Ever heard of a school where you can learn first and worry about the fees only if you get the returns? With the commercialisation of the education sector, majority of the institutions have more or less shifted their focus upon the income generated rather than the quality of education they are providing.

However, Newton School has a different idea all together. With Newton School, a student can enrol and complete the course by paying *absolutely nothing* and can get placed in one of the top-notch companies, but agrees to pay us back the fees over a period of 36 months after starting their job. This way students can learn effectively without pressure of down payment in the starting. This agreement is contingent to the fact that you are getting placed with a minimum 5 LPA+ package after learning the entire course.

The Full Stack Development course offered by them is one of the best to be found. All topics regarding front end and back-end web development along with the various Data Structures and Analysis of different algorithms are covered in this course of 20 weeks. The full stack development course offers live sessions in groups of 10 along with 5+ live projects and 30+ contests and hackathons held every weekend to give you an edge in a timed, high pressure environment where you can test yourself against your peers. Thus, it is a complete full stack development course that also covers all the necessary add-ons required in different disciplines.

Following is the Course Structure panned over 20 weeks-

  • 1 – 4 Weeks- Introduction and Basics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, essential tools Basic CS concepts
    Projects: Your own website

  • 5 – 8 Weeks- Front End Development (Web Apps): ReactJS, Redux, advanced frontend development
    Projects: Creating a frontend clone of an existing Web Application.
  • 9 – 12 Weeks- Back End Development: Node JS, Database, Networks fundamental, DevOps
    Projects: Creating a fully functional Web Application
  • 13 – 16 Weeks- Data Structures: Array, LinkedList, Stack, Queue, Priority Queue, Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree & Hashing (Hash Tables, Maps)
    Placement training
  • 17 – 20 Weeks- Algorithms: Asymptotic Notations, Sorting algorithms, Binary Search, Greedy vs DP, Graphs: BFS & DFS, Dijkstra algorithm, String algorithms (KMP)
    Projects: Final project using all the concepts taught in the course

Have any queries regarding the course? Click here to Newton School Officials any questions.

There are a number of industry projects which are focussed upon the industry demands and different niche demands of the industry leaders. To land you the best jobs among the lot, there are mock interviews scheduled to prepare you for any questions that are thrown at you. An interesting add on feature is the mentor partner that is provided to every student who is pursuing the course. These mentors are working individuals in different companies who would be curating your performance and at the same time would provide you with assistance throughout the entire course of the journey.
Some of the mentors for the full stack development course are-

1. Kanik Gupta- Senior Software Engineer at Google US
2. Vishal Mittal- Software Engineer II at Microsoft US
3. Vaishali Jain- Software Engineer Ex- Goldman Sachs

There are mentors working from companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Swiggy, Adobe, Samsung, Uber, J.P. Morgan etc. Thus, industry professionals mentoring you at every step is something that would definitely help you develop a more industry-based approach and at the same time understand the various disciplines in a practical and an in-depth way.

However, Newton school is also result oriented and makes sure that it provides you best of placements. Full Stack Web Developers qualified from Newton School get an average salary of 7 to 40 lakhs per annum. That being said, you only have to pay the fees if you get a placement of 5LPA+.

There are a number of students who have had a great experience at this School.

Newton School taught me all that is required to crack interviews at big companies. Within 2.5 months I was confident and resigned from the company I was working with, without having any offer in my hand. Within some time, I got my first offer and later I made it to Unacademy with 4x of my previous salary.” – Aalekh Sajonia who is currently working with Unacademy.

“One day, I came across Newton School and got enrolled myself in their full-stack (MERN technologies) classes. It took my knowledge level from ground 0 to a level, where now I am confident enough to build web applications. The mentors were highly dedicated and were easily available in case of queries” – Pratik who is currently working with Inncrewin Technologies

“The thing I liked most about Newton School is that they worked great as a team to ensure that we build ourselves on every skill, be it technical or non-technical. I would recommend it to them who are confused about their future, are graduating from college, and don’t know how to get a good tech job” – Ayush Somani, currently working at Trakinvest

Thus, with a successful panel of Alumni working at their dream jobs, Newton School has established its credibility. Hence it continues to be one of the best places to learn Full Stack Development from.

The entrance test for applying to the Full Stack Development course is OPEN. You can give the test anytime on or before 10th September 2021. The batch starts on 13th September. You can register for the test here or find more information about the course here.

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