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14.6k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

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At how many distinct points do the graphs of the two functions x - |2y| + 5 = 0 and y = 2 -|x| intersect each other?

a.4  b.3  c.2  d.0

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  •|2y|+%2B+5+%3D+.... 4m.
  • omg wat a blunder i took x-|2y|-5=0. 1s.
John Galt @Highway66 3.7 k

x - 2 mod (y) + 5 = 0.................1

y = 2- mod(x)...........................2

subs 2 in 1

x - 2 mod ( 2 - mod (x)) +5 = 0

case 1 x>=2


case 2: 0<=x<2

case 3: -2<=x<2

case 4: x<-2

Solve above 4.. ull get 2 points..

@pokermaster Wolfram says my answer is right.

poker master @pokermaster 150

yar graph se mera to nhi aa rha...koi show kr do wolfram se pls

John Galt @Highway66 3.7 k|2y|+%2B+5+%3D+0+%26+y+%3D+2+-|x|

14 CAT

[2014] Oliveboard oCAT's Scores & Discussions

oCAT1:QADI: 29C/34A = 82; 99.5%ileVALR: 23C/34A = 58; 97.1%ileTotal: 52C/68A = 140; 99.4%ile

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oCAT 6:

QA/DI - 42C   7W  119 (100 percentile)

VA/LR - 16C  11W  37 (70.3 percentile)  

OA - 58C 18W 156 (98.8 percentile)  :/

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  • _/\\_. 1s. 
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hi puys - my target is FMS - My profile is as follows - 

X , XII - 90% +

BTECH (ECE) - 80+








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  • 1\. First of all, turn off ur caps lock. 2\. @HARII : C.... 29 Sep.
  • @sushant1002001 is work ex the main criteria for fms ?. 1m.
Grim Reaper @techsurge 5.3 k

target XL/TISS/SCMHRD/SIBM if HR is yourgoal

these college have dedicated HR programs 

Failed Engineer @HARII 1.0 k

Hi Last time the Cut-off was 98.5%

A score of 99.4+ would be safe

But for HR I would say XL/Tiss would be better

Sun Tzu @sushant1002001 844

1. First of all, turn off ur caps lock.

2. @HARII  : Cut off was 98.2 for Ext-PI in general category.

3. For HR, prefer TISS,XLRI to FMS.

702 CAT

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

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SIM 118

QA: 101

VA: 94

OA: 195

Percentile:99.99. Happy with balanced sectionals!

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  • __/\\__. 21h.
  • @vickyarnab will be ankan most to ask him.... 6m.
It ain't over till I say it is over!

3.4k CAT Verbal CAT

Official verbal ability thread for CAT 2014

Amidst IIFT,NMAT and other exams preparation we have come so far and near to CAT 2014. Not so many Days (Literally) f...

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DIRECTIONS for the question: In the question, the word at the top of the table is used in four different ways, numbered a to d. Choose the option in which the usage of the word is INCORRECT or INAPPROPRIATE.


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Q.86. The explanation says ACD as wrong. Hence B is correct. (What!?) There is a 5th option, you TIME idiots, and according to your explanation, it is as correct as B. Am I missing something? I demand my 4 marks back  

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  • Talking about customer service- I received a message from.... 14m.
  • Sorry for the rant, Shashwat! :-P I am just going to reco.... 10m.
Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8 860

I mailed them 4 days back. No reply, not even an acknowledgement of having received my query. Pathetic institute

technorati . @technorati 7

Dude Chill, it was just a mock. you have already proved your mettle in the mocks with your remarkable record of awe-inspiring score. Let go of this one.  

Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8 860

LOL it's not about the mock score. It's about customer service

Catank! @sawanbaing 221

Talking about customer service- I received a message from TIME for a class that was going to be scheduled the following day. All my friends backed out because it was raining heavily but demented soul that I was, I braved the traffic and the rain, traveled for oh let's see.... a zillion hours? Only to find out that the class had been cancelled. -_- Contrary to my expectations, they didn't profusely apologize. Only faked innocence-oh, didn't you get the message? Really...I mean really? Do you think I am some sort of a masochist who gets a kick out of braving the rain only to end up at the shady building you call your center looking like a drowned cat?!

