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ISB Student Diaries : Orientation week - A perfect start to life at ISB!

The community at ISB is truly diverse and vibrant. Each year, people from a wide range of age groups, from all walks of life, become ISB students. The 1-year MBA program translates to a very hectic life on campus, leaving little scope for students to gradually settle into the unique ISB culture. Orientation Week acts as a bridge that assists new students to smoothly transition and adapt to the ISB way!

The Dean's address kicks off the Orientation Week which is entirely organized and run by ISB alumni. To begin with, experienced alumni act as advisors to newbies, answering all questions related to registration, finance, legalities, signing up for a laptop, accommodations - everything that a new student needs to know to kick start their tenure.

Although the week starts on a formal note, what follows is a pleasant surprise! After advising them, the alumni discretely direct the new students towards Khemka, ISB's well-known auditorium. Here the students face a group of alumni who playfully 'grill' them for information for about 15 to 20 minutes. This unique ice breaker is followed by an end of the day theme based party, which further helps nervous new students to let their hair down and enjoy themselves.

The second day marks the beginning of a blitzkrieg of activities. A treasure hunt is ISB's novel way of giving newcomers a tour of the sprawling campus. In another activity, alumni paint a long canvas with depictions of their experiences at ISB as well as daily life - creating a colourful testimonial of sorts for new joinees to get a glimpse of what to expect.  Incoming students also get to try their hand at the most popular sport at ISB. It's not cricket, it's not football - its frisby, a much loved part of the ISB culture!

Every new student would have heard about most of the 28 clubs at ISB. However, presentations made by the ex-presidents and core members of the clubs throughout the week give students an in-depth understanding about what each club is about, who can become a member and how they will benefit from being part of it. This is a great way to decide which club or clubs would best compliment a student's academic direction and career aspirations.

What comes as a pleasant surprise to ISB students is the high quality accommodation it provides. They get introduced to this facet of life at ISB during the Orientation Week. ISB has hired a 4 star hotel to not only maintain the dormitory, but also provide housekeeping services - daily! This is not just an extra facility - it is ISB's way of letting their students know what to expect from life after ISB. The housekeeping is also very considerate given that students have to invest time in study groups, club activities, and academic assignments. Knowing, at the very beginning, that they will not have to clean their rooms for a year surely reduces a bit of stress for students!

Talent night is possibly the biggest event of orientation week, with each of the eight sections at ISB giving musical performances, skits and a medley of other performances based on a common theme. There is also a day dedicated to outdoor camping, where alumni team up members from each section and have a day of fun team building activities such as trekking blindfolded. While Talent Night binds students within sections, camping day promotes inter-section bonding.

Throughout the week, new students realise that life at ISB will not be easy, but it sure will not be dull! Getting 4 to 5 hours of sleep a day, the Orientation Week sets the pace for the rest of the year, building stamina and rigour amongst newcomers. The week is not a mere knowledge sharing event, it is a 'passing on the baton' ceremony of sorts. Alumni welcome new students to the institution that has become a part of their own identity. After all, once an ISBian, always an ISBian!

'ISB Student Diaries' is a series of articles published by ISBmantra to help prospective applicants develop a better understanding of life at ISB. The full set coming on our site soon. 

All the Best!


[Proud to announce that 100% of ISBmantra R1 2014 applicants already received an Interview Call]

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  • @ssleo I have been for a long time. 4h.
  • @Shankeyp : Take up some more MOOCs and update ISB that y.... 13m. | The Code to ISB
Shankx @Shankeyp 3.2 k

"interview introspection everyday" bus mujhe bhi ye hi bimari hui hai bhai!

Also everytime someone ask me about my interview...while I am narrating the whole thing...I realize something new about what happened that day!!!

So you see...I have something new to worry about...everyday!

SS Leo @ssleo 88

@Shankeyp @MihirZinzu @arjun_1989 @sainivicky04  check out the "humans of ISB" page on facebook if you have already not done that..spent 2 hours yesterday on that very interesting page

Devashish Jha @Devashish_Jha 139

@Shankeyp  - How to get rid of this!! yeah i feel ohk I could have changed my answer a bit and said some other things.. But then I think this isgoing to be the case till results are out.

