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Wondering if the ISBmantra website google analytics data suggests anything about the demographics of ISB applicants. Here is what our last 6-month data says:

- Highest number of visitors from Karnataka(1700) very closely followed by Maharashtra and Delhi then Andhra. Interestingly there are more visitors from UP(500) and the USA(450) than West Bengal(400). 

- 33% of the visitors are in the age range 25-34 while about 38% are 35 and beyond. 

- 45% Female vs 55% male (doesn't quite reflect in the applicant pool though)

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  • @shankx Yes Shankx i understand that totally but just ens.... 37s.
  • lol. @saumyakumar123 are you a current student? Not sure .... 21s. | The Code to ISB
Shankx @Shankeyp 2.7 k

@saumyakumar123 Saumya such posts are just to keep are brains active and to have some fun discussing these numbers...

Also, dont you think these figures are indeed interesting from discussion point of view and for ISB marketing team?!

Saumya Kumar @saumyakumar123 16

@shankx Yes Shankx i understand that totally but just ensuring that people understand the context of such numbers being discussed........i hope it does not interest the marketing team too much since ISB boasts of diversity and i personally believe great people come in different packages........:)
ISB mantra 1.2 k

lol. @saumyakumar123 are you a current student? Not sure how these numbers can influence applicants, or make them think that ISB admissions is not based on merit. :) 

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IIMA PGPX (1 Yr Full Time MBA) Class of 2016 aspirants (PGPX 2015-16)

We are part of current PGPX Batch and would like to assist all those who are aspiring to get into IIM-A PGPX Batch 10...

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My interview was on 27th Sep, First in Panel 3 (9 AM)...went well...better than last time (yes, I was shortlisted and appeared for interview last year). But I'm clueless if that is good  enough.

My extempore topic was related to "strong regional parties good or headache?"...Let's see what happens...all the best to all! Do contact in case of queries and I would be glad to help the best I can

- Kaustubh

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  • Can you highlight your profile briefly?. 6m.
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@Tuck.Dartmouth  Kindly confirm whether the Official GMAT/GRE score must reach Tuck before the admission deadline of a particular round?

Is it fine if the report is released before the deadline but might reach the school after the application deadline of that particular round?

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Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is all set for their applications to the B schools.

Just wanted to know if anyone attended the MBA World Tour in Chennai, held at Taj. Those attended please comment below, need some information.

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S P Jain Centre of Management (SPJCM) - Dubai/Singapore Nov'11 Intake

Hi All, Admissions for GMBA Nov'11 intake started on 1st June. You can see all the details here : Apply Online for GM...

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SPJAT is divided mainly into below sections:

Reasoning - I referred RS Agrawal for this. (I have a very old copy, arnd 10 years old, and used that coz I did not want to spend money on a new one.)
Logic - Used RS Agrawal and IMS notes, 2 years old, I got when I had registered for CAT.
IQ - Read some questions from internet and PG.
Numeracy - IMS notes
Reading Comprehension - IMS Notes
General Knowledge - Made note of all major global events during the last one month. Did not focus much on India specific events. Global events such as, big M&A; deals announced, elections in some countries, economic happening, downgrades of various nations and companies, global sporting events etc.

You dont need to slog to prepare for SPJAT. As others have mentioned, it is not as difficult as CAT or other entrance exams. If you are preparing for CAT and et al, you should be covered for most of the sections and need to focus only on GK.

One suggestion I would like to give is DO NOT guess in GK. Attempt it only if you know for sure. GK has -ve 2 and +ve 1 mark for every question. So it can be a game changer.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further queries.
  • any source from where to prepapre for GK. 1h.

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GMAT coaching institutes in Pune

Hi guys, I am looking for renowned/worthy GMAT institute based in Pune with some basic details like fee n all. I am s...

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currently admissions(MGB) are going on for January intake...

I would like to know, in which month there will be next intake

( i will prefer after or in the month of June)

n to apply for that intake, i should appear in which month's SPJAT test?

p.s:-I'm quite confused about schedule of  MGB program as it is quite different from other b-schools i am considering.

