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The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

Though Off-topic , still out of bonhomie , Many Many Happy Returns of the Day @Sabya1590 - our very own Dada - From all the UDTians . Wish you success this year. 'Korbo lorbo jeetbo dada' .. And yaah - RIP all Mocks / Sectionals etc for today . Enjoy the state of insobriety today.  

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  • sure !!! Rosogolla n Mishti Doi :smiley:. 12m.
  • I miss those in Pune. :(. 25s.

1m ago 11.8k CAT Quant

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

  1. In a factory three types of products A, B and C are manufactured. All workers employed in the factory are equally efficient. In one hour, 100 workers can produce 80 A's, 160 B's, 120 C's. In two hours, 75 workers can produce 125 A's, 140 B's and 180 C's. In three hours, 150 workers can produce 150 A's, 'X' B's and 540 C's. What is the value of 'X'?

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  • 4080??. 1m.

QA/DI : 73(27/8)......This section is deteriorating day by day and is no longer my forte

VA/LR : 72(26/6)

OA : 145

  • How do you rate the difficulty level of this aimcat? Ever.... 15m.
Ad @asc @adi_bits 28

How do you rate the difficulty level of this aimcat? Everybody is saying its easier than previous but apparently everyone's scores are down by 20 marks

Thank you VC Ankan and fellow teammate Prashant for the kind introductions. A hearty thank you to the selectors for giving me a place in the most respected things at PG. I hope not to let anybody down in these coming months or otherwise Here are a few words about me:

I am Shashwat Gangwar. I did BTech from dept of Mechanical Engg at IIT Delhi (batch of 2014). Joined Axtria in July, a Big Data Analytics firm headquartered in New Jersey. I'm posted in their Gurgaon office. 

My Profile:

CBSE Xth board: 93.5%

CBSE XIIth board: 93.2%

BTech: CGPA 8.7/10

Extra-currics: Nothing great here, just some volunteering work at Avanti Fellows, and hostel football and tennis teams, apart from a few projects at IIT.

Took GMAT last year: 740/800.

The only Indian boy to be selected in the Yale School of Management's highly selective Global PreMBA Leadership Program 2014. Spent this summer at Yale's heavenly campus in New Haven (hands down one of the best things to have happened to me). 

An ISB YLP 2013 Admit.

As for CAT, it's my second attempt this year. Took CAT last year and scored 79.14%ile (yes you read that correctly). Aiming for 100%ile this year

I am pretty balanced in both sections of CAT, or atleast that's what I feel, although I enjoy solving DIs and LRs in both the sections.

Target Colleges: IIM A B C

Exams appearing for: CAT

Wishing everybody here at PG the best of luck for this year! Looking forward to making new friends here

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  • lol, that's what you said in the video :stuck out tongue:. 15h.
  • lol sorry I never paid attention to what I was saying in .... 19m.
Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8 508

lol sorry I never paid attention to what I was saying in that scene but yeah, actually twas a team task and we actually hadn't done anything and time was running out

21m ago 2.5k CAT Verbal

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...


Okay, I'm getting tired of it now. If 'A Lion Among Men' were the second book in "The Wicked Years," I would have probably liked it as much as I liked the actual second book in "The Wicked Years." It's a similar formula: take a not-terribly-sympathetic minor character and flesh him out in context. It's the Cowardly Lion's backstory this time. We saw Brrr (did Baum name him that?) in a couple of brief cameos in Wicked, and now it's an illumination of the life lived in between being a motherless cub and a surprised, chucked-aside adult member of the Dorothy team, as well as some events after. More engagingly, Maguire also fleshes out several of the bizarre bit players that have been circling the margins of the story till now.

And really, more of this and less of that, please. It starts off well, with a heretofore rare Yackle point of view, a scene from the scarred eyes of the old bat that's been pestering the characters with prophetic catcalls for a couple of books now. She demands her fellow nuns to lower her into the crypt, to hasten the end of the burden of her life and sweep her out after a year. The suicide is a near-comical, near-chilling failure. Deliciously macabre, ("wicked"), which is not my go-to place for entertainment, but a hell of an entrance in this case. The other secondary characters are almost this good too, but soon enough we're with the Lion again, and his personal history gets the, ....Lion's share of print. Some new folds in the character are revealed, and it wasn't badly done, but it more colored in the outline of his character than expanded it. And it costs us readers 200 pages of retreading old backstory, even while the author is telegraphing a larger plot and doing nothing about it. Now that these Oz books are a committed series instead of an entertainingly revisionist standalone, now that it's a story arc in other words, there's an entirely different pacing at play. Or maybe it was all fine, and it was just too soon to get back in.

The history of the Cowardly Cub picks up after his escape from the University lab, and he finds himself in the wilderness, subsisting without meat, and, Frankenstein-like, without language. He picks up the art of words by spying on humans, and boy, he's quick with that. The author isn't about to let inexperience get in the way of a few good puns or a little witty banter. Like Shelley's creature, or like old Quasimodo, the young Lion craves acceptance, and commits love straightaway, which, due to his disconnectedness from the world, has brutish results. Neither does he fit in with Oz's disenfranchised talking Animals, and his life flits between the spheres, from an uncomfortable society Animal, to an uncomfortable outcast. Poor Brrr isn't quite as likable as he might be. He has a tendency for vanity, self-absorption and conflict-avoidance, but it's clear they'd have only ever been venial sins were he not pushed around by circumstances. The tragedies aren't so much that people suffer for his failures to act, but rather that he keeps ending up in situations where his inaction matters. A hard thing to illustrate.

