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Great lakes , Gurgaon PGPM is not AICTE approved. So what impacts its going to make.

  • @SohamDutta AICTE approval is not at all an area of conce.... 17m.
dhruv kapur @DK23

@SohamDutta AICTE approval is not at all an area of concern for aspirants. To be more precise it does not impact the placements which is the main area of concern for students.

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Sometimes I feel its just money that drives me.  It's money that reflects upon me and has made me what i am today; a loser or a Winner.  For as long as I remember, I have been running after money and have lost the reason of my existence.

I read very less.  The only things I could ever read happily are business journals, entrepreneurship journeys, or inspirational stories.

I am too near to be called a self-centered humane. I have friends a lot of them but not one with whom I can share. I am blocked. However, I can laugh with everyone.

It's my 3rd attempt in CAT this time. When I was 15, I had decided to do MBA and am sticking to it till the time I turn 24 i.e. tomorrow.

I never wanted to be an engineer , doctor or anything even if I didn't knew it existed or not.

The first attempt was a 50 percentile and I blamed it on the existence of negative marking and not knowing about it.

Second attempt saw a bit of an upward trend and ended at 83 percentile and this time I blamed it on not being able to attend a coaching center.

The third and final attempt still won't get me where I want to and this time I am going to blame it on, not having a girlfriend which distracted me the most.

Moreover, I felt broke and lost after every of mine cat attempts but that brokenness didn't lasted for more than a month or 2 because I was used to it.

There may be several Maybe's for what has happened but among all these the most important was i wanted to be the IIM without putting in proportional efforts because i  felt I was made for this and why do I have to put in efforts for something I love but I was wrong.

I wasted time feeling sad, Browsing websites,updating statuses, dreaming big and was busy with my Job (I have been working since I was 18)

I fear my exponentially increasing age.

I fear my ambitions.

I fear my existence.

I fear the society.

I fear my job security.

My heart always tell me that someday there would be someone who'll come stand by my side and guide me through but then suddenly reality kicks me. It's just a beautiful dream which has to be fulfilled by you alone and expectations are the worst thing people like me can ever have 

I really don't know why I wrote this. Currently i feel shattered,tattered and am clueless about the direction I should move forward......

P.S. Please ignore grammatical errors.

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i am not a pro but i will like to make a few slot wise guesses about the percentiles that i expect to see when 3rd week of december comes

Slot 1: overall a moderate slot with a few difficult lrs. Since this was the first slot people generally attempted the paper as per their set plans. Only in the dying moments did they realize that lrs were tough and rcs were comparatively dead easy. Only a few took the rc first approach and got 75 80 + attempts. Since people kept their attempts to their mock level attempts and focused more on accuracy, this slot should result in nearby at par scores with slot 2 and 3.

99.9+  Early 200's

99.5    185-187

99       172-175

98       160

95       145

Slot 2 and Slot 3  : From what it seems, comparatively easier slots. People had got the idea of rc first and quant being easy. These are the slots where the race to attempt high began and their was a rush of blood to attempt 90+. I think many people kept accuracy on the backburner and many might have actually screwed some sitters. Since dis and lrs were mostly moderate, we would be seeing comparatively high raw scores in these only at the top %iles .

99.9+  210 - 212

99.5    188-190

99       176-178

98       162

95       148

Slot 4 :  I was in this lot so i might sound biased towards this one. It looked a tricky slot. The last slot and most of the people had their strategies set after seeing the feedback of students from previous slots. People relied on speed but their were a few tricky questions in quant that looked dead easy initially. Then came the speed brakers, 1 Di and 1 Lr were time consuming, 1 each being very very cat standard ones that one can only think of leaving after wasting time on the time consuming ones. Close option va and rcs complete the summary. i know a few who kept accuracy but many attempted high just because they were feeling the heat from the earlier slots. As reported, a few incomplete or wrong dis are also not helping the cause much

99.9+  195-197

99.5    180-182

99       170

98       155

95       140

I was in slot 4 so i might be a bit biased towards the difficulty of this slot but this is what most people think in this slot.

