IIM Ahmedabad has appointed Professor Ram Mohan, the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2021 Exam Convener.

IIM-A had last conducted the CAT in 2015. The premier B-school has a penchant for atypical academic approaches. Test takers can brace themselves for a different test pattern

What did IIM-A change in CAT?

When IIM Ahmedabad conducted CAT 2015 with Prof Tathagat Bandyopadhyay as the convenor, the institute had introduced changes in the set test pattern. The institute had:

  • compressed the testing window to one day
  • introduced Non-MCQ or TITA (Type In The Answer) questions that did not penalize the candidate with negative marks. (MCQs or Multiple Choice Questions award negative marks to the candidate for incorrect attempts.)

What do we know about the CAT 2021 convenor?

Professor M P Ram Mohan hails from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. He was the Convener of CAT 2021 too.

Professor Ram Mohan’s academic records:

  • B.A. and LLB, Mangalore University
  • D., Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur
  • Phil., National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata
  • M., the University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Professor Ram Mohan is a Faculty in Business Policy and Chairperson Admissions at IIM-A. He has also worked as:

  • Associate Professor in Business Policy Area since 2017 at IIM Ahmedabad
  • Associate Professor at Department of Policy Studies, TERI University (2015 to 2017)
  • Regulatory and Governance Division, TERI, New Delhi (2004 to 2012)
  • Research Faculty at Centre for Law, Technology & Development, National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata (2001 to 2003)
  • Practicing Advocate at Trivandrum District Court, Kerala (1997-1999)

The Professor is an expert in Law with several different professional affiliations.

  • Member, Nuclear Energy for Peaceful Applications Standards Setting Committee, Bureau of Indian Standards, Government of India since 2012. 
  • The India Focal Point – IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law since 2008 and is India Correspondent, Nuclear Law Bulletin, OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency since 2012

The Professor has a flair for research and writing. His research interests include

  • Commercial and Business Law
  • Judicial Studies and Strategy
  • Organizations, Business and Professional negligence, Energy, and Infrastructure law
  • Restatement of Indian Contract Law

The Professor has international followers for his Publications, case studies, and reviews that people read, refer to, and quote.  Some of his noteworthy published works are

  • Restatement of Indian Contract Law
  • Nuclear Energy and Liability in South Asia: Institutions, Legal Frameworks, and Risk Assessment within SAARC’- M P Ram Mohan (2015)
  • Handbook on Nuclear Regulatory Framework in India’ – co-authored with Tyson R. Smith (2018)
  • Automobile recall and liability: Katzer Motors Private Limited
  • Corporate Criminal Liability in India
  • Criminal Negligence and Director’s Liability Under Indian Penal Code: The case of Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Several leading research papers have included Professor Ram’s articles. He has also contributed some chapters to many books, case studies, and conference presentations at the national and international levels.

CAT 2021

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is the qualifying test for admission to management programs at IIMs and many Business schools across India.

The number of candidates registering for CAT 2020 was 2.27 lakhs. The Test administrators hope to see more takers for CAT 2021 as they have upped the number of seats in IIMs.

IIM-A will ensure safety protocols while conducting CAT 2021.

IIM-A will continue administering the test with the partner agency TCS, which has been conducting IIM-CAT since 2013.

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