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I have the same question....I am waitlisted at No.16....

And this is my only hope because no admit for IIM A....

Kindly throw light on this please......

I am from a very different background (Master Mariner), I think I can add a lot of value to peer learning at EPGP.........

I really wish I get to study and learn at IIM B with so many experienced professionals and get guidance from the best professors around.....

  • @Ninad Bhave....I hope and wish that there are atleast 20.... 13h.
  • Hi, I was waitlisted # 3, however, I will be joining HEC .... 16m.

@Ninad Bhave....I hope and wish that there are atleast 20 talented candidates like u who do the same and all of us waitlisted get thru....... 

@ashkul123 3

Hi, I was waitlisted # 3, however, I will be joining HEC Paris. +1 spot for you guys..

1.8k GMAT ISB Hyderabad

ISB Class of 2016 Aspirants

*R2 Applicants : Please go through below Important links :* (The list of the links will get updated as and when I ge...

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hey guys wanted to know about the one yr msc course in uk,us does it boost your career?what are the options in hand after opting this programme?

176 GMAT IIM C, Kolkata

IIM Calcutta Official Thread for PGPEX Class of 2016 (PGPEX 2015-16)

Dear AspirantsThis is the official thread for IIM Calcutta PGPEX program for Class of 2016 aspirants Feel free to pos...

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Has anyone got mail from IIM Cal for PGPEX admission?

  • Nt yet @abhi_agni ...called adcom today, they said they w.... 5h.
suhit saxena @nfmba 6

Nt yet @abhi_agni ...called adcom today, they said they will be sending Mails by early next week..

457 GMAT SPJIMR, Mumbai

[Official] S P Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) - PGPM (One year full time MBA) Admissions 2015

*Greetings from SPJIMR PGPM Admission Committee 2014!***We truly appreciate your decision to take a break from your c...

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Do we need to send the applications to the campus via courier in case we are paying through Debit/Credit card?

  • thank you :smiley:. 5h.
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too late to apply?

i have registered though not paid for XLRI

can i still apply successfully?


  • u have time till 30th Nov. 7h.
  • cool that :sunglasses:. 6h.
15 months of slog ends sadly. Maybe it takes more than just sleepless nights. Batameez dil maanena  

10 GMAT SPJIMR, Mumbai

SP Jain Mumbai 2015-2017

Hey ! I wanted to know the admissions process details for the batch of 2015-2017 PGDM (2-year MBA) Programme offered ...


NUS Intake 2014

Hi, Does anyone know if NUS will be considering Integrated Reasoning for the 2014 intake?

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Hi Puys, Anyone got a call for NUS interview?

  • I have an interview invite with NUS.... 7h.
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Hi I am facing an issue while registering in gmat site to book exam. After saving my details I am getting message that my details will be verified by the gmat team in 2 days. But my friends didnt get any such message. they were able to book their slots smoothly. so i tried one more account. again i got the same response. can someone tel me why its happening. i really need to book slots for gmat.. the slots r filling fast. also considering today is friday will they not b working tomo and on sunday. pls reply soon

71 GMAT IIM L, Lucknow

IIML IPMX Official Thread for 2015 - 2016 Aspirants

Admissions for 8th Batch are now open till October 31, 2014 for One Year Full Time Management Programme, IPMX (Intern...

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Sorry for the delay guys!!! here's my debrief:

Panel consisted of 3 professors...1 Lady and 2 Gentlemen. All of them were very cordial and made me very comfortable.

First of all a case study was given for the was a 7-8 lines of scenario and then a question about the case study. Then the interview started. I was 3rd on the list.

1. Tell us about yourself.

2. Some questions related with my work.

3. Questions related with my technical certifications. (4-5 back and forth questions)

4. Tell us about your weakness

5. Then they asked me where all did I apply. Told them I applied to IIM A, shortlisted for the interview but was dinged in it.

6. They meticulously checked my certificates and job details.

That's went for some 20 minutes or so. Ended with a Thank You.

Best of luck to people appearing in the next rounds.

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  • @Kiki25 around 8 in 10AM slot. 8h.
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I have a loan of 30 L form HDFC . Planning for executive MBA from a reputed institute. May need around 11 L additional education loan. having work exp of 9 year, My wife is working. her CTC is around 10L. my question is that 1.) whether any financial institute will approve my education loan?

2) Can i ask for a break for 1 year from my Home loan?

@Credila-EduLoan please reply.

Hi All - I am sure that most the... - @Popeyed on 12 Dec '11 - PaGaLGuY
Hi All - I am sure that most the... - @Popeyed on 12 Dec '11 - PaGaLGuY
Hi All - I am sure that most the folks have got an admit will next plan for securing education loans from Banks. With respect to that, I have few queries for which I hope y...


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My take at behavioral interviews - applies to admission interviews as well

Behavioral Interview: Story speaks louder than words
Behavioral Interview: Story speaks louder than words
Whether you are interviewed as lateral hire, as experienced campus hire or even as a novice fresher, we all come across questions that we find hard to answer. Our resume cannot give an answer to these type of questions and they are the ones that express more about us as a person then as a domain expert or a geek.


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Hi, I have 3.5 years of experience in the power sector. Graduated in 2011 (electrical engineering, NIT Kurukshetra) CGPA-9.01, 12th 88%, 10th 88%, GRE - 312 (148,164) and have to give my TOEFL on 6th Dec. The problem is that most of the application deadlines is 15th Dec, while I could not find a date for the toefl prior to that, what should I do, as the toefl scores would arrive In 2-3 weeks, i.e. after the application deadlines. Also suggest best universities for MS in electrical engineering.

