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CL Mock Cat 15

QA - 28C/33A = 79 ( Found DS very ambiguous)

VA - 26C/36A = 68 ( Accuracy killed me here)

OA - 54C/69A = 147

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  • nyc score in QA (y). 25s.
You never lose until you quit trying!  

3.4k CAT Verbal CAT

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

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A.   'Bars' and 'chains' of invisible triangulation looked and sounded a lot like political strangulation.

B.    Additionally, the razing of whole villages, appropriating sacred hills, exhausting local supplies, antagonising protective husbands and facilitating the assessment of the dreaded land revenue, the surveyors had probably done as much to advertise the realities of British rule and so alienate grassroots opinion as had any branch of the administration."

C.    It would be unfair to claim that the Rebellion, like the measurement of Mount Everest, stemmed from the Great Trigonometrical Survey.

D.   But surveyors had undoubtedly fuelled both the British sense of superiority and Indian sense of grievance.

E.    Not unwittingly, the Survey had furnished the paradigm and encouraged the mind-set of an autocratic and unresponsive imperialism.





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  • ABDCE. 53m.
  • D follows B and similarly E follows C. Is it ABDCE?. 26s.
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Directions for questions 3 to 6: Each of these questions consists six statements followed by options consisting of three statements put together. Choose the option in which the three statements are logically related.

(I) Some Lucifers are Satans. (II) No Lucifer is a devil. (III) Some devils are Lucifers. (IV) Some devils are not Satans. (V) Some Satans are not Lucifers. (VI) All Satans are devils.

a) (VI)(III)(V)  b) (III)(IV)(V) c) (II)(I)(IV) d) (I)(III)(VI)


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In the month of December, which place receives the maximum solar energy?

A.    Kanpur B.    Lucknow C.    Chennai D.    Bangalore

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  • chennai is the right answer.( dont ask how i got it, it w.... 1m.
Nitin Singh @NitinSingh91 8

chennai is the right answer.( dont ask how i got it, it was one hell of a search)....and plz if u simply gonna post write ur answer along with question.

14.6k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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f(x)=1-h(x) and h(x) = f(x)+1, adding f(x) and h(x), what value will we get?

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  • ya finally got it thanks guys. 12m.
  • f(x)= 1-h(x)=1-f(x)-1=-f(x) => 2f(x)=0 => f(x)=0 h(x)=0.... 2m.
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SIMCAT-10. Unproctored mode.

QA = 75

VA = 70

OA = 145

Could have scored 15-20 more had there been no silly mistakes :( 

But happy with percentile in Verbal

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  • @MJ477 pehle mujhe ye wala toh dene de bhai :stuck out t.... 25m.
  • @Huey @MJ477 : how come you guys are able to give 1 mock .... 8m.
Just waiting for the day .... 
Mayank Jain @MJ477 1.1 k

Easy paper h bhai ... sabke aa sakte h isme :) 

Huey_00 @Huey 955

@MJ477 dekhte hain bhai kinke aur kitno ke aate hain itne aache marks quant mein

Huey_00 @Huey 955

@MJ477 pehle mujhe ye wala toh dene de bhai

kal subah tak pakka de dunga

Eshaan Agarwal @eshaan.2127 46

@Huey @MJ477 : how come you guys are able to give 1 mock in a day? Are you guys able to do analysis too on same day?

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Refer to the data below and answer the questions that follow.

Anderson, Christopher, Dennis, George, Harry and Kenneth are six persons who won Nobel prizes in years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 (not necessarily in that order) in six different fields viz., Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Peace and Medical Science (again not necessarily in that order). These six people are from six different Universities – MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Cornell, Stanford and Columbia. Two of the six persons are from USA, two are from Sweden, one is from Germany and one is from France.

Following additional information is known:

(i)  Person from Columbia University won the prize two years after the person who won the prize in Physics.

(ii)  Person from Harvard University won the Nobel prize in chemistry in a year before Christopher won the prize who in turn won the Nobel prize in a year before George won the prize.

(iii) Kenneth, who is not from USA, won the prize in either Physics or Peace, two years after one of the persons from USA won the prize.

