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This is so sad to see that most people approve of considering girls retard and dumb and yeah, reserved category students are definitely not treated well here... This reflects what I run from daily, every fluckin day! Thanks for all that

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  • Well....I totally agree with you... but guess what... It .... 40m.
  • Wondering what has happened to PG over the last few days!.... 31m.
@d00Mthepuy 14

Well....I totally agree with you... but guess what... It happens to us too...we're not victimizing anyone...that horridkidder guy  is one sexist bastard we totally agree... even we are called assholes and gay if we support respecting women in our group...and called gay if we dont look where they direct us to.... thats the perception you need to speak vehemently against.the objectification.....speak up make a noise..Heard about Ms Padukone..she was brave enough to do it..but even your side made fun of that..that was even gals ignore it... they push on even more trust me... we know... personally for me the other side of the coin sucks...i mean you dont do anything..and the girl came out telling that you're harrassing her?? WTF.. so yeah some of you are bitches... not all..

Moreover... the frustration against reservation... everyone has it.. We are known in the MBA fraternity as GEMs... and it hurts the most...  Though its not in our hands..but our choice is that reservation be made on an economic basis .. not on caste,creed,sex or race..that promotes this even oppress one section of society by promoting reservation...and this will tend to happen... A 99.5 percentiler GEM who is the only one who earns for his family vs a 28 percentiler SC/ST gal..and the latter is rich as hell... No prizes for guessing who gets see our POV? Sorry alisha not on your side on this... We respect girls.. but disrepect reservation... And the saddening fact is that if you be idealistic and do not apply for admission on your reserved/gender based agenda.... another person will take it... life is unfair isnt it??... Anyways voicing out our're not dumb... but just luckier... So why not fight against reservation... Gotcha!!  Didnt we??

Bunny . @abd7 795

Wondering what has happened to PG over the last few days! Reservation system,gender inequality, blah blah! Let the politicians handle this please high time accounts like these should be banned who post such things about women. That's an insane form of cyber bullying. 

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Ask PaGaLGuY : Last Minute CAT Preparation Queries & Tips

Post your queries, get tips for the exam day. @rahul.krishna is here to answer you queries.

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i wz pursuing BBA nd nw i wanting to compete in competitive exmz. So, could u please help me to getting d xct way for it...Exams like : SSc nd banking .... i jst need some guidenence & olso wnt d way 2 get xct study material regarding that.....2 get ahead path

  • firstly never write exact as xct :/. 1h.
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Hi @The_Statesman,

Just need your pointer  :

1. Can i mention organizing a state level championship as academic achievement.

2.  Scholarship in college

3.  Blood donation campaign.


The Statesman (The_Statesman) on PaGaLGuY
The Statesman (The_Statesman) on PaGaLGuY
The Statesman (The_Statesman)'s profile on PaGaLGuY


19.9k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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 indian RAIL DAY is celebrated on

6 people answered this question.
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

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All I wanted to Speak about CAT

*Download the FREE 'The Best of All I Wanted to speak about CAT' ebook*, a compendium of the best posts on this threa...

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My journey of MBA :----

First of all, this post is not for those people who intend to aim for IIM's or those who scroll down quickly to see, which college I finally converted.

All it started from :--

I am pass out of 2011 batch (B.E.). I was placed in TCS (along with my entire batch of college). I was enjoying, waiting for my joining to come. On 14th June, during last day of college, all of my batch mates got their joining (except ME )I waited for around two months (till my class mates got their salary twice ). Day by day i went into frustration and feeling that MAY be TCS would cheat me .

August end 2011, I decided to give CAT casually, enrolled for TIME Indore (I am from Ujjain, so I had to travel 60 Km for each AIMCAT during those days).

1209 was my first Aimcat without any preparation and I got 89.6%ile. I was happy in that ... 20 Days till 1205, I studied like hell. Then I got TCS joining and again Mauj masti started. Left studies. Went TCS Hyderabad training center. Given CAT 2011 in Time pass.

