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16.9k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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two trains A and B start from station x to y,y to x respectively.after passing each other, they take 12 hrs and 3 hrs to reach y and x respectively.if train A speed is 48kmph find speed of trainB

  • 48/B=root(3/12) B gives the speed. 9m.
Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven
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Considering CAT is done..forget about it...if any1 requires any help regarding XAT/XLRI can ping me anytym

  • 6 Likes   22 Comments
  • @shubham07iitr In any or not play.. being the .... 34m.
  • Lol... ths conversation was gud :stuck out tongue: Bas.... 10m.
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Tandanu :) @sachinjha 881

@shubham07iitr In any or not play.. being the host to your dream-enemy would be ultra-fun..

Siddarth Chowdhary @sid2222000 14,901

Lol... ths conversation was gud

Bas yaar things going gud in IIM S.... weathers awesome.... Lots to ponder about.... n lot of things happening around

Tu bata..... wts gng in XL?

507 CAT IIFT EE IIFT, New Delhi

IIFT 2014-16 Final Converts!!

Congratulations on being selected as a student in the prestigious Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. You are now part...

218 CAT SPJIMR Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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Are the score based calls and profile based calls exhaustive, or only the students shortlisted based on profile get further shortlisted through the score based criterion?

  • "mutually exclusive" would be the right word to answer yo.... 14h.
  • @Kokaine: Yeah right.. I meant to use the word exclusive .... 28m.
K K @Kokaine 255

"mutually exclusive" would be the right word to answer your question @metaloid 

Manan Bhatia @metaloid 6

@Kokaine: Yeah right.. I meant to use the word exclusive only

522 CAT

CAT 2014 (Sunday, 16th November 2014 - Day 1) Exam Experience

*Please post your CAT 2014 experience in the following format :* CAT Center, Date and Slot: 1) How many attempts yo...

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Sacrificed my all casual, sick and earned leaves, spoke numerous lies.... did not go home for durga puja/diwali.... did not watch movie on my laptop since 2 months and list goes on.....

and all this resulted in just 55 attempts #4th slot....

I think CAT.... you are just not for me....

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  • @Dinosethi I agree. 2d.
  • 55 for slot 4 is good. 45m.

19.9k General Knowledge CAT

General Knowledge

Welcome to the largest General Knowledge Discussion in the world. With 18,000 questions and counting. Also over 18.4K...

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Q.10. Entrepreneurs find direct marketing attractive because of ‐ (1) Investment is low (2) It doesn't required specialized skills (3) Returns are quick (4) All of above (5) None of these


  • it should be 1 logically....2)cant say less skill is reqd.... 55m.
CAT...Saai lom Tuk @Samarjyoti 296

it should be 1 logically....2)cant say less skill is reqd. 3)ROI is unpredictable in case of entreprenuership... (practically)...... bdw whats oa?

250 CAT

Ask PaGaLGuY : Last Minute CAT Preparation Queries & Tips

Post your queries, get tips for the exam day. @rahul.krishna is here to answer you queries.

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i am 2 second year year student . i wrote my gradution percentage 2 more than the original bcos after result their a confusion with a subject. as now it is clear what its 2 less than i expected. now what can i do. plz help

  • Doesn't really matter. Had the same issue last year. The .... 3d.
  • thanx bhai. 1h.
Krishna Arun @krishnaarun316 6

Doesn't really matter. Had the same issue last year. The colleges really don't ask for certificates until and unless you get the admission. Not sure if this applies to every college though. 

29 CAT

College Selection dilemma: Compare colleges on the basis of specialisation and state the reasons for your choices

Ok Puys now since most of the colleges would be coming out with their set of lists of converts I am sure many of us w...

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IIFT Delhi vs. MDI Ggn PGPM....highly confused...suggestions please!!!

  • MDI all the way :smiley:. 08 Jun.
  • i guess iift, its older and return on investment also higher. 1h.
Converts this season: IIFT D,SIBM Pune,NMIMS,IMT G,SCMHRD as of now...
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hi !

i attempted 40 questn over all . quant-26, 95% accuracy nd rest 85% .i expect min of 34 question to b right out of 40.I know dis is not at all a good attmpt  though can i expct any IIM calls dis year.???


xii-76 % and BE - 61%  SC. 

what %ile can i expect.??? plzz reply

  • CL percentile predictor. 4h.
  • All depends on accuracy.............26 attempts with 95% .... 1h.
Gaurav Gopal @Xyloidine 129

All depends on accuracy.............26 attempts with 95% accuracy might result in somewhere between 95-99(closer to 99 i guess)...........while in VA & LR, nothing can be said about accuracy, so i m not gonna comment on that..............All the best...........

247 CAT FMS, New Delhi

FMS Online Application for 2014

Can anyone tell me how do we apply for FMS for 2014 admissions?

59 CAT KSIMSR Mumbai

[2015-17] K J Somaiya aka SIMSR, Mumbai Admission related queries

*Qualifying Exam -** *CAT 2014, XAT 2015, CMAT 2014 (Sept), CMAT 2015 (Feb), GMAT(last 2 years) for NRI *This is the...

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!!!Need an advice!!!

To what extent does the academic profile matters?

My profile is as follows:-

10th = 78%

12th = 84%

Graduation= 68.4%.

  • A lot!! that's not what you call a profile, go through fo.... 9h.
  • Hit a 100 percentile and academics will stop bothering yo.... 2h.
reeti pandey @Reeti24 4

A lot!! that's not what you call a profile, go through form once start registration you would know yourself. 

