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About College

About Newton School

Newton School is founded by Nishant Chandra (IIT Roorkee, IIM Calcutta) and Siddharth Maheshwari (IIT Roorkee, ex-InMobi). Funded by Nexus Venture Partners and other marquee investors, we provide the top 1% software engineers to the best technology companies in India for their hiring needs. Newton aims to train the aspiring software developers and give them the right push to help them get placed in the top - notch companies with great packages.

Newton School is a platform to learn and develop skills that you need for your best Tech career. We boost up your skills and prepare you for your dream job. 

We are dedicated to build and structure your tech career for the dream companies worldwide based on your skills, eligibility, preferences and work hard with you till you get into one of yours.

We do not charge any upfront fee from the candidates until they land their dream jobs.

  • Trained in the current technology as per Market Standards.
  • Trained by the Industry Experts working in Top-Notch companies.
  • Hands-on experience with mini-Industry Engineered Projects.
  • Fully functional platform for efficient and structured learning.

Tried and tested way to crack the best tech jobs-

  • Live Classes

Learn from a pedagogy that is designed to make you stand out. Learn at dynamically scheduled timing. 

  • Industry Projects

Prepare for Industry level exposure with some of the essential projects that help you enhance your skills.

  • Mock Interviews

Enhance your soft skills and learn to communicate your talent and crack the best jobs in the industry.

  • Personal Mentoring

Learn from some of the best industry experienced professionals in one-on-one sessions.

Newton School's Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)

What is ISA?

With Newton School's Income Share Agreement (ISA), a student can enroll and complete the course by paying absolutely nothing and can get placed in one of the top notch companies, but agrees to pay us back the fees over a period of 36 months. This way students can learn effectively without pressure of down payment in the starting.*

3 things to know about ISA

1. Pay ₹0 tuition fee until you land a high paying job

Newton School covers your tuition costs until you make at least the minimum guaranteed amount. There's no down payment.

2. Pay a fixed amount over a period of 36 months

After you land a job of or above the minimum guaranteed CTC, then only you have to pay a fixed amount (as decided at the start) over a period of 36 months. 

3. Stop paying once you reach the cap

You're 100% free from any obligation to us once you've reached the cap or the payment schedule ends.

Newton School makes money only if you land a job, and if not, we make nothing.  Once you complete the payment period or reach the cap, you are 100% free from any financial obligation to us.

The entrance test for applying to the Full Stack Development course is OPEN. You can give the test anytime on or before 10th September 2021. The batch starts on 13th September. You can register for the test here or find more information about the course here.


  1. If I get placed without the help of Newton School placement cell, will I still be obliged to pay?
    - If you get a job within 1 month from the start of the course, you don’t have to pay us anything. But after that time period, you’ll have to pay the fees even if you get placed without the help of Newton School. We believe that during these 6 months you'll receive tremendous learnings from this course which will help you crack interviews for software development jobs in various top-notch companies.
  2. When do my ISA repayments start and what if I get fired or leave a job in between?
    - ISA will come into action once you get placed with a job of 5LPA as the min. CTC within 1 year after completion of the course. In case you are fired or leave your first job within 6 months of joining, the payment will get paused until you get a new job. If you complete 6 months in your first job, you have to pay the entire amount irrespective of your employment status after that.
  3. Is the income on an ISA calculated as cash-in-hand or CTC ?
    - As per the ISA, we charge a fixed amount of the total fees ( as per the courses ) + GST over the mentioned time period.
  4. What happens if I don’t get an offer with the minimum guaranteed CTC ?
    - Our target is to get you placed with the min. guaranteed CTC. However, in the rarest case if you do not land up a job with the same CTC, your repayment will not start. Your ISA will come into force only if you get a job > min. guaranteed CTC within 1 year of completing the course.
  5. Do I have to pay the enrollment fees?
    - You don't have to pay us any fees unless you get placed after completing the course. The ISA will be applicable to you as soon as your job is confirmed in the placement sessions.
  6. Which companies hire from Newton School?
    - We will refer you to most of the top companies based on your performance. We have mentors from Google, Microsoft, Uber, etc. who will help you to crack placements of top-notch companies.
  7. Do I have to take the first job I’m offered?
    - It is not compulsory to opt for the first job that you're offered. We will refer you for the positions based on your performance and interest. You can decide to sit for many different interviews before taking up a job.
  8. Do I need to have a background in Computer Science? Does my CGPA/ branch play a role?
    - It is NOT mandatory to be a Computer Science background student. But you need to have the basic knowledge to pass our entry test.
  9. Can I do this program along with my college/job?
    - Yes, the program is specially designed for the graduates, final year students (Bachelor's), and people who are already working.
  10. What is the eligibility criteria for getting enrolled in your platform? How does it work?
    - First of all, you need to be a graduate or a final year student (be it any stream). Post filling the application form, you have to clear our eligibility test following which you will receive a call from our end for the further procedure.
  11. What do I need to do after completing my course?
    - You need to complete the course with the minimum passing marks. After that an industry level certificate will be provided from our end which will help you in getting placed during the placement sessions.