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58s ago 11.7k CAT Quant

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

if 7{49a+7b}+c=540 den find the value of (abc)+{a+b+c}  where a b c are non -ve integers.. try using a diff approach..

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In the following sentences, the main statement is followed by four sentences each. Select a pair of sentences that relate logically to the given statement.

Ram gets a swollen nose whenever he eats hamburgers.

A. Ram gets a swollen nose. 

B. Ram does not eat hamburgers.
C. Ram does not get a swollen nose. 
D. Ram eats hamburgers.

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23m ago 956 CAT Quant

Algebra, Quadratic Equations, Inequalities, Functions

The number of real roots of the equation |1 - |x|| - (1.01)(1.01x) = 0 is/are

The cost of fuel for running the engine of an army tank is proportional to the square of the speed and Rs. 64 hour for a speed of 16 kmph. Other costs amount to Rs. 400 hour. The tank has to make a journey of 400 km at a constant speed.

The most economical speed for this January is:

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expected percentile with 32 score

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  • 50%ile se toh jyada hai any day. Good luck :smiley:. 4h.
  • a friend got 36%ile on the same score of 32 in aimcat1513.... 26m.

46m ago 3

CAT 2014 - Guntur/Vijayawada/Vizag Aspirants Study Group

Hi Puys, This thread is for CAT and OMET Aspirants from Guntur/Vijayawada/Vizag. This platform is to share informatio...

Hi, looking for a Good Crash Course for CAT in Vizag next month... Can anyone recommend a good institute?

47m ago 142

The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

My name is Akshay Chiripal. 

Currently studying in USIT, IP university 

B. Tech(ECE) - 74.94%



I don't have a strong area in particular. I am  equally good(or equally bad:p) in both the sections.

Target B Schools-IIM A, B, C. 

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  • thanks a lot kanika! And all the best 2 you as well :). 17h.
  • @akshay2393 sir congrats. 47m.

QA 15C/30A 30(105min)

VA 21C/34A 50 (65 min)

OA 36C/64A 80

Yeah, so that happened.  

Time to switch it up a notch!

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  • @ilovealwar Bhai fayda kya huya...aaye to's a h.... 50m.
Nikhar Mattu @Dark_Passenger 261

@ilovealwar  Bhai fayda kya huya...aaye to's a high risk high reward strategy, pichle mein chal padi to 146 aaye thae is mein nhi chali to 80!

Last ke 20 min mein kri 3 RCs vahan save ho gya thoda...QA ne to jaan leli is vale mein

Thank you VC Ankan and fellow teammate Prashant for the kind introductions. A hearty thank you to the selectors for giving me a place in the most respected things at PG. I hope not to let anybody down in these coming months or otherwise Here are a few words about me:

I am Shashwat Gangwar. I did BTech from dept of Mechanical Engg at IIT Delhi (batch of 2014). Joined Axtria in July, a Big Data Analytics firm headquartered in New Jersey. I'm posted in their Gurgaon office. 

My Profile:

CBSE Xth board: 93.5%

CBSE XIIth board: 93.2%

BTech: CGPA 8.7/10

Extra-currics: Nothing great here, just some volunteering work at Avanti Fellows, and hostel football and tennis teams, apart from a few projects at IIT.

Took GMAT last year: 740/800.

The only Indian boy to be selected in the Yale School of Management's highly selective Global PreMBA Leadership Program 2014. Spent this summer at Yale's heavenly campus in New Haven (hands down one of the best things to have happened to me). 

An ISB YLP 2013 Admit.

As for CAT, it's my second attempt this year. Took CAT last year and scored 79.14%ile (yes you read that correctly). Aiming for 100%ile this year

I am pretty balanced in both sections of CAT, or atleast that's what I feel, although I enjoy solving DIs and LRs in both the sections.

Target Colleges: IIM A B C

Exams appearing for: CAT

Wishing everybody here at PG the best of luck for this year! Looking forward to making new friends here

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  • 100%iler spotted!!! ___/\\___. 1h.
  • omfg, apart from the gmat score. your profile and mine ar.... 53m.
Adolf Hitler @plant.waters 2.5 k

omfg, apart from the gmat score. your profile and mine are like chalk and cheese. a decent percentile you'll easily get calls from A,B . but with that profile , why IIMs?  go abroad mate.

there are 10 bags with 1000 balls each. There are X bags with all 10kg balls and remaining bags with all 11kg balls. You have a digital / spring balance with you and you have to find all the bags that have 11kg balls. What is the minimum number of weighing required?

