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229 CAT

CAT 2014 (Saturday, 22nd November 2014 - Day 2) Exam Experience.

*Share you CAT 2014 experiences, reviews and analysis in the following format :* CAT Center, Date and Slot: 1) How ...

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Nagarjuna College of Engineering, Bangalore,  22nd Nov, Slot 1

Attempts - 91 - 43 + 48(Not sure if ludicrous or work of genius) with accuracy of 60-70%.

Mocks score - Not given any

Experience - Laughable. After dreading the exam for some many days, the paper was contrary to the expectations. I had hardly practised for the exam but was still able to answer substantial no. of ques. accurately. The exam centre was distant yet the assigned staff were courteous. System was replaced instantly after the first one didn't connect to the network.

Surprise element - The simplicity. After the exam, I was lamenting that I hadn't practised at all for the exam since all the questions were solvable after undergoing few weeks of dedicated practice. Some topics were missing in QA while some unexpected types of quest. were present in VA.

Overall Analysis - Paper was easy but bit hard for me as I hadn't practised at all. I started with VA and LR. Some RC's had very close-by options. Also, 1-2 ques. had incorrect options for the odd man out sentence pertaining questions.( Did anyone else see them ?) QA I started bit late. QA was bit slower as quant. isn't my forte nowadays. Missed out on last 6-7 DI ques as ran out of time.

With the benefit of hindsight, this number seems too high and 65-70 would have been better I guess. For anyone who has given multitude of Mocks with Questions of superior calibre, this paper was a cakewalk.

Queries - Can I report those ques with incorrect options ? I wasted invaluable seconds in searching for "none of these" option in the screen. I don't exactly remember them though

Also people were wearing watches and some were allowed even till 9:29 while most of the candidates had reached before the specified time of 8:45. Allotting due respect to the distance, morning slot etc, If the rules aren't supposed to be enforced, why make them ?

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  • Lets not discuss the entire question. But it was correct.. 16s.
@s.mundhra93 3

Lets not discuss the entire question. But it was correct.

483 CAT

CAT 2014 (Sunday, 16th November 2014 - Day 1) Exam Experience

*Please post your CAT 2014 experience in the following format :* CAT Center, Date and Slot: 1) How many attempts yo...

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For people asking for predictions

After looking at scores from all 4 slots, this is what my predictions* are for my slot (slot 2):

100%ile: 250

99.9: 210

99.5: 190

99: 175

98: 160

97: 150

95: 140

90: 125

Slot 1 was slightly more difficult, so you can decrease all the above marks by 5 for this slot.

Slot 3 was the easiest, for which you can increase all the above marks by 5.

Slot 4 was the most difficult, for which you can decrease all the above marks by 10.

*These are just my predictions so please don't make any judgements/decisions based on these

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  • @BlackMamba11 But that could be said of any slot right? .... 1m.
  • @BlackMamba11 exactly .... 17s.

363 CAT

The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

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RIP IIFT and CAT for me ..!!

All hopes on the Xavier's community..

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  • Iift _/\\_. 5m.
  • Had a nice rural road expedition. :grin:. 1m.
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Main Post: 13 Nov 2014

I missed FMS deadline under the assumption that it would be same  as that of last year. Last year it was at the end of November.

I called FMS admin office. They are saying that they are receiving more similar calls.

Anyone else here in my condition.

Action points for people who have missed FMS registration:

a) Send email  to as well as

b) Call at 01127666388. (A lady will pick call. Request her to ask admin people to reopen registration)

c) Please go to FMS campus and request in person. They are nice and understanding people.

d) Out of station candidates who can not meet admin in person can send hard letters to FMS admin or dean at adress given below.(this point was suggested by@abhishekfly)


Prof.M.L.Singla Head & Dean OR The Administrative Officer

Faculty of Management Studies

University of Delhi Delhi-110 007

PS: I Worked with bureaucrats for 2.5 years and observed following level of impact for same content.

Personal meetings>> Hard letters>email=phone call

P.S.S: Please write really good emails and letters. Get them checked by someone before sending. There must not be any logical or grammatical error. Do not ask for pity. Convey your point in assertive and humble manner. In case no one is there to check your mail/letter, send it to me in word 2007 format only. Or there are lots of people here on pagalguy who will volunteer.


UPDATE 1: date 18 Nov 2014

Today I met Chief admin officer at FMS. Major points of discussion are given below.

1. They understand that time lines were bit earlier this year primarily due to early declaration of cat result (December instead of January).

