Once enrolled in an MBA program, focus on maximizing your investment by taking full advantage of all the opportunities provided by your degree and business school.


Once enrolled in an MBA program, your priority for the next two years should be to maximise your investment. Take full advantage of every opportunity your degree and business school offers. Unlike many global business schools that require MBA candidates to have a minimum amount of work experience before enrolling, India follows a unique trend where many MBA aspirants are freshers. So, how does a college provide industry experience before you enter the corporate world? The answer is simple: summer internships. Today, we bring to our aspirant community an exclusive insight from Sankalp Joshi, a member of the MBA Cohort of 2022 at IFMR. Sankalp shares his experiences and learnings from his summer internship, offering a detailed account of his journey, challenges, and achievements in the Data Science domain.

Sankalp Joshi, driven by his enthusiasm for data science, dedicated his efforts to gaining expertise in this field during his summer placements. He supplemented the regular MBA curriculum with extensive study in Data Science, engaging in certification courses, projects, and regular practice of coding languages, specifically Python. This focused preparation helped him navigate the rigorous summer placement process with confidence and skill.

The Internship Experience

“Even though it was a virtual internship, the overall experience of working at such a reputed MNC was extremely enriching”

Sankalp’s internship, despite being virtual, was an enriching experience. He worked with Saint Gobain, a reputed MNC, where he received constant support and guidance from his mentor and team members. This support was instrumental in helping him gain a deep understanding of the Data Science domain and apply advanced machine-learning algorithms to real-world corporate datasets. The hands-on experience significantly enhanced his proficiency in Python and other important Data Science tools.

Overcoming Challenges

The biggest challenge that I faced during the course of my internship was the initial communication barrier with the guide and mentor owing to the virtual nature of the internship”

One of the key challenges Sankalp faced was the initial communication barrier with his guide and mentor, which was heightened by the virtual nature of the internship. However, he overcame this obstacle through continuous follow-ups, regular meetings, and the freedom to reach out via phone calls for urgent matters. These efforts helped him establish effective communication and work efficiently.

Key Learnings and Milestones

“Since this internship was my first exposure to the corporate world, directly working under the guidance of a Senior Data Scientist of the company helped me see how the corporate world functions”

During his internship, Sankalp had the opportunity to apply advanced machine learning algorithms to corporate datasets, which greatly improved his practical experience. Working under the guidance of a senior Data Scientist provided him with invaluable insights into the corporate world, broadening his understanding of the industry and the Data Science domain.

Values and Skills Gained from the Internship

Sankalp believes that internships are crucial for MBA students for several reasons:

  1. Corporate Experience: Internships provide real-world experience, allowing students to apply classroom knowledge in a corporate setting and shape their future growth.
  2. Networking and Corporate Connections: Internships help students grow their professional network, which is essential for career development.

Support from IFMR GSB

Throughout his internship, Sankalp remained in touch with his academic mentor at IFMR GSB. The mentor’s valuable inputs, real-life experience, and constant support added significant value to his project.

“I was regularly in touch with my academic mentor over email and virtual meets. Their valuable inputs, real-life experience and constant support helped me add more value to my project”

Navigating the Virtual Internship Experience

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, Saint Gobain ensured that the interns’ learning experiences were not compromised. The company bridged communication gaps early on and set up regular meetings with guides and mentors to enrich the internship experience.

Building Team Rapport and Communication

Sankalp’s experience with team rapport and internal communication was highly collaborative. The supportive and approachable nature of the team, coupled with transparent communication, emphasised the importance of timely delivery and clear communication in the corporate culture. This experience was crucial in understanding and adapting to corporate expectations.

Memorable Milestones

Sankalp fondly recalls the seamless onboarding process and the helpful feedback from his mentors as memorable aspects of his internship. These experiences contributed to a highly rewarding and educational journey, leaving a lasting impact on his professional growth.

Through this detailed account, Sankalp Joshi provides aspiring MBA students with valuable insights into the importance of summer internships and the benefits of focusing on a specific domain. His story is a testament to the significance of dedication, effective communication, and the supportive environment provided by both the company and IFMR GSB.


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