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The phrase which is "Incorrect" in terms of grammar usage

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Simcat'12.. ( unproc mode)

QA - 92 , VA - 79 .. OA - 171 .. LRs definitely tough. RCs too easy :D.. QA should have been 100+ minimum

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Let there be Light..DT'14 
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I have filled my application form but where do we need the SOP .... Do we have to send it along with the application form ??

The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence.

718 CAT

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My post here should have come in 2012. It didn't, and I'm glad it didn't, as the story wasn't complete then. It is now mg

I joined FMS Delhi in 2012. I have graduated now, and when I look back I realize that God has been very kind to me. I always heard people say that everything happens for the best, I realized this in the last week of January 2014, and how! The dots connected backwards so beautifully, it all seemed like a plan. And the moment at which I had this realization was, well, just bliss

Though the story I will refer to the dots numerically, which will all magically connect at the end

Warning: This post is long, very long! But I promise you, it will be interesting.

The beginning

My story begins when I was in class 12. I was, like many others, preparing for the IIT JEE. Somehow I always knew that I wanted to do an MBA from IIM later and so I wanted to get through an IIT to get the 'tag'! I wasted most of class 11 whiling away time as it was the first time I was in a college of sorts(In Mumbai we have junior college after class 10). Studied hard in class 12 for JEE, but missed getting a rank courtesy a single digit score in Chemistry. I was very disappointed! Did ok at AIEEE, got an AIR 7000 and geared up for an NIT. This is when my dad told me to not go to an NIT but take up Chemical Engineering at UDCT Mumbai(regarded as the best Chemical Engineering Department in Asia). Now as you may have guessed, I absolutely hated chemistry, I totally despised it. The logic my dad gave me here was that since I was going to do an MBA anyway, UDCT was as big a brand as an NIT and I could stay at home in Mumbai and 'enjoy'(I would come to realize how untrue the brand bit was in the next 6.5 years). He was at his persuasive best and I was sold. He told me to not worry about acads, and have fun at engineering, and then crack the CAT in my final year. It sounded like a plan! This was dot 1.

Oh and btw, I took the boards like they were a joke, assuming “no one ever looks at 12th marks, I'l be going to a top engineering college, that's what's going to matter”. Got 72% and I flaunted it to my friends who had better marks but a much worse rank at AIEEE, the brash kid I was.

Engineering days

While at UDCT, I decided to follow my dad's advice. I had fun! Barely went to classes, fooled around all the time, and studied just enough to pass. I firmly believed that since engineering academics have no connection with management, they would have no bearing on selection to a management school either. On the other hand, extra-curricular activities and positions of responsibility are what B schools value the most. So I got involved with different clubs at college, organized many events and huge fests, and became the General Secretary of the student's council in my 3rd year. All throughout, my academics were in the early 60s, way below the average of the batch. This was dot 2.

CAT 2010

It was in February of 2010 that I started seriously preparing for the CAT. My term as GS of the college was about to end in a few months and most of the events for the year were done. I had time, a lot of it, and so I joined IMS with some of my college friends. As I had expected, quant came to me naturally. I was good, very good. But as I had not expected, I was struggling in VA, and I mean struggling! I remember getting single digit scores in SimCats and AimCats in VA multiple times(this was the time we had 3 sections, QA, DI-LR and VA). So I wasn't the most voracious reader around, but I had always believed that my English is good. So why this was happening was just not making any sense. I took more than 25 mocks in 4 months, and not in a single one did I manage to get more than 80%ile in VA.

I had almost lost hope, when I decided to approach things differently. I realized that my preparation in VA had not really matured. I was repeating my mistakes, and with each mock my confidence was sinking. So at the end of September 2010, I decided to not take another mock for a month and focus on VA only. My CAT was scheduled for 9th November. I picked up all my mocks and began to analyse the VA of each and every one of them. I spent almost 3-4 hours per mock, thinking of different ways to reason each question, specially the RCs, to try and frame an argument and jot it down, and then read the explanation to match their reasoning with mine. I could see that with each passing day, my confidence began to grow, my accuracy began to grow, and I my reasoning had begun to replicate the reasoning of the book. I remember taking my next mock on 30th October and scoring 99.xx%ile in VA. Boy was I pumped! This moment was so huge and I was so happy, that my dad decided to take me for a beer with him. In the next 10 days I took 3 more mocks and scored in excess of 98%ile in the VA section of all of them.