Catank! @sawanbaing 221

Sorry for the rant, Shashwat! :-P I am just going to recommend TIME to all my foes next year. Petty revenge! Ha!

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pls explain me the implications of these statement . A,B,C....these are boxes. let me know in wach statement what can be opened and what not...

1  If D or E is not opened, then neither N nor M can be    opened.

2  If E or F or I is opened, then both B and C or both J and M should also be opened. 

3  If O is opened, neither L nor M should be opened. 

92 CAT

[2014] CL New Unproctored Mocks Scores & Discussion

Use this thread to post scores as well as discuss questions and strategies for all New Unproctored Mocks. Please don'...

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difficulty level of mock 16?? especially qadi part ?? if anyone has given it,do reply !!

  • I scored 47 in QA and they are showing 72 percentile for .... 34m.
Member DT 2014.  
Nabarun Choudhury @basstuner 1

I scored 47 in QA and they are showing 72 percentile for QA. Not very easy I think.

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qa 46 va 43  oa 89..  dunno where quant went wrong..decline in accuracy

  • How could you see the sectional marks?. 44m.
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uninvigilated format




can anyone tell percentiles plz..

  • @Dark_Passenger : bhai..can u plz tell me the percentiles. 1h.
  • QA 95.39 VA 95.97 OA 97.70. 49m.

139 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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Quick Query: In DS qs, if one statement is such that it contradicts the premise made in the question, is it sufficient to answer the question or insufficient to answer the question?

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  • Can't find any atm.. I'll post here when I encounter one. 52m.
Shashwat Gangwar @shashwatdgr8 860

Can't find any atm.. I'll post here when I encounter one

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could anyone tell me how many ppl gave mock 16 on an average and why doesnt cl give the number of ppl registered fr the test?

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  • 126 urs?. 22h.
  • Mine 114....but ispe bhi CL ne 72 %ile diya,.....What %il.... 53m.

52 CAT

Testfunda Mocks 2014

Hey everyone! The 2014-15 season unfolds with the TF mocks. iCAT01 and 02 are out now! Please post your TF mock score...

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Hello guys.... got 98.5 in icat 8 but didnt clear the cut offs. attempted 24 in quant but got 6 questions wrong. Now I m worried because those 6 questions were solved correctly but i did silly mistakes. Pls suggest me how to reduce these silly mistakes?? I have been doing these mistakes from my first icat... pls suggest

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  • score?. 1h.

297 CAT

The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

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So, after 2 good mocks in the past couple of days, back to my dismal standards... It seems it has been a lifetime that I have left the CL centre with a smile on my face after a mock. Y god, Y??

A,B,C seem distant dreams now.

CL Mock 15-

QA- 29A 22C 7W- 59 (Accuracy n speed both went for a toss)

VA- 45A 31C 14W- 79 (Still, chalta h.. though need to get atleast 35+ correct)

OA- 74A 53C 21W- 138 (Yes,21W !!!!! )... Degutted to say the least...

Making a mockery of myself n also of being an Engineer. Being that, is it wrong for me to expect atleast 75 in QA. Need to devise a strategy. Missed all DI's in this one...

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  • @Dark_Passenger You guess partially right, dude :smiley:. 2h.
  • *XAT. 1h.

613 CAT DMS IITR, Roorkee

[2014-2016] DoMS@IIT Roorkee Admission Queries

*__**_The GDPI shortlist for the season is out. Follow the below link for further discussions-_**_ _**__* [image][201...

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Are non-engineers eligible for Admission at IIT Roorkee for DoMS ?

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Two friends A &B decided to run in a track.The speed of A=25% more than B.If a B give a head start of 7m.what was the lenght of the track?

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264 CAT Quant CAT

[Official] LR-DI Thread for CAT 2014

Hi, Puys CAT 2013 is finally over. Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2014. :grin: Please use this thread for all kin...

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Mr. Mittal runs a small workshop which manufactures units of rolled steel sheets customised to the purchaser's preference. The workshop has the agreements to manufacture 4 units and 5 units per day for Arcelor and Solid Steel Ltd. respectively.

The manufacturing requires three continuous processes: pressing, cutting and punching where there are 2, 4 and 3 machines for pressing, cutting and punching respectively and the manufacturing is done between 9 : 00 am and 2 : 00 pm only, each day.

