Roundtable Urges Swift Action: Upskilling Essential Amid Fintech Disruption


IIM Sambalpur and NSE Academy held a one-of-a-kind roundtable discussion on “Navigating Disruption: Future Ready FinTech Leaders for an Era of Technological Innovation” at NSE, Mumbai. The event was hosted by the Director of IIM Sambalpur, CEO of NSE Academy with the Dean of Sorbonne Business School (Paris) as guest and eight exuberant expert speakers from fintech and allied sectors. The event had more than fifty attendees from the BFSI industry, academia, and leading CXOs from the fintech industry.

The roundtable discussions explored the role of Fintech leadership in navigating and capitalising on disruptions caused by technological innovation, regulatory changes, and generational dynamics.

The conversation started by highlighting Fintech-induced changes in the banking industry, such as neo-banking, open banking, and account aggregators. Further disruptors such as Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), Algo trading, and embedded payments were also discussed. The narrative from the discussion emphasised the need to have specialised knowledge and skillsets to deal with challenges such as regulations, information security, financial inclusion, wealth creation, social impact, and market awareness amongst others.

India currently stands as the third largest fintech hub worldwide and will generate almost $400 billion worth of business by 2030. This growth potential has led to a huge demand from the industry for skilled leaders and managers. Despite the existence of multiple certifications, it is the current need of the hour to equip new-age fintech managers and leaders with core competencies to manage fintech disruptions through comprehensive and specialized training.

Identifying such a need, IIM Sambalpur in collaboration with NSE Academy has opened admissions for “MBA in Fintech Management.” The institution is also opening admissions to the dual degree program under which applicants can also gain an MBA in Financial Management degree from Sorbonne Business School, Paris. The programs are designed for working professionals and include a comprehensive curriculum with 17 specialized courses, immersion programs, incubator-assisted entrepreneurial training, corporate thesis, and individual development plan.

The course has been tailored in consideration to the schedules of working professionals and entrepreneurs, thus it will be delivered through a blended learning format. The program will be suitable for Fintech enthusiasts from the BFSI, IT, Insurance, Stock market, Personal Finance, Retail & e-commerce, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Real estate, and allied industries.

A person graduating from the program gains exhaustive technical knowledge in various topics of fintech such as Blockchain, Cryptography, Information Security, Payment systems, Regulations, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Risk Management, and Asset Management amongst others. The graduate gains entrepreneurial skills to run their own startup with a mentor and incubator. Intrapreneurship training will allow graduates to become ideal managers with the aid of institute-assisted individual development plans and corporate thesis.

Owing to the collaboration of IIM Sambalpur with NSE Academy, Sorbonne Business School (Paris), and the presence of eminent industry personnel in the Program Industry Council, lecture delivery from experts is assured. In order to upskill the participants in an efficient manner, instructors will be from industry, international delegates, academia, and regulatory stakeholders.

The roundtable marked the official launch of these industry-focused programs. 

About NSE Academy Limited

NSE Academy Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange (NSE). NSE Academy Limited enables the next generation of BFSI and FinTech professionals with industry-aligned skills – through capacity building programmes and certification courses, powered by an online examination and certification system. The courses are well-researched and carefully crafted with inputs from the industry professional. NSE Academy Limited works closely with reputed universities and institutions across India in building a competent workforce for the future of BFSI and FinTech. NSE Academy Limited also promotes financial literacy as an essential life skill among youngsters – a contribution towards financial inclusion and wellbeing. 

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About IIM Sambalpur

IIM Sambalpur is one of the premier management institutions in the country and is widely known for its quality education. Located in Sambalpur, Odisha, the institute is committed to providing excellent management education. Through innovative pedagogies, impactful research, and a strong emphasis on societal and environmental ethics, it fosters inclusiveness, integrity, and innovation as their core values, aiming to shape students into versatile, action-oriented professionals and proud citizens. IIM Sambalpur institute currently imparts excellence through programmes such as MBA, MBA for Working Professionals, MBA in Fintech Management, Executive MBA, Ph.D. and Executive Ph.D.

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