On the morning of 9th November, 2010, I left home nervous, but confident. I was satisfied as I walked out of the exam centre, hoping that I had done enough. The only other exam I took was FMS(those days FMS had their own exam). It was a speed based test, not my style. I did pretty badly. I knew this was one exam I would never be able to crack as its just so not attuned to my skills. I wasn't concerned anyway, expected to do well at the CAT. Now if my memory serves me right, IIM A and IIM L did not have very stringent acads criteria for calling till CAT 2009. Calls were primarily on your CAT score. I think for A you needed 70+ in 10th and 12th and L was probably similar, or atleast that's what I was told by some of my seniors. So I was under the impression that if I get a good CAT score, I will get multiple calls, and converting these calls will not be hard as my communication skills are good. The CAT 2010 results came on 11th January, my birthday and the day did seem lucky.

My results were:

OA: 99.66 --> Satisfied

QA: 97.8 --> Surprised/disappointed
DI-LR: 96.65 --> Very surprised/Very disappointed

VA: 99.26 --> Absolutely thrilled

I was satisfied. Now I waited for the calls to come in, which I thought were a formality. And what a surprise I was in for! I would come to realize that all of the extra-currics and PORs were not that important after all, and it was acads that were taken most seriously. Thanks to my wonderful acads(72 in 12th and low 60s in grad till then), the only call I got was IIM C. I felt cheated.
That's it. One shot to realize my childhood dream. And I said to myself that the one shot is all I need. But again, the overconfident person that I was, I did not prepare very well and was caught off guard during the interview when asked to defend my abysmal acads. As I walked out that door, I knew I had squandered my chance, and I was right. Reject from IIM C, my dream college! This was dot 3.

Life beyond CAT

In the meanwhile, some good and some not so good things happened. India won the world cup and I was at the stadium!! Thanks to my good oratory and analytical skills, I got a job with Ernst & Young in their Climate Change and Sustainability Services practice as an Associate Consultant. And my engineering days were over, and my final aggregate percentage was 60.04%, 3032/5050 in 8 sems to be precise. Had I gotten just 3 marks less across 8 sems, my aggregate would have been below 60%. This was dot 4.

CAT 2011

I started my job in July 2011, and I really enjoyed it, at least initially. I travelled to client site a lot and handled some key projects myself. But I knew that my goal was IIM C and so I began taking mocks again in September. It was about now that I read an article on PG which said "FMS to accept CAT score from 2012 onwards". I breathed a sigh of relief. I thought to myself that now I have 2 options. However I felt FMS was more of a back-up. This was dot 5.
I knew that with my acads, to have a real shot at C, I must aim for as high a score as possible at CAT, higher than the last time. Took CAT 2011 without much fuss and did ok, but not as well as I had hoped.

The results were:

OA: 99.65 --> A touch disappointed

QA-DI: 99.75 --> Satisfied

VA-LR: 95.15 --> Disappointed

I was lucky to get an IIM C call in spite of the fact that they introduced 10% weightage to 10th and 12th marks this year for calling. A few days later, I also got a call from IIM L(abm) and FMS.

This time I was not going to repeat my mistakes. I joined a reputed gdpi class in Mumbai and attended the sessions religiously. I wasn't really interested in ABM, so was going to give L a miss, but went for it for practice. Did well, and it gave me a lot of confidence. Next was C, and after the interview I had a strange feeling. I answered most of what they asked me and the discussion was smooth, but something was wrong, and I couldn't put my finger on it. As the say, “Feel nahi aayi”. And not to my surprise, I was rejected by IIM C again! Now I had begun to doubt myself all over again, but for different reasons. I was supposed to have great communication skills, so why was I getting rejected by IIM C again and again? This is a question I have not been able to answer till today, but in hind sight, I'm glad this happened. This was dot 6.

