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I haven't send the had copy of my application till now and 28th is the last date. Is it mandatory that I should send it via Speedpost or any courier service will do?

Not sure if speed post will be able to deliver it in time.

Always learning and evolving
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Lets post the question with ans which we guys remember.. and may be that will help.. If its cool for everyone..lets proceed the beginning.

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Hi Puys/Pirls,

I just wanted add my 2 cents to the discussion about the gravity of normalization in the CAT. I will give you an explanation to this with the following assumptions:

1) No offense meant but, we may have to accept the fact that for the people who would score below 60 percentile, difficulty of the paper would not have mattered. These people might not even have seen the reviews of previous slots before they gave the exam. So, irrespective of the slots, they were shooting in the darkness. I believe these people would constitute close to 30000 in each slot. These people would not make a difference to the mean score of any slot. I mean, their mean score might remain the same across the slots.

2) When we speak about top 0.1 percentile, we will have to realize that it is a big number. 50 per slot. These are the people who make a difference to your normalized scores. And, the difficulty/mindset matters a lot here. Considering the difficulty level to be in line with @shashwatdgr8 ka opinion, I assume the following mean scores for the top 0.1 percentilers across the slots.

Slot 1: 210

Slot 2: 220

Slot 3: 220

Slot 4: 210

3) This leaves us with the people between 60 and 99.9. But they constitute just 40% of the total. For the people who gave slot 1/slot 4, had they been in slot 2/ slot 3, they would have attempted just another 4-5 questions at the maximum with the right mindset. Please realize that this translates to a marginal increase in the mean scores of easier slots given that there are 50000 people per slot. Based on this assumption, I assume the following mean+standard deviation scores across the slots. These scores seem to be higher because they are not just mean scores but sum of mean and standard deviation scores.

Slot 1: 100

Slot 2: 110

Slot 3: 110

Slot 4: 100

4) Now, for all the examinees across the slots, l assume the following mean scores for all the slots put together.

Top 0.1 Percentilers: 215

Overall mean+standard deviation: 105

Based on this, I will provide you an example to calculate the normalized score across all the 4 slots for a raw score of 180 according to complicated Gate 2014 formula:

Score of 180 in slot 1 = (((215-105)/(210-100))*(180-100))+105 = 185

Score of 180 in slot 2 = (((215-105)/(220-110))*(180-110))+105 = 175

Score of 180 in slot 3 = (((215-105)/(220-110))*(180-110))+105 = 175

Score of 180 in slot 4 = (((215-105)/(210-100))*(180-100))+105 = 185

I believe these are conservative assumptions and this difference of 10 marks in the normalized scores might go up to 20 if we are optimistic.

PS: Just my opinion. I wanted to give you guys a perspective about normalization. Numbers used are for illustrative purpose. You may want to juggle around with the numbers. May be you can even compare your normalized score against the cut-offs predicted by @shashwatdgr8 in one of the earlier posts. I guess those cut-offs seem to be reasonable given the standard of the paper.

PPS: Please do not ask me to predict the percentiles now I am myself confused with my dreams of making it to IIM C already been shattered! No offense meant to anyone!

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  • @tanyasharma4452 summary ye hai ki normalization me tough.... 18m.
  • yh i do agree on this last year over 70 percent of the pe.... 4m.
ashish prasad @ashishprasad 21

@tanyasharma4452 summary ye hai ki normalization me tough slot waalon marks badhenge aur easy slot waalon ke marks ghatenge..

kishore Goteti @Grk9 692

yh i do agree on this last year over 70 percent of the people got 55 percentile without attempting a single question these scores remain constant irrespective of the test takers, its only the top 10 percentile candidates that makes the whole difference but few do get advantage out of this normalisation its an error which one has to tackle in a better way while evaluating scores

4.1k CAT Verbal CAT

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Which one is the right option?

The orbit the asteroid is taking around the planet is in the shape of an ellipse.
Most comets have _______ orbits.

33 people answered this question.
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364 CAT

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Udtians iift kaisa gaya 

how would you rate this paper tough or easy ???

  • had become comfortable solving ims iift mocks, which were.... 13m.
  • @theutsavostu \-- Did exactly the same, in spite of QA be.... 11m.
utsav bhattacharjee @theutsavostu 262

had become comfortable solving ims iift mocks, which were similar to 2012 (and maybe 2013) paper. today, found qa hard to attack, di more so. reasoned that it will be same for others too. decided not to waste too much time wrestling with these. attempted 'relative sitters' and moved on. understood the need to 'max' other sections. found rc questions yielding 1 mark per question. decided to spend more time in rc. passages were lengthy but doable. similarly, lr too had 1 m-p-q but had more set based questions than singletons. identified doable sets and put in more time. hopefully, will clear the cutoffs :)  (i am sure many others would have followed a similar strategy today)

@prakashds 2

@theutsavostu -- Did exactly the same, in spite of QA being my strength, started with RC to maximize score in RC VA section.. 