Shankx @Shankeyp 3.2 k

@Devashish_Jha Luckily I am kinda satisfied with my answers.... but only way of getting rid of it seems to be ...get very busy!!!

I am way behind my target on.... "Books I wanna read(complete) in 2014"...

I think this will be my strategy to get rid of any free time my mind gets!
ISB mantra 1.3 k

@Shankeyp : Take up some more MOOCs and update ISB that you have been working hard to improve your profile even after the interview is over.

13 GMAT IIM L, Lucknow

IIML IPMX (2015-2016) Aspirants

Dear All,We are starting a new thread to discuss about IPMX, the one year residential MBA program at IIM Lucknow. We ...

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I have sent my application yesterday through Blue Dart(from Bangalore.) This is my third attempt with IPMX(got ditched in 2 PI's.)I hope that it would be, "third time lucky." My sincere request to @ipmx to provide what and how to prepare for the PI to come victorious(since you guys know the trick!)

I appreciate your valuable suggestions.




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  • @Kiki25 13 years in IT(senior tech lead at HCL Technologi.... 28m.
  • @Kiki25 may I know your profile?. 21m.
Ad Si @Kiki25 79

Can you pm me your profile? I may help you.

Raghunatha Babu Yadav Gorla @Raghu28 11

@Kiki25 13 years in IT(senior tech lead at HCL Technologies), GMAT 650, X - 70.8%, XII - 74.8%, B.Tech(CS) 57%, M.Tech - 72%

27 GMAT IIM L, Lucknow

IIML IPMX Official Thread for 2015 - 2016 Aspirants

Admissions for 8th Batch are now open till October 31, 2014 for One Year Full Time Management Programme, IPMX (Intern...

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Hi folks,

One of my bosses got the evaluation e-mail, but the other boss didn't. What to do?

  • send an email to these IDs -; admission.... 12h.
  • Has he got the link now. I submitted my application on tu.... 1h.
@execnitinsharma 1

send an email to these IDs -;

@abhishek.nath 2

Has he got the link now. I submitted my application on tuesday. One of the refrees has not got the link yet.

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Hi everyone,

I am thinking of applying to ISB in 2015 application rounds. Could you please help me know how strong my profile is and what are the areas I should improve upon so that I can prepare in the coming months. Reviews would be much appreciated.


Xth :92 % CBSE (kerala)

XIIth 73% Odisha State Board (95th percentile)

B.Tech in IT from Odisha State University with 7.1 CGPA.

Work Ex:

Joined a network marketing company during college

Helped my college senior run his coaching institute after my graduation. worked as an English Teacher there for 8 months.

Joined Capgemini India Pvt Ltd as a software developer for a year

Cofounded my own startup venture in agro-services industry with a focus to improve the supply chain management in my hometown and harness the vast potential of this unorganised sector.

Total work ex: 2 years 5 months as of now

Extra Curriculars:

Awards in Debate competitions, Quizzes, Essay Writing, Extempore Speeches through out school and college career.

Awards in various athletic events in school, inter school and CBSE meets.

Awards in Scholarship exams in school career

Head Boy of School

Attended Program for Leadership Development conducted by Y.M.C.A

Anchored the college cultural fest for 2 years.

Member of Toastmasters International Club for Public Speaking

Award for Best Prepared Speech by Toastmasters Club

Point of Contact  for my training batch in my job.

Host and Management Committe Member of Future Leaders Club in Capgemini.

Kindly advise me if I have a realistic chance of getting called for interview at ISB based on my profile. What should be my target GMAT score ? What are the things I should work on to improve the diversity of my profile. Kindly suggest.

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  • Thanks a lot RAM @YRAO .... My question is that will I be.... 6h.
  • Ok , This is my piece of advice Sanjay 1\. Your acads nee.... 1h.

Hi Sanjay @thekingcobra , Your profile is definately decent enough to apply for ISB I request you to introspect yourselves and find what do you want to do Post MBA Lastly, Do not forget about the GMAT score , which plays one of the key role in the process Score as high as possible. Target being 700+ Good Luck

SANJAY MOHAPATRA @thekingcobra

Thanks a lot RAM @YRAO .... My question is that will I be able to get a decent shot considering I do no have excellent acads. Will my Startup business experience leverage for my acads? What should be my steps of improvement apart from a 700+ GMAT which I am obviously aiming for..


