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Thanks a lot @rishabhagindore for an insight into ISB. You really  calmed my nerves.

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  • @rishabhagindore hi. thanks for your offer to help. Can y.... 15m.
  • @qw1981 Once you get an admit from ISB you will be invite.... 5m.
qw 1981 @qw1981 460


Pls do share what you learned from the interaction buddy it will help us all.

SS Leo @ssleo 54

@avaibhav39 please share if you can the insights you gained about ISB!

Rishabh Agrawal @rishabhagindore 103

Guys, I would love to help any serious applicant. If you have very specific questions then PM me or post in this forum with me tagged. Cheers!

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@rishabhagindore hi. thanks for your offer to help. Can you throw some light on peer interactions in the campus. There are total of 770 students. Assuming you are at Hyderabad campus and there are 400 students there. With how many other students do you think as a general thumb rule a student will have meaningful interactions with? For example a student would obviously be very close with his study group but outside that how are the interactions with others?

Rishabh Agrawal @rishabhagindore 103

@qw1981 Once you get an admit from ISB you will be invited for many official/unofficial meetups where you can socialize and make friends. Once you get into ISB, in O-week (i.e. first week) many ice-breakers activities are conducted to ensure maximum interaction. Later, you will have parties and various social events  where you can network a lot. Also, you can opt for campus exchange. You can always reach out to anybody at anytime in ISB community for help or support. I feel there is no dearth of interaction opportunities, it just depends on the individual. P.S. The only hard part with 770 student community is- it is hard to remember all names :P.  Correction: There will be close to 550 students in HYD and 220 in Mohali. 

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Here is my debrief. I had my I/V at 8:30 AM slot on 28th. Before the I/V, I was hell nervous, but that all went away with conversations with other interviewees. I went in at 9:50 AM roughly and came out after 20-25 mins.

I was called in the room and given an extempore to speak about. The topic was somewhat like "Political and Economic system in India is not good for Entrepreneurship".

My panel consisted of a male and female professor. I was given 2 minutes time to jot down my thoughts and 2 minutes to speak. I started within one minute. During my extempore, I was cross questioned. Frankly, I lost my flow with that nudge. Restarted and was stopped again to give a new point. Then, took 20 seconds and then started talking about political effects on starting business via economics theory assumptions.

I was asked what books do I read. I am pursuing a Masters Course, so I just mentioned that.

I was asked about latest report and details I have read. I didn't remember which one was that and conveyed that but I gave some stats from the reports within my sector(IT) growth. I was prodded more for the reason why did you read that report. (Probably, panel was thinking that I read it for interview only). I gave the reason.

Topic went back to Entrepreneurship and I was asked about my 2 recommendations to PM Modi. I was prodded till I gave exact method and plan of my recommendations.

I was asked about the reason for trends in IT. Reasons for the trends. And that discussion went deep as we went into discussing 10-30 years of IT trends in market. Later, discussion came back to current IT trend. I work on cloud, so I tried to steer it that way, but panel seemed to be interested in hearing lot on Big Data Analytics and prodded me for specific application. I said I don't have specific application on top of my head.

Finally they asked me some questions on my extra academic interests. What prodded me to go for those extra interests?

Lady Professor was active most of the times firing the volley of questions and asking for more details. I did feel that interview entered into realms of stress interview as I remember saying "Sorry, but I dont remember or know" atleast 5-6 times. It was comfy for most of others I talked there.

Fingers crossed for the results. ATB puys

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SP Jain MGB Program-worth applying to?

This is my profile: 10th: 89, 12th:85, B.Com: 68. Work ex of 1 year post graduation and articleship of 2 years during...

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Anybody who has been selected for the SP Jain MGB program JAN intake ? 

  • I am:). 2d.
  • me too...what specialisation have you guys opted for??. 59m.
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Hi All, I am planning to apply to ISB EEO Round 2 which has a deadline of Nov 30. Kindly evaluate my profile and provide valuable feedback -:

10th - 86.2%(ICSE) 12th -81.2%(CBSE) , Graduation - 6.82/10(Dual Degree , BITS Pilani )

GMAT -720

Work Exp - 15 months as of now with Deloitte India.

Work involves the following -: 

1. Working as Deloitte SPOC for a Tech Giant

2. Managing a team of 5 professionals

3. Weekly client discussions, strategy, planning, reporting and business forecasting. Interacting with APOC Heads of the client.

