What is a good SNAP Score? How to achieve it?

The education sector has gained momentous transformation over the past few decades. Moreover, it is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the nation. This is due to the presence of thousands of young capable students in every corner of the country.

Students from different cultural and regional backgrounds form the core of this education sector.  Majority of the education institutes around us run on the primary principle of examinations to carry out the admission procedures effectively. Thousands of aspiring students appear in multiple examinations to gain entry in their preferable educational institutions.

The marathon to get into the desired university is considered to be long and tiring due to the immense peer pressure and competition.

In today’s time, our educational institutes and universities offer diverse and distinct courses based on various disciples and subjects. Examination form the core of the admission criteria in universities dealing with various career spheres.

However, it is essential to release that every examination comes with distinct criteria and format. Time management, question analysis, pre-preparation, etc. are some key activities to be carried out while appearing for any national or international examination.

However, with thousands of students running after the scoreboards, it is vital to understand that opting for the traditional manner of preparation would not solve the student’s problem. Innovative and practical approaches should be discussed to gain the desired scorecard.

Experts believe that it requires exceptional strategies to appear victorious in an exam. Moreover, determination and confidence add bonus points to the preparation plan of a student.

With a vast stream of courses, innumerable examinations are carried out throughout the year. One of the most potential examinations conducted throughout the nation is the SNAP examination.

MBA or Masters In Business Administration is a major course offered by numerous universities. Moreover, the SNAP examination is conducted for aspiring students who aim to become a part of these institutions.

SNAP stands for the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test. It is a national level entrance examination conducted in various cities to carry out the admission procedure in various management universities. The entrance exam is organised out by the Symbiosis International University and carry out the admission process among the network of 16 Universities.

What is a good score for SNAP?

The SNAP entrance exam features three distinct sections. These three sections are- general English and grammar, quantitate and data interpretation and analytical reasoning. A total of 110 questions are designed on the mentioned aspects, and a total of 130 marks are granted for the questions answered correctly. However, 10 out of these 130 questions are labelled special.

SNAP entrance examination is considered to be a tough one because the paper format is constructed upon. It is recommended to commence the preparation for the exam before six months or one year.

For every correct answer in the first two sections, 1.5 marks are awarded. However, 1 mark is awarded after correctly answering the question from the QA and DI-DS section. Also, 2 marks are awarded for the correctly answered special questions. Moreover, a negative marking of 25 per cent is also done.

The expected scoreboard cut off for SNAP examination ranges between 75 to 80. Higher scores will lead to admission in the better and full-fledged university. However, this is considered a minimum score for entering a good college. A student must aim for higher results.

How to score good marks in the SNAP entrance exam?

The three sections of the entrance exam should be studied wisely before then answering them. Special attention should be paid to understand the concepts clearly. However, a plan should be designed to achieve maximum results.

A good scoreboard depends on the preparations done and the way the exam is written. Time management, analysis, concentration and clear answer delivery are some key aspects to be remembered before appearing in any examination.

A list of few tips always provides help to students. For successfully scoring the aimed digits, the following tactics could be applied. 

  1. The first section comprises of the grammar questions. Comprehensions and passages should be studied in detail, and key points should be marked simultaneously. This helps in eliminating unnecessary details. Mock tests and sample papers should be solved because grammar understanding depends on the practice and knowledge gained over time.
  2. The analytical section is logic-based. Hence, a student should keep an eye for hidden details. As a result, a variety of questions should be practised beforehand to develop a logical understanding of the subjects.
  3. The quantitative section requires calculating techniques. Theorems and concepts should be practised religiously for best results.
  4. Before starting with any section of the examination, the lesser time-consuming questions should have opted first. This ensures that the tricky questions do not take the time allotted for the other sections.
  5. A sectional cut off is required initially for a good score. Hence, meeting the required sectional cut off should be the initial goal of the student.
  6. It is advisable that ideally, a student should dedicate not more than a minute to each question on the paper. In addition to this, a last 10-minute time period should be maintained to re-check the answers.
  7. Mock test and sample papers should be solved to gain logical understanding. Mock tests also help in polishing time management skills.

To summarise, it is vital to understand that every examination is constructed to test the mental abilities of the student. Subject preparation is essential, but other soft skills should also be worked upon. A student should try to keep an eye on hidden details of every question.

Mentorship is another key aspect of gaining applaudable digits. Moreover, general awareness builds a better mind and helps in gaining the required results. SNAP is an examination which questions the time management and analytical skills of a person.

These two qualities are often polished with time scheduling and effective practising. Determination and commitment towards smashing the goals which help any student pass examinations without any hurdle.

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