To balance the production, Mr. Mittal dedicates 1 pressing machine and 2 cutting machines for Arcelor and 1 pressing machine and 1 cutting machine for Solid Steel exclusively.The following table shows the time required by various processes to manufacture a single unit of rolled steel sheet for the two purchasers.

A unit must go through the entire processing of pressing, cutting and then punching in that order; where a process on a unit must be carried out without interruption on a single machine only.

Furthermore, each machine can process at most 1 unit at a time.

If Mr. Mittal is successfully accomplishing the agreements with both the purchasers, it must be true that

a.His workshop can complete the day's production earliest by 12:00 noon.  

b.His workshop can complete the day's production earliest by 1:00 pm.  

c.His workshop can complete the day's production earliest by 1:30 pm.  

d.His workshop can complete the day's production exactly at 2:00 pm.

Which machine could be idle for the maximum time in a day and for how long?

a.Pressing, 150 min  

b.Punching, 180 min  

c.Cutting, 300 min  

d.Punching, 240 min

At which of the following time instances in a day do all the three punching machines necessarily work together?

a.10:35 am  b.11:05 am  c.11:50 am  d.None of these

  • d c d??. 1h.
Happy Diwali! 
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after taking good number of mocks 

Qa/di- 16-18 correct answers

Va/lr- 25-30 correct answers

How much percentile can I expect if I score the same in CAT-14?

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  • @rohit006 but the sectional cut off thing is bothering .... 1h.
  • sectional cutoffs r never more than 85% and u have to sco.... 1h.
mission IIM 
Rohit Chaudhary @rohit006 13

dekh bhai 132 marks pe u will definetly get 98+ if current level of cat is followed... 

Rohit Chaudhary @rohit006 13

sectional cutoffs r never more than 85% and u have to score around 50-55 in quant and 55-60 in verbal overall 120+ for iim call in obc  

51 CAT SPJIMR, Mumbai

[OFFICIAL] SPJIMR 2-Year PGDM Admissions 2015-2017

Welcome to the Official thread for S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Admissions 2015-2017 for ...

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If one clears a profile call interview, is a 650-GMAT/85-CAT/XAT the cut-off(as mentioned in the website) from the entrance exam point of view? Or will that cut-off of an "entrance exam score" change based on the scores of people applying? 

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  • @The_Statesman Thank you. So, will that number go up?. 1h.
  • @SriramT nope it wont... but the better the score, it wi.... 1h.
The Statesman @The_Statesman 13

Those are QUALIFYING scores. Below which you will not be admitted irrespective of the strength of your profile. 

Messerschmitt @Messerschmitt 10

@SriramT  nope it wont... but the better the score, it will marginally improve ur chances in the final selection

8.4k CAT

The Art of writing SOP

Hello Junta... :smiley: Hope u all had a great festival & now, its time to get back to those books!!! I have been get...

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Hello Everyone, 

Below is the SOP i have written for FMS. Request you all to please review it and provide your valuable feedback.

Thanks in advance for the same.!!

Words : 144/150


It was during my engineering days that my interest in management was conceived where I managed extra-curricular with the academics. During this course, I held many positions of responsibilities while organizing technical and cultural fests. This really helped me to showcase my leadership, communication and managerial skills and further instilled the spirit of taking up the managerial job as my career objective.  After graduation, I joined Cognizant Technology solutions.  At CTS, while working at different roles and responsibilities I learnt how managerial skills aid the technology and can create wonders.  

Now I want to dig deeper and want to acquire the business knowledge in greater depth. I am looking forward to move up in the ladder which requires good management skills along with better understanding of business. FMS is one of the most prestigious colleges of India which can help me achieve my goals.

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  • @sarcusstic Ohkay!! but any feedback on overall SOP.. 3h.
  • I think its a good One.. All the Best. 1h.
Its very simple..Play Hard or GO Home.
Mavericks @iMavericks 472

@ravihanda @laj  - Would really appreciate if you can assist me with this and provide your valuable feedback. 

Thanks a lot in advance.

V @sarcusstic 28

FMS ki chaatne se form reject ho sakta hai. Sabko pata hai IIMs jaana hai logo ko. Isliye just write any prestigious B-School. I know a guy who was grilled in the interview for saying this thing.