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For thousands of years millions of men have labored to clear the forests, to drain the marshes, and to open up highways by land and water. Every inch of soil we cultivate in Europe has been watered by the sweat of several races of men. Every acre has its story of enforced labor, of intolerable toil, of people’s sufferings. Every mile of railway, every yard of tunnel, ….

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During the payment for MFC, what do we have to enter at the remark column.??  Also the cat. regst. no in the payment page refers to CAT Registration number,ryt??

15.2k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant Thread for CAT 2014!!

This is the Official CAT 2014 Quantitative preparation group. Solve questions & discuss answers/solutions shortcuts &...

764 CAT

[OFFICIAL] IMS SIMCAT scores and Discussion for the entire 2014-15 season !!!

Dear Puys & Pirls, Use this thread for scores and discussion for all the IMS SIMCATs!! It will serve as a repository ...

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@OfficialIMS .. Can we give simcat 14 on the last day from our home as well like the previous simcats..??

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  • Please get in touch with the nearest IMS centre, they wil.... 6m.
  • @OfficialIMS they said it is not possible to take at home. 3m.
When time comes, i shall be ready to conquer and claim glory..!!  
prashant @findingbugs 256

@jashanjindal .. I think ppl gave simcat 10 thru web also and some feature in the achievers award list also..!!

Ankur Jhavery @ajhavery 149

@OfficialIMS : Even the nearest venue is 8 km away from my home. Can't waste weekend over travelling. Please enable take home mode on last day - PIN:1264333

IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd @OfficialIMS 632

Please get in touch with the nearest IMS centre, they will assist you in this regard.

719 CAT

All I wanted to Speak about CAT

*Download the FREE 'The Best of All I Wanted to speak about CAT' ebook*, a compendium of the best posts on this threa...

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I dont remember exactly when i  logged in last time here at pagalguy

and to my surprise, the interface has changed lots.  I really had a hard

time figuring out how to post in the relevant sections and I hope I am

posting it in the right section. I had been banned before at PG for

posting stuffs so I hope I am posting it in the right section. First of all,

Why return to PG after so much time and post this today.  Well, I was

telling a junior of mine today if he has heard of He

was asking online resources for CAT prep so to be honest, I could

not think of anything else other than PG. Although, I still don't have a

clue how to post a smiley here. Everything has changed here.

(Coming from a PG veteran- Gaawd, I miss the smileys)

         My tryst with CAT started in my third year of Btech.  Arun

Sharma used to come in our hostel mess and in our common halls

and used to tell us, we ought to want CAT as bad as we would had

wanted a breath if we are dying of cancer. Well, lots of us were

motivated and given the discounts he was offering , we were

inclined to join his coaching classes. (Arun Sharma, the CAT related

books writer) Cl also chipped in with scholarship offers and I

managed to bag second position at their Lucknow centre. Cool, 8k

off on fees, good enough for our liquor parties to last for a week at

least. Well, I was a ranker in the CL scholarship test so naturally,

thought no need to study much. In my mind, I was already in most of

the IIMs and I didn't even considered JBIMS or any other college with

names like SPJIMR or you know, SIBM, lots of colleges that I wanted

to target after I failed twice in CAT (missing the PG smiley here, the

one with the logo) So, took CAT first time, failed, got 77.73 percentile

but since I think rationally  to justify my failures, I thought that so

what, have a job and who cares. CAT next time.  Everything went

smooth, smooth like I had always imagined, job to fulfil our daily

needs of ciggs and liquor and parties and what not, and on top of

that, I was blindly in love so failure in CAT did not even fazed me a bit.

      And then, at the threshold of what is called the real life, bang. Gf

left, after I had the left the job to prepare for CAT with her, yeah, life

does plans out that way.  So now, what , CAT, that can redeem me of

my sins, and if I make it, I can look myself in the mirror at least. Was

very dejected, and yeah, I used to cry too back then. let me take you

back down the memory lane. I was shattered, dejected, and used to

cry on the overbridges near Polytechnic, Waves, if anyone is from

lucknow, will know the places I am talking about.

     Was bouncing back from Cl kapoorthala centre to Cl Hazratganj

centre and it was pretty scary at times, manoeuvring in the traffic. So

FMS got included in the list now and was quite determined to make

it this time. bang, results, no success, haha, and then, decided to

move to Bangalore.

