MBA is one of the most expensive degrees worldwide. It is generally assumed that the returns after investing in a good MBA degree are worth the financial expense. Although it is true for most business schools in India, not all provide the best returns. Thus, the continuous yearly increase in tuition fees is a matter of concern.

It is pertinent to understand, which business schools provide quality education, essential learning, and adequate industry exposure. These schools provide an excellent return on investment, in that, they require low tuition fees and facilitate great placements.

Program Overview

 An MBA in General Management ensures that students can manage different types of management skills with a practical orientation. The program is developed for people having limited knowledge in management and an undergrad degree and work experience in any domain. An MBA in General Management helps train students to manage the general operations of businesses.

Students can learn about accounts and accounting policies for transactions, acquire marketing skills for business, understand the basics of supply chain operations, as well as learn to thoroughly analyze the available information for better business.

Students often prefer to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with specializations in one of many available domains, such as finance, human resources, or information technology. However, an MBA in General Management is also a widely popular degree among young students.

During the two-year program, the first year involves a general business curriculum, whereas the second year emphasizes general management. Typically, during this two-year MBA in General Management programs, schools ensure that students can acquire practical knowledge through their work with companies, such as summer internships.

General management involves numerous subjects, including topics unrelated to management. Future managers must have an understanding of various niche subjects related to businesses, including business law, finance, and accounting, to ensure optimal decision making.

Career Prospect

With an MBA in General Management, graduates are fully prepared to work in high-level positions within organizations, with skills that help in decision making and management.

They are recruited under different roles, such as Business Analyst, Sales Manager, and Marketing Executive, and can eventually grow into CXO positions, such as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer, are within reach for a graduate of this program.

Students are equipped with skills that involve managing with a focus on technology, energy, global enterprises, finance, consulting, and real estate. 

School Fees Average Placement Package
Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, New Delhi INR 100,000 INR 23.1 LPA
Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai INR 600,000 INR 20.13 LPA
IIM Bangalore INR 2,300,000 INR 25.83 LPA
IIM Ahmedabad INR 2,800,000 INR 24.54 LPA
XLRI  Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur INR 2,360,000 INR 24.30 LPA
SPJIMR Mumbai INR 1,750,000 INR 22.90 LPA
Department of Management Sciences, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune INR 153,000 INR 6.43 LPA
School of Business, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun INR 1,334,000 INR 4.12 LPA

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