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SAT 2023 Exam Information

The College Board has officially announced the SAT Exam Dates for 2023. The SAT exams will be held in March, May, June, August, October, November, and December. This means that applicants have multiple opportunities throughout the year to take the exam. To participate, individuals need to register and choose their preferred SAT exam dates. The time it takes to receive SAT results may vary depending on the chosen exam date. With the introduction of SAT Digital for international students, the SAT exam has become shorter, and results are typically available within a few weeks.

Types of SAT

There are two types of SAT exams available: the SAT Test and the SAT Subject Tests. The SAT Test is a comprehensive examination that assesses the English, Math, Science, and Verbal skills of test-takers. On the other hand, the SAT Subject Tests are taken to demonstrate knowledge in specific subjects such as Math, Science, English, History, and Languages. If you’re unsure about whether to take SAT1 or SAT2, simply determine which SAT test is suitable for you based on your needs and goals for 2023. It’s important to note that the SAT Subject Tests are no longer offered within the United States, and only a few colleges require or recommend submitting SAT Subject Test scores. However, international candidates can still take the SAT Subject Tests in May and June of this year.

Why should you take SAT?

There are numerous reasons why SAT is considered significant during undergraduate program admission. Here are a few reasons listed below:

  • Few grad schools grant SAT scholarships for Indian students based on scores
  • Some job applications seek College Board SAT score
  • SAT doesn’t include complex science topics which can be easier for non-science background students 
  • As compared to ACT, candidates get more time for SAT math, writing, and English 
  • SAT prep includes only high school maths topics 
  • SAT provides a diagram of math formulas on the test day
  • No negative marking for wrong answers in SAT
  • SAT essay is like a commentary on a specific topic
  • The majority of top US colleges require SAT scores for undergraduate admission
  • SAT exam fee is comparatively lesser when compared ACT to SAT

What is the Use of SAT Exam in India?

The main aim to conduct the College SAT exam in India is to test the knowledge of high school level Maths, reading, and writing to secure admission in undergraduate courses abroad. Here are a few benefits:

  • improve English speaking skills
  • It improves your numerical knowledge.
  • SAT scores are helpful for Indian students in getting scholarships.
  • Compared to other entrance exams, the fees for the SAT are not very high.


SAT 2023 Exam Date

SAT exam dates 2023 have been announced for India. SAT test is an internationally validated test that is taken by students that are seeking admission in undergraduate courses overseas. Qualifying SAT enables you to be eligible for taking admissions in Canada, UK, Australia and US. Various ETS testing centers are available for candidates aspiring to appear for SAT exams. SAT test dates are available in India for the months of March, May and June. SAT exam fees in Indian rupee is INR. 7,700.SAT registration fees are inclusive of regional fees. This article highlights major information associated with SAT exam dates for Indian students 2023.

SAT Exam Dates 2023

The SAT exam dates for Indian students 2023 are offered seven Saturdays per year. SAT registration 2023 deadlines are available for 3-4 weeks prior to the test date. Below mentioned table highlights SAT dates 2023 for Indian students and publish date for SAT score 2023.

SAT Test Dates

Registration Deadline

Deadline for Regular Cancellation

26 August, 2023

28 July, 2023

15 August, 2023

7 October, 2023

8 September, 2023

26 September, 2023

4 November, 2023

6 October, 2023

24 October, 2023

2 December, 2023

3 November, 2023

21 November, 2023

9 March, 2024

23 February, 2024

27 February, 2024*

4 May, 2024

19 April, 2024

23 April, 2024*

1 June, 2024

17 May, 2024

21 May, 2024*

Deadlines for SAT Registration 2023

Registration dates for the SAT exam in 2023 are open during the months of February and April. The table below provides detailed information about the SAT registration dates in India for 2023. The cost of the SAT exam for students in 2023 is INR 7,700, which includes regional fees.

Anticipated SAT Administration Dates 2023-24

Anticipated SAT test dates for the year 2023-24 have also been released by the College Board. Candidates appearing for SAT exams 2023 are required to carry SAT valid ID proof. Valid ID proof for SAT Exams 2023 are Aadhar card or Passport. Either of the proof can be presented at SAT exam venues 2023. Below mentioned table portrays SAT anticipated dates 2023-24:

SAT Test Dates

Registration Deadline

Deadline for Regular Cancellation

26 August, 2023

28 July, 2023

15 August, 2023

7 October, 2023

8 September, 2023

26 September, 2023

4 November, 2023

6 October, 2023

24 October, 2023

2 December, 2023

3 November, 2023

21 November, 2023

9 March, 2024

23 February, 2024

27 February, 2024*

4 May, 2024

19 April, 2024

23 April, 2024*

1 June, 2024

17 May, 2024

21 May, 2024*

Note: These dates are subjected to change based on decisions by College Board


SAT 2023 Eligibility Criteria

SAT exam eligibility is specified by the official SAT conducting agency, the College Board. SAT is for admission to undergraduate programs, candidates need to appear for their SAT while in standard 11th or 12th.There is no minimum or maximum age limit for candidates wanting to register for SAT exam. However, applicants belonging to the age group of 17-19 years have recorded the highest turnout for the SAT exams. SAT exam eligibility for Indian students is having a valid Indian passport. Countries that majorly accept the SAT scores and results are the USA, Canada, the UK, Singapore, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand among others.

There are no fixed criteria for the SAT exam eligibility, but there are a few parameters that candidates must follow before appearing for the test. SAT exam dates for Indian students 2023 are offered seven Saturdays per year. Candidates can register for the exam according to their preparation levels.

To get admission to top US universities/colleges SAT exam eligibility criteria depend on the following:

Criteria for SAT Exam Details
SAT Exam Eligibility No fixed criteria
SAT exam age limit There is no fixed maximum or minimum age criteria in SAT exam eligibility for students. You can appear for this exam without worrying about any age limit.
Qualification for SAT exam SAT does not require any minimum educational criteria. However, if you are a high school student planning to pursue a degree after completing school, you can start the preparation in the school years itself.
Frequency There are no specified official limits regarding the frequency of how many times a person can appear for the SAT. You can take this exam as many times as it would take you to pass it. However, it is advised that you appear for it at least twice before you complete high school.

SAT Exam Eligibility for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities need to inform the College Board beforehand are eligible to appear for SAT with added facilities. Candidates need to check all the extra conveniences that must be approved beforehand by the College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) unit. Once the facilities for the disabled students have been approved, this can be used for both SAT General and SAT Subject Test.

Facilities for Disabled Students for SAT Exam include:

  • The use of Braille and large-print exams for visually impaired candidates
  • Provision for extra time for completion of the SAT exam
  • The use of a computer for essays and
  • A provision for extra breaks during the exam

SAT Exam Age Limit

There is no specific age limit for SAT eligibility criteria for students taking the test. It is seen that students belonging to the age group of 17 to 19 are among the highest to appear for SAT. But, the College Board has defined SAT eligibility criteria for students who are less than 13 years old or are studying in a grade lower than the eighth grade.

SAT age eligibility rules are as follows:

  • If the test-taker is 12 years of age or younger, they can register for SAT through mail
  • If the test-taker is 13 years of age or younger, they can register for SAT by creating the free account
  • If the test-taker is aged 21 or younger, they will need to show a Government-issued photo ID, or driver’s license, or passport

What is the Educational SAT Eligibility Criteria?

There are no specific educational eligibility criteria set by the College Board. However, high school students can apply for the SAT. SAT examines the Reasoning, Reading, and Writing skills of the students. The College Board usually tests the skills which students have learned in their schools.

SAT Exam Eligibility for ID Proof

SAT eligibility criteria 2023 are very strict when it comes to ID proof. Only Government-issued ID proofs are accepted as SAT eligibility. For SAT exam eligibility for Indian students, the Passport is the only acceptable proof for taking the SAT. Remember, the SAT ID proof must not be expired, must be presented in an authentic and physical form, and not any photocopy. Below are some of the unacceptable ID proofs for SAT eligibility for Indian students and other nations as well:

  • Any torn, worn out, or defective ID
  • Document produced on an electronic device
  • Any digitally altered or tampered document
  • Birth certificate
  • Social security card
  • Employee ID card
  • Missing Child ID card
  • Any kind of temporary ID card issued

SAT Exam Eligibility Criteria for Photo

SAT test eligibility letter stated by the College Board asks candidates to provide a photograph that will be used as a part of the admission ticket and also during the security checking process. The photo has been verified at the SAT test centers.


SAT 2023 Registration

SAT registration is important for candidates willing to study in international colleges and universities. SAT exam registration can be availed through both online and offline modes. Candidates need to register for SAT following a few steps of account creation, filling up details, choosing the test centres and finally making the payment. Candidates can opt for their preferred SAT exam dates based on the colleges they want to enter. Below is a detailed evaluation about SAT exam registration, SAT dates 2023, test centres and SAT fees.

SAT Exam Registration 

The SAT registration 2023 can be done in both online and offline modes through which candidates would be able to apply for the exam. Candidates can opt for the mail SAT registration in case candidates are unable to register for SAT online. Candidates can choose their preferred SAT test dates for 2023 and follow a process of SAT registration.