4. Multinational Project spanning across Sri Lanka, Maldives , Bangladesh, Malaysia & Singapore

Internship Experience -:

1. Internship with Hindalco, UP - Instrumentation project

2. Internship with Reliance Industries,Mumbai - SCM Costing Project. Senior VP Recommendation for the costing implementation. 

3. Internship with, Gurgaon - International Sales & Marketing

4. Intership with JDA Software,Banglare - SCM Consulting for a Retail Major

5. Internship with Hughes Systique,Gurgaon - Python Coding, TMT Project

Initiatives & Honours -:

1. Kairos Global Fellowship 2011

2. Co-Founder of a tech startup in college. Closed now.

3. Teaching Assistant for Marketing Research , Supply Chain & Startups in College

4. Table Tennis Team manager for 3 years in College. Played at district level during school.

5. Event Management for certain events in Cultural Fests, Tech Fests each year in college.

6. Elected as Convenor for all College Hostels (Adminstration )

7. A project on Marketing Research with each of UGC & Goa Tourism Board during college under professors.

8. Professional Development Director for one of the Rotaract branches in 2013-14.

Perhaps have given a very detailed view, but hope it helps experts in helping me out for my application. Thanks in advance.

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It's interesting to read through all the interview experiences. Also we met some of you who were in IIM bangalore, it was great interacting with you. Please continue to share more experiences. Let us know in case you need further help, we'll try to pool in as much as we can. 

All the best..!! 

  • Many thanks for your support, although most of us are cur.... 2h.
chamaar @chamaar 42

Many thanks for your support, although most of us are currently tensed about the pending outcome. 

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Katz MBA 2015 aspirants

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Anyone submitted application for round 1 ??

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  • @nbhanutheja I am applying to Tippie, Rotman and Mannheim. 3h.
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Hi, I am Nagarjun from India. I am aiming for Jan 2015 MITB (Analytics) intake. I need to know more about the placement record of SMU in MITB (Analytics) course. It would be a great help for me if some one brief me about the placement statistics of MITB (Analytics), so that I could proceed further towards my application closure.

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@MansieDewanConsulting@mba-help - I plan to give my GMAT on the 16th of October. Please let me know which colleges in US can I target for R1 and some good options to try for R2 in US.

I have 4 years of experience into IT sector with international exposure. I have more than 85% aggregate in both 10th and 12th standards.

In extra curriculars I have won accolades in debates, group discussions, drama competitions and singing competitions as well.

Please let me know the score I should target and if you can provide some good colleges in US to target for R1/R2; with good chances of scholarships as well.

I am also inclined to ISB and INSEAD apart from the colleges in US.

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  • Hi Naman! What is your college CGPA/Percentage? And your .... 5h.
Mansie Dewan @MansieDewanConsulting 2.2 k

Hi Naman! What is your college CGPA/Percentage? And your projected GMAT score? What do you plan to do post MBA? Any geographical preferences? Here, I am assuming that you score a 720 plus in the GMAT, have a decent GPA, want to target US schools in addition to ISB& INSEAD and are planning to stay to connected to Technology/IT. You could look at colleges like Wharton, Anderson, Tepper, McCombs, and Kelley. Among these, you could look at applying to Anderson in R1. Move the rest to R2. There's no point in submitted hurried applications. 

PS: These are only suggestions. In order to finalise target schools, you must do your OWN research and remember, use the Rankings only as a supplement to your own research; don't base your choice of schools solely on the rankings. Good Luck and God Bless!!

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Statements : 
All incense are incantation.

No incantation is inept.

Some inept are indolent.

Some indolent are incisive.


I. 0.00002% incisive which are part of indolent, they have also a part of inept.

II. Atleast some incantation are not indolent.

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i too have accepted the PGPM 2015 offer, my number is 9831066846 , pls add me to the whatsapp group...

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WORTH WRITING GMAT IN JAN for JUN INTAKE for Indian B schools ??

hi , I am writin my GMAT in the month of jan . will that be worth for admissions for 2015 session in indian B school...

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@Tuck.Dartmouth  Kindly confirm whether the Official GMAT/GRE score must reach Tuck before the admission deadline of a particular round?

Is it fine if the report is released before the deadline but might reach the school after the application deadline of that particular round?

  • @Punter19 The entire file should be complete for the app.... 8h.
Suds Tirumala @Tuck.Dartmouth 77

@Punter19  The entire file should be complete for the application to be considered complete for a given round which implies official GMAT/GRE scores.