Ok , This is my piece of advice Sanjay 1. Your acads need not be excellent for you to get an admit (considering you have a sound idea why you need an MBA ); All your scores reveal you are an above average student However , to be on a safer side we have a chance to showcase our academic capability via GMAT 2 . Your Startup in Agro Services definately differntiates you from your Peer group . Again , It is you who can decide , what must be done to improve your profile. It completely depends on your Post MBA goals and how you connect the Dots on your Daily activities in support of your Dream

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Dear Aspirants, we are very pleased to start this year's thread.

This 15 month dual degree programme between IIM Udaipur and Purdue University is designed to cater to the present industry requirements and equips students to deal with complex supply chains spanning several nations across the globe.

Please feel free to post your queries here. We will respond to them as soon as possible.

Previous year's threads


MediaPGPX@IIM Udaipur

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  • Yes @SargamG , application deadline has been extended to .... 14h.
  • I was looking for dual degree program in SCM but was unab.... 2h.
Regards, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur
Akash R @rAkash 56

@IIMUdaipur - Okay , is the last date to apply still Oct 15?

IIM Udaipur PGPX @IIMUdaipur 74

Yes @SargamG , application deadline has been extended to 10th november

@amit11289 2

I was looking for dual degree program in SCM but was unable to find one. This course came up recently on my feed. Unfortunately for me, I have already schedule my GMAT for 14th November keeping in line with dates for other colleges in India and abroad. Probably I would not be able to apply PGPX this year. But I would suggest and request you to please align application dates with other colleges. This helps student like me in applying for right course. For eg, in India ISB is having last date for application on 30th November whereas in US last date for 2nd round is 5th January. (If possible please revise application deadlines for 2016 or atleast allow student to update GMAT score till 30 November keeping in line with colleges like ISB, S.P.Jain which considers GMAT as selection process)

227 GMAT IIM B, Bangalore

IIM B – EPGP 7 Aspirants, Class of 2015-16 – EPGP (One Year Full-Time Residential Course)

Hi All, We are the current batch of IIMB EPGP (6th Batch) and we would want to make use of this thread to answer any ...

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Any dates for results...

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  • Itna sannata kyun hai Bhai... 6h.
  • toofan se pehle ki shanti hai dost.... 2h.
Alok kumar @kumaralok24 11

I wonder why is it taking so much time and why r dates changing so frequently...


[Official] Tuck School of Business - Dartmouth Admission Query Thread

Dear Puys I am introducing the Official Admission query thread of The Tuck School Of Business at Dartmouth CollegeYou...

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Thanks to everyone who attended the Chennai reception. Great to see so many out-of-town applicants, some of whom traveled from as far away as Bhubaneshwar to attend the event. Now it's on to Delhi on Sept 20th (Tuck Reception) and Sept 21st (MBA Tour). See you there!

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  • Hi Suds,. 4h.
  • @2k5alok Alok, what's up? Don't see a message from you.. 3h.

213 GMAT

Cranfield School Of Management Admission 2013 - 2014

Hi I am a current student at Cranfield doing my full time MBA. I have created a new thread to answer all the admissio...

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Hi Bharat, I have received an offer for Cranfield Full time MBA program. Could you please share your experiences @ Cranfield for the MBA program? Is the  1 year MBA Degree recognized in India? Also the current job scenario in Europe is bleak, does Britain is also suffering with the same issue.? Looking forward for your response.


  • Hi @Shady_Shiva , I have also received admit for Cranfie.... 12h.
Pramod Sharma @Pramod2911 5

Hi @Shady_Shiva ,  I have also received admit for Cranfield MBA......Are you accepting the offer.?


GRE Guide

*Purpose of the Thread:* Many students in college and working professionals face a decision that decides their future...

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hey guys,
need your help.. im answering gre this year.. wanted to know how do i start my prep..
which books to refer to.. and if anbdy cud share some prep material..
takin my 1st attempt very seriously..

thanks :)
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  • Hey, I came across this awesome resource which have .... 02 Jul.
  • hello frd..go through this site you wi.... 12h.
Ankur Mahajan @ankurmahajan88 2

Hey, I came across this awesome resource which have cool memory tricks for remembering difficult to remember meaning of words. Website is I am sure this will be helpful for other students like me who are preparing for GRE exam.

