What is a good XAT Score? How to achieve it?

Are you an aspiring student running after the scoreboards of numerous exams? Or have you tried to apply multiple tips and tricks to score bright digits? Well, we all have witnessed the exam pressure and have gone through these tough times. We always look towards our mentors, parents, teachers and friends for sources of inspiration for thriving these tough exam times.

Moreover, with many courses and career spheres around us, the education sector has been gaining momentum since time immemorable. Furthermore, we understand that different career fields come with tons of exam packages.

One has to study well and gain knowledge of multiple aspects before appearing for any examination. Keeping this in mind, it is essential to understand the scoring criteria as well as the scoring process to achieve desirable numbers.

With multiple examinations corresponding to diverse career paths, students are often considered a part of the wild goose chase. Relying on the traditional means of studying and memorizing is considered a waste of time in today’s era.

This is not the ideal manner of gaining knowledge before appearing for an exam. It’s time to switch to the correct ways of learning before aiming to score shining digits in any exam.

In current times, MBA examinations are one of the most talked-about events among student peers. Several universities conduct exams annually for thousands of aspiring MBA students. Among these numerous MBA examinations, XAT is one of the most-hyped exams conducted by XLRI on behalf of XAMI.

XAT or the Xavier aptitude test is an all India level examination conducted for selecting students for several management universities. The score obtained from the XAT examination is used by multiple institutions providing management courses. The examination is conducted in several states of India every year.

What is a good XAT score?

XAT scoreboards are analyzed every year to calculate average percentile and score. Every XAT scoreboard displays a XAT percentile as well as a XAT percentage. The board of exam delivers a cut off every year for carrying out the examination process.

The exam consists of a total of 74-75 question segregated among three sections. These three sections are- verbal and logical ability, decision making, quant and DI. Merit is prepared based on the marks obtained after solving these questions.

Each correct answer gives +1, whereas every wrong answer deducts 0.25 from the total score. Moreover, the unattempted question also serves as a hurdle here. Each unattempted question will deduct a total of 0.05 marks from the final scorecard. This applicable from the 14th unanswered question. This makes the overall exam tricky and tough to pass.

A good XAT score will open your doors of admission in some well know universities of India. The top five MBA colleges which work on the structure of XAT examination are XLRI , SPJIMR, XIMB, IMT and GIM.

These colleges are based in different states and accept a XAT percentile between 85 to 95+ whereas other universities like TAPMI, Great Lakes,IRMA, MICA and KJ SOMAIYA accept a XAT percentile ranging between 80 to 85 and above.

The XAT percentile is calculated based on the XAT exam score. Out of 74 questions, a total of 30 to 40 questions could be answered correctly for gaining a 95+ percentile. Moreover, scoring 31+ marks can help a student grabbing a 95+ percentile. However, the percentile also depends on the examination performance of the relative appearing students.

In recent years, it has been witnessed that the cut-off score rises or drops according to the difficulty level of the paper. Scoring 32+ marks are considered ideal for getting the required percentile. As a result, it is suggested to work upon certain strategies before taking the test.

Predefined courses should be avoided for the same. These courses often hamper the performance rates of the appearing students. It is one of the most difficult and trickiest examination conducted all over the nation. Hence, proper strategies should be developed for increasing the performance rate of the appearing students.

How can a good XAT score be achieved?

  1. Total time of 170 minutes is allotted to solve the examination paper. We often end up overusing the time structure, hence, a strategy should be developed for effective results. The first two sections should be allotted a total of 50 minutes, whereas, the third section and the fourth buffer section should be allotted 60 and 10 minutes respectively. The last buffer minutes ensures that each section has ample time. In case we cross the designated time slot for each question, we still have some time for its successful completion.
  2. The first section consists of vocabulary, para jumbles, grammar, para summaries, etc. Reading comprehensions are provided for the same. Students often face difficulty in choosing closely related elements from the MCQ options. That’s where most of the time is utilized. Avoid these circumstances by choosing as quickly as possible.
  3. The next section has case studies for decision-making segment. These appear relatively easy but are the trickiest. Maximum questions should be attempted because the aim is to achieve high attempts with the accuracy percentage rate of 60+ important facts from the passages should be highlighted and studied deeply for the same.
  4. The third section is of quantitative ability. The recommended manner of solving this section is to go through every question and decide whether it should be attempted or not. This ensures that the answerable questions are given enough time to be solved, and the rest are eliminated. As a result, all easy questions will be answered.
  5. The GK section should be attempted in not more than 10 minutes. These often require common sense and no special trick. However, for the essay-writing, the previous year topics could be studied. This will help the student in understanding the basic line of the subject chosen for the given essay topics.

To summarize, XAT is a tough examination because of the structure it follows. Strategies should be developed to understand the format and solve the question accordingly. Time management plays a major role in the success of the appearing students.

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