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12s ago 14.3k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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Well, it mite sound lil crazy but just for lil discussion on CAT 2013 (ther was a large discrepancy.)

Here goes a thesis:  one way u normalize a paper is giving marks for the questions unanswered for e.g. leaving a difficult mark question would give u 1 or 2 marks nd dat is exactly why people most unexpected of, ended up scoring high in CAT. I was told by some1 regarding this but dat time i shrugged this off as baseless. Now i can actually see that happening. Well, i think accuracy is going to play a heck of a role this year too.. This is not some stupid conspiracy theory but why 55 percentile was exactly at 0 marks. he left difficult questions unanswered. 

Need thoughts on this.. Mite help us in 2014.

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  • @Highway66 sir don't delete this post .. i m gona scan th.... 40s.
  • kk. see the pdf.. 12s.
Dedication Perseverance Luck
iamsrk ✔© @sav-9 4.2 k

@Highway66 sir don't delete this post .. i m gona scan through the iim video first and will comme back here in some moments of time ...!! 

1m ago 3.3k CAT Verbal CAT

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

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1.The Mediterranean possesses several features that result from its character as an enclosed sea.

A. But this only compensates for 4 per cent of the water loss in the Mediterranean, and the principal source that replaces losses by evaporation is the Atlantic Ocean, which provides a steady inflow of cold Atlantic water.

B. Among European rivers, the Danube and the Russian river systems make an indirect contribution of water, because the Black Sea draws in water from several great arteries stretching deep into the landmass.

C. It loses water through evaporation more rapidly than river systems feeding into the sea are able to replace it, which is not surprising considering how puny some of the rivers are, apart from the Nile.

D. The result is that the Black Sea has an excess of unevaporated water, creating a fast current that rushes past Istanbul into the Mediterranean.

6. The fact that the Mediterranean is open at its ends is thus crucial to its survival as a sea.

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Tryst with destiny!

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Hi All,

This is the season where lot of you people have completed their MBA preparation journey and are wondering where to dispose off that huge stack of preparation material ?

What can be a better way than donate that material to Puys who are aspiring for their MBA this year?

So, people can put up their offers for donation of the material with following details -

Name (optional):
City :
Details of the material :

The interested users can PM the person and it can be taken from there.

Also, please remember, strictly no offers to sell or buy the material. Anyone found doing that will be banned permanently.

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  • anyone from Delhi who could donate the study materials fo.... 21m.
  • Hey everyone..I m from chandigarh.. Anyone here , who is .... 13m.
I am not an MBA, hence; I have to use my brains.
shru @shruthipatellu

anyone in Bangalore  willing to share or donate the study material(CAT,GMAT,GRE) please inbox me at

Kanchan Rawat @rawat.kanchan2

anyone from Delhi who could donate the study materials for CAT?

Aakanksha Kumari @aakanksha1121

Hey everyone..I m from chandigarh.. Anyone here , who is willing to give me his or her study material???:)

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Please find my profile details below and also, answer the queries that follows:

IT Work Ex- 32 Months ( With prominent IT Orgainzations)

CAT 13(OA): 88 Percentile; X - 85; XII - 76; B.Tech - 72

Participation in Extra co-curricular activities, few achievements awards at professional level.

Kindly suggest me if

1.) I have chances of getting shortlisted for PGPM (Chennai) for Cycle1.

2.) Does it require submitting two different applications for Cycle-1 and Cycle-2, or the same application can be used for both the cycles.(Since, I am also writing CAT-14).


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gave takehome simcat 121.. Qa 83 166. Overall..99.6%ile..Was it a lot easier than expected cat level?

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I dont get it!

They have given me Lucknow which was my 3rd preference and date as 22nd November.  I filled the early, I dont know if that matters but I do want to know what did I do wrong to be not given a slot in my first two preferred cities.

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  • thanks to TCS. 1h.
  • I dont think the cities are given on random basis. Maybe .... 1h.
Roger Messi @gkcat14 202

dude, the slot has been given on a random basis. not first come - first serve. i have got a centre which is on the outskirts of bangalore, 40 kms from my house, where  as  there were a couple of venues near to my house. 

Be Phenomenal OR Be Forgotten @ashishsingh_courage 327

I dont think the cities are given on random basis. Maybe there were too many ppl who applied for the same centre Aditya. Whereas, the exam locations within cities are totally random.

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At the farewell party of a certain class, having n students, if each student of the class gave one gift each to exactly k other students of the class, the number of students in the class who received at least one gift each cannot be less than

1h ago 6.6k CAT FMS, New Delhi

[2013-2015] FMS Delhi Discussions

Online registration will start from 12 September 2102.Follow the link:

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@ank_mission_IIM said:
Children of Defense Personnel killed/disabled in Action (CW1), Children of Defense Personnel killed/disabled on Duty (CW2),Widows/Wards of Defence Personnel who died in peace time with death attributable to military service (CW3),Wards of Defence Personnel disabled in peace time with disability attributable to military service (CW4), Wards of Ex-Servicemen and Serving Personnel including Police Personnel who are in receipt of Gallantry Awards (CW5).
I meant to ask about cut offs....somebody already post it here sorry for the inconvenience......but thanks for the reply...
  • 1h.
tanguturu srikanth @tsrikanth92

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Guys I think I understood the penalty for unanswered questions issue.
I think it means this:

Penalty for unanswered question is nothing but the marks that question carries. You definitely lose marks from the total when you not attempt that question.

For eg: 
In Present Mock CATs we get a penalty of 3 marks for every unanswered question. We get an additional -1 if we attempt and it goes wrong.

Hence they will declare the exact marks of a question and nothing more. There are no negative marks for not answering; it is just the usual loss of marks for not attempting it. 
Your comments on this analogy please.