When time comes, i shall be ready to conquer and claim glory..!!  

249 CAT

CAT 2014 (Saturday, 22nd November 2014 - Day 2) Exam Experience.

*Share you CAT 2014 experiences, reviews and analysis in the following format :* CAT Center, Date and Slot: 1) How ...

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@pratiksahoo33, @reid, @maruttaneja89@Tej5, @palashjain, @findingbugs, @eevee.

I checked with GP regarding the questions which we felt were incorrect and he agreed that the series question had a small error but did not attempt the DI set which had the two errors. However, he has asked me to drop in a letter to the following address :-

CAT Centre 2014 C/o Indian Institute of Management Indore

C/o Indian Institute of Management Indore

Prabandh Shikhar

Rau-Pithampur Road

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

453 556 India

He also asked me to drop in a mail to the ids and, marking him so that he can pursue the matter further with the authorities. I think this will certainly add a lot more weight. He also asked me to get as many responses as possible so that it can pop up as a red flag clearly. Hope you guys look into it.

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  • So by this accuracy should I hope for 99+?. 40m.
  • 40m.

617 CAT IIM S, Shillong

OBC Discussion thread for IIM's and other mba colleges..

*Hi Puys!!**This thread is designed to Help/ Assist "Other Backward Category" Students appearing for CAT 2013 and oth...

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What is the cutoff score to get a call?

  • what for obc candidate@Akkuhits. 2h.
  • @chinkara As far as I know there are seperate cutoff fo.... 1h.
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Hi Puys, how are IMI kolkata and bhubeshwar campus in terms of education, internships and placements?

  • Hi,@alishkashyap25, thanks for querying, IMI Bhubaneswar .... 1h.
IMI Bhubaneswar @IMI.BHUBANESWAR 257

Hi,@alishkashyap25, thanks for querying, IMI Bhubaneswar and Kolkata both are the sister colleges of IMI Delhi and IMI has one of the best intellectual capital in the country in terms of management. IMI Bhubaneswar has all the professors from either IIMs ,or IIFT or IIT, 

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Hi Everyone,

I am pass out of the first batch, please feel free to ask any queries that you may have regarding admission, academics, career advancement services etc.

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  • thank u for reply ... but write now I am planning to .... 5h.
  • cfp does not deals with capital markets and derivatives o.... 2h.
What would you trade "this moment" for?
kumar @kumar007007

thank u for reply ...

but write now I am planning to do capital markets and derivative markets and then go for cfp .. is that ok?

Mayank Shukla @caterpilar 1,010

cfp does not deals with capital markets and derivatives only... its much more on width but less on depth.

19.9k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Current Affairs | Nirdeshak - Making Knowledge Accessible
Current Affairs | Nirdeshak - Making Knowledge Accessible
Best Current Affairs, Current Affairs for Competitive exams, Free Current Affairs PDF, Banking & Financial Awareness, Current Affairs in Hindi, Online Practice Test


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i am ba economics....approx. what percentile required to fetch me a call if i secured minimum qualifying marks in isc test....sir last year at what percentile arts background students fetch call

364 CAT

The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

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Udtians iift kaisa gaya 

how would you rate this paper tough or easy ???

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  • According to time it's going to be 43 Keeping fingers c.... 5h.
  • Everything aside, though difficult the questions were wor.... 2h.
:(( @prate3k 2,263

According to time it's going to be 43 

Keeping fingers crossed 

checked the answer key provided by TIME getting 44.5

Dark Horse @sreewar 92

Everything aside, though difficult the questions were worth attempting (IMO)..

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Main Post: 13 Nov 2014

Please sign this petition to reopen FMS registration. Also share as much as possible

I missed FMS deadline under the assumption that it would be same  as that of last year. Last year it was at the end of November.

I called FMS admin office. They are saying that they are receiving more similar calls.

Anyone else here in my condition.