  • Hi! We have 3 intakes a year-January, May and September..... 22h.
  • So it means if want to apply for May 2015 intake, I need .... 20h.
S P Jain School of Global Management Dubai | Singapore | Sydney @SPJainGlobal 1.3 k


We have 3 intakes a year-January, May and September. We have opened admissions for January 2015 now for which you can apply online from our website. More information is available on

The next intake is for May 2015, admissions for this will open sometime around the month of December 2014. We normally have 3-4 rounds of the SPJAt for each intake and these scores are valid for 2 years so you can plan to take the test any time now for 2015 intake. For any queries pls feel free to mail on

vish @svishal 3

So it means if want to apply for May 2015 intake, I need not to take SPJAT in October and November this year, as i can appear for it in March or something.

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IIM B – EPGP 7 Aspirants, Class of 2015-16 – EPGP (One Year Full-Time Residential Course)

Hi All, We are the current batch of IIMB EPGP (6th Batch) and we would want to make use of this thread to answer any ...

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Any updates for Skype IV dates...and will there be an essay like in person IV...thoughts?

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  • I am yet to hear back on the interview dates....I am wond.... 13h.
  • Or they might ask you to type it. 3h.
Sheldon Cooper @Target2015 79

I got a notification today. My Skype interview is scheduled for 9/7 (tuesday). 

@raghavsatwik 6

I am yet to hear back on the interview dates....I am wondering too what would they for our essay? I am dreading it will be an extempore....:(

27 Aug 1 GMAT

[Official] Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University - Fall 2015 Aspirants

Dear Prospective Students, This is an official blog of Smeal College Of Business at Pennsylvania State University. I ...

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Hi ! Has anyone applied in Round 1 ? Would be great to connect.

7h ago 501 GMAT

Singapore Management University (SMU)

For those of you who don't know yet - Singapore Management University (SMU) has just launched a 1-year full time MBA ...

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How to create a great MBA application

MBA Ivy League
MBA Ivy League
Though obvious to some, it is not obvious to others, which is why I'll state it as my Number 1 point: MBA programs want to hear about your professional experience.

Posted by MBAIvy on Wordpress

  • 7h.

10h ago 4.8k GMAT

GMAT Problem Solving Discussions

This thread is for all those junta who will be appearing for GMAT..... We dont have a proper GMAT discussion thread. ...

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Hi All, I took Veritas free practice test today and scored 640. Any idea how close is it to actual GMAT score??

Also, i tried the CR and SC practice questions and got 60-80% correct. Are these qizzes and this exam a good practice material to go for. I doubt it a lot coz my accyracy in CR was better with OG questions compared to veritas. Also, the answer choices are close enough and i got caught in the trap. Till some point it was helpful but now i am finding it demoralizing. Any suggestions?? Kindly share

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  • as per veritas prep your score will be +/- 30 points in t.... 15h.
  • Thanks!. 10h.
prateek gupta @pg1483 193

give a test from to know the actual score ...
Kinjal Das 26.8 k

as per veritas prep your score will be +/- 30 points in the actual gmat exam. But for close approximation take more mocks from official sources.gmatprep for example.

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Hi all. I gave my GMAT in July this year and got a score of 710. I have 5 years of work experience in sales as sales officer in lubricants department in Bharat Petroleum. My college score was 6.5 CGPA. please tell me the options open to me. I was thinking of giving the test again to improve it and offset my low college score but have been counselled against it. Please guide. 

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  • "I had not given TOEFL as almost everyone had counselled .... 13h.
  • Yeah, got the mail from them. They are asking me to give .... 13h.

Just filled up the application form for Berkeley, paid the money and everything.. 

Was just now going through their FAQ and found this -

no school in India is currently granted an exemption from the TOEFL or IELTS requirement.

I had not given TOEFL as almost everyone had counselled me that when college gives in writing that medium of instruction is in english, they dont ask for toefl.