Result : QA :98.6 , VA :65.xx (OA :95.xx).

2012: I came to Mumbai, I was okay with my project.Till March got feeling, TCS may be not suitable for me in long run. Mind again switched to CAT. Enrolled TIME Boriwali classes. (This was the first time ever I joined any coaching or tuition class in my life)

These Aimcats came very dicey for me. For QA it was okay, VA got 56%ile in 1320 . Started working on VA. Day by day I started working on VA. But still I was struggling with 60-80% zone. I still remember, it was 1313 where i got 95.xx in VA (without any help of LR ). A feeling generated inside me.

But what I felt now onward, QA went on declining side. Also I guess TIME Aimcat were on same pattern, I really took TIME AIMCATS for GRANTED. Went into high spirits. I was very much sure that this time I will really nail it and will go to top college. I went into overconfidence.

CAT2012 :Result (A disaster :Do not want to mention it)

Also my performance at office affected, Got the least rating, Break up, Rejection, all things came together like if god is punishing me for some crime. I went into depression. I went like kite whose regulating knot gone. I decided to leave my job , leave Mumbai, bleakness just engulfed me.

Finally decided, either I will stay depressed or move out and find out better ways to find my own self.

I started reading. Animal farm was first book during that season I read, I don't know what happened into me but then I felt, I guess it is reading which could pacify or calm my mind (From that date of last march, till now I almost read more than 30+ books ).

I also started teaching poor children, got opportunity from TCS LFT group. When I saw them I got feeling that I am very blessed that god has given such a beautiful life to me.

I also started watching plays at Prithvi theater, with 4 friends we all started discussing GK at CCD. NOT for exam purpose, but for knowledge purpose.

Along with I started enjoying my work as well.

Slowly I released that I started enjoying my life .Enrolled only for CL, was NOT serious this time .

Given all PG mocks (I was in decent zone of 85-95 %ile ).

What I realized this year was that I am not typical made for IIM's and all. May be colleges like IRMA, MICA, TISS is more inclined with my interest. I realized that I am not into mainstream. (I am into other thinks as film making during college, story writing, teaching children etc. were my passion)

So CAT was just a formality. But IRMA shocked me that 80% CAT score will be considered.

So worked little on CAT :

My CAT 2013 CAT experience :


It went BAD.

CAT 2013 result : 95 %ile with 90+ in both section. (and I thought I was expecting 40-50 %ile ) .

Then came TISS : Given.

MICA :(Yes, Here it came for me it is my DREAM college. Those who know me personally, they always say I am perfect MICA material ). Did not even sleep one night before exam. (Not even for a single second ,went five times to wash my face during exam).

IRMA :Given .

Rest college I did not care.


But for me MICA was obsession (I cried a lot when in 2012 I was rejected). I knew what I have to do.

First TISS interview came. It was okay. I was also not in full mood. REJECTED

It was during this 1st interview where I realized that my pros and cons, I am a bakar express kind of a person and I was trying to be intelligent.

I decided, even if I am DUMB, I will remain that, next was MICA my dream. Any wrong move, it could lead me ... No.... ).

There were things asked in form "likes and dislikes".

People said you to lie somewhere, make it marketing related, IMPRESSIVE.

I did not listen to them.

I wrote Books, Street dogs, Ayushman khurana (As my role model, please don't take it otherwise ).

I read almost 5 books on brand management. Researched on every nook of my life , my belonging, communications industry.

My interview went super awesome. I was told to make a movie on UJJAIN. I made entire script in front of interview panel .... Mohan jodaro ---Ashoka ----Vikramaditya----Samudragupta--- ITTUTMISH----Scidia -Kumbha mela---Mahakaal temple---23 and half degree tropic of cancer---ENTIRE HISTORY OF UJJAIN---IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER ----NAMED MY MOVIE (ITIHAS KA MAHANAGAR UJJAIN ).

KALIDAS ---ABHIGYANSHANKUTALAM , MEGHDOOT. Everything they asked I knew.