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does an experience of 3 years in an IT compnay quallifies as related-worex for giving prefence as Information management while filling form for SP Jain??

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Statement :      H > M > 2 = 1 < N = 1

Conclusions :   I. M > N      II. M < N

1.If only conclusion I is true.

2.If only conclusion II is true.

3.If either conclusion I or II is true.

4.If neither conclusion I nor II is true.

5.If both conclusions I and II are true

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Hi Guys, I ad a score of around 92 percentile in last year's XAT. However, I do not hae the score card with me now. I am unable to

download the score card also. Can anyone tell me if its possible? I wanted to apply to gl wit that score.

44 CAT

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What was iift's obc cut off last year?Or any rough idea how less it is from general cut off?

  • -4 or -5 lessthan general. 1h.
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After contemplating a lot whether I should write in this thread or not, I decided to pen it down on this sacred thread. Though I am not an active member in any forums or threads of pagalguy, but every day since last 2 years I am visiting this website.  But I regret how come I never looked into this thread. It was in february 2014, during my GDPI preparations when I first got a link to the_hate sir's post and came to know about this thread. So today I am sharing my journey in this thread though it's not a special one.

Since my school days my father had a dream of me being an IITian. He always encouraged me to try for JEE but like most of the average students I also ended up getting into a Btech course in a not much renowned college. I was always an average student from my school days and even in my Btech I never thought of beyond enjoying life and getting a job. I enjoyed my whole 4 years without any further goal and ended up getting a job in IT sector. But as I was from a core engineering background I didn't like my job at all. This was one of the most depressing periods of my life. While I was working in the IT sector I also kept trying in my core sector. But the thought of going for an MBA came to my mind in dec 2011. I was just telling one of my friends cum colleague about a senior of my school who was in IIM A. I told him that my father also dreamed of me joining a premier institute. Then suddenly my friend asked me about my acads and I told him that I had 81, 71, 79 in X, XII n grads respectively. The very next reply from him was that forget about BLACKI, you may end up in IIM kashipur if u try hard. I felt really bad and low after getting such a reply and decided to give a try in this rat race. A month later I resigned my job and returned to my home sate to join a core company. In march 2012, I bought the study material from TIME and started preparing for CAT 2012. Being from an engineering background I was comfortable with the quant section but in verbal I was too weak and even today I don't have a good hold over my verbal skills. My preparations were going at a good speed, I solved many quant questions. I started reading The Hindu and worked upon my vocabulary. Soon the mock season started. I started giving mocks and through out the season my %le varied from 50- 85. During the whole season I always found people talking about analyzing the mocks but personally I never did, for which my mock scores always varied a lot. I booked my slot on 28th oct 2012. I also gave XAT ,IIFT,NMAT. ON 9th Jan the CAT results came at around 4 am and I was shattered to see a miserable 60%le in CAT. I cried and cried for almost 2 hours. Then in the evening I went to a friend's place and drank there till the last drop. I called my dad, cried on the phone and told him that I couldn't fulfill his dream. He consoled me saying it was not the end. Other results also poured in and each one was disastrous. I scored around 63%le in XAT, 37 in IIFT, 190 in NMAT. I lost my confidence and remembered my colleague's words. My parents kept encouraging me and asked me to take a break for some time.

After 3 months I again thought of giving one last attempt to these exams. Again enrolled myself for the AIMCATs and this time instead of solving too many questions, I analysed the mocks and worked upon my accuracy. It was reflecting in my mock scores as in 2013 mock scores varied from 75 to early 90s. Then The D day arrived, 7th nov 2013. This time I even asked my family panditji to find a good date within the CAT window ( I am too superstitious). I went to the test centre with a calm mind. I attempted 16 and 17 questions in qa and va respectively and tried to maximize my accuracy. I gave other exams also. Then the results started to come. I scored 39.xx in IIFT, 187 in NMAT.  Seeing these results, I thought I have again failed and wasn't hopeful at all for remaining results. On 14th Jan 2014, without hoping much and less fear I checked my results almost an hour after declaration. The very next moment I screamed out and let all frustrations come out. My mother came running to me worrying something bad had happened and I said I scored 93.28(QA 93.96 VA 86.xx). I knew I got what was needed as I am from NC OBC category. (That is why I was thinking if I should write about my journey in this sacred thread as I don't have a God like score.) My father came rushing from my uncle's house hearing my screams. I just jumped and hugged him. It was one of the most happiest moments of my life. I called my gf and told her that I made it this time. Next I got 91 %le in XAT. I knew I'll have a few good calls and I need to convert them at any cost. I didn't give any interview in my last 2 years, so I was a bit worried and started preparing for GDPI. I had calls from IIM K, I, all 6 new IIMs,NITIE, XLRI HRM, Vgsom, SJMSOM  and IIT D. My first interview was for XLRI. It wasn't a good one and I knew I won't make it. From there on I had almost 6 interviews scheduled in next 2 months. After performing badly in XL, I knew that I had to raise my performance and with every next interview I became more confident and performed better. The GDPI results started to come. XL was the first one and it was a straight reject as expected. The next one was NITIE and even that was a reject. My NITIE interview was good but I was shocked that I didn't even make it to the waiting lists. I was again in that depressing state but my gf said,” you'll make it to an old IIM and all the IITs”. As I am very superstitious, I believed her words like anything because whatever she says, that comes true for me :P. And once again it did come true for me . I got my vgsom results and with a category rank of 15, I was finally sure of doing an MBA this year. And after that I converted most of my calls by converting  IIM Indore, kashipur, Udaipur, Sjmsom and was waitlisted in IIM K and raipur.

