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While filling academic details it does not save and continue,it says input string was not in a correct format

Pls Help

  • It wasnt accepting CGPA,so I had to enter it out of 1000..... 2h.
  • @firebladermba Can you close your browser and try to re-l.... 54s.
@firebladermba 1

It wasnt accepting CGPA,so I had to enter it out of 1000.Now the payment gateway isnt initialising.It redirects me to the same page without taking me to the credit card payment page

Venkat Akella @venkat89 2,864

@firebladermba Can you close your browser and try to re-login and check if you can enter the data and proceed to the payment page?

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can i know the latest placement of dsm for 2012-2014 as it is not available on website.and also the no. of student and no of offers made?

or number of ooffers per student??????since these informations r not available on websit...????

  • @ckc600 placement report for 2012-2014 will be soon uplo.... 1m.
Shashank Kashyap @Shaank

@ckc600  placement report for 2012-2014 will be soon uploaded on website.

500 CAT

CAT 2014 (Sunday, 16th November 2014 - Day 1) Exam Experience

*Please post your CAT 2014 experience in the following format :* CAT Center, Date and Slot: 1) How many attempts yo...

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Sometimes I feel its just money that drives me.  It's money that reflects upon me and has made me what i am today; a loser or a Winner.  For as long as I remember, I have been running after money and have lost the reason of my existence.

I read very less.  The only things I could ever read happily are business journals, entrepreneurship journeys, or inspirational stories.

I am too near to be called a self-centered humane. I have friends a lot of them but not one with whom I can share. I am blocked. However, I can laugh with everyone.

It's my 3rd attempt in CAT this time. When I was 15, I had decided to do MBA and am sticking to it till the time I turn 24 i.e. tomorrow.

I never wanted to be an engineer , doctor or anything even if I didn't knew it existed or not.

The first attempt was a 50 percentile and I blamed it on the existence of negative marking and not knowing about it.

Second attempt saw a bit of an upward trend and ended at 83 percentile and this time I blamed it on not being able to attend a coaching center.

The third and final attempt still won't get me where I want to and this time I am going to blame it on, not having a girlfriend which distracted me the most.

Moreover, I felt broke and lost after every of mine cat attempts but that brokenness didn't lasted for more than a month or 2 because I was used to it.

There may be several Maybe's for what has happened but among all these the most important was i wanted to be the IIM without putting in proportional efforts because i  felt I was made for this and why do I have to put in efforts for something I love but I was wrong.

I wasted time feeling sad, Browsing websites,updating statuses, dreaming big and was busy with my Job (I have been working since I was 18)

I fear my exponentially increasing age.

I fear my ambitions.

I fear my existence.

I fear the society.

I fear my job security.

My heart always tell me that someday there would be someone who'll come stand by my side and guide me through but then suddenly reality kicks me. It's just a beautiful dream which has to be fulfilled by you alone and expectations are the worst thing people like me can ever have 

I really don't know why I wrote this. Currently i feel shattered,tattered and am clueless about the direction I should move forward......

P.S. Please ignore grammatical errors.

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  • thanks to all those who made this post an inspirational one!. 1m.
Kunal Kaushal @kkaush 7

thanks to all those who made this post an inspirational one!

16.8k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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Right most odd digit of 118^200. 

Ans is 7. How?

@prate3k @rafaelnadal @Highway66 

  • @eshanrock simple hai just find last 2 digits of 118^200 .... 13m.
  • 18^200= 9^200 *2^200= 81^100 *76= 01*76=76. 2m.

It's better to burn out than to fade away...

payal garg @marim 128

@eshanrock simple hai just find last 2 digits of 118^200 and u will get 7

:(( @prate3k 2,265

18^200= 9^200 *2^200= 81^100 *76= 01*76=76 

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Hi friends,

I have scored CMAT -60 percentile , X - 91.6% , XII - 90% , BE ( Mech) -76%  I am working as Assistant manager in JSW steel ltd, with 10 years of experience as Operations engineer, Since I have scored 60 percentile ( 106 marks) shall i apply for PGPM in Great lakes

please give ideas and suggestions,




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Hey guys if u have any idea regarding the last year percentiles for iim a, b, c, k, for nc obc. (other iims as well)

i want to know the percentiles on which people have converted calls 

i have a work ex of 30 months in IT in wipro technologies.

