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Join the discussion on XAT 2021 and Get the details about the Xavier Aptitude Test, Exam date, Notification, Registration Process, How to Apply online, Syllabus, Preparation, Mock Test, Admit Card, Result, Cut off and much more.

 Updates: XAT 2021 exam will be conducted on 3rd January 2021.

XAT 2021 Eligibility Criteria

  • One must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised board or university. 
  • Final year graduation students can also apply if completing the degree by June 10, 2021.
  • No age limit prescribed for XAT 2021.


  • Registrations for the XAT 2021 – 10th Sept – 30th November 2020
  • Registration Fee –  Rs. 1750 
  • Admit Cards Download – 20th December 2020 onward
  • XAT Exam – 3rd January 2021 (Mode of Exam – Online)
  • XAT Exam Time – 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

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#LongPostAlert #SadPostAlert

XLRI-BM Interview experience:

- Was asked to explain my profile.

- Was asked why I wanted to do my MBA at this stage in my life (after 5 years of work exp).

- Asked a few questions on the type of work I did. (Product R&D in a Skunkworks environment - i.e. I focus on Tech, Market, User and the interactions between them through a product/service)

- Was asked to explain my most recent project. Followed up with some specific questions in the project which was straight forward.

The above went good for the first ~10 mins of the interview. The next few minutes went like a normal conversation.

- They had the complete details of my XAT application, my scores and percentile and the answers I gave to them in the Self-assessment. They even stated I had applied to every program at XLRI. (BM - HRM - GMP - FPM), thankfully didn't ask why (because I was going for broke at that time 😂 ).

But, I was asked to give my preference for the programs I told HRM-BM-FPM-GMP and one of the panelists interjected that I have got it in reverse and should reconsider my options again since my profile has a lot of work experience. I expected this to come up and I gave my perspective on how this program would still add value to me and how I can expand the impact of my contributions after the program.

And then came the hard truths in the form of a few statements which rendered that the panelists have made their decision irrespective of the reasoning I can possibly give for doing their program. There was no way I could sneak through into their program with this overweight baggage of 5 years work-exp and from their reactions, I was expecting to be told to log off and I still had about 10 minutes left in the 25 minutes time slot.

What followed was something I wished every PI panelist had told me, but way earlier than now. It was also a moment that touched me in a good way. 

I went into a listener mode and the three panelists were very kind enough taking the rest of the time to patiently explain that my profile might be good fit for their FPM program; how it fits with the culture and my experience; especially how I would still attend the classes along with the rest of the BM & HRM students and learn from having a strong peer group (one of my motivations); and the opportunities that exists during and beyond the program. 

I resigned to the decision as I felt it came from a position of genuine concern rather than the spite or the want of rejecting a candidate (maybe also with a little bias that I had to accept the reality that I am in no way going to be selected for regular programs anyway). I thanked my panelists for their generous input that gives me a lot to think about and told them I would reconsider my options once again.

--Logged off--

I was disappointed that my interview didn't go well as I would have expected. But, I am much more gravely concerned at the converts I already have in my hand (including the GMP) and judging by the above interview experience, I am alarmed by the fact that I have no gateway to the job market in pursuing them either.

Why am I posting this? Though many of us here may not relate with my situation as most of the members in this community are much younger than I am (I am still 29 though and have no qualms about starting afresh) - I want to leave this as an artifact for the people with circumstances that didn't lead them to a MBA much earlier in their lives - an artifact to be found for those who are seeking it as I wasn't able to get to in the last three months of searching high and low.

Thank you for your attention. You can 'F' in the comments if you wish. - it only makes me better 😄  ❤️ .

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@Pinku_Memewaala  ·  3,845 karma

You'll never hear a 5y workex termed as a baggage for an MBA anywhere but India. Massive F, not for you though - for the system we live in. You did the best you could, abb intentions set the unke toh kya hi kar sakte hain, right?