Next the IIM L(abm) results came and I was in. This was reassuring, as I knew that I did have it in me to clear interviews. It gave me a lot of confidence for the FMS process later that month.

A day before the FMS process, I realized that FMS has a minimum graduation score criteria, and it is 60% for engineers(it was 60% for engineers, was relaxed to 50% for all streams from 2013). My score was 60.04! 3 marks lesser across 8 semesters of engineering, and I would not even be eligible to apply to FMS! Before the process I thought to myself, “this seems like this it is meant to be, its destiny”. And the process was smooth, and I was selected! I

'l be honest, it was a mixed feeling. On one hand I was very happy that I had converted a top 5 B school, but on the other hand I knew that this was the end of my IIM C dream!

B school

When I was joining FMS, my dream job was Tata Administrative Services(TAS), which is one of the most coveted jobs in the Indian B school fraternity. I genuinely believed I could make it to TAS. But it was only during the summer internship process when I realized that if with my profile, if getting into FMS was a big deal, getting out with a top job is next to impossible. The first 3 lines of my CV had 2 lines which read 72% and 60%! And contrary to what I had believed, no one outside Mumbai knew UDCT, no one!

I was still hoping to get some shortlists from general management or marketing profiles with my barrage of extra-curriculars and PORs. However, I did not get shortlists from any but one consulting company(my workex was consulting so they shortlisted me but didn't select me) among the first 35-40 companies on campus. It was only after this that I got my next shortlist from a small niche consulting firm and was selected. By this time, close to 60% of the batch had been placed. My friends were worried for me, but I held up a brave face saying its only an internship, but I knew that the problem was grave. If I would not get shortlist, I would never be able to show the companies that I was actually pretty good. So I knew that my CV needed some serious ramping up, as in the finals too I was not going to get shortlists easily. I would have to earn them.

I was holding a POR at FMS in my first year, I decided to not contest for any position the next year. FMS is pretty relaxed post summers so I had a lot of free time to build my skills and CV, and still have all the fun in the world. I focused my energies on corporate competitions and live projects to bring in some academic flavor to my profile. I worked hard, very hard. One after another, I won the campus championship of 4 major corporate competitions. I also maintained good academics at FMS, being among the top 25% of the batch. In the summers, I got to work on strategy formation for a fortune 25 client. I was also one of two people to be selected to represent FMS and India at an event in South Korea. So come finals, my CV had started to look a lot better, but I was still unsure if I would get any major shortlists in the finals with my way below average 12th and grad scores.

Edit: One of the competitions that I won was organized by a major Indian conglomerate who used to offer PPIs to the winners from every campus. This year however, they decided to not offer PPIs as they were "over-hired". I was extremely disappointed. It was a general management role which I would have happily accepted if given the chance. This was dot 7.

P.S. A PPI is a Pre-Placement Interview which if you convert, you have to accept the job and you are signed out of the finals process at FMS.

The dots connecting

Owing to the small batch size of FMS, and the fact that many students had PPOs and many were placed in the laterals process, the number of people competing in the finals was a lot lesser than in the summers. And with my improved profile to go with the reduced competition, I was one of the 40 people shortlisted for the process of TAS, one of my 3 shortlists on day 0. I knew that this was my chance to make it big! And as luck would have it, the final interview was with three directors of Tata companies, all three of whom were from Mumbai. When I said I was a chemical engineer from UDCT, I could see how their eyes lit up, they knew!! I clinched my fist under the table. We then had a 5 minute discussion on what makes the UDCT stand out globally etc etc, and they spoke more than me!! They absolutely loved the college, and almost completely overlooked what had been my Achilles heel forever, my past acads. Then one of them asked me, "how have you managed to maintain reasonable acads in spite of doing so many things?" It was an "ab rulaoge kya" moment I guess he was referring only to my FMS acads, like he was not concerned with my past acads at all!
I had a great time in that interview room, and sometime later I was told that I had made it!

