Jobs offered to graduates from MDI, IIMs, SPJIMR are being revoked by Uber

  • The future is uncertain for new college graduates who were offered jobs of ‘above-average salaries.’
  • Being one of the esteemed ride-hailing platforms, Uber has revoked jobs offered to management graduates from top-ranking b-schools in India like IIMs, MDI, and SPJIMR.
  • However, IIT students who were offered with about 10 million rupees’ jobs have not been included in the list.
  • Almost 3700 employees at Uber have lost their job due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic has not only impacted the salaried employees. New job recruits, who have not even started their job, are staring at gloomy imminence.

After Gartner has revoked the upcoming job offers, Uber has followed the same path as well. Jobs offered to graduates from eminent b-schools like Management Development Institute (MDI), Indian Institute of Management (IIMs), and S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR ) has been rescinded.

This comes as a follow up to several employees losing their job globally, and almost 3700 Uber employees have been shown the door. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the declaration, “today will be your last working day with Uber,” was made by the company on May 13, over a Zoom call, as reported by IANS.

This revocation of job offers by Uber has been confirmed by a placement head of one of the top B-schools. According to him,  “Students from top ranking B-schools like MDI, SPJIMR, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Calcutta have been impacted”

With several companies revoking job offers, leaves students who have secured such offers in extreme agony. Most of these students banked on these jobs and have planned there future based on these offers.

That they have secured such ‘above-average salary packages’ are not helping their cause. The recruits consist mostly of multinational companies, eminent consulting firms, tech majors, etc.

The IIMs were the latest addition to the list, and they have been trying to talk to these recruiters if they are still willing to provide such job offers and hire candidates. IIM Bangalore is one such organization that has been active in this aspect.

IIM Calcutta has nearly four companies rescinding their summer internship and job offers from over 12 students from the current academic year.

However, students from IIT have still not received any such notification from Uber. Some of these students have achieved offers of as much as 10 million rupees. The engineering institutions are planning to conduct another placement session in July-August since the cases of jobs being revoked have increased.

A US-based consultancy firm has also revoked 11 job offers from students of IIT Madras, Delhi, and Kanpur. As a result, these institutes are planning out ways to provide job opportunities to those students whose jobs have been revoked.

They are also talking to their network of alumni so that these students get jobs in less affected sectors. The coronavirus pandemic seemed to have taken a toll not only on the present situation of these students but also on their future careers.

Source: Business Insider

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