Post answer and logic plz

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  • got it buddy 2^x me lelo and 550 se jo difference aayega.... 1h.
  • yes great... the funda is for powers of 2, we can get all.... 1h.

take 1 ball from first 2 from 2nd ..... 10 from last. Now, agar saari 10 kgs wali hoti to 550 kg aata weight. isse jitna upar aayega uske hisab se nikal sakte hain. difference of weight from 550 11 ka kaunsa multiple ban raha hai, usse.


but isme ek panga hai

suppose agar 33 difference hai, so that could have been from 1+2 balls or the bag from which we have taken 3 balls

Arnab Dutta @arnabd 28

exactly isliye hi to qstn post kiya... try taking 2^x balls from each bag... 1,2,4,... check karke dekh lo answer ajayega in 1 weighing


got it buddy

2^x me lelo and 550 se jo difference aayega usko 11 se divide karke binary me kar lo. jaha par 1 ayega that position will be the bag containing 11 kg balls and jis jis position par zero aayega that will contain 10 kg balls

how's this?

Arnab Dutta @arnabd 28

yes great... the funda is for powers of 2, we can get all distinct number by adding them up...

The inequality |x| <= |root (|9-x^2|)| is true for what percentage of the interval [-4,4]...please explain 

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1h ago 63 CAT Quant

Quant Concepts thread for CAT 2014

Hey puys, As we all are geared up to prepare ALL NEW CAT 2014, let us refresh our quant concepts bit by bit. All we n...

10th - 89.00 %

12th- 93.20%

Graduation (B.Tech)- 79.6 %

Previous CAT score- CAT'13 (98.98%ile)

IMS (IMS Roll no - 23A08243)

NO____ QA %ile ____ VA %ile _____ OA %ile

SIMCAT 8__ 90.53 (62) __  98.27 (62) __  97.09 (124)

SIMCAT 9__ 87.21 (63) __ 81.78 (44) __ 87.25 (107)

SIMCAT 10__97.72 (75)___75.61 (39)__94.81 (114)

SIMCAT 111__ 97.16 (84)__87.23 (54)__96.37 (138)

BULLS EYE (BULLS EYE Roll no - 50146228)

NO____ QA %ile ____ VA %ile _____ OA %ile _______AIR

Bull Mock Cat 25__96.38 (99)__76.66 (57)__94.4 (156)__48

Bull Mock Cat 27__92.21 (96)__96.35(74)__96.11 (170)___16

Bull CAT 03__ 94.39 (74) __ 88.59 (55) __ 94.39 (129)__61

Bull CAT 05__ 98.91 (107) __ 67.07 (28) __ 95.18 (135) ___56

Bull CAT 06__  (97) __  (65) __  (162)__

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Since Second World War, the nation state has been regarded with approval by every political system and every ideology. In the name of modernization in the West, of socialism in the Eastern Bloc, and of the development in the Third World, it was expected to guarantee the happiness of individuals as citizens and of people as societies. However, the state today appears to have broken down in many parts of the world. It has failed to guarantee either security or social justice, and has been unable to prevent either international wars or civil wars. Distributed by the claims of communities within it, the nation state tries to repress their demands and to proclaim itself as the only guarantor of security of all. In the name of national unity, territorial integrity, equality of all its citizens and non-partisan secularism, the state can use its powerful resources to reject the demands of the communities; it may even go so far as genocide to ensure that order prevails. As one observes the awakening of communities in different parts of the world, one cannot ignore the context in which identity issues arise. It is no longer a context of sealed frontiers and isolated regions but is one of the integrated global systems. In a reaction to this trend towards globalization, individuals and communities everywhere are voicing their desire to exist, to use their power of creation and to play an active part in national and international life. There are two ways in which the current upsurge in demands for the recognition of identities can be looked at. On the positive side, the efforts by certain population groups to assert their identity can be regarded as a 'liberation movements' , challenging oppression and injustice. What these groups are doing €" proclaiming that they are different, rediscovering the roots of their culture or strengthening group solidarity €" may accordingly be seen as legitimate attempts to escape from their state of subjugation and enjoy a certain measure of dignity. On the downside, however, militant action for recognition tends to make such groups more deeply entrenched in their attitude and to make their cultural compartments even more watertight. The assertion of identity then starts turning into self-absorption and isolation, and is liable to slide into intolerance of others and towards ideas of "ethnic cleansing", xenophobia and violence. Whereas continuous variations among people prevent drawing of clear dividing lines between the groups, those militating for recognition of their group's identity arbitrarily choose a limited number of criteria such as religion, language, skin colour, and place of origin so that their members recognize themselves primarily in terms of the labels attached to the group whose existence is being asserted . This distinction between the group in question and other groups is established by simplifying the feature selected. Simplification also works by transforming groups into essences, abstractions endowed with the capacity to remain unchanged through time. In some cases, people actually act as though the group has remained unchanged and talk, for example, about the history of nations and communities as if these entities survived for centuries without changing, with the same ways of acting and thinking, the same desires, anxieties, and aspirations. Paradoxically, precisely because identity represents a simplifying fiction, creating uniform groups out of disparate people, that identity performs a cognitive function. It enables us to put names to ourselves and others, form some idea of who we are and who others are, and ascertain the place we occupy along with the others in the world and society. The current upsurge to assert the identity of groups can thus be partly explained by the cognitive function performed by identity. However, that said, people would not go along as they do, often in large numbers, with the propositions put to them, in spite of the sacrifices they entail, if there was not a very strong feeling of need for identity, a need to take stock of things and know "who we are", "where we come from" and "where we are going". Identity is thus a necessity in a constantly changing world, but it can also be a potent source of violence and disruption. How can these two contradictory aspects of identity be reconciled? First, we must bear the arbitrary nature of identity categories in mind, not with a view to eliminating all forms of identification €" which would be unrealistic since identity is a cognitive necessity €" but simply to remind ourselves that each of us has several identities at the same time. Second, since tears of nostalgia are being shed over the past, we recognize that culture is constantly being recreated by cobbling together fresh and original elements and counter-cultures. There are in our own country a large number of syncretic cults wherein modern elements are blended with traditional values or people of different communities venerate saints or divinities of particular faiths. Such cults and movements are characterized by a continual inflow and outflow of members which prevent them from taking on a self-perpetuating existence of their own and hold our hope for the future, indeed, perhaps for the only possible future. Finally, the nation state must respond to the identity urges of its constituent communities and to their legitimate quest for security and social justice. It must do so by inventing what the French philosopher and sociologist, Raymond Aron, called "peace through law". That would guarantee justice both to the state as a whole and its parts, and respect the claims of both reason and emotions. The problem is one of reconciling nationalist demands with exercise of democracy.