  Bangalore, I love this city. This city has been very kind to me (if you

take out the occasional chats with cops that ends with me and my

friends in their custody). Used to go to job interviews, well, I even

went for call centre interviews and had made up a story to tell back

home telling why I have joined a call centre after leaving a job

before. Well, got job in HP.  and again, the dream started to take it's

course.  AIMCATS, SIMCATS, these words were like, let me tell you,

the best things that I knew that time. Like a newborn baby says first

time, a word and everyone thinks its so awesome, I was in the same

phase.  AIMCAT 19, marks, ohh, you topped, I got this, damn, will

bounce back next time after some time at Purple haze Kormangla,

tried my best to bounce back the next day. didnt had many friends

back then, so PG was all that I had, in terms of friends too. 

      People learn lessons from their mistakes, but I had a knack for

thinking that what I do is the best, so again, left job, went full fledged

with CAT, FMS and yeah, MAH CET has now got a place in my list of

exams and (missing the smiley). so, results were not as I expected,

crashed in CAT,  missed FMS by borderline ( around 38 marks If I

remember- and yes, 38 marks is what I call borderline) and MAH CET,

98.73 percentile.(phew, finally, I can also boast of a percentile) so, in

nutshell -  no job (again), no admits and everything was lost.  I even

thought of consulting a psychiatrist back then. I still remember the

day FMS results were out, I called up one of my friends, and cried,

no, wailed. He said, its okay, maybe it was the first time in ages that

you studied hard, its ok to fail try harder next time. But I had not

motivation left, I was at the lowest of my life. So low that I used to

think, what I will do now. All my friends are at so good places, what

will I tell my parents, what will happen to my life and all the dreams

that I have had , they just shattered. Fast forward next year, luckily,

there was an exam called SSC, got through and opted for Bangalore

for posting ( I love Bangalore). Well, in college I used to think that

two to three years after college, I will be riding the bike of my choice,

will be partying more, well, personally, I love purple haze marathalli

for that ( they let us smoke too) unlike other joints. And there I was,

boarding a sarkari bus, and by the time I reached office, all my

nightmares had turned into reality and was facing the reality staring

in my face in the form of ladies ( above 50)  as my co workers

(missing the smileys) , among other things that made me think what I

had done with my life, and how I had ruined it with my own hands.

back at home, everyone was at least thinking that I had now settled

for something, not the thing that I had wished for my life, but yes,

had a sarkari job, and was trying to portray myself as happy as I could. So was the

frustration that I had ended up myself in jail for beating up cops near a pub.

    Wait, then, the miracle happened, I had a hobby, in college days,

of uttering the word open source. Open source, yeah, I had the

hobby of uttering the word every now and then. So after my job , I

used to come and see the packages offered by various IIMs and then

do my open source thing. started dreaming again, of having a

company, a small one of course, I still fear of dreaming big, since I

failed so many times.  Dreaming got intense, started taking leave

from job more often and one day, lady luck bestowed her showers

upon me. Got my first contract and finished it in a week.  The long

lost of dreams of having the package of 20+ Lpa and all started

taking it's course again. yeah I still laugh at it, it happened last year,

2013 started, and I was on the road of getting the dream.  Well, my

purpose of cracking the CAT was to have a big fat pay package, that

enables me to do what i want to do. This time, I was not going to give

it up. I worked for 16-18 hours a day, applied for leave at office and

yeah, I resigned too from office. No, how can you do it again,7th pay

commission is around the corner, how could you do that, was the

response from everyone I knew.  Once you start failing, people

believe that you will always fail and even the slightest thing that you

get, they will advise you to hold on to it. No, but I wanted to do it. I

resigned, and worked lots. I worked round the clock, seems I

mentioned it, before 16-18 hours a day (missing the smiley) 

results :   I have two employees now, both are based out of India(and

both are,umm,what's the smiley for saying they are so cute), and the

ITR that I filed last fiscal was more than the yearly salary that I used to

get at HP.  I have a small sort of company right now, and I have

clients all over the US and Australia ( I dont want to work for UK

clients since they ruled us and all, personal vendetta you see ) My

senior officers at my office call me up to ask that If I have some sort

of opening for their sons( missing the smiley)  Feels like a dream. But

to get here, I had to go through lots. I still remember the day when I

crossed that magical figure, that I had set up as a benchmark for my

financial success, I didnt knew what to do. I went to the Central Mall,

BODYSHOP, and purchased the eye mask there, to pamper myself

since my eyes hurt lots after crying.  I am very fortunate that I got

what I wanted. And yes, maybe, I had not wanted CAT that much,

because , I see here, people who had wanted it so bad , had got it.