SAT Registration 2023 Online 

Candidates appearing for the SAT do not have any specific SAT eligibility criteria. Most of the candidates appearing for the exam are students from high school. In order to register for SAT properly candidates can avail the online SAT registration 2023. The following steps can be followed by candidates for SAT registration online.

Step 1: Login to the website to create an account

For SAT exam registration, candidates need to login to the official college board website in order to start the registration process. Candidates can fill in the general details about themselves and move on to the next step to create their profile by signing up to the website.

Step 2: Personal Details

Candidates need to provide their personal details in the registration form for the SAT registration 2023. With this candidates can move on to the next step to create their student profile and ensure that they provide their student details.

Step 3: Student profile

In this step candidates need to fill in their details about high school. Academic details like results and grades, extra-curricular activities the student is involved in and college level details need to be filled.. Based on these details the financial aspects and scholarship requirements can be assessed.

Step 4: Selecting SAT test centres and SAT test Dates

Candidates at this step need to be very careful in terms of choosing the SAT test dates. Candidates should be aware about the SAT dates 2023 to be able to select the ones appropriate. Similarly, the SAT test centres include numerous choices based on which candidates can choose their preferred test centre.

Step 5: Upload Picture

Candidates need to provide a clear and distinct picture of themselves for the purpose of identification. For the purpose of online SAT registration 2023, candidates need to provide their picture with a front face and shoulder view.

Step 6: Make Payment

In the last step candidates need to make payment for their SAT Exam Fees thereby being able to focus on whether they choose with or without an essay. Candidates need to be aware about their preferred colleges which might or might not want candidates to have appeared for the essay exam. Accordingly, the SAT fee without an essay is $110 and with an essay is $117.

SAT Registration 2023 by Mail 

Apart from online, candidates can also opt to register for SAT via Mail. The process for SAT exam registration with mail is as follows.

  1. Candidates first need the Student Registration Guide for SAT and SAT Subject tests from their schools
  2. The guide contains registration form and return envelopes
  3. Candidates need to fill up the form and use the return envelope to send it along with a demand draft
  4. The USIEF is the local representative in India, regional office of whom the mail would be directed.

SAT Registration Fee 

The following table would allow candidates to have a clear knowledge about the fees for SAT registration. Candidates need to make sure that they have chosen the appropriate SAT International dates before making their payments.

TEST Details Fees (in US $)
SAT Exam Fees $52
SAT with Essay Fees $68
SAT Late Registration Fees $30
Change in Registration $30
SAT Registration Fees $26
Each SAT Subject Test (Except Language tests with Listening) $22 (additional per test)
Language Test with Listening $26 (additional per test)

SAT Exam Centres 

Candidates can opt from over 80 SAT Exam Centres in India and choose their most preferred location to study. Candidates can find at least 8- seats in each SAT test centre on the SAT test dates and choose their centre during the SAT registration.


SAT 2023 Exam Pattern

SAT exam pattern comprises of two major sections – Evidence-based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math and an optional essay. Both sections, EBRW and Math, are scored on a range of 200-800. Even though optional, SAT essay score is required by a number of colleges during the application process. The score range for SAT Essay section is 2 to 8. 

  • Both sections of EBRW questions are multiple-choice questions
  • Math is divided into two sets of questions – one to be attempted without using a calculator and one with a calculator
  • Most of the Mathematics questions are MCQs; some questions are grid-ins i.e. students must solve and fill in the answer on the bubble sheet
  • The exam is 3 hours long. SAT with Essay is 3 hours and 50 minutes long.
  • There is a time limit of 100 minutes to attempt EBRW and 80 minutes for Math.

SAT Exam Pattern Highlights

The below table provides an idea about the SAT test pattern. Candidates will get to know about the duration, number of questions, score range, and more.

Number of sections

4 (2 EBRW; 2 Math)

Duration of exam

180 minutes (without Essay)

Number of questions


Score Range


Language of paper


Mode of examination


Negative marking



SAT 2023 Syllabus

SAT exam syllabus includes courses the students have already studied in their school over the years. So if you are good at studies in school, you shouldn’t face any issues preparing for the SAT Syllabus. There are two types of SAT Exams: SAT General Test and SAT Subject Test.

  • SAT General Test

SAT General Test is more common between the two SAT tests and is generally used by undergraduate colleges for admissions. The Scholastic Assessment Test assesses the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates.