2. They acknowledged how some of the students missed deadline due to wrong expectation of late dead line. However they followed proper bureaucratic procedure i.e. publishing notification and one month registration window. They are not at fault. There was no major IT error or last moment registration fail.

3. They can reopen registration if admin committee sees a strong case.

Now some positive news

4. They are getting emails and calls for reopening the registration window and it is not as usual as every year (Every year there are some students who mail them to reopen on some XYZ (read bullshit) reason. But this year they are getting request with similar reason.



6. If there are enough requests before 24-25 November, They will reopen the registration window.


If we can flood their inbox with re-registration requests, there is very high probability of opening the registration window. I could sense that they wanted to reopen the window if there are lots of deserving candidates left out. But do whatever you can do before 24-25 November.

Send emails from multiple accounts to as well as Also call at 01127666388. (A lady will pick call. Request her to ask admin people to reopen registration)

Please go to FMS campus and request in person. They seemed nice and understanding people.


Update 2: 19 Nov 2014

At times I have self doubt about the change we can bring i.e can we really convince FMS administrators to reopen registration. I feel low when I get these thoughts. Then something creeps inside me, then I look back at history. Not very long ago, just one year back, abhishek Leel and his team felt unjust on cat raw score and entire normalization process. They filed RTI, moved to court and bingo, this year we are writing much better cat. Lesson is sincere efforts bring changes especially when majority feel so.

For those who do not understand how unjust earlier case was, let me give my own example. I got 99.xx percentile in 2012, got calls from FMS and 7 other IIMs. converted new IIMs but did not joined to have a second chance at A, B, C.

In 2013, my percentile was 42 with some 190 raw score thanks to prometric and their bullshit normalization where as some people got 55 percentile with zero attempts.

So lets make some effort


Abhishek Pathak (abhishekfly) on PaGaLGuY
Abhishek Pathak (abhishekfly) on PaGaLGuY
Abhishek Pathak (abhishekfly)'s profile on PaGaLGuY


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  • All those who are visiting FMS campus. Request you to kin.... 38m.
  • Guys lets go to FMS campus tomorrow.Lets reach there at 1.... 4m.
Ankit Raj @ankit.jsr 22

All those who are visiting FMS campus. Request you to kindly update us.

Success 2010 @success2112 8

Guys lets go to FMS campus tomorrow.Lets reach there at 11 AM. All those who want to come, can share their contact number here or PM each other or comment here. I am bit reluctant in posting my number here as I asked people to send mails from multiple accounts. You can PM me to get my number.


Consolidated Attempts Repository

Just a consolidated thread to measure the attempts and compare across the four sessions :smiley:

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November 16 - Afternoon slot

467 people answered this question.
Non-Engg (Science) | CAT12 - 99.60 | XAT13 - 99.58 | GMAT-730 ISB-YLP | CAT14-Awaited 
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We are having our final exams till 28th november. All posts will be replied to after that. Regret the inconvenience.

Still figuring out whats and whys of life!

456 CAT MDI, Gurgaon

MDI Gurgaon - One Year MBA PGP Ex (NMP) Discussion Thread

Hi puys This thread will be dedicated to Admissions related queries for the upcoming batch of NMP students at MDI. Ad...

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going for mba-rural management from ximb....

what is the future scope?

growth prospects?


  • @incredibleindia how much percentile is required to get i.... 13 Aug.
  • @navneet1234 this time around IRMA cutoff was close to 7.... 58m.
navneet maheshwari @navneet1234

@incredibleindia how much percentile is required to get into this college or IRMA?

incredible india @incredibleindia 22

@navneet1234  this time around IRMA cutoff was close to 75 % for cat +a score of 20 in Issues of Social Concern Exam,XIMB -RM will call u dpending on the form you fill out they make exceptions and send interview clls to candidates serious about RM

44 CAT

PhD/FPM 2015

For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of 2015. It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to...