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  • @plant.waters calulator/ no caluculator doesn't matter, .... 1h.
  • @Kokaine I understand your point very clearly but what @p.... 1h.
Nishant Singh @2011cat 25

what if the question itself doesnt get saved , everytime you select and option and move after clicking save and next 

Adolf Hitler @plant.waters 2.8 k

there's a change in colour if you click save and next. stop these what if questions, and stop panicking. read the damn instructions and attempt the test, calculator/no calculator, negative marking for the unanswered or not stop losing your minds over something that affects everyone thereby affecting no one. i know cat's close by, people stop panicking and go study.

K K @Kokaine 160


calulator/ no caluculator doesn't matter, but negative marking for unanswered question matters A LOT to people like me who have focused solely on accuracy in all these mocks. Say i get 51C 3W to score 150 and some other guy scores the same with higher attempts, then I shall lose further marks on unattempted questions? Isn't this unfair? I have been more judicious in selecting my questions and yet I will lose marks? why do they care how I score my marks? By doing so they are encouraging people to attempt questions even if they have no clue about them. This will give rise to randomly marking the answers either in the end or in between which will fetch you a lot of negatives for getting them wrong or if you decide to not mark, then it'll fetch you negatives by way of unanswered questions which will be larger in volume.Isn't this BS? I don't get what they'll achieve by giving negative marks for unanswered questions. Also, the effects of this decision do not affect all in equal measure as you might have understood till now, which is why it is a concern.

G P @sherlockk 266

@Kokaine I understand your point very clearly but what @plant.waters emphasizing is we are in a position where we cannot do anything other than speculating. Instead of that if we focus on our preparation, we will be prepared for surprises. Even if penalty for unanswered questions is introduced in CAT 2014 we have to accept it and take the test accordingly. I really respect the fact that you have such an impeccable accuracy and plz dont spoil it by heeding to conjectures. All the best for D-day

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IMT PGDM Admissions 2015

Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur (IMTN) admissions open for the PGDM Batch 2015-17. Apply at the earliest for a life changing learning experience.

Admission 2015-17
Admission 2015-17
Why IMT Nagpur? Because we make a difference in the way you look at yourself, and at the rest of the world. IMT Nagpur, in spite of being only a decade old, has already been able to make a distinct mark among the crowded B-School environment in India.


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  • What is the minimum cutoff required in CMAT CAT and XAT f.... 1h.
R H @Rats1991 11

What is the minimum cutoff required in CMAT CAT and XAT for a call? 

2h ago 27 CAT FMS, New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

Kindly discuss your queries about FMS Admissions process on this thread

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While filing the FMS application form , in work experience what should be the To date as the maximum date mentioned there is System date.If we are still working what should be the To date? If we keep it empty, work experience in years remains 0.00 ... while you cannot edit the work experience.Please help

  • *. 2h.
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What is the difference between MC and CRT's . As we have limited time after writing AIMCATs , can some suggest which one should I prefer ?

  • CRTs, since they have more realistic cutoffs :stuck out .... 10h.
  • Thanks a lot :smiley:. 3h.
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Hi..can someone please tell me about the placement scenario at FMS for Executive MBA.. I cannot find any placement reports on the website.

6h ago 100 CAT Quant CAT

Quant Concepts thread for CAT 2014

Hey puys, As we all are geared up to prepare ALL NEW CAT 2014, let us refresh our quant concepts bit by bit. All we n...

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How to find the no. Of ordered pairs please tell

  • 8Comments
  • eg. 18 = 3^2*2...No. of factors 6....Hence it will have 2.... 14h.
  • I think here @bbansod09 is talking about getting the no .... 6h.
@shayantu.roy 22

@bbansod09 Ordered pairs of what??Factors??Distinct factors??

@shayantu.roy 22

eg. 18 = 3^2*2...No. of factors 6....Hence it will have 2*6*5 ordered pairs of factors..

Shlok Agrawal @shlokAjack 2

I think here @bbansod09  is talking about getting the no of co-primes as a pair which represent the breakup of the corresponding number.

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Took this today..Weirdest QA section ever..VA was Okaiish

OA - 128 (56/46/10) QA-54 (22/19/3) VA-74(34/27/7)..Expected %ile...?

Don't watch the clock. Do what it does. keep goin' 

7h ago 2.7k CAT Verbal CAT

Sentence Correction, Fill in the blanks, Vocabulary

Choose the option in which the usage of the word is incorrect or inappropriate.In each question, the word at the top ...

7h ago 19k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Which among the following is largest unit of Distance?

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7h ago 2.4k CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2013 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2013, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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i am 2013 pass that an big issue before taking admissions in good mba col ......year gap 

  • no, not at all!. 11h.
  • dont worry i am 2011 pass out... 7h.
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how many natural numbers between 1 to 100 have exactly 4 factors
  • 10Comments
  • 32. 7h.
  • @askankita91 Ma'am, 4^3= 2^6 so it has more than 4 facto.... 7h.
CAT 13 : 91.88 XAT 14 : 82.32 :( .
jayraj dabral @jayrajdabral 27

For 4 factors it must be of form ab or a^3

So a^3(8,27)=2 nos

Now for ab form so with a=2 (prime nos from 3 to 47)=14





ashish gupta @ahsish9virgo 1.5 k
p1xp2=>2x3,2x5,2x7.......easily u can do it...
Shelly Verma @askankita91 2

for a^3 ...  its a= 2^3 = 8  ..  a=3^3 = 27 .. a= 4^3 = 64 .  guys y u all are not including 4 too

Ankita @sawanbaing 112

Ma'am, 4^3= 2^6 so it has more than 4 factors.

 If the number has four factors, it will be of the form a^3 or ab, where a and b are prime numbers.