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2m ago 86

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!* Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. W...

Hi everyone!

Two years back, I used to look starry-eyed at the players in the Dream Team and wonder at their prowess at taming each and every mock. 

Two years later, becoming a part of this team almost feels surreal and hard to imagine!

My profile:

X: 91

XII: 93

Grads: 86 (University topper!)

Work ex: 15 months

I graduated from College of Business Studies (DU) in 2013

Worked for 1 year at a professional services firm in Noida and currently working at a global investment bank

Hobbies: Reading books, playing volleyball

Past attempts: CAT 2012- 99.38 XAT 2012- 98.8

CAT 2013- 91.4 (Did not give XAT)

Converts: XLRI (BM), IIM-I,S New IIM's, IIM-A, L (ABM) (2012)

IIM-I, S (2013)

Target Colleges: IIM ABCL only 

All geared up to tame CAT this year

Hopefully will learn and take inspiration from a lot of fellow team mates and will look to contribute as much as I can!

p.s. I might definetly be the 'Underdog' in DT 2014 considering the current mock scores I am getting, but I will try hard and give it my best shot

Once a fighter, always a fighter


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  • Well this time ABC teeno se aayegi :thumbsup:. 1h.
  • sab cheez bataya except name!!! :astonished:. 2m.
harvey specter @Harveyspecter 39

In 2012 got fms n iift also. Could not convert all converted

Nikhar Mattu @Dark_Passenger 267

I'm guessing IIM-A didn't have the 50 students quota in 2012...otherwise you would have surely got a call from A

5m ago 11.8k CAT Quant

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

Hi guys, I have maharashtra state level obc certificate. I applied for iift but they discarded my obc certificate saying only national level obc certificate is needed?  Is it applicable for iims also and other top colleges like fms, iit delhi ?

Hi guys, I have maharashtra state level obc certificate. I applied for iift but they discarded my obc certificate saying only national level obc certificate is needed?  Is it applicable for iims also and other top colleges like fms, iit delhi ?

Hi,I have decided to use the CAT prescribed format of caste certificate.In that there are 2 pages right , we need to get the Attestation from the concerned officer only on the first page or also on the 2nd page ? And as a safety precaution , is it ok to scan the original certificate also and send it ? Thanks

  • i read somewhere on the cat site that you can submit your.... 20m.
hank moody @hankmoody 28

i read somewhere on the cat site that you can submit your original certificate hindi/english if its in the same format that is given on the site.(its only one page that you have to get attested...the first one


yahaan itna sanaata kyun hai bhai ?? lol !! 

  • 1st day 1st slot book karne waale kahaan gaye ??. 6d.
  • hahahhhaaha sab quant ki practice kar rahe hain !. 23m.

Qa 36/29 80

Va 24/19 52

Oa 60/48 132

These aimcats are seriously giving me headaches now... Unnecessarily long Di sets, irrelevant Counting questions.. Why cant they just set a cat like paper even once ..

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  • Maybe CL is better .. I am seeing their papers in pdf for.... 5h.
  • @adi_rulezz don't completely ignore AIMCATs too, it's bet.... 31m.
prashant @findingbugs 147

absolutely.. i am thinking on the same lines... I dont want to get low on confidence ..

Adithya Ram @adi_rulezz 69

Maybe CL is better .. I am seeing their papers in pdf formats..and they are more of the standard CAT level...Even TF iCATS are better even if their number of test takers are low

Vibhor @rishimo9211 217

@adi_rulezz don't completely ignore AIMCATs too, it's better to take these once in a while just to be prepared for the worst..but yeah, take other mocks as well...ATB

35m ago 18.6k General Knowledge

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

In CMAT what type of GK is asked ?

49 people answered this question.
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

50m ago 148

The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

good in quant

but marks in va lr section ranging from 40-50 in cl mocks

how to inc it??

some tips please??

Bull Cat 06 

QA 99 33A 33C (100% Accuracy )

VA 72 36A 27C

OA 171 69A 60C

Bull Mock 29

QA 80 32 A 28C

VA 61 35 A 24C

OA 141 67 A 52C

1h ago 845 CAT Quant

Mensuration, Geometry & Co-ordinate Geometry

ABCD is a convex quadrilateral in which <(BAC) = <(CBD) = 30 deg, <(CAD) = 60 deg, <(CDB) = 15 deg. If E is the point...

volume of a sphere, a cube, a tetrahedron and an octahedron are same. For which of the following sturctures, it will have maximum surface area?? what is the rating of their surface areas frm highest t least??

  • is it tetra > sphere > octo?. 2d.
  • Tetrahedron > Octahedron > Cube > Sphere. 1h.

Book your slots

  • That's crazy. You need to book slot for taking a test at .... 1h.
Ankur Jhavery @ajhavery 113

That's crazy. You need to book slot for taking a test at home...