Current point of action(23 Nov, 11:30 PM) : We are going to FMS campus on 25 Nov. PM me if you want to come

I have got a healthy response on going to FMS campus. However, after consultation with all the people, we are going on 25 Nov. By that time we are expecting around 15 people and 500 signature on petition. So guys contact me if you want to come with us and make it a successful change

Action points for people who have missed FMS registration:

a) Send email  to as well as

b) Call at 01127666388. (A lady will pick call. Request her to ask admin people to reopen registration)

c) Please go to FMS campus and request in person. They are nice and understanding people.

d) Out of station candidates who can not meet admin in person can send hard letters to FMS admin or dean at adress given below.(this point was suggested by@abhishekfly)


Prof.M.L.Singla Head & Dean OR The Administrative Officer

Faculty of Management Studies

University of Delhi Delhi-110 007

PS: I Worked with bureaucrats for 2.5 years and observed following level of impact for same content.

Personal meetings>> Hard letters>email=phone call

P.S.S: Please write really good emails and letters. Get them checked by someone before sending. There must not be any logical or grammatical error. Do not ask for pity. Convey your point in assertive and humble manner. In case no one is there to check your mail/letter, send it to me in word 2007 format only. Or there are lots of people here on pagalguy who will volunteer.


UPDATE 1: date 18 Nov 2014

Today I met Chief admin officer at FMS. Major points of discussion are given below.

1. They understand that time lines were bit earlier this year primarily due to early declaration of cat result (December instead of January).

2. They acknowledged how some of the students missed deadline due to wrong expectation of late dead line. However they followed proper bureaucratic procedure i.e. publishing notification and one month registration window. They are not at fault. There was no major IT error or last moment registration fail.

3. They can reopen registration if admin committee sees a strong case.

Now some positive news

4. They are getting emails and calls for reopening the registration window and it is not as usual as every year (Every year there are some students who mail them to reopen on some XYZ (read bullshit) reason. But this year they are getting request with similar reason.



6. If there are enough requests before 24-25 November, They will reopen the registration window.


If we can flood their inbox with re-registration requests, there is very high probability of opening the registration window. I could sense that they wanted to reopen the window if there are lots of deserving candidates left out. But do whatever you can do before 24-25 November.

Send emails from multiple accounts to as well as Also call at 01127666388. (A lady will pick call. Request her to ask admin people to reopen registration)

Please go to FMS campus and request in person. They seemed nice and understanding people.


Update 2: 19 Nov 2014

At times I have self doubt about the change we can bring i.e can we really convince FMS administrators to reopen registration. I feel low when I get these thoughts. Then something creeps inside me, then I look back at history. Not very long ago, just one year back, abhishek Leel and his team felt unjust on cat raw score and entire normalization process. They filed RTI, moved to court and bingo, this year we are writing much better cat. Lesson is sincere efforts bring changes especially when majority feel so.

For those who do not understand how unjust earlier case was, let me give my own example. I got 99.xx percentile in 2012, got calls from FMS and 7 other IIMs. converted new IIMs but did not joined to have a second chance at A, B, C.

In 2013, my percentile was 42 with some 190 raw score thanks to prometric and their bullshit normalization where as some people got 55 percentile with zero attempts.

So lets make some effort


Abhishek Pathak (abhishekfly) on PaGaLGuY
Abhishek Pathak (abhishekfly) on PaGaLGuY
Abhishek Pathak (abhishekfly)'s profile on PaGaLGuY


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  • Puys, please sign this: 7h.
  • I have got a healthy response on going to FMS campus. How.... 2h.
Success 2010 @success2112 9

I have got a healthy response on going to FMS campus. However, after consultation with all the people, we are going on 25 Nov. By that time we are expecting around 15 people and 500 signature on petition. So guys contact me if you want to come with us and make it a successful change

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Hi I am looking for a study partner for preparation of my CET exam.Interested people please add me on or message me here. Studypal also provides free mentoring by experts and that too for free. The interested people please let me know ASAP coz i will start my preparation soon.

91 CAT

#Word of the day with

Today's word is *Corpulent*Visit Daily Vocabulary for CAT, GRE, SAT Word List | Where meme teach Word Powerto know mo...