I am expecting around 95 this time. last time i got 85 percentile.

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i am not a pro but i will like to make a few slot wise guesses about the percentiles that i expect to see when 3rd week of december comes

Slot 1: overall a moderate slot with a few difficult lrs. Since this was the first slot people generally attempted the paper as per their set plans. Only in the dying moments did they realize that lrs were tough and rcs were comparatively dead easy. Only a few took the rc first approach and got 75 80 + attempts. Since people kept their attempts to their mock level attempts and focused more on accuracy, this slot should result in nearby at par scores with slot 2 and 3.

99.9+  Early 200's

99.5    185-187

99       172-175

98       160

95       145

Slot 2 and Slot 3  : From what it seems, comparatively easier slots. People had got the idea of rc first and quant being easy. These are the slots where the race to attempt high began and their was a rush of blood to attempt 90+. I think many people kept accuracy on the backburner and many might have actually screwed some sitters. Since dis and lrs were mostly moderate, we would be seeing comparatively high raw scores in these only at the top %iles .

99.9+  210 - 212

99.5    188-190

99       176-178

98       162

95       148

Slot 4 :  I was in this lot so i might sound biased towards this one. It looked a tricky slot. The last slot and most of the people had their strategies set after seeing the feedback of students from previous slots. People relied on speed but their were a few tricky questions in quant that looked dead easy initially. Then came the speed brakers, 1 Di and 1 Lr were time consuming, 1 each being very very cat standard ones that one can only think of leaving after wasting time on the time consuming ones. Close option va and rcs complete the summary. i know a few who kept accuracy but many attempted high just because they were feeling the heat from the earlier slots. As reported, a few incomplete or wrong dis are also not helping the cause much

99.9+  195-197

99.5    180-182

99       170

98       155

95       140

I was in slot 4 so i might be a bit biased towards the difficulty of this slot but this is what most people think in this slot.

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  • @sid2222000 bakar idhar bhi chaalu hai :stuck out tongue.... 11m.
  • Also 99.5%le is no small number, its over a 1000 people (.... 9m.
When time comes, i shall be ready to conquer and claim glory..!!  
Saurabh Raina @Dante_ftw1 1,464

@sid2222000 bakar idhar bhi chaalu hai

And I can personally vouch for the fact that 2.5* formula is wrong. Discussions in hostel room if you disagree

@findingbugs Yeah sid is right kinda (usually just does bakar), I too feel its going to hover around 170~ for 99.5+%le.

Saurabh Raina @Dante_ftw1 1,464

Also 99.5%le is no small number, its over a 1000 people (if 2+ lakh candidates applied). Over a 1000 people trying to achieve a mammoth target with high accuracy..and these predictions are based on trends.

170~ : 99.5

158~ : 99 etc

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After goin thru the stats of this poll just taking attempts into consideration,I have come to a very important question....16-sl-241,16-sl2-271,22-sl1-295,22-sl4-336 people have attempted 50+ in Cat....241+271+295+336=1143...Now considering PG is the most active thread by cat aspirants who are damn serious about cat dese people r definitely through....But still approx 1700 will be 99 percentile plus...So the space left after these people will be 1700-1143=557....Who will be dese 557 people???Are these figures correct at all since people say slot 4 is toughest but in poll 336 i.e. maxm have attempted 50+ in dis slot only????God knows wats goin to happen!!!!

  • @aman_bedi :I guess white rum wld be better....waise bhi .... 17m.
  • Bacardi rocks bro!!! Just that nearly 700 ppl have partic.... 13m.
Saket Narayan @Catlaptowin 58

@aman_bedi :I guess white rum wld be better....waise bhi thandi kaa mausam hain!!!!:)

Sayan Saha @SAYANMIN27 186

Bacardi rocks bro!!! Just that nearly 700 ppl have participated in the polls on 22 slot 4... N only 530 odd ppl of 16th slot contributes to this fact!!

