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Manipal University Online Entrance Test (MU-OET) 2022

Manipal University Online Entrance Test (MU-OET) 2022

MU-OET 2022 Exam Information

MU-OET or Manipal University Online Entrance Test is a University level examination that is conducted by one of the most reputed universities in India i.e. Manipal University. The examination was earlier known as Manipal University Online Entrance Exam but was renamed later on. Manipal University has more than 28,000 students studying different courses offered by the University. The university has campuses situated in Mangalore and Bangalore and offshore campuses are located in Dubai and Melaka. All the campuses offer top-notch facilities and sophisticated campus environment which enable the students to flourish in their career objectives.

The examination is conducted purely on merit basis and by analysing the student’s abilities through a variety of exam stages. The MU-OET opens opportunity for the students to pursue variously professional courses which includes DM, Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Pathology (BASLP), Bachelor of Cardiovascular Technology (BSc CVT), BSc (in various streams), Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT), MBBS, MD, MS, PG Medical Diploma, MSc (in various streams), MPhil, BTech (in various streams), MTech (in various streams), MSc (in various streams), BArch, BDes, BA, MA and many other courses. Aspirants who want to get admitted to Manipal University needs to appear for the Manipal University Online Entrance Test. This is conducted by the University every year to allow individuals to pursue different UG and PG courses. Students will be able to get all the required information above the MU-OET from the official website at www.manipal.edu.

MU-OET 2022 Exam Date

The commencement of the MU-OET 2022 has started. There are various important stages of the examination like exam Dates, Application Form release and last date to submit, Admit card download date, Results in publication date, etc. So it is important that the students are aware of the dates to stay updated. Here are the important dates of the MU-OET.

Release of the Registration Form 9th December 2021 (Phase 1)
16th May 2022 (Phase 2)
Date for final Submission of form 10th May 2022
3rd June 2022 (Phase 2 & 3)
1st and 2nd Attempt Online Test Booking Schedule Slot Booking

4th May 2022 onwards (Phase 1)

3rd June to 4th June 2022 (Phase 2 & 3)

Admit Card for 1st and 2nd Attempt

1st week of June 2022

MET 2022 Official Examination (1st & 2nd Attempt)

14, 15 & 16 May 2022 (Phase I)

9, 10 & 11 June 2022 (Phase II)

10 & 11 June 2022 (Phase III)

RESULT of MET 2022 25.06.2022
MET (MU OET) 2022 Counselling July 2022

So here are the various dates that have been announced by Manipal University for the Manipal University Online Entrance Test 2022. Now the students need to step in the gear and start their preparation with full dedication.

MU-OET 2022 Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for the MU-OET 2022 examination is determined according to the course the students are willing to pursue. Students should be well aware of the eligibility criteria for the examination before they apply online. There are certain eligibility criteria which are required to be fulfilled by every student who wants to get admitted to Manipal University regardless of the course they have selected. We have brought the eligibility criteria for the students which will allow the students to prepare accordingly.

NATIONALITY Indian nationals who belong to any of the states and Union territories of India are eligible to apply for the MU-OET 2022 examination.
AGE MU-OET 2022 does not have any minimum age which should be fulfilled by the candidates to apply for the examination.

the candidates willing to sit for the MU-OET 2022 needs to have a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in Mathematics, Physics and anyone optional subject that they have selected as per their examination regulations.


Candidates who are going to apply for the postgraduate courses should have at least 45% overall cumulative marks in all the required subjects.

OPTIONAL SUBJECTS Computer science, Electronics technology, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics, Biotechnology, Electrical technology, Structure and Fabrication technology, Automobile technology, Air conditioning & Refrigeration technology, IT application, Dairying technology and Geospatial technology
NUMBER OF ATTEMPTS the candidates who want to appear for the MU-OET 2022 will get 3 attempts to crack the examination. The dates of all the 3 attempts have been mentioned in the above section and the students can contact the college authorities for further information regarding re-attempt.

Detailed Education Eligibility – Course Wise

The educational qualification of the candidate’s course wise has been mentioned in the below section.

Undergraduate Courses – candidates who are willing to apply for the MU-OET 2022 should have successfully cleared their 10+2 (or equivalent) examination from a recognized and approved institution or board. Every candidate should have studied Mathematics, Physics, and English as compulsory subjects and other optional subjects under their qualifying examination.

Postgraduate Courses – candidates who are willing to get admission to Manipal University in postgraduate courses must maintain at least 45% of minimum score based on the culminated marks of the subjects in their Graduate program. Other details are mentioned in the section below.

MU-OET 2022 Registration

The registration for the MU-OET 2022 examination is very much crucial if the candidates want to get admitted to Manipal University. The steps required to complete are fairly easy and can be easily conducted by the students. The whole process can be carried out online and here are the important steps that students will need to keep track of.