17h ago 102 GMAT IIM C, Kolkata

IIM Calcutta Official Thread for PGPEX Class of 2016 (PGPEX 2015-16)

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any idea how many candidates are called up for interview and what is final conversion ratio ?

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  • thoda better feel ho rela hai. 17h.

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Singapore Management University (SMU) - School of Information Systems

Aspiring Master's applicants, I am currently a graduate student at the School of Information Systems, Singapore Manag...

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Hi.. What has been the avg. package offered to the MITB (Analytics) graduates? Im supposed to join the Univ. in Aug.
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  • @Vachan Done. Please check your email.. 31 Mar.
  • @SMU_Singapore : Please mail the placement data to my mai.... 20h.

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S P Jain Institute of Management & Research - PGPM Admissions 2014

*Greetings from SPJIMR PGPM Admission Committee 2013!* We truly appreciate your decision to take a break from your ca...

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When will the SPJIMR form be opened for re-editing.I have forgot to fill up a lot of details.

  • I think you posted in wrong thread.. 20h.
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I'm an MBA student recruiter at HEC Montreal. If you have questions, let me know. I'll be in several cities in India in a couple of weeks as part of the Access MBA fairs - you should register for free and come meet me!  Here's reg info:

HEC Montréal on tour
An opportunity to speak to Audrey Yung, Recruitment Officer, to learn about undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate business programs. Find out about the different specializations, admission requirements, career opportunities, life in Montréal and more. Information: Tel.: 514-340-6744 International Graduate Scholarship Fair - Beijing October 18, 2014 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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What to do in free time :)

Hi All, Please let us know what to do in free time :smiley:

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currently admissions(MGB) are going on for January intake...

I would like to know, in which month there will be next intake

( i will prefer after or in the month of June)

n to apply for that intake, i should appear in which month's SPJAT test?

p.s:-I'm quite confused about schedule of  MGB program as it is quite different from other b-schools i am considering.

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  • Hi! Yes we will have 3-4 rounds of the test for May intak.... 1d.
  • i will prefer appearing for SPJAT as late as possible.. I.... 23h.
S P Jain School of Global Management Dubai | Singapore | Sydney @SPJainGlobal 1.3 k


We have 3 intakes a year-January, May and September. We have opened admissions for January 2015 now for which you can apply online from our website. More information is available on

The next intake is for May 2015, admissions for this will open sometime around the month of December 2014. We normally have 3-4 rounds of the SPJAt for each intake and these scores are valid for 2 years so you can plan to take the test any time now for 2015 intake. For any queries pls feel free to mail on

vish @svishal 3

So it means if want to apply for May 2015 intake, I need not to take SPJAT in October and November this year, as i can appear for it in March or something.

S P Jain School of Global Management Dubai | Singapore | Sydney @SPJainGlobal 1.3 k

Hi! Yes we will have 3-4 rounds of the test for May intake once we open admissions for that intake but even if you are taking the test now in October/Nov. the scores will remain valid for May 2015 intake.

vish @svishal 3

i will prefer appearing for SPJAT as late as possible.. I hope SPJAT will be conducted in the month of March/April 

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Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is all set for their applications to the B schools.

Just wanted to know if anyone attended the MBA World Tour in Chennai, held at Taj. Those attended please comment below, need some information.

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S P Jain Centre of Management (SPJCM) - Dubai/Singapore Nov'11 Intake

Hi All, Admissions for GMBA Nov'11 intake started on 1st June. You can see all the details here : Apply Online for GM...

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SPJAT is divided mainly into below sections:

Reasoning - I referred RS Agrawal for this. (I have a very old copy, arnd 10 years old, and used that coz I did not want to spend money on a new one.)
Logic - Used RS Agrawal and IMS notes, 2 years old, I got when I had registered for CAT.
IQ - Read some questions from internet and PG.
Numeracy - IMS notes
Reading Comprehension - IMS Notes
General Knowledge - Made note of all major global events during the last one month. Did not focus much on India specific events. Global events such as, big M&A; deals announced, elections in some countries, economic happening, downgrades of various nations and companies, global sporting events etc.

You dont need to slog to prepare for SPJAT. As others have mentioned, it is not as difficult as CAT or other entrance exams. If you are preparing for CAT and et al, you should be covered for most of the sections and need to focus only on GK.

One suggestion I would like to give is DO NOT guess in GK. Attempt it only if you know for sure. GK has -ve 2 and +ve 1 mark for every question. So it can be a game changer.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further queries.
  • any source from where to prepapre for GK. 1d.