This was the moment of realization! My choice of which engineering school to attend, FMS accepting CAT score, my being eligible for FMS so narrowly, my consecutive rejects from IIM C where I may have never gotten this shortlist with the large batch size, my not getting that PPI which I would have happily accepted, suddenly all of this made perfect sense! And as I said at the beginning, this moment was bliss

God's ways are strange and the dots always connect backwards! Everything happens for a reason, everything happens for the best

Thank you FMS Delhi! You truly are the Red Building of Dreams mg

Vineet Jain

FMS Delhi 2012-2014

TAS batch of 2014

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  • very inspirational building of dreams :mg:. 15 Oct.
  • Thank you @guitar_geek @talktoash30 @Pratishruti. 1h.
FMS Delhi || CAT 2011: 99.65%ile || CAT 2010: 99.66%ile  
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work ex=3 yrs in telecom domain

is there any chance in A,B,C and new iims also pls let me know safe percentile for fms and nitie to convert.

today is the day...

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[2014] CL Mock CAT 12 Scores and Discussion (DON'T OPEN UNLESS ATTEMPTED)

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Wow Crazy scores yet again here.

I got 103. 53 + 50.

Percentile is 95 !.

I think I should stop giving exams.

This score won't get me anywhere. Being general and having low acads. I need 99.5+... Seems far off.

Consistently getting 100-110. But not crossing that.

Any advise ppl ?

  • @sr_9267 @sachinjha @Burgundy. 2h.

8.4k CAT

The Art of writing SOP

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can anyone help regarding SOP for FMS.. my graduation %age is low it is 6.2/10.. mechanical.. final year... what should i write?

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10th 77% 12th 88% btech 5.4 cgp(computer science and engineering) graduation from IIT Category: ST..what %ile should i get in order to get a call from A,B and C ?? please help me !!

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QA:105 (36C 3W)

VA:82 (29C 5W)


A tinge of pride and your end is imminent. 

19k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

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Hariprasad Chaurasia is a renowned musician in which musical instrument?

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3.2k CAT

Fill In The Blanks For CAT 2012

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@themaster said:
SET XExhaustion of natural resources, destruction of individual initiative by governments, control overmen €™s minds by central _______ of education and propaganda are some of the major evils whichappear to be on the increase as a result of the impact of science upon minds suited by __________to an earlier kind of world.(1) tenets; fixation (2) aspects; inhibitions(3) institutions; inhibitions (4) organs; tradition(5) departments; repulsionGive solution with explanation
Will go for 3) institutions, inhibitions...
for the first blank tenets, organs and aspects cannot fill up the first blank... and repulsion in not suited for the second blank...
tag me wen u provide the OA....
  • 2. 3h.
If you want to be the best...You got to take out the Best.

419 CAT NITIE, Mumbai

[2013-15] NITIE Final Results & Related Discussions

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I have Applied For the PGDIM and submitted the application form. Now I also want to apply for PGDISEM. Do I need to apply for new Registration and Fill the complete details?  It might also two application number. If I do in aforesaid manner, will I disqualified for admission?..

  • Dear @dhavalmak , Kindly post your queries in this forum:.... 1d.
  • thanks @ syed zaidie. 4h.
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While filling the application form, I had written the year of my birth in place of matrix year. I had submitted the form and paid the fees. Can u please guide my now how to edit my application form. Please help me. 

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CL Mock Cat 15

QA - 28C/33A = 79 ( Found DS very ambiguous)

VA - 26C/36A = 68 ( Accuracy killed me here)

OA - 54C/69A = 147

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  • nyc score in QA (y). 8h.
  • DIs were easy in this one! How much did u score in 15?. 4h.
You never lose until you quit trying!  
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1. In an RC(cum poem), the question is about Central idea.

2. 5 statements are given.