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Hard Facts man. If you continue with the job and not able to clear in the 2-3 attempts, your experience will go up. On the other hand, if you take a drop, and then prepare, Questions will be asked on Drops. If you are fresher, they will eat you up with Acads and may force you to take a job. Better, to leave such Quandary and do what you feel like. Life is short. We all have some personal goals and aspirations to fulfill. So, don't ponder over such things and move on.

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Hello We are Infigon Futures Opportunities dont happen you create them so grab the opportunity which comes your. Couldn't crack XAT? How to prepare yourself for the entrance exam ? Are you getting confused whether to pursue MBA or not ? Any such questions related to career, education will be welcomed please feel free to ask.

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IIFT wale shortlist nahi nikal rahe, aap nikal wa doge?

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What are the chances of a BM call for GEM fresher at 98 percentile?

An outside chance with an extraordinary interview
A good chance with an extraordinary interview
An outside chance with an average interview
No chance at all
Poll check
CAT20: 99.50 | XAT21: 98.0x | IIFT21: 99.66
72 answers
You can view the comments after answering or skipping this question.

Hey friends can you share your Interview experience with little serious Prof. for example Dr. Gourav Vallabh? I am sure most of us can recognise him as he often appears onTV Channels debates as a spokes person of Congress party.

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Guys just go through the syllabus of XLRI HRM before giving the interview.

I f'ed up here. 

Rest all was good.

No academic questions

Only questions on wokexperience ( not technical)

Some GK about my state

Farming questions as i was into farming during my break.