(iv) No two persons from the same country won the prize in two consecutive years.

(v)  Person from Germany won the prize in Mathematics four years before the person from Cornell University.

(vi) Person from Stanford University won the prize in Economics.

(vii) George won the prize three years before the person from France won the prize.

(viii) Both Dennis and the person from University of Berkeley are from the same country.


Which of the six persons was from MIT?

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98 CAT

[2014] CL New Unproctored Mocks Scores & Discussion

Use this thread to post scores as well as discuss questions and strategies for all New Unproctored Mocks. Please don'...

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MOCK 16. QA:50 VA:55 OA:105.

CAT12: 91%ile

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Will this test be available in Missed AIMCAT's??? I was unable to attend it..

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  • no, I didn't book it. They havn't provided it in the miss.... 1d.
  • They will after a few days. All the missed AIMCATs will b.... 25m.
Taher Khan @WiseBloke 16

I think you can avail yourself of any AIMCAT later provided you have not booked a slot for it; in case you booked it, I think it's gone!

Mudhabir Ahmed @Mudhabir 1

no, I didn't book it. They havn't provided it in the missed AIMCAT yetq

Sumana RB @Sumana08 36

They will after a few days. All the missed AIMCATs will be made available eventually..

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Can anyone share all the basic formulas needed for P&C?

And few basic examples and Few specific repeated difficult questions.?

It will be helpful. Thanks.

Do a job that gets you a name or have a name that gets your job done.   

2.1k CAT Quant CAT

Number Systems, Progressions

Twinkle tells Raveena that she has got 3 kids and 2 of these kids are twins, and also that their ages are all integer...

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At the farewell party of a certain class, having n students, if each student of the class gave one gift each to exactly k other students of the class, the number of students in the class who received at least one gift each cannot be less than

  • k+1. 35m.
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Shashwat Gangwar

Best %iles and ranks in each institute's mock are in bold

* = Dynamic Percentiles

Test Name__QA %ile__VA %ile__OA %ile__AIR__Cutoffs


(AIMCATs 1519 - 1517 Missed)

AIMCAT 1520__99.20__99.46__99.79__AIR 19__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1516__99.41__98.04__99.66__AIR 45__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1515__98.95__99.95__99.93__AIR 9__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1514__99.87__99.82__99.98__AIR 3__All Cleared

New Pattern

AIMCAT 1516N__99.79__99.82__99.95__AIR 9__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1515N__99.90__99.61__99.97__AIR 4__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1514N__99.94__98.97__99.96__AIR 6__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1513N__99.18__99.93__99.91__AIR 12__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1512N__99.79__98.91__99.90__AIR 15__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1511N__98.83__99.13__99.69__AIR 46__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1510N__98.35__99.96__99.83__AIR 25__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1509N__99.72__97.08__99.76__AIR 26__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1508N__99.05__98.63__99.63__AIR 41__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1507N__99.34__99.90__99.94__AIR 8__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1506N__98.94__99.83__99.78__AIR 21__All Cleared