3. Options given are of the multiple true statements type.

4. Answer is None of these.

5. And finally, the question is classified as EASY. (10% people attempted it. 34% of them got it correct).

Time wale machate hai.

  • 4Comments
  • :stuck out tongue: I left it ...without even reading th.... 5h.
  • Got it correct :smiley: Yeah twas easy: I just read 1st.... 4h.
K C@t @Blueline 50

Just now i was going through this  RC only. i did 4/5 correct.  i think it was Moderate level due to the multiple options provided. . But it was no where easy

K C@t @Blueline 50

and Poem had  very little significance in this RC.  none of the 5 questions were Poem based. 

Swapnil Kulkarni @Swapnil1991 9

I left it ...without even reading there are lots of fishes in the lake...why to catch these

Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8 890

Got it correct Yeah twas easy: I just read 1st 2 statements. Found both wrong. Marked D

264 CAT Quant CAT

[Official] LR-DI Thread for CAT 2014

Hi, Puys CAT 2013 is finally over. Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2014. :grin: Please use this thread for all kin...

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Four players from Barcelona Football Club viz. Fabregas, Messi, Iniesta and Xavi are sitting in a row from left to right. Each of them is of different height and is wearing a different colour t-shirt viz. Red, Yellow, Blue and White but not necessarily in the same order.

The player wearing Red colour t-shirt was between players wearing Yellow and White coloured t-shirts respectively.

The player wearing White t-shirt is taller than taller than the player wearing Red t-shirt and shorter than the player wearing Yellow t-shirt.

There is one player who has a height of 1.79 m. and he is not wearing a blue t-shirt.

Iniesta is taller than Fabregas.

The difference in the heights of the player wearing Blue t-shirt and the one wearing White t-shirt is 0.04 meters.

The player wearing Yellow t-shirt is the only one between players whose heights are 1.68 meters and 1.72 meters.

Who is the tallest among them? (Ans: Iniesta).

>>> I got the t-shirt colors associated with each height, but I am not able to connect the players with their heights or t-shirts. Could someone please tell me an approach to do so?<<<

  • 7Comments
  • @ana195 : i came up with 2 possibilities a) left to right.... 8h.
  • Yellow shirt is having 2 possibilities.Derived this after.... 4h.
jimmy xavier @jboy 9

@ana195 : i came up with 2 possibilities a) left to right BYRW and b)  WRYB  since F,M,I,X, are seated left to right and since yellow is tallest 1.79 so yellow -Messi or yellow is Iniesta

dynamic pursuit @dynamicpursuit 401

Yellow shirt is having 2 possibilities.Derived this after lot of scratching.

141 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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i have a feeling cl has predicted a tougher cat this time as they have been giving some really lengthy dis, some really time consuming lrs and never ending rcs.. Initially their used to be lots of easy and medium level questions but now one has to fish them out....!! nyone shares the same feeling..??  

  • 6Comments
  • Oh and tough LR's too :stuck_out_tongue:. 4h.
  • shubh shubh bol le bhai.. kyun marne pe tula hai.. :stuc.... 4h.
When time comes, i shall be ready to conquer and claim glory..!!  
Valar Morghulis @ferlonso 505

I feel CAT difficulty level will lie somewhere between CL Mocks and SIMCATs with chance of it being closer to SIMCATs just because it is the first year of the new format. Till now no official confirmation of the marking pattern, so I hope after all these uncertainties the paper turns out to be a bit on the easier side

Valar Morghulis @ferlonso 505

But yes, CL difficulty has risen quite sharply in especially Sec I

prashant @findingbugs 243

I feel the same.. closer to simcats and bulls eye.. cl used to give closer to cat papers but it seems they are just completing formalities.. !!

Nikhar Mattu @Dark_Passenger 1.2 k

I hope CAT is exactly like CL...tough QA and easy VA....all the QA specialists will see their score fall(which is a fair number of people) and all the VA specialists will see their score increase(which is like 50 people all India or something ) 

prashant @findingbugs 243

shubh shubh bol le bhai.. kyun marne pe tula hai..