The_hate, the doc mod (shashank -FMS inspiration for me that time

and probably these people will be my inspirations in time to come

), burning_desire one of the most beloved friends I had at that time at

PG. Not only I am doing what I wanted to do (utter open source, among other things) I am doing it from where I want to do. Currently I

am in Bangalore, since I love this city.  Life could not had been better

for me than this. Even though the manager of Purple Haze kormangla

has warned me that if he sees  me again in the premises, he will have

me kicked out, I still go sometimes, thinking that he won't recognise

me. After all, once you start yelling "This Place shicks", the managers

tend to do that it seems.

 The dream is still there, its still there.  I could not make it to the

colleges that I dreamed of, but I did something worthwhile. I can now

see myself and tell myself that I am not just some guy who gave up

because he was tired to continue. there are many tear shedding

stories, instances where I had sat numb, staring in the dark, and

thinking that life is over. I hope I have not diluted the sacredness of

this thread in any manner. Life does rewards us, we just have to

dream that reward and work towards it. I could not clear CAT in three

years and I saw the success that I had dreamed of in just one year.

That makes me think that I was not committed that much to CAT

prep and just wanted to crack CAT to prove my self worthiness to

others and me.  Now, i just try to prove to myself and maybe that is

what matters ultimately. we have to dream the dream for ourselves,

not for any other person, not for your gf, not for your parents , it has

to be you.

Seems boring now, this gyaan, so will end now.

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  • @aviralnassa well, back then i had a smoke with him too, .... 6m.
Dreams do come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. 
@foadbear 1.3 k

@aviralnassa well, back then i had a smoke with him too, in 2010 I think

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Please give sincere suggestions as this is my first questions:- 10th - 83% 12th - 82.2% btech- 7.01 (CGPA) Work-ex : 2 yrs till now in TCS Category : SC; I want to get atleast interview calls for this year CAT exam, i have been trying for last two years and getting 75-80% without much preperation. My quant is good but i really dont have idea what exactly to be done in CAT exam.


  • 3Comments
  • i think you need to focus on accuracy.if u can get 80% wi.... 2d.
  • Thanxx yr... Can u Guide me wat to do in dis last remain.... 16m.
gaurav Ram @bjshantisingh

recieved some calls from new iims last year but was not interested.

neversay die @debu1989 44

i think you need to focus on accuracy.if u can get 80% without effort u can easily get above 90 with some concentration. u need above 90 for abc.for l u need above 85.i focuses on acads as per previous yr criteria

gaurav Ram @bjshantisingh

Thanxx yr...  Can u Guide me wat to do in dis last remaining two weeks.  I want to prepare and achieve something this tym atleast...  I have been hopeless for years now. 

50.8k CAT Quant CAT

Official Quant thread for CAT 2013

Hello all, As the CAT 2K12 come to a close, starting this thread for all the discussions of quant for CAT 2013. Here ...

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does a non negative real number contains 0?

  • 7Comments
  • Yes non negatives integer 0-1-2-3-4-...... (Whole no's). 20m.
  • ya. 17m.

151 CAT

The PaGaLGuY Dream Team 2014

*THE PaGaLGUY Dream Team !!!!!*Most of us joined this place with *one dream*, the dream that we live every moment. We...

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mere quant ke shoorvero ek query hai :

If we have a situation for quadratic equation and 2 conditions are given like say value of f(0) and f(1) and no other conditions, then will that be right to assume equation as x^2+bx + c and solve as it will have 2 variable and we also have 2 equations given or mark the data as inconsistent ? P.S. we have this idea that quadratic is an upward parabola.. 

  • 5Comments
  • @pheonix2013 Actually nikalna kya hai question me?. 37m.
  • @ferlonso this question is more of a general case.... th.... 20m.
Season 2013 : Calls - IIFT , XLRI

126 CAT

Word Usage

A word is provided and is used in 4 different ways , labelled A to D. Choose the option in which the usage of the wor...

