The Management Development Institute (MDI) Gurgaon is well-reputed to provide best quality education when it comes to full-time MBA/ equivalent programmes. The institute continuously ranks amongst the top 10 MBA colleges of the country.

Besides offering full-time Post Graduate Programmes, MDI Gurgaon’s initiative to provide Open Management Development Programmes (MDPs) is also very well known.

What are Open MDPs?

The Open MDPs initiative is part of MDI Gurgaon’s Continuing Education for working executives and professionals. As the name suggests, executives/ professionals of any company or organizations will be eligible for the Open programmes, provided that they fulfil certain criteria.

A wide range of short-term courses is offered under Open MDPs to executives of both types of companies- public and private. The courses are specifically designed on various themes that will create value for participants of different kinds of backgrounds.

What is Continuing Education?

As per the official website of MDI Gurgaon, the institute is India’s largest school for continuing education. The purpose of continuing education is to keep the executives updated with the ever-changing management skills that will facilitate the professionals to solve problems at a higher position.

MDI Gurgaon organizes 200 weeks of short-term intensive training programmes every year. Apart from the open MDPs, MDI also conducts tailor-made In-Company Programmes.

To address the growing need of this initiative, MDI Gurgaon has also partnered with several International B-schools, industry and individual experts.

Past Open MDPs

MDI Gurgaon Conducted multiple Open MDPs in the past years. Some of the highlight programs of that year are as follows.

  1. Advanced Management Programme [AMP]: Launched in 1996 for corporate leaders and top-level executives, the Advanced Management Programme aims to broaden the understanding of national and global business structure. With this programme, the executives will be able to transform leadership and develop more competitive management strategies. This programme has been conducted in association with the ESCP-Europe Business School, Paris (France) & Torino (Italy), SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milano (Italy), Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna (Austria).
  2. Finance for Non-Finance Executives: Multiple Finance for Non-Finance Executives have been conducted in the past. The goal of the programme is to make the operating managers well acquainted with different shades of introductory finance and meet the different requirements of operating managers related to finance.
  3. Managerial Effectiveness: The programmes aim to provide knowledge about several perspectives of emotional intelligence, its roles, effectiveness and stress management. Participants of this programme will also gain the understanding of “personal and social competencies of emotional intelligence through experiential learning sessions.”
  4. Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills: A programme conducted for junior and middle-level executives in various fields of management, the course aims to develop conflict management and negotiation skills. These skills will prove to be effective in general and business negotiations.
  5. The Art of Successful Leadership & Management: Many Managers and Executives at all the levels in Private Sector Companies, Public Sector Units, Central and State Government and MNC, etc have attended this programme in the past. This programme aims to comprehend the art of micro and macro managing, understand spiritual intelligence, subjective management and to make the individual/manager understand to gain the greatest comprehension holistically, that is, by staying within the limitations of the individual’s /manager’s psychological skills.
  6. Developing Communication Competencies: Executives of all levels in different kinds of organizations like government, public and private sectors, MNCs and NGOs took part in this programme. This course aims to help the managers identify and develop managerial competencies at a higher level. These skills will add to the effectiveness of the professionals and the executives will be able to contribute more towards their organizations.
  7. Effective Communication for Managers & Leaders: As per the official website of the MDI, “The Objective of the Programme was to help managers and leaders acquire communication skills for building and enhancing competencies that would help them attain a competitive advantage.”
  8. Digital Communication and Marketing Management: The programme aimed at providing an overview to the Future of Marketing, Foundation of Social Media Marketing and Understanding four zones of Social Media. Apart from the aforementioned areas, the focus was also on Increasing the ROI of Social Media Marketing, To make oneself market-ready to influence selling and the Usage of effective communication skills to augment marketability.

Upcoming Open MDP

Interested candidates can register for the upcoming Open MDPs at MDI Gurgaon. Find the details of all upcoming programmes, Programme Fee & Dates and Contact details below.

Business Communication (BC), Finance (FIN), Marketing Management (MM), Human Behaviour and Organization Development (HBOD), Operations Management (OM), Public Policy Management (PPM), Strategic Management (SM).

  • SM 2008 Strategy & Innovation for Educational Leaders

Date: 24th February to 26th February 2020

Contact- Rajesh K Pillania Email Id- [email protected]

Programme Fee: Rs. 50000

  • OB 2009 Understanding and Managing Self

Date: 26th February to 28th February 2020

Contact- Anil A. Pathak Email Id:[email protected]

Programme Fee: Rs. 36000

  • PPM/OM 2010 Green Operations and Sustainability

Date: 2nd March 2020 to 4th March 2020

Contact-S. K. Tapasvi Email Id:[email protected]

Manoj K. Srivastava Email Id: [email protected]

Programme Fee: Rs. 36000

  • OB/BC 2011 Mastering Difficult Negotiation

Date- 9th March to 11th March 2020

Contact- Anil A. Pathak/Neera Jain

Email ID- [email protected]/ [email protected]

Programme Fee: Rs. 36000

  • FIN 2012 Finance For Non-Finance Executives

Date: 16th March to 20th March 2020

Contact- Sandeep Goel/Shailendra K. Rai

Email Id: [email protected]/[email protected]

Programme Fee: Rs. 55000

  • BC/MM 2013 Storytelling and Theater Techniques for Effective Communication

Date- 16th to 19th March 2020

Contact- Neera Jain/Ritu Srivastava

Email Id- [email protected]/[email protected]

Programme Fee- Rs. 36000

  • OB 2014 Interview Skills

Date- 25th March to 27th March 2020

Contact- Anil A. Pathak

Email Id- [email protected]

Programme Fee: Rs. 36000


1. The detailed venue, fee etc. are indicative and subject to change. The detailed brochure for the individual programs can be found on the official website of MDI Gurgaon.

2. Apart from the programme fee, MDI Gurgaon will charge GST as applicable separately.

3. A 10% discount will be provided to the companies upon receiving 3 to 5 nominations & 20% discount will be provided 5+ nominations for a single programme from the same organisation.

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