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Well.. on a slow news day... finally some more balanced analysis... Although I think that the score for 99.5+ will go above 180 (given the exponential nature of score v pcile)

CAT 2014 Comprehensive Analysis with Cutoffs -
CAT 2014 Comprehensive Analysis with Cutoffs -
"The paper is very easy." "Everyone has attempted more than 90 questions!" "The cutoff will be very high." These are the most often heard statements by students this year after CAT. However, nothing can be farther than the truth!


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  • @kittuboy egg-jactly. 2h.
  • @dj_2711 bhai mere slot me teen log 100 karke aae :stuck.... 1s.
skin a CAT, kill a CAT 
ayush jain @a-jay 610

@dj_2711 bhai mere slot me teen log 100 karke aae aur meri accuracy hadd buri h,isliye 90+ hi plan karke gya tha

620 CAT IIM S, Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIM's and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

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does any1 have to upload new NC certi on IIM website?? website kab khulegi??

  • Nope. We don't have to. But we do need to present the sa.... 21s.
Kshitij Prabhu @IIM-L_Aspirant 82

Nope. We don't have to. But we do need to present the  same (new) during GD/PI.

19.9k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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spjimr asks for your preference of management among information management/operations/marketing/finance.

you have to write why do you have a special interest in the area you have chosen?

any ideas?

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  • Sochna padega kahani ke baare mein theek se dost... Not easy. 10m.
  • i know :disappointed:. 8m.

It's better to burn out than to fade away...

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How true is the notion that GLIM PGPM and GLIM PGDM is good for IT people only. What is the scope of non engineers? Please throw some light on it.

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I've 2.5 yrs work experience in a reputed multi nationalcompany as s/w engineer. I was ranked constantly among  the top 2% performers in my company and awarded highest ratings during the appraisals. My salary certificates indicate this. Can i mention this as one of my achievements??

78 CAT

Testfunda Mocks 2014

Hey everyone! The 2014-15 season unfolds with the TF mocks. iCAT01 and 02 are out now! Please post your TF mock score...

16.9k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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two trains A and B start from station x to y,y to x respectively.after passing each other, they take 12 hrs and 3 hrs to reach y and x respectively.if train A speed is 48kmph find speed of trainB

  • @harshcat91 cn u plz elaborate how u will solve this ques. 1h.
  • @vijay_kumar7252 yaar ye formula kaise aata hai aur kab .... 54m.
Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven
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I had my first taste of management when as the Leader of my Ramjas College's Team for Project Akshar (An initiative by ENACTUS (International NPO),I faced various situation where not only I had to raise the awareness about our Community Development Project but also manage different aspects too(Team Leading, Marketing, Raising funds and awareness).Again in college, I was part of the core team for organising the  festival. I realized the importance of planning, dividing the work among the team members, clear communication , close monitoring and coordination. I enjoyed taking on responsibility and working in groups. These experiences developed a zest for Management Studies in me.

After my involvement with the community development projects in the college, I got  inclined towards the Social development. And I have realized that  just getting involved in community development is not enough, one needs management skills for effective contribution to the development sector. My natural inclination is towards improving my knowledge and skills by accquiring a management degree. Management is key to the success of any organization and this aspect has always appealed to me, because it requires a combination of creativity, strategic and analytic ability.

I find work in the development sector extremely meaningful and stimulating. I am keen to work in this sector and the knowledge and expertise I will gain during my MBA course at FMS will help sharpen my skills.


  • I wish I could have read your reply earlier....Thank for .... 12 Nov.
  • I appreciate people giving feedback here but as someone w.... 1h. 6

I wish I could have read your reply earlier....Thank for your help. 

@jayanti.1923 1

I appreciate people giving feedback here but as someone who is really looking forward to study abroad, I would suggest everyone to get your SOPs checked once by some professionals. There are times when we miss out very minor details and it can cause you later. You don't want to get rejected just because you didn't get it proof read properly. Please think smart and don't waste your attempt because of silly goof ups.

1k CAT

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

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Puys did u check IMS percentile predictor? Any views?

  • Okay, just noticed :stuck out tongue:. 2h.
  • 182 - 297 is showing 99.79 to 100 whereas 300 is 0-0.15 .... 1h.

4.1k CAT Verbal CAT

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

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1). Nonetheless, Tocqueville was only one of the first of a long line of thinkers to worry whether such rough equality could survive in the face of a growing factory system that threatened to create divisions between industrial workers and a new business elite.

