Top management b-schools have been emerging the game-changers in the educational sector. The curriculum and exposure offered to aspirants have been assisting them in acquiring an exceptional skill set for future challenges and hurdles in the business sphere.

Eminent faculties and mentors have been providing extraordinary mentorship to the aspirants to help them become future leaders. However, have you ever wondered which b-school should be your key target? Or have you ever faced a dilemma between two top-notch b-schools?

With notable management institutions present in different corners of the nation, SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai and Management Development Institute, Gurgaon have been providing excellent management learning to eminent students.

People often wonder what makes these institutions stand out from the rest and why they should join either of them. Therefore, a comparative study of the two institutions based on certain parameters will be the key subject of this article.

SPJIMR Mumbai was established in the year 1981 and had been offering prominent education and experience since the beginning of time. It is a private b-school offering an eminent PGDM course to 700 new students every year.

The b-school stands by its motto- Knowledge is Nectar and providing exceptional curriculum deliverable and knowledge. The institution stands at 16th position in the NIRF 2019 ranking list and 4th position in the Business Today 2019 ranking list.

MDI, Gurgaon was founded in the year 1973 as a private business school located in the state of Haryana. It was established by the Industrial Finance Corporation of Indian and has been standing true to its motto- Perfection in action is Yoga.

The institution is well-known for the PGDM programme it offers to eminent aspirants. Apart from this, certain part-time programmes are also offered. Part-time programmes include the executive course whereas a fellowship research programme is also offered.

The institution stands at 5th positing in the Business Today 2019 ranking list and at 10th position in the NIRF 2020 ranking list.

Both the institutions have been consistently mostly the top management learning centres of the country. However, rankings are not considered to be the ideal comparative parameter or a deal-breaker in knowing the ideal college as per the aspirant’s core target.

Curriculum deliverable  

Curriculum deliverable and learning is a key factor which should be analysed before joining any institution for further studies.

SPJIMR, Mumbai offers diverse learning options and possibilities to the student. With an efficient core course in the different specialised sector, the institutions offer knowledge through programmes like global management programme; family managed business programme, executive management programme and other short-term courses.

The institution has been offering a 2-year PGDM course which is equivalent to an MBA degree from other colleges. A holistic focus is imparted to concepts and fundamental aspects of business and management study. Specialisations in the sphere of Finance, information management, operations, marketing, supply chain, etc. are offered in the second year of the course.

On the other hand, MDI Gurgaon has been implementing a key focus on the practicality of the subjects and impart knowledge in the best way possible. It is well-known for the 2-year PGPM programme offered to aspirants every year.

The core subjects focusing on the fundamental concepts and basic learning are offered in the first year. However, students are offered several other specialisation courses in the second year. A total of 2 specialisations must be opting.

Placement and packages 

Placement activities, recruitments, salary packages, etc. are the core factors consider by the aspirants before joining any management institution. Management studies are often termed as the investment made in the name of education.

Therefore, it is essential to analyse the placement digits so that desirable results can be achieved at the end of the course.

After the completion of the course, loans, tenures, etc. act as another hurdle in the aspirant’s life; therefore, good placement opportunities must be presented to the students. Moreover, it is vital to compare the salary packages achieved to the fee payment made to the institution.

SPJIMR, Mumbai placement session concluded that the highest package was offered an average salary package of Rs. 26.35 lakhs p.a.

The fee structure for the PGPM course is around Rs. 16 lakhs. Contrary to this, MDI Gurgaon was offered an average package of Rs. 22.05 lakhs pa. The course fee is estimated to be around Rs. 21.34 lakhs pa.

Other essential 2020 placement details of both the institution are compared below. 

Activities  SPJIMR Mumbai  

MDI Gurgaon

Highest salary package  INR 51 lakhs pa  INR 40.50 lakhs pa
Average salary package  INR 26.36 lakhs pa  INR 22.05 lakhs pa 
Median salary package  INR 25 lakh pa  INR 22 lakhs pa 
Number of companies in the final placement session  122 126 
Number of new recruiters  44 41 
Major domain in the placement session  Consultancy  Sales and Marketing 

The placement data reveal that SPJIMR Mumbai has the upper hand in terms of salary packages and recruiters than MDI, Gurgaon.

It is important to consider several other parameters for a comparative analysis of the institution. It provides an insightful view of brand equity, learning deliverables, exposure, experience, favourable outcomes, campus life, etc. among others.

Therefore, the following list compares SPJIMR and MDI based on certain demographical values and facts.  Several factors are considered keeping the PGDM course into consideration.

Parameters  SPJIMR Mumbai MDI Gurgaon
Location  It is located in the western suburbs of Andheri in Mumbai  It is located in Sector 17 of Gurgaon, Haryana 
Mode of transportation  Mumbai local facility 

Airport facility 

Delhi metro facility 

Indira Gandhi International Airport 


Institution ownership  Private  Private 
Number of courses  6 MBA courses  6 MBA courses 
Fee structure (PGDM) INR 17.50 lakhs pa  INR 18.48 lakh pa 
Examination accepted for admission  XAT, GMAT, CAT  CAT
Total number of seats  240  240 
Cut-offs  XAT 93 percentile 

CAT 92 percentile 

In the first round 

CAT 94 percentile in the first round 
Facilities  Library



Sports Complex

Wi-Fi Campus


A/C Classrooms

Convenience Store





Sports Complex


Hospital / Medical Facilities

Wi-Fi Campus

Shuttle Service


Music Room

Dance Room

A/C Classrooms

Convenience Store


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