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Word of the day: Assuage

Assuage - English Hindi meaning, Pictures, Mnemonics, Word Usage
Assuage - English Hindi meaning, Pictures, Mnemonics, Word Usage
Assuage GRE,CAT,SAT,IELTS,Bank PO,SSC,TOEFL,UPSC,GMAT Vocabulary Words Usage sentence,English Hindi Meaning,Synonyms, Antonyms & Mnemonic,Picture Dictionary, and Vocab Meme


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How to access the Management Compass? They inboxed us on the SIS id that there wont be any more printed versions of it and gave a link but the site has all outdated stuff.  :(

  • I think they don't update the online-version. Last time i.... 5h.
  • Strange! The message says- Dear Students, This is .... 2h.
Adil Naseem @me.aadil27 10

I think they don't update the online-version. Last time it was updated in Jan 2013. Btw I haven't received any message regarding termination of printed version.

Rimsha Latif @Rimsha-Latif 52

Strange! The message says-

Dear Students, 

This is to inform you that from now on you can now read your favourite MANAGEMENT COMPASS online at the link mentioned below: 

The hard copy of the same will not be available at the centres. 

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It is asking for XAT ID and CAT percentile ? Also XAT is yet to issue admit card ? So what should i fill in ?

Also, my university follows CCGPA system, can i fill in converted percentage ?

Please let me know. Also any updates on last date ? Finally i hope my partial information can be saved while payment is made later on

  • Thanks, so all i wanted to know was, the deadline is way .... 3h.
  • @debmit104 Yep. It will be beyond Dec'14. However, the .... 2h.
Dev @debmit104 5

Thanks, so all i wanted to know was, the deadline is way beyond Dec 14 right ? Since no way CAT and XAT percentiles can be known till then. Thanks

Venkat Akella @venkat89 2,862

@debmit104  Yep. It will be beyond Dec'14.  However, the official communication will be made shortly.

721 CAT

All I wanted to Speak about CAT

*Download the FREE 'The Best of All I Wanted to speak about CAT' ebook*, a compendium of the best posts on this threa...

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After contemplating a lot whether I should write in this thread or not, I decided to pen it down on this sacred thread. Though I am not an active member in any forums or threads of pagalguy, but every day since last 2 years I am visiting this website.  But I regret how come I never looked into this thread. It was in february 2014, during my GDPI preparations when I first got a link to the_hate sir's post and came to know about this thread. So today I am sharing my journey in this thread though it's not a special one.

Since my school days my father had a dream of me being an IITian. He always encouraged me to try for JEE but like most of the average students I also ended up getting into a Btech course in a not much renowned college. I was always an average student from my school days and even in my Btech I never thought of beyond enjoying life and getting a job. I enjoyed my whole 4 years without any further goal and ended up getting a job in IT sector. But as I was from a core engineering background I didn't like my job at all. This was one of the most depressing periods of my life. While I was working in the IT sector I also kept trying in my core sector. But the thought of going for an MBA came to my mind in dec 2011. I was just telling one of my friends cum colleague about a senior of my school who was in IIM A. I told him that my father also dreamed of me joining a premier institute. Then suddenly my friend asked me about my acads and I told him that I had 81, 71, 79 in X, XII n grads respectively. The very next reply from him was that forget about BLACKI, you may end up in IIM kashipur if u try hard. I felt really bad and low after getting such a reply and decided to give a try in this rat race. A month later I resigned my job and returned to my home sate to join a core company. In march 2012, I bought the study material from TIME and started preparing for CAT 2012. Being from an engineering background I was comfortable with the quant section but in verbal I was too weak and even today I don't have a good hold over my verbal skills. My preparations were going at a good speed, I solved many quant questions. I started reading The Hindu and worked upon my vocabulary. Soon the mock season started. I started giving mocks and through out the season my %le varied from 50- 85. During the whole season I always found people talking about analyzing the mocks but personally I never did, for which my mock scores always varied a lot. I booked my slot on 28th oct 2012. I also gave XAT ,IIFT,NMAT. ON 9th Jan the CAT results came at around 4 am and I was shattered to see a miserable 60%le in CAT. I cried and cried for almost 2 hours. Then in the evening I went to a friend's place and drank there till the last drop. I called my dad, cried on the phone and told him that I couldn't fulfill his dream. He consoled me saying it was not the end. Other results also poured in and each one was disastrous. I scored around 63%le in XAT, 37 in IIFT, 190 in NMAT. I lost my confidence and remembered my colleague's words. My parents kept encouraging me and asked me to take a break for some time.