AIMCAT 1505N__99.47__99.96__99.97__AIR 1__All Cleared


Proctored Mock 1__99.72__99.78__99.92__All Cleared

Proctored Mock 2__96.65__98.62__98.79__All Cleared

Proctored Mock 3__97.20__98.85__99.12__All Cleared

Proctored Mock 4__99.27__99.82__99.92__All Cleared

Proctored Mock 5__99.91__98.85__99.89__All Cleared

Proctored Mock 6__99.51__98.22__99.64__All Cleared

Proctored Mock 7__98.63__98.87__99.36__All Cleared

Proctored Mock 8__99.40__96.26__99.42__All Cleared

New Pattern

Mock CAT 1__95.98__98.17__98.72__All Cleared

Mock CAT 2__99.09__97.67__99.41__All Cleared

Mock CAT 3__97.65__97.67__99.06__All Cleared

Mock CAT 4__99.56__98.19__99.73__All Cleared

Mock CAT 5__98.10__96.46__99.00__All Cleared

Mock CAT 6__98.76__97.07__99.31__All Cleared

Mock CAT 7__96.92__99.70__99.48__All Cleared

Mock CAT 8__98.67__96.63__98.98__All Cleared

Mock CAT 9__96.77__97.76__99.01__All Cleared

Mock CAT 10__98.83__99.91__99.95__All Cleared

Mock CAT 11__94.15__99.25__99.43__All Cleared

Mock CAT 12__91.95__99.88__99.41__All Cleared

Mock CAT 13__99.18__89.66__98.68__VA Not Cleared

Mock CAT 14__86.28__99.40__98.81__QA Not Cleared

IMS (99A62900)

SimCAT 1__98.94__99.86__99.89__AIR 8__All Cleared

SimCAT 2__99.08__99.99__99.97__AIR 5__All Cleared

SimCAT 3__98.83__99.54__99.69__AIR 12__All Cleared

SimCAT 4__99.55__99.85__99.94__AIR 7__All Cleared

SimCAT 5__99.64__95.58__99.77__AIR 21__All Cleared

SimCAT 6__99.22__99.97__99.94__AIR 5__All Cleared

SimCAT 7__98.46__93.82__98.67__AIR 111__All Cleared

New Pattern

CAT Challenge__98.61__99.54__99.91__All Cleared

SimCAT 8__99.91__97.25__99.89__AIR 13__All Cleared

SimCAT 9__99.36__98.93__99.84__AIR 14__All Cleared

SimCAT 10__98.26__99.33__99.81__AIR 20__All Cleared

SimCAT 11__98.67__99.95__99.91__AIR 7__All Cleared

SimCAT 12__98.93__92.70__99.06__AIR 92__All Cleared

SimCAT 13__99.85__99.97__99.97__AIR 3__All Cleared

SimCAT 111__97.80__99.75__99.71__All Cleared

SimCAT 112__98.93__98.63__99.41__All Cleared

Bull's Eye (50145291)

(Bull Mock CATs 2 - 19 Missed)

Bull CAT 1__99.64__96.84__99.64__AIR 4__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 1__99.62__99.62__99.62__AIR 1__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 20__95.59__96.75__97.68__AIR 10__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 21__99.77__99.30__99.77__AIR 1__All Cleared

New Pattern

Bull CAT 2__99.08__96.21__99.31__AIR 6__All Cleared

Bull CAT 3__99.26__99.45__99.82__AIR 2__All Cleared

Bull CAT 4__99.02__97.91__99.86__AIR 1__All Cleared

Bull CAT 5__97.76__99.83__99.74__AIR 3__All Cleared

Bull CAT 6__98.81__99.49__99.83__AIR 1__All Cleared

Bull CAT 7__96.67__99.17__98.93__AIR 9__All Cleared

Bull CAT 8__99.26__97.98__99.82__AIR 1__All Cleared

Bull CAT 9__99.78__99.67__99.89__AIR 1__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 22__99.08__99.21__99.87__AIR 1__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 23__99.81__87.33__98.85__AIR 6__ VA Not Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 24__98.26__99.13__99.13__AIR 8__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 25__98.13__99.53__99.53__AIR 4__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 26__98.30__98.78__99.76__AIR 1__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 27__90.75__98.78__98.54__AIR 6__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 28__99.47__88.47__98.51__AIR 14__VA Not Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 29__89.35__99.28__98.33__AIR 14__QA Not Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 30__92.13__99.44__99.16__AIR 3__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 31__98.73__98.86__99.87__AIR 1__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 32__96.77__91.25__96.50__AIR 26__All Cleared

Bull Mock CAT 33__99.86__98.08__99.73__AIR 2__All Cleared

Oliveboard (shashwat.gangwa)*

oCAT 1__99.6__97.0__99.4__All Cleared

oCAT 2__98.8__98.3__98.3__All Cleared

oCAT 3__99.4__99.7__100.0__All Cleared

Test Funda (Free Mock)*

iCAT 1 (2013 Pattern)__99.42__99.79__99.81__AIR 11__All Cleared

iCAT 1 (2014 Pattern)__98.70__98.74__99.29__AIR 36__VA Not Cleared

Cracku (Free Mock)

