Quiz Week 5 Winners and Solution Key – PaGaLGuY

What’s up Puys?

Week 5 of the PaGaLGuY quizzes is over and it’s time to announce the winners. The winners for week 5 are-

  1. Quants quiz- Anirban Mandal
  2. LRDI quiz- Rakshita Asati
  3. Quiz’tory- Sonia Gupta
  4. General Awareness quiz- Anirban Mandal, Sanidhya Tandon, Vipul Jha, Animesh Bohidar, Tanvi Acharya, Rakshita Asati & Aditya Dhakar
  5. Verbal Ability quiz- Aditya Dhakar, Pranay Khonde, Shivam Khanna, Sanidhya Tandon, Geetanshu Gupta, Ajaykanth Boyina, Oorjaa Mishra, Gunreet Kaur & Vaibhav Agarwal
  6. Meme Wars- Pranay Singh Thakur

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Solutions to Week 5 quizzes-

Quants Quiz Week 5-

1.It takes 36 seconds for a monorail going at a speed of 90 kmph to cross a tunnel. The same tunnel is crossed at 45 kmph by another monorail which is 100 meters shorter than the first. How long did it take for the second monorail to cross the tunnel?

Solution- Let speed of train A, s = 90kmph = 90*(5/18) m/s = 25 m/s
Time taken by train A, t = 36s
Length of train A, L’ = t*s = 36*25 = 900m
Therefore, Length of train B, L” = 900-100 = 800m
Speed of train B, s’ = 45*(5/18) = 25/2 m/s
Time taken by train B, t’ = (distance/speed) = 800÷(25/2) = 1600/25
=64 seconds

2.  For 600 men, it takes 30 minutes to dig a 405 m long tunnel having a depth of 4 m and width of 5 m. What would be the length of a tunnel, which is 10 m wide and 8 m deep, if dug by 2500 men in 6 hours?

Solution- 600 men dig 5.5*4*405 = 8910 cu.m. in half an hour
600 men dig 106920 cu.m. in 6 hours
2500 men dig 445500 cu.m. in 6 hours [(106920/600)*2500]
Again, 2500 men dig (8*10)x cu.m. in 6 hours [where x = length of canal ]
(8*10)x = 445500
X = 445500/80 = 5568.75 m

3. There are 1,66,000 males in a district with a population of 2,96,000. Half of the population is illiterate. What will be the number of literate women in the population if 60% of the men are literate?

Solution- Total population = 2,96,000
Males = 1,66,000
Females = 1,30,000
Literate males = 60% of (166000) = 99,600
Now 50% of total population is literate
So, literate females = (50% of 296000)-99600 = 48,400

4. 75 percent of fresh grapes is water while it makes up only 15 percent in the case of dry grapes. What was the weight of 250 kg of dry grapes when it was fresh?

Solution- Total mass of grapes in 250 kg of dry grapes = 85% of 250 kg = 212.5 kg
Since 75% of fresh grapes is water, 212.5 kg will be 25% of fresh grapes
So, total weight of fresh grapes = 212.5*(100/25) = 850 kg

5. Of the 1500 seats in Shatabdi Express, 80% are Chair cars while the remaining make up the Executive Class. During one journey, the train was booked to 85% of its capacity. How many Chair Car seats were empty during the journey if 96% of the Executive Class seats were booked?

Solution- Total no. of seats = 1500
No, of seats in Executive Class = 300
No. of seats in Chair Car = 1200
Total seats occupied = 85% of 1500 = 1275
Total seats occupied in Executive Class = 96% of 300 = 288
Total seats occupied in the chair car = 1275-288 = 987
Therefore, no. of seats vacant in the chair car = 1200-987 = 213

LRDI Quiz  Week 5-

1.  Pointing to a photograph, a woman said, “I have no siblings but that man’s mother is my mother’s daughter”. Whose photograph was it?

Answer- Her son’s

2. One evening before sunset Jaya and Susma were talking to each other face to face. If Sushma’s shadow was exactly to the right of Sushma, which direction was Jaya facing?

Answer- South

3. The following pie charts show the information about the distribution of weight in the human body according to different kinds of components Study the pie charts carefully and answer the questions given-

(i) How much of the human body is neither made of bones or hormones, enzymes and other proteins?

Solution- 20% + (1-(0.3+0.2+0.1)) =20%+40% = 60% is either made up of bones or hormones.
Hence, the rest of the 40% weight of the body is made up of neither.

(ii) What is the ratio of the distribution of proteins in the bones to that of the distribution of the proteins in the skin?

Solution- Cannot be determined since the respective data regarding the distributions is not known.

(iii) What percentage of proteins of the human body is equivalent to the weight of its skin?

Solution- 10/21 = 47.62%

Quiztory Week 5- 

  1. Howrah Bridge
  2. First digital computer
  3. Mumbai
  4. Malcolm X
  5. Mughals
  6. The Great Depression

General Awareness Quiz 5-

1. The World Happiness Report analyses the countries on 6 variables. Which of the following variables is not one of them?
Answer- Average calorie intake

2. Which of the following states has abolished reservation in promotion in the state government jobs?
Answer- Uttarakhand

3. Which of the following banks has decided to launch a special train, christened ‘Swavalamban Express’, on 5th June 2020 to empower budding entrepreneurs under its mission Swavalamban?
Answer- SIDBI

4. How many empowered groups have been set up by the Government of India to deal with COVID-19?
Answer- 11

5. Name the veteran US civil rights leader, who passed away recently.
Answer- Joseph Lowery

6. Which of the following states became the first to integrate Allopathy and Ayurveda to boost the immunity of COVID-19 patients and those who have been quarantined?
Answer- Goa

7. Paytm Payments Bank Ltd (PPBL) has partnered with ____________ to issue virtual and physical debit cards. These cards will enable its customers to perform secure online transactions, make payment in stores as well as withdraw cash from ATMs.
Answer- Mastercard

8. Nokia and Bharti Airtel have signed a deal of about ____________ billion in order to enhance the network capacity of Bharti Airtel.
Answer- $1 Billion

9. Where is India placed in Ease of Doing Business Rankings 2019?
Answer- 63rd

10. Which of the following state governments recently launched a mobile application ‘Corona Watch’?
Answer- Karnataka

Verbal Ability Quiz Week 5- (Answer has been highlighted)

1. From the choices provided, identify the one which best restates the given sentence- Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.
Uneasily lies the head that wears a crown.
Uneasy is the head that wears a crown.
The head which is wearing the crown lies uneasy.
The head which wears the crown lies uneasy.

2. From the choices provided, identify the one which best restates the given sentence- A man becomes wiser with age and experience
A man as he is aged and experienced becomes wiser.
A man with age and experience becomes wiser.
A man as he is aged and experienced becomes the wiser.
With age and experience, a man becomes wiser.

3. Select the alternative best suited to replace the underlined portion without altering the original meaning.

Unless present policies will be reversed
Unless present policies are reversed
If it will not reverse present policies
If present policies will not be reversed

4. Select the appropriate word that makes the sentence most meaningful- The people of Europe came to India ……………. for riches, followed quickly by the desire to rule.

5. Select the appropriate set of words that make the sentence most meaningful- He was …………. very clever, but he …………… performed excellently.
Certainly, obviously
Never, also
Not, always
Rarely, seldom