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38s ago 2.4k CAT Verbal

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...


1. If there is any endeavour whose fruits should be freely available, that endeavour is surely publicly financed science.
2. There is a widespread feeling that the journal publishers who have mediated the scientific exchange for the past century or more are becoming an impediment to free distribution of knowledge.
3. Internet revolution is happening, making knowledge transfer cheaper. Technology permits it; researchers and politicians want it, more public money can be spent on it.

A.    Statement 1, 2 and 3 are necessarily independent

B.    Statement 2 definitely illustrates statement 1

C.    Statement 3 is a facilitating condition for statement 1 D.    Statement 3 states a condition under which statement 1 would be invalid

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  • c. 3h.
  • C ? OA. 38s.

two cards are drawn simultaneously from a pack of cards.Given that the card drawn is red then find the probability that both the numbers are same

2m ago 11.7k CAT Quant

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

Can anyone please post the equation for relationship between interior angle of polygon and exterior angle of polygon.

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  • kuchh daale hain .. easy hi hain .. !. 16m.
  • Thanks :smiley:. 2m.

3m ago 69

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!* Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. W...

Is this DT thread..why is it so silent..wake up dreamers..thode active ho aur jan kalyan karo

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  • Call the coach guys!!! This star-studded team needs a foo.... 23m.
  • @avatar27 arey pehle team ka introduction to ho. 3m.
G P @sherlockk 210

arre aap virat kohli ho aise nahi kehte.. mast bolne ka ekdum..@prate3k 

Artyom @prate3k 1.1 k

@sherlockk arey virat ka current form dekhke mujhey tension ho rahi hai :P 

G P @sherlockk 210

As the cliche goes... ''Form is temporary, class is permanent''.. 


Call the coach guys!!! This star-studded team needs a footing....Each one knows all the stroke but someone has to open to start the match !!!

3m ago 216

[2014] Bull CAT & Mock CAT Scores & Discussion

Please post here scores and discussions for all the BullsEye CATs as well as BullsEye Mock CATs.

Bull Mock CAT 29 (Was high as hell before writing this, still didn't want to miss the mock)

QA: 43A 27C 65 (16 W had something to do with the weed and I am still laughing) :'D

VA: 31A 26C 73 

OA: 74A 53C 138

Lesson learnt: Never get high if you have your mocks scheduled and never write one when you are high

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  • @stolenjelly : aise mausam me bi cold...kidhar rhte ho?.... 5h.
  • chennai :grin:. 3m.

Its important not to get complacent with the mock scores puys . CAT with its new pattern may throw a few surprises at us . Better be prepared with thorough practice of each topic . ATB

CAT 2014: How alarming with tricky questions will be the CAT new pattern
CAT 2014: How alarming with tricky questions will be the CAT new pattern
New attire of CAT 2014 is expected to present itself in a different pattern with more tricky questions. Most of the aspirants are praying to God to get their admit cards for the second day i.e. Nov 22, 2014 sessions so that what appears on the first day is understood well.


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  • @harlalka2610 However, I see no reason to be assured that.... 4m.
  • @scrabbler sir but last year ws particularly sour in this.... 4m.
Cat Holic @scrabbler 22.3 k

@harlalka2610 Scaling ki zarurat to hogi. But even in the last few years I see no major evidence that there was undue weightage for accuracy. Even in paper-based tests a score of 1/3rd of total was often enough for a 95+ sectional percentile and 1/2 of total was easily 99+ so it is not particularly surprising if someone attempted "only 15 questions out of 30" and got a 99 in the comp based. Having said which, we don't know. Even last year, the IIM website clearly stated (in so many words) that the raw score was calculated on +3/-1 and that score was taken further for equalising/scaling, but that info-waala page was not updated for 3 years so we cannot be sure.

Cat Holic @scrabbler 22.3 k

@harlalka2610 However, I see no reason to be assured that 4 slots => 4 papers. If they decide to use the LOFT method then it could still be that they have a pool of 3000-odd questions and a test is randomly generated for each person on the fly. Until the day, we might not know. Let's not try to second-guess them. If your strength is accuracy, ensure that it is as high as possible; if like me you're a speed demon, then, as Doctor Who would say, "Run!!!"

eM Tee @maruttaneja89 594

@scrabbler sir but last year ws particularly sour in this regards.. by the looks of it , there ws huge weightage to the wrong ans .. so a person with not so decent attempts but with killer accuracy managed to get very high scores.. many many examples to prove the point

They have a dream team, we couldn't be a part of it. They have a underdog team, we couldn't be a part of it either. We all may be different from each other, we may have fallen many a times in life but one thing unites us all, i.e. the spirit to rise again and rise so high to show everyone what we are capable of. So puys and pirls here I start a new team, which will work hard to be amongst the top guys of the nation.