1. According to the author, happiness of individuals was expected to be guaranteed in the name of
(A) development in the Third World.
(B) socialism in the Third World.
(C) development in the West.
(D) modernization in the Eastern Bloc.
(E) -----

2. Demands for recognition of identities can be viewed
(A) positively and negatively.
(B) as liberation movements and militant action.
(C) as efforts to rediscover cultural roots which can slide towards intolerance of others.
(D) All of the above
(E) -----

3. Going by the author €s exposition of the nature of identity, which of the following statements is untrue?
(A) Identity represents creating uniform groups out of disparate people.
(B) Identity is a necessity in the changing world.
(C) Identity is a cognitive necessity.
(D) None of the above
(E) -----

4. According to the author, the nation state
(A) has fulfilled its potential.
(B) is willing to do anything to preserve order.
(C) generates security for all its citizens.
(D) has been a major force in preventing civil and international wars.
(E) -----

5. Which of the following views of the nation state cannot be attributed to the author?
(A) It has not guaranteed peace and security.
(B) It may go as far as genocide for self-preservation.
(C) It represents the demands of communities within it.
(D) It is unable to prevent international wars.
(E) -----

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  • @optimus_blade sorry for being late . is it ADDBD ?. 1h.

1h ago 2.2k

Sentence Correction for CAT 2012

Hi Guys, please continue here for the sentence correction discussions for CAT 2012 :: :: here are some links of the p...

2 .
Direction: The following sentence test correctness and effectiveness of expression. Part of each sentence or the entire sentence is underlined; beneath each sentence are five ways of phrasing the underlined material. Choice A repeats the original phrasing; the other four choices are different. If you think the original phrasing produces a better sentence than any of the alternatives, select choice A; if not, select one of the other choices.
The photographer has filmed the guests dancing and eating in the party with a digital camera.
1. has filmed the guests dancing and eating in the party with a digital camera.
2. in the party filmed the guests dancing and eating with digital camera.
3. with the digital camera filmed in the party, guests eating and dancing.
4. has filmed in the party the guests with a digital camera, dancing and eating.
5. has filmed in the party the guests with a digital camera, dancing and eating.

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  • 3 is correct.. 1h.

2h ago 2.7k CAT Verbal

Sentence Correction, Fill in the blanks, Vocabulary

Choose the option in which the usage of the word is incorrect or inappropriate.In each question, the word at the top ...

there are two more sentence correction questions:

we have taken on the responsibility of arranging the required training and supervise the new staff

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  • and supervising the new staff...parallelism error may be.... 2h.
yashodh chawla @yashchawla 5

and supervising the new staff...parallelism error  may be bt nt sure