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Aligarh Muslim University Engineering Entrance Examination (AMUEEE) 2023

Aligarh Muslim University Engineering Entrance Examination (AMUEEE) 2023

AMUEEE 2023 Exam Information

The Aligarh Muslim University conducts the AMUEEE entrance examination to give fresh students the option to pursue various degree courses. The exam is a paper-based entrance exam that every candidate interested in pursuing various engineering courses is required to take. Various engineering courses, such as B.Tech and B.Arch, are available. AMUEEE is also required if an applicant wishes to enroll in any of the Aligarh Muslim University’s associated colleges.

Aligarh Muslim University is one of the country’s most prestigious and prestigious universities, with a long history of giving outstanding educational opportunities to students for centuries. It is a public university supported by the Indian government at the national level. The institute offers around 300 different educational programs in a variety of subjects. Despite its Islamic origins, the university boasts a bilingual atmosphere, with students from all across the country of many castes and religions studying there. Currently, the university has 15 centers, three academic departments, and 98 teaching departments spread across the country.

Aligarh Muslim University is one of India’s most prestigious educational institutes. It is ranked third among India’s “Top Universities” and is well-known throughout Asia. So, if any candidate wishes to study at this prestigious institution, they must prepare diligently for the AMUEE 2023 examination, which will be held next year.


AMUEEE 2023 Exam Date

The University has issued several crucial dates for the AMUEEE 2023, which candidates must adhere to. On the specified dates, various operations such as the availability of admission cards, the announcement of results, and so on will be carried out, and no one should miss them. The following are key dates for AMUEEE.



AMUEEE 2023 Application Form Release

February 17, 2023

Last day to submit AMUEEE 2023 Application Form without Late Fee

March 17, 2023

Last day to submit AMUEEE 2023 Application Form with Late Fee

March 29, 2023

Edit AMUEEE 2023 Application form 

To be announced

Facility to edit exam centre

To be announced

Release of Admit Card

To be announced

AMUEEE 2023 Exam Date

May 14, 2023

So, these are the key dates for the AMUEEE exam in 2023 that every candidate should be aware of. All of the dates must be adhered to, and the activities must be completed on the specified days. Candidates should now organise their schedules and begin preparing for the exams now that they are aware of the dates. More dates will be announced, as well as any changes to the schedule.


AMUEEE 2023 Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for various exams held around the country are different. It is a candidate’s criteria that determine whether or not they will be able to attend for the examination. AMUEEE 2023 has some significant qualifying requirements that all candidates should be aware of and examine to see whether they meet. No one will be able to take the exam unless they meet the required qualifications.

Every applicant should carefully review the AMUEEE 2023 eligibility requirements. So, here are the crucial qualifying requirements as forth by Aligarh Muslim University for the AMUEEE 2023.



Bachelor IN Technology and Bachelor in Architecture (B.Tech & B.Arch)

All the candidates are required to pass both their 10+2 board examination from an approved institution with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in the mandatory subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as the language paper.

Candidates who also hold a diploma in any engineering course with 50% of minimum aggregate marks are also eligible.


All the candidates are required to pass both their 10+2 board examination from an approved institution with a minimum of 45% aggregate marks in the mandatory subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science.


All the candidates should be at least the age 21 years before they can take part in this University via the AMUEEE.


AMUEEE 2023 Registration

One of the most significant tasks that students should complete is registering for the AMUEEE 2023. Students will not be permitted to take their entrance exam if they do not have the proper registration. The methods for AMUEEE 2023 Registration are straightforward, but every candidate should pay close attention to the instructions in the following section.

  • Candidates must register for the AMUEEE 2023 examination on the official website. After visiting the website, the candidate should click on the “AMUEEE 2023” link to be redirected to a new screen.
  • Candidates must submit their name, official email address, and mobile number on the new website. There will be a new AMUEEE account created.
  • After creating an account, the candidate must log in and complete the application form.
  • Candidates will be required to input various personal details as specified on the application form homepage. Every piece of information must be input carefully and without error.
  • It will now be necessary to upload some vital papers. The following are some crucial documents that will be necessary.
    • A color passport photo that is no more than one month old is required.
    • Class 10 and 12 mark sheets


AMUEEE 2023 Exam Pattern

Candidates must be informed of the exam pattern for the AMUEEE 2023 exam in order to prepare appropriately. The exam pattern varies depending on the course for which the candidate is applying. The exam pattern for the AMUEEE 2023 examination is as follows.

For Bachelor in Technology Course-

Candidates interested in taking the Bachelor of Technology course should follow the steps outlined below to prepare.


