QA (y). 4h.
  • DIs were easy in this one! How much did u score in 15?. 35m.
You never lose until you quit trying!  
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1. In an RC(cum poem), the question is about Central idea.

2. 5 statements are given.

3. Options given are of the multiple true statements type.

4. Answer is None of these.

5. And finally, the question is classified as EASY. (10% people attempted it. 34% of them got it correct).

Time wale machate hai.

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  • :stuck out tongue: I left it ...without even reading th.... 2h.
  • Got it correct :smiley: Yeah twas easy: I just read 1st.... 41m.
K C@t @Blueline 50

Just now i was going through this  RC only. i did 4/5 correct.  i think it was Moderate level due to the multiple options provided. . But it was no where easy

K C@t @Blueline 50

and Poem had  very little significance in this RC.  none of the 5 questions were Poem based. 

Swapnil Kulkarni @Swapnil1991 9

I left it ...without even reading there are lots of fishes in the lake...why to catch these

Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8 890

Got it correct Yeah twas easy: I just read 1st 2 statements. Found both wrong. Marked D

264 CAT Quant CAT

[Official] LR-DI Thread for CAT 2014

Hi, Puys CAT 2013 is finally over. Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2014. :grin: Please use this thread for all kin...

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Four players from Barcelona Football Club viz. Fabregas, Messi, Iniesta and Xavi are sitting in a row from left to right. Each of them is of different height and is wearing a different colour t-shirt viz. Red, Yellow, Blue and White but not necessarily in the same order.

The player wearing Red colour t-shirt was between players wearing Yellow and White coloured t-shirts respectively.

The player wearing White t-shirt is taller than taller than the player wearing Red t-shirt and shorter than the player wearing Yellow t-shirt.

There is one player who has a height of 1.79 m. and he is not wearing a blue t-shirt.

Iniesta is taller than Fabregas.

The difference in the heights of the player wearing Blue t-shirt and the one wearing White t-shirt is 0.04 meters.

The player wearing Yellow t-shirt is the only one between players whose heights are 1.68 meters and 1.72 meters.

Who is the tallest among them? (Ans: Iniesta).

>>> I got the t-shirt colors associated with each height, but I am not able to connect the players with their heights or t-shirts. Could someone please tell me an approach to do so?<<<

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  • @ana195 : i came up with 2 possibilities a) left to right.... 4h.
  • Yellow shirt is having 2 possibilities.Derived this after.... 51m.
jimmy xavier @jboy 9

@ana195 : i came up with 2 possibilities a) left to right BYRW and b)  WRYB  since F,M,I,X, are seated left to right and since yellow is tallest 1.79 so yellow -Messi or yellow is Iniesta

dynamic pursuit @dynamicpursuit 401

Yellow shirt is having 2 possibilities.Derived this after lot of scratching.

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Current Affairs for NON-CAT Exams.pdf
Current Affairs for NON-CAT Exams.pdf
Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!


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Tryst with destiny! 

141 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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i have a feeling cl has predicted a tougher cat this time as they have been giving some really lengthy dis, some really time consuming lrs and never ending rcs.. Initially their used to be lots of easy and medium level questions but now one has to fish them out....!! nyone shares the same feeling..??  

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  • Oh and tough LR's too :stuck_out_tongue:. 58m.
  • shubh shubh bol le bhai.. kyun marne pe tula hai.. :stuc.... 58m.
When time comes, i shall be ready to conquer and claim glory..!!  
Valar Morghulis @ferlonso 505

I feel CAT difficulty level will lie somewhere between CL Mocks and SIMCATs with chance of it being closer to SIMCATs just because it is the first year of the new format. Till now no official confirmation of the marking pattern, so I hope after all these uncertainties the paper turns out to be a bit on the easier side

Valar Morghulis @ferlonso 505

But yes, CL difficulty has risen quite sharply in especially Sec I

prashant @findingbugs 243

I feel the same.. closer to simcats and bulls eye.. cl used to give closer to cat papers but it seems they are just completing formalities.. !!

Nikhar Mattu @Dark_Passenger 1.2 k

I hope CAT is exactly like CL...tough QA and easy VA....all the QA specialists will see their score fall(which is a fair number of people) and all the VA specialists will see their score increase(which is like 50 people all India or something ) 

prashant @findingbugs 243

shubh shubh bol le bhai.. kyun marne pe tula hai..

2.1k CAT Quant CAT

Number Systems, Progressions

Twinkle tells Raveena that she has got 3 kids and 2 of these kids are twins, and also that their ages are all integer...

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mock 9 

Qa 40/37 108 .. :) 

Va 33/24 63 .. 75 around would have been great

Oa 73/61 171 .. :) 

happy considering the fact cl is really testing nerves now a days .. !!

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When time comes, i shall be ready to conquer and claim glory..!!  
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Can someone share the link about tweaking inv aimcats into non-inv aimcats again on this post?

Quantum Blunderbuss 2.0 

2.4k CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2013 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2013, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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the minimum percentile for ST category student to get a call from old IIMs??

  • 3Comments
  • Exactly!! The higher the percentile, better are ur chances.. 6h.
  • @Sumana08 are u st category student as well?. 1h.
Dhaakad Chhora @DhaakadChhora 11

Though now a call depends on your profile too, but still aim for around 90%ile to be on the safer side. Some candidates even convert their calls at 70%ile, but then don't be lured by that minimum%ile.

Sumana RB @Sumana08 36

Exactly!! The higher the percentile, better are ur chances.

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3.6k CAT

Requests or Offers to Donate your Old CAT Study Material : Strictly no buying or selling

Hi All, This is the season where lot of you people have completed their MBA preparation journey and are wondering whe...

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Question of the day (21/10/2014): 

A computer program was tested 300 times before its release. The testing was done in three stages of 100 tests each. The software failed 15 times in Stage I, 12 times in Stage II, 8 times in Stage III, 6 times in both Stage I and Stage II, 7 times in both Stage II and Stage III, 4 times in both Stage I and Stage III, 4 times in all the three stages. How many times the software failed in a single stage only?

Best solution will be awarded Flipkart Gift Vouchers of Rs. 250.

  • 16 times. 6h.
  • 12. 2h.
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22nd November, afternoon slot.

Center- Industrial Area, Delhi-28.

Distance from my place- Fa(i)r enough considering some of the posts here.

Is there any fortunate son/daughter of a rainbow who is from DU and has got a 16th November slot? 

  • 17Comments
  • So how do you plan to go about it, Abhishek?. 3h.
  • i dunno. i have started preparing for college. baaki cat+.... 2h.
Off pg! 
Abhishek Singhal @Darknight123 619

i dunno. i have started preparing for college. baaki cat+IIFT will make life difficult

28 CAT

Time and Work

If 12 men and 15 boys can do a piece of work in 10 days. Then in how many days can 15 men and 25 boys do thrice of th...

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A,B,C,D can finish a work together in a certain no. of integral days. However they work two in a day and it is found that the work gets completed when (A,B), (B,C), (C,D) worked for respectively 5, 9 and 4 days or 7, 6 and 5 days. They couldn't have all together done the work in:
(1) 8 days

(1) 9 days

(1) 10 days

(1) 11 days

Please explain the approach for above question ?
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  • Following.. \- btw the OA is 11 days isn't it - i dont h.... 2h.
Kaushal Kapadia @Kaush7 1

Following..  - btw the OA is 11 days isn't it - i dont have any idea how it came though

56 CAT

CAT 2014 Bangalore Study Group

Hi All, Please let me know , if you are looking to form/join a study group Marathalli/whitefield(Bangalore) .

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