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How are the people from mumbai who have got Alamuri Ratnamala Institute of Engineering and Technology ARMIET, travelling to the place.


Relevant Information about CAT 2014...

Dear CAT aspirants, Kindly go through the link, which will going to help you out to crack your CAT exam 2014. ALL T...

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I opened my test interface and entered the access codes given by the centre but it shows an already running test with few answers marked....I guess they have given the wrong codes to me or my codes to someone else..........Anyone else facing or had faced such an issue in the past...?

2.1k CAT Quant CAT

Number Systems, Progressions

Twinkle tells Raveena that she has got 3 kids and 2 of these kids are twins, and also that their ages are all integer...

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which is more likely to happen? rolling at least one 'six' in four throws of a single die or rolling at least one 'double six' in 24 throws of a pair of dice? pls show solutions.:)

  • the sample space shows that the first event is most likel.... 1h.
  • first one is 91/6)^4 and 2ns must be (1-(35/36))^24 or (1.... 59m.
Nishant Kumar @imnishantk 1

the sample space shows that the first event is most likely to occur.

DETERMINED NOW @getgoingmba 13

first one is 91/6)^4 and 2ns must be (1-(35/36))^24 or (1/36)^24 or (1/6)^48 so 1st is more likely to occur... IMO

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Can anyone please confirm few things...?

Is it GD-PI or WAT-PI??

Hostel fees includes what all?

Placements scenario with packages?

How is HR faculty and HR placement stats?

Hostel WiFi?

Mess quality?

My chances of getting called for PI?

CMAT Sep 2014 - score is 164/400 (83.67 percentile)

10th std - 79.38, 12th std - 77.83, BE(2015 batch) agg till date - 54.04

Reply urgent..

344 CAT

Common Errors in English Usage.

The purpose of this Thread is to draw attention to the many English language blunders that are made by native speaker...

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@Logrhythm @pratskool @hanushanand @fisherking and others ...

find error and correct -
1. a majority of railway commuters reads or listens to music while travelling .

fill in the blank -
1. I thought that ancient people ________ ( had believed/ believed ) in many gods .
2. when i was in college I ________ ( had had / had ) many affairs .

  • 3 Likes   26Comments
  • 1h.
Memories(MUMBAI) - :) DELHI -
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Can anyone please confirm few things...?

Is it GD-PI or WAT-PI??

Hostel fees includes what all?

Placements scenario with packages?

How is HR faculty and HR placement stats?

Hostel WiFi?

Mess quality?

My chances of getting called for PI?

CMAT Sep 2014 - score is 164/400 (83.67 percentile)

10th std - 79.38, 12th std - 77.83, BE(2015 batch) agg till date - 54.04

Reply urgent..

308 CAT

The PaGaLGuY UnderDogs Team 2014

Do you love taking up the challenge where you are considered as a person who cannot achieve the pinnacle easily but t...

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Cmat (September)

AIR 93 

99.78 %ile 

  • 21 Likes   18Comments
  • still ishtud marks!. 1h.
  • _/\\_ awesome.. 1h.

Will make UDT proud ...

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Score dropped from mid 120s to mid 60s. Cheers, everyone! CAT 2015, here I come.

  • E here....120s to 80s. 2d.
  • 86 to 40s. .. 1h.
Screwing up my life, one mock at a time. 
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Does FMS accept XAT score too?

Moreover what is the minimum cutoff considered through CAT?

  • Hello, FMS BHU takes only CAT scores into consideration f.... 5h.
  • Adding to that, minimum cutoff last year through CAT scor.... 1h.
Rishab Sarda @rishabh7063195 2

Hello, FMS BHU takes only CAT scores into consideration for admission purposes. The cutoff depends upon which category you are applying through. The cutoff also varies from year to year.

Abhishek Khemka @abhikhemka 1

Adding to that, minimum cutoff last year through CAT scores for General Category was 86.09.

115 CAT Great Lakes, Chennai

[Official] 2015-16 Great Lakes Chennai PGPM Admission queries

Admissions (first cycle) open for the prestigious PGPM program at Great Lakes Institute of Management. Visit the link...

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What are the advantages of 1 year program?

Please suggest if any one knows.