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The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

In the figure given below, the radius of the bigger circle with center O is 5 cm. The length of each of chords PQ and RS is 8 cm. The smaller circle, with center C, touches the bigger circle and chords PQ and RS. If the line joining the centers of the two circles passes through M, find the radius (in cm) of the smaller circle.


1) 1 + 2root2

2) 2 + root2

3) 2 + root3

4) 3 + root3/2

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  • I m getting 3.5... these options i feel too much complica.... 11m.
  • Rad = r, CM = r.root2, OM = 3.root2 (3^2 = OP^2 - (PQ/2)^.... 1m.
Sabyasachi Mukerji @Sabya1590 233

I m getting 3.5... these options i feel too much complicated

Arnab Dutta @arnabd 23

Rad = r, CM = r.root2, OM = 3.root2 (3^2 = OP^2 - (PQ/2)^2), OC = 5 - r, OM + OC = CM => r = 1 + 2.root2

1m ago 11.7k CAT Quant

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

A can complete a project in 20 days and B can complete the same project in 30 days. If A and B start working on the project together and A quits 10 days before the project is completed, in how many days will the project be completed?

(1) 18 days   (2) 27 days (3) 26.67 days   (4) 16 days

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  • Let Total work be 60 units. Hence A does 3 unit work.... 19m.
  • (x-10)/20 + x/30 = 1 x = 18. 1m.
Subhash Mohan @Subhashdec2 1.8 k

in last 10 days B will do 1/3 of work

means A and B did 2/3 of the work together

1/20 +1/30 = 5/60 = 1/12 

1/12 *n = 2/3

n=8 days

hence8+10 = 18 ?

phoenix Return @phoenix9999 3

Let Total work be 60 units. Hence A does 3 unit work in 1 day and B does 2 unit of work in 1 day. So together, they do 5 units work in 1 day. Now let required day be x. Hence as per question, 5*(x-10) + 20 = 60 or, 5x -50+20 =60 => 5x =90. Hence x=18 days

Is it compulsory to give CMAT for Micat?

  • All candidates who apply to MICA with their scores of CAT.... 7m.
  • In order to be eligible for MICAT 2015, candidates n.... 6m.
rajat banik @rajatraj19 10

All candidates who apply to MICA with their scores of CAT2014 / XAT2014 / XAT2015 / MAT2014 (Feb/May/Sept/Dec) / CMAT2014 (Feb/Sept) / ATMA 2014 (Feb/May/July) / GMAT (2011 onwards), irrespective of their score, will be called for MICAT, subject to their application form being complete and accepted by MICA.

rajat banik @rajatraj19 10

In order to be eligible for MICAT 2015, candidates need to appear for at least one of the following exams: CAT2014 / XAT2014 / XAT2015 / MAT2014 (Feb/May/Sept/Dec) / CMAT2014 (Feb/Sept) / ATMA 2014 (Feb/May/July) / GMAT (2011 onwards).

OA- 37C 17W - 94, QA- 19C - 51, VA- 18C - 43

Accuracy ki maa behen ho gayi.......

expected percentile????

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  • sare mate 2 min lagela janiba pain kau bhasa re lekhicha..... 9m.
  • @anurag4iim bhai kauthu???. 8m.
ARPIT MOHAPATRA @awesomearpit 22

people are telling it was on easier side!!!!!!

I left all RC's,.....did'nt get time for that.....

D#OnG! baba @anurag4iim 43

thik thak achi saare....semiti epat sepat tike samastanka ra hue....

ARPIT MOHAPATRA @awesomearpit 22

sare mate 2 min lagela janiba pain kau bhasa re 100 thila.......rc gote jode dekhi daithile 100 cross hai jai thanta...sala section 2 pain 50 min hi dai parili.....

People with ARS typically also have some skin damage. This damage can start to show within a few hours after exposure and can include swelling, itching, and redness of the skin (like a bad sunburn). There can be hair loss as well. As with the other symptoms, the skin may heal for a short time, followed by the return of swelling, itching, and redness days or weeks later. Complete healing of the skin may take from several weeks up to a few years depending on the radiation dose the person’s skin received. The chance of survival for people with ARS decreases with increasing radiation dose. Most people who do not recover from ARS will die within several months of exposure. The cause of death in most cases is the destruction of the person’s bone marrow, which results in infection and bleeding. 
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do we get the  final application form in pdf format of which we can take a printout ? I have submitted the form and have got the payment confirmation by email.