  • Hi, You can also submit your application by entering th.... 14h.
Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 415


You can also submit your application by entering the date of the TOEFL test. The application will be accepted in such case. But this will only affect the review process and the review will only start once you update them with your scores.  As you are taking the TOEFL test on the 6th there is no need of rescheduling it. It will not delay the application review process.

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Hi! Could anyone help me understand what format should be used to submit the the resume` to Yale when applying?

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  • @MansieDewanConsulting Thanks so much! That's some useful.... 18h.
  • Unlike the dry stuff we put in resumes in India, in the U.... 14h.
Neil @nutfree 2

Unlike the dry stuff we put in resumes in India, in the US, admissions teams look to understand your personality, are you engaged with the world around you and what is important to you beyond work and study. I don't think 1 page is a rqmt while entering b-school, yes you would need to have 1-pager once you graduate. So, schools would appreciate if you can be creative and can use the resume both presentation & content to articulate what makes you click, what personal traits and values you bring, how you are enthusiastic about certain aspects of life, etc too.

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Thank you guys for your contribution on this page, both for sharing and absorbing the information. I have got through IIM-B and ISB for next year session and is finally going for IIM-B after brainstorming sessions with currents students and alums apart from my gut feeling. This is not to say that IIM-B is superior to ISB but a personal choice based on my profile.

Please continue with your discussions and wish everyone a good luck!

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  • @KGarg123 I got through IIM-C, so most probably will be j.... 1d.
  • Congratulations Kanika and to all others who got through .... 16h.
Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.
S L @mba9999 320

@KGarg123 I got through IIM-C, so most probably will be joining there

Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 415

Congratulations Kanika and to all others who got through their dream schools. We wish you guys all the very best. 

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Hi , 

Could anyone suggest me on studies for post graduation in austrailia .I want job oriented course to be done for workpermit thereafter resulting in p.r . MyprofilE is bcom management honours first class with 16 months of work ex into investment banking .also do suggest for australia or Canada which of the 2  would help m do better .


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  • Hello Sachin,. 18 Nov.
  • HI Sachin, would it be possible for you to share with us .... 16h.
Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 415

HI Sachin, would it be possible for you to share with us your phone number and we can have one of our expert mentors call you at a time suitable with you. This would directly help you to resolve all your queries. Look forward to speaking with you. 

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Many Indian applicants I have spoken to - especially those from energy background - have mentioned how they're very interested in Revers Energy Initiative and wanted to take advantage of this dedicated energy research center at Tuck to further their aspirations. Some of the more informed applicants mentioned how they would like to work under Prof. Erin Mansur, who recently joined Tuck as the Revers Professor of Business Administration at Tuck to get an immersion in all things energy.

Read on for an insight into some of the ongoing research being conducted by Prof. Mansur in collaboration with colleagues from Dartmouth College.

A Fuller Picture of Fracking's Impact
A Fuller Picture of Fracking's Impact
By Jonathan Riggs Published Nov 21, 2014 Fracking has been good for local economies, says Tuck professor Erin Mansur and co-authors. On Jan. 24, 1848, James W. Marshall discovered glittering nuggets while helping build a sawmill for his employer, John Sutter.


264 GMAT

SAUDER school of business, UBC - 2013 Application discussions

Hi all, I am a current student in SAUDER school of business (MBA 2014 batch). Our seniors support through Pagalguy wa...

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Has anybody applied for August 2015 intake in round 1?

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  • @bugsie91 My profile- Gmat - 660, WE- 3 yrs Supply Chain .... 16h.
Ronak Singh @Ronak1990

@bugsie91 My profile- Gmat - 660, WE- 3 yrs Supply Chain Analytics, TOEFL- 105, BE frm Mumbai University. what abt u?


[PrincetonReview] GMAT Verbal Prep

this is where we will post questions on RC, SC and CR for GMAT

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Mr. Beetle working in the dusty bakery day and night, who sacrificed his health to send his children to college.

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Can someone please evaluate my profile and tell me which colleges should i target?

I'm looking for one year colleges in India and abroad.Also, I'm looking for colleges with lower tuition fees. Can someone please evaluate my profile and recommend up to 5 colleges that I should applied to? 

GMAT Score- 660

Work Ex- 3.5 Years

Field- IT(Accenture)

Role- Business Analyst- I have been doing business analysis work for the last 2.5 years and worked on multiple projects with a banking giant in the Europe. My role was a very client facing one and I have worked with various teams in multiple locations in Lithuania, UK and India. I also managed an onshore opportunity in the UK last year.

Work Accomplishments- I have up to 5 awards that I have got in the last years. I have certificates for all of them. (Let me know if this needs to be evaluated further)

Also, I have been a active member of CSR activities. I have extensively taught over weekends at an NGO. I have a passion for teaching and would really like to start my own school for poor kids.


B.E from Manipal University, Karnataka


Extra Curriculars

I was the Editor for the IEBT club in College.

Organized various events for Fests in College

10th and 12th-80% and 78%

Extra Curricular

I have certificates for Inter House Competitions like Elocution etc, Creative Writing etc 

  • Hi, If you are looking for 1 year colleges then you have.... 16h.
Manya Abroad @ThePrincetonReview 415


If you are looking for 1 year colleges then you have to look at schools which are in Singapore and UK. You can look at schools like AIM Manila, Nanyang, NUS, SP Jain GMBA , Great Lakes etc. Overall you have a good academic and extra curricular profile plus you also have multi-faceted work experience which will reflect well in your application. A good GMAT score will definitely make you eligible to apply in various colleges mentioned above. If you have any further questions, please do let us know and we would be happy to help. Wish you the best.