They asked how many languages I know. I said give me any indian language I can sing a song.Tamil,Kannad ,Malayam , Gujrati etc. They got puzzled and said god forgot to put stop button in my tape recoder. Offered TEA and BISCUITS .

Awesome 30 Minutes of life. The moment I came I knew I have done it this time.

When result came. 1st spot offer name. I was there. I Nailed it finally MICA MY DREAM.

Then IRMA came : I was original : Converted.

Then Big Trouble came : College fee.

My personal life :I have huge communication gap with my parents and not good terms with them (Very bad terms )..After 10th ..DID NOT HAVE A PROPER TALK WITH THEM..They do not much about my padhai likhaai ..typical business dhande waali family..They don't know MICA ,IIM ,IIT ...for them dukaandaari is best option ..Its not financial but they are not much into supporting education ..Business is of primary importance ..May be it sound strange to you ..They wanted to drag me into business and I retaliated ..Long back fight happened ..result :Bleak relations ...So bank wanted a coborrower .. for which my father did not give much support ....and fear started of losing MICA.

I did not find any person as guarantee.from 12th April to 5th May was most painful days of my life .I ran everywhere.Nothing worked .finally HDFC credilla also refused me on account of Co-borrower . Finally .I typed this letter to MICA :

Dear MICA Team,

Today is 5th May 2014,I was told by MICA representative regarding my last mail that as I got an spot offer and I was not informed prior about deduction of 25,000/- .So I will be given full 50,000 If I cancel my admission before 6th May 2014.

I tried everything ,but finally failed in this task .Today ,Bank rejected my loan request on account of poor co-borrower profile.

MICA is my dream college and it will always remain as my dream ,When I came there for interview I took some MICA soil with me.I will preserve it forever along with me .

I have one REQUEST with MICA.Please ,if possible for authorities to provide me a MICA T-shirt .I am not okay and it is painful for me to leave MICA due to such reasons.But if it is possible ,please send me a MICA T-shirt ,So that I will always preserve it as a memento from MICA .That day of 9th April will always remain alive in my memory .Even if some charge would deduct for it,I am okay with it.(My T-shirt size is medium)

One thing which I want to share is that whether I gained anything or not ,But one thing for sure .MICA gave me confidence in my life ,that I can do anything now.

MICA is great college and It will always remain.

Now ,with silent weight on my heart ,I would like to say please treat this mail as cancellation of my admission from MICA.

My bank details for amount transfer are as follows :--

Name :Ravi Gangani

IFSC code: CITI0000006

Saving account.

Account number :- XXXXXXXXX.

and I lost MICA when I received their cancellation confirm.

But this time I am not shattered ,Infact I am happy ,MAY BE GOD HAS BETTER FOR ME AHEAD ,I REALLY BELIEVE .

In fact I have seen many people who left their journey in between due to failure in exam or interview .At least I was among those fortunate ones who CONVERTED their dream .I am really proud of fact that till 10th I was not even able to read English (I am from typical GOVT. HINDI MEDIUM SCHOOL ) and I converted (Spot offer - flaunt ) best college of communication in INDIA .It is due to other reasons I have to leave it.

IRMA :A highly respectable college ,But Will not join it ,as I feel I am not fit for it.

VERDICT : WILL REMAIN WITH TCS .(Yes ,I got here good ratings and opportunities as well ,my project team is like home to me .)

Life is how you see it ,if you see it positively even little happiness brim you with satisfaction .But if you see it -ve ,even kings throne will look very bleak.

I am very happy with my life.Don't know what to do next .I am not in mood of giving any exam now .just enjoying and yes my days do not mere pass-by or drag off .They are dancing on its feet.

Good luck to all for your journey.Only mantra for success .


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  • u are a ....damn.............. 3h.
Calls :-TISS , IRMA , MICA. Converts :- MICA , IRMA ..Finally will remain with TCS .and I am very happy with it.