Which of the following is not used by the author as a justification or reason why the novel 'A lion among men' becomes boring or less interesting for him?

a) The fact that the books of the "The Wicked Years" fall into a series which is maintained in a committed fashion instead of creating something entirely new.  

b) The author builds a larger plot which could have been developed well instead of the lion "Brr's" backstory.  

c) The new aspects in the personal history of the lion do not add anything significant to the depth of the lion's character.  

d) The lion "Brr.." is a character with brief cameos in earlier novels, who has been made the "major character" in the present novel.

All of the following can be inferred from the passage


1. Brr feels like an outcast basically due to his being a motherless cub.

2. People do not suffer when Brr fails to act, but at the same time Brr keeps ending up in situations where his actions have adverse consequences.

3. The lion receives exaggerated importance to the detriment of secondary characters.

4. Brr's tendency for vanity, self-absorption and conflict avoidance would not have been a sin had he not been pushed around by circumstances.

a) 1 and 2  

b) 2 and 3  

c) 1 and 3  

d) 1, 3 and 4

Which of the following is NOT a part of the story in the novel "A lion among men" according to the author?

a) A suicide attempt which gives a gruesome yet humorous feel.  

b) Humour brought out in spite of constraints.  

c) A readily likeable protagonist who evokes immediate sympathy due to his being an outcast.  

d) A protagonist who is surprisingly quick to acquire linguistic skills despite his circumstances.

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  • @theamankhanna In the third question, option B talks ab.... 25m.
  • __/\\__ thanks @ferlonso. 21m.
Valar Morghulis @ferlonso 353

@amanbharti This is from some mock I suppose, remember doing this.... complex one I would say though

Valar Morghulis @ferlonso 353

In the third question, option B talks about humour bring brought out despite constraints.... In the passage it says The author isn't about to let inexperience get in the way of a few good puns or a little witty banter

Option C talks about a readily likeable protagonist which is not true as in the first para it says a not-terribly-sympathetic minor character

Rest two options are also mentioned in the passage. So, C should be the answer

26m ago 24

Best study material for Cat 2014

I've arihant books for Cat. I do want to know how effective it will be for cat, & do I need to subscribe for study ma...

Hi! can anybody share TIME/CL's study material? I have PT education's material, AIMCATS and CL Mocks if you want..

33m ago 2.2k CAT Verbal

Grammar and English Usage

A. At a time when there is so much revulsion towards corruption in all walks of life, Sachin seeking to subvert the l...

In these bleak and depressing times of ___ prices, non-performing governments and ___ crime rates, Sourav Ganguly has given us, Indians, a lot to cheer about.

a. escalating ... increasing     b. spiralling ... booming

c. spiralling ... soaring            d. ascending ... debilitating

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  • aur mam.. plz post the OAs of the questions you have post.... 1h.
  • @mansiarora123 please post the OA. 33m.

39m ago 61


Hey puys n pirls, This forum is meant for detailed discussion of the CL mocks 2014. One can feel free to ask anything...

45m ago 481

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

Simcat 114

QA/DI = 52  :(

VA/LR = 78 :| 

OA = 130 ... 

Percentile (as displayed) = 98.51 

Paper was moderate to difficult ... Pls post ur scores guys ! 

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  • @Harveyspecter bhai typo ... This was 114 and not 111 ....... 1h.
  • Got 97.xx on 126. :neutral face:. 45m.
harvey specter @Harveyspecter 49

Scored 161 OA and got 98.4 percentile... strange that you got 98.5 on 130! are they considering accuracy also?

1h ago 2.1k CAT Quant

Number Systems, Progressions

Twinkle tells Raveena that she has got 3 kids and 2 of these kids are twins, and also that their ages are all integer...

1h ago 53 Great Lakes

[Official] 2015-16 Great Lakes Chennai PGPM Admission queries

Admissions (first cycle) open for the prestigious PGPM program at Great Lakes Institute of Management. Visit the link...

when will the application process start.. what are the prerequisites..??

1h ago 222

[2014] Bull CAT & Mock CAT Scores & Discussion

Please post here scores and discussions for all the BullsEye CATs as well as BullsEye Mock CATs.

What the hell! Someone scored a perfect 300 in Bull Mock CAT 29 with 100% accuracy. And I thought aliens didn't exist.

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  • Might be he was hiding in his space ship for the past few.... 1h.
  • And congrats btw for your AIR 5.. :smiley: (Y). 1h.
prashant @findingbugs 148

bhai its impossible.. Seriously how can this happen

prashant @findingbugs 148

It must have been a software glitch .. because i cant find his name in any previous test

Rust Cohle @SpongeBob 218

Might be he was hiding in his space ship for the past few months..

QA 39 (17A / 14C)   VA 70 (34A / 26C)  Total 109 (51A / 40C)........Tough maths....need to improve a lot...

Book your slots

  • That's crazy. You need to book slot for taking a test at .... 13h.
  • Bhai woh bas naam k liye hota hai. Kabhi bhi de sakte ho. 1h.
Ankur Jhavery @ajhavery 114

That's crazy. You need to book slot for taking a test at home...

pulkit malik @pulkit_malik 278

Bhai woh bas naam k liye hota hai. Kabhi bhi de sakte ho

1h ago 3.6k

Requests or Offers to Donate your Old CAT Study Material : Strictly no buying or selling

Hi All, This is the season where lot of you people have completed their MBA preparation journey and are wondering whe...

Hi guys ,I am from Chennai .Do any of you have taken byju's package,I can share with you.

  • Please mail me details to 22h.
  • Please share. 1h.