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  • @missgulati Please save the mail of payment confirmation..... 13h.
  • @Shawn90 and @ankitsna thanks :smiley:. 12m.
SUMIT MITRA @Shawn90 250

nope..they'll mail u the details...if u want u can save the application form in xps format while trying with ie...

J0k3R @ankitsna 303

@missgulati Please save the mail of payment confirmation. It might be required at later stages.

16m ago 62 CAT Quant

Quant Concepts thread for CAT 2014

Hey puys, As we all are geared up to prepare ALL NEW CAT 2014, let us refresh our quant concepts bit by bit. All we n...

19m ago 2.2k CAT Verbal

Grammar and English Usage

A. At a time when there is so much revulsion towards corruption in all walks of life, Sachin seeking to subvert the l...

The closing of small, inexpensive hospitals while large expensive hospitals remain open seems a luxury that we can no longer afford in order to maintain them.

  1. seems to emphasize luxury over economy, which we can no longer afford.
  2. seems to be a waste of valuable resources.
  3. seems a luxury we can no longer afford.
  4. seems too luxurious to be any longer affordable.

  • 1?. 19m.

19m ago 31

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

How are the TIME mocks for CET? I am planning to buy.

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  • Cetking- A big NO....I had joined last time.. 36m.
  • What went wrong?. 19m.

Thanks for posting this. I am also curious about which is the best mock series for CET TIME/Cetking or any other.

1. In a bold new initiative to attract, recruit and keep teachers, London schools are set to offer long-term contracts to thousands of Indians for the new term beginning in September.

A. A recruitment agency that will soon be advertising an ‘unlimited’ number of vacancies in India told a newspaper that specific requirements of the schools had led them to turn to countries such as India, Jamaica and those in Eastern Europe.

B. A British educationist was of the view that the developments might even refocus India’s gaze away from IT and towards education.

C. More than 200 London schools have asked recruitment agencies to search for teachers willing to undertake long-term work commitments.

D. The new recruitment strategy is seen as significant in moving away from short-terminism.

6. The news that thousands of permanent jobs are up for grabs – to Indians who speak “perfect” English, have basic teachers’ qualification and no police record – has come even as British schools have been facing an acute shortage of teachers.

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31m ago 595

CAT 2014 registration!

Has anyone registered for CAT 2014 which is supposed to begin today. Plz post your experience...

Hi friends..

while filling my CAT 2014 form i entered the decimal part of my 10th std marks wrongly.. instead of 86.80 i entered 86.08.. same error occured for 12 th and graduation marks.. will that be a problem????

Please help

  • 14Comments
  • @syam i m sure because i was told in the helpline call th.... 1h.
  • ohkkk. 31m.
Syam Menon @Syammenon 1

@piyugaurav  so for colleges other than iims it wont be a problem naa??? since we are applying separately for them

Syam Menon @Syammenon 1

@piyugaurav  since you have done 2 registrations in cat.. hw can u make sure that they dont issue hall tickets twice??.. 

piyush gaurav @piyugaurav

@syam i m sure because i was told in the helpline call that second registration will cancel d first one.

IMT PGDM Admissions 2015

Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur (IMTN) admissions open for the PGDM Batch 2015-17. Apply at the earliest for a life changing learning experience.

Admission 2015-17
Admission 2015-17
Why IMT Nagpur? Because we make a difference in the way you look at yourself, and at the rest of the world. IMT Nagpur, in spite of being only a decade old, has already been able to make a distinct mark among the crowded B-School environment in India.


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[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

1h ago 50.8k CAT Quant

Official Quant thread for CAT 2013

Hello all, As the CAT 2K12 come to a close, starting this thread for all the discussions of quant for CAT 2013. Here ...

A reduction of 10% price in the sugar enables a housewife to buy 6.2kg more for Rs279. Find the reduced price per kilogram???

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Hii i have 4 years of exp in telecom domain..

10 - 80%  ICSE Borad

12- 88%

Btech- 67% Uttrakhand technical University

What would be a suitable cat score to get a call..

Pls reply..

  • Hi, Kindly direct your queries to this year's admissions .... 1h.