The exam will be conducted on 14th May 2023

Number of questions

Total number of questions asked will be 150


The medium of language is English

Total marks

There are 150 questions and each question carries 1 mark. The total marks are 150

Subjects and Duration

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The Candidates will get 3 hours to complete the examination

Marking scheme

1 mark will be awarded for every correct answer and 0.25 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer


AMUEEE 2023 Syllabus

The AMUEEE 2023 test has a large syllabus. It consists of a variety of issues and topics that candidates must thoroughly research. It is critical that the candidate performs well in each topic in order to achieve a good overall score on their entrance exams. There are a few key subjects for which every applicant must prepare, and we have included the curriculum for each subject in the table below.






Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation


Properties of Bulk Matter


Physical World & Measurement




Laws of Motion


Work, Energy & Power


The motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body




Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Currents




The behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory


Oscillations and Waves




Current Electricity


Electromagnetic Waves


Atoms & Nuclei


Electronic Devices


Communication Systems


Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism


Class XI (Theory)


Environmental Chemistry


Structure of Atom


Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties


Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure


States of Matter: Gases and Liquids




Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry




s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)


Some p-Block Elements


Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques






Class XII (Theory)

Chemistry in Everyday Life


Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers


Solid State






Chemical Kinetics


Surface Chemistry


General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements


Block Elements: Group 16 elements, Group 17 elements, Group 18 elements


D and f Block Elements: Lanthanoids, Actinoids


Coordination Compounds


Haloalkanes and Haloarenes


Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids


Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen -amines, Cyanides and Isocyanides, Diazonium Salts


Biomolecules -Carbohydrates, Proteins, Hormones, Vitamins, Nucleic Acids




AMUEEE 2023 Admit Card

The AMUEEE 2023 examination admit card is quite crucial. Candidates will not be permitted to sit for their entrance exam unless they have the right admission card. As a result, each candidate will need to follow a few key actions in order to download their admit card and take their exam without difficulty. Take a look at these measures to assist candidates in downloading their admission cards.

  1. Candidates must first go to the AMUEEE 2023 examination’s official website and click on the “Admit Card 2023” link.
  2. Candidates must log in to their account, which they created during the exam registration process, on this website.
  3. The login information created during registration, such as the candidate’s name and password, will be required.
  4. The corresponding candidate’s admit card will now be displayed on the screen. After that, the applicant will be able to download the admit card for future use and reference.

The following information will be on the admit card:

  • Candidate’s Name
  • Candidate’s photograph and signature
  • Candidate’s address
  • The location of the examination center
  • Exam date and time


AMUEEE 2023 Result

Once the college officials have completed all of the examinations, the AMUEEE 2023 entrance results will be announced. The findings will determine which candidates are qualified to enrol in various degree or diploma programmes at Aligarh Muslim University. Following the presentation of the results, the institution will hold various stages of counselling for the individuals who have been chosen.

The specific dates of the AMUEEE 2023 examination results will be announced by university officials very shortly. Candidates can, however, expect them to be released during the second week of July 2023. It is critical that all candidates have access to their results.

How can I get the results? – Candidates must complete the easy steps outlined below to ensure that their results are available.

  • Candidates must go to Aligarh Muslim University’s official website and click on AMUEEE 2023 results.
  • They must select ‘AMUEEE 2023 Result’ from the ‘Admission’ page.
  • Candidates must now provide their application number and roll number, which they were given during the registration procedure.



The officials of Aligarh Muslim University declare the candidates’ cut-off every year. The cutoff points determine whether a candidate has been accepted into this prestigious academic institution to pursue their desired degree program. The college authorities have not yet announced the cutoff grades for AMUEEE 2023, however, there are several significant variables to consider.

Here are the major elements that can drastically affect or change the cut-off marks from previous years.

  • The total number of candidates who took the AMUEEE 2023 exam.
  • Each degree program’s total number of seats available, as well as the Institute’s total number of seats available
  • AMUEEE cutoff patterns from the previous year
  • The AMUEEE 2023 Exam’s difficulty level
  • The AMUEEE 2023 students who received the highest scores.

Because of the high caliber and degree of education provided by Aligarh Muslim University, the cutoff will be quite high, and each candidate will need to work really hard to achieve a good score in the entrance exam.

Final Thoughts – The AMUEEE 2023 examination is one of the most demanding entrance exams administered by the Aligarh Muslim University officials in six different states and major examination centers.

Studying at Aligarh Muslim University is one of the best ways to advance in your career, and no candidate wants to be left behind. As a result of the information and facts we have provided to the applicants, they will be able to effectively prepare and keep themselves informed.

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