2)."The government of democracy brings the nation of political rights to the level of the humblest citizens. He wrote ," Just as the dissemination of wealth brings the notion of property within the reach of all the members of the community".

3). Tocqueville was far too shrewd an observer to be uncritical about the US, but his verdict was fundamentally positive.

4). No visitor to the US left a more enduring record of his travels and observations than the French writer and political theorist Alexis de Tocqueville, whose 'Democracy in America', first published in 1835, remains one of the most trenchant and insightful analyses of American social and political practises.









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  • What is the source??? @tastytejas I think this appeared.... 1h.
  • @hims007sagar 1h.

252 CAT

Ask PaGaLGuY : Last Minute CAT Preparation Queries & Tips

Post your queries, get tips for the exam day. @rahul.krishna is here to answer you queries.

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How is alliance university bangalore for full time mba? Is it worth doin mba der?

  • Ok so did u get any information?. 1h.
  • I would keep it as a last option.. 1h.

336 CAT Verbal CAT

Parajumbles for CAT 2014

Puys, Please carry on all Parajumbles related discussions in this thread. :smiley: This thread is exclusively dedicat...

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A. They launched guerrilla warfare and took six minutes of my time.
B. The two warriors of the 'sets' were tyros but very clever.
C. There was only one fighter holding the trigonometry banner.
D. He was quiet and brave and he bruised me.

a. BCDA  b. CDBA  c. ACBD  d. DABC

pl give the answer, with approach.

  • b??. 5h.
  • B. 1h.
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Hello i am sc candidate i attempted 12 question in slot 4 of cat in quant with 10 correct and 18 in va with 14 sureshot correct .Correct ans can be more too.But can u say what will be my %tile.My 10-86.80,12-72.50,grad -65.90.Which iim i might get call from

  • yes........and sorry IIM L will give a call at those perc.... 3h.
  • no can predict ur percentile right now.if u r curious the.... 1h.
Gaurav Gopal @Xyloidine 129

yes........and sorry IIM L will give a call at those percentile..........but as per last year's spread, its hard to get call from ABC..........

neversay die @debu1989 46

no can predict ur percentile right now.if u r curious then u can check with percentile predictor available in different websites.

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Whats the Cut Off of IMT Nagpur ?I got Sep CMAT 2014 score -51.75 Percentile , 10th - 75.6 % , 12th - 68.75 %, BE - 62% , got 4.6 yrs exp in IT .. i know the score is less...but are there any chances ? Could i apply ??

  • Please post your queries here: 2h.
BSchool......That day will surely come....  
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I have forgotten to send the photograph separately however I have affixed one on form. What should I do?

  • Thank you all for replies!!! Its a big burden off my shou.... 2h.
Prashant Verma @prashantv23

Thank you all for replies!!! Its a big burden off my shoulder...

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Guys i did blunder , did spelling mistakes while writing in extra curricular activities section.Is there any way to correct it.Otherwise i am totaly gone forsure.

  • are you sure that you made ONLY spelling mistakes ?. 2h.
Working in a Start-Up
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I have filled up the admission form..but,I have only applied for PGDM only not for PGDM-IB.Is there any way I could apply for IB as well?

I logged into my account but it is only showing me the summary of the form I have filled up.Is there any way I can make changes?

The details are all alright just want to apply to IB as well.

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Choose the subset as your answer in which statements logically follow each other.

  A.    Only if the water level in the coastal areas rises, then the people change their lifestyle.

          B.    People change their lifestyle only if they are rewarded.

          C.    If people are rewarded, then they will not change their lifestyle.

          D.    If the temperature rises, then the water level in the coastal areas rises.

          E.    Whenever the water level in the coastal areas rises, then the temperature rises.

          F.    Unless the people change their lifestyle, temperature rises.

          G.    People are rewarded.

          H.    Water level in the coastal area does not rise.

                 a. C, D, F, G and H

                 b. G, F, D, B, and H

                 c.  E, F, G, H and B

                 d. None of the above

79 CAT

[2012-2013] GD Topics - Current affairs

Hellos puys. I know this is a bit early to start this thread for GD topics etc.But once we start discussing topics he...

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With CAT results out and other results awaited, preparation should be in full swing

Found this website quite helpful:

It has analysed GD topics and data on past events
Hope it is useful :)
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