Few examples from website :

artifice: => clever use of tricks

mnemonic  : divide it like: --art(ART)+fice(SOUNDS LIKE FISH)--fishermans only know art of catching fish,they use some clever techniques like giving them bait, and  catch offering bait to fishes,a trick commonly used by fisherman's.

Also, this word sounds like artificial fish which is nothing but a trick.

aryan pawar @aryanpawar

hello frd..go through this site you will get all the information about GRE and preparation notes ..

124 GMAT IIM C, Kolkata

IIM Calcutta Official Thread for PGPEX Class of 2016 (PGPEX 2015-16)

Dear AspirantsThis is the official thread for IIM Calcutta PGPEX program for Class of 2016 aspirants Feel free to pos...

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5.7k GMAT

GMAT Critical Reasoning Discussions

The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. ...

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#CR10 Sunflowers growing in pots were placed, with their roots submerged, in the pond contaminated with radioactive elements. The sunflowers kept growing; in the process, they absorbed radioactive elements. Within twelve days, 85 percent of the radioactive elements were removed from the water, which is no less than can be accomplished with the much more expensive conventional filtration techniques. Scientists therefore propose using sunflowers for decontamination wherever there are radioactively contaminated ponds.
Which of the following, if true, points to a limitation on the applicability of the proposed method of decontamination?

25 people answered this question.
Logon to our website for more questions.  
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

211 GMAT

HEC Montreal Full Time MBA Class of 2014 aspirants

Hello, There have been few threads in the past for HEC Montreal MBA, However this is the one for prospective students...

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Anyone contemplating on applying for May'2015 ???

Also, would like to know the exp of puys who have recently passed out !!

  • opt for better schools might get disappointed a.... 14h.
Ravish Kumar @Ravishinsane 9

opt for better schools might get disappointed after listening to stories of indian guys who have graduated recently..


Ask a Consultant! - GMAT/GRE Only

The GMAT section's been growing rapidly over the past few years but I'm sure you already know that. Unfortunately, it...

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Hi Puys!

I'm in a very panicked situation as i'm writing this. I have my GMAT day after tomorrow, i.e., 31st October 2014 and i still don't have a prepared list of the 5 schools to which i'll be sending my scores.

In brief, I'm a female CA with almost 3.5 years of experience and a regular BCom (Hons) degree from DU. I currently work in MIS FP&A profile in HCL Technologies Ltd and prior to this, have worked with Kobe Steel Group (a Japanese steel giant) in Finance. Shortly, I'll be joining a different industry in MIS FP&A profile only. My goal from an MBA is to gain entrepreneurial and management skills that would help me move towards more of a general management role or maybe consider doing something of my own. In my practice GMATs so far i'm getting scores in the range of 660 to 700.

When i initially consulted a few people, i got the following names - ISB, IIM ABCL, XLRI and SPJIMR. ISB happens to be my preference. I am leaning more towards a one-year course but a good two-years course is also a feasible option. Also, I'm willing to consider an international MBA too. The names that have cropped up so far are NUS, Tuck,etc. 

As a confession, i'm from a purely technical finance background so my knowledge about admission procedures of any school except ISB is next to none. I'd like to start my MBA in 2015.

Please kindly guide me as to what schools I should choose on my test day. I will choose ISB but about the other four choices i'm confused. Request you to please help!

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi @caak! PMed you the list. All the Best for your GMAT! .... 1d.
  • NUS and HKUST would be good options along with ISB.. 14h.
ISB mantra 1.3 k

Hi @caak! PMed you the list. All the Best for your GMAT! 

'ISBmantra / EssaySunday Consulting'

[100% of ISBmantra applicants in ISB R1 2014 get an interview call]

ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 879

NUS and HKUST would be good options along with ISB. 

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Hi Vishal,

The first step on your GMAT journey should be to take a diagnostic. No one can tell you which coaching or consultancy services you need unless they know where you are starting from!

You can download a full-length test from Sit down, take it, and report your score to get a much better answer to your question. Or, if time is an issue, you can start with a shorter diagnostic quiz, such as the one that starts the course on the prep4gmat app ( ). This will help you determine where you are now and what you need!