Does my application stand cancelled? can i give toefl in 3-4 days and send results through mail?? It seems so stupid that they would make such a discriminatory rule.

MBA Decoder @mba-help 1.2 k

"I had not given TOEFL as almost everyone had counselled me that when college gives in writing that medium of instruction is in english, they dont ask for toefl."

That's not true.  A lot of b-schools ask Indians for the TOEFL score...some schools also list down the countries that are exempt, and India is never among them. For matters like these, it is best to see the FAQ section, not go on heresay.

I think if you speak to the b-school they will ask you to submit in R2 after you get your TOEFL score. R1 is tomorrow, so you will have to take that judgment call.


Yeah, got the mail from them. They are asking me to give the test and then based on the test date they will see which round I am going to take part in, most probable R2 now..\

13h ago 1.5k GMAT XLRI, Jamshedpur

XLRI GMP Class of 2014

XLRI GMP class of 2013 welcomes all the prospective MBA students in this forum.We truly understand that the decision ...

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Can someone help me out with the details of XLRI GMP admission procedure? I am looking for 2015-16batch
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  • How is gmp regarding plcmt nd all?. 08 Aug.
  • My Gmat score is 640.. what are my chances?. 13h.
@angs85 42

You can apply through XAT/GMAT - Final selection is based on Score, Interview Performance, Past Experience, Academic Record etc...

Richa Gaur @Richuu 2

Thanks! Anyone in bangalore preparing for GMP 2015

14h ago 11 GMAT

IIM Udaipur - Purdue Global SCM program - Class of 2016 Aspirants

Dear Aspirants, we are very pleased to start this year's thread. This 15 month dual degree programme between IIM Udai...

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@IIMUdaipur I wanted to know whether there is a decision made as to what the total batch strength would be for Jan 2015 Intake? 

  • Hi @gshardikar It would be around 15. 14h.

15h ago 101 GMAT IIM C, Kolkata

IIM Calcutta Official Thread for PGPEX Class of 2016 (PGPEX 2015-16)

Dear Aspirants This is the official thread for IIM Calcutta PGPEX program for Class of 2016 aspirants Feel free to po...

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any idea how many candidates are called up for interview and what is final conversion ratio ?

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  • Let us put it like this. IIMA 80 seats+ IIM B 75 seats. O.... 16h.
  • feeling a lil better by gaurav's analysis :smiley:. 15h.
Ani 30 @amol.muley 1

@ankit532 odds are not that high as you calculated. Logically, many peeps will choose IIM A & B over C, odds are IIMC seats: [400 - guys who appeared PI for A & B)] or Total seats  A+B+C : 400 or some more similar combinations like this  

gaurav joshi @GJ1983 14

Let us put it like this. IIMA 80 seats+ IIM B 75 seats. Out of this 175, I expect 50 people would be common for IIM C and choose A or B. Hence IIM C may give final call to around 100 people. Odds are 1:4, considering they have called 400 people for i/v.

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Hi, can anyone give me some insight about the time when one should attempt the exam.

What are the last date to apply for the universities and how much will be the approx expense for MBA in US or Europe.

16h ago 1 GMAT

Study in Australia.

Hi I,m looking for opportunities to study in Australia .

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7d ago 358 GMAT

S P Jain Institute of Management & Research - PGPM Admissions 2014

*Greetings from SPJIMR PGPM Admission Committee 2013!* We truly appreciate your decision to take a break from your ca...

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When will the SPJIMR form be opened for re-editing.I have forgot to fill up a lot of details.

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So this is it...I guess! September end and still no call..Thanks everyone here for your support and guidance. I would try for some other college now..

  • @arushipn wait for 7 days, tomorrow is the last day for f.... 18h.
  • @arushipn People got offers in Nov also last year ........... 17h.
Avnish Mishra @leo12all 821

@arushipn wait for 7 days, tomorrow is the last day for fee submission. Then only the college will know who are stayng and who are leaving.


@arushipn People got offers in Nov also last year chill