Discover Tushar Tayal’s journey from India to SP Jain Global and his co-founding of Casa Bambu. Get valuable insights on excelling in an international business BBA programme.


In our recent addition to the #MBACampusTalk Series, we delve into the journey of Tushar Tayal, a driven and ambitious professional from SP Jain’s BBA ‘23 Batch. Tushar’s journey from India to SP Jain’s campuses in Mumbai, Dubai, and Singapore led him to co-found Casa Bambu—an off-grid getaway that offers rustic, tropical comfort for families and nature lovers.

In this article, Tushar Tayal shared valuable insights on excelling in an international business BBA programme, addressing challenges, and navigating the application process. He emphasised the importance of prioritising academic work, building networks, and staying market-relevant. Tayal also highlighted the necessity of being clear about priorities and outcomes to allocate time and resources effectively. Moreover, he underscored the value of participating in extracurricular activities and networking opportunities during a global programme, sharing his unique experience with the admission process at SP Jain Global.

Through his active involvement in student clubs, internships, and international projects, Tushar has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a passion for innovation. His ability to thrive in diverse environments and tackle complex business challenges underscores the value of SP Jain’s immersive learning approach.

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A Deep Dive into Tushar’s Experience

Q1: Can you share your experience of attending the SP Jain global International BBA Programme and how you personally perceived the corporate atmosphere there?

Ans: Absolutely, graduating in May 2023 from SP Jain Global was quite an experience. The programme is impressively global in its approach. Despite some initial hiccups due to the Kuwait issue, overall, it was well-organised. Each year provided unique experiences and exposure, especially through regional immersive projects that thrust us into real-world scenarios. The global learning aspect was particularly exceptional, and the networking opportunities proved effective post-graduation. Now, running my own business, I can say that what I learned at SP Jain Global has been immensely helpful, and the mentorship connections I made remain valuable.

Q2: How was the selection process for SP Jain Global, considering it offers a rare programme in India? What unique experiences did you find there?

Ans: SP Jain has its own entrance test followed by a personal interview that delves into your background and leadership experiences. While considering other options like NMIMS in Pune or Bennett University in Noida, I prioritised SP Jain for its international exposure. Strong recommendations also influenced my decision.

Q3: As someone who’s successfully navigated multiple companies, how did SP Jain Global help shape your leadership skills for business requirements?

Ans: Interestingly, I was an entrepreneur before joining SP Jain, but the programme transformed my perspective on business. SP Jain treated us as global strategists and adults, fostering independence rather than a spoon-feeding approach. The emphasis on group assignments mimicking real-world business scenarios, like pitching to investors, was invaluable.

Q4: Could you highlight three key takeaways from your time at SP Jain Global that aided in structuring your business approach?

Ans: Personalized guidance from professors and deans, the global learning experience and the immersive group assignments were instrumental in shaping my business strategies.

Q5: Managing cultural shifts across three international cities must have been challenging. How did you cope with these changes during your programme?

Ans: Adapting to cultural differences across Singapore, Dubai, and Sydney was indeed a challenge. Each city had its unique dynamics, but the programme’s rigorous structure helped me acclimate faster. Now, I feel equipped to adapt to any cultural setting.

Q6: If you could advise your younger self on choosing a programme, what would it be?

Ans: I would simply say, “Believe in yourself.”

Q7: Describe your journey at SP Jain in less than 10 words.

Ans: “A journey filled with fun, growth, adaptation, and wonderful people.”

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