148 CAT

[CAT 2014] November 16, Afternoon Slot Discussions

Please use this thread to find fellow Puys at your center, last minute strategies before the real thing, and post CAT...

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total attempts : 44

Quant 18

VA : 26

Expected percentile? and should I fill NITIE form? really confused!

  • Quant cut-off clear naa ho paayega... 3h.
  • yra Janam...if i asked what should be approx perc for 20+.... 3h.
Bharat Rana @ranabharat85 9

yra Janam...if i asked what should be approx perc for 20+25 with 100% accuracy.....acc to this yr....

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For people who missed the application because it was closed at 5 pm only, let us all sign a petition or sth to tell them to reopen the application because for b school the last date of application means by 11:59 on that particular day

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  • Puys, I have already discussed with admissions office on .... 4h.
  • why wd mdi-m reopen applications?? 2 mnths enuff nahi tha.... 4h.
J0k3R @ankitsna 330

Puys, I have already discussed with admissions office on the prospect of re-opening the applications and they have rejected it. Given an approximately two and a half month window (the maximum time window the applications have remained open till date) admissions office is not in favor of reopening it. Sorry puys.. ATB..!

waka waka @MANC-LONDON 578

why wd mdi-m reopen applications?? 2 mnths enuff nahi tha kiya and 5 pm was notified earlier itself(its their own decision)....  seriously silly... anyways mdi wnt open as usual... a lesson for time management..

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For people asking for predictions

After looking at scores from all 4 slots, this is what my predictions* are for my slot (slot 2):

100%ile: 250

99.9: 210

99.5: 190

99: 175

98: 160

97: 150

95: 140

90: 125

Slot 1 was slightly more difficult, so you can decrease all the above marks by 5 for this slot.

Slot 3 was the easiest, for which you can increase all the above marks by 5.

Slot 4 was the most difficult, for which you can decrease all the above marks by 10.

*These are just my predictions so please don't make any judgements/decisions based on these

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  • @shashwatdgr8 :-ok bhai....waise bhi results ko computer .... 9h.
  • How I hope for these predictions to be true !! Time-pass.... 4h.
Saket Narayan @Catlaptowin 59

@shashwatdgr8 :-ok bhai....waise bhi results ko computer mahashey nei lock kar lia hain....dekha jaaye kya hotaa hai!!!!

Janam Thakore @DrKingSchultz 36

How I hope for these predictions to be true !!

Time-pass 1st attempt and 99 %ile !!

Seems impossible at the moment...

If it IS 99th this time, proper prep for next year shall be thought of sincerely..  

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Anyone knows about total capacity of d batch of pgbpf for 2015-17 ?

  • Have any idea regarding current batch placement record? I.... 6h.
  • better drop a mail/ call them up. :smiley: yaar apart f.... 4h.
SOUVIK CHATTERJEE @souvikchatterjee 1

Have any idea regarding current batch placement record? I dnt think all ppl havbn placed.

Sukanta Jana @sjana52 35

better drop a mail/ call them up. yaar apart from top 30 b school u can't expect 100% placement!!... but i head from couple of puna friends that the ins is good enough. so u can expect good number. but remember placement will be mainly in banking domain. Also try to ping the admin of this group. Also please let me know.

4.1k CAT Verbal CAT

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

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My GDPI is n 30th, cochin. Can you throw some light on this year's placements for mba students ?

  • @Rolu to be eligible for placement, you should have no st.... 26 Mar.
  • @VIT-Business-School Since my wat and pi went so well, i .... 02 Apr.
VIt Business School @VIT-Business-School 29
@Rolu to be eligible for placement, you should have no standing arrears; some ask for consistent 60% and above academic performance, etc.
Rahul Maheshwari @Rolu 14
@VIT-Business-School Since my wat and pi went so well, i was expecting to get the vellore campus but i was offerred chennai where i am totally not comfortable. Is it possible to change my campus ?