SAT Subject Test (not valid anymore)

There are 20 SAT Subject Tests which are divided into 5 subject areas. These subjects are further categorized into smaller topics. The various SAT Subjects include:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • History and
  • Languages

SAT Exam Syllabus 2023

SAT Syllabus includes courses that students have already covered in their school curriculum over the years. Syllabus for SAT exam includes:

  • Reading section
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

SAT Reading

SAT Reading section is a part of the evidence-based Reading and Writing part of the SAT. It has a total of 5 passages each having 10-11 questions and there will be a total of 52 questions in the section. Each question has four answer choices. The reading comprehension part is designed to evaluate candidates’ ability to understand the meaning of different contexts and their associated terms with meaning and to comprehend written text.

  • SAT contains three critical reading sections
  • Reading comprehension – 25 mins
  • Sentence completions – 25 mins
  • Paragraph-length critical reading – 20 mins

The five passages of the Reading test include one pair of passages that you need to read together and four standalone passages. Each passage is 500-750 words long. The passages are taken from the following types of documents.

  • 1 passage from a work of sociology, social science, psychology, or economics
  • 2 passages from scientific works in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Earth Science
  • 1 literary passage from a work of fiction
  • 1 or 2 passages from a US constitution and founding of the US

Types of questions in the Reading test

Q. 1. How the author uses evidence

In a few questions, you have to show that you understand how the author is using evidence to support a claim. Here, you might need to

  • Find evidence in a passage that best supports the answer to a previous question
  • Identify the part from the passage that supports the author’s point
  • Find a relationship between an informational graphic and the passaged it is paired with

Q. 2. Words in Context

In some of the questions in the Reading test, you need to identify the meaning of the word in context. Here, the focus is on advanced vocabulary

Q. 3. Analysis in Science and Social Studies/History

The Reading test comprises passages in the fields of science, social studies, and history. Here, you might see questions that ask you to 

  • Interpret data
  • Consider implications
  • Examine hypotheses

SAT Writing

The Writing test is a multiple-choice test where you read passages and need to find and fix mistakes. The 35 minutes test comprises 4 passages and 44 multiple-choice questions. Each passage can be 400-450 words and has 11 multiple-choice questions. This section is designed to assess the candidate’s understanding of grammar and vocabulary.

  • SAT writing has three sections
  • Essay section – 25 mins
  • Multiple choice sections – 25 mins and 10 mins
  • SAT contains three Math sections
  • Algebra and functions – 25 mins
  • Geometry Statistics – 20 mins
  • Probability and Data analysis – 20 mins

Writing and Language passages can be taken from

  • History/Social Studies
  • Humanities
  • Careers
  • Science

Types of questions in the Writing test

The questions will be related to the passages.

  • Expression of ideas that includes 24 questions usually six questions for every passage which can be further divided into three kinds.
  • Organization questions that focuses on placement of information of ideas and logical sequence
  • Development questions that are related to main ideas, supporting details and quantitative information in graphs, charts and tables
  • Effective language use questions where you need to consider style and tone, improve precision and eliminate wordiness

SAT Math Syllabus

The Math test of the SAT has two parts, Math test-Calculator and Math Test-No calculator. Math Test-Calculator has 38 questions with time limit of 55 minutes and Math Test No-Calculator has 20 questions with the time limit of 25 minutes.

  • SAT contains three Math sections
  • Algebra and functions – 25 mins
  • Geometry Statistics – 20 mins
  • Probability and Data analysis – 20 mins

The Math Test focuses on different areas of math

  • Heart of Algebra focuses on linear equations and systems
  • Problem solving and data analysis on quantitative data
  • Passport to advance Math focuses on the manipulation of complex equations

The Math test also includes trigonometry and geometry and most of the questions are multiple-choice questions, however, test takers need to solve the problem in almost 22 percent of the questions. The Math section is scored on a scale of 200-800.


SAT 2023 Admit Card

SAT exam hall ticket can be downloaded only after the student completes his/her registration through the website of the College Board. Registration is done in two ways,

Register Online

  • The first step is to make a student profile on the College Board’s website.

  • Then the students can select any date and center they are comfortable with but only if that date and center are both available.

  • Students will receive an email immediately after completing their registration.

  • Then the students have to pay the examination fee with either a credit or debit card.

The last date to complete registration is more than often three or four weeks before the exam date. However, the registration may be done late and for late registration, the last date is two to three days before the exam date. A late fee will be charged in this scenario. 

Register by Mail

  • The first thing you want to do is get ‘‘The Student Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests which may be available at schools.

  • The guide contains a registration form and an envelope for returning.

  • Students must send this form along with a demand draft of whatever is the registration fee at that time.

  • In India, the SAT is represented by the USIEF. These forms are to be sent to their regional office for further consideration.