  • Step 1 – Application Form

Candidates who are willing to apply for the MU-OET 2022 will need to register themselves at Manipal University by completing a simple application procedure online or can be even done offline. Students from India can apply for the examination by providing these 5 important things.

  • Basic details
  • Name of preferred program
  • Contact information
  • Educational qualification
  • Confirmation mail

The candidates are required to pay an application fee for the MU-OET which is Rs.600 and the selected students for the Entrance Test Fee for MU-OET will need to pay an additional Rs.1,400. The Indian candidates can easily pay online by Credit Card, Debit Card and also Net Banking.

International Admissions – Candidates who are from any other foreign country will need to provide the same details like the Indian candidates and pay an application fee of Rs.2,500. They can pay via Credit Card, Debit Card and also Net Banking.

  • Step 2: Select the test centre, date and time slot

Once the MU-OET application form has been checked and filled, the candidates will now need to select their test centre along with the date and time slot. The slots which the students selected will be made available to them will be only if it is possible for the university depending on the test centre chosen. Different centres have separate time slots and date when of when the exam will be conducted.

  • Step 3: Download MU-OET Admit Card

Once the application form has been submitted along with the date and test centre details, the candidates will need to download the MU-OET 2022 examination admit card so that they can appear for the exam. The e-hall ticket or the admit card will be made available to the students 24 hours before their schedule for online test.

To download the admit card the candidates need to visit the official website and then select the MU-OET 2022 option. The candidates will be able to download the card from the Admit Card tab by providing their application form number and the password for online test booking. The card will also be emailed to the candidates on their official id as provided in the application form.

MU-OET 2022 Exam Pattern

Manipal University conducts the online entrance exam every year to allow candidates to pursue various courses provided by the college. The MU-OET 2022 question paper will contain 200 different questions from 4 subjects namely – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English and General Aptitude. The time allocated to each individual is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The exams are conducted under strict and well-organised environment.

The rules and regulations of the exams are different according to the subjects the candidates have chosen. Have a look at some of the exam pattern for MU-OET:

MEDIUM The MU-OET exam will be conducted in the medium of English regardless of the program applied for.

the marks allotted to each subject depends on the course that the candidates selected.

BBA – Numeracy, General awareness and General English will have 20 questions each. Conceptual will have 25 and case study will have 15.

B. Tech – Physics and Chemistry will contain 50 questions, Mathematics will have 70 and English will have 30 questions on the paper.

M.Tech – 50 questions from the selected discipline and 10 questions from engineering mathematics.

TYPE All the questions will be objective in nature in the form of multiple choice questions (MCQ).
MARKING The candidates will need to select which is the right answer and the wrong. Candidates should know that there is no negative marking. For candidates who are appearing for M.Tech and ME, each question of their paper carries 4 marks. For other courses, there will be 1 mark awarded to every right answer.


MU-OET 2022 Syllabus

The syllabus for MU-OET 2022 is vast and consists of a lot of different topics and concepts which every candidate should master. Scoring well in all the subjects is a must so that the candidates can crack the examination for their UG and PG degree courses. The syllabus for B.Tech courses comprises of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. Here is the detailed syllabus for the examination for different subjects.

Syllabus for Physics

Kinematics Motion in a straight line, uniformly accelerated motion, Scalar and vector quantities, relative velocity, Elementary concepts of differentiation and integration for describing motion, Unit vector, etc.
Units and Measurement Systems of units, Dimensions of physical quantities, fundamental and derived units, accuracy and precision of measuring instruments etc.
Work and Energy kinetic energy, the potential energy of a spring, conservative forces, non-conservative forces, work-energy theorem etc.
Laws of Motion Inertia, Newton’s first law of motion, laws of friction, rolling friction Law of conservation of linear momentum and its applications, Equilibrium of concurrent forces etc.
Gravitation Gravitational potential energy and gravitational potential, Universal law of gravitation, escape velocity, etc.
The motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body torque, angular momentum, comparison of linear and rotational motions, Centre of the mass of a uniform rod, Moment of a force etc.
Thermodynamics reversible and irreversible processes, Heat engine and refrigerator, First law of thermodynamics, isothermal and adiabatic processes etc.
Properties of Bulk Matter terminal velocity, streamline and turbulent flow, application of surface tension ideas to drops, Hooke’s law, Young’s modulus, bulk modulus, Pascal’s law and its applications, Viscosity, Stokes’ law, bubbles and capillary rise, etc.
Oscillations and Waves Transverse and longitudinal waves, the speed of wave motion, displacement as a function of time, periodic functions, oscillations of a loaded spring-restoring force and force constant etc.
Current Electricity series and parallel combinations of resistors, Kirchhoff’s laws and simple applications, Flow of electric charges in a metallic conductor, drift velocity, electrical energy and power, electrical resistivity and conductivity etc.
Electrostatics superposition principle and continuous charge distribution, conservation of charge, Coulomb’s law-force between two point charges, electric field lines, electric dipole, electric field due to a dipole etc.