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( a very very unique interview, no generic questions, no career aspiration, why mba, past acads, nothing. have fun, hope it helps) P1- Nice and supportive P2- strict 0 expressions P3- barely said anything Slot: 8:30-9, I joined at 8:10, they joined at 8:55, already tormenting myself for almost an hour, Suddenly they join, We share pleasantries, . P1: Are you joining us from your home? - yes P1: where do you live - mumbai P1: its lock down there, how is it treating you? - said currently not in lockdown but will be soon P1: Sure but how was lock down in general for you? - Very good, read a lot of Russian philosophy, got into stock market, grades increased significantly because of more time etc etc P1: convinced, Tell me about philosophy - said P1: neutral reaction, okay but there is metaphysical philosophy and epistemology .. - I interrupted him.. ( yes I interrupted the interviewer smh) I said yes sir, my preferred branch is metaphysics, I've also written some works in the same mainly in absurdism and nihilism P1: but don't you think metaphysics would be a waste of time? As it doesn't answer any questions - sir metaphysical questions aren't supposed to have an answer to begin with, the infinity is what makes it beautiful, the endless possibilities I said something more on the same lines can't quite recollect. P1: smiling, but does it have any value? - might not for others but coming back home from a long day of work, sitting in silence with my coffee and reading a Dostoevsky nobel is an ecstatic experience which can't be replicated through anything else P1: smiles *here comes P2, dark Souls boss music playing* P2: so you've written you like economics because it's intellectually challenging, how is it intellectually challenging? - talks about how I couldn't grasp it at first but then after learning it genuinely started enjoying it P2: doesn't answer my question - said something about how it's very analytical for example: how repo rate affects the money supply and Inturn inflation.. ( screwed up, I think I said it opposite) P2 and 3: are you sure lol? - covered it up by apologising and saying sorry I meant crr and slr, if that's increased then less money for banks to give away etc etc.. P2 and 3: hmm ok P2: what's money supply which you're saying? - ? P2: what consists of money supply - ( genuinely blank, despite knowing it thoroughly, piece of cake) - said something about how money velocity is a factor P2 and 3: very cynical expression P2: ( decides to spoon feed it to me, thank god) P2: how do you keep money in your home? - liquid cash, stocks, gold, bonds, capital assets like house, cars etc etc P2: hmm P2: so you're mms graduate - no, I'm in the last year of my bms P2: so what's your favorite subject - macroeconomics as I said and also equity and debt market I dabble a little P2: you dabble in everything *everyone laughing* P2: alright talk to me about the stock market, recently it was on hold what had happened? - there was some technical difficulty but it continued from 3-4 for compensation.. Interrupted P2: then how were people buying in nse - they weren't P2: yes the were - no sir they weren't P2: what other market is there - bse P2: hmm P2: asked about some method to trade without the stock market actually being at pause because of sone technical issues? - absolutely clueless P2: when do you buy stocks - naturally when the prices are low P2: so no one buys when market is up? - of course they do, if they're speculating it to go higher then of course P2: so only speculators buy when market is high? - No, of course there are a lot of factors like your goal and duration for which you're preparing to hold.. Interrupted P2: what was market like on Friday - it was very bearish P2: was it bearish or it was a crash and a correction - ( I couldn't make out what he said when he said crash I hear cross..) - said I don't know crash, explained correction and why it was bearish P2: pokerface P1: How would stock market impact rural India? -asked if I could have a minute to think P1: sure - said how the market value of a share of a company would Increase its revenue ( instantly realised I was wrong) P1: how will market price help the company - yes it won't, let's take an IPO example, an ipo is issued, company had lots of revenue, employed in rural area for betterment P1: what if the rural area has no demand of the company then what will they employ there - uhh sure, another avenue would be market directly Influence the financial standing of the country, the better the market, more funds at disposal bla bla bla government could employ it for rural development etc P1: yeah sure but said something about how it's still very dodgy and how 90% of the rural people won't really care - said ok sure *P2 returns* P2: you've said internet is notoriously infamous for bullying etc, why? - talked about how anonymity is a very big factor at play etc etc makes people believe that their actions don't have consequences and gives them a sense of false power etc.. P1: nothing is anonymous now, the government etc everyone knows everything anyway - yes but normal people don't P1: sure but what's easier bullying online or irl - of course online is easier because no consequence etc etc irl there could be physical confrontation or any confrontation of sort, online they can just bully without ang consequences. P1: don't you think your answer is contradictory, if someone is bullying you online you can just block them and move on - sure it is a paradox and it does go both ways. P1: you're using the word anonymous too many times give a synonym - without a second of thought, blurted discreet ( not completely off but still pretty disappointment could've just said Incognito or 100 other words) P1: looked disappointed and made a face which said " Not quite, my friend ". P1: almost said ok that's all *p2: not so fast* P2: *Shows me a picture of a medium sized bird with its beak wide open* P2: How would you relate this to the stock market, give me a metaphor - ( what the actual..) - I say something about how from far away it looks alluring and innocent but when you get closer it's actually ferocious if you're not careful P2: how is this little bird ferocious - it has its mouth wide open, it's actually quote intimidating P2: what do you think it's doing with it's mouth open - umm.. Hunting? P2: yes of course! Hunting, animals hunt with their mouth open and humans hunt with their mouth closed - hmmmm very true sir P2: yes, now tell me why is it hunting with its mouth open why can't it open it's mouth after it sees the fish - talked about how in the wild the 0.1s it takes to open the mouth could be the difference between catching the prey and the prey escaping but interrupted P2: Give me a tagline for this if you're making a stock market ad with this bird's photo - ( bruh) - thought a little and said " He ( the bird) has grabbed the opportunity, will you? " P2: take 30 seconds and tell me another one - ( duude....) - thinking P2: interrupts, do you think he's buying or selling - buying, he's catching the fish P2: I thought it's booking profit - oh yes! Absolutely, makes more sense (ik it's said you should stand your ground but what he said actually made so much more sense) P2: then make a tagline out of it - the bird has booked it's profit, when will you? ( yes, I can see how stupid it is retrospectively) P2: said something so I change it again - I said no that's what I formerly said, what I said rn I believe is the most appropriate. P1: alright thank you you can log off Said thanks have a good night.

CAT'20: 89.3 | XAT'21: 97.64
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@peanut2 You can google and check Dr. Gourav Vallabh`s pic, pls confirm, it looks like he was P2...

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@peanut2  ·  414 karma

@Manishhaa no! That's not him

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Long time lads, shall I post my BM experience?

CAT'20: 89.3 | XAT'21: 97.64
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Can someone please share their experience for XLRI BM interview for 2021?

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