Should I Join Baby IIM?

The IIMs are some of the most well-known and recognized educational institutions in India which are highly sought after by aspiring management professionals. As IIMs are the best educational institutions from where one can obtain management education, the government has also set up 7 more IIMs since 2011, and these were collectively known as baby IIMs.

This step was taken to ensure that more aspiring management professionals are able to benefit from the quality education on offer. Aspirants who wish to join an IIM can consider joining one of the new IIMs as these institutes operate under the guidance of the original IIMs and offer excellent quality education.

Even though the new IIMs might not match the reputation of the older IIMs, but they are still better than some other B-schools that claim to offer you the best facilities but fall short on multiple fronts.

The main thing you need to understand is that these new IIMs are on their way to become the centres of excellence with good faculty, infrastructure, exchange programs and industry recognition, and might in a few years catch up with the older IIMs.

Also, these baby IIMs have their own unique advantage as they are mentored by the older IIMs. Based on the different parameters that are involved in college review and rankings, the ranking of the Baby IIM is as follows:

Are Baby IIMs worth joining?

Here are some of the factors that you need to pay attention to before deciding on the suitability of joining a baby IIM for your management education: –

  • One of the biggest reasons is the financial security offered by an MBA. This is the reason as to why the aspirants want to pursue a career in management. It is also one of the most influential factors in deciding whether you need to join a newly established IIM or not. Also, you need to check what their recognized counterparts are doing. Other than that, you need to check what kind of placements they provide and what are the placement statistics of the baby IIMs in comparison to other private institutes. Also, you need to see what is the expense of pursuing a PGP or PGDM program from the new IIMs and also about the return on the investment. However, among the baby IIMs that have been established in the same year, IIM Amritsar, IIM Nagpur, and IIM Visakhapatnamhave been known to provide high median CTCs for the 2019 batch. IIM Nagpur has provided the highest median CTC for the class of 2018 as well.
  • When you compare the money invested in a two year MBA program, and the median CTC offered at the end of the course, you will know that the new IIMs will offer you a positive return on investment. However, two of the newest six IIMs offer placements that are at the break-even point. Those two institutes were IIM Amritsar and IIM Bodh Gaya . Also, in comparison with other private institutes, IIM offers a better return on investment based on average CTC offered and the fee charged.
  • Consistently, IIMs Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Lucknow, Kozhikode and Shillong have been considered as the top IIMs of the country, and they have definitely defined the IIM tag as the dream business schools for many of the MBA aspirants who sit for CAT exam each year. However, now there are new IIMs which features on the list as well. Also, the newer IIMs offers you excellent placements, and they are ranked better as well. Also, when it comes to paying packages, they farewell. Therefore, it can be said that while the new IIMs are impressive in terms of placement, the difference is significant between the old and new IIMs.
  • Another important thing is the batch size of the business school. The larger the batch size, more are the opportunities there is for networking and other purposes. Also, for the peer to peer learning, the institutes prefer a large batch strength because it ensures diversification in the ideas and discussions. When it comes to the batch strength baby, IIMs have a significant advantage compared to other business schools.
  • Also, a large number of corporates participate in the placement seasons at the baby IIMs offering impressive pay packages. These excellent offers help in giving a kick start to the career of the newly graduated students. Some of the companies are MuSigma, Berger Paints, VGuard, Schi­ndler, Sutherland Global, Aditya Birla Payments Bank, Amara Raja Group, BASIX, Berger Paints, Bosch, Click Labs, E&Y, KPMG, HSBC Bank, etc. Also, another factor to be taken into account is the location of the institute as most of these institutes are located in the township, which is close to established industrial areas. This helps them develop strong industry connections with the businesses around their location, opening up more opportunities for the students.
  • The batch size of most of the IIMs is also not more than 140. Also, there are additional seats reserved for female students to encourage diversity in the classrooms. For instance, IIM Kashipur has reserved 15 seats for female students for 2019-21 batch. The brand name of IIM opens up multiple doors of opportunities for the students in the industry. Also, as the old IIMs are mentoring the new IIMs, these baby IIMs are taking giant strides towards becoming the leading management education institutions in the country.

Baby IIMs have proved that they belong amongst the leading management institutes, but there is still a long way to achieve the at-par status with the established IIMs and other leading business schools.

So, students who wish to access the best education facilities and infrastructure of the IIMs will do good to join any of the baby IIMs over some lesser-known private institutes.

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