Syllabus for Chemistry

Basic concepts in Chemistry Dalton’s atomic theory, the concept of the atom, vapour density-definition, Relationship between molecular mass and vapour density, Laws of chemical combination, Atomic and molecular masses, etc.
Atomic structure Atomic number and atomic mass, Explanation of origin of lines in hydrogen spectrum Balmer series, Paschen series, Brackett series and Pfund series etc.
Solutions Molarity, molality, normality, mole fraction, osmotic pressure, Vapour pressure of solutions and Raoult’s law, depression of freezing point, elevation of boiling point etc.
Chemical Kinetics Commercial importance of rate studies, fractional order and pseudo first order reactions with illustrations, First order reaction, numerical problems, Determination of the order of a reaction by the graphical and the Ostwald’s isolation method etc.
Chemical thermodynamics First law of thermodynamics – internal energy and enthalpy, enthalpy of bond dissociation, State functions, Spontaneous and non-spontaneous processes, combustion, formation, etc.
Periodic properties Ionization energy, electron affinity, Modern periodic law and present form of periodic table, comparison of the size of cation and anion with the parent atom etc.
Environmental chemistry Atmospheric pollution – tropospheric and stratospheric, Particulate pollutants – smoke, dust, smog, their sources, Greenhouse effect and global warming etc.
Basic principles of organic chemistry Shapes of simple molecules – hybridization, isomerism – structural and stereoisomerism, compounds containing halogens, oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur, etc.
Aldehyde and Ketones important reactions such as nucleophilic addition, Cannizzaro reaction, Relative reactivities of aldehydes and ketones, Haloform reaction, etc.
Polymers some important polymers with emphasis on their monomers and uses, General methods of polymerization – addition and condensation, copolymerization, natural and synthetic rubber and vulcanization, etc.


MU-OET 2022 Admit Card

The admit card for the MU-OET 2022 is very important for every candidate who wants to sit for the Entrance exam. The admit card is the valid proof that you have been approved for appearing in the MU-OET. The admit cards will be available to the candidates 24 hours after they have booked their slots via the online exam booking system. Here are the important steps that need to be followed to download the MU-OET 2022 examination admit card.

  • First, the candidates need to visit the official website.
  • Now, the candidates need to enter the application form number and online test password in the given space. These two will be provided to the candidates when they have successfully made the payment.
  • Once the candidates have entered the details the admit card will be displayed on the screen.
  • On an A4 size paper, you will need to print the admit card for future references and use.
  • The admit card will also be emailed to the mail id provided by the candidate during the fill up of the application form.

MU-OET 2022 Result

The authorities of Manipal University will publish the result online on the last week of June 2022. Candidates can check other important dates from the IMPORTANT DATES section provided above. Once the results have been published it is recommended for every candidate to download and keep a hard copy of their result. Here are the important steps which will help them download the result.

  • Candidates need to first visit the official website of Manipal University and then click on “MU-OET 2022 RESULTS” Link which will appear on the screen.
  • Now they will have to enter their application number and password which was provided during the completion of the registration process.
  • Once the details have been entered, click on the Submit button and the Result will be displayed on the screen.
  • Candidates need to download the result by clicking on the Download button and use it for future reference and uses.

Counselling – the candidates who have secured the cutoff marks and all other eligibility criteria, can opt for the counselling process of Manipal University. Here are the important stages of the counselling process.

  • Registration – the candidates will need to fill up the counselling application form that will be available in the official website.
  • Documents – they will need to provide their original documents as announced by the University along with self-attested photocopies of all the documents.
  • Allotment of seats – the seats for counselling will be allowed on the basis of the ranks the candidates have received in the entrance examination.
  • Counselling fees – the fees of the counselling program will be announced and it needs to be paid either by the online or offline procedure.
  • Waitlist – the wait list of the candidates will be published very soon by the college authorities.
  • Reporting date – the dates for reporting to the college will also be announced by the University after previous steps have been successfully completed.

MU-OET Cutoff

The MU-OET 2022 cutoff will be announced by the Manipal University very soon. But for now the candidates can have a look at the previous year cut off for various departments.

Factors determining the Cutoff marks

Here are some of the factors determining the cut off marks of this year MU-OET.

  • Total number of candidates who appeared for the MU-OET 2022 examination
  • The total number of seats available in each degree courses and institute
  • The Previous year’s cutoff trends for MU-OET
  • The difficulty level of MU-OET 2022 examination

Previous year MU-OET Cutoff

Computer Science Engineering 19
Mechanical Engineering 58
Electrical Engineering 85
Electronics & Communication Engineering 37
Information Technology Engineering 66

So here are the important details about the previous year’s cut off marks which will help the students to prepare themselves accordingly and make sure that this course the minimum marks required to get admitted to Manipal University by appearing for the Manipal University Online Entrance Test. The candidates can contact the university authorities for further information regarding any query they have.