So finally, I made it to a premier institute. This journey is not just about making it to an institute, it has taught me many things in my life. I am a very changed person with much more patience and goals in my life. I have learnt to handle pressure, analyse situations and most importantly to keep calm. I am really thankful to my parents, gf and all my friends who believed in me and encouraged me through out my journey. Thank you Pagalguy, even you had a major role in my success. ATB to everyone.

Dreams do come true.


IIM Indore PGP 2014-16

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  • @himangshu4 congratulation more thing, after r.... 21h.
  • really inspiring all the best buddy. 1h.
Calls: IIM K,I,new IIMs, XLRI HRM, NITIE, IIT B, IIT kgp, IIT D, IMT, LIBA Converts: IIM I,Udaipur,Sjmsom,Ka,IIT kgp,LIBA Waitlisted : IIMK wl91,IIM Raipur Skipped: IMT, IIT D Rejects: XLRI HRM, NITIE
rahul chaudhary @rahuljaat 28

@himangshu4 congratulation more thing, after reading your story i can say that you have a really- really a great support which is more precious than any  iim... cherish them...


Consolidated Attempts Repository

Just a consolidated thread to measure the attempts and compare across the four sessions :smiley:

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November 16 - Afternoon slot

481 people answered this question.
Non-Engg (Science) | CAT12 - 99.60 | XAT13 - 99.58 | GMAT-730 ISB-YLP | CAT14-Awaited 
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We are having our final exams till 28th november. All posts will be replied to after that. Regret the inconvenience.

Still figuring out whats and whys of life!

456 CAT MDI, Gurgaon

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going for mba-rural management from ximb....

what is the future scope?

growth prospects?


  • @incredibleindia how much percentile is required to get i.... 13 Aug.
  • @navneet1234 this time around IRMA cutoff was close to 7.... 2h.
navneet maheshwari @navneet1234

@incredibleindia how much percentile is required to get into this college or IRMA?

incredible india @incredibleindia 22

@navneet1234  this time around IRMA cutoff was close to 75 % for cat +a score of 20 in Issues of Social Concern Exam,XIMB -RM will call u dpending on the form you fill out they make exceptions and send interview clls to candidates serious about RM

50.9k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant thread for CAT 2013

Hello all, As the CAT 2K12 come to a close, starting this thread for all the discussions of quant for CAT 2013. Here ...

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21000 people on this thread and none of them tries to help a person...

  • @simha63 i neva considered pg as coaching ...but i expect.... 3h.
  • @daniellafonseca what do you want mate?. 2h.

@simha63 i neva considered pg as coaching ...but i expected that atleast one pguy will help me...but none of them helped me...wen already this page has so many guys...

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Seniors, what was the cutoff for MBA-IB/HRD last year for SC category?

  • The category wise cut off cannot be disclosed. For Genera.... 3h.
Ashish Verma @Joey1 1

The category wise cut off cannot be disclosed. For General it was 92+ last year which is expected to go higher this time due to change in curriculum and nomenclature of courses.

49 CAT FORE, New Delhi

[2015-2017] FORE School of Management Admission Help Desk

Hi All, Applications are now open for the 2-year full time programs, PGDM & PGDM-IB, at FORE School of Management,...

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@bharat5602  @prateekm28 

While filling up the form

instead of filling my +2 marks as per the instruction provided in the website , by mistake I filled it as per my board's rule i.e. the best of five of all

kindly suggest me the necessary action to address my mistake...

Thanks in advance.

  • Reply to the mail sent by clarifying.... 3h.
Prateek Malhotra @prateekm28 5

Reply to the mail sent by clarifying the rectification you want to make.

63 CAT

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

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Hi, I wanted a review of CETKing online program for CET. I live in a remote place where there is no good CET coaching available. Please advice as to what I should do.

  • #. 5h.
  • @rahulsatpute420 If you cannot contribute, don't waste yo.... 4h.
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