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1h ago 14.5k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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Two numbers are such that the HCF of the numbers formed by squaring the sum of the two and the difference between their squares is 10. Also, the LCM of these new numbers is 40 times their HCF. Find these numbers.

2&8 or 3&7 or 5&6 or 4&7 ?

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  • 3 and 7. 1h.
  • @steelmax (10)^2=100 and 49-9=40; hcf (100,40)=20 hua naa.... 1h.
Ganpath @ganapathy.1989 83

haha ok.....i think there must be an error in this question.....i had actually asked u to look in the same thread in the comments section. Never mind ashish has cleared my doubt....thanks anyway

CAT mode on @prate3k 1.9 k

@steelmax (10)^2=100 and 49-9=40; hcf (100,40)=20 hua naa plzz explain 

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Someone please tell me about byju tablet for cat?is it worth wasting 31k ?

  • 31 K ?? gosh i got it in 22K... :wink: lol. 6d.
  • It is good for basic preparation. The QA session is mostl.... 1h.
Urjaswit Lal @yash2cul

It is good for basic preparation. The QA session is mostly shortcut techniques that require you to have basic knowledge... VA by Santosh is good... 31k is a lot.. try negotiating...

2h ago 3.4k CAT Verbal CAT

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

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Religious values offer an alternative ___________ universe, in the world of social and political oppression, and moral _________.

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2h ago 28 CAT FMS, New Delhi

[2015-17] Official FMS Discussions Page

Kindly discuss your queries about FMS Admissions process on this thread

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If anyone has Sample SOP please provide it.....Or suggestion will also be appreciated.....!!

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  • 3d.
  • @Preeti_L you are life saver. 2h.


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VA solutions make no sense.

Quantum Blunderbuss 2.0 

3h ago 51 CAT

Testfunda Mocks 2014

Hey everyone! The 2014-15 season unfolds with the TF mocks. iCAT01 and 02 are out now! Please post your TF mock score...

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I am getting around 97%tile in iCATs, with sectional percentiles varying between 85 & 95. My scores are coming in the rang of 90-100, sectional scores in the range of 45-50. However, I am unable to clear the cutoffs. With this kind of performance, what percentile can I get in the actual CAT? & what is the difficulty level of iCATs in comparision to the actual CAT?

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  • @saurav.kgp how is the difficulty level of tf cat mocks ?.... 3h.
  • Epecially qa part ,how tough r they ??.. 3h.
We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.
Raj Malhotra @greatheights123 18

around 95 percentile....iCATs are similar to CAT but their crowd base is small...125 marks will get u to 98-98.5 percentile in actual CAT...

varun jain @varun.vj 21

i think for 98 + %tile 135 marks are needed..icats have cutoff of 120-125 for fetching 95+ %tile in actual exam

Abhishek Singhal @Darknight123 604

@saurav.kgp how is the difficulty level of tf cat mocks ?? Better than CL/Simcats ??

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CRT's and MC's or SIMCAT's ??

pls help.... 

3h ago 698 CAT

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

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Qa 104 va 144 100%ile oa 248.  Pathetic va score after 122/150 in cl mock 15

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  • mere 129 pe hi air-10 aa gai quant me :stuck out tongue:.... 3h.
  • Great.. 3h.
Member DT 2014.  
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I won't write the other two AIMCATS i.e 1518-N and AIMCAT is useless..i dont understand why those people who already knew the answers wrote this test. looking at the scores which people have got in this AIMCAT, people like me, who gave this test with sincerity , are feeling sad..and on top of that the result says " you haven't appered for the xam" ..

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  • @Super299 go for SIMCATS yaar..MCs and CRTs are not good .... 5h.
  • they came to my college to give a seminar. and now everyo.... 3h.
himanshu khandelwal @ansh.r12 94

@Super299 go for SIMCATS yaar..MCs and CRTs are not good but how are u getting them free

mba aspirant256 @Super299 4

they came to my college to give a seminar. and now everyone is getting it for free.

3h ago 262 CAT Quant CAT

[Official] LR-DI Thread for CAT 2014

Hi, Puys CAT 2013 is finally over. Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2014. :grin: Please use this thread for all kin...

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Could someone help understand this problem?

tinypic photo
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  • Would appreciate if you could write some explanation as w.... 5d.
  • i am getting 9-C,10-1100000,11-A,12-D . :neutral face:. 3h.
venky pradyumna @venkyPradyumna 22

9-c, 10-a, 11-c, 12-d, can you first tell what the answers are?

Drake Sheldon @Jabgars 4

Would appreciate if you could write some explanation as well. I am sure I ain't approaching the problem right. 

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What could be the valr sectional cutoff this time?

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4h ago 3 CAT

[2015-2017] FORE School of Management Admission Help Desk

Hi All, Applications are now open for the 2-year full time programs, PGDM & PGDM-IB, at FORE School of Management,...

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I have few queries.