Once the student completes the registration then he/she gets an email with a link to download the SAT admission ticket.

SAT Admission Ticket Details

An admission ticket is a necessary document to be carried by the students with the same information as on his/her identification card. The details are cross-checked by examiners before letting any student inside the exam hall. So, it is advised that the students should have the correct details on the admission ticket. Some of those important details are,

  • Student’s name

  • Address

  • Date of Birth and gender

  • Test Date

  • Test center

  • Test Type

  • Registration number and general instructions. 

Other than these, the Admission ticket must not be blurry and all the details must be displayed clearly. The admission ticket can either be black and white or colored. Also, the printed document must not have any ink stains or any other type of damage that hinders the display of any vital information. All the details are needed to be clear. 

Admission Ticket Lost, What to do then

If a student loses his/her admission ticket then there is no need to worry. The admission ticket is just another copy of the ticket which is available on the student profile on the College Board website. Students can simply log in, download, and take a printout from there. This is why students must always remember the login credentials of their respective student profiles.

However, it is recommended to always keep a pdf file of your admission ticket on your mobile phone in case of any emergency.

How to change Admission Ticket Information

We are all human beings and it is in our nature to make mistakes and learn from them. The exam conducting body of SAT understands this and has given a very simple solution. Whenever a student wants to rectify any detail mentioned on their admission ticket then they need to follow these simple steps,

  • Sign in to their account on College Board’s website.

  • Click Print Admission Ticket.

  • Update the information as necessary.

  • Print the admission ticket.


SAT 2023 Result

Candidates who plan to appear for their SAT exam are required to keep the below dates in mind. Candidates are advised to complete their SAT Registration before the deadline to avoid any last-minute confusion. The expected SAT Score dates have also been published for the convenience of our readers.

SAT Score Report

SAT score reports consist of the following information

  • The Total Score: As the title suggests, the Total Score is the sum of the two Section Scores and this score ranges from 400 to 1600.
  • Sectional Score: The sectional score ranges from 200-800 and is based on the performance of the candidate on the Math Section and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Sections.
  • Subscore (marks scored in each type of question): Subscores are multiple points for Reading, Writing and Language, and Math Sections, all ranging from 1 to 15. The main purpose of Sub scores is to provide additional insight into the students’ performance.
  • Essay score (if applicable): Candidates who have undertaken the SAT with the essay will have the scores for Essay Reading (2-8 points), Essay Writing (2-8 points), and Essay Analysis (2-8 points) displayed under the Essay Details tab.
  • Student’s percentile: The student’s percentile score tells you how well the student has performed his SAT exam as compared to other test-takers. 

How to check the SAT score?

Candidates can access the SAT score report on their College Board profile.

Steps to check SAT scores

  • Step 1- Visit the College Board’s site
  • Step 2- Sign in using your ID and password
  • Step 3- Click on My Organiser and go to SAT scores
  • Step 4- Click on Access My Scores and enter your username and password
  • Step 5- Go to My Test Scores
  • Step 6- Your SAT scores will appear on the screen

Candidates can send their score reports to the colleges using Score Choice.

How to Get SAT and Subject Test Scores?

Once you are finished with the SAT exam, it is time to send exam scores to the colleges. This is one of the most crucial parts of the whole application process. Most colleges prefer to get the score reports directly from the College Board and not the copies of the report or score report labels on the transcripts.

When to expect SAT Test Result?

Your SAT score result will be available online around 2-4 weeks after your test date. Once the score result is available, the College Board begins sending SAT score reports to the colleges the candidate has selected, if any, at the time of registration.

Other Ways to Get Scores

Students who don’t have easy access to the Internet can check out alternative methods of receiving their SAT Score, these include

  • Paper Score Reports: Candidates who register by mail and don’t have active College Board online accounts will receive paper score reports.
  • Scores by phone: Candidates can also receive their scores over the phone. However, they would be required to pay an extra fee for the same.
  • Candidates can also access their scores by logging into their online score report and taking a printout of the same. 


SAT Cutoff

SAT Cutoff varies from college to college. Each university has its own standard SAT cutoff so there is no specific cutoff. Hence the SAT cutoff solely depends on the college you are applying to. However, you can refer to the College Board prediction for the SAT Cutoff required to be accepted at different universities.

What is a Good SAT Score? 

Out of 1600, 1500 is definitely a good SAT score and it can help the candidates to secure a place in the best universities. An SAT score of 1500 means the candidate has scored around the 98th percentile. The top institutes of the world like- Harvard, Yale University, MIT, accept SAT scores that range from 1440-1500.