Best Colleges for MBA in Finance in India based on Return on Investment

MBA is one of the most expensive degrees worldwide. It is generally assumed that the returns after investing in a good MBA degree are worth the financial expense. Although it is true for most business schools in India, not all provide the best returns.

Thus, the continuous yearly increase in tuition fees is a matter of concern. It is pertinent to understand, which business schools provide quality education, essential learning, and adequate industry exposure. These schools provide an excellent return on investment, in that, they require low tuition fees and facilitate great placements.

Program Overview

An MBA in Finance is a suitable option for candidates aiming to learn about the Finance domain and acquire skills and knowledge on topics, such as forecasting, financial analysis, portfolio management, and valuation models.

Moreover, an MBA in Finance can ensure that students can successfully manage the different positions in leadership and management in the Finance sector. Graduates with an MBA in Finance can help individuals and organizations manage and grow the finances of businesses and help achieve their financial goals.

The program ensures to enhance the analytical, financial, strategic, and marketing knowledge and skills of graduates. It facilitates a comprehensive view and knowledge of the wide range of functional aspects of macro and micro finance.

The program inculcates a deeper understanding of financial firms and the financial aspects of other businesses. Most MBA in Finance programs expect students to pursue specialization and provide them with various choices for specialization, including Corporate Finance and Wealth Management, which can help students in gaining a thorough understanding of the financial domain.

Some business schools even provide training through Financial Consulting Projects and suitably prepare them for professional careers. Students are also taught financial market practices, policies, and regulations and help them learn and hone technical skills, such as Financial Modeling, Fixed Income Securities, and Fundamental & Technical Analysis.

Career Prospects

Graduates with an MBA in Finance can work with any businesses as most require assistance in managing finances on micro and macro levels. The finance industry has experienced significant development in recent times, and experts have stated that the demand for finance managers may continue to grow with the looming financial uncertainty due to the outbreak.

The retail sector as well as small businesses are likely to require assistance in managing and growing their finances. The graduates with an MBA in Finance can work in different roles requiring insights into the financial markets and technicalities.

Graduates are employed by financial institutions, large- and small-sized industrial firms, non-profit enterprises, service-oriented firms, and private businesses. They are likely to be employed as a Marketing Analyst, Business Analyst, Investment Banker, Accounts Manager, Finance Manager, and Corporate Analyst.

School Fees Average Finance Placement Package
FMS Delhi INR 1.9 Lakh INR 23.20 LPA
DFS DU – Financial Management INR 3 Lakh INR 12.03 LPA
JBIMS Mumbai INR 6 Lakh INR 18.91 LPA
IIM Lucknow INR 14.16 Lakh No data available
SPJIMR Mumbai INR 16 Lakh INR 22.90 LPA
IIM Indore INR 16 Lakh INR 20.79 LPA
IIM Bangalore INR 21 Lakh INR 24.54 LPA
IIM Ahmedabad INR 23 Lakh INR 24.44 LPA
XLRI Jamshedpur INR 23 Lakh INR 22.34 LPA

IIM Calcutta

INR 27 Lakh

INR 24.50 LPA