We'll call it the AVENGERS TEAM.

May we achieve great success and make it a tradition at PG to have three teams every year instead of two. Let the assault begin.

@arnabd @hemanth03 @himanshuk15 @SpongeBob @eshan.tiwari @reid 

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  • @hemanth03 all the best bro!!. 2h.
  • way to go...!! Let the assault begin :grin:. 6m.
KAMALPREET SINGH GREWAL @kpsg 85 and @grondmaster sir, if you could let us know that tentative 29 members team you shortlisted for UDT and may be some people who just missed out from DT, it would give us a chance to have the best possible team.

Htnameh Pharoah @hemanth03 110

What a post \m/ I'll get back in a while, mock dene ja raha hun:D

8m ago 446

MDI Gurgaon - One Year MBA PGP Ex (NMP) Discussion Thread

Hi puys This thread will be dedicated to Admissions related queries for the upcoming batch of NMP students at MDI. Ad...

Can any one tell this? For NMP28 , there will be an MDI test? or CAT is mandatory. This has happened in past? Information mentioned in MDI prospectus , 2015 is misleading.

  • 3Comments
  • @akkitheone kindly confirm whether exam center for MDI te.... 1h.
  • sorry to say Kolkata is not exam center for MDI Test..yo.... 8m.

@akkitheone kindly confirm whether exam center for MDI test are only in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore? Or in other cities too? I'm from Kolkata. If there's no option for writing exam in Kolkata, then I'll apply for MDI NMP/Ex-PGPM through CAT. 

akhil d @akkitheone 11

sorry to say Kolkata is  not exam center for MDI can apply thru CAT or can appear for MDI test in those 3 cities..

11m ago 2.7k CAT Verbal

Sentence Correction, Fill in the blanks, Vocabulary

Choose the option in which the usage of the word is incorrect or inappropriate.In each question, the word at the top ...

the scheme which was launched during the next two years require an additional investment of one hundred crore.

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  • i think it should be "the scheme which *will be* launched.... 12m.
  • this much i am sure that it won't be 'was'. It has to be .... 11m.
vipin sharma @delhidude29 44

that during this confusing me...still what would be your answer

devil darkhead @manishphukan11 21

i think it should be "the scheme which will be launched during the next two years requires an additional investment of one crore."

devil darkhead @manishphukan11 21

this much i am sure that it won't be 'was'. It has to be 'will be'. and it will be 'requires'

Guys anyone not giving Aimcat 1511? need access code..


  • Dude codes are centre generated, so you need to contact u.... 11m.
Ankur Jhavery @ajhavery 111

Dude codes are centre generated, so you need to contact ur centre.

11m ago 629

Logical Reasoning

The question is followed by two statements X and Y. Answer using the following instructions: Choose 1 if the question...

In a solid Rectangle, 1000009 folders are arranged. Total number of columns is more than total number of rows.(Assume that the folders are arranged in a grid of rows and columns. The number of rows multiplied by the number of columns gives the total number of folders.)

Q.1: How many columns are there? Cannot be determined, 293,183,None of these?

Q.2:How many rows are there? 293, Cannot be determined, 381, None of these? 

Please reply. 

  • Q1. None of these. Q2. 293. 11m.

arun sharma.....books........if anyone has...please mail me at

  • please any there to donate..kindly reply .... 17m.

please any there to donate..kindly reply one is commenting......waiting for some one with the material from bangalore

Quant seemed easy for me.But I intelligently left the easy ones and did the tough ones. :P
The language they use in forming the questions is not up to the mark.They don't use commas at the right place the Question some times leads the student to something else completely different.Hope they check this in the upcoming mocks.
  • Link for pagalguy mocks pls??. 17m.

23m ago 14

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

is there state reservation or any other type of reservation for spjimr 2-year pgdm course ?

  • 3Comments
  • There is no reservation in SPJAIN. 1h.
  • There is no reservation of any kind in SPJIMR. ~The Stat.... 23m.
Nikita Pande @anceepee 2

As far as I know, there is no reservation at spjimr. I guess the Adcom will be in a better position to answer your question.

The Statesman @The_Statesman

There is no reservation of any kind in SPJIMR.

~The Statesman


Found something. Describes the subtle difference between Best of luck and Good luck.

All the best is more a farewell gesture than best of luck; the former has an air of finality that the latter lacks. If you say "all the best" to someone, there's an expectation that a significant amount of time will pass before you meet one another again. Best of luck doesn't have such an implication, I believe; if you were to go to Vegas, and bet your life savings at the craps table on a 30:1 shot, I might say to you from sidelines, "best of luck", though I readily expect to be there comforting you in just a few moments hence. Saying "all the best" there would sound very strange, if you knew we weren't going to part for some time.

  • Ohh and it is a copy-paste.. 23m.