36 CAT

CAT 2013 (Wednesday, 23rd October 2013 - Day 6) Exam Experience

To assure that the thread is put to the best use, please post your CAT 2013 experience in the following format :CAT C...

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CAT Center, Date and Slot: JNTU HYD, 23rd Oct, morning

1) How many attempts you have made? 14-15+23-24

2) Your last mock score? 62.34 cat 2012

If you are there at repository thread, please provide the link here.


3) How was your experience of the test?


4) What was the surprise element for you?


5) Any tips to handle the computer based exam better?


6) Your overall analysis of the exam. Toughness, new topics, sections etc.

Quant - the questions are like easy-moderate and some from remote areas of very familiar topics, all u need is a small brush up of those concepts.One DI set is easy, in the another one 2 can be attempted out of 3 and in the last di set 1-2 ques can be done because it was too calculation intensive.Leave the DI if it is difficult(i.e. time consuming)you can attempt 2 ques in quant for every one such ques in those DI's.

LR sets were easy to moderate.LR is entirely doable in 25-30 mins. 1 RC is easy.the rest 2 were out of the world.instead went for the verbal ques as they were easy.

7) Any other query or something you would like to share.

ATB to others.

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  • Please tag me if any other offensive discussion has taken.... 16m.
Kinjal Das 27,122

Please tag me if any other offensive discussion has taken place. 

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Hi, can anybody help me with SNAP institutes?

Need the top 2-3 institutes under SNAP which are A ranked.

Thanks in advance

  • what about SIBM Bangalore, heard it has shown good progre.... 4h.
  • Depends on your expectations. I have filled only SIBM. Th.... 18m.
shan @shan @naga1802 162

what about SIBM Bangalore, heard it has shown good progress over the past few years ....

Vipin Raina @chippycool2001 112

Depends on your expectations. I have filled only SIBM. That too I ma not sure if I will join at all. You may explore options though.

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Is GMAT score accepted for Indian applicants for the PGDM program at SP jain ...or only CAT and XAT are neded? Please put some light. Thank you !

92 CAT

SC/ST & PH students queries and discussion for CAT 2014 & other Exams

Hi all, There was no new thread for 2014, so this is a new thread (created previously by smokeMBA) In continuation of...

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So, puys..! Share your experience and attempts here. 

CAT '13 : Khatarnaak  SNAP '13 Converts : SIBM Bengaluru ,SIIB, SITM Joined : None  Target : CAT 2014 " IIM > Nothing " 

19.9k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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First smoke free state in India?

53 people answered this question.
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

238 CAT

Ask PaGaLGuY : Last Minute CAT Preparation Queries & Tips

Post your queries, get tips for the exam day. @rahul.krishna is here to answer you queries.

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  • one big yes for all the queries. 40m.
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For people who missed the application because it was closed at 5 pm only, let us all sign a petition or sth to tell them to reopen the application because for b school the last date of application means by 11:59 on that particular day

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Hi I am looking for a study partner for preparation of my CET exam. If interested, please add me on or message me here. Studypal also provides free mentoring by experts and that too for free. Please respond ASAP as I have to begin my preparations soon.

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Reservation is there in FORE?? nd last date to apply??

Success 2010 @success2112 12


Till last year, FMS registration used to start after cat exam and registration was open till November end/December. However this year, lots of students missed out on FMS registration, as deadline was over before CAT. So please sign this petition to reopen FMS registration.

Also mail to FMS administration stating same.

We are going to meet FMS admin soon and your mails and petition will help us in making a strong case.

Mail ID: and

Call at 01127666388. (A lady will pick call. Request her to ask admin people to reopen registration)

Share your views at pagalguy thread

242 CAT FMS, New Delhi

FMS Online Application for 2014

Can anyone tell me how do we apply for FMS for 2014 admissions?

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Two questions:

1. Anybody get acknowledgement of FMS receiving the application acknowledgement form ?

2. If not, then is it showing in the status of your FMS account ? Or is the status still only 'payment received'?

  • Nope.. it just says "Payment received". 1h.