Since Second World War, the nation state has been regarded with approval by every political system and every ideology. In the name of modernization in the West, of socialism in the Eastern Bloc, and of the development in the Third World, it was expected to guarantee the happiness of individuals as citizens and of people as societies. However, the state today appears to have broken down in many parts of the world. It has failed to guarantee either security or social justice, and has been unable to prevent either international wars or civil wars. Distributed by the claims of communities within it, the nation state tries to repress their demands and to proclaim itself as the only guarantor of security of all. In the name of national unity, territorial integrity, equality of all its citizens and non-partisan secularism, the state can use its powerful resources to reject the demands of the communities; it may even go so far as genocide to ensure that order prevails. As one observes the awakening of communities in different parts of the world, one cannot ignore the context in which identity issues arise. It is no longer a context of sealed frontiers and isolated regions but is one of the integrated global systems. In a reaction to this trend towards globalization, individuals and communities everywhere are voicing their desire to exist, to use their power of creation and to play an active part in national and international life. There are two ways in which the current upsurge in demands for the recognition of identities can be looked at. On the positive side, the efforts by certain population groups to assert their identity can be regarded as a 'liberation movements' , challenging oppression and injustice. What these groups are doing €" proclaiming that they are different, rediscovering the roots of their culture or strengthening group solidarity €" may accordingly be seen as legitimate attempts to escape from their state of subjugation and enjoy a certain measure of dignity. On the downside, however, militant action for recognition tends to make such groups more deeply entrenched in their attitude and to make their cultural compartments even more watertight. The assertion of identity then starts turning into self-absorption and isolation, and is liable to slide into intolerance of others and towards ideas of "ethnic cleansing", xenophobia and violence. Whereas continuous variations among people prevent drawing of clear dividing lines between the groups, those militating for recognition of their group's identity arbitrarily choose a limited number of criteria such as religion, language, skin colour, and place of origin so that their members recognize themselves primarily in terms of the labels attached to the group whose existence is being asserted . This distinction between the group in question and other groups is established by simplifying the feature selected. Simplification also works by transforming groups into essences, abstractions endowed with the capacity to remain unchanged through time. In some cases, people actually act as though the group has remained unchanged and talk, for example, about the history of nations and communities as if these entities survived for centuries without changing, with the same ways of acting and thinking, the same desires, anxieties, and aspirations. Paradoxically, precisely because identity represents a simplifying fiction, creating uniform groups out of disparate people, that identity performs a cognitive function. It enables us to put names to ourselves and others, form some idea of who we are and who others are, and ascertain the place we occupy along with the others in the world and society. The current upsurge to assert the identity of groups can thus be partly explained by the cognitive function performed by identity. However, that said, people would not go along as they do, often in large numbers, with the propositions put to them, in spite of the sacrifices they entail, if there was not a very strong feeling of need for identity, a need to take stock of things and know "who we are", "where we come from" and "where we are going". Identity is thus a necessity in a constantly changing world, but it can also be a potent source of violence and disruption. How can these two contradictory aspects of identity be reconciled? First, we must bear the arbitrary nature of identity categories in mind, not with a view to eliminating all forms of identification €" which would be unrealistic since identity is a cognitive necessity €" but simply to remind ourselves that each of us has several identities at the same time. Second, since tears of nostalgia are being shed over the past, we recognize that culture is constantly being recreated by cobbling together fresh and original elements and counter-cultures. There are in our own country a large number of syncretic cults wherein modern elements are blended with traditional values or people of different communities venerate saints or divinities of particular faiths. Such cults and movements are characterized by a continual inflow and outflow of members which prevent them from taking on a self-perpetuating existence of their own and hold our hope for the future, indeed, perhaps for the only possible future. Finally, the nation state must respond to the identity urges of its constituent communities and to their legitimate quest for security and social justice. It must do so by inventing what the French philosopher and sociologist, Raymond Aron, called "peace through law". That would guarantee justice both to the state as a whole and its parts, and respect the claims of both reason and emotions. The problem is one of reconciling nationalist demands with exercise of democracy.


1. According to the author, happiness of individuals was expected to be guaranteed in the name of
(A) development in the Third World.
(B) socialism in the Third World.
(C) development in the West.
(D) modernization in the Eastern Bloc.
(E) -----

2. Demands for recognition of identities can be viewed
(A) positively and negatively.
(B) as liberation movements and militant action.
(C) as efforts to rediscover cultural roots which can slide towards intolerance of others.
(D) All of the above
(E) -----

3. Going by the author €s exposition of the nature of identity, which of the following statements is untrue?
(A) Identity represents creating uniform groups out of disparate people.
(B) Identity is a necessity in the changing world.
(C) Identity is a cognitive necessity.
(D) None of the above
(E) -----

4. According to the author, the nation state
(A) has fulfilled its potential.
(B) is willing to do anything to preserve order.
(C) generates security for all its citizens.
(D) has been a major force in preventing civil and international wars.
(E) -----

5. Which of the following views of the nation state cannot be attributed to the author?
(A) It has not guaranteed peace and security.
(B) It may go as far as genocide for self-preservation.
(C) It represents the demands of communities within it.
(D) It is unable to prevent international wars.
(E) -----

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  • yes its that way on rcprep. 12h.
  • @optimus_blade can you explain the last question.... 1h.

Please let me know chances of admit , GMAT 620 , experience in IT 4.5yrs (1 yr international) , btech 67 , 10th 82 , 12th 70.