Indian Institutes of Management are the most prestigious business and management schools in India. In total, India has twenty IIMs. During early establishment, only a few IIMs were incepted, including IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta.

Later during 2008 and 2015, fourteen new IIMs were established for the demand of business schools in India. These IIMs offer various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas, and certificate courses that cater to the current requirement of candidates.

The IIMs established in 2008 and after are termed Young/Second Generation IIMs, whereas the ones established in and after 2015 are termed New IIMs. In this article, we discuss and compare these IIMs in terms of different factors, including offered programs, placements, and fees.

Young/Second Generation IIMs-

IIM Rohtak (Founded in 2009)

IIM Rohtak is located in the Delhi NCR region. Delhi NCR has many types of industries, including Consultancy firms, FMGC companies, and BFSIs. The campus has only recently been shifted to its Permanent Campus. In addition, apart from some conventional management programs, IIM Rohtak is the only IIM to offer a two-year program in Sports Management.

IIM Kashipur  (Founded in 2011)

IIM Kashipur is located in Uttarakhand, India near the Industrial Belt of Rudrapur and Pantnagar. This belt is a home to more than 180 recognized companies and organizations, which makes the location very conducive to education and employment.

Among mainstream programs such as MBA in Analytics and Post-graduate Program in Management, for working professionals, IIM Kashipur also offers an executive MBA.

IIM Trichy (Founded in 2011)

IIM Trichy is located close to the Industrial Hubs of Chennai and Bangalore. IIM Trichy offers a two-year Post-graduate Program in Business Management for working professionals at the Chennai campus, a two-year full-time residential Post-Graduate Program in Management, and a Fellow Program in Management for doctoral candidates.

IIM Raipur (Founded in 2010)

Raipur is one of the most fast-growing cities in India, and IIM Raipur is located near the modern industrial and educational hub, which can be crucial to the growth of its students as professionals. The institute offers a flagship PGP with a focus on ensuring the holistic development of its students as future business leaders. IIM Raipur has the highest number of Student Exchange Partner Universities on par with the older IIMs.

IIM Udaipur  (Founded in 2011)

IIM Udaipur is ranked among the best top 15 management schools in India by the Ministry of Human Resources Development. It offers one-year postgraduate MBA programs, a two-year full-time MBA program, a doctoral program, and other management development programs.

It is the only IIM providing a one-year residential PGPX Program in collaboration with Purdue University, and this program is on par with PGPX programs offered by the older IIMs.

IIM Ranchi (Founded in 2011)

IIM Ranchi is located in Ranchi, and its permanent campus is currently under construction. IIM Ranchi offers two two-year PGP programs, namely MBA-HRM and a general MBA, a four-year Fellowship Program, and other executive programs. IIM Ranchi is the only IIM with a dedicated two-year program for Human Resource Management.

New IIMs-

IIM Amritsar (Founded in 2015)

The temporary campus of IIM Amritsar is located in the campus of the Government Polytechnic College, Amritsar, whereas its permanent campus is currently under construction. IIM Amritsar is currently being mentored by IIM Kozhikode. It offers a two-year MBA program in General Management, a doctoral program, and other certificate programs.

IIM Sirmaur  (Founded in 2015)

IIM Sirmaur is located in Kunja, Himachal Pradesh and is currently being mentored by IIM Lucknow. IIM Sirmaur offers a hallmark International Immersion Program, which allows students to gain project-based practical experience and learn industrial, international business, and global business practices in the context of European business.

IIM Jammu  (Founded in 2016)

It has shown remarkable improvement in terms of quality education, placements, industry and international collaborations. Presently, IIM Jammu operates from its residential transit campus for students situated in the heart of Jammu city, with Airport and Railway station within its radius of 8 Km. The state-of-the-art permanent campus on 200 acres of land is coming up soon at Jagati, Jammu, situated next to IIT Jammu Campus.

The work on the campus has started and the design is an engineering marvel with scope for all the modern facilities. The proposed Campus will be a blissful mix of modern architecture, Culture and heritage of Jammu & Kashmir. IIM Jammu is admitting the 5th batch of students this year and also offers doctoral programmes in addition to various executive education programmes.

The off-campus of IIM Jammu at Srinagar was inaugurated on January 24, 2020 by Hon’ble Minister of HRD. The IIM Jammu off-campus at Srinagar is locate in the heart of the beautiful Srinagar city and will have an incubator to support start-ups, in addition to its focus on executive education.

From beginning, IIM Jammu has set high standards for outstanding value based high quality research, quality education, executive education, consultancy and strong corporate as well as international linkages. IIM Jammu has signed MoUs with over 15 top B-Schools across the globe for exchange of students and faculty. Under these programs, various eminent professors from foreign universities visit the campus to teach courses at IIM Jammu and vice-versa.

IIM Jammu students have wide options of going for international exchange programmes at its partner institutes. IIM Jammu has strong corporate engagement programmes for continuous industry interaction. 84 companies visited the campus for recruitment last year, offering a highest package of 24.5 lakh to a batch of 58 IIM Jammu students.

IIM Nagpur (Founded in 2015)

IIM Nagpur offers a PGP in management and an international immersion program. Through the international immersion programs, students recently visited Japan to gain insights into the practices of the Japanese manufacturing industry.

IIM Nagpur is focused on Entrepreneurship and Research and has a flagship program termed the IIMN Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development program. IIM Nagpur is mentored by IIM Ahmedabad, with its temporary campus located within the campus of NIT Nagpur, whereas its permanent campus is under construction.

IIM Bodh Gaya  (Founded in 2015)

Bodh Gaya is a tourist place well-connected with the major cities in India. IIM Bodh Gaya is mentored by IIM Calcutta. It offers a PGP in management as well as a doctoral program in management. Its temporary campus is located in the Magadh University, and the construction of its permanent campus is ongoing.

IIM Visakhapatnam (Founded in 2015)

Visakhapatnam is located at the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh, with an active airport and seaport that caters to the industries in and near Visakhapatnam. IIM Visakhapatnam offers PGP in management, a doctoral program in management, diploma programs in management, and executive programs in management. It is currently mentored by IIM Bangalore.

IIM Sambalpur  (Founded in 2015)
In general, Odisha is a state abundant in mineral resources and thus it comprises many industries, particularly power generation industries. IIM Sambalpur thus is located in one of the cities with the most potential for industrial development. Sambalpur is currently mentored by IIM Indore. IIM Sambalpur is has relatively low connectivity; however, the placements are better than most young/second generation IIMs.

Institute Year of Establishment Average Package in 2019
IIM Rohtak 2009 INR 11.85 LPA
IIM Kashipur 2011 INR 12.17 LPA
IIM Trichy 2011 INR 14.96 LPA
IIM Udaipur 2010 INR 15.10 LPA
IIM Raipur 2011 INR 14.15 LPA
IIM Ranchi 2011 INR 15.02 LPA
IIM Amritsar 2015 INR 12.20 LPA
IIM Sirmaur 2015 INR 9 LPA
IIM Jammu 2016 INR 11.2 LPA
IIM Nagpur 2015 INR 12.35 LPA
IIM Bodh Gaya 2015 INR 10.60 LPA
IIM Visakhapatnam 2015 INR 12.16 LPA
IIM Sambalpur 2015 INR 11.33 Lakhs

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