After 3 months I again thought of giving one last attempt to these exams. Again enrolled myself for the AIMCATs and this time instead of solving too many questions, I analysed the mocks and worked upon my accuracy. It was reflecting in my mock scores as in 2013 mock scores varied from 75 to early 90s. Then The D day arrived, 7th nov 2013. This time I even asked my family panditji to find a good date within the CAT window ( I am too superstitious). I went to the test centre with a calm mind. I attempted 16 and 17 questions in qa and va respectively and tried to maximize my accuracy. I gave other exams also. Then the results started to come. I scored 39.xx in IIFT, 187 in NMAT.  Seeing these results, I thought I have again failed and wasn't hopeful at all for remaining results. On 14th Jan 2014, without hoping much and less fear I checked my results almost an hour after declaration. The very next moment I screamed out and let all frustrations come out. My mother came running to me worrying something bad had happened and I said I scored 93.28(QA 93.96 VA 86.xx). I knew I got what was needed as I am from NC OBC category. (That is why I was thinking if I should write about my journey in this sacred thread as I don't have a God like score.) My father came rushing from my uncle's house hearing my screams. I just jumped and hugged him. It was one of the most happiest moments of my life. I called my gf and told her that I made it this time. Next I got 91 %le in XAT. I knew I'll have a few good calls and I need to convert them at any cost. I didn't give any interview in my last 2 years, so I was a bit worried and started preparing for GDPI. I had calls from IIM K, I, all 6 new IIMs,NITIE, XLRI HRM, Vgsom, SJMSOM  and IIT D. My first interview was for XLRI. It wasn't a good one and I knew I won't make it. From there on I had almost 6 interviews scheduled in next 2 months. After performing badly in XL, I knew that I had to raise my performance and with every next interview I became more confident and performed better. The GDPI results started to come. XL was the first one and it was a straight reject as expected. The next one was NITIE and even that was a reject. My NITIE interview was good but I was shocked that I didn't even make it to the waiting lists. I was again in that depressing state but my gf said,” you'll make it to an old IIM and all the IITs”. As I am very superstitious, I believed her words like anything because whatever she says, that comes true for me :P. And once again it did come true for me . I got my vgsom results and with a category rank of 15, I was finally sure of doing an MBA this year. And after that I converted most of my calls by converting  IIM Indore, kashipur, Udaipur, Sjmsom and was waitlisted in IIM K and raipur.

So finally, I made it to a premier institute. This journey is not just about making it to an institute, it has taught me many things in my life. I am a very changed person with much more patience and goals in my life. I have learnt to handle pressure, analyse situations and most importantly to keep calm. I am really thankful to my parents, gf and all my friends who believed in me and encouraged me through out my journey. Thank you Pagalguy, even you had a major role in my success. ATB to everyone.

Dreams do come true.


IIM Indore PGP 2014-16

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  • @himangshu4 congratulation more thing, after r.... 1d.
  • really inspiring all the best buddy. 12h.
Calls: IIM K,I,new IIMs, XLRI HRM, NITIE, IIT B, IIT kgp, IIT D, IMT, LIBA Converts: IIM I,Udaipur,Sjmsom,Ka,IIT kgp,LIBA Waitlisted : IIMK wl91,IIM Raipur Skipped: IMT, IIT D Rejects: XLRI HRM, NITIE
rahul chaudhary @rahuljaat 41

@himangshu4 congratulation more thing, after reading your story i can say that you have a really- really a great support which is more precious than any  iim... cherish them...

96 CAT Verbal CAT

Vocab Based Questions(For all Exams)- "Building a Better Vocabulary"

Can someone tell me how to build a strong vocabulary to crack CAT or other management exams ?Is there any High freque...

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