Mock CAT__98.74__100.00__99.79__AIR 2__All Cleared

New Pattern Mock CAT__97.08__99.57__99.57__AIR 4__All Cleared

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  • @shashwatdgr8 can you also count and may be write a # n.... 41m.
K K @Kokaine 164

 @shashwatdgr8  can you also count and may be write a # next to it like #88,#92..#100... that'll be like the biggest inspiration to any one ever.. look at this repo...soooooo many are relentless in your pursuit and I salute that...simply mocking your way to uber perfection.. boss, I sincerely hope you are among the 100 percentilers in cat 2014...u deserve nothing short of the best.

140 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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Sorry puys but I had to post this here:


QADI: 31C/37A = 87; 99.47%ile

VALR: 31C/36A = 88; 99.96%ile

Total: 62C/73A = 175; AIR 1  

Finally reached the pinnacle in the biggest All India Mock CAT Series  

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  • DLCC4XA05 ho aap.. now I know :stuck out tongue winkin.... 1h.
  • haha @Kokaine you just had to check out the link in my si.... 1h.
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Fill in blanks.

1. She...........( 1.turned  down/2.turned up) his proposal of marriage.

2. She is not able to .......(3.put up with/4.put on with) him any longer.

3. His lavish habit of spending has.......(5.eaten out/6.eaten into) his savings.

English Grammar Lesson
English Grammar Lesson
English Grammar Lesson uploaded a video 2 days ago


2.4k CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2013 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2013, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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the minimum percentile for ST category student to get a call from old IIMs??

  • Though now a call depends on your profile too, but still .... 14h.
  • Exactly!! The higher the percentile, better are ur chances.. 1h.
Dhaakad Chhora @DhaakadChhora 11

Though now a call depends on your profile too, but still aim for around 90%ile to be on the safer side. Some candidates even convert their calls at 70%ile, but then don't be lured by that minimum%ile.

Sumana RB @Sumana08 36

Exactly!! The higher the percentile, better are ur chances.

3.6k CAT

Requests or Offers to Donate your Old CAT Study Material : Strictly no buying or selling

Hi All, This is the season where lot of you people have completed their MBA preparation journey and are wondering whe...

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Question of the day (21/10/2014): 

A computer program was tested 300 times before its release. The testing was done in three stages of 100 tests each. The software failed 15 times in Stage I, 12 times in Stage II, 8 times in Stage III, 6 times in both Stage I and Stage II, 7 times in both Stage II and Stage III, 4 times in both Stage I and Stage III, 4 times in all the three stages. How many times the software failed in a single stage only?

Best solution will be awarded Flipkart Gift Vouchers of Rs. 250.

  • 16 times. 1h.

754 CAT Quant CAT

Time Speed and Distance, Work, Alligations & Mixtures

Katrina walks down an up-escalator and counts 150 steps. Priyanka walks up the same escalator and counts 75 steps. Ka...

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Two friends A &B decided to run in a track.The speed of A=25% more than B.If a B give a head start of 7m.what was the lenght of the track?

26 people answered this question.
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4k CAT Verbal CAT

Official Verbal Ability thread for CAT 2013

Hello People Please Continue All verbal Questions and Discussions Here :: :: :: :: Last year's thread link- Official ...

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A number N2, where N is a natural number, is such that exactly three of its factors are less than N. What is the number of factors of N3?
A. 8

B. 9

C. 10

D. 11

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  • (Assuming N2 is N^2) N will be of the form a^3 where a i.... 1h.
  • @priyasingh0113 mam.. yeh profile pic apki hai ?. 1h.
Goldberg TheRock @GoldbergWWE 23

(Assuming N2 is N^2)

N will be of the form a^3 where a is a prime number

So, N^2 will be a^6 with 1,a,a^2 being less than N

So. N^3 will be a^9 which will have 10 factors.

(N cant be a^2.b^2 or a.b bcz the no of factors of N^2 less than N wud be more than 3.

For similar reasons N cant be a^2)