1. How many students applied through company sponsorship for PGDM? Out of these how many got selected?

2. What was the cut off for CAT for the students applying through company sponsorship? Any sectional cut off?

3. Are we allowed to keep personal car?

4. Do enlighten me over the hostel accomodation.

5. I have 91.2% in class X. I have 92.2% in class XII. BCom from DU and having 70% in graduation. Do I have a chance to get in through company sponsorship if I clear its cut off?

  • Hi, We don't have the exact number of how many people ap.... 6h.
  • What do u mean by company sponsorship?. 4h.
Prateek Malhotra @prateekm28


We don't have the exact number of how many people applied through company sponsorship last year, but the process and cut offs are same for everyone. 

Yes you are allowed to keep a personal car and regarding the hostel accommodation, FORE has leased hostel to third party. Hostels are fully furnished and have all the amenities such as AC, geyser, RO water etc. Hostel is 5 min drive from college.

Your acads are great you surely stand a chance. All the Best

5h ago 3.9k CAT Quant CAT

Number System - Questions & Discussions

Hello people, As the earlier number system thread had more than 10k replies,we have closed the old one and presenting...

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5h ago 19k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Guys please suggest any good book for static GK

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  • Admat brm contains multiple choice questions ?? I have pu.... 6h.
  • MCQ was given at the end of the book i think...... 5h.
And miles to go before I sleep.........!!!!!!!!!!  
<< Ms. Perseverance <<<< @aimonlyiim 742

6th to 10th NCERT book ??? I am preparing for IIFT GK, not for UPSC GS !!  

Thanks anyways    @royash 

Ganpath @ganapathy.1989 83

I was able to attempt CMAT gk decently using IMS book......hopefully that shd help for iift main doubt is how far we need to go for current affairs gk. In cmat they asked current affairs news 4-5 months old

Ganpath @ganapathy.1989 83

haha......its called ADMAT BRM, they will give it as a part of the set....i guess all coaching institutes will be having their own version.....mostly the content will be similar

Kuldeep Kulkarni @ashish150989

Admat brm contains multiple choice questions ?? I have purchased gquest of ims but it contains mostly theory 

Ganpath @ganapathy.1989 83

MCQ was given at the end of the book i think.....

5h ago 1.1k CAT Quant CAT

Time speed, work, Alligations and mixtures problems

Questions on time speed distance. 1\\. Trains are moving from A to B and B to A at regular interval of 1hr. They comp...

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Two friends A &B decided to run in a track.The speed of A=25% more than B.If a B give a head start of 7m.what was the lenght of the track?

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5h ago 552 CAT MICA, Ahmedabad

MICAT 2014 Prep Thread

Alrighty, puys! MICAT results are out. Congrats to those who got the call; the ones who didn't … jump over. :grin: Di...

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Is there any study /prep material for MICAT?

5h ago 91 CAT

[2014] CL New Unproctored Mocks Scores & Discussion

Use this thread to post scores as well as discuss questions and strategies for all New Unproctored Mocks. Please don'...

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Mock CAT 14:

QADI: 20C/39A = 41   

VALR: 34C/43A = 93

Total: 54C/82A = 134  

Toughest ever Sec1 in any mock so far CL is officially in my worst mocks list, worse than AIMCATs. Absolutely pathetic Sec1 setting. 

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  • :stuck out tongue:. 5h.
  • sahi hai ankan !! IPAD .. 5h.
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if f(x)=max (5x+2,3x+5,2x+3) find min f(x).

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6h ago 297 CAT

The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

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So, after 2 good mocks in the past couple of days, back to my dismal standards... It seems it has been a lifetime that I have left the CL centre with a smile on my face after a mock. Y god, Y??

A,B,C seem distant dreams now.

CL Mock 15-

QA- 29A 22C 7W- 59 (Accuracy n speed both went for a toss)

VA- 45A 31C 14W- 79 (Still, chalta h.. though need to get atleast 35+ correct)

OA- 74A 53C 21W- 138 (Yes,21W !!!!! )... Degutted to say the least...

Making a mockery of myself n also of being an Engineer. Being that, is it wrong for me to expect atleast 75 in QA. Need to devise a strategy. Missed all DI's in this one...

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  • Found CL *absurd *this year so abstained from it mocks al.... 6h.
  • I just have CL n TIME.. Should have gone for IMS mocks to.... 6h.
Sayan Saha @SAYANMIN27 100

Very well said bro.. Nai, I was saying that paper dene k baad lga ki 150 aane chahie in this level. Jab scores dekhe bura laga. I didn't have a pre conceived notion ki 150 lana hi h...

Eshaan Agarwal @eshaan.2127 46

@SAYANMIN27 : my OA is score falling from 122 from previous mock...truly speaking CL has been discouraging this focus is 150+......somehow not able to convert it

Mayank Jain @MJ477 1.1 k

Found CL absurd this year so abstained from it mocks although sectionals/Test Gym is still a better deal 

Sayan Saha @SAYANMIN27 100

I just have CL n TIME.. Should have gone for IMS mocks too.. Par would not have got so much time while being in college...