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SOS: Am trying to upload scanned copies to ISB application portal. Tried a zillion times and every time it says - 404 File not found. I am uploading the correct format A4 150 dpi pdf. Even wrote to isb but no reply. PLease please please.. somebody help

  • Reduce the size of the file to less than 1.5 MB, Only the.... 1d.
  • @nitinsonibhilai - Max file size is only 1 MB * .... 1h.
Nitin Soni @nitinsonibhilai 1

Reduce the size of the file to less than 1.5 MB, Only then it will uplaod

@princezna.203 1

@nitinsonibhilai  -  Max file size is only 1 MB

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i m a dentist willing to apply for the pgpm programme in great lakes... i will have 26 months of experience by 31st march including 12 months of mandatory full time internship as part of my undergraduation ...i read in the faq's that part time intership is not eligible, however i have a unique case here so wanted to confirm.. am i eligible to apply for the programme.... 

std Xth : 86.66 

std XII:85.83

graduation: 64.15 

cmat sept 2014 : 99.24 perentile   256/ 400 

50.9k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant thread for CAT 2013

Hello all, As the CAT 2K12 come to a close, starting this thread for all the discussions of quant for CAT 2013. Here ...

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21000 people on this thread and none of them tries to help a person...

  • @simha63 i neva considered pg as coaching ...but i expect.... 2h.
  • @daniellafonseca what do you want mate?. 1h.

@simha63 i neva considered pg as coaching ...but i expected that atleast one pguy will help me...but none of them helped me...wen already this page has so many guys...

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Seniors, what was the cutoff for MBA-IB/HRD last year for SC category?

  • The category wise cut off cannot be disclosed. For Genera.... 2h.
Ashish Verma @Joey1 1

The category wise cut off cannot be disclosed. For General it was 92+ last year which is expected to go higher this time due to change in curriculum and nomenclature of courses.

49 CAT FORE, New Delhi

[2015-2017] FORE School of Management Admission Help Desk

Hi All, Applications are now open for the 2-year full time programs, PGDM & PGDM-IB, at FORE School of Management,...

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@bharat5602  @prateekm28 

While filling up the form

instead of filling my +2 marks as per the instruction provided in the website , by mistake I filled it as per my board's rule i.e. the best of five of all

kindly suggest me the necessary action to address my mistake...

Thanks in advance.

  • Reply to the mail sent by clarifying.... 2h.
Prateek Malhotra @prateekm28 5

Reply to the mail sent by clarifying the rectification you want to make.

63 CAT

Official Thread for Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET-2015

LET US ADD MORE PEOPLE TO IT. Let's start discussing questions on MHCET -Verbal Reasoning, Visual Reasoning, Quant, P...

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Hi, I wanted a review of CETKing online program for CET. I live in a remote place where there is no good CET coaching available. Please advice as to what I should do.

  • #. 4h.
  • @rahulsatpute420 If you cannot contribute, don't waste yo.... 3h.
Life is a Journey. Horn Ok Please. 
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Which one is the right option?

The orbit the asteroid is taking around the planet is in the shape of an ellipse.
Most comets have _______ orbits.

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Normalisation process explained. The scoring pattern will be the same as used for GATE. 

From the CAT 2014 website. 

NORMALIZATION OF SCORES OF CAT in 2014 CAT 2014 shall involve administering a different Form of the Test across each of the 4 different Test Sessions. In order to ensure fairness and equity in comparison of performances of the candidates across different test sessions, the scores of the candidates shall be subjected to a process of Normalization. The Normalization process to be implemented shall adjust for location and scale differences of score distributions across different forms and the scaled scores obtained by this process shall be converted into percentiles for purposes of shortlisting. For purposes of reporting, Scaled Scores for each Section (Section I: Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, Section II: Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning) and Total along with the Percentile shall be published. The process of Normalization is an established practice for comparing candidate scores across multiple Forms and is similar to those being adopted in other large educational selection tests conducted in India such as Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). 

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  • I would highly appreciate if someone can explain the role.... 4d.
  • location here means mean marks of that slot and scale mea.... 3h.
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Sarsij Nayanam @sarsij 2,460

I would highly appreciate if someone can explain the role of - accuracy, number of attempts, and the diversity of question selection (selecting questions from all the sub-sections DI LR QA VA while attempting the test), in the process of Normalization. And if you do so, kindly do that in a simpler language which most people can understand. Thanks :) 

Pratik Sahoo @pratiksahoo33 236

location here means mean marks of that slot and scale mean standard deviation of marks of that slot..that basically means some kind of normal/gaussian distribution is to be from a slot's data and that will be normalised under a bell curve..from that we can directly get %iles 

19.9k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Seeking to check gold smuggling, the government of India has tightened baggage rules, now eligible passengers are allowed to import gold up to ....... by paying 10 per cent customs duty in foreign currency.

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190 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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Has CL gone all bonkers?? An AIR of 66 will also probably not fetch an 99.98 percentile in actual cat...and these people are predicting that kind of percentile just on the basis of their test takers!