182 CAT Great Lakes, Chennai

[Official] 2015-16 Great Lakes Chennai PGPM Admission queries

Admissions (first cycle) open for the prestigious PGPM program at Great Lakes Institute of Management. Visit the link...

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Hii , in Great Lakes form CAT percentile is mandatory, what to do?

  • since u r applying in the 1st cycle u hv to enter ur last.... 5h.
Rutvij Oza @rutvij25 41

since u r applying in the 1st cycle u hv to enter ur last year's CAT score

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where can I find articles on literature, psychology. its really tough to read RCs based on these topics.Can somebody pls provide links??

  • helps u allot ....... 27 Aug.
  • Also try this app by the name of "WordSnitch" on google p.... 5h.
Jitin Jain @willjohnsell 1

Also try this app by the name of "WordSnitch" on google play. Helps improving comprehension over time. 

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Hey guys!!

I sent the acknowledgement form to FMS but i think i forgot to send the passport sized pic along with it...i tried calling them up but no response..i even emailed them but so far no response from their side.. What to do?...:(

  • Even I had the same problem I contacted them and they tol.... 13h.
  • @dwivediaastha great..thanks for the clarification! :smi.... 5h.
Aastha Dwivedi @dwivediaastha 4

Even I had the same problem I contacted them and they told me that only one passport size photograph was required which was to be pasted on the right side of the second page of the form..

195 CAT FMS, New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

Kindly discuss your queries about FMS Admissions process on this thread

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Do we need to take out a coloured printout or would a black and white one suffice? 

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  • Black & white would suffice.. 5h.

194 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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Hello All,

Can anyone please tell me about the CAT cutoff for NIBM, Pune?

Also, if someone can tell about the college as well,

  • Wrong thread bro ! Do u expect the DTians to know the cut.... 5h.
  • Sorry to post it here. But I hope DTians can tell somethi.... 5h.
Sabyasachi Mukerji @Sabya1590 843

Wrong thread bro ! Do u expect the DTians to know the cutoff for NIBM, Pune ? Come on....!!

Indresh Rathore @Indresh2152 3

Sorry to post it here. But I hope DTians can tell something about this college. I dont know anything about it.

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Hello Friends , i have applied in Ist cycle of Great lakes as i was not aware that it will accept only CAT 2013 & XAT 2014 score, i am a CAT 2014 student and result will be declared in December so i could be eligible to apply in 2nd cycle, but i have completed my payment part (Rs.2250) so how can i get refund??

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Udtians iift kaisa gaya 

how would you rate this paper tough or easy ???

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  • Didn't sit fr IIFT fearing GK cutoff clear nai hoga.. !!!.... 6h.
Sayan Saha @SAYANMIN27 192

Didn't sit fr IIFT fearing GK cutoff clear nai hoga.. !!! Solved the paper tdy at hme... Should hve appeared.. Though pta nai exact test scenario mein kaisa krta.. :-P

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can i know the latest placement of dsm for 2012-2014 as it is not available on website.and also the no. of student and no of offers made?

or number of ooffers per student??????since these informations r not available on websit...????

  • @ckc600 placement report for 2012-2014 will be uploaded s.... 10h.
  • hi can we also get the total no of offer.and percentage .... 6h.
Shashank Kashyap @Shaank 1

@ckc600 placement report for 2012-2014 will be uploaded soon on website.

aman sinha @ckc600

hi can we also  get the total no of offer.and percentage of placement....

57 CAT KSIMSR Mumbai

[2015-17] K J Somaiya aka SIMSR, Mumbai Admission related queries

*Qualifying Exam -** *CAT 2014, XAT 2015, CMAT 2014 (Sept), CMAT 2015 (Feb), GMAT(last 2 years) for NRI *This is the...

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Hi @venkat89 

I registered for SIMSR a few days back but today, while trying to login to make the payment, the form is not accepting my credentials.

The page says 'Unspecified Error'

Please Help

  • @theredbaron2702 We are working on the issue. Will update.... 7h.
  • Thanks @venkat89. 7h.