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1m ago 2.5k CAT Verbal

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

Asked Directly In OMET's:

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  • @eshanrock Bus concept hai sir. 5m.
  • @harshcat91 is EITHER n OR same or different. 1m.

4m ago 996 CAT Quant

Permutations and Combinations, Probability

Let F be be mini 4X4 chessboard => it has 16 fields in all. In how many ways is it possible to select two fields of F...

OA - c ....approach plz?

Each of the four parties - A, B, C and D - contested in all the seats in an election. Each seat was
won by exactly one of the four parties. Party A lost on 19 seats, Party B lost on 12 seats, Party C
lost on 10 seats and Party D lost on 16 seats. What was the total number of seats being contested
in the election?

(a) 57 (b) 38 (c) 19 (d) 26

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  • 19. 6m.
  • total seats be S. A won in S-19 B in S-12 similarly for C.... 4m.
Ne Mo @asb123 12

let T be total seats. A,B,C,D be no. of seats won by each of the parties. Then, A+B+C+D=T and T=A+19=B+12=C+10=D+16. On adding, 4T=(A+B+C+D)+57 => T=19

Determination ToSucceed @aadhi444 788

total seats be S. A won in S-19 B in S-12 similarly for C and D. the sum of all these is again S.

4m ago 165

The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

The last term of an AP with common difference 9 is 8888^8888. Find the first term of the AP which is a natural number.

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  • @MJ477@aadhi444@SpongeBob Yeah got it, thanks !. 13m.
  • 8888^8888 mod9 = 5^8888 mod9 ....pattern 5,7,8,4,2,1,........ 4m.
Determination ToSucceed @aadhi444 788

@Dark_Passenger  This question is nothing but another way of representing find the reminder when divided by 9.

Mayank Jain @MJ477 984

Sometimes questions may not be direct like this one

Nikhar Mattu @Dark_Passenger 310

8888^8888 mod9 = 5^8888 mod9 ....pattern 5,7,8,4,2,1,...... 6^XYZ+2 =8888 so remainder is 7, correct approach guys?

Simcat 114 

QADI -36A 26C -68 97.78 

VALR- 35A 27C- 73 98.93

OA -71 A 53 C - 141  99.45  too many errors though :( 

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  • Good stuff! I'm still stuck at 25 attempts for each secti.... 5m.
suraj iyer @suraj5150 1

Good stuff! I'm still stuck at 25 attempts for each section could you give me any tips on increasing my attempts?

5m ago 12k CAT Quant

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

5 diff boxes... 7 different balls.. In how many waya can these balls Be distributed so that no box is empty... Not getting d ans :/

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7m ago 439

OBC (Non Creamy) Discussion Thread for CAT 2013 & Other Exams

Hi Puys. This thread is designed to Help/ Assist 'Other Backward Category' students appearing for CAT 2013 and other ...

guys pls help me...

pls tell me who all are the appropriate authorities from which i could get a signature for the NC-OBC certificate?

pls help me...:(

  • Tahsildar. 7m.

(a)   Mathematics has become, then, in certain of its embodiments, the life-space of an intelligence so spiritualized as to be totally incorporeal, the niche and cradle of its existence, its element.

(b)   The personoids arise germinally by virtue of the program; they increase at a rate imposed by the experimenter – a rate only such as the latest technology of information processing, operating at near light speeds, permits.
(c)   It is only through reasoning that we are in touch with mathematics, only through abstract thought that we experience it whereas the personoids live in it; it is their air, their earth, clouds, water and even bread - yes, even food, because in a certain sense they take nourishment from it.
(d)   The mathematics that is to be the existential residence of the personoids does not await them in full readiness but is still in wraps, so to speak - unarticulated, suspended, latent - because it represents only a set of certain prospective chances, of certain pathways contained in appropriately programmed subunits of the mathematical substance, the protoplasm of a universum, fed into the machine.
(e)   So they are imprisoned, hermetically locked inside the machine, solely from our point of view; just as they cannot work their way out to us, to the human world, so conversely and symmetrically, a man can in no way enter the interior of their world, so to exist in it and know it directly.
(f)   To declare that the personoids are handicapped with respect to us, in as much as they do not see or hear as we do, is totally absurd, because with equal justice one could assert that it is we who are deprived with respect to them – unable to feel with immediacy the phenomenalism of mathematics, which we know only in a cerebral, inferential fashion.

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28m ago 230

Set Theory, Logarithms, Ratio Proportion & Variation

The set S has 5 elements. In how many ways can one select two (possibly identical) subsets of S whose union is S?

does anyone know a good source to study maxima-minima type questions for four sets?

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  • I also need a good problem set on this. My mail id: vamsi.... 11 Sep.
  • please send me too mail id is 28m.
wamsea krish @SherlockRoark

I also need a good problem set on this. My mail id: 

if p,q,r are three consecutives distinct natural numbers then th expression (q + r - p)(P + r - q) (p+q-r) is 

1) postive 2) negative 3) Non positive 4) Non negative e) either c or d

Please explain clearly with answer.

44m ago 235

[2014] Bull CAT & Mock CAT Scores & Discussion

Please post here scores and discussions for all the BullsEye CATs as well as BullsEye Mock CATs.

55m ago 599

CAT 2014 registration!

Has anyone registered for CAT 2014 which is supposed to begin today. Plz post your experience...

I completed and my form made the payment online. However, i selected credit card but entered the details of my debit card. This made the payment unsuccessful. Now when i log in again, it shows me the complete form with payment as unsuccessful,there is no option for making the payment again

How do i make the payment?

  • same 2h.
  • Try logging in with Internet Explorer worked for.... 55m.

1h ago 1.5k FMS Delhi

[Official] [2014-16] FMS Delhi: Aspirants Admissions Discussion

Hi All, Welcome to the official discussion forum of FMS Delhi 2014-16 discussions. The Red Building of dreams as we a...

I was reading about one of the posts on "All I wanted to speak about CAT". Normally this post always inspires, but I read something dreadful today. The post was about a guy from FMS and I am a 60 percentiler him. We both have 70 % in 12th and 60% in Grad. This guy said that he was finding it difficult to find an on campus job because of his bad acads. 

I request you guys to shed some light on this matter. Is it really over for 60 percentilers like me. Is it like even if we slog our asses and somehow make it to a reputed B-School, struggle won't be over for us? This guy had written that the companies did not short list him due to bad grades and it was only after 40 companies that one of them short listed him.

I want to know if this is what really happens in a top B-school and even if you perform well there and even if you have done a lot of extra - curricular activities companies might not short list you? I feel very agitated due to this. I request you guys to please share whatever info you have on this.

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  • FMS Delhi.... can't reveal till Mid- November. :grin:. 8h.
  • lol.. Not that I need to know.. That info we get our hand.... 1h.