Sourav Pattanayak @potterplant 106

Hit a 100 percentile and academics will stop bothering you somewhat.

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Hello Guys, from where can i get picture of payment receipt. Instead of printing the transaction details. I clicked on "go back to nitie homepage"....Any Idea???

  • @greatheights123 For payment through SBI, you will find.... 2h.
Shambhavi Narvekar @shambhavi253 112


For payment through SBI, you will find it on the SBI website . Take a screenshot from there

For payment, through ICICI, you must have got a mail from CITRIX. Take a screenshot of the same mail


For experienced CAT takers - estimated % scores against percentile for this year's CAT

Can any experienced CAT takers help with estimated % scores against percentile for this year's CAT?

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How is IFIM B School, bangalore? Please Help me regarding this institute!Fees is 9.5 lacs and 10000/month for accommodation (TOTAL FOR 2 YEARS IS 12 LACS)...I belong to a middle class family, so 12 lacs means a lot to me...

i want some information regarding the reputation, ranking, faculty, and placements of the institute!Please Help as soon as possible.Thank you.

  • @IFIMBSchool. 19 Feb.
  • Hi @pankjyot , IFIM Business School was originally in.... 19 Feb.
IFIM Business School @IFIMBSchool 533

Hi @pankjyot ,

IFIM Business School was originally incorporated as Institute of Finance and International Management by the promoters of the Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ) in the year 1995. The Indian economy has just been liberalized and the financial services sector was transforming at a rapid pace during these years. Mr V B Padode the founder of the DSIJ Group envisioned the need for qualified manpower to support the growth of the sector and this vision led to the birth of the business school.

In the year 2010 IFIM Business School re-engineered itself to align with a new mission of "nurturing holistic socially responsible and continuously employable resources". This mission drove the faculty to develop an industry relevant curriculum to create business ready managers. The pedagogy was transformed from just classroom, case method teaching to 'learn by doing' in laboratories and through internships. A 4.5 months internship program was included into the curriculum and this change was recently awarded as the best'Effective Industry-Institute Engagement'. 'Personality Enhancement Program' (PEP) courses were introduced in the curriculum to enhance soft skills, life skills and to educate our students to practice a healthy lifestyle. A laboratory for learning data analytics was established in collaboration withIBM and a second laboratory that replicates a live dealing room has been established in collaboration with Prabhudas Liladher.

To assure learning and deliver on the mission of continuous employabilityCenter for Continuous Employability (CCE) under the leadership of a senior executive was set up for building strong relationships with the corporate world and to facilitate internships, projects and placements. The CCE through its relationship with corporate feeds the faculty with the requirement of the real world to keep our curriculum current.

Our alumni have done us proud and some of them have been able to attain leadership positions in large corporations. Our institution has always valued transparency and has endeavored to display all information accurately on its websites and collaterals. The institution has always been ranked amongst the top 75 schools of the country and in the recent rankings we can proudly state that we have moved up to being amongst the top 50.

We are proud of our good quality faculty, a fair and open environment, great ambience for learning and a strong commitment to assist our students build great careers and achieve their aspirations.

Hope we were able to clear your doubts. You can get in touch with our current students who are active on pagalguy.

34 CAT GLIEMR, New Delhi

[Official] 2015-16 Great Lakes Gurgaon PGPM Admission queries

Great Lakes Gurgaon PGPM Admissions are open and Cycle 1 application ends on 30th November, 2014. Please post any que...

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I hve applied fr chennai and gurgaon campus separetly ...are the applications screened serpately ?/ is it a prob

  • No it wont cause any such problems.. 3h.


PGPPM at IIM Bangalore

Attractive scholarships available. Got a CAT score? Apply now.

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Anyone here, who has given IIFT??? can anyone tell me what was previous year cut off for SC, and any predictions for this year.

Please contribute...

  • II.... 3h.
  • @rationalshtriga i have heard that many SC/ST candidates .... 3h.
Yogesh Khichi @rationalshtriga 64
IIFT had to convert SC/ST seats into general seats cause probably people didn't join there. That may mean everyone of us may get a call

cat cat @ark02 90

@rationalshtriga i have heard that many SC/ST candidates cannot cross the overall cut off.. so seats stay vacant.. and thus are converted to general seats.. same goes for IITs .. ppl getting IIFT and not joining.. that too in large number is quite dubious.. 

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Hi, I am planning to apply for cycle -1 pgpm at great lakes with my cmat score as cat score will be only available later. But my cmat score is quite low (88.12%). my profile is 2.5 yrs experience as design engineer for manufacturing Ball Valves & Acads: 10th-84.4% 12th-88.4%, B.Tech (Mechanical) - 7.61 CGPA. Other activities include NGO-Rotaract and an member of KMA (Kerala Management Association) . IS it a good profile to get shortlisted??

82 CAT JBIMS, Mumbai

MSc Finance at JBIMS

Its a first-of-its-kind course in the country, the University of Mumbai launched the Master of Science (MSc) The cour...

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I believe Summer placements would have commenced for the 1st yr students. Can you please give some details to the companies visiting the the roles on offer for MSc fin.

  • where i can get all these details moreover can we give ce.... 3h.
  • is der any use of giving cet without maharashtra domicile. 3h.
@tushar90 16

where i can get all these details moreover can we give cet now 

@tushar90 16

is der  any use of giving cet without maharashtra domicile