Comparing Third-Generation/Baby IIMs in 2019

Indian Institutes of Management are highly recognized and respected business and management schools in India. Admissions to the same are becoming more and more difficult in each academic session.

The demand and interest of students to learn from the best government management schools in India continues to increase. Thus, to cater to these demands, the government of India proposed seven new IIMs after 2015.

These institutes are often referred to as the third-generation or baby IIMs. In this article, we discuss and compare these IIMs in terms of various aspects.

IIM Nagpur: IIM Nagpur is located in Nagpur, which is the most city in central India. IIM Nagpur was established in 2015 and has earned its hype based on its excellent peer to peer learning and experienced student batches. The institute has offered excellent placement records considering its relatively new inception. It offers a unique flagship program termed the IIMN Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development program, which caters to the entrepreneurial spirit of its students.

IIM Amritsar: IIM Amritsar is located in Amritsar, Punjab. Amritsar is a well-known pilgrimage place and is thus well-connected to many international and national cities via air. The institute offers a two-year MBA program, a doctoral program, as well as some diploma programs in management. Since its inception in 2015, IIM Amritsar has seen a notable and consistent enhancement in placements.

IIM Visakhapatnam: Being located at the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam is has an active airport and seaport. Thus, it has an excellent ability to cater to many industries in and near the region, which has made Visakhapatnam one of the most rapidly growing cities in India.

In addition to the post-graduate program in general management, it also offers a doctoral program in management, diploma programs in management, as well as executive programs in management. The institute is currently mentored by IIM Bangalore.

IIM Sambalpur: In general, Odisha is a state abundant in mineral resources and thus it comprises many industries, particularly power generation industries. IIM Sambalpur thus is located in one of the cities with the most potential for industrial development. Although IIM Sambalpur is a bit tricky when it comes to connectivity, the placements can more than make up for this shortcoming.

IIM Bodh Gaya: Bodh Gaya is another religiously important place in India and worldwide, which has helped increase its connectivity. IIM Bodh Gaya, has the best curriculum. It offers a post-graduate program in management as well as a doctoral program in management. With the permanent campus being under construction, its temporarily located in Magadh University.

IIM Sirmaur : IIM Sirmaur is located in the scenic area of Kunja, Himachal Pradesh. Among the mainstream programs, IIM Sirmaur offers a hallmark International Immersion Program. On par with such programs offered as the older IIMs, this program allows students to acquire project-based practical experience and learn industrial, international business, and global business practices in the context of European business.

IIM-Jammu: IIM Jammu is the newest among the baby IIMs. IIM Jammu has been consistently showing improvement in terms of placements. With the temporary campus located in the Old University Campus of Jammu, the institute currently offers a two-year MBA program and a doctoral program in management.

The following table compares the aforementioned IIMs in terms of fees, placement, and their mentor IIMs:

Institute Fees Average Placement Package
IIM Nagpur INR 12 Lakhs INR 12.35 LPA
IIM Amritsar INR 9 Lakhs INR 12.20 LPA
IIM Visakhapatnam INR 13 Lakhs INR 12.61 LPA
IIM Sambalpur INR 10 Lakhs INR 11.33 LPA
IIM Bodh Gaya  INR 10.60 Lakhs INR 10.90 LPA
IIM Sirmaur  INR 10.34 Lakhs INR 9.20 LPA
IIM-Jammu INR 10.50 Lakhs INR 11.20 LPA

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