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I'm a 2014 Hult graduate; I'd be happy to answer questions about my experiences there. Full disclaimer: the recommendations are mine and mine alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of my company

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How many work experience do I require to even have a remote chance of being a part of ISB??


Judge-Said 2013 Aspirants (Class of 2014)

Dear All, I'm a pagal newbie :: :. Thought of creating a thread for those aspiring for Said (Oxford) or Judge (Cambri...

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hii all...i need ur help since m all new to this...i have heard from my friends that one cannot crack mba specially if he/she is not good in maths...n for some personal reasons i only have this year to crack plzz suggest me how shld i start from scratch...
  • 3Comments
  • thanks:). 03 Mar.
  • it doesnt matter with that u r goood at maths r not u can.... 1d.
raghuram valluri @raghuramvalluri 4

it doesnt matter with that u r goood at maths r not u can still crack it people from arts background do get into iim a and c more 


Rotman class of 2017 (class starting 2015)

Hi, I got an admission offer from Rotman (starting Aug '15). I have 4 years of experience with ZS Associates (US Bas...


The official Thread for the NANYANG MBA Aspirants 2014 Intake

Hello Aspirants,This thread is for all who wish to apply to the Nanyang MBA for the upcoming intake (2014). We are pa...

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Received the admit offer today...

Only 1 week time to decide on acceptance, don't know whats the hurry on acceptance given that this is the first round and most schools give 2 weeks time.
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  • Thank you for your reply PE2C :smiley: So which school .... 05 May.
  • @PE2C .......Can you share your profile and GMAT score. 1d.
Anand Ravi @Bizinmyblood 20
@PE2C could you please share your profile so we can speculate on the shortlisting process?
sim meks @mbasim 1
Hi!! Congrats on your admit offer!! may i know how long ntu took after your interview to revert to you with the offer?
abhinav @PE2C 37
@mbasim well i did not accept the offer so... they sent me the offer 10 days after the interview
sim meks @mbasim 1
Thank you for your reply PE2C So which school did you join?
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Dear All,

My name is Vikram Bharadwaj and I am a current first year student with Krannert.

I am creating this thread so you can connect with first year Indian students and have questions on application process, Krannert culture and prospective employment opportunities answered. Feel free to shoot your questions - my classmates and I will be sure to respond as soon as possible.

Good luck with applications.

Thank you
Vikram Bharadwaj
MBA - class of 2015, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University
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  • Hi Vikram, I have been accepted for the 1 yr MBA for STEM.... 25 Mar.
  • @bharadwv Hey, I wanted to know about the 1 year stem MB.... 1d.
Hi Vikram,
I have been offered admission for the Full Time MBA program. However, there is no scholarship/assistantship information. The deadline for submitting the non-refundable deposit amount is April 15 and I want to be sure about the scholarship before I submit the deposit amount. Do you think it would be a good idea to push the Adcom to tell me about these details as I haven't heard anything from them yet.
Vikram Bharadwaj @bharadwv 10
If you didn't receive an email about your scholarship within say a week of your acceptance email - very unlikely you got a scholarship. Scholarships are purely based on what the ad-com thinks about your application (GMAT, Exp, Essays). You could surely write an email and check with the ad-com - just reiterate how you are a value ad to the class and how your exp will help be a contributor and tell them how important it is for you to have funding.
Neha @new_joinee 1

Hi Vikram, I have been accepted for the 1 yr MBA for STEM professionals - a newly introduced program that begins summer '14. Also, I have been offered a scholarship of 20K. I have a few queries related to the program and I hope you will be able to shed some light. Thank you!

1. As Purdue has a strong cred for operations and logistics, will this 1 yr MBA be any good if i am planning to do my electives with a focus on data/business analytics and strategy?

2. I have a full scholarship from UFL (Hough school of business) and my interpretation is that both Univs offer good enough courses aligned with my career goals. Considering the overall good reputation of Purdue and past placement statistics (although reflection of existing 2 yr MBA), is it advisable to invest in Purdue?


@bharadwv  Hey, I wanted to know about the 1 year stem MBA offered at Krannert. Does it take GRE as well? And, is work experience a MUST? Please reply!